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 5  Headaches If I take it during the day it makes my eyes burn as I have chronic dry eye to begin with. Made me sweat terribly also. Seems like it makes it hard to lose weight.....I am going to go off it and see if thats the culprit. Totally gets rid of my headaches which I would wake up with if I take it at night. Works very well even at this low dose of 5mg. F 52 6 months
5mg 1X D

 5  High B.P. & Essential Tremor Don't really notice any. Very pleased with this (5th) drug I've tried to control high blood pressure. It keeps my blood pressure at a normal level and controls my essential tremor, somewhat. I tolerate this medication very well. F 68 7 years
80 mg 1X D
 5  rapid heart rate No side effects. I take 20mg three times a day. F 60 8 years
60mg daily

 5  Severe TBI,headaches for 29 years A little dry mouth but nothing else Stopped my migraines cold !!! Did not stop cronic headaches from TBI though. M 52 6 years
100 1X D

 5  High Blood Pressure, Migraines Difficulty breathing and shortness of breath if I accidentally take 2 per day. Severe migraine if I miss a dose. This drug has NORMALIZED my life. I suffer from crippling migraines and I have had none since I started on this. F 30 2 years
120 MG 1X D
 4  High Blood Pressure Tired during the day and difficulty going to sleep. Fitful sleep. I'm on a very low dose. Dr. wanted me to take 40 mg 2Xday. On that dose I was light headed, dizzy, and fell down a few times. I adjusted my own dose. Drs. go by what drug companies tell them; you have to be your own advocate. I have tried a myriad of BP meds and most have side effects I cannot (or will not) tolerate. So far this controls my BP with tolerable side effects. F 54 3 months
10 mg 2X D

 3  PVC's, SVT Caused breathing problems, pvc's, switched to Atenolol and that works much better. Inexpensive. F 37 1 years
50 or 100? 1X D
 2  Essential tremor, anxiety, high BP Insomnia, severe depression, fatigue, no energy, bleeding gums For tremor, anxiety and resultant high BP, my 60-mg propranolol ER dose did not work nearly as well as my husband's 80-mg LA dose which I previously had taken sporadically before I got my own prescription. Also, taking my own 60-mg dose on a regular daily basis gave me EXTREME insomnia. I could only sleep 4 hours a night no matter how tired I was. I tried an Ativan pill to conquer the insomnia, and it worked, but I just don't have enough Ativan pills to be using them every night for insomnia, not to mention the addiction potential of Ativan. The propranolol and resultant extreme fatigue/insomnia worsened my underlying depression significantly to the point where I just quit taking daily propranolol after about two weeks and got motivated to make an appointment with my MD to be put on an antidepressant which I needed anyway. I'm reverting back to just taking regular propranolol, not ER or LA, on an as needed basis and will explore other options for the essential tremor and periodic hypertension brought on by anxiety. F 51 2 weeks
60 mg ER 1X D

 2  High BP Swollen eyelids and conjunctivitis symptoms. Suffered for 10 months, going to eye doctor after eye doctor and no longer being able to wear contacts. Mentioned to my BP doctor and she immediately identified the above as side effects of porpranolol. She took me off the med and my eyes were finally back to normal. F 35 1 years
60mg 1X D

 5  Blood Pressure, tachycardia Mild emotional lethargy. Mild short term memory reduction. Slightly increased growth time for some body hair (longer eyelashes/eyebrow hairs/poil). Completely controls tachycardia and works fairly well with keeping BP in healthy zone. Greatly reduces troublesome PVC's. Eliminated unwanted emotional "highs and lows". Lowered need for daily Xanax used to control panic disorder. F 53 3 years
40 MG 2X D

 1  Migraine Headaches Severe headaches, memory loss, vivid dreams, chest and jaw pain, lethargic F 42 14 days

 5  Tachycardia Dizziness in the morning It totally controls my heart-rate, but if I miss a pill, it goes back up. F 26 1 years

 4  Miagraine and Hand Tremors Hairloss Helped the migraines and the hand tremors somewhat. Doctors say it's good for the heart in the long run. When off for a few weeks and started getting head tension, so I started back. F 42 7 years

 3  boarderline hyperthyroid very tired and lethargic, heavy eyes, out of breath eg when cycling, worsening psoriasis, cold hands and feet - even white fingertips in cold weather. this beta blocker effectively controls my tremor, palpitations and irritability F 41 18 months

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