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 2  painful, heavy periods. birth contr I had anxiety when I first began taking this medication - to the point where I made an appointment with a therapist because I couldn't figure out what was wrong. The anxiety went away after a few weeks and I did alright up until recently. I've been under stress and now I'm having the same feelings of anxiety, even more intensely. I have never had anxiety until being on this pill. Also, my libido has become very low. I'm definitely stopping this pill, even if I have to face my painful periods. :( F 29 8 months
0.15/30 1X D

 1  Birth control, period cramps Bad acne break outs. The pill makes me feel depressed and anixous. I'm restless and gaining weight. My breast are always tender. My periods last forever and the blood is brown no longer red. I'm very dizzy all the time and nauseas every morning. I wouldn't reccomend this pill. It drains me and I'm always tired. If I dont eat with my pill I feel extremely sick the next morning. I threw up from it and it was so painful. F 18 1 months

 1  birth control I feel tired all the time no energy at all!! This pill really sucks! F 27 1 days

 1  balance hormones, stop bleeding Dr started me on 3 pills a day for 3 days, then two pills for 4 days, then,2 pill daily. I have been feeling like I am going to vomit all day, no energy, really bad stomach pain and continued bleeding. F 37 2 days
.15 30-28
 1  to balance my hormones Bad anxiety and vomiting in the morning i would not recommend this for anybody with anxiety or depression F 38 6 days

 3  prevention of pregnancy and cramp r I started taking this because my cycle dramatically changed. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now. I am nauseous and dizzy all the time (although I haven't thrown up yet), very irritable and emotional, I get cramps for no reason, and my breasts hurt more than usual. The only thing the pill has helped is my skin and I haven't gained or lost weight, it continues to fluctuate between 120-125. F 19 3 weeks
 1  Prevent ovarian cysts & pregnancy From day 1 I have been constantly spotting, never a day where I do not bleed, even just a little bit. "Breakthrough" bleeding as the doctor and PA have called it. I also have noticed I am extremely fatigued, no matter if I get a full 8 hours of sleep at night, I am exhausted whenever I wake up in the morning. I also have nausea, bloating, and bad cramping. The doctor has recommended me to not take the placebo pills, aka withdrawal pills, he is looking to stop my period to see if it will stop the cysts from arising. I have not been back to see him, but have made several phone calls and him and his PA have both assured me that I need to take it for a full three months to get the full benefit of the birth control. After bleeding for almost two months straight, I am pretty much SICK AND TIRED of this. I have considered changing OB's and getting another doctors opinion. Before this, I was not on any kind of birth control due to the severe side effects I had while I had the Mirena. F 24 6 weeks
1X D
 4  Birth control, period regulation First 3 months I would get nauseous after taking it other than that I've had no other negative side effects. No weight gain, no mood changes, no decrease in my libido, no sleep or appetite changes. It's helped keep my skin clear and I've also noticed that any body hair (down below) that I may have grows a lot slower now. F 29 4 years

 4  Period regulation/birth control I have experienced nausea a lot lately and have also started my period a week after I was suppose to. At least I think it's my period. F 24 2 years

 5  Prescribed to me by doctor as request I like it and my breasts have grown a cup and a half since and its only been 2 weeks. I take it at 10pm at night so I go right to bed so I never have any nausea or any like that. No mood swings really maybe I get teary eyed over sad things but I don't know if that just me or the pill so I can't blame the pill. So far so good, but everyone is different. I would let you know you should take your pill at night before bed. good luck to all of you! :) F 31 2 weeks
1X D
 1  birth control I've been on it for 6 months now and slowly but surely the horrible side affects came. I've gained almost 30 pounds, get acne when I have my period, feel tired all the time, depression as well. Have had my period every 2 weeks and get horrible cramps. This symptoms only appeared after 1 month of taking the pills. Im going tomorrow to my doctors and stop taking them. F 23 6 months

 1  Endometriosis Swollen breast, nausea, mood swings, no sexual desire at all! I started levora on 12April and on 19 April I was bleeding, it is now 27 June and I have bled everyday since! My dct told me its normal and if it continues after 2 months come in. Well now they say I need to give the pills another month, but along with the bleeding I am now having stomach pains. Oh and let's not forget the reason I am using this pill to try and help with my pain from the endometriosis well guess what the pain is WORSE! I wake up screaming/crying and damn near falling over b/c the pain is so intense! I HATE this pill and today decided to not take another pill until I see the dct!!! F 35 3 months

 1   Acne, significant weight gain, moodiness, depression, severe anxiety, fatigue, feeling sadness. I've never had acne even as a teenager. Now it's on my back, chest and face. I eat a clean diet and workout 4 days per wk, cardio and weight training yet consistently have gained weight since on Levora. Anxiety was terrible, although no feelings of worry it gave me panic attacks where I was short of breathe with heart racing for almost a week. I ended up in the ER. I would NOT recommend this pill. F 30 8 months

 1  pregnancy prevention Sore breasts, mild acne, weight gain, anger, irritability, nervousness, anxiety, and anger, increased libido! Levora makes me feel rage, and it also makes me break out. My breasts grew one size. I can't wait to get off this pill. I tried YAZ four years ago, and I loved that pill. F 31 3 weeks
 3  BC Within the second week of taking this pill i have been feeling down and overly anxious about little things. Just these last three days i've cried without a clear reason why, just because i was feeling 'sad'. I will continue to use it and see how it goes. I've also been watching what i eat for possible weight gain...and i have been bleeding since taking the pill yet it is barely turning into spotting. Not a good experience but it is my first time on birth control. I'm not a fan of any medication--even if it has to be taken on a daily basis but it has to be done. F 23 2 weeks

 4  period regulation, birth control Nausea, stomach problems, acne, I just stopped taking depo provera so automatically I have a heep of symptoms and side effects yet on levora all I had was 3 added on which is not bad compared to what depo did to me. Hopefully when my cell effects wear off in a few months my levora side effects will subside like it did when I was on another pill I love it so far drop also stopped my menstration so idk about that yet...I recommend this BC method over all others F 19 7 days
once a day
 3  prevent pregnancy WEIGHT GAIN! I gained 1 pound every week since I got on it. My appetite has grown & I keep having night mares wake up crying! Stay away you will gain weight . Just helps because I get no nausea just the first pill of the month makes me throw up. F 19 4 weeks

 1  birth control, period regulation Ive only been taking levora for a month but so far it hasn't done me any good.I've been switched around from birth control to birth control this year .I was on ortho tri cyclen for 7 months and was having very bad mood swings and weird symptoms so I was switched to levora but I haven't had a good experience with it, I feel extremely fatigued, tired,and lazy I have absolutely no energy when usually I'm very active and insomnia at night so no sleep!! Ive also been having uncontrollable rage, mood swings,depression, and increased anxiety. I have gotten a lot of acne aswell when my skin is usually clear and my pms is far worse I was so extremely Moody, fatigued, lazy and down on my period.I plan on switching but it's so hard to find a good birth control. F 21 1 days

 1  Prevent pregnancy, regulate periods Weight gain, depression, moodiness, headaches, cramps, problems wearing contacts and zero sex drive-my husband USED to consider me a nympho F 28 2 years

 5  Birth Control Not really any. I actually got a little hungrier on the pill but besides that nothing really noticeable. I don't feel any different and my libido didn't change ;) F 17 15 days
0.15/30 1X D

 2  Eliminate periods, no pregnancy Non stop bleeding! At first it lasted 2 weeks then went away then came back with a vengeance and has been for going on 4 weeks. It's not heavy but it starts that way and then slows and then comes back! I also feel icky in general which I'm sure is because everytime we try to have sex, I either am bleeding or the sex brings it on, can't wait to get off it! F 27 3 months
.15/30 x1
 4  Birth control Night sweats after several months Overall this has been a great pill for me, and i have tried several. Spotting occurred during the first month but stopped after i had my first period in week 4. Now, a year into taking levora, i have started having hot flashes at night. But my periods are almost non-existent and i don't have any skin problems so i will stick with it. F 22 1 years
1X D

 3  Regulate period and birth control Initially I noticed that I was more moody than without the pill, but I expected that. This last go around, I was taking the placebo pills while I had my period and I was severely depressed, in bed crying for almost 2 days straight. F 29 4 months
30 1X D

 2  Prevent babies pms, mood swings, depression, crying all the time, hot flashes, feeling worthless, still cramping, uncontrollable rage I have decided to get off this pill after recognizing the changes and side effects of this medication. This pill made my pms worse by far, as if any emotion (anger/sadness) was magnified 10x. I cry all the time sometimes for no reason at all, but feeling sad. I do not want to take antidepressants to counteract with this drug. I think getting off this pill will bring back my old self. F 21 8 months
1X D

 2  birth controll Moody, crying, anger, irritated, anxiety, acne I was find for about 6 months than all of a sudden I got horrible acne and my mood swings were unbearable. I was having anxiety attached that I had never had before. I am getting off of it ASAP! F 24 7 months
.15 1X D

 1  prevent pregnancy Anxiety, horrible acne, bad cramping, depression I was previously on yaz with no problems and was switched to levora when i moved the first few months were O.k although i had bad breakouts and horribly acne, the days of the placebo pills my acne would get better but then once i started a new pack i would breakout again. However the worst effect was the anxiety after maybe 5 months of taking this pill i started finding myself worrying sick about the most meaningless things.. it was so bad that i would start hyperventilating, my chest would hurt i would think i was having a heart attack and rush into the ER (keep in mind im a healthy, active 24 year old) after 3 ER visits in 1.5 months i knew something was wrong, I finally got off the pill and its been a month since i stopped, im still anxious and worrying about stupid things sometimes but I can tell myself is just in my mind and I am able to relax, i have started to feel a lot better and I know it was levora that made me feel that way. F 24 11 months
1X D
 1  prevent pregnancy worse acne! super moody and mean, anxiety, yeast infections, cramps, etc. i didnt realize my bc is what is causing me all these problems until i looked at others experiences. im definitely getting off of it. F 17 8 months
1X D

 2  Birth Control Difficulty wearing my hard lenses, eye fatigue and strain, dull and sharp pain behind eyes, dizziness, nausea. I went on this Pill, the third one that I've tried, to avoid yeast infections. While on Levora, I have had fewer yeast infections, but I cannot concentrate on up-close work (such as using the computer) for more than an hour or two before my eyes fatigue and dizziness begins. Oddly enough, the symptoms are transitory and do not occur daily--which makes them worse. F 26 6 months
1X D

 3  BIrth Control PMS Fine for first 7 mos, then bad moods, severe, anxiety, wrote about it above forgot to add rating F 44 9 months

 4  Prevent pregnancy VERY mild acne, lowered libido, VERY minimal weight gain (and I have not changed my eating habits at all so I know it's the pill), occasional minor bloating/cramps a few days before period. I have only been on this birth control. It has been great as far as keeping mood swings from happening and I haven't gotten pregnant. I occasionally get mild acne but I have combination skin as it is so it could just be me. Weight gain was pretty expected and it was only a couple pounds.. no big deal. I would definitely reccommend Levora to others. I do wish I had my old sex drive back though and I think my fiance wishes for the same. :( F 18 2 years

 5  Prevent pregnancy, regulate periods None I have been on this pill for about 7 1/2 years with no problems whatsoever. Periods start like clockwork when they are supposed to. I could almost set my watch by it. F 28 7 years

 5  birth control/migraines mild mood swings and headaches on the fourth (off) weeks I love it. No real negative side effects (no weight gain, acne, spotting); I still get migraines on week 4 but otherwise I feel really great since switching from Loestrin 24 Fe, which was a nightmare for me. F 22 6 months

 3  birth control nausea and fatigue at first... these got better but intense moodiness persists (random crying). F 3 months

 1  birth control I started breaking out within the first month so I stopped taking it, and I have clear skin so I knew it was the birth control thanks to reading about user feedback from others off this website. F 28 1 months

 2  Birth Control Terrible acne that I've never had before. Went on different acne medications and nothing would clear it. Other birth controls never gave me this problem. The good thing is that Levora gave me a much shorter period - only 3 days. Very moody, soar chest a week before period, and bad cramps for a few days. Definitely switching next time I go to my doctor. F 21 1 years

 2  Regulate/shorten period Bad acne, spotting, got period right before I was supposed to start a new pack after the week I was supposed to get it, large weight gain of 20lbs within a month and a half I hated Levora. I was switched when my EstroStep prescription stopped properly regulating my period, and it was the worst decision I made. I got acne on my face, chest, and back worse than I had it when I was a young teenager. Levora did nothing for me, it seems, but give me horrible side effects. I just started taking a leftover pack of EstroStep for this month because I got so fed up. M 20 1 years

 1  Birth Control Immediate weight gain and yeast infections! I've been on Levora for 3 weeks. I switched from Alesse because my doctor recommended that I take the next dose up to shorten my periods. I wish I hadn't! Within 3 weeks I've gained 4 pounds, I'm working out at the gym 3 days a week and still gaining! I've just discovered I have a yeast infection and now I have to go back to the doctor for that! I'm going back to Alesse next week! F 24 3 weeks

 3  Birth control Slightly lower libido, but better than Ortho Tri-Cyclen which completely killed my sex drive. Some depression and anxiety, but I have suffered from both all my life. Less acne, but Ortho Tri-Cyclen gave me perfect skin. Benefits: no spotting. F 41 2.5 years

 1  reg periods Depressed, anxious, irrtable, nauses, tired, I began taking Levora because the advice nurse prescibed it and thought it would be fine. I already have children and didnt want to take any chances of possibly having any more at this time. I am currently on Levora as i type this. I came across this web-site becuase i googled my systems and this page came up. I just dont know what the heck is wrong with me. I am yelling at my boyfriend and i keep doing thinking he's cheating when he has not even changed his daily pattern with me, he say Im bugging out. I dont have any tollerance for anything at this time, not even my children, I cry about every little thing even sad movies and horrible night time news stories ( which is not like me at all) I ask my doctor to switch me to Yaz, this is my last night on Levora. Then mabe my family and friends wont hate me anymore. I will never ever in my life take Levora again!!!! F 28 1 days

 2  birth control Bad and good- Bad: diminished libido, bloating and tender chest the week before my period, bad cramps. Good: 3 day period F 24 1 years

 2  Birth Control, regulate periods Increased acne, depression and anxiety. I took Levora for 6 month after switching from Ortho Tri Cyclen. I had been on Ortho Tri Cyclen for a couple of years with no problems, but then started having a lot of break-through bleeding during my third week, resulting in a prolonged, unpredictable period. For the first few months, Levora was great. My periods were very regular and not too heavy. However, after a few months, I noticed that I was more irritable, depressed and anxious. Also, I lost all the "clear skin" benefits I had experienced with Tri-Cyclen. I went off the pill entirely for a few months and all my symptoms went away and my skin even cleared up a bit. Levora may work fine for a lot of people, but if you experience any symptoms of depression or anxiety, please talk to your doctor. F 28 6 months

 4  BC and controling problem periods during the first three months i had a few headaches and moodiness during week one, but once my body adjusted i was fine. levora was my first experience with hormonal birth control, and i loved it. for the most part, i could predict my period within a few hours of arrival (though that changed slightly after about 18 months) and i found my periods to be much lighter, though not tons shorter - they lasted about a week, though the last few days were merely spotting. i eventually went off this pill because it stopped helping with my bad period symptoms (bleeding became heavier and longer, with terrible cramps) but it seems that my body just got used to it after years of use. for the majority of the time on this pill, i was very happy with the results. F 19 2 years

 1  birth control cystic acne Went from Nordette to Levora because mail order pharmacy changed to generic. Dr said it should be the same. Horrible experience - terrible acne cysts. Now switched to Demulen 35. F 39 5 months

 2  Birth control Bloating, depression, mood swings, diminished libido F 34 1 months

 3  birth control bloating F 21 6 months

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