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 5  Insomnia F 65
50 MG 1X D

 5  Insomnia None It didn't knock me out at night but it did allow me to fall asleep within a normal time frame, whereas before it would take me 3+ hours. I didn't wake up feeling drugged and if I was awoken in the middle of the night, I was alert. I would not recommend stopping this one cold turkey. I did, and I suffered extreme insomnia for a week and crying spells along with anxiety. They stopped eventually, but it was one rough week. M 29 1 years
50MG 1X D
 2  Sleep After awaking I experience neck pain so severe that I can't move. My body feels like I have the flu and I have a stuffy nose with dry mouth. Sleepy all day but still not sleeping through the night. This isn't working for me. F 41 3 days

 1  Insomnia It makes me go to sleep, but I wake up every 1 to 2 hours with terrible acid reflux, which I have never had in my life. I split the pill in half (25mg) and experienced the same thing. I will continue this for a week, but if the acid reflux continues, I'm going back to Ambien. Never experienced anything bad with that drug. F 52 3 days
50mg 1X D
 2  insomnia Decreased coordination, "heavy" feeling in limbs, irritable mood while sleeping, lethargy lasting well into next day, bloating, gas, diarrhea, decreased energy/motivation. I started trazodone two days ago because I have been having trouble sleeping and need to go out of town for training for a new job. I knew this would exaberate my insomnia. I was only looking for a med to take short-term. I tried ambien, and loved it, but my doctor will not prescribe any more (I am in suboxone treatment for opiate dependency). When I take this at either recommended dose, I feel like I got hit by a train the entire next day. A nurse at my dr office said this could take weeks to resolve. If so, it will be useless to me. I cannot start a new job feeling this way. This med may work well, eventually, but if you don't have time for that, I do not recommend. I still am having trouble sleeping as well. On my own, I cannot fall asleep til very late - sometimes 8 am. But when I do, I usually stay asleep. I don't normally remember dreams. With this med, I wake up every hour or so, and in all of my dreams I am angry or irritable. I should have just saved my Ambien for when I got a job - it puts me out, and I wake up eight hours later like clockwork feeling refreshed and full of energy. This is the exact opposite. I also take suboxone, gabapentin, escitalopram, and flexeril as needed. I should be in a coma at this point. F 29 2 days
25-50 mg
 2  Depression, anxiety, sleep Depression became much much worse, I found everything harder to deal with than I did before, sinus issues (not being able to breathe out of nose at night, thus creating dry mouth in the morning), sleep efficiency wore off quickly. I realise drug experiences are different for everyone so I'm sure it works for others, but it was absolutely not the right one for me, I stopped cold turkey with support of psychiatrist 2 days ago. F 29 6 weeks
100mg 1X D

 2  Insomnia Taking full 50mg makes me groggy, headaches and jus blah. Cut down to 25mg. Puts me asleep but does not keep me asleep. Severe nightmares and nite sweats, headaches, added depression and no energy. Going back to Dr. with hopes of getting something different. F 50 1 months

 1  Sleep Started taking for sleep. Increased dose over a few days to 150 mg. Side effects: muscle and joint pain, headache, low energy, constipation, diarrhea, no appetite( LOST 7 pounds cuz of not eating, racing heart and mind, anxiety. Lowered dose to 50mg and still felt bad. Took it down to .25mg and most of the side effects went away. Not effective for sleep. Accidentally took 50mg last night and my stomach and nauseous bad all day. Interrupted sleep. I'm going to try natural remedy. Side effects outweigh the benefits! F 46 3 weeks

 1  for insomnia RLS and, next morning, severe headache. F 1 years
300 MG

 1  Depression/Anxiety/Insomnia Woke up with tinnitus - 2 years later I still have it. This was shortly after increasing my dose from 50mg to 100mg (I was on 50 mg for a couple of weeks). F 3 days
100 1X D

 3  Depression/Anixety/Panic/Insomnia Nostalgic, Lethargic, Low emotions I first started taking Trazodone in 2012, back then when I was taking it everything was fine. ME being me I stopped taking it due to wanting to manage on my own. But as my mood swings worsted and insomnia got worse I have had to go back on Trazodone. Now I just feel like complete and utter crap and it's heightened alot of my negative feelings, Should also put in I started on 50mg to 100mg and soon to be going upto 150mg although that is not recommended. So I would say it helps in a certain aspect but in everyday life not so much. F 21 2 years
100MG 1X D
 3  Severe Insomnia Slight nausea and lethargy upon waking, headaches, yawning I was prescribed Trazodone HCL at 50 mg for insomnia, but it has a bonus of helping with my Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety/Panic Disorder, which it is actually indicated for. An also added bonus is that it is not a benzodiazepine (which I have used two types of--Xanax and Restoril), but a tricyclic antidepressant, and is purported to be non-addictive per discussions in an addiction treatment website ( trazodone is used to help addicts cope with withdrawal). I took Xanax for anxiety/panic attacks but had to taper off of it due to hypotension (withdrawal was PURE AGONY), so taking a tricyclic antidepressant is doing well so far. Thus far at 50 mg, it is not doing much to help with insomnia, but I have only taken it for four days, and good affect is reached at two weeks. I have been told to take it one hour before going to bed, but I am going to dose at two hours to see if it will work better. F 49 4 days
50 1X D

 1  Depression, Sleep I took half a tablet (25 mg.) and it caused Cervical Dystonia within a few minutes. It also caused nausea, tiredness and some slight dizziness. I felt some indigestion as well. My breathing felt a little weird also. This might be due to the anticholinerginic properties of it. [Note: I only took it one time and stopped it]. Labeler - Teva USA M 52 1 days
25 MG. 1X D

 5  insomnia None works well put me out could,the next morning I am fine. F 36 4 weeks

 5  Insomnia for 9 years I had insomnia for years after working night shift. I had finally switched to day shift and my normal cocktail of Benadryl, melatonin, ambien, and Xanax were no longer working. After not sleeping for 5 days straight I finally got put on trazodone. With the first couple of doses I did feel like I was short of breath with a racing pulse. I also had and still do have increased thirst. I am finally able to sleep! I now get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. I feel amazing and I feel that this medicine has given me my life back!!! F 30 2 months

 4  Insomina & Anxiety No side effects. This drug has been a miracle drug for me. I fall asleep quickly and the am less anxious overall. Nonetheless, I am considering discontinuing trazodone. In Dec 2012 I started to have some GI issues (not related to trazodone) and my doctor asked me to have a CAT scan. Results show that I now have a fatty liver (it was normal a year before). My liver enzymes are NOT elevated, so my doctor is not concerned. He says fatty liver is very common among Hispanics (I am Cuban American) and not to worry. I have read reports about trazodone and liver toxicity and wonder if anyone else has been diagnosed with fatty liver. My brother has been on trazodone for over 20 years and also has a fatty liver (and is diabetic). Anyone believe trazodone can cause liver toxicity? F 47 2 years
.25 - .50 1X D
 3  Insomnia None I was prescribed Trazodone after dealing with a bout of insomnia that required some medical attention. The first few months of taking it, it did help me fall asleep faster, but I am not convinced it was just the medication. I think some of it could have been psychological. It never made me feel overly sedated and I could stay up for hours after taking it if I wanted to. A month ago, I decided I would try to stop using it since I debated whether it actually did much of anything, and I quit cold turkey. Do not ever do this. The second night without it, I had what I can only describe as severe panic attacks and sweating, nausea, shakes, etc. I quickly realized it was withdrawal. All the literature I'd read on it said it should not be this severe. Well, it was. I also did not sleep for four days and would sweat profusely throughout the day. I finally gave in on the fifth day and took it at night and slept for 12 hours. I know to wean off it slowly next time (but for now I am just going to keep taking it). M 28 1 years
50 1X D
 4  insomnia Pretty good, taking half a pill everyday. Used to take a whole pill, but it knocked me out and it was hard to wake up in the morning. F 15 1 years

 2  Insomnia Within 15 minutes of downing the pill, I get terrible stomach pain and then I get super dizzy. I've also been having pretty bad back pain every day that I've been on it the night before. Stay away. M 23 4 days
50 MG 1X D

 5  insomnia none F 71 15 years
200mg 1X D

 1  insomnia heart palpitation, blocked nose hart felt like it will come out of chest. nose blocked completely so could not sleep at all all night. was breathing through my mouth the entire night. this happened 2 two times immediately after taking the med, so i know it is caused by the med. M 34
1X D
 1  Sleep I had no sleep all night . I was trying to sleep got up in dark and saw what looked like blood all over the white walls and closet. Then I had animals in room flying walking I also had blacks spots as well. I'll never take it again. F 47
50 1X AN

 4  insomia due to fibromajia Weird dreams an hard to get going next morning. But it helps me fall asleep an stay asleep only thing that ever has F 22 3 months

 4  for the high 1 days

 3  Insomnia I was prescribed to this for insomnia... after taking 50mg at night, I was so dizzy the next mornings and it dragged on to the afternoon. I couldn't maintain my normal work-out routine without giving up in the middle of it because I was mentally and physically drained for no reason. The biggest difference in me is my loss of appetite. I usually eat everything in sight but now I'm only eating about 1000 cals a day which is causing me to be even more dizzy. I am going to start cutting the pills in half to see if this helps. F 21 3 days
50 1X D

 1  Insomnia related to fibromalaygia Extremely groggy the next morning; Unable to sleep; slightly agitated; horrible nightmares F 40 4 days

 5   I requested this because after years on Ambien, then Ambien CR the past 2 years, I wanted something that would not need to be increased due to tolerance, and did not WANT to take Ambien for the addictive reasons which I've had. I do get a stuffy nose, and dry mouth, red eyes, and have the detailed dreams, but once I wake up and have my first cup of coffee, I do feel better! I definitely helps me sleep better than the Ambien did-although Ambien helped me "fall asleep" faster. My eye doctor put me on Restasis eye drops for the redness (he said he HAD heard of the redness from the Traz) and it helps a little. All in all I can live with these symptoms knowing that the alternative (and I literally have pretty much tried EVERyTHING for insomnia) is not something I want to live with! I feel "free" for the first time in years not being a slave to Ambien!!! My Dr told me I could take 1/2 (25 MG) up to 2 (100 MG). The 100 mg dose cused worse dreams-so I cut it back to 75, then 50 and even cut a tablet so I was taking 3/4 of a 50 mg tablet. I get sleep with the smaller dose, and my dreams are not as bad. Best of all, I tell myself in the morning that I DID sleep obviously because I had dreams! That really helps me mentally to know I got sleep--which I will take over not sleeping at all any day!!! F 48 2 months
1X D
 3  Insomnia None My doctor prescribed this for insomnia and while I guess it helped somewhat, it wasn't something I'd rave about, either. I thought it was the dosage, as 50 MG seems like a small amount and my sister used to take 300 MG for her insomnia. The good news is that I had no side effects. Eventually, due to its lack of effectiveness on me, I asked my doctor to switch me to something with a bit more "kick" and he put me on another medication. Maybe it would have worked better at a higher dosage. M 27 5 months
50 MG 1X D
 1  insomnia I guess what i had would be called a paradoxical effect. Four hours later I was wide awake an slightly agitated ( though not a panic attack). The only way I got to sleep ( after taking 1 mg melatonin to add to the Trazadone) was to take 0.5 mg Ativan, which I had successfully tapered from and gotten off 7 weeks earlier. I know many people who swear by Trazadone. There really are individual differences. I had tried this drug a few years ago ( for 3 weeks with varying doses up to 100 mg) with equally horrible results but thought I'd give it another try. F 72 1 days
50 mg 1X D

 1  Stress during flight turbulances I passed out in the flight and the flight had to be aborted. Apparently 3 Drs on board could not locate my pulse and they had revert back to port for EMT. Woke up in ER. Would not recommend this to my worst enemy! M 57 1 days
50 2X D
 2  Insomnia Increased libido, arrousal, and erections during the morning after. Loss of orgasm. Frequent sleep paralysis, night terrors, death like panic attacks. Although my libido and such increased, I was unable to orgasm through manual stimulation or sex with my wife. She complained that my penis was harder then usual when engaging in sex, I had noticed this as well and it became uncomfortable for the both of us. The frequency of sleep paralysis and night terrors was negating the effects of falling asleep and soundly. I have had sleep paralysis since I was a kid and this really took it to the edge. Ever have a conversation with the devil, with him asking you to turn around and look at him? It's an awful state to be in, body is dead, but the mind is working wonders with your imagination, and the thought of death coming over you as one of them. Needless to say, I gave it a chance but it was to much to handle. I am now on low dose (5MG) Lunesta and sleeping soundly! M 29 2 weeks
50 MG 1X D
 1  Insomnia Severe leg cramps This was prescribed for my insomnia. It put me right to sleep. What was not nice was waking up my roommate in the middle of the night screaming my heading off as I sat bolt upright with the worst leg cramps I had ever felt. I ate banana's. Same thing happened the next night. Took potassium supplements. Same thing happened the 3rd, 4th, and 5th night. Never will take them again! M 34 5 days
50mg 1X D
 2  Insomnia and minor depression No changes in sleep for first week, second and third week it felt like my whole body was asleep except for my head which happened on multiple occasions, terrible feeling. M 17 20 days
50mg 1X D
 1  Insomnia Confused state next morning. Felt like it took over my whole body but didnt shut down my mind. Felt like I was paralyzed in a relaxed state. Felt paralyzed in a relaxed state. My body was ENTIRELY relaxed but my mind was COMPLETELY active. It was a horrible feeling of paralyzation. F 21 8 days
100 MG 1X D

 5  For sleep,tension attitude More libido unusually horny,sexually aroused imagining having sex thoughts of course woman :) I'm straight !!!! Helps with sleep in 30-45 minutes,regardless with or without food...!!! M 10 days
25 MG
 2  insomnia due to abdominal pain Throbbing in head, some drowsiness, but no sleep Yet another weird antidepressant pushed on me by dr. reluctant to prescribe a benzo. My first experience was in ER. I was in a holding room in a the ER walk-in area & it was COLD. The night nurse gave me Trazodone; it only made my head throb (tho not ache); the nurse said it might help my IBS pain too...well it didn't & I still cldnt sleep until she broke down & gave me Ativan (yay!)I will say this for trazodone: at least it didn't drive me nuts like paxil or zomb me out like remeron; it was merely ineffective. M 60 1 days
? 1X D

 4  insomnia odd dreams, notice that with the higher dose, 50mg vs 25mg, i feel much more awake in the am and don't have the "hangover" feeling........any insight to this? Only takes a half hour to go to sleep versus well over an hour. Only wake 1-2 times and can fall back asleep more easily. Also, find more clarity of thought in the daytime hours. This is life changing for me...........difficulty getting to sleep and would wake 3-4 times a night with great difficulty in falling back asleep. I am taking Fluoxetine (prozac) and find no trouble in adding this to my routine. F 52
50mg 1X D
 3  Insomnia Dizziness,fainting,hangover feeling nextday, and heavy feeling I passed out twice and hurt my damn self on this stuff. M 16 3 weeks
50-300 7X W
 1  Insomnia Had the worst headache of my life for three days straight after taking this. Lost peripheral vision in my left eye for two hours before immediately stopping and calling the doctor. The "hangover" feeling is a lot more awful than you realize: my mouth and throat were so dry, I started choking. Ambien was far more gentle to me. F 27 3 days
50mg 1X D
 3  Insomnia Dry mouth, congestion and sometimes crazy dreams or nightmares, sometimes nausea, and a few other things. Oh, sometimes made me sleepy very, very quickly! Different generics though had way different side effects, see my additional comments Ok, PLIVA generic trazodone acted totally different for me than all the other generic trazodones I took in the past. Pliva trazodone acted more like a stimulating anti-depressant and kept me awake, instead of a sedating anti-depressant used for sleep which is the main use for trazodone. I think Pliva may be the same as Teva, I am not sure......but I am looking for a generic manufacturer that makes a trazodone that is actually sedating. I wish I knew what ones I took years ago that worked for sleep. Anyone have any input? F 30 3 years
50 1X D

 1  Insomnia Severe Allergic Reaction that started with a stuffy nose and progressed to hives, reddened skin, increased pulse rate, increased blood pressure and a major crisis which required medical intervention. The first time I took the medicine, I noticed my pulse rate increasing. I decided that maybe I took it too long before going to bed. The 2nd time I took it, my nasal passages immediately closed up, and I got up and took a dose of Benadryl so that I could breathe. By that evening, I had raised lesions on my thighs and my entire trunk was becoming red and hot. I contacted a dermatologist online who instructed me to stop the Trazadone, as I had experienced a severe drug reaction. My attending physician did a follow-up and confirmed the same. It has been 2 weeks, and my skin is now peeling, but not fully healed. F 56 2 days
50mg 1X D
 5  insomnia due to bupropion drowsiness, dizziness This drug worked TOO well. It was wonderful for sleep, but the two times I took it, the next day I felt like a zombie. I couldn't wake up and felt dizzy all day. Won't be taking it again since I need to be able to function at work. F 33 2 days
25 mg 1X D
 4  Depression/anxiety and insomnia If I don't go to sleep within an hour I start to feel a bit I'll, but other than that none. F 32 1 months
50 mg 1X D
 2  Insomnia Loss of libido, loss of orgasm, tired feeling during the day. I will definitely be going off this medication. F 31 2 months
50 mg 1X D

 5  Insomnia I am always tired but unfortunately some of that is just me. Even though I am always tired, it beats the heck out of laying awake all night for years worry about things. I was a complete wreck because of no sleep. I really wish that I didnt experience the fatigue like I do but Ambien was worse and talk about crazy dreams. F 47 4 years
25 1X D

 5  Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression dry mouth, difficulty waking up if less than six hours have passed since taking This has been a fantastic drug for me! Before, it would take me over an hour to fall asleep, and now I'm out like a light in half an hour. On the down side, I can't take it if I'm going to be getting less than six hours of sleep, otherwise I won't be able to wake up as fast, and often I'll fall right back asleep and not remember conversations. Otherwise, it's fantastic! F 20 5 months
150 1X D

 3  insomnia and depression Terrible back pain started after a few weeks of taking trazodone. Also constipation. Back pain resolved within days once i stopped taking it. Works well and helps me get a good nights sleep. M 32 6 weeks
50mg 1X D

 1  Insomnia My experience was horrible. It was like the drug took over my body from the neck down, but did nothing to shut my brain off for sleep. I didn't sleep a wink! For a couple of hours after taking it, It was like my body would not breath on it's own. Like I was having to remember to breath in every time. Will never take again. M 50 1 days
50 1X D

 4  Insomnia Dizzy about 15-20 minutes after taking the pill. Sometimes still very sleepy from the medication the next morning. Very good sleeping pill. Knocks me out in about 25 min. I take it most nights but it's especially helpful for the insomnia I get starting a few days before and during my period. F 31 2 months
150 MG 1X D
 1  Insomnia I loved this medication for the longest time --but this was before I made the connection to all of these side effects: 1. Weight gain (gained 50 pounds over the year I was taking it. Have lost 30 in the last 6 months of being off of it!) 2. CHRONIC constipation. (I was considering getting a colonoscopy to check for cancer --I'm only 25) 3. Swelling/Water retention (my sister -who is a nurse- used to say I looked as puffy as her edema patients) I cannot believe how long it took me to connect these symptoms with this medication but I feel like a new person since stopping it. F 25 1 years
150 MG 1X D
 4  Depression This medication certainly isn't without side effects (but it's been said that any medication that does not have side effects, likely will not work)! Here we go: dry mouth, sedation, improved quality of sleep, constipation, increased appetite, feeling out of it all the next day, increased libido, increased frequency and quality of erections and ability to reach orgasm (no complaints about that one), dry eyes and occasional minor visual disturbances. As with most medications, the side effects are most noticeable at first and when the dose is increased. The good news is that if you take it easy and go up relatively slowly, most of these side effects will diminish with the passage of time (although I'm still going up to a max of 600 so I will likely have to deal with them for a while longer every time I increase the dose). I'm writing this primarily for those that might be researching this drug and are just starting or are considering trying it for depression related conditions. I asked my doctor to consider it since through my reasearch I learned that it was related to Nefazodone (which I did very well on for years before it was pulled from the Canadian market). This drug is classified as an SARI (serotonin antagonist reuptake inhibitor), which is to say that it is both a serotonin antagonist (a lower doses) and a serotonin reuptake inhibitor at high enough doses. This makes the way it works different from any other available antidepressant (except for Nefazadone, which is essentially an improved version of Trazodone that is still available generically in the States (wish it was available in Canada). It's brand name (Serzone) was discontinued after several less than convicing reports of liver failures requiring transplants ( the risk is something like 1 in 250 000 and I would take it again in a heartbeat). Some of the advantages of Trazodone over much more popular drugs such a Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor ect... are that it actuall has no detrimental effect on the quality of sleep (something which the SSRI's and SNRI's definetly mess with). It has a strong calming feeling so it could be good for certain people who struggle with anxiety and have trouble sleeping (it is not addictive or habit forming). Most importantly for me anyway, it has considerably less sexual side effects as compared to m M 42 5 weeks
400mgs 1X D

 5  unable to sleep about 10 to 15 minutes after taking this I feel slightly dizzy if I'm still standing, but I now take it immediately before getting in bed for the night F 63 13 years
50 mg 1X D
 1  Sleep Trouble - Wake in 3-4 hrs Within half hour of taking shortness of breath - like an elephant on my chest. Had to sit up and watch TV for a few hours before I could lay back down and try to sleep Did not help with terrible side effects. I take no other medications that would have contradicted. M 46 1 days
100 MG 1X D

 5  To help me sleep I can feel a little bit of a hangover in the morning but I think some of that is just the way I am. I always have a tired feeling inside. It works for me. Makes me weary within 15 or 20 minutes of taking it. I've used other sleep medications in the past and those tended to stay with me on into the daylight morning hours which was not desirable. It still happens with this one to some degree but not nearly as much. M 60 4 years
150 MG 1X D
 3  Insomnia, Depression. Dependent, dizzy, very vivid nightmares. This drug deffinently does help me fall asleep, but almost every night I have an extremely vivid nightmare that leaves me in a bad mood the next day. I stopped cold turkey for 2 days and didn't have any nightmares...because I didn't sleep. I was rolling around all night trying to get comfortable and it just seemed impossible to fall asleep. I feel very dependent and it's kind of scary, But I am satisfied with how well it puts you to sleep. It really knocks me right out and I usually feel refreshed every morning and not tired during the day. F 18 11 months
50mg 1X D

 2  Insomnia It left me very, very relaxed which in many people would put them to sleep, but not me. It causes night sweats, which I never get when I sleep. Left me extremely sluggish all day the next day. I was prescribed 50mg for insomnia in attempt to get me off of Ambien 10mg at my request. I also tried Vistaril for sleep, but it was like taking Benadryl and didn't do anything. So needless to say, I'm back on good old Ambien again. F 25
50mg 1X D

 5  Insomnia Depression worse for about 1 week I am taking 100 mg trazodone, .5 mg Xanax, 8 mg rozerem and 50 mg Imipramine to sleep. I am having to retrain my brain how to sleep again. It made my depression worse for about 1 week but after that I was good on it. I still wake up 2-3 times a night but least I am sleeping 5 hours straight. F 37 2 years
100 mg 1X D
1X D

 4  sleep great drug. BUT painful 4 hour erections in the am M 40 6 months
1X D

 1   F 29
1X D

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