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 5  panic attacks/depression dry mouth and elevated pulse This wonder drug has made all the difference in my life. Began taking it for panic attacks and got immediate relief even though it was supposed to take time to start working. Didn't realize I had been depressed until it made me feel like a new person. About 8 years ago I tried weaning off but found that I needed 75 mg. to feel normal and have emotional buoyancy . So I quickly went back from 50 mg to 75. Over the last year I went from 75 mg down to 25 mg. Felt fine at 25 mg for two months. 25 mg is not supposed to be therapeutic but it IS for me and other people who have left comments! My doctor encouraged me to go off completely--probably because of the myth of 25 mg being nonclinical-- but the insomnia and ever decreasing energy is intolerable. My symptoms including the age of onset followed a grandfather's pattern to a T. Should have known that I needed to be on it for life. Am now looking for a new doctor. F 53 20 days
150 to 25 1X D

 5  major depression, agoraphobia Dry mouth and eyes, constipation,weight gain. I have taken it for 29 years, but site was not allowing me to indicate that from "smartphone". I was housebound before I started it. I had drowsiness at first, (at a higher dose, 125 mg), but that went away. Craving for carbs also eventually went away. Since I went on imipramine, I have held down jobs, gone to school. I would never want to go back to the life I had before taking it. F 56 10 years
50 mg
 1  Pudendal Neuralgia I just reviewed this drug a few months ago, and I decided to try it again. The entire experience was vastly different. Yes, it helped my nerve pain, and it made it so I could barely feel my physical therapist touching a huge trigger point. But I couldn't THINK or FEEL. I felt apathetic yet agitated. And the best part? Gray poop with bright red blood in it. What even. F 23 1 days
25 1X D
 3  depression Dry mouth M 26 1 days
 3  pudendal neuralgia, depression/OCD Diarrhea, difficulty urinating, and inability to orgasm They told me that Imipramine at the low dose of 25 mg would not work as an antidepressant, but wow, they were wrong! It was a lovely, lovely feeling. I felt warm, secure, clear-headed, and serene. No obsessions/compulsions. It was almost like MDMA. And the sleep was heavenly. It did dull the nerve pain, too. If it weren't for the side effects, I definitely would have continued the drug. I had torrential diarrhea 2 hours after taking it, my urine stream was pin-thin, and I couldn't even get close to orgasm. I'm keeping the bottle in case I ever get constipated. F 23 1 days
25 mg 1X D
 1  Overactive bladder constipation, terrible morning depression - I could hardly get out of bed I was taking IMIPRAMINE HCL for overactive bladder issues. Having had depression for a long time I figured it might help since it is also used as an antidepressant. In preparation for some surgery I stopped taking the IMIPRAMINE HCL and within a week of stopping it I noticed that I no longer was waking up really depressed and not wanting to get out of bed. I started just waking up "normally" and didn't fear the morning anymore. M 63 365 days
75 1X D

 5  Insomnia, anxiety attacks I tried weaning myself off 8 weeks ago since I felt it had run its course. Within 3 days I developed tinnitus (ringing in ears) and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Two weeks later I was lethargic, emotional, irritable and mildly depressed. By week 5 I had actually resolved the insomnia on my own but my stomach started getting worse and worse each day. I thought I had a urinary tract infection. I was bloated, constipated, emotional, lethargic, and mildly depressed. I continued to cut the dosage. Even consulted an herbalist and became a vegetarian. I finally got an emergency appointment with my doctor today, begging for a colonoscopy. Unfortunately, as I suspected, she told me to go back on the imipramine and that once I was back to 100 mg all of these physical symptoms would be reversed. Bottom line: as much as I hate being on something like this and I feel it may be toxic in the long term, I can't live with these side effects, or apparenly, without the imipramine. My doctor explained that I will probaby be on it for the rest of my life. I am ambivalent about this diagnosis, since I feel my anxiety and insomnia issues have been resolved, however, my quality of life over the past 8 weeks of going from 100 mg to 25 mg has been horrendous. Just my two cents... F 52 20 years
100 mg 1X D
 4  Too many Nightime trips to bathroom vivid, sometimes crazy dreams sure seems to work M 62 2 days
75 mg 1X D
 3  Panic disorder, depression Unusual tiredness, dry mouth, feelings of fainting, floaters, can't get up fast, really muddled thinking, weight gain, crave sweets, had to be put on strong laxative because of constipation F 17 1 years

 4  panic attacks/anxiety Dry mouth, trouble urinating, twitching of muscles (especially at night). F 47 2 months
50 mg

 1  urinary incontinence doctor prescribed 50 mg per day, with no gradual introduction of drug; noticed immediately increased agitation; anxiety; dry mouth; bitter taste in mouth; impulsive behavior; suicidal thoughts; memory loss; ended up in emergency room for suicidal rant, worsened by drinking alcohol F 67 3.5 weeks
25 mg 2X D
 4  Depression Dry nose and sinus, drowsiness, sleeping in, difficulty getting out of bed. Helped my depression tremendously. Makes me feel calm and relaxed, and not prone to lose my temper or become frustrated. Stops self-punishing thoughts and repetitive, anxious rumination. The only side-effect which really makes it hard to take is the dry sinus: my nose and sinuses become very sore, dry and itchy, and it drives me mad! May be because I also drink a bit of coffee etc., but I never noticed this problem before I started this drug. In spite of this, it's still the best AD I've ever tried. M 38 4 years
50 mg 1X D

 2  Pain relief, hip and back Dry mouth, trouble sleeping, restlessness, one episode of diarrhea, headache. It did relieve about 80% of the pain which was great, but not hypersensitive skin. I'm going back to my dr to seek an alternative as I doubt I could work full time with these aside effects and believe the risks associated with this drug are too great. F 32 1 days
 5  Major Depression and ADD Dry mouth, Strange taste on mouth, more willingness to smoking, episodic memory fog and muscle weakness. Great drug. It helped me with the depression and the excessive sleeping. My concentration is a little better, but I still need to take ritalin together to treat ADD. The muscle weakness, fogged episodic memory and loss of libido helps me to relax. M 21 4 months
75mg 1X D
 1  Panic disorder I started Imipramine about 6 weeks ago ans began with 25 mg a day for 7 days then upped it to 50 mg for the rest of the duration per doc's orders. After 4 weeks I was getting excited and not the good kind then 5 weeks I had more panic attacks back to back then I ever had before in my life. Then week 6 I wanted to die, I called my Doc and told them I couldnt leave the house I was so bad I couldnt sleep and I had around a dozen panic attacks per day. Scared me so bad that I really thought I was going to be hospitalized. Luckily I began to taper off 4 days before my emergency visit with the Doc and today Im back in Zoloft, this time I will deal with the sexual side effects b/c being in panic mode 24/7 is not cool and makes you wish you were dead. Now since Ive been weeing off of Imipramine I have had these terrible headaches but eveyone is different and the reason I was prescribed Imipramine is b/c I "failed" about 7 other anti-depressants. But this one is by far the worst I have ever and I mean ever had to deal with. Now with the help of 5mg of Xanax and my zoloft on the rise and EFT techniques and CBT therapy and Faith in God I am just starting to see the light, also I quit drinking and using tobacco 3 years ago all on my own and that was like taking a piss compared to the Imipramine reaction I experienced. But Im not a D-bag and I know everyone reacts differently to each Anti-depressant so that is just my story with this med. Im an OIF Veteran and struggling everyda M 27 6 weeks
 2  Urinary Incontinence,Stomach issues Heavy sweating w/bursts of heat so bad people next to me feel it explode into a heat wave, can't sleep, fast heartbeat, sugar cravings, constant headache Has helped with my restless legs, but not given to me for that. Sweating is insane, can only sleep at a very shallow level if at all. I am exhausted and fatigued all day and not functioning. Had to temporarily stop P/T because I am just so tired. Trying to get hold of doc. F 48 30 days
1X D
 1  sleep I gained 20 lbs, had severe dizziness upon rising, dry mouth F 48 3 years
 1  Trouble swallowing food Can no longer ejoculate I took it for swallowing difficulty. I still cannot swallow food or beverages, but now I cannot ejoculate. I am getting off of this drug now, M 49 30 days
25mg 1X D

 1  Depression Racing heart, suicidal thoughts, rage, nervous feeling, hyperarousal, adrenaline surges This antidepressant made me SO MUCH MORE DEPRESSED. I guess because I have paradoxical reactions to all psych meds. I had psychotic symptoms as well as manic symptoms. It made me suicidal, very rageful too. I also felt hyperaroused (and was misdiagnosed as having PTSD), extremely anxious, could not sleep well while on it, had adrenaline surges which made me angry for no reason. Withdrawal has been very painful too both physically and psychologically, but I am having windows where I feel like myself again and it gives me hope. F 34 3 months
75 mg 1X D

50 1X D
 1  Narcolepsy Nightmares and Night Terrors I started taking this drug to augment other medications I take for Narcolepsy - my daytime wakefulness is well controlled but I need a sleep aid. I have never had nightmares; I've had bad dreams but I would never have categorized them as nightmares. In the six weeks I've been taking Imipramine I've woken up almost nightly from the most vivid and tragic dreams drenched in sweat, out of breath, thrashing, and sobbing. This morning I woke at 1am from a horrible dream to find that I was beating myself in the face and head with my fists. The prescribing sleep medicine specialist dismissed my concerns and I will be seeing another doctor today - bruised face and all. Side effects be damned - I will NEVER take another, single Imipramine pill ever again! F 37 6 weeks
100mg 1X D
 5  Major Depression/Anxiety dry mouth, low-to-no libido, insane sweet tooth, excessive sweating in summer, Had terrible anxiety/panic attacks and depression for 8 months after my daughter was born. A GP had prescribed Elavil and Xanax, but that put me into a drug induced fog. I stopped the Elavil but continued the Xanax. Another GP told me to stop the Xanax, so I tried to do so but was unable to. I then got brave enough to see a psychiatrist who put me on Imipramine (25mg/day) and weened me off the Xanax. He gradually increased the dosage. It took about 10 weeks, but all of a sudden the black cloud lifted. Since then, i've been at a 250mg maintenance dose. About 13 years ago, my doctor tried switching me to Prozac. I gradually stopped he Imipramine while taking 20mg/day of Prozac. Once the Imipramine was stopped altogether, I felt like I couldn't sleep and had awful dreams that I would think about all day until I had new ones the following night. I spiraled back down very quickly. My doctor stopped the Prozac and put me back on Imipramine and ramped me up to 300mg/day. it took me about 10 months to get back to "normal". Imipramine is a miracle for me and well worth the side effects. M 54 27 years
250mg 1X D

 5  Depression Taken for 20 years F 70 20 years
25mg 1X D

 4  mild anxiety, depression Excessive sweating, weight gain My only complaints are weight gain and absurd amount of sweating. I sweat buckets at the least feeling of heat or when I'm under pressure. Tried many times to reduce dose and quit but anxiety always comes back. This drug works really well for my anxiety, I just HATE the sweating. M 47 3 years
25 mg 1X D

 4  panic attacks and agoraphobia initially dry mouth, hard stools, some tremors in one arm. chew gum or suck on a candy with dry mouth, and stool softener works well when needed. just live with the tremor. my father took imipramine before me for 30+ years, and i have taken it for 33 years. my dad went off it due to his skin getting very dark after years of use. his skin lightened after going off the medication and switching to zoloft. i have used the meds for panic disorder and agoraphobia. i have consulted with psychiatrists over the years to determine if there is a better med. all the docs have said stick with what works, and i am doing so. M 63 33 years
150 1X D
 4  Insomnia Hair loss but I had some before I started these meds and 1 week of worse depression but I held on knowing it would get better. I take 100 trazodone, 50 mg Imipramine, .50 xanax and 8 mg Rozerem every night. I wake up usually 2 to 3 times a night but usually get 5 hours straight sleep. Also I read in my oxygen magazine 1000 mg of calcium and 500 of magnesium would help too. It does seem to help. F 37 2 years
50 mg 1X D
 1  i had the jitters real bad dry mouth,slow pee, when i had sex and climaxed man did it hurt in a weird place under my testis . Gave me the jitters and bad bad anxiety. imipramine did not work for me ..Good luck M 35 2 months
150mg 1X D

 5  Migraines None Helps control vascular headaches. Reduced occurrences of headaches from one per week to less than three per year. I periodically try to reduce dosage to 50 mg per day, but eventually the headaches begin to return. 75 mg per day dosage controls the headaches without additional medication. M 66 24 years
25 mg 3X D

 1  depression, urinary frequency Seemed to make me jittery, which is odd for an antidepresant People react differently to all ADs. My doc hoped this would help me sleep, relieve depression and anxiety, lessen my trips to the bathroom, but "None of the above." I gather it does work for many people. If you want a TCA (tricyclic anti-depressant) be aware that Wal-Mart, Target, etc have several for $4 per month, while imipramine costs a lot more. M 52 1 months
20mg 1X D

 5  Major Depression/Anxiety Dry Mouth, Weight gain, Head rush when standing up quickly, Constipation. This drug has helped me to have quality of life. I first took it when I was 23 for Major depression and Anxiety. The weight gain and Dry mouth are the worst side effects, however I tried taking Zoloft and Prozac. Zoloft helped but not like this drug, and while taking Zoloft I experienced sexual dysfunction. Prozac gave me the worst headaches. I was able to be drug free for about six years and then had a relapse, so I started taking it again. Hope this helps someone who's looking for some direction. God Bless M 49 22 years

 1  mild depression and restless leg s dry mouth, dizzyness, can hardly urinate, bad taste in mouth, destroys sex life, severe loss of memory lasting about 2 hours resulting in trip to emergency room W/EKG, BRAIN SCAN, BLOOD WORK< all checked out normal.ER Doctor said this is a dangerous drug. Constipation. I also had bad head shocks a couple times a week, usually in the evening. I stoped this medication after taking it for about three months at 50 mg each night. I tappered off by dropping to 25mg for about a week and then to 12mg for a coupled af days stopping about a week ago. I feel much better. Some side effects are still with me but think in a week or so they should be gone. On the plus side it cured, while taking it, my restless leg syndrome and dryed up a post nasel drip that i've had for a long time and all signs of my mild depression. But the side effects we're not worth it. IF nessessery I'll try something else. M 73 90 days

 2  Anxiety/OCD/Depression Dry mouth, insomnia, forgetfullness, frustration, anxiety, and constipation Worked OK on a low dose (25mg) initialy for sleeping and depression. But anxiety was always present and as my dosage increased to 100mg so did the other side effects until taking the drug became unbearable. I amost "lost my mind" and forgot how to speak my language and associate with others. M 36 4 months

 5  eurinesis initially; mood disorder dry mouth My son has been taking this for 9 years since age 7. Initially he took it for bed-wetting but when I tried to wean him off, his previous "melt-downs" returned. I had thought this was a stage he was outgrowing. He had intensive implosive melt-downs prior to going on this drug. I realized that it was the same drug that cured my father from debilitating long-term depression and put two and two together. At age 11, my son stopped taking it cold-turkey without my knowledge. He suffered two days of nighttime hallucinations--very scary stuff. After that, he toyed with going off it again in middle school but decided that the anxiety he felt without it was worse than taking the drug. He only has dry mouth as a side effect. He has a really high iq and tests in the 99th percentile so I guess it didn't hurt his brain development. He does have a small stature and is skinny. I don't know if the medicine stunted his growth in any way. I would be interested in any comments from other long-term youth users of this drug to see if they had normal growth. He is 5 ft 8 inches which is a lot smaller than my husband and my brothers. M 16 9 years

 3  incontinance Constipation Some times get a little dizzy. M 76 30 days
 4  Depression and bladder problems Dry mouth , constipation , sweet-tooth , dizzyness , blurry vision. I wish I never had to depend on pills to funtion in life in general. I started out taking about 50mgs of imipramine and now i'm taking 150mgs of it a day. I also take Seroquel and i'm now taking 450mgs of that a fay. ( that was something i failed to mention in my Seroquel rating ) Anyway , the main reson the psychiatrist put me on imipramine because i was experiencing urinary incontinence when i was asleep. My bladder is much better now and i only wet the bed when i'm constipated. I don't feel as depressed as i used to feel and i can't recall when i started taking imipramine. M 34
 2  Depression Severe constipation, Increased heartrate, sleepiness, weight gain, dry mouth, "foggy" head. I began taking 25mg a night for depression and within a couple weeks increased the dosage to 75mg. It put me right to sleep each evening, but I felt tired and foggy headed all day the following day. My resting heart rate increased to 100bpm for the first month and has almost gone back to normal after a couple months of being on Imipramine. It has been effective in treating the depression, however the side effects are too terrible to remain on the drug. The most severe side effect I've experienced is constipation. I have not been able to go to the bathroom for over two weeks, even with the use of laxatives, enimas, and stool softeners. I have begun to wean off this medication and hope the problem is resolved shortly. I will be going back on Paxil which has been most effective in treating my anxiety and depression. F 27 3 months

 5  Panic Attacks/Agoraphobia Dry Mouth, Constipation, hand tremors, weight gain, sleepiness, irregular heartbeat. Side effects stayed with me the entire time I was on drug. After suffering with totally dibilitating and constant panic attacks and agoraphobia for several years, imipramine incredibly helped to a point I could get out of the house and work again. But, after 5 years I had a life threatening cardiac reaction and was immediately taken off of it, leaving me totally dibilitated again. Nothing since has helped like this drug did. Too bad it had the side effects it had. F 32 5 years

 2  Relieve pain of nerve damage Insomnia, severe headache, abdominal pain, dry mouth. Commenced Imipramine 10mg for relief of pain for nerve damage caused by a parasite in the abdominal area. Tried it for two nights and had although I felt drowsy I just could not get to sleep. Had a severe headache and stomach pain, dry mouth with strong metallic taste. After speaking with the Doctor he suggested lowering the dose to 5mg. I know I do not have a great tolerance for some medications so I think it is just a totally individual thing with your reaction to medications. F 38 2 days

 5  Panic Disorder Dry mouth I was having severe panic attacks and this medication saved my life. It worked very well for me. I took it for about 3 years after my divorce. Since then I only need it when in a very stressful situation. F 61 25 years

 2  Depression and anxiety dry mouth, minor pain during urination or ejaculation, constipation My doctor has me on a nightly dose of 25mg of Imipramine to treat me for mild depression and anxiety. Does this amount seem too low? It's been 2 weeks now, so maybe it's too early to determine any real mood improvement other than a few side effects. Also, he put me on 4mg of Pherphenazine, 5 mg of Diazapam, and 10 mg of Proponolol. Should I wait longer before asking for a higher dosage or does it take more time for Imipramine to 'kick in'? M 35 2 weeks
 5  depression and anxiety dry mouth, slow urination in the morning Nine years ago I was prescribed zoloft first then celexa. Both had side effects that I couldn't tolerate. A friend told me about Tofranil and that it helped her more than anything. I asked my doctor and he told me it is one of the older tricylic meds but was usually effective. I took 50 mgs. of imipramine hcl (generic Tofranil) daily for about 8 years and tried to go off. After a couple of months, I began to have extreme anxiety. I'm back on imipramine 75 mgs a day and plan to continue as long as necessary-maybe for life. Dry mouth is a small price to pay for feeling normal. I believe doctors try the more expensive meds first because imipramine hcl is very inexpensive. F 54 9 years

 5  Depression Dry mouth, hesitancy with urination, some constipation, decreased memory, often searching for the name or word I want, very new, STRONG craving for sweets (never cared for sweets prior to this) with 10 lb weight gain and increased difficulty achieving orgasm. With all those side effects you'd think I would have stopped the drug by now, but this medicine saved my life. Been on/off various medications since age 16 yo. Been on SSRIs, Effexor, Wellbutrin, then 5 years ago finally tried on Imipramine and it is like a miracle. No longer depressed. Now able to have normal highs and lows like everybody else. No relapse yet. Would be very nervous trying to lower dose or doing a trial off the med. M 34 5 years

 4  Overactive bladder Dry mouth, insomnia. I took 10mg at bedtime for about 2 weeks I think...However, it did not make me drowsy, but it seemed to keep me awake. The frequent bathroom trips at night did decrease though. F 46 2 weeks

 5  Migraines dry mouth, funny taste in my mouth I have been taking this medication every day for 18 years. I was experiencing extreme visual problems such as temporary blindness, double vision, etc... and had been through tons of doctors, procedures, tests... Tofranil was prescribed to me for what they suspected was migraines in the occipital lobe of my brain, although I never experienced headaches. I got better immediately and have been maintained on 75mg a day since. I was young, in graduate school and thought I was loosing my mind. This medicine saved my life. One strange thing I noticed right away. I get a very funny taste in my mouth if I am late taking a dose or miss a dose. Now I take the PM brand so it does not happen near as much. F 43 18 years

 5  Depression, anxiety, eating disorde dry mouth, constipation, fast heart beat, developed some speech problems which got better when lowered dosage to 125mg, no sex drive, I found imipramine to be one of the many tried anti-depressants that worked. I was once on 300mg a day through some bad times but have been on 150mg since 2003 and now for the last month am on 125mg. Found i developed speech problems and would say the wrong words and clutter my speech. This has improved now i am on 125mg. Having headaches tho and some down moments but determined to not increase dose again. Trying to get past the withdrawral symptons. F 28 6 days

 2  depression, insomnia unusually high levels of energy, dizziness, brain fog My main problem was that it made me extremely carsick whenever I went anywhere. Also had problems remembering simple, daily things. While it made me hyperactive and extremely cheerful, it didn't appear to help my sleeping. F 23 3 months

 5  agoraphobia and social anxiety dry mouth(for first few months, went away afterwards), constipation, brain fog, derealization, leg tremors and increased sweating I couldn't get out of my house at times, and i couldn't travel father then 15 miles without having a panic attack. So I couldn't go on trips or very far away from my house. But since ive taken this its all completely cured for me. If you have these problems, then this could help you. M 17 8 months
 4  Post Partum Depression; Anxiety Dry Mouth; Insomnia; Craving for sweets I started out on 25mg, then 1 month later the dr increased it to 50mg, then 1 month later 100mg, and just recentlty, I was increased to 150mg. I take it at night. Thanks to this web page, I learned something from you all...I didn'y know why I was craving sweets like, cake, cookies, candy, etc. I didn't know that. I am doing well on it, but I still feel anxiety still and have insomnia. Thank you all for your input!! F 30 4 months

 1  depression dangerous lowering of blood pressure, fainting I took it about a week and noticed dizziness, but no big deal. Then, for 3 days straight, I fainted every time I stood up or sat up. F 16 10 days

 5  insomnia morning grogginess My daughter took this from second grade to fifth grade. It saved her life. She had developed a major fear of sleep and by the time I could finally get a doctor to believe me, the problem had become so acute she had developed night terrors and just this horrible, horrible sleeplessness. Anyone who tells you that if a child is tired enough they will just go to sleep has never had a child who is an insomniac. There may have been some side effects from this medicine but honestly she was so exhausted after months of next to no sleep--certainly no stage 3 or 4 sleep--that any side effects were nothing compared to the benefits. She was suicidal before, not from depression but from exhaustion. Doctors do not recognize the seriousness of sleeplessness, and certainly not in children. Patting a kid's hand and leaving the room does not work. Someone wanted to know how to get off this drug. I cut her tablets in half then in fourths then in eigths...not kidding, bit by bit and it worked fin F 8 4 years

 5  Occipital neuralgia Weight gain, approx 20 pounds in 6 months. At first this medication made it difficult to sleep, but I adjusted within a week of taking it. Now it doesn't help or hinder my sleep. The weight gain is very frustrating. I have to spend 2 hours a day at the gym to keep from gaining more. I take a small dose (25mg) for a nerve disorder (which is exacerbated by stress). I can see that this would be an effective drug for combating stress, since it greatly helps my nerve disorder, which had been debilitating. The weight gain has been so annoying that I'd like to ween myself off this medication, but I don't know if I'll be able to. A side note: I have ADD, and this does NOTHING to help it. I can't take other medication (like ritalin) for the ADD because it would interact with the imipramine, and my concentration level is at an all-time low. F 28 7 months

 1  depression depression Generic did not work. Switched back to Tofranil. Reported to FDA, nothing done. M 35 3 months

 3  depression laziness. Increased foot pain? I wrote the comments on 11-13-06. I found out I couldn't take 1 imipramine at work or it would make me hazy. I went to the Psychiatrist & told him I was having severe mood swings & he suggested Lexapro at 10mg or up to 40 mg of imipramine. I was taking lexapro every other day and the psychologist said it wouldn't work that way plus I started taking 40 mg.of imipramine. When I saw the psychiatrist again he suggested getting off the lexapro because of the possibility of weight gain and it "stops working after a while" and increasing the imipramine to 50 mg. He also contradicted the psychologist saying the lexapro would work that way because it stays in your system. I got laid off because work was slow and all I've done for a few days is go on the computer and lay on the couch, but I don't have the severe mood swings. The trouble with taking 2 different meds is you don't know what is doing what, and it's always a "hit or miss" proposition, either the stuff work M 56 7 months

 5  insomnia A Dry mouth makes me thirsty often, but that also helps me remember to drink more water. If take none, I sleep from 11pm until 3-4am. I can take 50mg and wake up about 5am or take 75mg to wake up 6:30am or take 100 MG and sleep in until 7 or 8am. M 57 17 years

 4  depression waking up to reality, and I haven't slept for four days I've been on it a month. My doctor told me to take up to 150mg a day so I took 150mg a day...as an american I know more is better. Everything started off great...got lots of work done, started going to the gym three hours a day, lost 20lbs. I've found though that 150mg is way too much to start off on as now I have a toxic level. I eat practically nothing and I have not slept for four days. I should have tried it on the dog first M 29 1 months

 5  Panic Disorder drowsiness, dry mouth and fast heart rate This drug restored the quality of my life. I take 50mg at night. I was always a confident independent high achiever-I developed panic disorder literally over night. I was completely disabled by it. Forget the mind over matter stuff, i tried all the therapy going -this disease is a biological imbalance hence the instant "cure" thanks to imipramine. Within days of starting it, I was back to normal.The side effects sre nothing compared to constant debilitating panic attacks. I tried Prozac for 2 days and it made my panic disorder 100 times worse-nightmare. Imipramine saved me from a living hell. F 41 10 years
 2  Abdominal Wall Pain Frequent urination, painful clittoral enlargement, fellings of hopelessness, dry mouth, difficulty sleeping, difficulty breathing. The initial symptoms are just as bad as the side effects. Whenever you get a doctor that immediately diagnoses and assigns you with a mediation, watch out. I've had abdominal wall pain for almost a year, and I've seen a number of doctors who all believed that I had something different, and each time I was assigned a different medication. They all thought I was misdiagnosed by the previous doctor, yet none of them tested me for anything. "Take this and let's wait and see." People are not lab experiments. Most doctors should realize that they are playing with people's lives, and after so long it gets to be pretty irritating to keep trying new medications that in many ways make the situation worse. F 18 5 days

 5  Tramatic brain injury- stroke My doctor is older and he perscibed this for the very reasons everyone is chating about. helps controll bladder.I needed the weight gain(seems to have recently slowed?)Treatment for depression and for sleeping. I pray the weight gain slows...I was 30-50 lbs under weight.I have gained the perfect amount(about 40-45)The funny thing is I dont see it anywhere but on the # on the scale? F 39 2 years
 2  IBS I do not understand why my GI doc has put me on such medication. I took it last night, and did not sleep at all, and he said it would remove the pain and bloating. I am concern the side affects and the way I am feeling today--muscle tight and like I am rushed. Why would this doc I saw for 20 min put me on such a controveral mediation. I really hope I do not have to take this for long. I am going to take to my general doctor. F 41 1 days

 5  PTSD, Panic & Anxiety, Depression Dry mouth, irregular heart beat, feel sedated but can easily wake up from it. I take dosage at night. I've been on imipramine since 1985 (nearly 22 years). A few times I have tried to wean myself (self-imposed) off this medication only for it to back fire in severe anxiety attacks with physical pain. While taking imipramine, I feel like myself and normal. I would much rather take imipramine than an of the newer, less studied drugs. I've been able to function normally. I held a day job for over 20 years with no attendance problems and performing that job in terms "greatly exceeding standards". I'm also on 15 mg of clorazepate (anti-axiety). I've been on 75 mg of imipramine for many years but now feel that the tearfulness, chemical taste, and pin and needles feel on my arms indicate that the depression is still present or may have increased. I'm looking at increasing the dosage to about 125mg (under doctors care). I have never abused this drug. I have no suicidal thoughts and have been treated by my primary care physician. I also see a psychologist on a regular basis F 47 22 years

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