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 5  PPMD, painful periods, depression N/A This pill has been wonderful. I used to dread my periods, not anymore. I no longer have painful cramps. I used to get severely depressed, super hungry, and couldn't sleep two weeks before my period. All of these symptoms have been reduced to maybe three days now. I know meds work differently for everyone. I've had a very positive experience with these pills. I feel like they saved my life! 38 2 years
1.5/30 1X D

 1  Yes I had really bad lower abdominal cramps, heavy bleeding & A LOT of clots. My period also has lasted a lot longer. I got this from a pharmacy and Junel was supposed to be the same as Microgestin 1/20. It was definitely not! I went back to the place where I got Microgestin and after a day of taking it, I already feel better after weeks feeling like crap. F 32 4 weeks

 1  I've been on it 3 weeks with pains I started this only bc my doc told me told after having my period for 3 weeks. I've been on junel for 3 weeks now . Bad headaches vision problems pain in abominal area and now three days with severe pain behind my rib where my gull bladdr is. I've been to the er 2 times now did catscan and ultrasound and said nothing was wrong. I stopped taking the junel two days ago . I've been bleeding very heavy since I started it. Had anyone else had these problems ??? F 30 3 weeks
 1  prevent pregnancy First month I started noticing some changes in me but ignored it, I just finished my second month pack & I notice I have no sex drive (no interest in sex at all), when I do have sex its quite painful, I'm constantly having terrible mood swings (I do suffer from depression but this is just crazy) & while I have my period, I'm in constant pain & the bleeding is very heavy... I'm contacting my doctor ASAP I do NOT recommend this contraceptive. F 21 2 months

 3  Birth control, hormonal fluctuation I've was on junel about 3 years ago and was satisfied with it completely. I went off it and got horrible hormonal acne and I'm 28, eat organic, non GMO, etc! My hormone levels were spiking and I had too much testosterone in me. My doctor put me back on junel and upped my dose to higher estrogen and progestin to see if it helps. My boobs have become plumper and tender, I am extremely bloated to where my pants barely button and my scale says I've gained about 5 pounds in a month. I'm gonna give it another 2 months because I've heard these symptoms lessen. Also, my sex drive has not dipped, if anything, it's increased. I was depressed for the first week and a half but now I feel great. I put somewhat satisfied because I happy about everything so far, just angry about he bloating. F 28 1 days

 1  Birth control I've been taking this pill for a couple of months and it is horrible I missed one day and I had breakthrough bleeding but it was heavy like my period all over again and I had just got off my period the week before now I'm don't see any blood but during intercourse my bf tells me I'm bleeding and he also mentions that it smells funny down there and I know it's this stupid pill bc I didn't have these problems before it's ruining my life and on too of all this I'm due for my period again in another week according to this pack of pills I'm ready to just stop taking them instead of waiting until the end I've already been bleeding all month almost anyway F 24 1 months
 2  Birth Control Breakthrough Bleeding. Yeast infections. Bacterial Vaginitis. Depression. Problems with Contact Lenses. When I first started Junel, I had mild breakthrough bleeding. I got over that in about three months. Everything went well until about six months ago. I started feeling depressed all the time, just a meh kind of feeling. Then the yeast infections and BV started, alternating every few weeks. I've also had really bad issues with my contacts drying out. I'm thinking of going off the pill after this month to see if it clears everything up. F 20 2 years
1X D

 1  Birth Control I would took this birth control for 3 months and had to stop. I went to the emergency room for the first time in my life because of it. I had severe pain and after several tests and a few ours of agonizing pain later they came to me and told me "we need to rush you into surgery" I was diagnosed with a severe case of gallstones. I had to get my gallbladder removed. I have tried to sue over it but every lawyer I talk to says there has to be a group case of this to be able to sue the company but I will not stop and I want all of you to no DONT TAKE IT!! I hope no one else goes through what I did. F 22 3 months
 2  Junel FE 1.5/20 breakthru bleeding I was put on this higher dose of Junel because I was having continuous bleeding with 1.5/20. I've been on this 1.5/30 dose for a full month and the bleeding not only continued but has gotten heavy - EVERYDAY FOR 30 DAYS! My doc wants me to give it another 60 days :( Does anyone else have this problem? Or did you? I would love to hear other comments about the same experience!! F 40 1 months
 3  Birth Control Breast have gone up a cup size but now they are always tender. My acne has seem to flair up. No weight gain F 16 1 months
30 mg 1X D
 1  Birth control Headache, vision problems, depressed, less period This pill makes you feel CRAZY! i started taking this about two years ago and i feel like a completly different person since ive been on it. I constantly get headaches and have extream vision problem. I decided to stop taking it starting today and see if anything changes. It has to be this drug because after reading other reviews i realized i was not alone with these problem. I hope to be back to normal. DO NOT TAKE THIS. F 21 2 years
1X D

 3  Prevent Cysts that occur with ovula The first 2-3 weeks of taking this pill were hell. I was irritable, angry, no sex drive, my breasts went up a cup size and were tender all the time, and other symptoms such as hemorroids and heartburn (which I'm not sure is related) After one month of taking this pill, these symptoms went away completely. I got my libido back, my breasts are back to normal (boo) and i feel normal again. I guess you have to give this pill a month for your body to adjust. Any longer than a month I would've switched to another pill. F 35 2 months
1X D
 4  Prevent Pregnancy & Breast Tenderness. No other side effects. Didn't make me gain weight like I had anticipated it would, always a plus. F 23 3 months

 5  to prevent pregnancy Weight loss -no complaints here Breast tenderness Light breakthrough spotting Slight irratibility some days F 20 2 months

 2  birth control worsening fatigue, muscle pains, horrible cramps Would not take again or recommend to anyone because of the horrible cramps and fatigue. I know everyone is different though, so while this may not have worked for me, it may work for someone else... F 24 2 months
1X D

 2  birth control constant weakness, fatigue. i almost took a sick day one day after "only" 7 hours of sleep instead of the usual 8. no drive, no energy to do anything, always wake up tired. that's the 2nd week of my 2nd month. will be moving to something else by the end of the pack. F 33 1.5 months
1X D

 3  To control symptoms of endometriosis Weight gain F 23 1 years
1X D

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