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 4  After jaw surgery I am allergic to amoxicillin so they put me on this following surgery. I read the leaflet that came with the medication. I didn't get any of the side effects listed. I did take a Floragen acidophilus capsule with each dose as recommended by my Walgreens pharmacist. F 32 10 days
300 mg
 1  Tooth Infection Stomach aches, Bloating, Nausea, Headaches, Weakness, Chest Pain. I was on the medication for less than 24hrs and stopped. I will be calling my Dentist in the morning to seek an alternative antibiotic treatment. First time in all my days on earth that a medication made me feel like it was going to kill me. Unless I'm on my death bed I will not be taking Clindamycin. *Dangerous side effects that can be fatal* M 40 1 days
 1  Tooth infection Stomach upset, loss of appetite, nausea, shortness of breath, tight throat, heartburn, chest pain. This medication was giving to me for a tooth infection following a wisdom tooth removal, and possible tooth abses... I've been taking it since I am allergic to amoxicillin... It has been so Awful nausea then the 3 & 4 day I started having a bit of heartburn.. Thought nothing of it until I started to have shortness of breath chest pain, tighness of throat.. Now have to take Nexium or a anti acid certain regimen to help with my burn stomach and esophagus... I couldn't be more unhappy who this stupid piece of crap medication... Don't take it!!! F 27 4 days

 1  staph infection Headache, nausea and loss of appetite. Never will i take this poison again F 39 1 days

 1  gum infection Heartburn, headache the first week. After 8 days developed very dark almost black stools. Also had some diarrhea earlier in the week. Surely there are other drugs to treat gum disorders. Never again for me. F 69 10 days
150mg 3X D

 5  Wisdom tooth infection Mild case of the trots, random metallic taste in mouth Worked great after the first day! Amoxicillin didn't help so they put me on this for a week. No serious side effects, no complaints. M 32 7 days
150 4X D
 1  contant bacterial cellulitis it started 2 days after starting clindamycin.I have horrible abdominal pain&cramping,watery diahrea with mucus discharge that started yesterday. unfortunately for me it is life or death for me I won't have mrsa again from 2hospitals missing my cellulitis,as well as 2family doc.I'm miserable and feel so hopeless. if I wasn't a mom I prob.would just end my life their both painful mrsa from not getting proper diagnosis and the cellulitis. please help me,I'm desperate!! F 36 7 days
 1  an infection on my arm Excruciating pain in my chest,hard to swallow,fatigue, nausea, and diarrhea. The pain in my chest is the wrost pain ever next to child labor.my diet is poor because its to much to swallow. F 32 1 days
 3  infected root canal with abscess first day I had really bad diarrhea which was controlled with immodium and BRAT diet. Bad heartburn, headaches everyday, malaise and fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision. I felt awful when taking this drug, i have taken this before but dont remember feeling this bad or the diarrhea. F 52 6 days
150 4X D
 1  Acute pharyngitis I've taken this medication four times so far, two capsules each time. The last two times I had the most excruciating chest pain I've ever felt in my entire life. If this was heartburn, it's the worst I've ever had. And no, I did NOT lie down for 10 minutes after taking the medication, as directed. This pain was accompanied by profuse watering of my mouth and gagging, followed by a large amount of vomiting. Not to mention after throwing up probably everything I'd eaten that day, I was left with the most horrible taste in my mouth. Not sure if these side effects are worth it. F 17 10 days
150 MG
 1  Strep throat This stuff is terrible!! Diarrhea, and constant upset stomach, abdominal pain - so much so I couldn't sleep M 35 10 days
300 mg

 1  Strep throat and ear infectoon My skin is very tight, red and bloated, heart burn, water weight gain, head ache, achy joints, diarrhea, trouble seeing and head aches. I think that covers it. F 32 7 days
 1  Root canal infection Very painful heartburn, shortness of breath, dizzy, nausea Day 2 of being on this drug, experienced all symptoms stated, all at the same time. Scared me to death as I didn't know what what happening. Didn't know about all the side effects associated & not allergic to any drug. On day 3, first dose of the day, same symptoms occurred. 10-15 min after taking it. Then I knew it was because of the meds. Dr. Told me to stop takin it and if symptoms don't start getting better in 10 min, go to the E.R. Again, symptoms slowed but slight pain stays around all day. 2nd episode was worse then the 1st. But my tooth pain is getting better. Horrible side effects though. Wow! F 46 7 days
300 mg 4X D

 3  After dental implant My problems didn't start at first. In fact while I was taking it I didn't notice too much, just a little nausea. But after 5 days I started getting some mild cramping and after I finished it I started waking up every morning with stomach cramps and end up in the bathroom for an extended period of time. I don't have diarrhea, but weird skinny stool as others have described. This has continued for over a week after taking it so far. I expect it to stop, but I am concerned after reading the comments here. I won't be taking this again. F 60 7 days
150mg 3X D
 1  Abcsess tooth Nausea, loss of appetite, bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea, sores in mouth, cracked tongue, headache ....ended up with c. Difficile infection...was told to never take again... Been two weeks still sick must start another antibiotic specific to this bacteria F 49 4 days
300mg e6h
 1  bacterial infection I took one pill with dinner. I will never take this medicine again. One pill gave me the most horrific headache of my life. The acid reflux from the pill was nothing compared to the pain in my head. My vision was affected for 5 days. I was dizzy and became nauseous from constantly being dizzy. I felt like someone beat my eye sockets, side and back of my head with a baseball bat. It was like a concussion in pill form but worse. It took five days for the dizziness and vision problems to subside. I still have a slight headache but I will never take this poison again. F 36 1 days
300mg hcl
 5  Dead Root Canaled tooth Diarrhea, unless probitoics and management of dosage is taken. This is an ANAEROBIC antibiotic. This means that it will kill the infection residing in your infected tooth, however it will also kill the anaerobes in the gut. It is not smart like that, it is your job to understand this. Take probiotics. I cut the dosage back to 1 300mg pill am and 1 300 mg pill pm, worked just fine. Do not use calcium-based antiacids (Rolaids, Tums, milk, etc). This medication is very effective if you understand the cause, effect, symptoms and medication. DO THE RESEARCH, GOOGLE IS FREE. M 50 30 days
500mg 3X D
 4  Infection from extractions None because I started taking Ultimate Flora immediately. If you must take antibiotics, start taking a probiotic at the same time. I had been on amoxicillin for 5 days and was getting worse so clindamycin was prescribed for 14 days. I had read the comments here so got ultimate flora and have had NO problems. Not even indigestion. The amoxicillin had given me diarrhea and a yeast infection F 50 10 days
30 mg 4X D
 1  cellulitis Clindamycin caused me to get C.Difficile, I was so sick I wanted to die and it actually does kill 14,000 people a year. Can cause permanent damage to intestines, colitis, etc. This poison should be taken off the market completely. F 65 10 days

 1  Abscess tooth Extreme nausea, headaches and chills, my body actually has been shaking. Slight tremors. This is just awful, they need to take this off the market. F 23 10 days

 3  abscessed tooth with cellulitis Pressure in head, anxiety, muscle aches, vaginal swelling and yeast infection. F 32 5 days
300 mg
 5  MRSA/severe bacterial skin infectio Nausea, bloating, malaise. Mental clouding, too, which is supposedly not a regular side effect from the med, but it was bad with me. Be sure that you drink at least one full glass of water with this medicine and sit upright at least for an hour after taking it..otherwise the GI upset is awful. The nausea was the worst I have ever had from a med but if it kills a deadly staph infection, I'm all for it. Clinda , along with Rifampin and a topical antibiotic, seems to have rid me of the awful infection. Just finished 10 days worth yesterday (and 5 days prior of Keflex, which will not touch a serious skin infection like MRSA--acquired from a tiny outpatient procedure at a major hospital) F 52 10 days
4X D

 3  To deal with infected tooth infection seems to be gone, but I got headaches on left side of head. feel dizzy. can not see clearly with left eye. after 1st pill got stomachaches, they were not awful and they were gone after eating yogurt. later on the same day got headaches. Ibuprofen 600 didn't help. I felt dizzy and sleepy. I took one more pill on the evening and next morning, but as my headaches became stronger and I couldn't see clearly with one eye, I stopped using clindamycin after 3rd pill. F 28 2 days
600MG 2X D

 1  Compacted Wisdom Teeth/Extractions Fever, diarrhea, aching legs F 29 7 days

 1  To deal with infected tooth. Nausea, diarrhea, joint pain, headaches M 49 7 days
300 MG 3X D
 5  Lyme disease Taken every other day along with other abx and artemisinin. Two weeks on, one week off for 3 cycles. After reading so many negative comments about this med, I felt it important enough to let people know what I did to avoid these horrific cramps and diarrhea. First time I took this med, I also experienced severe diarrhea and cramps. The VERY expensive probiotics and massive amounts of yogurt did nothing to help. My doctor told me about another type of probiotic called Saccharomyces Boulardii +MOS. I bought mine from vitacost.com. There are many companies who make it. I'm sure they all work well, however I purchased the Jarrow formula. Please PLEASE take this probiotic when taking any type of antibiotic. For me, it worked with the very first pill. I'm at the end of my first year of treatment for lyme disease and have taken so many different antibiotics, it would be impossible to name them all. Since taking S. Boulardii, I have never had an issue with any side effects. F 47 14 days
300mg 4X D
 1  Root canal infection. Prescribed 1st morning i thought my head was going to explode, woke with a severe head ache, took 2 head ache tablets and went back to bed. 2 hours later i awoke still suffereing from the head ache. Explosive diarrhea, no warning just an short stomache cramp and then it is there. I stopped taking this after only 2 days. I still go to the bathroom 8-10 times a day and it has been week since i stopped this medication. I am slowly firming up but i take Dan active twice a day, if this doesn't stop in a few days i will be trying a Diarrhea remedy, over the counter tablet. I will never take this drug again. A week of Explosive Diarrhea can not be normal after stopping the medication, Does it really take this long to clear your system? M 42 10 days
300 3X D
 2  Tooth infection After 3 days of taking Clindamycin HCL 300 MG three times a day my joints and arm muscles are killing me. I feel like I have a Lyme disease. Besides this, I started having chest pain in the heart region. I stopped taking Clindamycin for a day and pain in joints and arms muscles started going away. I repeated this couple of times and each time my pain slowly over one day was milder. I reduced dosage to two times a day and side effect is still there but not as sever. Hope my tooth infection will be gone with only two capsules per day. M 59 7 days
300 MG 3X D

 1  infection in 10 yr old root canal nothing until day 8 woke up with a severe red rsh on entire upper body, not face, by next day had spread to legs, after getting a Triamcinolone Acetonide cream from Dermotol. DR., stopping clinda, rash on legs is now almost purple! Dentist office today, (Sat), said call Monday, nice, if you saw the rash, you would be scared too M 57 8 days
4X D
 2  possible leg infection My case is complicated. I have had 3 pulmonary embolisms. My leg had a lump. Dr. Thought maybe an infection. He prescribed 10 days. 150 mg 3 x a day. Also told me to take probiotic 4 a day. I became tired snd exhausted. I am on Oxygen temporarily. I had to turn my oxygen way up. On the 3rd day I had the most horrific gastric issue possible. Black burning bowel movement hit me so fast that I could not make it to the bathroom in time. This was not diarrhea but it was sudden onset and explosive. After this horrible event my breathing stabalized and I felt better. I noticed after burning in my chest after taking medicine. There is also a nasty taste in my mouth and general feeling of not being right. I am not taking this any more espically after reading this site. F 51 4 days
15O mg
 1  Abscessed tooth I was pregnant while taking this. I was fine, but 3-4 weeks later I developed horrific stomach cramps and severe diarrhea. It has been 8 days now and I am miserable and I am so worried about my baby/ pregnancy. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Also, it took a while for me to make the connection between these symptoms and this medication. I thought I had a severe stomach flu, but then it just wouldn't stop. F 32 7 days
150 mg x 3

 1  minor root canal ibfection My dentist prescribed this medication to treat minor infection under the crown, root canal was done 12 years ago. I google this pills and got terrified by side effects it could cause. I have sensitive stomach and had I cade of diarrhea in the past, otherwise I am healthy. I took two doses but felt uncomfortable taking it, I just went to him and ask for amoxicillin. I am not risking my health over minor tooth infection! Amoxicillin worked just fine without those side effects. I wonder why manufacturer don't banned this medication, its seems to me that side effect clearly overweight the benefits. M 35 1 days
300mg tid

 1  tooth infection Have I got a severe headache, dizzy. I'm eating yogurt and drinking tons of water. Taking it at good intervals. And I have weird bowel movements. Long thin feces. I feel like I was on a rollercoaster. I have shortness of breath as well. F 19 10 days
300 mg
 2  Cellulitis Explosive bowl movements , terrible leg cramps (different than normal leg cramps ) these were shotting pain, and woke up with severe weird type of headache like brain was swollen. Then started to feel sinus fullness with the headache. I'm a dentist so I have some knowledge. Just stopped right away. Did not second guess. F 57 1 days
500Mg 3X D
 1  Tooth infection, preparation for ro Constantly in the bathroom, very soft, long (really really long) thin stools, not diarrhea. Can't go anywhere because I need to be close to the bathroom-gas feeling is not gas -it's bm. Stomach ache. Was supposed to take for 10 days. I'm stopping now, after 7 days. This drug is no bueno. I've eaten yogurt everyday but probably should have had it at least twice a day. Can't take penicillin or sulfa (bactrim) drugs. Why not z-pac or cipro? I won't take this ever again. it's going down on my list of drug allergies. F 44 10 days
300 mg 4X D
 5  Dental Infection Very slight tummy problems. Nothing major. Softer stools, but I took probiotcs and ate yogurt each day. Tummy settled down after a few days of finishing the course prescribed. I usually have every side effect known with all drugs I take, but thankfully I've never had anything major with Clindamycin. I've taken this drug at least 10 times in the last 5 years. I've had a lot of dental work done and am allergic to penicillin, so I have to take something in a different antibiotic 'family'. I need to pre-med for any dental procedures, so I always take Clindamycin. I have had several infections (I'm prone to them, through no fault of the dentist), and they've always started clearing up within 48 hours, no matter how severe they were. One infection was so bad that I had to go to the hospital. 48 hours later, after the Clindamycin was started, I was a LOT better. Can't say enough good things about this medication. I'm sorry others have not done so well with it. F 51 7 days
300 mgs 3X D

 1  BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS WHILE PREGNANT My OBGYN prescribed this while I was pregnant for a yeast infection. I was 5 days post delivery and never finished it. But, it already did enough damage...on my 2nd day post delivery I had contracted C. diff. A very horrible bacterial infection. I had uncontrollable, nonstop diahrea for two weeks (not fun to have after a vaginal delivery). I was hospitalized for dehydration and malnourishment. Was then prescribed Flagyl. It did the trick to get rid of the c. diff. From now on I will definitely do some research on any prescription before taking it. I thought I was going to die. SERIOUSLY CONSIDER THIS ANTIBIOTIC BEFORE TAKING IT!!!! F 26 14 days
? 1X D
 4  wisdom tooth extraction infection bloating, fatigue, loss of taste Developed a subperiosteal infection 3 weeks after wisdom teeth removal and was given a week's supply of clindamycin. I have also begun taking probiotics 2 hours after every dose to prevent lower intestinal problems. Since starting this medicine, I have been carrying a tremendous amount of water weight (+3 pounds) and have been sleeping 14+ hours a day, which has not alleviated my fatigue and loss of concentration-- pretty unusual for me, as I am normally very active and alert. However, my infection seems to be disappearing-- the swelling and pain have both subsided. For those starting this medicine, I recommend a hefty dose of sleep and probiotics-- good luck! F 20 5 days
300 mg 3X D
 1  dental infection Severe headache. Felt like my head was in a vice. Couldnt function. After once dose! Stopped immediately. F 60 1 days
500mg 3X D

 4  infection after wisdom extraction Metallic taste and increased bowel movements but not diarhea. I had a minor rash develop on the 10th day of taking this medication. I also took probiotics 2 to 3 hours after taking a pill and continued to for about 6 weeks after I stopped taking this medication. C-difficle is not present in everybody's gut. I think only a minority of people have c-dificile naturally present in their gut. It's in those who already have c-difficile in their gut that are prone to a c-difficile infection from this medication. I drank down about 4 glasses of water with each pill so did not experience any heartburn and I sat up for about an hour after taking each pill. I was floxxed 3 years prior from Cipro so was almost hysterical that I had to take 10 days of Clindamycin. I had some of the same reactions I had to Cipro(burning skin, nerve pain, insomnia, muscle pain) That is probably only because I had been floxxed previously by Cipro. They were way way less intense and they went away within about 1 week of stopping this medication in comparism to almost 6 months after I took Cipro....yeah, not fun! F 45 10 days
300 mgs 4X D

 1  Removal of wisdom teeth Developed severe C difficile infection at age 18 after having my wisdom teeth removed, I was in the hospital for one week. 10 years later I have had C diff. one more time. I will never recommend this drug to anyone. It has ruined my life. I have permanent IBS and stomach problems now because of it. F 24 2 days
3X D

 5  peridontal infection metallic taste in mouth 10 days of taking Augmentin every 8 hrs. did not clear up my dental infection, so I was prescribed Clindamycin. I was anxious about taking such a powerful drug, especially after reading the comments of this site. Good News folks...I had no side effects or gastro-intestinal issues. The drug eliminated my serious infection - a miracle in my opinion. I always took the dose with food, spaced the doses as far possible, and drank a cup of Kefir liquid yogurt once or twice a day. The week following my last dose I drank 2 cups of Kefir daily. A month has passed since then and I am healthy and suffered no ill effects from the antibiotic. Good Luck to all...hope my experience helps. F 58 7 days
300 mg. 3X D

 1  Wisdom teeth removal None other than the typical antibiotic side effects, which is basically just diarrhea. I am so freaking pissed I had to take this for something as minor as preventing an infection after wisdom teeth removal. It gave me c-diff, which just really pisses me off. Pharmacists need to warn you to at least take probiotics while you're on this antibiotic. M 25 7 days
3X D

 5  staph infection None. Expected diarrhea but took a probiotic and drank 1 Dannon Active each day. Had no problems. Did take exactly every 8 hours to help avoid problems. The moron doctor I took my son to first didn't diagnose his staph infection - so when the new doctor I took him to did diagnose the staph skin infection it was bad, covering 3 different areas, each about 6" x 6", which is why it took 20 days of medication. I didn't see an improvement until the 5th day, but after that the skin infection got noticably better each day, until it was gone. M 11 20 days
300 mg 3X D

 1  Absess tooth Bloating, naseau, increased bowl movements, just didnt feel right F 24 7 days

 4  Abcessed tooth Metallic taste in my mouth, stomach cramping, diarrhea, My doctor suspected an abcessed tooth because I kept having pain after getting a crown. He gave me an extremely high dosage of this stuff and it's wrecking havoc on my stomach. I will be glad when I'm done with this. I can't take it much longer. It does seem to be helping my tooth though. For the first time in over two months I can bite down and not have any pain. F 27

 5  root canal infection none yet Already had c-diff so taking plenty probiotics and hope nothing happens....On day 2 of 7 day course 300 mgs x 3 per day Also, I am pregnant F 38 2 days
 4  Root Canal None at all No problems taking this medication. Followed the directions that accompany the prescrip. F 37 7 days

 3  root canal treatment Loose, burning and frequent stool but not diarrhea. It was as though I had eaten hot peppers the night before. Bad taste in mouth and nothing tasted right. The pharmacist's notes on this medication warned "diarrhea may occur weeks to months after taking". I stopped the medication 2 days ago and my system seems to be getting back to normal. Food tastes good again. It was difficult to gauge its effectiveness because I couldn't tell I had an infection in the first place. F 60 7 days

 4  Throat infection nonstop bowel movements, headaches I cannot stress enough to take a pro-biotic with this!! If you don't you will be in serious trouble. Drink probiotic yogurt type drinks or take the probiotic in pill form. Clindamycin saved my life but it is a heavy duty drug. F 34 10 days

 4  Tooth Infection None After reading up on this drug on this site, I was very nervous to begin taking the course of antibiotics. I was fine though and I think its b/c I loaded up on Probiotics during and after the course of treatment. It was annoying b/c I felt like I was popping pills all day (probiotics are more effective if taken 2 hours after the antibiotic) but all worth it as I had none of the usual side effects. Also, follow the instruction and take with a full glass of water (and/or food) and don't lie down for at least 30 minutes after taking a pill. The one time I didn't follow those instructions I felt the burning in my esophogus. F 35 10 days

 5  Tooth infection When I read the side effects from others who has taken this, I fully expected to have worse diarrhea. I had diarrhea really bad before taking this and it stopped. I felt like I had to "go" alot when in fact I didn't. That was the only side effect I had. When I was done with the medication, I was back to having diarrhea. Did its job. F 39 7 days

 1  tooth infection Stay away from this drug and run from anyone that prescribes it! This drug caused chronic diarrhea that has been going on for over 10 months and that has not responded to Flagyl. Any doctor that prescribes this obviously isn't doing their homework. There are other antibiotics that are safer than this. The manufacturers should be put out of business. M 40 7 days
 4  Gum infection Headaches on the side of my head, not to crazy. infection seems to have gone away, swelling in gums down M 31 2 days

 1  Bacterial Vaginosis Developed C.diff after 5 days of treatment. Did not cure original infection I was put on this due to the fact that I had a bad reaction to Flagyl (I have a review of this med on here too). I was prescribed 300mg twice daily for 7 days. Everything was fine until day 5 when I developed watery diarrea, my doctor sent me to the ER and they confirmed C.diff, I am now taking Vancomycin for that (part 3 of medication my review series coming soon!) Seriously, ask for something lighter if your doc can give it to you. The side effect of c.diff is not worth taking this med. F 29 7 days
 1  bacterial vaginosis Clostridium difficile- persistent diarrhea and pain, which is very difficult to treat... because it is caused by antibiotics wiping out the natural flora in your bowels, symptoms can be alleviated with medication, but it is very very hard to CURE. Clindamycin is on of the main antibiotics that causes C-diff because it is a broad spectrum antibiotic. Ask for something else. Better yet, don't take it unless your life depends on it. F 40 10 days

 2  bacterial infection in vagina I got antibiotic induced colitis. I found out afterwards that Clindamycin is one of the main antibiotics that is guilty of causing clostridium difficile, which produces toxins that cause diarrhea, abdominal cramping, urgency and so forth. It cleared up the bv, but I wish I could have taken something else, or somehow avoided the bv. I was pregnant and I had to wait several weeks (until I got out of my 1st trimester) to start a new antibiotic to clear up the c-diff. I hated having this problem while pregnant, because I did not gain weight and worried about the baby constantly. This problem is more widespread than one would think. I was a very healthy young person. I just want to say don't take antibiotics (esp. Clindamycin) unless you ABSOLUTELY need them. F 31 10 days

 4  root canal infection none M 31 8 days

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