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 1   Dandruff, heart palpatations Here is the thing with this medication - it absolutely DID work for me - it grew my hair and thickened it up. The reason I gave it a 1 (dissatisfied) is this: I truly believe that minoxidil has contributed to me getting rosacea. If you don't know what this is, please look it up as there's not enough room to explain. As rogaine (minoxidil) is a vasodilator - it expands blood vessels - I truly believe this is what happened to me. Yes, rosacea can be hereditary and yes, I believe that too may be a factor. But, you can also get rosacea from damaged blood vessels. By putting minoxidil on my head for many many years (and expanding my blood vessels) - I believe this could be a possibility... I wish I would not have done this to myself... Rosacea is painful and incurable..... F 54 9 years
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 1  Thinning hair I suffered horrible feelings of paralysis like a numbness in my face and sometimes teeth. I felt like my head was going to fall of my neck. Also experienced breathlessness and night sweats. For ears I and my doctors couldn't figure out what my "mysterious illness" was. The doctors forgot to ask me if I was taking minoxidil before they prescribed medication. As a result, I had severe drug reactions with other meds. Then later when I stopped the meds & was just taking minoxidil, I still felt sick. I accidentally read the side effects of minoxidil and realized the numbness was what I was suffering. When I completely stopped, I got better. Stay away from this drug it doesn't work that well and the few hairs you do get are not worth your health! F 45 2 years

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