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 3  Spastic Colon Doctor prescribed 20 mg before meals, but I only took 10 mg one time and had a headache, drowsiness, brain fog, accentuated nerve pain from a herniated disc, dry mouth and eyes, very low heart rate. Reduced dose to 5 mg which lasts about 15 hrs. Also, changed to an IBS diet and take probiotics. No severe cramping pain since taking this drug even at such a low dose. F 55 4 days
5 MG 1X D

 4  IBS...abdominal pain and cramping Dry mouth (not too bad), lightheaded and disconnected feeling, lack of coordination (slight), lack of energy F 48 4 days
 3  Post Infectious IBS None at first. Then dry eyes, mouth and throat at around 5 month mark. Then at the 7 th month mark started having trouble urinating as well as panic feeling and dizziness and lightheadedness. Have gotten down to 2 a day and now trying to get down to one a day. This medicine has helped the abdominal pain but the side effects have been annoying and are now getting scary. F 34 7 months

 4  metformin side effects I tend to have quite blurry vision and extreme drowiness for about an hr after taking my dose. I also feel like I am in a mental fog and have short memory lapses every so often during the rest of the day. But, with how severe my stomach issues on metformin are, I just make sure to schedule to take it with my metformin an hr before I get up as well as an hr before I go to sleep so i can deal with the side effects at home and sleep the drowsiness and blurred vision off. So if u only need to take it once or twice a day to help this is a pretty perfect drug to keep diarrhea and intestional pain away but if you need a medicine to take throughout the day to help, it'd probably be a good idea to look for another medicine known to have less cognitive side effects. F 22 2 months
4 20 mg x2

 5  Chron's None. Some euphoria but it was okay because it knocked me out as well a Benzo, Not a problem at all if I can lie down a bit to rest. That tiredness was at problem resolved after a couple weeks. This med gave me my life back. Since I was 8 I would double up in pain crying. I had bleeding ulcers from the stress of severe emotional trauma as a child. Later DX with Chron's. I hope I'm able to have access to thid F 44 4 years
10mg 2X D

 4  ibs Tiredness, lethargy .This medication has been a godsend. Believe me, dealing with the mild side effects is so much better than lying on the bathroom floor in agony. I find it interesting that so many people are willing to blame the drug for ANYTHING they may be feeling. Somebody even said that they felt "microwaved". I really do think you should try it before believing half of these wacky so called side effects. F 39 4 months
20 mg

 1  IBS Severe nausea, severe dizziness, vertigo feeling, indigestion, heart burn, upset stomach, dry mouth, heart palpitations F 27 1 days

 1  IBS and Incontenance Blurred vision, confusion, nausea Went to the ER my doctor sent me because I was passing a lot of urine and had pain from my belly button to my vagina, the pressure was unbearable I was given morphine and the doctor gave me a prescription for Bentyl. After taking the Bentyl for six days I started having strange dreams and felt disoriented. on the sixth day I woke up with severe nausea. I am getting off this pill and going back to my Lybrax and Lorazapam which I'm fine with. F 68 6 days
20 MG 2X D
 1  stomach issues Weird feelings in my chest even after 13 or more hours of just taking one pill. I'll never take it again the pain isn't enough to go to the hospital but if it doesn't go away I will be worse medicine I've ever had ! The Dr new that I had issues with prilosec otc messing with my chest idk why he would risk it ! F 20 1 days
 1  IBS Drowsiness & severe upper abdominal pain I was prescribed Bentyl for IBS & after taking it for a couple of days I thought it was a miracle drug, my daily nausea caused by IBS was gone! A couple days later I noticed pain in my upper abdominal area that kept getting worse. I never had pain like this before taking Bentyl. 2 weeks into the course of meds the pain was so bad I was contemplating going to the ER bc I thought I may have a stomach ulcer or gallstones. I went back to the doctor & was reassured this medication would not cause this side effect & was told to continue taking it. I REFUSED....all my lab tests came back normal & since stopping Bentyl I haven't had the agonizing stomach pain since. My IBS nausea was more bearable than the pain that Bentyl caused, I would never touch this drug again!!! F 24 2 weeks
10 MG 3X D
 4  Diagnosed IBS Constipation, drowsiness, feeling "high" (calming, sedative-like effect similar in sensation to a weak benzodiazepine), decrease in memory & difficulty maintaining mental focus, blurred vision (1 in 10 instances) For years I've had on-and-off, fairly severe bouts of rapid-onset IBS. I would begin to sweat and my hands would develop a tremor and after 10-30 minutes, an extremely painful stabbing sensation would begin in my lower abdomen. A bowel movement (diarrhea with onset of symptoms) would reduce the pain but not eliminate it. Lasted several hours and recurred several times monthly and the pain was so significant that I had to leave work some days. Since my PC Physician put me on Bentyl, I've had virtually zero symptoms as long as I continue to take the medication as a preventative treatment because it's not powerful enough to stop symptoms that have already manifested. Extremely happy to not be in crippling pain anymore but taking this medication makes me feel 'high' and it's affected my memory and concentration. I weighed the pros and cons and it's worth the side effects for me. M 28 3 months
20 MG 4X D
 1  suspected IBS Waves of severe nausea (almost vomited), diarrhea, gas, bloating, HORRIBLE cramps, burping, appetite loss, inability to eat anything without pain I took one dose of this on Wednesday and was up all night feeling like someone was drilling into my bellybutton. It's Sunday now and I still haven't eaten much except jello and popsicles. anytime I eat something else the cramps start again. Never touching this drug again. F 19 1 days
20 mg 1X D

 3  IBS After taking Bentyl for about 3 months I started having "episodes" of decreased mental acuity 2-4 times a day lasting between 15 min to 2 hours. It was an out of body experience in which I couldn't concentrate, had crazy mood swings, felt like I was going to pass out, and I became almost euphoric. As soon as my MD realized it was due to the Bentyl I was weaned off of it and the episodes stopped. F 22 5 months
20mg 4X D
 3  Gallbladder attacks I like that this pill takes away stomach pain but I don't like feeling "high". I felt very dizzy and drugged. F 29 2 days

 5  for endemetrosis None it works great F 48 3 months
 5  ibs Little tired but when I had less spasm and lightned sharpness a lot. Took a little bit to get used to it but works better than hoaycyamine for same thing no more pain is the result my job revolves around concentration at all times so this pill works for me may want to consider how much pain in abdominal cramps you can take this does work for me...dh M 42 2 months

 5  IBS/vertigo/chronic diarrhea None! This changed my quality of life! I was violently ill several times over the course of 3years & docs didn't know why. I got so sick shortly after eating food that I had vomiting, severe cramping, diarrhea, spinning vertigo, nausea. Couldn't even walk during these attacks and ended up in ER a few times. I was finally given this med after being prescribed many drugs as trials. This worked & ice not been sick once since I started this 4 months ago! A real lifesaver! F 44 4 months

 1  BLADDER INFECTION AND GASTRITIS Bloated, heartburn, vomiting F 22 4 days
20 mg
 4  IBS, Gluten intolerance Dry mouth, a little drowsy I've been taking this medicine a long time, before I took it I was having dirah about 10 times per day. I was in constant pain, couldn't work, had severe stomach cramps. And the moment I took it, I didn't have any more direah, no more stomach cramps either. It is my miracle pill!!!! F 27 3 years
3X D
 5  diarrhea 3-5 times a day 8 months i never experienced any side effects i am still taking bentyl and in the past month, i had diarrhea once and i fear that without it i will go back to the same problem so until my doctor says i should quit the medication, i will continue to use it. F 72 3 months
10mg 2X D

 5  IBS No side effects I was diagnosed with IBS in 1991 and have been on Bentyl ever since. I take it only when I need it. Some times, I will take 4 pills daily...then months will pass when I do not need any at all. This has been a God-send for me. F 70 22 years
10 mg 1X D

 5  Colon Spasms/IBS Dry mouth Bentyl is my miracle pill! I have suffered on and off for over 10 years with stomach problems and back pain. After my last emergency room visit, I was forced to see a GI doctor. She prescribed Bentyl as part of my "cocktail" of meds, and it gave me my life back! I realize it's not for everyone, but it is definitely worth trying! F 41 3 months
10 3X D
 2  Crohns/intestinal spasms Lightheadedness, dizziness, hives/rash, headache, extremely dry mouth, nausea, blurry vision. Diagnosed with Crohn's 14 yrs ago, and was put on Bentyl then (10 mg though). It didn't help much then but that's been a long time and now the dosage was more, I thought maybe would work this time. I got huge red patches of skin, I'm talking 7 inches long, up to 3 inches wide, and on top of that, it only helped the pain for 1 to 2 hours. It wasn't worth it the first time I took it and it's not worth it now. Like any drug, it works for some not for others. F 47 2 weeks
20 2X D
 2  Stomach cramps This drug made me have severe diarrhea, gas. My stomach became descended and I have egg burps. This is not a good medication for me!!! F 33 2 days

 5  For Rectal Pain/Spasms Only a little tired at times. But nothing really bad. It does calm me and I feel comforted about that. I would recommend Bentyl to anyone! For 3 long year I have had rectal pain all day long. It was to the point where I had to get on pain medication. I had to go to the ER one night it got so bad I was crying and in alot of pain. They gave me 40 MG's of Bentyl and I was shocked! The pain subsided. My GI doctor finally gave it to me and I'm trying to adjust the medication so I can live pain free and comfortable. This has been a God send to me! If I have alittle breakthrough discomfort I just take OTC pain meds and I'm fine. I take the Bentyl 1/2 hr before I eat. And the side effects aren't as bad then. Don't suffer anymore....They are worth their weight in gold. F 54 1 months
20 MG 4X D
 5  ibs/colitis Dry mouth, out of body feeling, dizzy. I only feel like this If I take it on an empty stomach. Otherwise, only dry mouth. F 33 1 months
 4  Irritable bowel syndrome Dry mouth at times, slight dizziness, "loopy" or "numb" feeling, slight decrease in appetite an hour or two after taking it. F 22 3 months
20mg 4X D
 1  Diarrhea, cramping, suspected IBS Severe constipation, bloating, gas cramping, severe nausea, heart racing, spacey "drugged" feeling, dizziness. This drug was a nightmare for me. I took it only once a day for three days. The first dose was fine, as I took it right before bed. The second dose had me up most of the night with my heart racing and fluttering. I also felt flushed and my skin felt like it was burning up, although my fiancé said I was icy cold. After the third dose, I woke up bloated, severely constipated, gassy and overwhelmingly nauseated. The cramping was so bad I couldn't stand up. That was a Sunday- its now Thursday night and I still feel awful. I'm still gassy, stomach distended several inches, heart flutters and I havent been able to eat much all week. Be very careful with this drug! F 28 3 days

 4  IBS symptoms Drowsier in the afternoons after the second dose of the day. Blocks sweat glands. I don't seem to sweat when I work out, even when its real hot outside. SO far Bentyl has been great for me. I was getting sick as much as twice a week and now I get sick about once every 3 months and that is typically after eating a lot of junk and lactose. Miracle drug. Definitely worth a shot. F 30 8 months
10 2X D
 5  UlcerativeColitis Sleepy but worrh it! AMEN relief of horrid painful bowel spasms!:) F 50 6 days

 5  IBS Slight dizziness, tiredness...not to the extreme. I only take as needed. This medication is a god send. I was in so much pain I was unable to eat or stand straight. Controls the unbearable pain and have been able to gain back some of the 30 pounds I lost from bowel attacks. F 22 3 years

 3  Stomach cramps, nausea It dried out my mouth and lungs (which exacerbated asthma). It also caused some drowsiness. It did help out with the stomach cramps and, to a lesser degree, nausea. However, the fact that it dried out my lungs and made the asthma worse made me not take it again. M 49 30 days
25 MG. 2X D

 4  IBS/Gas Cramps Takes 45 minutes to an hour to work. M 21 8 months
20 1X AN
 4  IBS Dry mouth, occasional dizziness, constipation if I don't keep on top of drinking extra water, especially when taking it 3 times a day instead of just 2. This med has helped me a lot. Unfortunately, I'm still having pain and gas even on it; the dr. said I might need surgery but I'm skeptical that that's the right thing for this problem. F 49 50 days
10 mg 3X D
 5  Severe IBS Sometimes feel aloof ~ Dry mouth ~ Tired A Godsend! As a teacher, I can't just run to the bathroom, and this miracle medicine has changed my life. I don't have the fear or panic once associated with severe IBS. The side effects are so worth the comfort Bentyl has given me. F 47 5 weeks
10mg 3X D
 4  IBS Dry mouth, stoned feeling, a feeling of not really being with it, nausea and bladder irritation. F 36 3 years
 1  IBS, Overactive colon Vertigo This is the only time in my life that I have had vertigo. It was not consistent, but it was absolutely horrible. I would rather wear a diaper than go thru that again.... My doc prescribed hyoscyamine (levsin generic) which said could cause dizziness- but have had no ill effects other that slight dry mouth. M 40 3 months
10mg 3X D

 5  IBS Blurred vision/photophobia, auditory hallucinations/invasive thoughts when taken in conjunction with Trazodone for sleep, slight tremors, occasional muscle twitches. I know all of that sounds bad but it's honestly nothing compared to what IBS was putting me through. It also has a noticeable anxiolytic effect. M 20 4 days
20 MG 4X D

 4  IBS due to Anxiety Light headedness, Mellow, dry mouth. I took Bentyl specifically for the IBS but the mellow "high" feeling is a good feeling for me, relief from the anxiety which causes my IBS. Thing is I tend to get adjusted to it. Making it hard to take the right dosage because I constantly adjust it. I'll skip a day to let the Bentyl filter out before taking it again the next day. Specifically on my days off. Hate going through my dosage so fast. F 20 3 months
20mg 6X D

 4  IBS Change in vison, auditory hallucinations, hives, rash, feeling of lightheadedness, drowsiness, fatigue. Although I do LOVE how Bentyl has helped by horrible stomach cramps, I did develop hives and this had reassured me that I cannot tolerate it. I had tolerated it up until that point because it worked so well. I first began with auditory hallucinations when taking the maximum of 3 a day. I stopped this and began only taking it once a day. I still developed hives and was disappointed I could not use it anymore. F 22 3 months
10 mg 3X D
 5  IBS Dry mouth, but sipping liquids throughout the day helps enormously. Every month I would have an attack that caused excruciating cramps and pain. Sometimes the pain was so bad that I would have to go the ER. After an attack, my entire abdomen would feel so bruised that I could not stand up straight for two or three days. Levsin SL did nothing to help. My doctor recently switched me to Bentyl. So far it has been a miracle drug. While I still have cramping when gas passes through my intestines, it is very minimal. F 50 1 months
10mg 4X D
 1  Unknown stomach/back/gas pain Within 10 mins I felt my chest get very tight and had shortness of breath, anxiety do to the prior side effects and racing heart beat.after a nap 6 hours later i went to work and had to leave after 2 hours. Intense tightness in chest, very heard to breath(weezing) and increased heart rate and feeling very faintish. This drug was a nightmare for me, the only time i ever felt like that was when I had zoloft one time. I really don't think i have IBS but i was willing to try it cause the only other suggestion the doc had for me was antidepressants and counseling M 30 1 days
20 mg 1X D
 1  ER visit SEVERE blurred vision, dizziness, very dry mouth, drowsiness, chills. I was sent to the ER due to bad stomach pains. The doctor gave me Bentyl because he thought it was due to IBS. 5 minutes after taking it I could not even read the text on my cell phone my vision was so blurred. The blurriness lasted around 15 minutes. It was very uncomfortable. The dizziness was horrible too. I remember having a hard time walking to the bathroom. My mouth became so dry that they had to put me on a IV to pump more fluids in me. Just be careful if you have to take this stuff. M 21 1 days
20mg 1X D
 4  IBS,IBD,and Stomach cramps When first used Bentyl I had diarrhea, and some drowsiness, eventually went away. I'm still taking Bentyl if needed. F 16 4 months
10 MG 4X D

 5  IBS w/ constipation Intermittent dizziness (feels like back of head is spinning) and blurry vision (have to wear reading glasses all the time, not just in low-light situations as prior to bentyl) This drug has been like a miracle, and I'd nominate my doctor for a nobel prize for prescribing this if I could! After only 24 hours on it, it totally ended the 20+ years of agonizing pain, spasms and cramps I have endured with IBS-C. The side effects are very minor compared to the debilitating pain of IBS. Now my digestive system is normal, I don't have to worry about attending meetings, etc. at work. Prior to bentyl, the pain was so severe I could not maintain an upright position, and it would last for weeks and weeks until I basically stopped eating. I take one (1) 10-mg capsule in the morning (two if I anticipate it being a stressful day) and maybe one (1) more at or after lunch. I have had NO PAIN and NO constipation since starting bentyl, and it is not expensive either. F 45 2 weeks
10 mg 1X AN
 3  Severe upper stomach pains Extreme lightheaded-ness, dizzy..feel very "high"..did help my stomach pain somewhat but not worth the feeling it gave me! F 22 2 days
10 MG 2X D

 5  IBS/Diverticulitis none...a little drowsiness but it is well worth it since my IBS is horrible. I only take it as needed since my IBS only acts up during periods of high stress. I was totally surprised to see some of the comments on side effects, since I have had none. It is the first medication to curb the IBS and I am so grateful for it. I have a long commute and am always scared about having an IBS attack. With Bentyl, I no longer have to worry since it works very quickly. F 48 3 months
10mg 3X D

 4  IBS A little lightheaded...diarrhea when I first started the drug which actually made me feel so much better in the end!!! The problem is that people only feel compelled to write up a review when they are not happy with something. I would suggest trying Bentyl for yourself and see how it works. I figured out that I don't want to take it 3 times a day and only use it when I start feeling bad or if I know I'm about to eat something that's going to cause my IBS to flair up. F 30 10 days
20 2X D

 3  Crohn's / Ulcerative Colitis None I've had Crohn's for 29 years, and was diagnosed with UC four years ago. When I was in Asia on travel years ago, I was having cramps, and got OTC from a pharmacy a tiny pill called BUSCOPAN. Hallelujah! One little 10mg pill gave me instant relief from spasms and cramp pain for 24 hours! Upon return to the US, I found this was not available for some reason, though it's been on the market for 50 years and is OTC in dozens of countries, including Germany,slight difference in my cramps and doens't last very long - though it's better than nothing. However, you need a prescription for Bentyl, while you can buy Buscopan online without a prescription, and it works much better. WHen I was hospitalized in Germany, the hospital gave me a super-strength version only available by Rx, and it was immediate relief. It's sold overseas for menstrual cramps as well, and taken with Ibuprofin, I don't even know I have my period! If you're finding Bentyl doesn't work for you, or doesn't work well, go online and order a bottle of 10mg tabs OTC. No side effects, no addiction. Made in Germany and the UK, easy to swallow (size of lomotil). F 38 3 days
2X D

 3  IBS I have been taking Bentyl for some time now and i have mixed feelings about it. On one hand it does work great for the cramping and pain of IBS. The side effects (WOW) I have experienced the worst of them. Dizziness, Anxiety, Nervousness, dry mouth, Insomnia and Suicidal thoughts. I had to stop taking it because it has sent me into a mental tizzy. I now just take it on a "as needed" basis. Like i said it works for the pain but the side effects (WOW) they can be a duzzy. M 44 30 days
10mg 4X D

 5  IBS /Colitis/Precancerous Polyps No real negative side-effects at all. Did not cause any dizziness or tiredness. As a matter of fact the issue I did have was a bit of insomnia. Works wonders. My stomach pain and cramping is completely gone. It is literally a wonder drug in that respect. And one thing I can say about this medication is it makes me feel much better all over - so maybe that is the "relaxation affect". This has been a miracle drug. I'm so happy with it!! F 39 7 days
10 3X D
 5  ibs or nerves none, ever never had a single issue or side effect. Always helps when my stomach is hurting from nerves or irratation. I was shocked to see anyone had any of the side affects I read on here. strange, it is a pretty mild drug. F 53 10 years
10 3X W

 1  IBS, suspected Colitus Worst drug I have ever taken. Side effects so bad had to call in sick this morning. Debating if I should go to the ER. Careful taking this drug. M 48 2 days
10 mg 4X D

 5  IBS, Diverticulosis Neurological side effects began within two doses: disconnected, numbness in my hands, an overall sense of being 'mellowed out'. By the 5th day, confusion set in, followed by a very frightening experience whereby I could not swallow. Had to go do the ER for treatment to this adverse reaction. Needless to say, I am no longer taking Bentyl. Bentyl significantly reduced by severe IBS symptoms - within 1 dose. I initially dealt with the side effects, despite the fact that they were very pronounced, because I was so thrilled to find a medication that worked. F 42 5 days
20 mg 4X D

 5  IBS Just constipation, as expected. My stomach has been hurting terribly for months and months. What relief I've gotten finally from this medicine! I'm thrilled! F 47 45 days
20 mg 2X D
 5  Stomach cramps from allergies None Absolute godsend. I'm usually very sensitive to side effects, and have lots of stomach issues on top of that. So to find something like bentyl that can stop stomach cramps so effectively without any downside? Wonderful! Not sure what I'd do without it. F 26 2 years
10 mg 1X AN

 4  IBS Initiially extrememly satisfied w/ Bentyl and it helped my IBS a great deal. The initial side effects were slight drowsiness, dry mouth, and it also seemed to ease some anxiety issues which were derived from IBS since never being sure if you'll be able to make it to the restroom before dooking in your pants can be an anxiety inducing issue. However, last night had a most frightening experience w/ Bentyl from which I'm still recovering from as this is being written. Took my prescribed dosage at around 9 pm. By 10 pm my face was itchy and red and the whites of my eyes were completely bloodshot. I should have immediately called 911 but like a fool I didn't. From the there the problem progressed until it got to the point that it felt as if sand mixed w/ pepper sauce had been thrown into my eyes- they were impossible to keep open. Obviously it was impossible to sleep. By around 7 in the morning the itching and burning had subsided somewhat and managed to go to bed. Upon waking up arou Do not be a fool like me. If you are having serious side effects call 911 immediately and get some treatment. M 36 3 weeks
10mg 4X D

 3  IBS Confusion, difficulty talking (stuttering, not being able to form words properly), light-headedness, lethargy, increased heart rate, inability to focus or concentrate, dry mouth. F 25 3 days
20 MG 4X D

 5  IBS I haven't noticed any, but I don't read the side effects of my meds until I have trouble with it. The people who read the side affects first seem to suffer more of them. I am very greatful for this med. Before I had this I spent up to 4 hours rolling around the bathroom floor because of the sweating, cramps, and you know whats. F 48
20 mg 2X W

 2  ibs and urinary spasms very spaced, inability to concentrate, difficulty urinating at times, diarrhea (which was one of the reasons I was taking it), difficulty talking, and a generally anxious mood. I'm so spaced from this drug that I can't even understand the other comments or write my own very well, but I do agree with all the negative statements. Started at 10 mg and moved to 20. I am so frightened by this drug that I feel that I need to taper off rather than to stop abruptly, and maybe 10 mg will work for me without destroying my well-being. It was OK at the beginning. Would be interested in knowing if anyone else developed a tremendous appetite (coupled with fatigue which made it impossible to exercise). Also, I would highly recommend that everyone take seriously the warning about staying out of the heat. F 62 3 weeks
10 mg 2X D

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