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 1  wisdom tooth removed Stomach burning feels horrible F 30 1 days

 3  Inflammation/pain in thumb basal jo Mildly nauseous on the second day, horrible nausea and gas(burping all day) on the 3rd day. A little weak and dizzy too. Not worth it, definitely asking my doctor for something else. F 47 3 days
500 mg 1X D

 1  Arthritis VERY SCARY, extremely bad side effects. Blurry vision, dizziness, very high blood pressure. Took a while to realize it was the naproxen. I think this med could have killed me, had I not figured it out. I took 2 tabs every morning for arthritis. Started having blurry vision, dizziness, but did not realize why. After 1 month, severe dizziness, very blurry vision, heart palps, blood pressure 215/112. Never had BP problems before. Ended up in the ER. It occurred to me that it was the naproxen. Stopped it. Got better. THIS MED IS DANGEROUS. AT LEAST WHEN TAKEN LONG TERM. Will cause heart attack or stroke. F 43 1 months
2 x 220 1X D
 1  Osteoarthritis in knee Ringing in ears. Very dizzy. I put my head down because I was feeling very faint. Sounds were very loud. It felt like I was on a boat. Definately couldn't stand up. This lasted for 10 minutes then it went away but returned 30 minutes later. I wouldn't take 500 mg again. Maybe a lesser dose but not anytime soon. F 53 1 days
500 1X D

 1  Wrist pain and jaw pain Burning in my stomach, weakness and exhaustion. My stomach feels like it's burning and I can't seem to focus or keep sitting up. Can't sit or lie down, burning gets worse. Need to be in constant motion so I don't feel it. F 19 2 days
2X D

 3  Costochondritis Upset stomach, dizziness. Almost felt like car sickness or like I was hungry. Wanted to throw up but couldn't. F 16 3 days
500 MG

 2  Leg pain and knee swelling Extremely nauseated. Heartburn and bloating . Not helping the pain. Feel really bad. F 49 2 days
500mg 2xd
 1  Leg pains Took my first 500mg pill and after an hour I feel extremely sick and have heart palpitations, heartburn, tummy pain, blurry eyes and feel flu like...not happy Feel unwell suddenly after my first dose. Really uncomfortable. Reluctant to take the next one. F 23 1 days
500mg 2X D

 2  Arthritis The first two days on naproxen I found it was great for pain! Woke up day 3, feeling very neauseas and also constipated! Also took it with food as recommended. F 21 3 days

 3  infection in gums Im getting bloating slight burning in stomach feeling hungry after eatting dry irritating throat heart palpitations M 31 1 days
500 mg
 1  Pelvic pain This medicine has made me very I'll, stomach pains, so painful that I can't pick my 6month old up, sickness for days, needing to go to the bathroom with no warning!! Dry mouth, not being able to eat without being sick, pain in back and ribs. F 21 3 days

 1  Arthritis Heart palpitations after maybe the 2nd or 3rd dose. My pain was easing, but stopped med after about 6 days due to side effects. Two weeks later still having heart palpitations, dizziness and some ringing in ears. F 54 6 days
500 mg 2x

 1  Osteoarthritis I was prescribed Naproxen due some pain in my fingers. I experienced mild tummy upset at first. By the 4th day of taking naproxen I became so sick. Unbearable pain in my stomach, nausea followed by vomiting. It is now 24 hours since I took my last dose and still have trouble eating due to pain in my stomach. I was only able to get some relief after taking some antacid medication. I will NEVER take this medication again. F 45 4 days
500mg 2X D

 1  shoulder bursitis 3rd dose taken and am having extreme dizziness 4 hours after taking the pill. VERY thirsty/dry mouth also. Headache too. Not taking anymore doses of this medication. F 45 2 days
 1  Knee pain ?osteoarthritis Worsening dizziness on day 4. No side effects until waking up on day 4, when I felt slightly dizzy, light-headed and wobbly. I took that morning's dose after breakfast and with Omeprazole as prescribed but the dizziness became worse through the day so I've not taken any more and intend to ask GP for an alternative NSAID. During the short time I took it, it worked well as pain relief. F 58 3 days
500mg 2X D

 1  Osteoarthritis, shoulder pain Blurry Vision Didn't notice any pain relief for first week then noticed I could actually sleep on the same side of my painful shoulder. Last night I thought my TV set was failing but was horrified to realize that everything was as if I were underwater. It's been 24 hrs since last dose and vision seems a little bit less blurry. Going to see eye doctor for evaluation. I will not be taking this drug again. M 56 10 days
200mg 2X D

 1  Sprain in my AC Joint (shoulder) This is my 5th time taking it and i always feel dizzy, and my stomach hurts. It does not help my pain at all. And it just makes me feel sick. I'm never using this again. F 19 5 days
500 MG 1X D
 1  Tendonitis/inflammation After my first dose I woke up in the night with severe cramps, the pain was unbearable I was nautious as well, I wanted to be sure it was because of the pill, do I took it again with food, as I was supposed to take it twice a day, and a half hour later, intense abdominal pain, i phoned my physicians office , and I am no longer taking it. It has been over 12 hours later and I am still experiencing abdominal pain. I'm even more frustrated now because I did not want to fill the prescription to begin with, my doc insisted that I trust her. F 35 1 days

 2  rheumatoid arthritis Vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness. When I took Naproxen years ago for back pain, I never had any side effects at all. Now I've started taking it again, I vomit within 10 minutes of taking EVERY time I take them, I then feel dizzy and drowsy for about 2-3 hours afterwards. F 21 5 days
500mg 1X D
 2  Chronic back pain, and joint aches Dizzy ness, shakiness, major sickness, always feeling like I haven't eaten, eased pain at times, at others it seems to have worsened it. Would advise alternatives if possible, I'm going back to my GP F 21 5 days
250mg 2X D
 2  tendonitis and carpal tunnel Upset stomach and cramps which worsen the hungrier I get so stopped although they were actually helping the tendonitis F 52 3 days

 2  Injury to both knees Burning chest, Nausea, Abdominal pain, Heart Palpitations. I have plicae syndrome in one knee and bursitis in the other and the doc prescribed naproxen 500 mg 2x daily. The pain and inflammation is diminishing some what but the side effects are killing me!!! M 28 2 days

 2  Back pain Intense dizzy spells coming and going. Feeling sick and shaky. Irritable and not sleeping. Took away my back pain though !!! Seeing G.P re alternative. Think carefully before taking these. F 43 4 days
250 2X D
 2  Lower back and leg pain (sciatica) Bruising of legs Itchiness Nausea Blurred vision Bloating Vomiting F 23 10 days
500mg X2
 1  Muscle strain After 2 doses began to feel nausea, bad stomach cramps, and drowsiness. Could not leave house, felt like the flu. Did not help pain. Haven't taken for 24 hours and still feel awful. Do not take this pill! F 33 2 days

 1  Lower Back Injury Nausea, stomach pain, vomiting The drug took away the pain, however after 2 days of taking it my stomach began to ache and I became nauseous, I immediately stopped taking it but the stomach issues lasted for 2 or 3 days after that. This morning, I threw up everything and I haven't taken the drug for two days. I will never take this again. F 59 2.5 days
500 MG 2X D
 2  Severe inflammation in left side Feeling hungry when full, severe nausea, hot sweats Would rather the pain from the swelling F 25 2 days
500mg 3X D

 1  Arthritis in hands and feet(age 40) Severe dizziness which hit suddenly on Day 4 today (I won't be taking any more). Slight blurring of vision when reading computer screen or print, but it's hard to tell if it's just that I feel like I'm on a merry-go-round and want to get OFF! I feel mildly nauseous but am so dizzy that I cannot function... just have to sit still (and ask everyone not to move too much as anything that moves/makes a noise seems to make me worse). I had the same reaction to Mobic/Meloxicam, another NSAID, which also gave me tinnitus. The tinnitus (ringing in ears) is starting to kick in with Naproxen too now. I was so desperate for this to work as my arthritis pain is interferring with my ability to cope with the demands of 4 kids and being a teacher, plus the fact that we're going overseas on a holiday soon. The side effects/dizziness are completely incapacitating. F 41 4 days
1X D
 1  Costochondritis dizzy, light headed, heart punding and fluttering, pain in arm, numbness, wekaness, could sit up straight, constant feeling sick, pains in stomach, headache, blurry vision i have never been so scared in my life. stopped taking tablets a week ago and still have sickly feeling and palpertations, constant chest pain and if i move to quick go dizzy. i was perfectly health and fine before i took naproxen (other than Costochondritis F 37 3.5 days
500 2X D
 3  back pains On 2nd wk ov tablets started feeling sick like hunger pains even tho i ad eaten pain between my breast bone still making me feel sick now and again i av stopped taking them 3 days ago F 34 9 days

 3  Shoulder pain stomach burning (when I took the medication), possibly gastric problems(after 2.5 years), increase in alertness You shouldn't take it long term, it may cause gastric problems. The medication worked well but had some serious (long term use) side effects. I always took the medication with lots of food, otherwise it made my stomach burn. During the first couple of months I took the medication twice a day. Then I started taking it once a day. After 1-1.5 years I took the medication as needed (every 3-5 days). I am not 100% sure my gastric problems were caused by the medication, but they probably were. F 27 2.5 years
1X D

 1  Knee pain (supposed sprain.) Heart racing, dizzy/lightheaded, confusion, nausea, decreased concentration ability, paranoid (slightly), ------------ After two doses i felt like i was going to have a nervous breakdown. I consider myself allergic to the medication because of the extreme amount of my reaction. F 18 2 days

 1  Back pain Took my first dose after my lunch half an hour later violently vomiting never ever would I take this again soo not worth it F 22 1 days
500 mg

 3  Wisdom tooth Infection Drowsiness, Dizziness, Anxiety, Heart Racing, Nausea, Vomiting, Lightheadedness I took this as it was prescribed for my husband for his tooth infection to relieve pain and inflammation before his dental visit. I should have eaten a little more, but I took 1 500mg tablet in the morning with 2 pieces of toast and some orange juice. Within 20 minutes I felt "high", and I knew something was not right. It did work for the pain, but it was not worth it. My heart started to race, my extremities felt cold, and I generally felt dizzy/lightheaded. I managed to finish getting ready for work. I then began to feel sick to my stomach, and vomited. I was kind of relieved as I was hoping I threw up most of the Naproxen. I drank some water, and I vomited again! A lot more this time. I didn't mind as I knew this would help me feel normal faster. I went to work and got through the day somehow. About 7 hours later I felt a lot better, and almost normal again. The pain returned with a vengeance! Overall I probably would not take this medication again. If I did I would take 250mg with a LOT OF FOOD. Unfortunately, I got the short end of the stick with the side effects. At least I didn't have stomach bleeding... that would have scared me to death. F 26 1 days
500 1X D
 5  osteoarthritis took naproxen,500mg per day for many years with no side effects at all. I called them my "keep me going" pills.They were very effective... for releiving arthritis pain - although a new hip 8 yrs ago and a replacement knee 3 yrs ago helped somewhat..... Recent stomach pains were diagnosed as mild gastritis due to too much naproxen and cessation of the drug was recommended....now diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and on steroids ie prednisolone which is working well though only taking it for three weeks or so....still playing golf and bowls though - Thank God..... M 72

 4  Costochondritis Acid reflux Had to take omneprazole at the same time as the naproxen gave me really bad acid reflux. It did make a difference though and well worth using. F 6 weeks

 2  plantar fasciitis Gas, BAD constipation. It did not work. It just gave me more uncomfortable symptons, like constipation. Thank goodness for Metamucil, because eating fiber did not help. I took 500mg twice a day I think. F 46 2 weeks

 3  Herniated Disks in Neck Stomach discomfort, constant hunger Helped somewhat but not nearly enough. F 38 30 days

 2  shoulder joint pain slightly blurry vision and fuzzy kind of feeling Has not helped the pain at all. I cannot take Flexeril because it makes me very nervous. F 60 10 days

 5  osteo arthritus I was a bit dizzy when first starting, but, this passed in about a week. Works great -- I take 500mg twice a day. As a generic, it's about $10 per 100 at Costco -- one of the better drug deals in the US. M 49 1.5 years

 1  Knee pain Upset stomach, heart racing and hurting, and nausea. I was taking this because I get extreme knee pain when squatting or crouching. Well it didn't do anything for the pain and has made me feel awful. M 25 1 days

 1  Neck pain UPSET STOMACH, drowsiness This pill made me extremely sick. I was throwing up for a few hours after I took it....with food as directed....and the last time or two I was throwing up blood. I cannot believe that this pill made me so sick. Stopped taking it and the stomach pain remained for a few days as a dull burning sensation everytime I ate. Little did I know that this pill is known to cause bleeding in the stomach, intentines, ect. F 24 5 days

 5  Inflammation of chest muscles Severe stomach pain, unusual hunger and slight constipation. Naproxen got rid of the chest pain very well, but causedme severe stomach pain and an unusual urge to eat, as well as slight constipation. M 23 5 days



 5  arthritis in hips and thighs no side effects very effective, use the 500mg one a day M 76

 5  low back pain None This definitely works - especially in conjunction with a muscle relaxer like Flexeril. M 53 10 days

 1  Shoulder pain, then back pain Hives I cannot take this medication. The first time I took it, for shoulder pain, it did nothing for the pain and caused me to itch. The second time I took it, for back pain, again it did nothing for the pain and I broke out in hives. From what I've read, inflammation doesn't really happen, it's just something the doctors are blaiming pain on when they don't know what causes it, especially chronic pain. M 26 2 months

 4  back pain none I took this medication for back pain, turns out it's great for headaches too. F 45 6 months


 4  Muscle pain, and tension Blurred vision, but could have been from my other medication. Really helped in taking away the majority of the pain. M 25 6 days

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