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 1  Headache I took 2 Tylenol w/ codeine pills on a full stomach after 30 min of my meal, I became so sick, I thought I was going to die, I had pain all over my stomach, I couldn't breath, I had nausea, I got fever, I was truly sick to my stomach and thought I was going to DIE. Plus was itchy all over my body. F 38 1 days

 1  back pain unbearable itching all over. did not help the pain at all. a lot of tension and everytime I take it I just feel sore F 30 3 days

 3  Wisdom teeth removal Itchiness everywhere, increasingly bad chest pains, nausea, drowsiness, upset stomach. F 1 weeks

 5  migraine headaches M 30 7 months
30 mg

 3  migraine headaches -Itchy skin and scalp -irritable -addictive -variating effectiveness -difficulty concentrating -nausea -after headaches *I have been taking them on and off for many years. If I take two at the first sign of a migraine it dulls it down to tolerable but does not rid them completely. I have also found that one day it will help my headache and another occasion it won't do anything. Then on another occasion it makes me very intoxicated when its begining to work. So much that ive had to stop everything to just lay there like a teenage stoner. It also takes 30 mins to work and weara off well before 4hrs. Highly addictive as well. It takes a reaponsible person to realize this when using them. I also experience a lot of itchy skin and scalp. F 26 10 years
 4  post fusion back and muscle pain It helped take the edge off from the physical therapy required to regain strength and mobility. Lasted through most of the night so not as stiff and sore upon waking. F 59 1 months
1-2 daily

 4  Arthritis, RLS Extreme dry mouth, itchiness all over all the time...very addictive...need to wean off F 47 10 years

 1  Post Jaw Surgery Was hardly effective. Very weak Narcotic. Had to take it a few times a day and even then, it only took the edge off. Constipation. Sleepy. I was 18 when I took Codeine 3. F 21 1 months
300/30MG 1X D
 3  Infected Wisdom Tooth mild itching. Cotton mouth after day 1. White tongue Not for anyone in real pain. Unless you go over the recommended amount, your not going to be seeing a very good result of complete pain removal. I'm taking the correct amount, take about 30 min to kick in and the peak only lasts about 20 min. Just using it when the pain is to much to mentally deal with. M 22 4 days
t3 4X D

 2  Sore throat due to mono Itchy, itchy scalp This medication didn't relieve my sore throat. Sugar pills would givin me the mind power to fight the pain. The itching didn't hurt it was more like annoying tingled like tickling no bumps though. And the dose is what the doctor had entered on my medication sheet. There is no dosage printed on the label. F 19 3 days
300-30mg 3X D

 3  neuropathy Mental confusion F 50 7 years
1X D

 1  car accident-broken sternum 4 place nothing...no pain relief, was like baby asprin. Broken sternum 4 places, 6 broken ribs, broken nose in 4 places, broken collar bone and tail bone. Went to the ER about a month after accident and out of pain pills (percocet) and in much pain, needed something until my next Dr. appointment-and they gave me 20 pills of this crap!!! F 37 2 days
#3 every 4 6X D

 3  stabbing pain from kidney stones Nothing else helped with the pain as much as T-3. HOWEVER, after 4-5 weeks, itching began, mostly on scalp. I like to have it around, but only for intense pain of short duration. Also, it is likely to give me migraines. F 64 1.5 months
60 mg. 4X D

 2  herniated discks in back itchy everywere terrible M 34
6X D

 5  migraine / general pain addictive. tylenol with codeine is very effective in treating my migraines. I take tylenol #3, and when caught early enough I can usually get by by taking tylenol #1 only. be cautious, this drug works well, but is addictive... M 35 5 years
1X D

 4  back pain, foot pain after fusion Tired for a couple of hours after taking it. Woozy sometimes. It kicks in after about 20 or so minutes, and takes the edge off pain which can become significant without it. I am grateful for it. M 50 8 months
3X D

 3  throat and ear Sleepiness and itchy scalp F 17

 3  Pain with Endometriosis A bit of nausea, itching, sleepiness at first. It worked when the dr first prescribed it to me but when I got my second refill I noticed it wasn't doing the trick for my pain and I had to take it sooner than before. It worked though at making it easier to through the day. F 25 4 weeks
 3  back surgery, foot pain Blurry vision at times, sometimes itchy all over, drowsiness This is a pain drug with fewer negative side effects than most, and it helps with moderate pain, especially initially. I feel relief within about a half hour of taking a dose. However, I am noticing that the effect, after taking for 30 days (2-4 tablets a day) is lessening, meaning that relief isn't lasting as long in between doses. It was about 8 hours of relief, then 6, now, only about 4 hours. I am supposed to be weaning off, and was just taking 2 a day. . .now I am up to the max of 4. So now what? F 50 30 days

 5  Shoulder tendonitus Drowsiness. Dry mouth, although that may have been caused by the Naprosyn and Flexeril I was also taking. It seemed to work really fast and well for my severe pain. In order to do the home exercises, along with physical therapy, I had to take these medications to get through the pain. If I didn't do the exercises, I'd have lost some range of motion in my shoulder. This seemed better than Vicodin, which gives me some queasiness and dizziness. I think I took it about 2 weeks, but I don't remember the dosage. It wasn't daily, but on a "as needed" basis. Sometimes the pain was moderate, and in that case, the Naprosyn worked. I was taking that daily. F 46 2 weeks

 2  taylor spatial frame on tibia none i felt as if i wasnt even on any pain medication. I had no benefits and no side effects. It was like it never happened. F 16 2 weeks

 2  Lower Back Pain Dizzyness, nausea, Itchy Nose (doctor said not a side effect. Hah.) Dry Mouth, Sucks the moisture out of your body, Constipation. Sleeplessness No noticeable major relief, possible that it took the edge off. You need to drink major amounts of water when taking this med and carry a water bottle with you or you could get dizzy and or have nausea. This is not for headaches or minor pain. Only for deep pain I think. I only took it when pain became unbearable. Needed to take valium to get to sleep when taken late in the day. M 41 6 years

 1  bruised ribs itching,slight nausea-without curing the pain I don't think this medication could take away a headache, let alone a serious pain!! M 36 5 days

 3  IT band injury from running The medication worked excellent for my knee pain. It was a big relief from my pain. But the side effects were not worth it. It made me completely nauseous, and I felt like I had to pass out every time I took it. I also noticed runny stool and dry mouth. I'd take it again if it didn't make me so nauseous. F 33 4 days

 2  Recovering Broken leg/ bad shoulder Worked somewhat for pain. Gave me lots of energy for a few hours after thing two three time a day. When I took two a short time later my muscles would feel like I dranke 10 coffees, much tension in muscles. After a month or so I started to have problems sleeping. I have not taken any now in four days and I am definetaly addicted to them. My stomache has bee extremly bloated every since ( a lot of trips to the bathroom ) very tired, I slept for pretty much the first two days. Every musle in my body still completly aches. ( very uncomfortable). My Advice do not play with this drug as it seem to be very attictive. I do not know how much longer I have to wait the side effects but I am really not havinga a good time of it. M 35 2 months
 4  post-surgery pain It worked well, a little lightheadedness and giddiness though. Highly addictive, the more you take it, the more you have to take it, and in higher doses and more often. F 21 1 weeks

 1  Pain Nausea Doesn't help the pain at all, even after taking 3, I just fall asleep. This sucks. F 25 1 weeks

 3  toothache pain itch feet and hands were just as miserable as toothache.helped somewhat but hate the itching F 39 3 days
 4  sprained ankle itching on soles of feet and between fingers, orange urine it helped quite a bit with the pain F 21 3 days

 2  Pain associated with biliary colic itchy This drug did not help me at all, they should have given me something stronger. What a joke. Im still in pain. F 29 4 days

 4  Migraine Mild dry mouth, mild constipation. The most reliable and effective aid for migraine relief after trying all the other alternatives my doctors (Western and Eastern)could find (drug, therapy, acupuncture, etc). I have taken it responsibly for all these years, but doctors frown... M 45 22 years
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