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 1  atrial fibrillation Horrible nausea, stomach pains & vomiting along with chills & seats. I've taken 3 doses. The first time, I though it was due to taking it without food. The second time, I took it after eating a sandwich, and had the same issues. The symptoms occurred within 60 minutes of taking it and lasted about an hour. The third time I took it in the middle of my meal. It took 5 hours before the nausea set in. Two hours later the chills, sweats, severe stomach pains & vomiting set in. It lasted for an hour. The pain was excruciating! I will not take it again. Also, I became extremely winded when walking or trying to do anything at all. I won't take another dose! I take a lot of medications, and this medication has caused the worst side effects I have EVER experienced! Due to my high heart rate, they substituted two of my usual BP meds for this one, which was supposed to help lower my heart rate. M 58 3 days
50 2X D

 5  Rapid HR, Arrythmias,A-Fib No problems noted, actually take 100mg in morning, and 50mg at night. Started on 50mg dly for years then began having break through palpatations. It was then increased and I have had no difficulties at all. F 56 10 years
50mg 3X D

 1  papilations Tired,depressed,joints ache,times of anxiety and irritated easily. Plan to cut dose in half. M 66 2 months
25mg 2

 5  Tachycardia No side effects. Lowered my rest heartbeat fro 120 to mid 70s. Also was able to get off lisinopril. F 58 1 years
100 xL

 1  Angina BAD DRUG!!!! F 57 2 days
50 MG

 3  Had a tachycardia Taking Metoprolol i had many side effects. My hands and feets would get cold just feelin tired throughout the day. And my Bp would drop and having me feelin extermely out of it, the worst part i hate i would start feelin dizzy and weak. M 25 6 months
 3  High Blood Pressure Weezing in lungs, as if I had asthma, which I did not. Out of breath when I tried to exercise, weakness in left arm, Tiredness, Weight gain, Belly Fat, weakness in joints.. Symptoms were lessoned when I took only Half of my 25 mg's a day and it did not make my BP change in any way.. A little goes a long way, as people are overdosed on their medications. And most of the time people do NOT! need as much as they are taking. When I was in my mid thirty's after having 4 children, I began to have a belly and I was gaining weight and my BP was rising slowly. And in my late 40's into my 50's. My BP was up in the mid 200 BP level. So the BP drug Metoporol brought it down to an average level in the 160's to 180's. Then I met a excellent Gyno and he checked my Estrogen and Progesterone levels and found they were both VERY LOW!! What I have NOW! realized, that before, when my BP was rising, that my Progesterone had been depleting. Low Progesterone constitutes high blood pressure.. Same in a MAN! also and low Progesterone, constitutes Low Testosterone, no sex drive, tired etc. and low Progesterone, contributes to Prostate Cancer, becomes Estrogen dominant, very bad!. I have been taking BI-EST NATURAL Estrogen 1.25 mg which is a level perfect for me. I started with 25mg Concentrated Natural Yam Progesterone, only a little change in BP, so tried 50 mg normal BP 117/72, so I tried 75 mg and it dropped my BP so Low, almost to dangerous BP levels in high 90's/high 60's. Danger Zone is 90/60. I figure it is because I am still taking 5 mg's of Metoporol and trying to WEAN myself off this BP drug, so I am going back to the 50 mg's for now, until I am off Metoporol, then I will be able to judge accurately, either 50mg or 75mg, which one will be my perfect set level for ME! but just 5 mg's is causing me a lot of grief, the yolk of my chest stings and burns inside, which causes like a soreness, feel like I am over a F 4 years
25 MG 1X D
 4  Irregular Heartbeat and High BP Controlled atrial flutter, lowered blood pressure, lowered libido, lowered tolerance to exercise, some brain fog. No adverse physical effects. This drug worked well for me with minimal side effects. It became a part of my life. Mental gymnastics worked well for brain fog. M 63 4 years
50 MG 2X D

 3  Heart attack It was ok in the start but getting very tired, Hands and feet are getting very cold at times, I am cutting the doze to half pill to see what happens and if side effects are reduced. M 52 90 days
25 mg 2X D
 3  High blood pressure Bad dreams and tired all the time. Dr told me I could stop meds all together. Bl pressure has been fine but since I stopped taking very tired is this normal ? F 50 1 years

 1  High blood pressure Terrible vivid night mares w/fast pulse rate. Dr told me to stop taking it cold turkey. My pulse rate spiked to 130 bp was't bad. Had 3 EKG' a that was normal. He put me on Diltiazem ,bp is normal, resting pulse rate is 82-90 and have anxiety attacks and trembles and random bouts of fast pulse rates. My pulse rate use to be 66-72 and I was athletic grandma. Now with rate higher I can really tell the difference. I'm going to get a echocardiogram in a couple of weeks. These BP medicines reck havoc on you but you don't find out untill you try to get off of them. God Bless you ! F 68 8 months
50 mg

 1  Accute heart failure Hallucinations in dark: movement/animation of inert objects, as if come to life. Weight gain/edema. Vertigo upon waking, falling over while standing still, worse if I gaze up or down. Heartburn, first few weeks. Gastric chaos. Slow healing, compounds danger from dizziness. Shortness of breath. Panic. Depression: crippling despair. Inability to manage projects; task memory obliterated. Impossible to lead any normal life on this drug, immed risk of homelessness as impending move and complicated medical & disability status & benefits not aided by this Rx, and reliance of dismissive mds on its efficacy prior to prognosis. F 43 2 months
 1  high blood pressure Started it again because of high blood pressure. Forgot all about bad side effects until they started again. BAD dreams, VERY tired. It did lower my bp 10 points but then at about 7 days started affecting me mentally, caused a kind of nervousness. would easily be in bed 12 hours.also weight gain. Because of general and bad feeling of unease as well as bad nightmares, weight gain, terrible lethargy I decide to stop. 3 days ago. Today bad dizzy spell, thought i was having heart attack. Very tired these past few days and today one of my fingers went numb for about 5 hours. I remembered this happened last time i was on this nightmare drug. I really was thinking I might die and then this evening I remembered some of what I'd read and low and behold all these terrible symptoms are attributed to metoprolol. I read (too late) not to stop cold turkey which is what I did 3 days ago. I was on the 25 dose but don't think I should take any more since its been 3 days. Just horrible. I would advise to avoid this horrible drug. It has so many terrible symptoms that I am amazed it is legal. They make such a big deal about people taking pain meds and the like, but the really bad drugs like this one, no one every says, reports, or bans. It affects your mind and dreams badly (and therefore your Spirit). I suffer from chronic pain but am now determined to deal with a great deal more agony in order to exercise to try and get healthier and will add olive oil and apple cider vinegar. I feel terrible tonight and now I think I know why, because I stopped the metoprolol. Hope I can survive it this time. god bless. M 55 9 days
25mg 1X D
 1   Blurred vision. Tiredness. Difficulty in breathing when exercising. Elevated Gamma GT and insomnia. My doctor told me to stop taking it. F 52 3 years
100mg 1X D

 3  heart attack, unstable angina tird, jaundice, depression, low heart rate, low BP, ALWAYS talk with Dr before taking tablets and make sure you are fully informed of any side effects. Once on them most Drs won't take you off them. F 65 2 years
25 2X D

 1  palpitations I have weight gain and cannot lose no matter how hard i work. Sleepless. Vertigo. My cholesterol went way up and i have never had a problem with it before taking it. Sex drive is nothing. I have about 75 % hair loss. Absolutely no energy. I used to work out for hours. Now i can't hardly do any wthout being totally out of breath. I think it is a horrible drug! I wish i had done some research before taking it. My dr doesn't want to change it. I'm going to get a second opinion! F 2 years

 4  hypertension 1st 3-4 months: lethargy, no zest for life, life sucked Currently: Still having very vivid dreams (can be good or bad) Was 180/100, now 130/85. We tried all the newer drugs and nothing would consistently work. Good ole beta blocker (and lots of it) does the trick for me. Good if you can get past the first few months. Dreams can be alarming they are so real. M 65 365 days
200 mb 2X D
 1  high heart rate Tired,no erection,shortness of breath,could not walk,weight gain.erraticb/p.no alcohol consumption. Blurred vision. M 54 4 weeks
25 mg
 3  high blood pressure and tachacardia Muscle aches in the beginning, sexual side effects, weight gain. It lowered my hr but didn't lower my bp much. Beta blockers are horrible drugs. I am now never going to be able to stop taking these meds without severe issues! F 31 5 months

 1  high blood pressure ectopic beats Insomnia, asthma, weak left arm, flare up of osteoarthritis (which I didn't know I had), anxiety and a feeling of doom. This medication is evil and seriously messed me up. M 46 8 days
50 MG
 1   I was taking this meddication for 5 months. After about 4 months I started to get some side effects. Insomnia mostly then all at once I was having Anxiety attacks starting at my feet and going as in a circle through my legs and then through my chest and then out my head. I could not walk 10 feet before having trouble breathing. Could not sleep .got about 2 hours a night. Weezing which also kept me from sleeping. My wife said I was walking around in a fog and at times she could not understand what I was talking about. I couldn't take it anymore . It was a Sunday so I left a message for my GP and my Cardiologist. I saw my GP that morning and told her that I stopped taking the medication. 24 hours after I stopped the drug I was fine. I can sleep 8 to 10 hours per night. Most times not getting up at all to go to the bathroom. The shortness of breath STOPPED. I can walk miles and not be out of breath. I have no strange feelings at all. My pressure is 130/75 most of the time. At the doctor M 70 5 months
50 MG 2X D
 3  Heart attack Tiredness, wake up several times a night, some weight gain, dry mouth, pain in lower back and shortness of breath The doctor says I need it... so guess I have to put up with the side effects. M 57 7 months
25MG 1X D

 2  Irregular Heartbeat/Panic Attacks acid reflux, lethargic feeling, mild nausea in the beginning, feeling of being out of breath easily, getting worn out fast with exercise to the point of not being able to exercise, decline in sex drive. After I got over the "heart attack" feeling and feeling like my heart was fighting against beating the 1st week I started it, that type of side effect went away at 1st. It has slightly came back in about the last 2 months and the drug just in general makes me feel tired and lethargic. I take 25 mg 1x a day and I am going to lessen my dose to half of that pill and try to stop it alltogether soon. I do not want to be on this medication, it has totally zapped my energy and made me feel like im 90 years old. F 38 1.5 years
25 mg 1X D
 1  high blood pressure I have chest pains..... F 40 2 days

 2  high blood pressure A little drowsy and got a skin rash from it M 24 10 days

 3  High BP F 47 4 weeks
12.5 mg
 4  Palpitations/High Blood Pressure Initially, I was on 50 MG twice a day - no side effects. After 5 months Dr. increased in to 100 MG a day. Had some dizziness that went away after 2 weeks or so. Odd but interesting dreams. It works like magic in controlling palpatations. Haven't had any since the dosage increase. Overall I have been very impressed the medication. M 47
100 MG 2X D

 2  anxiety, high bp, irr heart beat dizziness, tiredness, night time hallucinations, very dramatic hair loss, loss of sex drive, blurred vision Ive been taking 25mg twice a day for 4 years, cut my dose in 1/2 and started taking 25 mg right before bed to keep it in my system and bypass all the side effects at night. Thats when the hallucinations and hair loss started. Im only 27 and am losing my hair. Im not on any other meds other than this. It works for my palpitations but the side effects are the worst. Tried to quit taking it and didnt think it would be that hard since I'm on the lowest dosage possible but within 2 hours my heart was irregular and fast again. I can deal with all the other side effects but I'm not going to lose my hair to this drug. Its listed as a serious side effect along with hallucinations and once I googled it I noticed it happens to alot of people but its so gradual that it almost seems to happen overnight. My doctor is changing my meds on friday and it cant happen soon enough. I will never go back to metoprolol. F 27 5 years
25mg 2X D

 2  palpitations My life ended when I started this drug. In 9 years I gained 80 lbs, lost my libido, my humor, I have horrible dreams. Getting ready for an ablation and doc took me off Metroprolol, flecainide and cartia all at once. I feel like I'm ready to die with a pounding heart, a-fib and a wicked headache. I'm hoping for a cure with the ablation. F 65 9 years
50 2X D
 3  palpitations Mellow mood; reduced exercise capability; weight gain; depression. Very effective for stopping my palpitations (which were causing dizziness.) I also enjoyed the mellowing side effect on certain stressful occasions. It made strenuous exercise more difficult (but not impossible) and invalidated my Polar heart monitor, used for assessing my workouts -- my heart rate was too slow to fit the Polar algorithm. I noticed a marked tendency toward weight gain (and retention) and over time plus a marked depressing effect particularly during winter. When I weaned myself off this drug I found my energy and mood improving sharply. (My wife observed I had "sort of woken up again.") I still take the drug for occasional bouts of palpitations -- it remains effective for this use -- but overall am much happier without it. M 60 2 years
25 mg 1X D
 4  a-fib Brain-fog and loss of memory. Very pleased that I'm still able to run 4 times a week for an hour and lift weights 2 times a week for an hour; I was worried that this would melt away like my mind has. M 52 8 months
25 mg 2X D

 1  High Blood Pressure anxiety attacks,heart palpitations,irregular heart beat, hot flashes,nausea, headaches.. the doctor prescribed this to me with my blood pressure being high after having an episode of palpitations went to hospital and doubled my dose. i actually thought i was dying with all the problems i was having with this tablet. i got a second opinion and she reduced my dose i actually feel like myself again. it was terrible my bp is still erratic so thinking i need to change to another tablet F 27 2 months
50mg 1X D
 3  atrial fibrillation Heartbeat is a steady 60 bpm. Have experienced runny nose; cold hands; dizziness; pain and odd "aches" in my chest near my breastbone; general tiredness all the time. Am feeling depressed wondering if I can take this for the rest of my life. Was on dilatiazem for several months, side effects were too much. Was put on metropolol for a week, then taken off to try Multaq, ended up in the hospital ER and didn't think I would survive the night. Back on Metoprolol tartrate, I don't like all the side effects but I may not have a choice. M 58 6 weeks
25 mg 2X D
 4  blood presure Blurred vision mostly in my right eye. I have experienced shortness of breath as well. M 54 30 days
24mg 1X D

 5  MVP Blurred vision from time to time. Nothing major. F 36 2 years
12.5 1X D

 3  PVC's, MVP pain occasional head rush when standing up. I take 50mg twice a day. Initially rx 25mg but that didn't help at all. They said I could increase the dosage even more but that I would start getting more side effects. I'm sticking with 50mg for now. Has helped somewhat by slowing down my heart and relaxing the PVC's a bit and the sharp pains that come with MVP. Also, I recover from exercise quicker. I don't get a racing heart as often. I was hoping it would help with my poker game by slowing my heart rate during exciting hands, but it didn't. The doc said Inderal helps with that but has more side effects. Also, this drug is cheap. $10 for 90 days supply. Has helped with my migraines a bit, too. I don't get floored by them anymore. Just head pain but no "sick" headache or light sensitivity. I asked my GP if I could take this for 40 more years and he seemed to think it would be fine. I hate being on a maintenance drug. F 43 3 months

 5  Hypertension Dizziness and fatigue for the first several weeks, but once my body became fully adjusted (about a month as I recall, but it might have taken a bit longer), the side effects finally faded away and have not returned. Now as a long-term user, I am very pleased with the results. I take 100 mg twice per day. My blood pressure has been rock steady at 115 over 70 for over 7 years, despite remaining overweight and not getting as much exercise as I should. Although I have not gained weight, I find it impossible to lose any, even when I exercise frequently and am highly disciplined about calorie counting. This might be due to the Metoprolol. M 52 7 years

 2  To control high blood pressure Upset stomach, extreme mental dullness, lack of energy Also taking DILT-CD 240mg and Coumadin, which don't seem to produce too many side effects. M 59 60 days

 2  high blood pressure shortness of breath, low pulse, no energy I was started on this for high blood pressure (155/78), my pulse was fine - 25 mg twice a day. After being on this a while I started having shortness of breath when walking only short distances plus having no energy to do much. My doctor and I have been monitering my blood pressure and it was irratic. Sometimes it was in the 120's and 130's and other times it was 140 and above - so the medication was not really working well. Per the doctor, I tried to up the dose to 50 mg twice a day but my pulse went so low and the side affects so bad I couldn't. About a week ago I decided to stop taking this medication. I did research on other blood pressure meds and came up with Atacand. Went to the Dr and told him this is what I want to try. Only been on it for 3 days, so hard to tell but so far no side affects. F 64 6 months

 5  Atrial fibrillation At the very first, I experienced shortness of breath when I walked a short distance, such as to the office from the parking lot, but then the doctor added Digoxin and the two work perfectly together, no shortness of breath or any other side effect that I know of. I feel pretty lucky about this, even though I don't like the idea of taking powerful prescription medication, as I don't know what else it is doing to me or how it might be hurting me. But without it, my heart rate would be 128, 135 somewhere thereabouts, whereas with Metoprolol, it is kept down to a reasonable 70 or 80. This does not control my arrhythmia (it's not expected to), only keeps the heart rate normal. M 61 4 months
 5  hbp & headaches tired F 50 30 days

 2  Atrial Fibrillation episodes Fatique,Heavy chest, pounding heart beat, insommia, heartburn and just general feeling of Blah all day long. Taken to prevent occassional bouts of Atrial Fibrillation and this drug has done that but at great cost in side effects. F 76 2 months
 5  arythmia I notice no side effects from this medication 50 mg daily keeps my heart beating regular. M 54 12 years
 1  High blood pressure Massive weight gain, since my new doctor put me on 100mg, twice a day. Hallucinatory nightmares and hallucinations, especially at night. I would wake up yelling that someone was in the room, when nobody was. I would also see someone standing by my bed during the middle of the night, but if i blinked,they were gone. I would "hear" people talking in the hallway at night..I "saw" a woman walk through the closet without opening a door. Of course it wasn't real, just med-induced. I thought I was losing my mind! I would get extremely tired, had no hope for anything anymore. Couldn't concentrate at all. I also had heart palpitations almost all the time. Really bad edema in my ankles and feet. I developed a weird red itchy scaly rash on my shins, and on my left leg in the back too. This started 3 months after taking the pills. It got progressively worse, and I thought i might lose my legs if it keeps spreading..but it is now finally healing since I stopped the medication. I had the nightly hallucinations for a year or so before I quit taking the recommended dosage the doctor recommended. I also gained 50+ pounds in a year, and I couldn't figure out why for awhile. Until I started researching the medication. I drove my husband crazy with the nightmares, waking him up each time. I started cutting the pills in half, then fourths, weaning myself off of them. Since the doctor refused to switch me, I found a natural alternative (blood pressurex from theherbsplace.com)and am now totally off metoprolol and will never go back. In fact, i will never again take prescribed medications as long as I live. Since I no longer trust doctors in any way, shape or form. For anyone that has ever been told by a doctor that you will have a stroke and die if you quit taking the medicine they prescribe for you, you won't. As long as you ease up on the medicine slowly and find an alternative to help you. Ask any pharmacist how you can wean yourself off of any medication you F 50 1.6 years
 3  anxiety Weight gain!!! Tiredness. Calmness. Well, it sure helped my anxiety but I packed on the pounds too. Now I'm not sure if I should stop taking it and be thinner and more anxious or stay on it and be fatter, but more calm. F 36 6 months

 3  PVC gained 15 pounds in three months, hair loss Insurance switch me from Totorol, does not work for PVC, lowered my blood presure, try half of the pill does not work, feel week, shortnes of breath, I have to switch to natural medicine. M 49 8 months

 4  Proactive prevention after bypass. Dry mouth. Occassional sun sensitivity. The dry mouth is sometimes annoying. Otherwise, no particularly noticeable effects, good or bad. M 65 16 months

 4  high blood pressure some loss of sex drive dizzness side effects didn't last long M 65 5 days

 1  mild hypertension weight gain / water retention (15 lbs), increased blood pressure, increased glucose levels, shortness of breath, nightmares, fatigue, nausea, cold hands and feet. Before starting Metroprolol I had undergone a successful thoracic aortic stent and aortic valve replacement operation. My blood pressure was marginally elevated at 135/75 - 145/85. After starting on 25 mg Metoprolol as recommended by my cardiologist, I gained 15 lbs water retention in 6 weeks, causing blood pressure to rise by up to 30 points, both systolic and diastolic; blood glucose levels shot up between 40 and 70 mg/dl above where they were before. Other symptoms got worse: shortness of breath, fatigue, cold hands + feet, general lethargy, nausea and malaise. Have stopped the drug and am gradually getting the poison and excess fluids out of my system. Have since learned that a significant percentage of patients lack the enzyme to metabolize this drug, and that it is not recommended for patients who have diabetes or are over 60 years old. This is a bad drug and I have fired my cardiologist for putting me on it. Avoid Metoprolol if you can. Avoid cardiologists that try to put yo M 74 50 days
 1  blood pressure dizziness,extreme fatigue, unable to exercise, extreme edema, depression, inability to focus, memory problems, weight gain, cholesterol elevated for first time in life probably due to inability to work out, constantly cold, extremely painful constant Raynauds, waking hallucinations, hopelessness, restricted ability to work and drive, difficulty doing the most regular and mundane tasks, was not controlling bp, basically couldn't function, loss of interest in everything, feeling isolated, and stuck with it, according to the DR. I have just come off of this drug in the last week after being weaned off over a month by new Dr. Was in this nightmare for over two years. Blood pressure was swinging high, and has dropped with each cutback; additionally, have lost 14 pounds of edema over the course of the cutback. Felt better immediately after each cut back, and starting to feel like myself. So thankful to be off of this drug - it was like poison to my system. If you're having problems, get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. It's unbelievable the difference! Now taking Benicar/HCT F 51 3 years

 2  irregular heartbeats more frequent irregular heartbeats especially when sitting watching TV or lying down, palpitations, anxiety/near panic attack, sensation of heart pounding, strong pulse I know that this drug helps many people with high blood pressure and angina, otherwise I would recommend against taking it. F 47 7 days
 1  long qt syndrome extreme fatigue, constipation, loss of interest in activities, absolute intolerance to exercise, muscle weakness and burning with activity, hallucinatory nightmares, living in a fog, worsening of depression. 15# weight gain in six months. Has ruined my life and have no hope of getting off of it because of long qt syndrome. Used to be very athletic and mountain biking and trail running were my life. Essentially a cripple on the bike, muscules burn all over, feel heavy and weak, Heart rate tops out at 100. I can't imagine living like this. However, I have had no episodes of cardiac arrhythmia since on it so it is doing it's job F 42 10 days

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