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 5  Insomnia/Anxiety Sleepiness, dizziness (mild), difficulty urinating (mild) This can be a great medicine if taken short term or sporadically. It relaxes you and will definitely help you sleep well. If you take it for more than a week or two in a row, you will start building up a tolerance and will need to wean yourself off of it. I don't recommend going cold turkey after taking it for a long time, as you will have strong side effects. This is similar to Xanax, but milder and longer-lasting. M 44 11 years
0.25-1 mg 1X D

 5   None I have severe anxiety (Agorophbia) for 41 years from being druged at a party back in 1969, I'm now 58 years old. I've tried, hypnosis, books, head doctors, herbs, etc, don't waste your time or money on these things for many years, like I did. This is a REAL ILLNESS contrary to what people tell you. The doctors will give you some paxel or celexa and send you home to get rid of you. Unless you have this illness, nobody undestands. I'm not a pill popper and don't even take asperin unless absolutly necessary. After over forty years I had my doctor prescribe me Clonazepam and it has changed my world. I feel like I did back when I was fifteen before I was druged back in 1969. I use this stuff in moderation, and if by some chance I get addicted to it, so be it. This has completely changed my life. I feel like a normal person again. I will literally kiss Gods feet for finally waking up to this medication. If you have any of these phobia issue, I bet it will work for you too. Good Luck, M 58 2 days
1 MG 1X W

 1  Generalized Anxiety Disorder none to start...great drug at first, horror in disguise I was given .5 mg a day to start, over 15 yrs that has gone up and down. I was diagnosed with CFS. I DID NOT know it was addictive when given to me. I was simply told, I would be on it the rest of my life. I tried after 7 yrs and 2 Drs later to just go without it. BAD IDEA. I can give you day to day, withdrawal as I have done it so many times now, I can't count. 1st day, really no change, maybe a headache, thoughts: I can do this. 2nd day, restless, headache, a little weird feeling when I stand up, thoughts: I can do this. 3rd day, (where I am at right now, going off again because moved to diff state and it is a controlled substance here and Drs will not prescribe it) Bad headache, light hurts my eyes, I am agitated, panicky, anxious, thoughts: I can't do this much longer. 4th day, tomorrow, which just makes the anxiety worse to think of, I will have a major light problem with my eyes, everything will look to "shiny" and bright, what I have termed 'metal mouth' will start, the taste in my mouth like I have been sucking on metal. Thoughts: God help me. Day 5, I will have metal mouth full blown, salivate excessively, my eyes will not allow me to see anything normally, as it should be, panic attacks are constant, anxiety levels will skyrocket. By day 7 I will not sleep, urinate excessively and have diarrhea. After that, it only gets worse. F 44 15 years
1mg 1X D
 1  Social Anxiety I've tried to forget the terrible side effects from this drug. There are too many to mention and too many to identify. The worst side effects come from withdrawal and they continue well past detox. When you start Clonazepam you might think it is your guardian angel but at some point you will come to realize that it is actually the devil in disguise. This drug has absolutely heinous and hellish withdrawal symptoms. Clonazepam is pure poison and should be banned. M 54 30 days
.5 3X D

 1  Bi-Polar disorder - mania Feeling tired, confused, short and long term memory loss, nausea, intolerance to caffine (making me wretch or vomit for upto 4-5hours after coffee), unable to concentrate on things like films or books or games, lethologica (google it), clumsiness, stomach ache on my left side, change in bowel habits, problems with urination, mental depression, massive reduction in erections. I used to go to gym 3 times a week and run 3 times a week, but stopped it all and became fat after about 1 week of this medication. I was only ever euphoric, full of energy, creative, slightly unpredictable and had an overwhelming sense of well-being whilst in a manic phase. I was only twice ever in trouble with the police in 20 yrs! And both times they understood the situation and were very understanding and I never got in trouble from them or charged with anything, they helped.. This stuff should only ever be given to uncontrollable maniacs IMO, any other use does not justify the side effects. I am still Bi-Polar, but treat it now with Lamotrigine (75mg a day). They only gave me the Clonazepam to help me relax on an evening if I felt anxious and to help me sleep well. But then said I had to to take it every night and increased the amount from 0.5mg to 1.5mg over a few weeks. I hate them! I've been weaning myself off Clonazepam over the last 7 days, I have had terrible headaches and some migraines that last most of the day and sometimes wake me up during the night. I've stopped sleeping my normal 8 hours and now only get a fitful 3-4 hours sleep. I'm restless, anxious, but now when I get anxious its worse then before and I wretch from it. Luckily some of my old self has come back, I feel a bit more alert every day, have been motivated enough to go for a run today and feel positive about the future for the 1st time in several months. If you do decide to come off it seek medical advise or at least check out the forums of other users coming off it. My symptoms of withdrawal are fairly common. Unfortunately M 35 7 months
0.5mg/1.5 1X D
 5  Sleep This drug worked perfectly for me. I had a new job and I would wake up at night thinking about it. If I had trouble falling asleep at night I would take .5 mg at bed time. Sometimes I could fall asleep fine without taking anything but would wake up at 3:00 AM thinking about my job. When that happened, I would take .25 mg and would usually fall back to sleep within 20-30 minutes and wake up at my regular time feeling refreshed. No residual effects. I never got dependent on it as I almost never needed it on the weekends and after about 2 months I was comfortable with the new job and had no trouble sleeping even without the drug. I kept the unused portion of the prescription for occasional use. Highly recommended. M 42 30 days
.25 -.5 mg 1X D
 1  Taking clonazepam for sleeping I took clonazemam for sleeping for about 10 years. It helped me sleep better and to get to sleep but I would never take this drug again. I was in the hospital for a kidney transplant and I had told the Dr's that I wanted to quit taking the drug. I found out later that they stopped it all at once at the time of the operation. Three days later in the hospital my legs started twiching and this strange tingling started to move up my whole body. I was shaking and trying to dig the hair out of my head. I could not stop the anxiety atack. They finally decided that it was because of not taking clonazepam. They started me back on it and I was better within an hour. This must be the most addicting pill out there. Am slowly trying to stop taking it now. M 70 10 years
.5 mg 1X D

 1  anxiety and bi-polar disorder this drug is incredibly addictive. my boyfriend and i have both been on it. i took it for 6 months and he's been takng it for around 6 years.we r both bi-polar. it's like poking an angry bull. i stopped taking it as i kept adding more and more pills per day because i didn't think it was working. however my boyfriend sometimes doesn't know when t stop. his speech is slurred and he is constantly forgetting what's going on and trips over things. this is prescibed by a doctor who supposedly curred his opiate addiction with suboxin. i guess i should be happy he doesn't crush it and shoot it ontop of heroin anymore....my bosses husband died from his klonopin addiction. he was 45. do we really need a drug this addictive being given to people with anxiety who may be suicidal??? you'd think our advanced medical industry could come up with something better. side effects: loneliness, stupidity, physical pain, addiction, sedation, and death. i wasn't always such a bitch. F 29 6 years
2mg 2X D

 1  Leg jerks at night Addicted. Have insomnia, inner head and body tremors, electric shock like feelings in body, mostly while trying to sleep. I am going to try to get off of it, though I have been told it is a horrible experiance. M 60 6 years
2 MG 1X D

 5  Restless Leg Syn. none except I sleep really good for the first time in 5 years I read all the horror stories and wonder if I should continue but getting a good nights sleep with no side effects (groggy or depressed etc) I think its a wonder pill. I have tried other things for the RLS that just don't work. I used to laugh about people with RLS thinking it was a made up symptom...its not. Anyway, I can tell when I will not be sleeping well and take the pill 30 min. before bed. Sleep great, and wake up refreshed. I would never take it during the day though. Sorry for all those that have to take it just to function normally. M 58 30 days
.5 mg-1 mg 1X D
 5  insomnia, possible bi-polar IMPORTANT: This medication will sometimes, often-times take you into a deep sleep where you may have very vivid dreams; for me, this happens rarely, but are very realistic. IMPORTANT: reports of addiction may be true. I have found that I can choose one or two tablets to sleep, and my choice is usually correct. I have tried coming off Clonazepam several times and what I find is that I am not "addicted" to them, but return to the exact, same situation I had before starting...racing mind, inability to stop having "conversations" over and over, mentally "re-doing" all my mistakes and how I should have done different. So, in a way, I am "addicted" in that I cannot sleep without them, but I have no withdrawal symptoms as others have listed here. NOTE: I have tried taking them in the day for continued "stabilization" and find they make me very drowsy; I would caution those prescribed Clonazepam for daytime use to be aware of drowsiness. As to the bi-polar issue, I am much less volatile than before BUT I do not take any other medication. It is possible that I could be more "normal" with other medication included, but, overall, I am satisfied with my personality. It is, for me, Less Medication Is Better Medication. Hope this helped someone. M 60 3 years
1 mg 2X D

 1  Anxiety attack Headache, feeling of not caring about anything, heart palpitations, dizziness, fuzzy thinking, bad dreams. After 16 days the effects of the drug was worse than the original attack. It took me 30 days to wean off of it The withdrawals were horrific and worse than the original attack. I was on such a low dose but I still had to cut that little pill in half, then a quarter, then an 8th and then finally off. The withrdrawals continued even after the 8th. Withdrawals were severe headache, anxiety worse than before, ringing in my ears (which I had not had before), cold sweats, heart palpitations, nausea, blurry vision. I am still suffering from the vision difference but not every day now ( I have been off it now for 3 weeks). I am having the cold sweats every once in a while still and a few anxiety moments which I am using prayer and reading God's word to get through. I know there will be an end to this soon and I will be back to normal. I will never take another mind altering drug for as long as I live!!! F 48 46 days
.5 2X D
 4  For Agoraphobia and disambiguation - The only main side-effect I have noticed is that if you are a very active person and work out and such, It cause some disturbances for the stomach, due to its strong muscle relaxant properties. As well as skeletal muscle relaxation. And maybe dry mouth and yawning. Initially tho, it was hard to even walk on 1.25 Mg, but after about a month or so, It goes away people! Especially if used every day, at the same time and not abused. I have successfully tapered from 6mg, in 2mg 3x daily to just the 1.25mg. Clonazepam has a very long half-life compared to other potent Nitro benzos such as Xanax, Nitrazepam, and Temazepam. So for all of the people complaining about feeling slugish the next day when waking up or sleeping through the next day, you all should switch from this medication. CLONAZEPAM SHOULD NEVER! EVER be prescribed for sleeping. There are much better benzo choices for insomnia. Take temazepam as a prime example, and if your doctor refuses to switch you to that, Try Bromazepam, or even Xanax, they all have short half-lives, meaning they leave your system with in the day. So you go to sleep at 9-10 pm, you take a temazepam (30 mg = 1 mg clonazepam), maybe you feel sluggish at around 8 a.m when you wake up. Drink a cup of tea or small cup of coffee and you wont AT ALL feel sluggish for the rest of the day. And I take this medication in the morning when I wake up... Because like I mentioned before it helps my mood and helps my anger to a great extent! M 23 5 years
1.25 1X D
 5  REM sleep disorder/parasomnia Brief drowsiness in morning, lowered libido. Clonazepam has literally saved my life. I suffered from severe sleepwalking/acting out actions/insomnia/night terrors. Once I was even found lying face down on the shore of a lake, near death from injuries I had inflicted upon myself whilst sleeping. Now I take 1-2mg before bed and I'm asleep within 15 minutes and don't suffer from any of the previous sleep issues. Yes it's slightly addictive, however the positive effects far outweigh the negatives. F 19 3.5 weeks
1mg 1X D

 2  Scizoaffective disorder Anxiety, nausea upset stomach and colon, migrain headaches, chest pains, sore muscles, unable to focus or concebtrate at times, blurry vision, problems falling asleep, loss of appetite, lost of interest in sex, lost of interest in things I like, shaking of hands and body at different parts of the day Since my doze got changed I keep dropping stuff and trpping over things ad stub my toes because I have prblesm walking, unable toty pe correctly and used words I did not mean to say and forgot what someone said 15 minutes ago and they get mad at me and say they already told me and refuse to tell me. Have clonazepam hangovers that have me sleep during the day a lot but trying to stay awake but too drowsy to drive a car yet. M 42 6 months
2MG 2X D

 5  PTSD Tired sometimes M 56 30 years
4mg 1X D
 2  Anxiety + panic attacks Always puts me to sleep nomatter what time of the day; giving me weird situational dreams. All are abnormally realistic (nothing that couldnt happen in reality) and most are nightmares. I hope my doctor puts me on xanax because this is also not helping with my chest pains or anxiety as much as it should. F 18
.5 2X D

 5  jerking awake None noted I was prescribed ativan for "anxiety attacks" but switched ti clonazepam because ativan is for short term use. I started having mental jerks whichprevented me from falling asleep. I also have REM Behavior disorder which I'm told by my sleep doc can only be controlled by this drug. I take 3/4 MG before bed and usually get 7-8 hours sleep. It does not give you deep sleep. Lately I get up feeling fine but fatigue within an hour and don't recover til mid afternoon. Not sure if it is the drug or Parkinson's. I was afraid of benzos too but at these low levels I'm told it's non-addictive. Don't know of other dangers. M 62 7 months
1 mg 1X D

 4  Anxiety I've read alot of bad things about this drug! but so far I haven't had much side effects. The dr. told me it might make me tired and that sort of thing but I think it's doing the opposite! I seem to have more energy. But I can not sleep at night!! I'm not even tired. Most of the time I don't go to sleep till like 6:00am. I'm not sure what it has done for anxiety though. I haven't had a situation yet that would cause me to be overly anxious. F 24 1 months
2X D

 1  seizure-like jerks, zaps with sleep originally, felt slow, stupid, drugged or slightly drunk the following day (since I take clonazepam at night only, .5 mg- .75 mg). now i have tolerance. if I do not take it, i get much stronger seizure symptoms--electrical jolts with lights, strong myoclonic twitches, etc. uncertain if loss of libido is due to using clonazepam, or some hormonal shift. uncertain if memory loss (for nouns, data) is related to klonopin use. i wish my doctor had given me something else originally. i think benzodiazepines altogether should be handled with great care; patients should be encouraged to take the smallest possible dose, and to discontinue use within three weeks. other drugs (and practices) that impact the GABA system should be substituted for clonazepam, or other ways of down-regulating excitement of the central nervous system. i have fought to keep my intake at only .5 mg a night, and will fight to taper off altogether, but will expect an increase in nightly jolts, twitches, jerking limbs, flashing lights, and sudden groans--yuk. i hate feeling like i am trapped in a mind-and-body possessed by demons--but I will still try to taper off, knowing what i must face. F 51 2 years
.5 mg 1X D

 5  Balance Issues/Mild Panic Attacks Worked great for me. I started having balance issues caused by inner ear nerve damage. The mixed signals also caused mild panic attacks. Took a couple of years to find this but it immediatly worked and improved my quality of life. I've since started a successful business and raised 2 children. These things would not have been possible without this drug! It is addictive. If I run out by accident I don't feel right and can't wait to refill my prescription. I have not built up any tolerance unlike other people on this board. I have taken 1mg every morning for the last 24 years. I'm sure that I will have to take it for the rest of my life though. M 53 24 years
1mg 1X D
 4  anxiety/moderate long term depressi .5 mg. 1 half to 1 twice per day as needed. The only side effect I've noticed is that it builds in your system and a dose increase becomes necessary for the same effects. At this point I am considering asking my doctor for a change as I don't want to continue to build up my tolerance. I guess I was hoping for an alternative. I know I'll be taking antidepressants and anxiety meds for the rest of my life. I develop suicidal ideation w/out the antid's & chronic anxiety attacks w/out antia's. F 37 2 years
.5 2X D
 5  3 year severe anxiety I basically changed overnight did not leave the house was a total wreck (three years) Took Xanax then it did not help anymore so began Klonopin 1 mg. 3x a day and it helped tremendously. I was almost normal again. Then gradually anxiety and all came back gradually. I cannot live like that anymore. What is next? more meds etc. F 66 3 months
1mg 3X D
 2  Anxiety and racing mind I took this drug after severe side effects from an anti-malarial drug called lariam. Clonazepam worked on the anxiety and racing mind challenges. However, I often felt like I was going through withdrawl and had chronic daily headaches. Headaches so severe that I tried over 9 different drugs and had 3 MRI's in 10 years. I visited specialist in three diferent states. I finally got sick of the headches and quit on my own. Funny...after 30 days, my headaches are virtully gone....yes gone. Bitch to get off of but well worth it. Good luck! M 42 10 years
.25 1X D

 5  Occasional stress None at all, likely because of the extremely low dosage. I began taking Clonazepam about 10 years ago during a stressful time in my life where I was diagnosed with GAD. I always believe in the minimum amount of medication to do the job. For me I simply broke the .5 in half. I stayed with .25mg daily for 6 months, and keep a 30 day supply around for those few times I need it. This has been a miracle drug for me. A 30 day supply usually lasts me about a year or more. I am fortunate to get good results on such a low dosage. M 55 10 years
.25mg 3X M

 5  anxiety from divorce None...took 1/2 tablet in morning and 1/2 tablet at night...no side effects, no dependency. No problems coming off drug..worked wonders F 37 1 years
0.5mg 1X D

 1  anxiety memory loss, behavior changes This drug and all benzos are crap. Extremely addictive. Should be banned with all other benzos. If you take it for more than a month you will be dependent on them. M 27 6 months
1 mg 2X D
 3  Depression Anxiety Insomnia P/A Feeling very lighted headed, severe drowsiness, my coordination has gone out the window completely until a couple hours after taking my 1 MG pill, at night this pill completely knocks me out. I'm so uncoordinated that I am afraid to drive now, I don't want to put others in danger on the road. This drug has helped a great deal with my depression, insomnia, anxiety, and panic attack. I can tell when I need to take my next dose because my heart starts going fast and I begin to freak a little. The only problem is that I do not feel comfortable driving or going to class with the side effects I am experiencing. I am a college student and I have already missed my first lab because I was knocked out by this drug. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on dealing with the drowsiness??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at scorchado18gmail.com with anything you think might help me! Thanks! Steph F 19 2 days
1 MG 2X D
 1  panic attacks Generic changed pill size (shape)recently. Now can't sleep, horrid dreams, very high blood pressure Controled panic attacks for 11 years and definitely became a very good sleeping aid as well. Since last refill (when generic supplier changed -tablets aren't flat anymore)It has been very bad. I will have the new generic tested M 58 12 years
.5 mg 1X D
 5  anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks Possible slight memory loss (very minor) This drug has saved my life. I have had panic attacks since age 8. Now, I am able to travel and do things that I normally wouldn't have dreamed of. I no longer experience daily anxiety and panic attacks. I sleep great. Currently, I am taking a low dose, but if I have to continue taking this drug for the rest of my life, so be it! Dependence? So what? Are people who take meds for blood pressure worried about addiction? I have a disease and this drug has helped tremendously. Happier than I have ever been. F 40 1 years
0.5 mg 2X D

 3  Extreme Anxiety Over all this is not a bad anti anxiety medication, however being a benzodiazipine, it causes serious addictive problems as i am experiencing and it takes a lot longer to work than the likes of Ativan or Xanax which work in half an hour compared to the couple of hours the clonazepam needs to build up As much as i like it, i would not say its the best benzo, but according to my psychiatrist its the least addictive out of the strong benzo's like lorazepam, xanax and triazolam F 24 8 months
2-5MG 2X D
 5  ANXIETY & PANIC ATTACKS I have not experienced any side effects from this except becoming a normal person again I only take it when i feel a panic attack or anxiety comming and 45 min. later i am back to a normal person. This has been a life saver for me. M 48 2 years
1MG 1X D

 4  Balance & Rocking none After 1 1/2 years of rocking and being off balance from an auto wreck that caused a fisutla in my inner ear, causing my brain to compensate for so long, then after the surgery to repair the fisutla I was still rocking, my brain was still compensating. Wrong signals were being given from by ear to my brain. I was then given gabpentin which helped some, then clonazepam which worked within a few days, no rocking! F 55 60 days
.5 2X D
 1  Insomnia Depression, moodyness ranging from highs to numbness. Does not work very well. Takes forever to work if it does work at all. Was prescribed 1 or 2 .5mg as needed. That dosage did nothing. This drug only works (for me) when taking a higher dosage, and still not very usefull in sleeping. F 21 1 months
1X D
 5  REM sleep disorder No side effects noticed. Before I started taking Clonazepam, I experienced nightmares and bizarre sleep behaviors like sleep walking, realistic visions, and acting out while sleeping. I was prescribed a couple of medications before Clonazepam, which works great. I sleep without experiencing REM behavior disorders or side effects. F 55 10 years
.75 mg 1X D

 1   My husband was prescribed this pill and it immediately changed him for the worse. All of his family and friends have begged him to switch meds but his psychologist refuses to change it. He has slurred speech, drastic lobido change, impulsivity problems now that he never had before in the years we've been married. It's a definate "I don't give a crap" drug and it's almost ruined our lives. Please, SERIOUSLY do not take this drug! For the "all knowing" psycologists out there reading this: please listen to your patients when they tell you about the side-effects they are having. Ours won't listen and won't change the drug. M 37 6 months
1X D

 5  panic disorder i fell relaxed there aretimes that i will have my panic disorder or anxiety. i purchased clonazepam from www.medsheaven.com which made me feel good. F 22
30mg 1X D

 1  anxiety and panic disorder My experience w/ clonazepam began about 10 yrs ago. To make a long story short, I became addicted. It led to polysubstance addiction - to alcohol, oxycontin and crack cocaine. My boyfriend of 7 yrs is also addicted. He has overdosed 8 times, 4 times in ICU. Yet the Texas MHMR still prescribes it to him if he goes to a new MHMR location. This last time, it started 1/4/10. He stole my car, hocked all my tools, spent $650 on crack w/ me, went to jail for DWI, then back to Tx.rehab at Homeward Bound. He left the rest of the Klonopin w/ me while he sat in jail. It caused me to blow my 9 mos total sobriety, total my car, ended up with a closed head injury, cervical sprain, which then led to severe diverticulitis and acute asthma from laying around taking clonazepam. THIS IS A VERY VERY DANGEROUS DRUG. IT IS QUITE INOCUOUS AT FIRST - SEEMS LIKE JUST A MILD TRANQUILIZER. THIS DRUG LEADS TO SERIOUS AND POLY ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR WHICH WILL KILL YOU. THIS DRUG SHOULD BE BANNED COMPLETELY. DON F 54 12 years

 5  Depression, anxiety, insomnia. No side effects at all. The only problem with taking my .5 mg 3x/day of Clonazepam is when I run out when waiting too long to get to the dr's office. There is an obvious addictive factor to it. I experience great anxiety and panic attacks if I go off it cold turkey like that. By the 5th day I am totally desperate! I don't like that. I do like it better than Ativan or Xanax. It does help me fall asleep when taken with my 12.5 mg Ambien. I also take 75 mg/day of Effexor XR and find that my depression, anxiety, and insomnia are kept at a minimum. I do NOT like being so dependent on Clonazepam but it's better than feeling panicky and anxious 24/7. FYI-recently tried Seroquel for insomnia instead at 150 mg/day. A nightmare-weight gain-awful drug!! F 43 3 years

 4  RLS 0.5 mg/day with really very few side affects. Perhaps a lowering of libido, but this is not conclusively caused by the Clonazepam. Allows me to function whereas I previously was unable to cope with the lack of sleep caused by RLS. I sometimes take 1.0 mg/day (before bedtime) if the RLS is bad. I feel drowsy and a little disorientated in the morning after taking the higher dose, but this goes within a short time after waking. Have been taking Clonazepam for 20 years and haven't noticed a need to increase the dosage. I have been quite regimented with this aspect however and deliberately control the dose. If I don't take Conazepam, then I cannot sleep (an obvious chemical dependence). I feel this is a small price to pay for a greatly enhanced quality of life. I dont think it stops or cures the RLS. Rather I think it allows me to get into a heavy enough sleep to not be disturbed by the RLS. M 56 20 years
 1  seizures HELL IN A PILL. Turned me into a complete zombie. Could not remember anything. Life became a blur. Physically and emotionally numb. NO SEX DRIVE OR FEELING, and it has not returned after 1 year off. Became quite stupid and careless. My life fell apart and I became physically ill. Now I have permanent brain damage from it. For the love of God, STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRUG. The biggest problem with klonopin is that it's completely addictive. you take it for a few weeks and your body gets dangerously hooked. Even if you have the willpower to get off, quitting is phsycially dangerous, agonizing, and can debilitate you for months. there is no way to describe the hell of Klopopin withdrawal. See the Ashton Manual for help if you need to get off this poison. this stuff should be banned. PLEASE don't do this to yourself. F 34 3 years

 3  anxiety/Aerophobia (fear of flying) increased anxiety after using the drug to get through a few flights. I only took this to get me through two flights that were spaced 10 days apart. In the month following I had increased anxiety in social situations and 3 panic attacks, which I have never experienced before. It worked GREAT on the flight, but I was not pleased to feel like I was having a breakdown while getting a haircut. M 29 2 days
 4  anxiety lower libido, some fatigue Trial lawyer. no other meds ever. 1.5 mg p/night.no more/no less. tried to cut back......terrible. wish i hadn't started, but anxiety has stopped. guess i will take forever. absolutely addicted....no doubt. dont drink, dont smoke. and only misery i ever had was trying to cut back just .5 (no reason, just wanted to prove i could do it)...i couldn't. M 42 10 years

 1  panic att My heat went crazy F 25 60 days
 3  Panic attacks Problems with sleeping patterns, I get estremely sleepy and have to take naps at innapropriate times and have trouble sleeping at night. Have lost my ability to care about many things, including work related duties. Have become more sedentary and do not get excited about things anymore. I call it the "I don't give a crap" pill. On a trip to a conference in Vegas, I left my pills at home and had some horrible side effects; hot flashes, elevated heart rate, depression, extreme fatigue and dizziness. I slept for two straight days and finally had to go to a local doctor and get a prescription. Extremely addictive. I don't know how I will get off of it. Very good at treating extreme panic attacks. However, I am very much concerned about getting off of it and worry that I might never will. It's a toss-up; it completely cured me of the panick attacks, but it has made me a sort of junkie. I do not want to go back to the panic attacks, since I got to a point that I was almost not able to function. But, I don't want to depend on thos stuff for the rest of my life. Any suggestions? F 40 3 years
 1  Anxiety Withdrawal!!! Tremors, Migraine Headaches, Depression, Panic Attacks. Terrible!!! I was prescribed this drug for panic attacks when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. My doc started me on .5 mg 3x a day and by Christmas she had raised it to 1 mg 3x a day. I started having dissociative events, I was numb to the grief when my mother died. I had depression that worsened each month because I refused to up my dose any more. I did not know I had developed a tolerance and started having withdrawal symptoms. First I slowly withdrew from my husband and children, & I started having migraine headaches daily. I could barely make it through my work each day. I had tremors, myclonic jerking, suicidal thoughts, painful joints and muscles, and fever. I finally looked up clonazepam withdrawal symptoms on the internet and I suddenly realized that these symptoms had crept up on me slowly each day until I was barely functioning. My doctor had started me on gabapentin and I noticed that I was able to cut back my dose of clonazepam. I have tapered it slowly over the last 2 months by myself, my doctor does not believe it is addicting so she has not helped. I have taken Magnesium and the Gabapentin to help. I am now in day 5 of complete withdrawal and I am very miserable. I had to completely take work off. I have run fevers, experiences dreadful insomnia, and terrible tremors. I wish had not trusted my doctor when she said it was not addicting. Don't ever take this drug daily for more handful of weeks. addiction is far worse F 33 13 months

 5  Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia Like others here have said, the first 15-20 minutes after 1 0.5mg clonazepam is ingested, I feel tired and even yawn a good bit but another 10-20 minutes later that wears off and I feel very relaxed and can actually take time to slow down and think about things that need to be done instead of panicking and stumbling over every errand or task. Before this medication, I would find my anxiety levels were heightened in public situations such as the grocery store or a busy shopping mall...without the medication, my heart would race, palms would sweat, pupils would dilate and I knew this because I felt them enlarge...and inside I was simply freaking out. Before I go ANYWHERE that involves large crowds and more noises than one can register and interpret, I take 1 0.5mg typically early in the day or 30mins to an hour before going out...and once I arrive to my destination, it has kicked in and I feel like I can conquer the world. It relaxes me to the point I don't get that rushed feeling, so If taken only when I need it and not daily, it works wonders. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder since I was a toddler. I had adhd in preteen-junior high years and never went to a doctor for a diagnosis...so I self-medicated with an array of drugs...everything from ecstasy to lsd to prescription drugs that friends got and didnt want to take(paxil, adderal, etc)...eventually quit all the drugs and tried taking an anti-depressant but quickly stopped it because I was emotionally detached and that just wasn't for me because I'm the type of person that loves to socialize and have "real talk"...love to laugh and make others laugh...I just unfortunately went through hell growing up so that's why I chose to experiment with drugs and I'm sure doing that at such an early age screwed up my developing brain...so now I just have anxiety...the depression comes and goes but it's never debilitating like it was when I was younger. The clonazepam is a life-saver for my anxiety. I do still have panic attacks if I'm in a car for a long period of time, but letting the window down to get fresh air seems to help better than popping another clono. F 22 4 months

 2  adenaline disorder, insomnia when you get off this medicine you are in worse condition than when you began The doctor told me it was not habit forming. This is not true. It's taken me more than a month to get off it. I've had panic attacks, tremors, paranoia, dizziness, muscle cramps, and my insomnia is at it's worse. I was never told about all the side affects or it's ability to hook you in. If you go to a doctor, make sure you do the blood work to assure your diagnosis and treatment is correct. I am going to an internist but I am unsure about going the drug route. I will try other routes with prayer. This is NOT a good drug for long term use. F 62 3 years

 5  panic driving on freeways no side effects Completely amazed that taking one .5 mg pill took away the horrible panic attacks i had while driving on freeway. now i take one .5 pill an hour before driving and can drive through downtown of a huge city on the freeway. I am testing other freeways but looks like this medication has liberated me. I only take it before driving on freeway so am not fearful of the addiction or side effects others are experiencing. To me this drug has been a life saver and i am grateful for it. F 51 3 times

 4  sleeping Just a very good night's sleep! I have had some clumsiness, but I also take Topamax which has all of these odd symptoms like memory loss, clumsiness, etc...I don't blame the Clonopin on this. Tried Ambien and my body got used to it and it didn't work anymore. Clonopin puts me to sleep within 30-40 minutes and I sleep well without any side effects in the morning, no grogginess...nothing! When I run out of pills---I go haywire and cannot sleep and feel like a junkie begging for more pills from my doctor! I just need to sleep! I don't use the pills for anxiety or anything else. I love them. I wish they gave me the relaxing feeling that everyone else is feeling, but they don't. I just get tired all of a sudden after laying in bed 30-40 minutes of laying in bed. F 37 2.5 years
 3  insomnia - tardive dyskensia hang-over affect next day. tired. perhaps depressed ( it is a central nervous system depressant !). digestive problems. blunts emotions. vision problems. memory problems. some coordination problems. EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE !! REPEAT -- EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE !!.. May lead to alzeimers and brain malfunctions.. and definite memory problems.... Clonazapam is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet.. it and xanax... Do not start on it !! .. much more addictive than heroin !.. 20 times more addictive and powerful than valium..very short half life... do not take this drug or xanax..!!! go to www.non-benzodiazepines.org.uk for warnings !!!!! Read the book Toxic Psychiatry by Peter Breggin... almost impossible to ween off... Klonipin (clonazapam) is extremely addictive and TOXIC!.. please contact me if you want to know the TRUTH about psychiatric drugs. M 57 14 years
 1  parasomnia/night terrors/sleepwalk Slurred speech, aggressiveness, I was in a haze all day, did not stop my night activity, friends and family kept telling me that I wasn't myself, no motivation, short-tempered I tried it for 10 days but I did not feel any more refreshed in the morning. All I wanted to do was stay in bed and sleep. My husband hated being around me. I would rather deal with night terrors and at least feel like myself the next morning than be under the influence of this drug all day. F 36 10 days

 2  Anxiety I took this medication for 6 months and had abdominal pain. I was taken .05 mg twice a day. I weaned off in 6 weeks. After a week off, I am having diarrhea issues and abdominal pain. I will take anxiety any day of the week. M 38 6 months

 2  Sleep apnea Very tired the next day. Also dizzy, fatigued. Depressed. Put me to sleep very well but side effects not worth it. M 76 1 years
 5  anxiety and insomnia none....unless you count feeling normal as a side effect. I take .5 mg in the morning and 1 mg right before bed. Anxiety during the day has disappeared, am able to sleep a full 8 hours and get to work immediately after rising. I've been through the gamut of sleep meds, ambien (&CR), lunesta, trazadone, yadda yadda yadda, and this has been a life saver! M 38 1 years
 5  panic attacks It makes me a bit sleepy, but also makes me unable to experience panic attacks. So I'll take sleepy any day. Decreased appetite. This drug makes my life worth living. Panic attacks kept me prisoner for many years. Now I can do all those things I was never able to. I only take these "as needed" which in the beginning was up to 2mg per day, but now is about .5mg once a month or so when I feel panicky. F 33 2 years
 4  nightmares My mind races. I'm the type of person that can do in 6 hours what takes someone else 8. At night unfortunately my mind doesn't stop the wheels turning. I have no problem going to sleep, but it manifests itself in nightmares where I end up physically kicking and screaming in reaction to things I see in my dreams or even in my bedroom. I even carry on a conversation with the g/f if she tries to calm me down. I usually don't remember this although if she reminds me the next morning it does come back to me a lot of times and then I can remember doing it. One dr gave me seroquel even though I not a depressant in any way shape or form. I took it and it paralyzes you. I guess that physically stops you from moving and acting out, but in the morning I was so tired I couldn't move and I am the type of person that gets out of bed 1 sec after the alarm rings. Also after quitting the seroquel I can very much understand how it makes people suicidal. Luckily I am not a depressant and knew it wa Anyway on those nights sometimes the nightmares come back so I don't know what I am going to do if I build up a tolerance to this stuff. So far really no major side effects. I'm was irritable before because I don't get the right type of sleep so still being irritable now is just the same effect but caused for a different reason. Probably a little short term memory loss, but not enough to be detrimental. Me mellowed out is just taking me down to how a normal persons minds functions. I can see how these other people that have anxiety and stuff are having more severe side effects because thier mind isn't racing so stopping their synapses from firing is putting them in a more vegetative state. My problem is more antsy, lets get stuff done, always thinking 10 steps ahead type problem though and not being able to turn that off. Google searching hasn't really turned up anybody else that describes their nightmare symptoms like mine :( M 28 4 months
 5  anxiety,panic attacks a little drowsiness at first but you get used to it's effects and can function I was on .5 mg daily for 4 years and taking it during a tense time was like a life saver for me,but sometimes getting through the day on .5mg was still at times a struggle and I still had panic attacks and anxiety at times because I only had that 1 pill and it wasn't quite enough.So I talked to my doctor and he inceased my dosage to .5mg twice daily around a month ago and ever since I've been calm and relaxed all day long and I sleep great at night.I know it's addictive because once I went off .5mg daily for 4 days and started feeling really weird.It is a tremendous help and I'd rather take pills and be relaxed than off pills and a nervous wreck. M 26 4 years

 4  Anxiety During treatment: Short term memory loss, occasional morning drowsiness, emotional detachment, libido impairment. Withdrawal: Insomnia, fatigue during the day, "spaciness," night sweats, nausea. Read through this site in looking to see if my withdrawal is normal. It looks like it is. This has been a good drug, but I eventually ended up taking more than prescribed (prescribed up to 1.5 mg/day as needed, took 3 mg/day daily). Went cold turkey last week because of dependence. The withdrawal is bad -- I don't recommend cold turkey, but I'm stubborn enough to stick to it. Fortunately withdrawal symptoms will clear away. Clonazepam helped, but I did underestimate how powerful it is. If taking for anxiety, I would recommend taking when you need it rather than on a regular basis. M 26 1.5 years

 3  anxiety and panic attacks satisfied at the beginning. only needed it once in a while but now after a few years racing heart at night , lots of aches and pains although they say i have a thing called fibromyalgia .so cant tell if the pain is worse when i try to cut down because of the withdrawal or the fibro it sure helped at the beginningand still does but i need to take more as my body is getting used to it . its going to be hell as it also affects your nervous system so good luck to all of us M 71 20 years
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