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 3  Insomnia, depression, anxiety. Constipation, fatigue, carb cravings, tinnitus worsening, hands numbness while running, waking up not feeling well rested. I have been prescribed this med (along bromazepam) because severe anxiety episode accompanied with insomnia and depression. Only take the pills 2 hours before bed and the bromazepan at bed time. The dosage was increased night after night till 25mg. Even thought this med helped me sleep, I had various waking during the night. I quit the amytriptiline because extreme fatigue and hands numbness while training (running). My doc then change the prescription to Nortriptiline that I think that is a light version of Amitriptiline. M 39 15 days
10mg 1X D
 3  chronic headaches migraines immediately had a significant reduction in headaches which was great. Gained about 8 pounds and could not take it back off no matter what I did. Also, started having increased symptoms related to my restless leg syndrome. I looked up the side effects of the med and found many other people also had weight gain while taking. I tried taking half a pill per my drs suggestion and the headaches were worse. Now its a struggle between crippling headaches without the pill or weight gain with it. F 36 8 months
25 mg 1X D
 4  Chronic Migraines When I first started taking the medication it made me sleepy, but after two weeks that went away and I have had no problems since. I take this at night and I take 20MG Inderal in the morning. Between this combination, my migraines are well under control. F 50 6 years
50MG 1X D
 3  Chronic migraines I've been on & off amitriptyline for 11yrs as needed for migraines, mainly just taking when an attack is bad enough that I need to sleep it off. I have always had severe mood swings and irritability on it if I take the pills for more than a few days. I never knew this was a sign of severe reaction. Over time the medicine has also lost its effectiveness at making me sleep and I'm lucky if I fall asleep for even an hour after taking a pill. Time to find something else. However I do hear that for most people this drug works wonders just not for me. F 27 1 days
25 mg

 4  Insomnia, depression Extremely dry mouth (but I am also on other meds that cause this), drowsy waking up, fainting/ dizziness upon getting up (although again I am also on Propranolol and Fluoxetine which have the same effect). Overall this has been a great drug for me, helping me sleep where before I could not get to sleep at all and lifting my mood. I do find it difficult to wake up on a morning occasionally, but other times I wake up hyper from it! I do have a lot of dry mouth, and there have been times where I have fainted upon getting up- but now I know to sit or stand up slowly and sit/ lie back down if I feel dizzy or faint. I have also been given Salivix pastilles (Natural Salivary Stimulant) by my pharamacist and they really help combat dry mouth, so if anybody suffers from that side effect I would recommend them. F 19 8 months
100 MG 1X D
 5  insomnia headaches nervous stomach Occured drowsiness(good), a little groggy when first wake up in mornings(but goes away in about 1/2 hr). This has been a miracle for me! It has helped with body aches and my tension headaches a great deal. I also have urinary pain and difficulty and this also seems to be helping with that too! Love this drug and would highly reccomend it. I take only 1tab nightly but thinking about tlking to dr about maybe a lower mg for during daytime usage for help with my symptoms F 31 4 months

 3  Sleep less & aniexty ptsd Groggy,depressed,high,hard,to,git started the next day. F 40 1 weeks
 5  migraines/complicated migraines Dry mouth and sometimes helps you sleep. Went from 1 to 2 a week down to maybe I feel one coming on every other month so I take 2 and maybe a midol complete (midol complete was only thing that ever touched them before....Tried a few others, one made me so dizzy and nauseous all the time and the other made me projectile vomit about a half hour after taking. The Amitriptyline has been like a miracle cure!! F 46 3 years
25 mg 1X D
 5  Depression, Insomnia When my dosage was increased from 15 to 25 I noticed "the hangover effect" in the morning. Slight, sharp pain behind the left eye, usually disappears after 30 minutes. This medicine has altered my mood & my temper (for the better) and it has helped a lot in helping me sleep and preventing migraines. M 19 3 months
25 1X D

 2  Migraines with aura; milddepression Extreme carb cravings and accompanying weight gain; made migraines with aura become much more frequent. Worked OK for depression, but the dramatically increased frequency of my aura migraines was scary! Migraines with aura went away after I stopped taking it. F 41 6 days
30 MG 1X D

 3  Migraines Slept through the night but very vivid dreams, but no nightmares yet. Controlled migraines, but hard to concentrate during the day, wake up feeling very tired and groggy, even confused. Just want to sleep all day if I could. Felt like I was in a cloud all day. Husband says I'm more irritable and just not myself. Slight memory loss. Doctor started me off on 10MG every night but after three months of taking it the migraines started getting worse, so she increased it to 25MG. I gave this drug a 3 because although it works for the migraines which is great, but the side effects are starting to interfere with my daily routine and work ability. I am a computer programmer and find myself not able to "think through" the logic of a problem. F 45 1 months
25MG 1X D
 2  migraines Difficulty thinking, tiredness, and vivid dreams. Woke up not feeling well rested. Did not help the migraines during the 2 weeks I took the medicines. Side effects were too bad to function normally on this drug. F 24 2 weeks
25 mg 1X D

 3  Sleep disorders Extreme mental fog and fatigue the next day. I may be more sensitive to this drug. I was prescribed 25mg at bedtime, and I find if I take a full tab I have to take it hours before I fall asleep. Even when I do take the full tab hours before bed, the next day I often feel foggy and spaced out, and ready to nap the next evening. If I take a half-tab an hour or two before bed, the next-day fog isn't quite as bad, but it's still noticeable. I do not take this drug nightly, more like a few times a week or less. The fog I get the next day, however, is why I rate the drug lower in satisfaction. -- My actual sleep under this drug is all right, but heavy, not necessarily refreshing. And I find that I need to sleep longer (min. 9 hours) when taking this drug, or I'm too groggy to function much at all the next day. F 52 1.5 years

 1  headaches/migraines/depression I developed a horrible temper/attitude, I started feeling extremely violent & moody. This drug from what I've experienced and heard from friends and my fiance that have also taken it have all experienced the same side effect I have, I don't think I could recommend this drug to anybody just because I wouldn't want to risk anyone having the same side effects. 19 7 days

 3  CSF leak, low pressure headaches Aka Nueropathic pain...helping a bit- does not make me drowsing at all. No side effects for me, but only been 7 days. Can notice small differences but not enough to wow me. This drig and Fiorcet togheter are my last hope before hospitalization and possibe surgery...I'm giving it 7 more days..Maybe I need a higher dose? F 27 7 days

 1  adjunct to pain treatment Seizures that caused me to bite holes in my tongue and break three teeth. Took one 50 mg. at bedtime. M 68 3 days

 3  depression/to sleep at night dry mouth/ hard to get going in morning/ unusual weight gain, about 20 to 25 pounds will for sure have doc change to something else, can not go on with the weight gain, and i am not doing or eating any different than before starting this med. M 43 10 days

 4  chronic migranes weight gain, sleepiness I suffered from migranes every other day for about a month. Dr put me on Topamax. It worked for a month or so, reducing the migranes to once a week and I lost weight, which was OK. Dr. changed to amitriptyline, and while I have a migrane maybe once a month now, i gained about 5-8 lbs. Overall it works for cutting back the frequency of migranes! F 36 2 months

 5  Vulvodynia Skin sensitive to sunlight (sunburn easily), insomnia For the pain and itching to be gone after 4 years of suffering, what a miracle drug for me! F 25 1 years

 5  Chronic Migraine Built up the amount I take from half a tablet to four which are taken at night. Next day sleepiness at the start wore off as I got used to it. Only other side effect is a dry mouth. After 30 years of horrendous pain with severe migraine lasting anything up to 5 days at a time this is a miracle drug and life began for me at 50. I still have the occasional attack but now only last 24 hours and usually due to eating something I am allergic to which is my own fault. F 65 15 years
 4  sleeplessness i guess got to sleep kept me asleep for ages ordered some of these tablets off the internet because i had a friend who took an overdose of these and apparently tricylic anti depressants are really dangerous so be carefull. i found that taking three a night knocked me out for about 20 hours which was useful at the time because i didnt want to cope with anything. just be careful taking these. it helped me but not in the right way. it doesnt suit everyone F 19 3 weeks

 3  insomnia, chronic pain hangover effect after I wake up, upset stomach after I take a dose Doctor put me on 25 mg. for sleeplessness, I have found this medication to be effective for that. Powerfull little drug.When I wake up, I feel like I have a hangover without the pain of a hangover, so I don't take this medication everyday because I don't want it to get it's hooks in me. Take 2 nights in a row and 3 nights off. M 46 2 days

 3  insomnia, chronic pain hangover effect after I wake up, upset stomach after I take a dose Doctor put me on 25 mg. for sleeplessness, I have found this medication to be effective for that. Powerfull little drug.When I wake up, I feel like I have a hangover without the pain of a hangover, so I don't take this medication everyday because I don't want it to get it's hooks in me. Take 2 nights in a row and 3 nights off.Using bfor one month M 46 1 months

 3  chronic tension headaches Weight gain It tastes gross! Very bitter - I'm used to taking small pills without water, but this one I couldn't because I'd cringe everytime! Also, it did help my headaches somewhat, but I also have generalized anxiety disorder, so my psychiatrist suggested I stop the amitriptyline altogether and go for another anitdepressant more suited for anxiety. He also mentioned that amitriptyline is what he calls a "dirty" drug, meaning that in addition to affecting the serotonin and norepinephrine synapses in the brain, it also affects the histamine response (hence the drowsiness) and has anticholinergic properties, which he attributes to causing the weight gain. I gained about 5 lbs in the 2 months I was on it, and I was only on 10 mg the first month, 20 mg the second month. I would hate to see what happened as I increased my dosage! Needless to say, I'm stopping the amitriptyline and beginning the new antidepressant. F 23 2 months

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