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 5  anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, M 30 1 years
1mg 3X AN

 5  to control,acute anxiety, stress I am chemically unbalanced,it helps me to think better with no paranoid tendencies, or purfused sweating. So I need to take them, not wanting to. Other issues are involved. 63 3 years

 4  anxiety attacks I was on bromazepam for over 30 years .since they don't carry this medicine where I live now.Doctors changed me over to lorazepam. I feel like my blood pressure goes up and down .otherwise I feel fine. F 55 10 days
0.75 twice

 5  Insomnia None Excellent if used just off and on when I needed extra relaxation and relief of anxiety in order to sleep like a baby! I'm very sensitive to any meds and don't take anything else but am very pleased with this med. F 46 3 years
.5 1X D

 5  I couldn't sleep at all many nights No side effects - it just allows me to relax my brain sufficiently to fall asleep. Even at age 3 or 4 I was wide awake until 11 or 12pm. F 61 8 years
1 mg

 5  PTSD, ANXIETY ATTACKS, INSOMINA Side effects dry mouth, I suffer from PTSD after 23 years in the Army. Being in the hospital numerous times. And suffering anxiety attacks Has helped so much. I would suffer for days with no sleep. Anxiety would ruin my life. PTSD is a killer thank God I take this it has given me my life back. I would have committed suicide because of the anxiety. This medication is not for everyone I understand that. But for me it was a God send. There are times when my anxiety gets so bad I will go to the hospital and get an injection. I only take 2mg daily and up to 4mg if I have a really bad episode. Please take with caution but for me this was a life saver. Thank you to my psychologist for finding something that helped. I can live my life finally. M 55 3 years
2 Mg
 5  anxiety stress I understand everyone's opinion about withdrawal from these types of meds but if your anxiety is severe u need it anxiety and stress on the body and mind is much more unhealthy my case anxiety causes my BP to raise 180/100 yes its a true statement M 26 2 years
 5  Anxiety => heavy perspiration In 2001, IN MEDICAL SCHOOL, I was prescribed diazepam for extreme anxiety. It was the first benzo I ever had, and it did nothing at all. so I tried a series of other benzos until I finally got to lorazepam. It changed my life. I finally felt like myself again! I' was immediately prescribed a very high dosage (2mg 4x/day) and have not altered it in 12 years. No troubling side effects to mention, although I never take less than 2-4mg in a day, and I can feel the need for it most mornings. Some of these posts re: hellish withdrawal really worry me, so I may be married to lorazepam for life. Which is fine with me, because it works so well for me and I have not felt the need to alter my dosage for 12-13 years. M 45 10 days
8 mg day
 1  anxiety/stress Jitters teeth grinding lock jaw loss of muscle control headaches toothache jaw muscle pain etc... F 15 1 days

 1  anxiety This medicine is absolutley HORRIBLE I've been on this on and off for about 2 yrs now for anxiety and it did help with the anxiety when I did take it but I noticed I started to get jittery a lot and headaches. I've been off it now for 5 days and the withdraw effects is terrible. Constant foggy feeling in head, dizziness, unbalanced, high blood pressure, fast heart rate, jittery and fidgety, pain in body and also feel like I'm dying. This medicine is so horrific I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Plz plz plz do NOT take this medicine do lots of research before taking this. Only by the grace of GOD will I get through this. F 31 2 years
1 mg
 5  Depression All good everybody reacts deferentially to all meds. 35 1 days

 5  anxiety No side effects yet but people have bad eceriences need to realize that you must lower you dose slowly to avoid unpleasant symptoms. This is safe effective medicaton for those who ate not just using them like fools to get hi. Come off the medication slow and you'll be fine. Hope this helps. M 32 4 months
1 to 3 mg
 1  Insomnia I was prescribed this because I was having trouble sleeping around age 41. Many other meds were tried and my dr finally put me on this. Gradually I had to increase the dosage and got up to 1 mg a day. This went on for years. I realized the side effect were so bad but I could not get off of it. I tried and tried but would get so sick and could not sleep. Finally I was going to church and got baptized by emersion. I decided to try again for the umpteenth time. I had scary nightmares which were demonic! I could not sleep and only slept about 3 hours a night for a year!! It has been around 18 months now and I am doing so much better. I actually sleep between 5-6 hours a night I still have side effects. When I came off it I thought I would die of a heart attack. PLEASE PLEASE don't take this drug unless its only for a VERY short time. Definitely not over 3 days. THE WITHDRAWALS are so so brutal. I would not wish this on my worst enemy!! F 58 10 years
1 mg
 4  anxiety cant say that i have any specific side effects, but i know if i dont take it i feel ill , nausia and all over not well you have to be carefull taking it with antidepressants or alcohol F 73 4 years
0.5 mg 1X D
 1  anxiety panic attacks Helped the attack in general but the side effects of getting off this med is evil that is the only word that can expain how bad it is to get off these thingd still struggle four months off. Consider a differeny approach may be worth it. It is pure hell to get off these. F 33 3 days

 1  Panic Attacks and general anxiety I needed to keep increasing the dose because I was building up a tolerance. But it made me feel slow, stupid, and sad. I couldn't remember things anymore. I always felt tired. Getting off of this was one of the hardest things I've ever done. The withdrawals are TERRIBLE. confusion, headaches, body aches, weakness, exhaustion, loss of emotion, memory loss, dizziness, vision problems, etc. The withdrawals were bad for 6 months and are still present a year after stopping this medication. F 23 7 years
5 1X D

 5  Anxiety & sleep I have taken lorazepam for a while. I take 1mg at bedtime & have had no problems at all. If you take as your psych Dr prescribed you will have no issues. It's important to skip nights to keep from building a tolerance. Taken correctly it will make your life easier to cope these days. Problems start when one sways away from prescribed amount & schedule. If you take it responsibly you should have no problems. I know people who take 6-8mg a day. That's asking for trouble. It's great for anxiety used correctly. If you have allergic reaction it's not the medication going bad, it's your body not accepting it so can't really rate it bad. Good luck & calm wishes... F 60 4 years
1 mg

 5  Anxiety None Helps relieve anxiety and some symptoms of IBS. It is hard to withdrawal from, but not if kept at lower dosages. M 45 6 months
1MG 2X D

 1  once before bed insomnia do not do this or when u try to get off u will be screwed up. major panic attacks cant breathe no sleep anymore and if u stop cold turkey good chance of seizure and death. i beg u dont take this. im so sorry i did ruined my life in less than four months F 50 4 months

 4  Anxiety F 36 1 days

 1  anxiety/ panic attacks Cant sleep. Bad insomnia. Very itchy at. Night...cant stay asleep for more than 45 min at a time. Stinks. Miserable F 26 3 weeks
 2  Anxiety and Panic attacks It has given me horrible insomnia. It takes forever to fall asleep and to stay asleep. I wake up between 2AM and 5 AM drenched in sweat every morning. It is also making me itch A LOT!! It is irritating. I'm still on the fence about how it has helped my anxiety. I think the other side effects are more bothersome to really be able to measure it's effectivness. F 27 2 weeks
1 MG 3X D

 5  Panic/anxiety Not too many side effects occasionally sleepy feeling Saved my life during panic occurances. Great drug for anxiety issues M 35 10 years
4mg 1X D
 3  Anxiety foggy brain, headache, crying when it starts to ware off, something going on such as inflamation or numbness of my brain which feels like whats causing my memory loss. Don't feel like doing much. weeknes,.bad and scary feelings about myself and things. At first I felt so much better only taking one a night but then it seemed to no longer work the same so I started taking 2 at night now i feel strange when i wake up and it stay's that way for most of the day. I take it for sleeping and Anxiety which it does help but hate the side effects. Trying to tapper off this drug as I feel its ruining my life the more i'm on it. My doctor does not like it either and is trying to get me off it. If u dont need this drug please don't start taking it. You will regret it sooner or later!!! F 51 6 months
0.5 ml 3X D
 1  Depression Didn't work for me. F 40 3 months
50mg 1X D

 5  Anxiety PTSD Anger Depressio.
1X D

 2  severe insomnia None.imy dr says it will help me sleep.i have been on alit of meds and still sleep horrible.up all night .once sfter i have falling asleep for three hrs i wake.dr swesrs this will help.I'm scared to tske this.so before I'm going to tske.I'm judt trying to find mire about ativans.please someone tell me if. You have ever tried and will it help me.thanks .for your imput could save my life.thank you. F 48 1 weeks
 4  Anxiety Withdrawal is hell. Your body become rxtremly additive. Cant be stopped immediately. Don't start any kind of Benzo's if at all possible. It will effect your body for years. Don't take this medicine. F 48 6 years
.5 mg 4X D

 4  anxiety if i dnt take it. i get very sick. Feel like my mind is on fast forward.Feel nausea and headache. F 34 3 years
2 mg
 2  Psychosis/anxiety A strange feeling that I am going to fall down and collapse...this made me try to stop it, however withdrawal sidefects are a nasty INSOMNIA - scary! I ve been on this drug for 12 months. While initially it was great but I decided to get off the drug because i was getting better and my life was improving........I tried to stop it in a week slowly however I got horrible insomnia and was scared i would die. I was so scared i started taking it again and thank god i got my sleep back however, I am STUCK. If i try to stop it i get side effects and I cant deal with the insomnia. I am going to try to half the dose for a month however i am also scared that even halfing the dose will kickstart the insomnia. So I wonder if i have to take this drug for the rest of my life, its a pretty scary thought because it makes me feel that I will fall down...dont know if that is a feeling or a real tendency...whatever it is, I am damned if i stop it and damned if I dont. DONT TAKE THIS DRUG.....its better to suffer naturally..... the side effects are worst!.....I will try to reduce to 0.5mgs a day and I pray that my body can handle it and dont get insomnia. M 37 12 months
1.2mg 2X D
 1  anxiety I have a question can lerazapam make you gain weight F 29 2 days

 5  Insomnia None Beautiful peaceful sleep. Started taking it when my mother got ill and continued after she passed away, three years ago. I have been decreasing dosage for awhile now and have been completely off for a couple of days. Loved it. F 61 4 years
2 mg. 1X D

 3  Depression Neck pain , leg pain and doing things in my sleep, dreaming F 45 2 months

 5  m.s. not one. for me lorazepam my drug its great for me.all others make me HYPER better than valiium help me with multiple sclerosis depression when you go in hospital they give you val.benadryl can not sleep on either they think i brought some other drug with me. they go through my bag.cant take librium MAKES ME HYPER too.HOSP.THINKS EVERY ONE CAN TAKE THESE DRUGS. F 69 20 years
2.o 4X AN
 4  anxiety/panick attacks tingling in finger tips for a minute not sure if i had to do with medicine or not its just something i noticed i was prescribed this after going to er multiple times due to panick attacks and anxiety i took it once while i was there which was a 1mg dose and it did help alot but im somewhat of a hypochondriac so even trying to take any pill pretty much freaks me out so i didnt take it again for a few months til i had a bad panick attack from being hungover i just said eff it and just took it which caused me to have more anxiety just knowing i took something but then over the next 30 mins my breathing and thoughts started going back to normal and i was completly fine F 20 1 days
.5 1X D

 5  Anxiety Sleepiness F 81 3 years
3 mg daily

 1  severe insomnia I can not believe all the posts that said "none" for side effects. I had to double check to see if we were discussing the same medication. I have horrible side effects- slurred speech, stumbling, terrible brain fog and poor cognitive abilities to the point of effecting memory, learning, etc. Yes, it helped the insomnia and was the first drug to do so. Bottom line though, my side effects are so severe and disabling that I'm trying to titrate off and go back on amitriptyline which I used for insomnia for years in the past. Doesn't any one else have these troubling side effects. It has completely changed my life to a big black hole- I can't think or function. I'm currently down to 0.75 mg at night and am pressing forward with my reduction until I'm off of this drug for good! Once I'm off, I will not ever use this drug again. But was effective for insomnia when no other drugs helped. F 55 1 years
2 MG 1X D
 3  anxiety, poor sleep headache (once), mild "hangover", stagger when I get up at night I've been careful with lorazepam; skipped 2 days a week to avoid addiction; lately dr. cut me back to four times a week. The drug has helped me cope w/anxiety caused by work/health problems; it's taken the edge off. I get little euphoria from the low dose, tho sometimes I smoke weed in a.m. and the lorazepam half-life enhances that drug. However, after three months the issues remain and I have to either make a real change or continue to rely on drugs, however sparingly used, to take edge off blunted lifestyle. M 60 3 months
.5 1X D

 5  NEUROPATHY PAIN ARMS AND LEGS Virtually none Have found this the only thing that is effective while not building a immunity. Take .25mg doses and will on rare occasions take up to 3 doses a day. My sister is using the same dosage for her restless leg syndrome M 68 8 years
.25MG 1X AN

 5  anxiety and sleep never really had any except sleepiness a little in the beginning but no side effects after few days...can even take 4mg a day without being overly sleepy and can function fine!..have ambien for sleeplessness too just in case. i typically switch back and forth each year between ativan and xanax and have had no problems with either! nothing better for anxiety! M 39 3 years
2mg 1X D

 4  Migraines, sleep not restful they described it as "acute altered level of consciousness and vomiting." it was weird I felt like the room was tilting so had a hard time walking, roommates had to each take an arm and help. My speech was all slurred and my vision was off, seeing 2 of things and several times I looked at things (like the dots on the hospital ceiling) and they appeared to be moving. I've only taken it for a week, and the other times it's always worked well. Haven't had any migraines since I started, and I wake up more easily/feeling more rested. What I remember from last night was realizing I hadn't taken one of the medications I usually take in the morning, so I took it shortly after taking the lorazepam. For the life of me I still can't remember what I took. But the folks in ER said they thought it was probably an interaction from the combination of the two. F 36 8 days
25 (.25?) 1X D
 4  C-PTSD, Anxiety Hard to sleep at bedtime without it. I need this medication more often than not. I try not to take it very often. I am afraid of addiction so I keep it down to a minimum, some days I can go without it all day. It's unfortunate it is addictive. F 45 9 years
1 mg 3X D

 5  stroke related sleepiness Have been on it for a few years after having strokes in 2005/2006. Helps with seizure control and anxiety M 50
1mg 2X D
 5  anxiety due to stroke drowsiness M 60 24 months
1 mg 3X D
 4  Jitters and anxiety No side effects F 81 6 years
2 mg daily

 4  Anxiety/Mania I am to take 2mg of lorazepam whenever I feel a manic episode coming on. Usually this escalate and I become quite out of control. However when I take lorazepam it chills me out and makes me feel happy as opposed to angry. It's worked well for me, but I've only used it twice, when absolutely necessary. Doesn't make me tired at all. F 25 7 days
 3  anxiety, poor sleep staggering, drowsiness, headache, mild euphoria Too much bad luck in recent months with health/ $ problems threw me in grip of relentless anxiety; usually I can tone it down with CBT, Yoga, Melatonin...but nothing worked. I was on Valium for short time in teens and it did help me. Drs. have forced awful SSRI meds on me last year (i.e. Paxil) citing benzo addiction potential, so this time I suggested a one-time Rx, was Rxed lorazepam, & it has helped. M 59 21 days
.5 mg 1X D

 5  To make me sleep None! This is the first and only drug I've ever taken that does exactly what I wanted with not one side affect. I take this med. to help me sleep. It shuts my mind down. I came across it by accident, my ex. mother in law took it for anxiety, I ask to try some and immediately I had to go see my own Dr. for a script. My mind will go all night thinking about things, I can fall asleep without it but not for long. If I run out of my meds (which I have) I get no sleep and dread the next day :-( This has truly been the best med. ever made, and I don't how I'd do without it, I even tried to wean myself off just to see and that was a horrible week. M 44 7 years
40 1X D
 5  Insomnia None I take it to help me sleep and it works fine without leaving me drowsy. I take one tab each night just like I take a vitamin each morning. No side effects, no comlaints M 59 10 years
1mg 1X D

 5  Patellar Dislocation It made me tired. It worked very very well F 15 1 times
1 1X O
 5  Panic attacks Tiredness / drowsiness, but well worth this. I've taken this drug since September 2008. I have panic attacks every once in a while, and my physician at my university prescribed this for me. I rarely take the medication (only when I actually have an attack, so possibly 10-15 per year). When I do take this, it's a miracle worker. I am so relaxed afterwards, and my panic attack subsides shortly afterwards. I do get a little tired or sleepy from taking it, but it's actually quite nice to fall asleep after such a traumatic event. Having the medication on me is sometimes enough of an insurance policy than actually taking the drug. I would never even consider taking anything but lorazepam. M 25 3 years
0.5 mg 1X AN
 1  For anxiety after surgery I had jaw surgery and suffered anxiety after the septum was collapsed and could not breathe. I am 110 labs and the doctor prescribed 2 mg to be taken every 4 - 6 hours as needed for anxiety. I took only at bedtime but because I was not eating but only taking limited calories, I was hooked on drug and suffered serious side affects when I stopped taken it cold turkey. Dry mouth, body shaking, possible seizure, blackouts, anxiety, paranoia. I ended up in a guarded hospital room on Friday, May 13th 2011. Before taking this medicine, I run 15 miles a week, workout to the point that I am in very good shape, I eat organics and don't even ingest caffeine, Well I was now hooked on this drug and in the hospital, they wanted to put me back on to wean me off over the course of a month. I took a natural route after the hospital agreed to release me to the care of my homeopathic doctor. I am taking Kavinace 2 times a day, Anxiety Control by Metabolic Maintenance, ER 911 from holistic doctor F 45 14 days
2 mg 3X D
 3  Anxiety, sleeping, nightmares While taking the medicine, the only side effect I noticed was if I did not take the loraz at bedtime, I would not sleep well at night and would wake up numerous times. The next day I would start feeling withdrawl symptom. I want to get off this med. I switched last week to trazadone for my sleeping problems. however, I don't think I am getting adequate assistance for tapering it off and have had the worst week and a half ever. I have night sweats every night, along with nightmares, and during the day I lips feel numb, I have hot flashes and my heart races. Two nights ago I thought I was dying when I was trying to go to sleep without it. My throat feels swollen, I couldn't breathe, and when I woke up all my muscles were sore. I am concerned I may have had a small seizure. After reading online, apparently this med is not to be taken for long periods of time so why has my psych't had me on this junk for 4 years?? I want to get off of it so badly and had to start taking it again so I could function with life. I seriously feel that I need to go to rehab to get off of this medication along with the anti-depressent I take. I have been taking one medication for sleep (different varieties) / PTSD and one medication for anxiety/depression for over 10 years. I am just done! I used to feel like this was a wonder drug but know now that to get off of it, or other anti-depressants, turns your life into a living hell. Please take this from my experience and be VERY careful if you decide to start taking it. Make sure your psych't is on the ball and will help you get off of it and DO not stay on it for 4 years like I have..... F 34 4 years
1X D
 5  Insomnia / Anxiety None... good sleep? I must be strong as well. I originally took this drug because my doctor wanted to "pretend" I had anxiety. I got the best nights sleep ever and used it for that. Eventually the doctor wanted to take it away and I indicated that I needed it for sleep. I take exactly the same dose .5 mg (or less sometimes I cut it in 1/2) and I have never wanted more. That means, at least for me, it is not addictive. But yes, I have a bad time sleeping without it. That makes me "dependent" on the drug. Well, you know... I don't care. It seems to correct something that was very very wrong with my body in the first place, inability to sleep well. I just didn't know it. F 40 8 years
,5 mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Severe drug withdrawal, sleepiness, disconnection, appetite loss. I'm going through withdrawal at the moment and reading reviews about it, I think it's been making me worse. I've been on this for over two years i think. I take 1 mg at morning and one at night. It does have a quick effect for anxiety, but I have a lot of the side effect symptoms. My prescription didn't refill and I've been out for 3 days. haven't slept, my eyesight is affected and I'm falling down dizzy and shaky. going through severe bouts of anxiety and mental disorder. Had to make emergency call to dr, just got off the phone, he's upset I haven't been monitored better. Stuff is highly addictive, I'm not the addictive type, but to those who are susceptible to it this would be hell. I'm obvisously addicted to this physically. I keep having to stop and reread cause I'm losing track minute to minute. I don't reccogmend it, DON'T take it if you have addictioin problms. it is a controlled substance in the States and do some research, it's scary. It has a faily high paradoxal rate, which means it can have exactly the opposet reaction from what it's supposed to, lots of reports of suicidal feelings. thought this stuff was a wonder drug, it's hell in tablet form. F 58 2 years
1 mg 2X D

 2  panic attacks chills, pale skin, blue nails and lips, weight loss, confusion, detached from reality feeling, severe memory loss (on going) I took lorazepam for anxiety attacks a few years ago and while I'll note that it did take away my panic attacks it was not worth what i am still dealing with. I dont remember the month or two I was on lorazepam and had to drop out of school. I felt like a zombie.. I was never happy or sad or anything I just "was". I had no emotions and was constantly spaced out. I had severe memory loss and it still affects my memory TODAY. I sometimes forget what I ate for breakfast. I would not recommend this to ANYONE, its not worth it. Go a natural way for anxiety treatment, thats what i did a year later when I got panic attacks back and it worked great. F 20 45 days
3X D
 2  Insomnia Increased heart rate (?), shortness of breath, confusion, cold, unorganized, sad. Dr. prescribed with amitriptylne for insomnia (and to avoid unwanted weight gain side effects of amitriptlyne). Worked for insomnia, but horrible feelings the following days. I feel like I cannot catch my breath, like my heart is racing. I frequently get cold, shivers. Feeling very confused, unorganized, not my self. F 31 7 days
.5 1X D

 2  anxiety and possible dystonia ANXIETY ,SOCIAL PHOBIA ,INCREASED NECK AND HEAD PAIN,COORDINATION AND LEARNING PROBLEMS,TERRIBLE MEMORY LOSS ,LOSS OF FEELINGS AND DEPRESSION.. I remember when i fist took this medication thinking that is a miracle drug but soon after turned out to be my worst enemy...this medication its like a back stabing friend...works great but only for 4 -6 months then there are 2 ways to deal with it....raise the dose to the point that ur brain can not function or quit and go thru a withdrawal wich is one of the hardest thing to do..i chose the second option and after 4 months of hell now i am much happier,friendlier,active and productive.Only when that poisen is out of your system u will start to notice that you lost a lot while u were on that medication...my sugestion would be ....if the same dose that u started with is not working any more and the benefits are minimal and sidde effects get worse then its time to get better by withdrawal slovely from it....good luck to everyone... M 23 2 years
1mg 3X D
 3  Anxiety/Panic Attacks None I only took this pill when I REALLY needed it. If you take this drug or any other benzodiazapene on a regular basis you will become addicted to it. If you have a substance abuse history or any addiction problems DO NOT TAKE THIS. This medication is not meant to be taken all the time and can and will become very highly addictive. This pill is wonderful for oncoming panic attacks and severe cases of anxiety but is not to be taken regularly, only as needed. I stopped taking it because I had most of one month's prescription left and hadn't taken any in over 3 months. Again, take this pill very carefully and only when you need it even if it says 2 times a day or something like that. If you take this when you don't really need it, not only is that abusing medication you WILL become addicted to it! I can also tell you that being addicted to this medication and then trying to stop taking it can be hell on earth and also dangerous to your medical health. So, only take it when you really need it. If you experience anxiety all the time you may need a non-controlled medication to take care of that since this is not meant for constant daily use. F 28 1 years
1.0 2X AN
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