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 1  Shingles Shivers diarrhea sickness had to stop taking 800mg tried 400mg couldn't tolerate it so stopped taking it. F 4 days

 3  Shingles Dark, smelly urine. Not good for my MS-I was on a recovery from last flare-up, but I need to recover all over again! It did seem to "dry up" the shingles rash-w/in a couple of days. F 37 10 days
800mg 2x d

 3  Herpes 2 Very moody, headaches, lower back pain, loss of appetite, tiredness, spacing out all day, and confusion. F 2 months

 2  Shingles Gross fatigue, indigestion, headache which verged on migraine intensity. F 53 10 days

 4  Cold Sores Extreme fatigue and Itchy/dry skin. Has helped to stop the recurring outbreaks I was having. Site is taking a while to heal though. F 43 5 days
200MG 5X D

 1  hsv1 and HSv2 really bad tiredness and headaches and iffy stomach/nausea plus it just made me feel awful in a spaced out way. turned out to be something called reiters syndrome and eventually given antibiotic treatment (after 8 years) which helps a lot. this is perianal and outbreaks mainly buttocks and thighs and internally leading to abcess. my experience,having tried a wide range of antivirals and doses is that they did not lessen the severity or duration of episodes for me at all and they made me feel really really sick i have found gum clinic doctors don't believe acyclovir or pen/vala/famcyclovir isnt working or that symptoms of herpes 2 might be linked to other symptoms that indicate bacterial infection caused by it, i have been to hell and back with this virus including many colorectal admissions and F 8 years
400 3X D
 1  hsv1 and HSv2 really bad tiredness and headaches and iffy stomach/nausea plus it just made me feel awful in a spaced out way. turned out to be something called reiters syndrome and eventually given antibiotic treatment (after 8 years) which helps a lot. this is perianal and outbreaks mainly buttocks and thighs and internally leading to abcess. my experience,having tried a wide range of antivirals and doses is that they did not lessen the severity or duration of episodes for me at all and they made me feel really really sick i have found gum clinic doctors don't believe acyclovir or pen/vala/famcyclovir isnt working or that symptoms of herpes 2 might be linked to other symptoms that indicate bacterial infection caused by it, i have been to hell and back with this virus including many colorectal admissions and F 8 years
400 3X D
 3  herpes 2 Side affects are extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, diarrhea, spaced out all day, very depressed and weepy...general yucky feeling. Thirsty all the time and my mouth tastes horrible. F 33 7 days

 3  HSV2 First, it works and it's cheap. Taking if for a horrible primary outbreak. After a few days in had cleared remarkably (first outbreaks can last 6 weeks). However, it has come with great cost. My stomach and intestines are in HELL. I have eaten nothing for about two weeks (the outbreak made me sick too). A few sips of meal replacement kill me. And the fatigue.. God. Only a few more days.. Knowing this will pass is the only thing getting me through the day. I just hope I don't get frequent outbreaks and have to take this evil stuff regularly. F 32 10 days

 5  shingles I am taking the drug for 5 days so far. It will be 10 days total. On my shingles in 5 days I see significant reduction of the shingles area. The side effect I have is that my skin is sensitive to sunlight. That means my skin on my head peels as if I spent 2 hours in the sun without protection. But actually I just spent few minutes in the sun each because I live in hot state. Overall this drug is good. Hope it helps you too. M 60 10 days
800mg 1X D
 4  Recurrence of Shingles Fever, nausea, tremors, abdominal pain, severe fatigue, night sweats/ sleep disturbances. As soon as I saw shingles rash in the same place as before went to doctor and got this (kinda aggressive course). I think it is useful because not as much pain and the rash healing better than first time but it's like the virus and drugs are fighting in my body! So less time of any shingles symptoms, but hard to stomach and tolerate. F 20 4 days
800 MG 5X D

 3  herpes 1 and 2 Mild headaches and diarrhea at first but after taking for a couple of years bad stomach pain and constipation followed M 28 4 years
400 mg 3d

 1  Chickenpox Insomnia - feeling low - getting angry easily - very thirsty F 19 7 days
800MG x 5

 1  hsv1 today is my second day with acyclovir im feeling extremely sick (nausea and diahhrrea, headaches and body soreness) also it makes me very angry. sucks I have this for life :'( F 21 2 days
400mg 3x
 4  shingles Headaches, nausea, gas, itchy skin, moodiness, exhaustion, joint pain Helped clear rash up faster. F 36 7 days
30mg 1X D
 5  Oral and Genital herpes Got this drug from my primary care Dr. in capsule form and was fine. Then I went to Planned Parent Hood and got it in tablet form same dosage. I had the most horrible head pressure and went to the hospital twice. Now I'm having tremors, head pressure, tingling all over my body, facial spams. I'm so upset. I'm convinced that the lab that made the tablets mixed something wrong. I had no effect with the same drug in capsule form. This seems strange. Please be careful guys. I'd take the herpes symptoms over these neurological ones any day. This is horrible! F 35 4 weeks
400 2X D
 1  Oral and Genital Herpes I'm having horrible head pressure, tremors, weakness, fatigue, depression. Tingling when I take the medication. I am going to see if another drug works better. F 35 2 months
200mg 4X D
 1  cold sore Migraine...i use to take zodiac which would comfort the pain and heal it quickly..acyclovir doesn't do anything and I get full blown cold sore which lasts about 2 wks. It's awful product!!!! F 47 1 days

 3  genital herpes 3 day migraines,trouble breathing,easily agitated M 32 10 years

 3  Hsv1 Headache that lasted about 2 days. Frequent urinating. Pain in lower abdomen that comes and goes. Menstrual spotting medium to heavy while taking BC pills daily. Started medication on a Tuesday, today is Saturday and I still have sores. I can see improvement, but it hasn't healed any faster. Note: I get them really bad just after a yeast infection. They cover inside and out of top, right side of my lip. Also, the lower right side (outside), lower left (outside), and entire bottom inside near the gum line. Never had a simple, little, one spot, breakout. Lips and gums swell to the point of visits to the ER. Better results with this med than with valtrex. Cramping and spotting makes it almost not worth taking due to length of time it takes to heal sores. Need a miracle. F 34 10 days
400 MG 3X D
 1  shingles (forehead) Day 2 of taking 800 mg 5 times a day. Severe headache, seems to spark the tingling and needle prick sensation, bad nausea.I'm not taking anymore. It states the drug doesn't get rid of shingles,it just cuts down the outbreak time. I felt 4,000 mg a day a bit much..and taken for 10 days. Good luck everyone! F 54 2 days

 4  Having dermabrassion done Gas, big time! I am prone to headaches and they have increased. This is being taken to prevent cold sores while recovering from dermabrassion being done around my mouth:-) Started 2 weeks before surgery and will continue through 1 week following. I am on day 9 and gas, especially in the evening and night is crazy bad. Have had 2 sudden onset migraines and today just feel tired and generally yuck! Not sick but not well felling today but this is the first dsy of feeling that way. Also Headachey without a full blown headache, those who have headaches know what I mean. I will continue to take since all in all it is manageable and short term F 56 9 days
200mg 2X D
 3  Genital herpes The headaches/migraines I get when I take the medicine are so severe that I can't really even take the medicine. About 6 to 8 hours after taking med, severe headache. F 50 5 years
200 mg 1X AN

 5  genital herpes two funky stinky urine smell and gas. stupid the tingling I feel at the site of outbreak. F 27 1 days

 4  Cold Sores Extreme Fatigue Seems to really speed up the healing process but the fatigue is a little much. M 24 5 days
800mg 2X D

 3  HSV2 Works wonderfully, no out breaks for 5 months :) after previously getting up to 6 occurrances a year. However it has come at the cost of fatigue. I feel tired a lot of the time, muscles get tired and stiffer more easily, suspect it is also inhibiting recovery from sports injuries. Not sure which is better long term M 31 5 months
500mg 2X D

 3  Shingles Migraine, fatigue, mild gastro problems, joint pain. This is a miserable illness! I had severe hip/back pain for 4 weeks. Drs took X-rays & did so many tests. Then out popped this rash right where the pain is & I was relieved & in agony at the same time. With this medication rash is doing better & not getting anymore bumps. When you see the commercial for shingles... Believe it! Also get your shingles vaccine. I was going to get it next week... :( good luck & hang in there with this evil stuff & take your medication. . F 60 4 days
800mg 5x/d

 4  shingles Flatulence! M 28 5 days

 5  Cold sore Stops cold sore from coming to surface but gives headache and fatigue M 41 2 days
400 2X D
 3  Chicken pox Insomnia; falling asleep at 4:00 A.M. F 53 7 days

 5  Genital herpes I love it! It's like a wonder drug for herpes. I haven't had any side effects with it either. F 23 4 years
400 mg
 5  cold sores None F 5 years
800 mg

 4  Cold sores Ive suffered from cold sores as long as I can remember. If I can catch it at the tingle, I can prevent it from ever becoming a visible sore to anyone other than myself with acyclovir pills. It's amazing. If I catch it later it drastically cuts healing time down. I've used it as a preventative medicine as well if I feel like getting sick or going on a trip and realllllly don't want to worry about getting one. I also use tea tree oil with it. Side effects: severe acid reflux- regardless of what I eat or drink and I'm not prone to it otherwise. I also have pain in my back and head and just feel kinda lousy overall for the couple days of the heavy dose while killing the thing. I'm willing to deal with it. The pain, embarrassment and general discomfort of the cold sore is far worse in my opinion. F 34 4 days

 3  shingles severe throbbing headache F 27 5 days
800mg 5X D

 2  Shingles Extreme nausea and pain in abdomen when I Am about to pass gas. Been taking for 4 days now and the breakout has cleared up some but I have noticed a few areas popinjay up on my eye lid again. Every time I eat I feel extremely sick toy stomach some to the point where I vomit. Due to this I have lost over ten pounds. M 37 4 days
 2  Shingles Horrible stomach cramping and diarrhea, headaches, tiredness, shortness of breath by day 4, when I decided to stop. F 27 4 days
800mg 5x/d

 1  HSV2 None. This medicine hasn't worked at all. I was diagnosed visually. Im having a culture done just to make sure i wasn't misdiagnosed. I'm still burning still itching. I feel like I'm not taking any medicine. I'm going to get a second opinion. F 25 2 days
200 MG

 5  Shingles At first the drug only caused chronic diarrhea, and G.E.R.D.. Then as time passed, I developed fatigue, joint pain, weight gain, loss of sex drive, muscle stiffness, and mood swings. Prior to taking this drug I had constant shingles for almost 25 years without any relief. I participated in many studies (as a subject) on shingles without any signs of relief. Much of the time I also had cases of Staff infection from the open sores and blisters getting infected. I always had to be careful of anything causing physical or mental stress (loud music, too much sun, catching a cold, becoming angry or agitated, etc...) for fear that the shingles would become more prevalent. When I began my treatments, within a week 25 years of constant agony was gone! I do occasionally get brief bouts of shingles with only a fraction of the previous severity. I have developed Krohn's disease-like symptoms (without having the genetic disposition for it), but it is STILL worth taking the pills for me not to have Shingles. M 50 7 years
800mg 5X D
 5  Cold sores Bad taste in mouth for last month. Nothing else unusual. I have had cold sores since I was a baby. I discovered Chapstick SPF 15 when I was in my twenties. That has helped me as I spend a lot of time in the sun. However, stress and illness still triggered breakouts. I averaged about 6 to 8 breakouts a year. After a lifetime of enduring random painful breakouts, I decided enough was enough. I consulted my doctor and he put me on Acyclovir 200 mg daily. After I had two minor breakouts the following 2 months, he upped it to 400 mg daily. Worked for almost 8 months, and then I had three breakouts in less than a month. This third one is on top of my bottom lip and it is a large one, but it crusted over the next day. I have been taking 1600 mg (800 mg 2xdaily) for five days. I still have it but it is almost gone. Before this medicine, it would have taken a week or more to reach the crusty stage. I am going to talk to my doctor about upping the dosage to 800 mg daily. Hope it works to prevent future breakouts. I do use a topical product called Oil of Mercy. That helps as well to heal sores. F 47 9 months
400 mg 1X D
 5  genital herpes I had no bad side effects. It doesn't make the outbreak go right away, but it definitely shortens the time, and cut the severe pain I was having in half. Sucks to have to take it so often though. F 21 3 months

 1  genital herpes- prevent shedding abdominal pain, lower back pain, gas, fatigue, spotting in between period I wanted to get started on suppressant therapy just because I never want to experience an outbreak. I chose acyclovir because I did research and determined that it had a pretty good success rate and the side effects are minimal, plus it is cheaper. Well of course my body doesn't go for the affordable medication and I have been experiencing a dull pain in my back and abdomen. I can mostly deal with this, but the gas and the spotting are a big nuisance. I haven't seen spotting as a possible side effect, but I know I'm not getting my period because I just had it. And I never experience this much gas during a period either, so I really know it's not that. Any other females experience spotting between their periods? I want to switch to famvir, but I'm afraid it will put me in the same situation, same with valtrex. Plus they are both way more expensive than acyclovir and I don't have insurance. Ugh. F 28 7 days
400 2X D
 4  Outbreaks every 3 weeks Very tired. Very. Some days not so bad. But always wanting to nap. Have not had a breakout since though, and they were so frequent I think It's worth it. 400mg twice a day works for me. M 23 3 months
400mg 2xD

 2  HSV-2 Extreme drowsiness. It's a pain taking all these pills so many times a day. I recommend Valtrex instead. I'd honestly rather put up with an outbreak than have to take these pills. F 21 1 weeks
400MG 3X D

 2  Suppression and to avoid shedding The medicine is causing symptoms of an OB such as tingling in the back of the leg and at the lesion site. I have had no problems for over 20 years, but I am dating someone new and want to minimize the risks for him. I am so shocked to read that other people are experiencing similar issues that I'm having, the tingling as if an outbreak is coming. I am going to stop. Life and past relationships were perfect previously and I don't want to start having any OBs. F 42 8 days
200mg 2X D
 2   Nothing not working F 29 1 months

 1  Herpes, types 1 & 2 Fatigue, drowsiness, constipation, flatulence, nausea, hair loss, acne, GU pain (along the whole system), insomnia Is it worth taking? F 33 365 days
1g 1X D

 5  Cold sore on nose Dr recommended this after I had a severe breakout that covered the entire bottom of my nose. Helped heal it a lot faster. Now I start taking it when I feel one coming on and it stops it in its tracks. I love it. F 26 3 years

 5  shingles No real side effects other than a bad taste in the mouth. 1 day, I did not drink enough water, and my urine was dark and smelled, but the days I kept well hydrated were fine. took 5x a day, which isn't in the options on this site. Within 3 days the rash stopped spreading, mostly gone at end of scrip. M 28 7 days
800mg 4X D

 4  Cold Sore HSV1 None so far I feel so much better and I have loads of energy as before I was exhausted and a wreck. Also before each outbreak I usually have lower back pain from a bulging disk and then get sick sometimes followed by a cold sore and strange rash on my face. I wonder if this is my immunity being lowered by stress and a combination nerve disorder. F 29 7 days
500mg 3X D

 4  episodic cold sores/fever blisters NONE Length of time taking drug (listed above is duration of each episode.. but i've actually taken it for about 15 years. keeps blisters from getting as large. shortens healing time. i keep a couple on hand to make sure i can take it the second i feel an outbreak coming on so that it's most effective, and then call my doctor for refill in order to continue taking the full script. After reading various other sites, i do believe that perhaps i need to take the 200 mg 5x a day or increase dosage to 400mg (various suggestions for frequency of dosage were listed)in order to get the maximum effectiveness from the medicine..and possibly even shorter healing time--- but i'll have to discuss it further with my doctor first. i do use abreva and curasore as topical meds to ease the itching/burning. F 33 10 days
200 mg 4X D

 4  Herpes 1 Chin Awake, alert, better concentration, mild back and leg pain. Had breakouts on cheek for 6 years. Went to 7 doctors and all kinds of tests. I recently found out that the dermatologist misdiagnosed me 3 years ago. I am taking this drug now for 3 weeks and the cheek is healing, but slowly. But the side effects have helped me with being chronically fatiqued all my life. The back and muscle pain could be due to not drinking enough water. So far I am very happy with this drug. F 42 21 days
800 MG 2X D

 5  herpes simplex 2 none yet I like this drug. and my bf does also. he never would take valtrex because he seen how it made me feel. i wish i would have known about it before i spent 230.00 on valtrex. it works better anyway i'm not tired and we don't have outbreaks anymore. F 23 1 months
400 mg 2X D

 5  SHINGLES*(on back and chest) The drug made me feel tired, and I was constantly thirsty--but my doctor warned me of these likely side effects, so I expected to be tired and drank lots of fluids/water. I noticed that my urine was dark yellow every time I peed, no matter how much water/fluids I drank--that was mildly disquieting, as I worried about kidney function, but it returned to normal the day I stopped taking the drug, so it's temporary kidney stress. I would not use the drug if I had kidney disease, and many elderly people have that without knowing it. *(perhaps that's a really good reason for elderly people or people with kidney disease to get the new live shingles vaccine--to prevent needing to use a kidney-stressing drug)** This drug(generic ACYCLOVIR) is MUCH cheaper than many other anti-virals, and it really worked to reverse the wicked shingles on my back and chest----and it did so in 5 days! I have never had oral or genital herpes, and this was my first episode of shingles, but from what I've read and been told, my shingles episode was really minor compared to ones not treated with Acyclovir. i heard horror stories about shingles lasting 6 months in some people! OUCH-UGLY-NO THANKS! I have very minor pain in the area where the shingles lesions have healed, but i don't really expect this to bother me even if it takes a while to disappear. I was told that untreated shingles often lead to horrible post-herpetic pain and that the drug is mostly used to prevent that--thus, the reversal of the painful and ugly blisters is just a superficial side-benefit and not the main goal. I would definititely recommend this drug to anyone with shingles, unless they have kidney disease. I am young and healthy so could use it in the strongest oral(non-IV) dose as needed. I was warned that even with use of the drug, I remained "highly contagious for Chickenpox" to any baby or other non-immune person, so I didn't let it's effectiveness allow me to forget that. I had to be careful who I was in close proximity to until the lesions were healed. I can see the effectiveness of the drug being a negative--persons might be so happy with the results that they accidentally forget they have a contagious di F 47 5 days
800 mg 4X D

 4   ashy, dull skin, facial swelling, mood swings, low back pain, exhaustion This works, but always take with food and drink plenty of water through the day. I tend to break out just before my menstrual cycle begins. Do not exceed the prescribed dose ever as it does not help any faster, and side effects are more severe. Keep a good cocoa butter lip balm, water and lotion on hand at all times as your skin will most likely become parched. F 29 5 days
800 2X D
 3  not sure, in a research study insomnia I have only been taking this for 2 days now. The only side effects I have seen so far is insomnia, not sure if it's from the medicine , or from the other meds I take... F 34 2 days
400mg 2X D

 5  HSV 2 Initial headaches, but none now. I have been using it to prevent outbreaks for 3 years. It just works. Tried Valtrex and it made me dizzy, and it costs a lot more. So I am sticking with generic Acyclovir. It is a pain to have to remember to take it twice a day, but it is so worth it. F 52 3 years
 4  genital herpes diarrhea It stops outbreaks erupting if you take it soon enough and reduces recovery time to 2-3 days. F 47 10 years

 4  genital herpes None come to mind. This doesn't work all the time. I do still get the occasional outbreak. But hey it's cheaper than valtrex and it's decent. F 17 10 months

 1  Shingles Horrible abdominal pain, nausea, vomitting After horrible nerve pain in my left thigh, I was diagnosed with a stress related shingles outbreak. I never had any leisions though. I took acyclovir for aprox 30 hours the began experiencing crippling abdominal pain along with nausea and vomitting. I ended up in the ER and the docs thought I had a bowel obstruction. After a negative CT scan they told me it was caused by the acyclovir! It was not worth it at all!! I may think that because I had no leisions so I don't know how horrible they are but I will NEVER take this drug again! F 25

 3  Herpes exhaustion, lower back pain,depression, sadness, constipation, stomach ache, hair loss, numbness in fingers, legs and feet and toes It works! I have a lot of side effects tho. F 22 4 years
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