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 1  MIGRAINE From 1st dose, experienced restless legs at night, and inability to sleep. (Had to take sleep aid.) Week 3, my heart rate doubled while sitting at work, and my blood pressure increased (from a normal rate of ~115-120/60-70) to 140/113. Immediately/contacted my dr., stopped taking. Blood pressure returned to normal over a period of days. Also noticed appetite increased. Was always hungry. Put on 5lbs in 3wks. F 43 3 weeks
25MG 1X D
 3  neuropathic pain I tried at bedtime and couldn't sleep at all. Then I started taking it in the daytime and had pain relief with Effexor added. terrible nightmares and sweating. Six months passed and I stopped sleeping again, after a month I stopped it and went back to Amitriptyline. 52 6 months
50 mg 1X D

 1  chronic basilar migraine Blurred vision, loss of balance,sore throat,dry mouth, depth perception was off, ringing in ears, loss of appetite M 18 5 weeks
 5  Chronic Migraines My side Effects are Vivid Nightmares, dry mouth, weight gain. Loss of sexual appetite. I used to receive 3 migraines in a week. Prevented me from living a life. work was effected, plans etc. Ever since taking this drug I only get 3 in a span of 3-4 months, which In turn for me is a fair trade of the side effects I have. F 25 3 years
25MG 1X D

 2  longer sleep sessions, less pain. Excessive disturbing dreams awakening me every 1 to 2 to hours and increased body pain. F 65 4 days
10 mg

 3  chronic neck pain -extreme hot flashes on a daily basis now and night swears and I'm only 33 years old w normal hormone levels - vivid dreams/nightmares - lack of motivation F 33 2 months
1 per day

 3  fibromyalgia Hair loss F 46 1 months
20 mg
 3  Migraines caused by Anxiety •worsened ADHD • mood swings •loss of appetite •constant drowsiness •dry mouth •frequent urination •nausea spells •easily aggravated F 16 2 weeks
10 mg

 1  Fibromyalgia Extreme fatigue and severe heartburn F 44 4 days

 5  pain I have severeRA,osteo, & fibro Dryness of skin, very dry mouth-- my dentist put me on special toothpast & mouth wash that works wonders. Takes about 2-4 weeks 4 this to reach maximum effect. F 61 9 months
 5  Back pain and nerve damage Appetite suppressed and night sweats F 36 1 years
100 pnight
 3  peripheral neuropathy Dry mouth, moderate constipation, drowsy, dizziness when standing up, loss of appetite, decreased libido, extremely vivid dreams No effect whatsoever on my pain level, however getting decent sleep for the first time in years is wonderful. Will continue using fr at least one more month to see if any pain relief manifests. Noticed significant synergistic effects when combined with Ativan and Vicodin. M 32 1 months
40 1X D
 2  Severe Back Pain Dry mouth, loss of taste, feeling very weak when waking up, increased intensity of moods, constipation followed by diarrhea My doctor prescribed this for my back pain to help with the 40-60mg of norco I take daily. I have noticed no help with pain. I had a 30 day supply and ran out 4 days ago. I go to pick up more today but in the 4 days I haven't taken it I have slept maybe a total of 10 hours and have had some very vivid nightmares that seem very real. I hope that taking it again will let me sleep normally. I didn't notice being more sleepy like most people though. M 26 30 days
25 MG 1X D
 5  depression migraine & tension heada Dry mouth, constipation, urination, F 39 6 weeks

 1  Depression I've got more depressed , get really angry and moody and ready to fly off the handle at any moment . Any one else get this from this medication . I'm going to stop taking it . Can you stop taking it immediately ? Thanks M 35 7 days

 4  Migraines A week and a half after starting I had 8 migraines in 6 days and they were much more painful than usual. My Dr. increased from 20 to 30mg and also said it takes about a month to really kick in. I have also noticed dark urine and have some very vivid nightmares that affect my sleep. Now that I've been on it for a month and a half I have not had a migraine for 26 days which is a huge and positive change. Will have to see how things play out over the next few months. I would rather not have almost nightly bad dreams, but they are better than the migraines. F 41 45 days
30 mg 1X D
 1  Chronic headaches Right after taking this pill I vomit!! Not just like a little I puke my brains out! Last night was the only night I didn't . So I tried taking anti vomit tab and it worked a little the night before. As for tonight it wasn't more than five minutes and I was vomiting. It makes my stomach cramp and I just heave until there is nothing left and then some. I will not take this anymore!! F 32 4 days
50 MG

 1  Anxiety, panic disorder, migraines I sleep 20 hours out of 24. I am a zombie! Can't move, can't function, nautious. Sleep all the time. Can't stay awake. Very irritable , angry and cry easily. F 38 2 days
50 mg

 1  nerve pain Very dry mouth, constipation Prescribed for nerve pain in my hands. Took for 2 weeks. Woke up with extremely dry mouth, felt as if my gums and tongue were glued together. Plus constipation and sleepless nights with vivid dreams. No REM sleep at all. Absolutely NO effect on my nerve pain. Stopped taking after 2 weeks - not worth it dealing with side effects and NO pain relief. F 74 2 weeks
20 mg 1X D

 4  Chronic migraine/daily headaches Sleeplessness (waking up every few hours), depression, dark diarrhea, loss of appetite, I used to get chronic, painful headaches almost every day. Since taking Nortriptline, my headaches have almost stopped. I still get sharp pains all over my head (as though someone was using a pin and pricking me). I had a few downsides to this medication though. I have insomnia, so it is hard for me to fall asleep to begin with. With this medication it takes a few hours for me to fall to sleep and when I finally do, I keep waking up in the middle of the night. I have been depressed and extremely irritated with everything and everyone. Overall, it did the job of getting rid of my headaches but I am not sure that it is worth being depressed and upset. F 22 4 weeks
10MG 1X D
 5  two discs herniated I have night sweats and hair loss (but I'm also in menopause so go figure...), sometimes hard to start to urinate. Despite of the side effects described above it basically saved my life- I'm functioning normally, I walk, garden, do everything I need to do. Before I was in such pain I could not function, walk or stand still. If I need to wait in line for a long time I prefer to sit after a while, the same with longer walks (sit & rest for a moment ) but I drive and do everything I could not do before. Even if I'll became bold I'll still will take it. The other option is surgery. Gabapentin is also taken for that but per my neurologist it is not as effective - for about 50% of people who have such pain- Nortriptyline's effectiveness is much higher then Gabapentin's. . F 50 5 years
50 mg 1X D
 1  Sleeplessness from provigil I am absolutely horrified to continue this drug. I don't understand why my dr. Perscribed it. I was taking mirtazapine 15 mg for sleep & after 6-weeks I was still having demonic dreams about all of my family who has passed away. My mother & grandmother were angels in my life, but NOT on either of the drugs I mentioned. I constantly dream they are green demons crawling on my ceiling, & speaking in Linda Blair exorcist type voices. Vomiting at me & I'm trapped in the room with them. If its not them in the dream, just insert a star from a show on tv I watched that night. I dreamt all the singers on American idol were green, peeling flesh, & would spit vomit @ me in the audience when they sang. AWFUL! So, after reading all of these nightmares people are having, I dont know why dr. Perscribed it for me. I'm afraid to sleep!!!! M 49 10 days
 5  nerve pain Terrible & disturbing nightmares, Heartburn, Decrease in urination (a plus for me), extreme hot flashes of the face and chest & an increased appetite.Had to stop taking even though it gave me back my ability to be active. F 50 3 weeks
20 MG

 1  pain The first night I took it I barely slept. The next day I was tired all day and depressed. I was very sleepy. My m2outh was extremly dry. I think i will take half the dose and see if my body adjust. If it doesnt, I will quit taking it. 62 1 days
 3  depression, muscle pain and sleep Really weird oh most nightmares from day 1 F 23 4 days
25 mg
 4  Migraines Felt in a daze at night after taking it, extreme tiredness, weird dreams, dry mouth. Besides dry mouth, side effects have gone away & I don't have near as many migraines F 19 2 months
25 MG

 4  Migraines with aura Relief of migraines (were daily and now I get one once every two weeks). Still get auras. Slight weight loss. More energy. High blood pressure/pulse. Less frequent urination. Thirsty a lot which comes with dry mouth. I don't have any problems sleeping F 18 1 months
50 MG

 3  Sciatica (pain in lower back) Dry mouth, bad tast in mouth, difficulty sleeping, vivid dreams, hot flushes, hard to get motivated, hearing effected. M 49 2 months
25 mg

 2  Migraine/Headache Dry mouth, sleeplessness, some mood swings, much more frequent urination, it helped at first but I am still getting headaches regularly. My body seems heavy and tired a lot. I take this along with Tramadol (for pain) but I'm not happy so far. F 20 1 months
10 MG
 2  Pelvic pain, vaginismus Heart pounding (noticeably and very distracting), higher blood pressure, constipation, slight dry mouth, warmer hands/ears Thus far I don't believe the medication has actually helped reduce my pain but I will continue taking it for another month to determine efficacy, as long as the side effects do not become more severe. F 24 30 days
50 MG 1X D
 2  Migraine prevention Water retention, weight gain, frequent urination, achne, tiredness, little relief from migraine, mood swings. F 29 2 months

 2  migraine Sleeplessness very dry mouth urination issues lack of appetite. M 30 10 days

 1   unable to fall asleep, wake every two hours, extremely tired, very irritable, vivd weird dreams, confusion,feel like I'm in a daze ,headaches ,tired heavy legs and arms, numbness, trouble urinating,constipation, trouble speaking ( saying my words) I was prescribed this for nerve pain, I still have the pain and I actually feel worse taking this medicine because now I don't care if I do anything. Before taking this I could still get things done even in pain but now I have absolute zero motivation. I don't sleep well at night and I nap 2 or 3 times a day. When I am awake I get panic attacks and get very angry which is not normal for me. One minute I can be fine and the next I'm boiling over with anger. I do not like it at all and neither does my family. F 46 10 days
10MG 1X D

 5  Lumbar pain with Sciatic nerve pain Very dry mouth, a bit shaky, some anxiety, loss of appetite I started off on 10mg for 5 days and upped it to 20mg. With 20mg the first two weeks there was quite a bit of anxiety but it has settled to barely any now. I seem to have lost interest in food and that is okay. I am still eating but making healthy choices. Oh and another thing is about passing urine, I have to consciously think about it to trigger release. I think the worst thing is the dry mouth. Having mints (sugar free) helps. I am just about ready to increase to 30mg. I am slowly becoming pain free and am actually sleeping six hours straight with minimum pain F 50 4 weeks
20 1X D
 4  anxiety and depression very dry mouth unpleasant F 60 2 months

 2  Migraines Mouth so dry, I could hardly talk. Lips got dry. Great sleep, but frequent nightmares. Felt in a daze, unable to process thoughts. Dry mouth did improve over time, but was still a problem. Migraines were about the same (7 per month) as I'd had with Topamax. I so wish I'd been able to stay on this medicine, but I cannot work (counselor) without being able to talk! The confusion/daze got worse as time went on. I did lose some words on Topamax, but it was nothing like this. F 58 2 months
10 mg 1X D

 1  anxiety Worse anxiety, extreme mood swings, one second I'm fine the next I'm crying the next I'm angry the next I'm laughing, dry mouth, chills, excessive sweat, weird scary and vivid nightmares, terrible nausea, vomiting, can't sleep, extreme dizziness, light headed, tingling and numbness, confusion like I'm not all there, weakness, I think that's it. F 17 2 weeks
40 MG

 2  nerve pain No results. Just sleeping a lot. M 55 1 months

 2  Anxiety, hypervigilance Sleeping difficulties, nasty taste in mouth, vomiting, blurred vision, somnolence and insomnia. Strange dreams when I do sleep, and bouts of depression worse than normal. Started on 10mg daily, then up to 10 mg twice daily, then to 10mg three times a day. Prescribed for hypervigilence and anxiety related to PTSD. M 55 7 days
10mg 3X D

 3  frequent migraines problem urinating I'm a light sleeper and often will be very tired during the day. After taking this medication I am sleeping better and feel more rested in the morning. Also the constant sinus congestion/headaches I was experiencing in the morning have gone away. The only problem I have now is that as soon as I started taking this drug I am having extreme problems urinating. Will take this up with my doctor and not sure if I will continue with this. M 53 7 days
10 mg 1X D

 3  Migraines/Depression Dry Mouth, Thirst, Unpleasant taste I've been on Nortriptyline for about a year for my migraines and depression. I've noticed a bit of a dependency on the medication and minor loss of appetite. I take two pills before bed and will probably be on the medication for numerous years. I usually sleep very deeply and have vivid dreams. It has a horrid aftertaste that I've gotten used to and I am constantly thirsty. It does the job but I may need to have the dosage increased... Depression: Noticeably decreased Migraines: Dependent for prevention. F 15 1 years
20 MG 1X D
 3  Anxiety, Migraines Rapid Heart Beat (for 12 years) Heart Palpatation (just recently, ~2 weeks) I originally thought that Nortyiptyline was a great drug, better than SSRIs at releiving anxiety and also helped with migraine prevention. After a few weeks I developed tachychardia (rapid heart rate; a known side effect) and dropped the dose from 80 mg to 40 mg. This helped, although heart rate is still rapid. However, very recently I've developed persistant heart palatations that I belibve are drug related (when I skip a few days they go away). Strange to develop this after 12 years. I've tried every other medication and nothing else has helped me, so not sure what I will do, but I can't handle the heart problems. For those with meidcal backgrounds teh drug is also known to cause QTc prolongation (which is why an overdose can be deadly). M 38 12 years
40-80 mg 1X D
 1  Migraines psychosis, schizophrenic like symptoms On August 11th, 2011, I jumped from a moving vehicle with my daughter in my arms. The story doesn't start there however. A month and a half prior, I began taking nortriptyline for migraines as prescribed by my family physician. Within one week's time, I began to experience insomnia and obsessive thinking. Within mere weeks, I was convinced an elaborate, high ranking child sex ring was after my only daughter. I went from a healthy, vibrant, mentally stable mother to one reeling in a world of schizophrenic delusions. Thinking a helicopter had been sent to find us, I left a car, cradling my three year old daughter in my arms. My family had noticed a change in my behaviour, but could not begin to imagine things had gotten so out of hand. My physician refilled my medication without seeing me and I was too far gone to realize that I was beginning to experience psychotic delusions of persecution. I am writing about this because I want to reach out to anyone else who is currently taking Nortriptyline and perhaps experiencing any of the symptoms I experienced. Do not continue with this drug if you experience any disturbing mental health aberrations! F 36 45 days
30 MG 1X D
 3  Jaw tension/depression Lost of sexual drive. Extreme dry mouth and throat. Vivid dreams. Heart palpitations. Forgetfulness. Clumsy. Moody. Tearful. F 50 6 months
1X D

 1  ibs Throat itched,could not sleep, anxiety F 48 1 days
25 mg

 1  Migraines, pain waking me at night Excessive sleepiness, nauseous, diarrhea, no appetite, migraines, chest pressure and pain, heart burn, heart palpitations, world felt surreal This medication was awful for me! Wow! I was only taking it for a few days, but had major side effects. The first two days I slept approximately 20-22 hours a day. I had hoped that this was passing and I was through the worst of the side effects, but things kept getting worse. I still had migraines every day. I also experienced intense chest pressure, chest pain, palpitations, and heart burn throughout the day. I stopped taking the medication on the 5th day when I felt reeeeeallly high. I was leaving for an anniversary vacation, driving down the highway, and suddenly felt as though I was in a video game. Nothing felt real. So scary!! It made for such an awful weekend. I was really irritable and short tempered (normally not like me at all), and my torso just felt really full and painful. I will never take this med again! F 28 5 days
10 mg 1X D
 3  Sinus headaches, sinus nerve damage Dry mouth, heart burn. Caused my prolactin levels to become high making it impossible to become pregnant while on this medicine. Worked okay. Was very hard to get off of. Caused my prolactin levels to be high resulting in years of heart breaking infertility issue. Did not find out until years later that this was causing my prolactin levels to be high and caused thyroid issues. All of these issues went away after coming off of the medicine. Just want other woman to know about this random side effect. F 30 3 years
40 mg 1X D
 5  Depression dry mouth, constipation I feel as though a cloud that has followed me my entire life has finally been lifted. I have never felt so "normal". I can actually say I have no depression. I spent years messing around with ssri's because of the bad rap that tricyclics have, but this medication has literally saved my life. M 33 14 days
100mg 1X D

 5  depression dry mouth saved my life for 26 years but now that I have lost weight. I am getting depressed again. Maybe I should adjust my level? F 50 26 years
125 MG 1X D

 4  chronic pain/fibromyalgia Mild to moderate constipation. It helped reduce my pain by about 30%-40%. Not a cure-all, but not bad! F 34 1 years
10 1X D
 5   No side effects I love this medicinel. I take it for severe pain. If you take it at night you will sleep late the next morning, so I take mine in the middle of the day and can not tell I even take it. I take 25mg and I AM on the dose of 4 a day, which is 100mg a day. Does it help my back? Yes---It help my nerves ( which everyone knows) affects your back. I have a disk desease . F 67 10 years
25mg 4X D
 4  thoracic nerve pain dry mouth, feeling spaced out, forgetfulness, sleepy, sweating more than usual, sunburn easily On my second go round with this medication. I stopped taking it last year because of the side effects, but nothing has helped my pain and insomnia as well as the Nortriptyline. So I'm back on it again. I think the pain and sleeplessness is worse than the side effects, for now anyway. F 36 1 months
40mg 1X D
 4  Depression I was very tired for the first 2 days then extremely short tempered and irritable on the third and forth day then everything just got better. My wife says she feels like she got her old husband back. Currently I'm feeling a little jittery and have have had trouble sleeping through the night. I see my doctor again in a few days. I think I'll start taking this in the morning instead. M 37 2 weeks
20 1X D
 1  migraine preventative dry mouth, severe constipation, weight gain I gained 10 lbs from being on this drug only 3 weeks. the weight gain was mainly due to severe constipation. I didn't go for 5 days!, finally had to use an enema. After that prescription drug for constipation daily, stool softeners, etc. The big thing is that 7 months later, I still cannot lose the weight! I have tried all kinds of eating plans, eating nothing, etc. I cannot lose a pound. I cannot find a doctor who can help me. The dr who prescribed the medication takes no responsibility. If anyone else has had this happen, & has any ideas to help, please let me know! I am desperate to get back to my normal weight!! (Also it didn't do anything for my headaches, they wanted to increase the dose but I knew it wasn't good for my body.) ! F 59 3 weeks
30 mg 1X D
 5  Migraines Dry Mouth, decreased libido, sexual dysfunction I am very pleased with this medication. I have only had 1 migraine in the last year. I don't love the sexual dysfunction portion but its a fair trade. F 26 1 years
50mg 1X D
 1   I am lactose intolerant if you are too no amount of this medication will work !!!! Migraines "Migraine remedy - Click FREE and forget migraine" www.justice-publications.com New discovery that lactose triggers migraine naturally; its elimination from diet by division disrupts migraine-lactose syndrome, preventing migraine-headaches. F 43 5 days
1X D
 1  taken to help sleep at night no side effects back in october (2010) i hurt my back at work and now have a herniated disc at L5 S1 and have had spasms and pain down my left leg. its been a little over 5 months now. for the past 30 days my doctor gave me this medication to help me sleep as with the pain i am having i am having big problems with sleeping and eating. i am also taking percocet 5mg, but after taking that medication for 5 months it is not doing much for me. its not helping that my doctor has cut back my dose per day of percocet even though i understand the reasons behind cutting me back, i just cant handle this pain though and i feel completely lost and helpless. the nortriptyline hcl is not helping me sleep in any way. ive tried all i can to sleep but nothing works! im waiting on cortisone injections as well but the insurance company is trying to screw me over so everything takes a couple weeks to a month to get anything approved. any suggestions from anyone so i can talk to my doctor about other options to help me sleep? ive been up for almost 2 days now, this happens on a very regular basis and i am very tired but cant fall asleep because of my pain! M 21 30 days
10 mg 1X D
 2  Chronic Migraines Bad Constipation; migraines; dry mouth; first 24 hrs were a nightmare with the shakes, racing heart... basically feeling like I was on a bad trip! Then it went away. I tried Topamax for 3 years and it only cut back maybe one or two a month so I was hopeful that Nortiptyline would work better from reading all the responses here. I was perfectly willing to gain weight. But so far since taking this drug for the past 4 weeks, I have had 18 migraine days. So I don't think I will be taking this drug tonight (or anymore). I guess it's just not meant for me. [By the way, for the constipation I have been taking 500 mgs of Magnesium and 1 Docalax each day and it has worked like a charm!] F 46 4 weeks
25mg 1X D
 2  Migraines, daily headaches Numb lower lip,more frequent migraines,nightmares,irrational behavior,paranoia,very emotional/irritable,lower back muscle spasms,difficulty waking up,lethargic and depressed,chest pain/anxiety/fast heart rate. I was prescribed this to remedy my daily ongoing headaches and migraines. Since starting it 3 weeks ago my migraines have increased. I have had nightly nightmares since day 3 of taking this medication and they are becoming more vivid/horrifying. My daily headaches are less intense but still apparent. I am supposed to up my dosage to 3 pills for the next week but don't think I will be continuing this drug. I look forward to finding another drug that works for me with less side effects as it is affecting my daily home life and well-being. M 29 3 weeks
1X D
 4  severe chronic migraines dry mouth, "constant drafty feeling", lots of tingling around my mouth, weight loss, some constipation I'm still in beginning stages of using these wonderful meds and will need to increase dosage. I'm sleeping better than I have in 15-20 years. Side effects have been a 3-ring circus, but less the past 5 days. Before starting Nortriptyline in combination with Topiramate, I lived with a daily headache on scale 5-8. In the past 5 days, I have had 2 headaches in that range.I'm commenting today because the dry mouth effect has motivated me to drink water, lots of it. So medical conventional wisdom says that is beneficial to my whole body. This week, I can think more clearly...I have hope again for 2011! F 70 36 days
20 mg 1X D
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