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 2  Anxiety I have been having panic attacks, social anxiety, and hypochondria for several years. Was on Lexapro and Alprazolam for breakthrough anxiety. I gained 30 lbs on the Lexapro although it worked well so I decided to come off of it and I've already lost 7lbs in about 2 weeks. Anyway, Dr prescribed Clonozepam since it supposedly lasts longer than Alprazolam. I took it and felt nothing unusual but it did not even touch my anxiety. After two hours, I started flushing, sweating, and throwing up. I could not sleep that night and when I finally did fall asleep around 7:30am, I had hellish nightmares and kept waking up. The entire next day I felt like I had a bad hangover and a headache that wouldn't quit. I do not recommend this medicine. Will deal with the extra pounds if it means feeling better. F 33 2 days
 5  anxiety Overdose F 28 1 years

 1  Insomnia, panic After an onset of severe panic and anxiety, I was prescribed Clonazepam and Lexapro. For the most part, it took care of the problems. I did have occasional panic and insomnia. After many years, I began having problems passing urine. With a quick search, Clonazepam came up. I am using catheters, getting infection after infection, and am trying to get off the drug. I have researched the Ashton Manuel, and am trying the Valium crossover. It's been a nightmare, and I haven't even completed the crossover! Please, stay away from Benzodiazepines! I'm a medical professional, and didn't do my homework. I'm praying God gives me my life back. F 54 10 years
1 mg
 5  Anxiety, Panic Attacks Sleepiness, slight fatigue Sometimes I take before bed and I sleep so much better. This works best without making me so tired when my anxiety is at a higher level. F 32 5 years
.5 1X AN
 1  anxiety was on 4mg per day which didn't help me that much but affected my cognitive abilities which i wasn't aware of until told by others, slurred speech, seemed drunk, driving badly, not able to function well ie looking after myself, cleaning up etc. Like a zombie. Tapering off 10% per week as per doctors instructions and Ashton Manual(online) Went from 4mg to 1mg with very stong but bearable alternating withdrawal symptoms including, being totally wiped out-sleeping 16hrs, slight panic attacks/adrenalin rushes, very high anxiety, dilated pupils, itchy skin, sweating, unable to remember dates/mixing up appointments etc. Very wound up and uncomfortable but with times of feeling ok so i was able to reduce the dosage. I got to around 1mg then i got hit with symptoms so unbearable that i have stopped at this dose, i felt like i had decended into hell; depression, burning skin(when starting to sweat), feelings of terror, feelings of helplessness, not wanting to get out of bed, difficulty doing every day tasks, suicidal idealation (would rather be dead at times). Knowing it is only going to get worse for months makes it all worse. Feeling trapped. I would not have taken this medicine if i knew that the withdrawal symptoms would be worse than the anxiety it was supposed to control. Everyone is different some people have no withdrawal symptoms and use it for years but this how it has affected me. Will be seeing doctor on weekly basis and try to work something out. M 36 1.5 years
1mg 1X D
 5  Anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia I've not experienced any negative side effects while taking the drug it is difficult to stop taking Clonazepam has essentially cured my insomnia (along with trazodone)and has made dealing with PTSD and anxiety a lot easier. I took .5 mg 1x a day for about 2 yrs (took 1 extra per day during extreme times)then about a year ago I lowered the dose to .25 mg 1x per day with no problem. My new doctor wants to get me off the clonazepam and she suggested I take the pill only every other day but so far that has not been doable for me, I don't sleep w/o it and the next day I can't really function. The clonazepam also helps with pain associated with a herniated disc in my neck and loss of disc in spine, I do not take any other drugs for pain nor anything else. F 57 3 years
.25 mg 1X D

 5  GAD, Panic Attacks, Slight Phobia Slight moodiness, (very slight) M 32 2 years
2 MG
 2  Myoclonic Jerks Drowziness, depression, trouble with sleeping, problems with co-ordination, memory loss, 'brain fog', confusion, poor attention, DEPENDENCE I have Clonazepam at such as high dose because I have a rare Neurological Movement disorder called 'Myoclonic-Dystonia'. Sure, Clonazepam alleviates the twitching and muscle spasms... until I get more tolerance and have to take more. Started taking Clonazepam about a year and a half ago- initially I started on 2 mg a day :/ If anybody is offered this drug should really question it, especially it is being indicated for long-term use. I didn't question enough and now I have such a strong dependence and ever increasing tolerance, there are plans to up me to the max dose (20 mg). This drug has made me an addict, I sometimes try to try to take less but the withdrawal is HELL. Stevie Nicks said in an interview it was easier to give up heroin and crack than this drug :/ F 20 3 months
4mg 3X D
 4  Panic/anxiety/depression/bipolar 2 None really Clonazepam works for my panic attacks/anxiety and helps me to sleep. If I lose sleep I become hypomanic. I have had GAD since I was a child and am now 71 years old. I stopped drinking alcohol 24 years ago, since it was not a medication, and it only made my mental disorder worse. I can't take any antidepressants beyond beginning doses because they induce hypomania. So I take the clonazepam when I have episodes that bring me extreme panic or anxiety, or when my insomnia gets worse. Typically I take between three quarters and one and a half milligrams at night only for sleep. When my panic or anxiety kicks up because of situational things, I am increased to a total of 2 1/2 mg per day. At present I am on that protocol. It has been the first time in almost 5 years that I have needed to take regular clonazepam during the day to break up the anxiety, panic part of my disorder. While I don't like taking it, it is the only thing that helps me. If I tried to cut back to soon the episode only gets worse. Normally, I take only the bedtime dose. From time to time the psychiatrist is in support of my tapering, which I have to do very slowly. Then I may get down to 1 mg at night for several months. Many people here talk about the severe withdrawal reactions. In my case the doctor and I both agree, that when I get down too low, it is not withdrawal, but my primary bipolar to that kicks in , which includes panic anxiety insomnia and depression. Right now, I seem to have episode F 16 years
1-1&˝ 1X D
 5  Insomnia, anxiety, IC None but if I take more then 0.5 mg then I feel drowsy and very relaxed the next day. This is by far the best anti-anxiety medication out there. SSRIs are garbage compare to this. Allows me to get a good night's sleep and feel in control. F 37 4 years
0.5 MG 1X D
 1  insomnia Didn't even touch my insomnia. Still only able to sleep 2 hours a day. The times I did fall asleep were no more than an hour and I would wake up with constant nightmares. F 20 7 days
 1  Dystonic cerebral palsy insomnia, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts I was first prescribed this when i was about 16, so then i thought it was a wonder drug because it controlled my tremors and muscle tightness...at least i thought. What it really did was put me in such a fog that i didn't notice my tremors. After about a year we raised the dosage from twice, to three times a day. That's when all hell broke loose with the side effects. I strongly urge you to try different alternatives and really do some research on this drug before making the decision to take it. M 18 2 years
1 MG 3X D

 1  For anxiety rage, derealization, depersonalization, suicidal thoughts and urges, depression Within an hour or less of taking this drug I would get extremely depressed and lethargic to the point my husband had to help feed and bathe me. I started having rages FOR NO REASON out of nowhere and then suicidal thoughts and even urges, again for no reason. This drug as well as others in its class (benzodiazepines) should be limited to short-term (2-4 week) use. Beyond that, the user could develop a tolerance where more of the drug is needed to reduce anxiety/insomnia. Users also get interdose withdrawal from the drug and feel the need to take more of the drug before the next dose to calm down. Before you know it, your brain is dependent on it. Withdrawals from this drug are Hellish and last longer (YEARS in some cases) than withdrawal than from street drugs. Cold turkey withdrawal from this drug made all the above side effects much worse and I'm still healing from its effects 18 months later. F 36 10 weeks
0.125 3X D

 5  GAD/Hypochondiasis No side effects to describe This has been a wonder drug for me. My chest pains and back pain disappear in 15 minutes of taking the medication. When I run out I experience what I thought was a heart attack, or worse lung cancer. Now I realize that my anxiety gets out of control very easily and I use clonazepam effectively to control symptoms. M 34 8 years
4mg 2X D
 5  Tremors due to anxiety Drowsiness. This drug really takes away my a tremors. Tried other meds first. Clonazepam is the only medication that works for me. I havent built up a tolerance either. Everyone is different. I take it every night. Its strange because I remeber a lot more than I use to. It helps me focus more. My memory has improved. This medication works wonders with me. And yes I take it as prescribed. F 38 2 months
 5  extreme anxiety, agoraphobia lethargic early in the day, flat effect in speech, lack of inhibition I increased the amount to 2 times a day and it reduces agoraphobia and constant angst. I am very happy with it. It helps my therapy progress faster by reducing fear of memories. Sometimes I forget to take it until the anxiety interferes with going out or doing things. F 63 1 years
.5MG 2X D

 4  Panic and Anxiety When first taking it and lasts for about 15-20 min - dizziness, out-of-body experience maybe, imbalance, tiredness, spaced out. It doesn't last for long though, it goes away and you begin to just feel calm, maybe a bit drowsy still. It definitely helps when I'm feeling the onset of major anxiety or a panic attack and I need help calming myself down. It's not a cure, I use it along with therapy and tools to help myself relieve my anxiety and panic. It's just an aid to help me get through what's going on. F 25 9 months
.25 MG 1X AN
 5  Generalized Anxiety Disorder Sleepy, clumsy, slight headaches, euphoria. I have never had serious anxiety issues until about seven months ago. For whatever reason my anxiety steadily increased to the point where I had this incredible daily fear that I had something physically wrong and I was dying. I never used to go to the doctor for anything (years i didn't go to the doctor) and suddenly I was calling every week to set up an appointment with an ailment I was sure was life threatening. I convinced my doctor to give me a referral to a cardiologist because of personal fears that something was going on with my heart. I met with an endocronologist over fears that my glands were not functioning correctly and I had an inbalance. I visited the ER thinking I was having a heart attack, and I had two seperate severe panic attacks. I had numerous blood tests. 2 EKG's, an echocardiogram, chest x-rays for lung cancer. I honestly had fears that I had cancer, an irregular heart beat, liver failure, kidney failure, bone cancer, deep vein thrombosis, pancreatitis, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, and the list goes on and on. All completely ridiculous, but my fear was completely real and I couldn't escape it. After finally realizing these daily fears and my constant anxiety wasn't rational or normal I attempted to control it through diet, excercise and meditation. Months of failed attempts to make anything better I finally set-up another appointment with my doctor to discuss my anxiety issues. After a long conversation she explained that I had GAD, I need co M 35 3 days
.250 2X D
 5  back neck spasms Wonderful. Helps tremendously with my anxiety which I had never been treated for. Ran out once and couldn't get refill for 10 days and suffered horrible withdrawal. It was nightmarish, frightening. Will try not to ever run out again. F 60 10 years

 5  Anxiety Drowsiness, dizzyness. Almost feels like I am drunk at times, especially when I stand up to walk after a period of sitting. Helped my anxiety tremendously. Relaxed me and helped me sleep. Decided to stop taking it after learning different techniques to help cope with anxiety from my psychologist. No withdrawal symptoms. F 22 2 months
.5mg 2X D

 4  anxiety,panic disorders and depress Well clonazepam did help me. Till one day a doctor said that it was time to detox. So I went not knowing any better. I had no idea how my life was going to change, for the worst. The detox center had me go cold turkey and so three days later all hell broke loose. When i say all hell, I literally mean it. The next 2yrs were pure HELL. I was in and out of hopitals the situation got so bad, I had rather someone take my legs off as long as I was better. I am traumatized from the hell I had to live. Till this day when I talk about I still cry like a baby. So plz if u decide to come off any benzos, do it in a way that u feel comfortable. First talk to ur Dr. and make sure its done very slowly. Plz I just dont want anyone else to go through what I went through! Also remember most of these Dr.s are overworked and dont care, so real quick they'll wright a prescription for benzo's. Always ask all questions u might have. THIS IS UR LIFE, LIVE IT! F 40 21 years
1mg 2X D
 3  facial pain sleepy .foggy brain..dizzy...hard to concentrate on things F 4 months

 1  anxiety going off effexor xr i have only been on 2 or 3 days.all i di is sleep.dont know what day of week it is .has gotten rid of suicidal thoughts but probably because i am too tired to commit suicide right now.i feel like i am drunk. very foggy headed.hope ing it will get better once my body gets used to it M 54 3 days
img2xa day

 3  for sleep i have taken the tablet last 10 years M 38 10 years
1mg 1X D
 5   My mother has a prescription to these, but I've taken them from time to time to help with anxiety, stress and severe painful muscle tension. I have issues with depersonalization and I find it impossible to relax. My shoulder muscles are constantly rock solid and massaging them won't help. These meds really help it all. F 21
1X D

 1  Anxiety from serious car accident Awful medication. I took .25 Xanax as needed for a few months but it stopped working and I did not want to increase dose so dr switched me to this beast of a drug. My dose was .5 twice a day and I took .5 once a day for eight days and .25 once a day for nine days then I stopped. I don't remember anything for those two and a half weeks. I was very depressed on this med. don't ever take it! Ever! F 41 2 weeks
 5  anxiety panic irrational compulsive increased salivation sputum minimal cough but not of much significance wonderful effect thanks to researchers M 63 6 months
0.25 to0.5
 5  severe anxiety none at all and I have been taking it for 2-3 months. I would recommend this medication to anyone suffering from severe anxiety. It is a life-saver. This medicine is a mini miracle for me. I have had no problems with it at all. I know some are complaining about withdrawal symptoms but,from what I have heard that only happens to people who take higher dosages. I have never really experienced any of that. I have abruptly stopped medications with no problems. ( I know you shouldn't do that and don't recommend anyone else do it. I was young then lol.) F 22 2 months
1/2 mg 1X D

 1  sleep, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome No side effect for 11 years, except for daily burning pain that started after I stopped the medication for 5 days. Started weaning off of it and have had many withdrawal symptoms for 8 months and counting. It seemed like a miracle drug, that's why I took it for 11 years. Have now been weaning off of it for 8 months. Withdrawal symptoms I've experienced: insomnia, panic attacks, agoraphobia, myoclonic jerks, tachycardia, depression, dizziness, tinnitus, joint pain, derealization, hypersensitivity, crippling exhaustion and weakness. F 31 11 years
.25 -.75mg 1X D

 4  Sleeping and Anxiety Definitely helps with onset of sleep and panic or anxiety attacks. I no longer have restless leg syndrome. I seem to be more scatter-brained and have vivid dreams but not sure if it is caused by trazodone (which I take 75mg or less at bedtime) or the clonazepam (which I take .5-.75 at night with the trazodone). Yes, it's relaxing. I don't like taking pills of any kind, really. I wish that it was not so addictive, although the pharmacist said it is the benzo with less addicting properties. F 38 1 years
.25 4X D
 5  PTSD, panic attacks The only side effect I have noticed is itching. I have had panic attacks since a young girl. Sex abuse when I was 3 or 4. Over the years it took its toll and 10 years ago I had a melt down and was put on clonazepam. Finally I felt like I could do things without the fear of attacks constantly looming over me. However, I am getting rather tired of the itching. Has anyone had this side effect? Panic ruins your life. My tolerance has not increased over 10 years. Same dosage for 10 years. Itching is the only side effect I have suffered. Would like to hear if others have experienced itching. F 59 10 years
1 mg 1X D
 5  anxiety/panic attacks and ic Withdrawal can happen if you stop abruptly but other than that no side effects for me. Love it. I function so much better on this than I do off of it. If you easily get addicted to drugs maybe you shouldn't take it long term but I have gone off this drug several times without many side effects. If you have interstitial cystitis I recommend you ask your doctor for some during flares. For me it helped with my frequency and urgency. F 27 1 years
.5mg 2X D
 1  LACK OF JUDGMENT Every side effect in the book especially once I hit tolerance, which we all do. I don't even have time to write them all down.At first this drug seems great. Over time your health goes downhill and you get interdose withdrawal symptoms. This medication is an absolute nightmare to come off. For those of you who want more info, email me. I just got off, and know how terrible it is. Check out benzo.org.uk THE ASHTON MANUAL (IT WILL SAVE YOU. I PROMISE). Also be sure to Google BENZO WITHDRAWAL and check out Youtube Videos (SEARCH BENZO WITHDRAWAL OR BENZO HELL). Good luck to everyone trying to get off this crap. It's terrible I know but it gets better. GET OFF NOW, THOUGH. F 21 2 years
1 MG 2X D
 2  Anxiety / depression I have not felt any side effects, but it helps me sleep at night because I have real bad anxiety at night! F 22 1 months
 4  anxiety/panic attacks A little sleepy but can still drive/function at a normal level but without the panic!!! be careful when weening off of this medicine. If you do not taper down the side effects can be horrible. F 27 6 months
1mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety, depression Everything, the worse, heart palpitations and dizziness F 35 2 years
1 mg
 2  Anxiety sleep Slurred speech,dizzy,major short term memory loss worst side effect is worsening of anxiety, feel like im on constantly, severe hyperactivity, talking, moving around ,exercise gogogogo is what i hear and feel all day LONG!!!!!! F 35 3 weeks
 4  Anxiety Use is on and off, minimum effective dose, I keep it low. Main issue is paresthesia and fasciculations as I wean off the drug, some I Sonia. Also use to reduce rls like symptoms, stretching muscles while asleep while injured.. Hinders healing. That's current reason along with anxiety around not being able to stop stretching at night. The drug works. I have been off for months and months at a time, use the lowest dose u can use and wean off. Not everyone can do this depending on your anxiety. My best drug is exercise when not injured. That really works! M 63 30 days
.125 mg 1X D

 4  anxiety/depression I'mslightconfussedonsomestuff Alwaysiaadaze. Everrythingseemstobeinslowmotion.. Idropthingseasily..Mybodyjustwantstomovenutitjustcant Itstorelaxed.Itsmyfirstdayonittho. F 25 1 days

 3  sleep and anxiety Helped with anxiety but sleep not so much but it does calm me down a bit F 40 10 days

 3  anxiety Severe depression /anxiety while weening off Benzos like this,lorazepam,alprazolam, (Klonopin,Ativan,Xanax etc..) do work, and can help a lot, but I would advise, BE CAREFUL!! If you choose to go on a benzo, do it VERY SHORT TERM! Your brain will change chemistry fairly quickly, and soon you are "dependant", and you will become tolerant to the drug. You may need a higher and higher dose over time to acheive the same results. If you are tempted to do this (on your own).DON'T!!!!!!!! Going off benzos cold turkey can be a NIGHTMARE , that words can't describe.(not to mention dangerous).. Been there done that...its not pretty..YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE!! My new doc says it is going to take 18 months to ween off this stuff. M 46 3 years
2.5 2X O
 1  PTSD, severe anxiety, depression increased drowsiness,Increased anxiety and depression immediately. severe thoughts of suicide, constant and increasing sadness. hands and fingers twitching, PTSD and anxiety symptoms caused by daughters death. Was previously diagnosed with depression and placed on cymbalta and welbutrin with good results for years. Lorazipam was added for anxiety and PTSD. Worked well for several months then had no effect. Was then placed on Clonazepam felt OK for first couple of days then went into extreme tailspin. at urging of my wife I quit taking and almost instantly began to feel better. Will be calling my Psychiatrist ASAP. M 46 2 weeks
1 mg 3X D
 5  Anxiety No side effects at all. I was on Buspar previous to taking Clonazepam. At first, I thought it was helping me but I came to realize that I wasn't. My anxiety was making me feel as though my heart was pounding so fast, it was going to bust right through my chest. The first time I took my Clonazepam, I had relief. I am still have to care about things and be concerned about them, but I do not feel drowsy or anything like that. It has just taken the fear away and that horrible feeling like my heart is going to bust right out of my chest. I don't take it everyday and when I do take it, I only take 1/2 of my .5mg dose. My prescription says to take 1/2 to 1 tablet a day, as needed. Unlike Buspar, I do not have to take it every day (and the Buspar, like I said before, didn't help me. I gave it a chance and I think because my doctor actually listened and gave me something that I was trying to give it a fair chance, to no avail.). With all of the problems that life brings us sometimes, in this day and age, this drug has been a blessing to me. I am grateful for it. F 57 2 months
.25-.5 2X D
 2  anxiety, panic attacks drowsiness, exhaustion, poor quality sleep, vivid disturbing dreams, chest pains, muscle weakness i was prescribed this drug for sleep and anxiety because i am going through a stressful life situation and because anxiety/phobias run in my family. i am hyper-sensitive to drugs so i take a very low dose, even half of .25mg a few nights a week. it does help with panic and puts me to sleep but i have disturbing dreams and then awake in the middle of the night unable to sleep properly afterward. the next day i feel very "off," as though there are strong drug toxins in my system and i don't feel naturally rested. i struggle through the day unsuccessfully able to nap and praying that i won't need the drug the following night. i have taken only one other benzo (valium) and it gave me the same feeling, only worse. i have no idea how other people take this drug with no real side effects. in my experience, the side effects are almost worse than the anxiety and loss of sleep because of it. i wish i never had doctors who casually prescribe benzos. i'm not an addictive person, but because i have access to this drug it's so much easier to reach for it when i'm anxious. i wouldn't recommend clonazepam because i believe the "cure" is worse than the malady, but sometimes just knowing i have it on hand helps me to be strong and face life and my anxiety without it. F 52 120 days
.25 1X D
 1  Anxiety EXTREME anxiety, muscle twitching, muscle cramps, muscle pain, dizziness, vertigo, blurred vision, impaired vision, terror, cognitive problems, depression, extreme fear, being suspicious, cold hands, loss of appetite, insomnia, dehydration, dry mouth, hallucinations, sweating, weird thoughts, loss of hearing, sudden panic, confusion, euphoria, headache, tiredness, dearealization... loss of memory if you want to experience real hell, REAL HELL... please stay away from this drug. its the worst thing EVER. M 22 9 months
0.5 3X D

 5  Social Anxiety None Great drug. Don't get addicted though. M 20 4 months
1 mg prn 1X D

 1  Anxiety D/P D/R extreme sickness and tremors in am and out of it the whole day. Paranoia of people noticing this and they do. extreme anxiety. I'm sooo afraid. Can't think strait eyes burn and have alot of eye trouble. Symptoms have gradually came on. Started out on .05 3X now .05 1X. Feel crazy. F 50 10 years
.05 1X D
 1  PTSD Major Panics & heart beating so fast in the mornings, 12-14 hrs after taking it at nite. I realized later that it was the w/drawels of the nite before. My Dr at the time didnt realized this so gave me zyprexa in the morning & it made me gain alot of weight!!! Hell getting off this. Many nites of hallucinations, shadowy figures coming at me. Objects on walls turning into scary evil faces looking at me., being EXTREMELY TERRIFIED GOING TO SLEEP, tingling in my arms & up to my face and head---but my regular Dr said it was just anxiety, not Stroke symptoms. I thought they were Stroke symptoms. No? hmmm, what else? Waking more than once in the nite w/ my heart beat rate at 140 beats per minute, (was the highest that I clocked anyway)..., The list is too long, I will have to come back....Feel Free to email. NOW I am the Queen of Klonipin. (Too bad I was trusting & unknowing of the Drs. & Klon before. Alot of hell) F 44 3.5 years
.5 a nite 1X D
 1  I was so drugged I don't remember! Everything on the side effects list "plus" many that are mentioned in other comments on this site. Clonazepam is horrendous. It has taken me almost 3 years to decrease from 3mg to .5mg.. I am trying to get by on .25 and can't seem to totally discontinue. The diagnoses as found in my medical records is: OCD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, MPD, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Mixed State (psychiatry), Dysphoric Manic State, Dissociative Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Delusional Disorder, Paranoia Disorder, Major Affective Disorder, Depression with Psychosis plus, Psychomotor Retardation. Because of the prescribed drugs, I developed very difficult medical issues such as Gerd, Sleep Apnea, and Incontinence. The FDA needs to be aware of comments made on Ask a Patient, perhaps people could get the help they need instead of being thrown into the legal drug system. Good news: although drugged, I awakened in mid 2007 with a clear mind, researched the drugs, began my decent and am alive once more. I reluctantly take one medication, a .25 clonazepam and it is still horrendous and very controlling. I want to be totally free of clonazepam, life has passed me by (over 30 years gone). I have color in my life once more, and I love living. Any fear I currently experience is directed at Psychiatrists and the power given them by the court system in America (forced drugging and ECT or Electroconvulsive Therapy) F 69 14 years
Up to 3mg 1X D
 4  seizure disorder/sleep apnea I have lost 12 lbs. since starting Clonazepam. I take my pill at bedtime and do fall asleep quicker and sleep longer at a stretch than before. However, I am back to having weird dreams (not really nightmares) where I don't know anyone and they all seem to be trying to help me or get me to help them. I wake up tired! I have really seen no negative side-effects except the possible weight loss and lack of appetite. However, I have also been going through extreme stress during the last 4 months and feel like I have stayed more calm and rational than I would have before I started taking the drug. F 60 4 months
.50 MG 1X D
 5   loss of appetite but worth it not to have any night terrors after 50 years i was told to take one a night for a week then two but one worked well for me a wonder drug in my eyes F 69 3 weeks
500 mg 1X D
 5  anxiety and lack of sleep makes me drowsy, but really relaxes me, always small doses though, then it works great taken in small doses clonazepam or klonopin works great, if you are taking more than 1MG per day, you have a serious problem that needs to be dealt with in another way M 48 6 months
.25 MG 1X D
 4  Severe Anxiety Mild drowsiness, worked well for the anxiety. withdrawals currently it is 2a.m. I can't sleep for more than 2 hours I am terrified of things that haven't scared me since I was 5. I am seeing things and my dreams are tearing me apart, I just pray this ends soon. M 21 2 years
1mg 2X D
 1  insomnia due to autonomic neuropath loss of balance, muscle cramps, burning sensation in my brain, loss of appetite, slight headaches, still get no more than an avg. of 3 to 4 hrs. sleep each night, and numbness on brain. I would definitely advise anyone to not let any M.D. or Neurologist suggest that anyone get started on Clonazepam, because of its various side effects, as well as having possible life-threatining side effects, if stopped abruptly. E.G: Uncontrollable seizures that can't be stopped… M 67 18 months
.05 mg 1X D
 1   I experienced every side effect there was except for seizures during the discontinuation. I was on it for 7.5years and was a zombie. I had tolerance w/d symptoms that my doctors (All 8 of them over an 8 year period) ignored or discredited as "in my head" -aggression - anxiety - agoraphobia - apathy - ataxia - breathlessness - chest discomfort and tightness - choking - constipation - convulsions (muscle usually) - dental pain - depersonalisation - depression - derealisation - diarrhoea - distortion of body image, misperceptions - dry, itchy skin - "electric shock" feelings throughout the body - dysphoria - excitability - fasciculations - flushing - formications - head sensations - heart palpitations - hyperacusis - hypersensitivity to stimuli - hyperosmia (sensitive sense of smell) - hyperpyrexia (overheating) - hyperventilation (overbreathing) - insomnia - intrusive thoughts - irrational rage - irritability - jumpiness - metalli benzos are only supposed to be prescribed for 2-4 weeks and even that is too much. They should be banned. I am still incapacitated after over 15 months of being detoxed from them. I take no other meds and am eating organic foods and yet I still have involuntary muscles movements, spasms,and twitches, vision distortions and misperceptions, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, digestion problems, burning skin and scalp, balance problems, hypermobility in my joints, hypertonia in my muscles, severe fatigue, digestion problems, difficulty breathing, vascular constriction, severe anxiety, coordination problems, adrenaline surges,. I have had my hair fall out in clumps in the first months off. I am 15 months off and am in so much pain still. Do not take this medication. Work out your problems with therapy or find a natural way to treat your anxiety or depression. You will like this medication at first but it will cause you to be apathetic and make you feel like a zombie and you won't even see your health deteriorate before your eyes because it twists your thoughts and behaviors. I am 31 years old and completely disabled now. M 31 7.5 years
1 MG 4X D
 5  klonopin i can honestly say that i was really scared to take this reading all the reviews lol but i can say so far so good. im not hungy not exhausted as i thought that i would be. To be honest i have been on all types of meds but i think that this finally my concocsion. i a little tired but not much else. I am now on Lamictal 100mg 1xthen Abilify 10mg 1x and for klonopins at 2mg 2xs a day. i love it F 32 6 weeks
4mg 1X AN
 5  GAD w/ Panic disorder and Argorapho No side effects. This drug actually makes me feel normal. I get no drowsiness and function normal. F 25 5 years
0.5 - 1mg 1X AN

 4  PTSD/Anxiety/Night Terrors The usual side effects for benzos. drowsiness mostly but not so bad. I realize this drug is addictive, however, for me taking this is much better than the night terrors I have and also for those around me so they don't get jolted out of bed with my screams. No other medicine has helped with my combination of symptoms and I rarely feel the need to take on a daily basis. The night terrors for me have become fairly predictable as I see something on TV or see a car accident that triggers them. I know then I need to take the medication for a while. I also am sure to take a drug holiday and wean off the drug. Never just quit the drug. F 48 5 years
1 mg 2X D
 4  Anxiety Chest pain, slight headaches, sluggish feeling, body aches, depression, feeling of lonliness, crying spells, loss of appitite. Clonazepam is a good drug. I dont like taking meds, but this calms my anxiety. I take this drug as needed, Which is maybe 1 per week. Great for sleeping, but if you are going to use this drug for sleeping, it is highly reccommended that you take this drug around 8pm. This way, when you wake up, you dont have that sluggish feeling. If you do wake up feeling sluggish, try taking it a little earlier than 8pm. It does work really well when it is not abused but the side effects are what I hate. Not all side effects are the same. This is what holds true for me. Good Luck taking this med. Ask your doctor how to get off this drug if you are trying to ween yourself from it. F 27 1 months
05mg 1X AN
 5  gad,soc anx,panic disorder&depress makes me sleepy this is the only med that has ever worked on my social anxiety-making me able to go into the world. it beats my panic disorder w/agoraphobia. this is a wondrous drug...as long as you don't abuse it. that is bad news. F 40 3 years
.5mg 3X D
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