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 3  tooth extraction, dry socket Extreme sleepiness. I checked all online sources and it says it shouldn't cause fatigue, but many people report it. I was unable to stay awake during the day, I had chills as well, but no fever. People should be told it might make them drowsy! F 49 10 days
500mg 3X D

 3  Bronchitis Anxiety, extreme tiredness, feeling spaced out, lethargy, extreme sensitivity to heat, noise, mood swings, night sweats, vivid disturbing dreams, light sleep, hungry yet nauseous , bloating after eating or drinking, a feeling of motion sickness unless completely still just sitting, no motivation to do any activity I have a history of pneumonia so I am too scared to stop taking it in case my bronchitis develops into pneumonia. It seems to be fixing bronchitis and dingus infection F 49 10 days
875 2X D
 4  Strep b infection Some diarrhea but not bad. Extreme fatigue like needing to sleep for 15 hours a day and still feeling tired. Maybe two headaches but not severe. Two anxiety attacks while I have only had mild anxiety up until this, but I knew they were from Anxiety so it wasn't as scary as it could have been if I had never experienced them before, but having my heart race was new. Also experiencing some slight depression. F 21 7 days

 4  Teeth extraction I read up about antibiotics taken Italy and how it can damage the helpful stomach flora. So I stocked up on probiotic foods, yogurt, kale, spinach etc. I haven't had any issue with taking these, and my skin is clearing up. So I learned that my particular type of acne is bacteria based not diet or cleanliness. It's a bit of a blessing actually. M 29 4 days
 3  Tooth infection Extreme anxiety, nausea, chills, headache, depression, irritability, tiredness. I am on my 4th day and I already cannot take this anymore. I would rather have the infection on my tooth than be on this medication any longer. F 21 4 days

 2  Teeth extraction Immediately after taking it I feel "out of it". Confused, dizzy. My heart beat rises and i start feeling very anxious. I start getting very irritated at stupid things. I never have had issues with anxiety or depression. I'm going to stop taking these meds. F 22 7 days

 4  Throat infection This medication worked to clear up my infection, however it caused me fatigue, stomach upset (even when taken with food) and anxiety. F 32 6 days

 1  Flu and sinus infection. Fatigue, anxiety, extremely groggy. I would not recommend this medication due to the mentioned side affects. Look for other alternative. M 43 8 days
500mg bid

 1  Chest infection I had the worst diariah for 2 days then went to a and e they told me to keep taking them I still feel terrible after 7 days of them will never take them again I would rather be ill I have never felt so dizzy tired or depressed in my life I think these tablets were made by the devil M 47 7 days
500 x3

 1  Bronchitis Hot flashes anxiety fast heart beat but really flashed I am panic F 38 1 days

 2  prescribed to my baby of 22 month o Do not give this terrible medicine to toddlers! It provokes hysperia (tantrums) and sleepness in babies and the company forgets to mention such "tiny" side effect! Do not give this terrible medicine to toddlers! It provokes hysperia (tantrums) and sleepness in babies and the company forgets to mention such "tiny" side effect! F 2 3 days
for 12kg 2X D
 5  Bronchitis Worked great. The only side effect I really had was tiredness. That went away after I finashed pills. All antibiotics have side effects. But I will say this one has the least side effects. Good Stuff. M 33 14 days
500 2X D
 1  Kidney infection Fever, chills , extteme panic attack, joint pain, belly pain...went hospital yesterday waa given this med in IV..came home today with presciption and took 1 pill..6 hours later high fever,panic attack, chills sick to stomach..PLZ DONT TAKE THIS GARBAGE..IM WRITING THIS SITTING IN HOSPIT F 28 2 days

 1  Throat infection and flu symptoms Nausea, diarrhoea, feeling flat, anxiety, irritability, short tempered, unable to focus or concentrate, hot and cold flushes. I have suffered from slight anxiety before but taking Amoxicillin increased these feelings and emotions, plus felt really crap, unable to concentrate and I stopped taking it although the doctor recommended I continue to.. Felt better once I stopped taking it with nausea and sickness disappearing immediately but anxiety was worse 24 hours afterwards. It has been 48 hours and anxiety is slowly going away. I will not take it again.... M 39 4 days
500 3X D

 1  Tooth infection Exacerbation of severe anxiety and depression. Folks with anxiety and depression issues, even latent ones, can find this stuff reminding them they have a genetic predisposition to anxiety and depression. Even with my anxiety and depression under control this medicine makes me feel very anxious and give me mood swings. F 48 5 days
1X D

 1  Throat infection Prescribed 500mg of amoxocillin 3x daily for 7days to help cure a throat infection. I'm on my 4th day and I feel worse. Feels as though it may have spread to my ear. Went to the ER and they told me its not an ear infection but the infection has spread to my nerves running along the side of my face and neck causing severe ear pain. Was prescribed T3's for the pain which I decided not to take and tough it through. Ear pain has subsided but I hear a constant buzzing and clogging as as if my ear lobe is plugged. I've been having very vivid terrifying dreams. One night I thought I was dying. I feel very tired and lethargic. Every time I wake up from a nap I'm covered in sweat. My stomach hurts so much. I have constant diarrhea. Feel very light headed and dizzy to the point where I cannot get out of bed. Could this all be caused by the amoxocillin?! I didn't even think about it until I read this thread. Scary stuff. Heading to the doc tomorrow to get some answers. Good luck everyone. Hopefully these symptoms will surpass. F 32 7 days
1500 daily

 3  Tonsillitis omg. i am having the worst anxiety and panic attacks ever. i have had them in the past but this is the nocturnal kind where i wake up freaking and can feel the adrenaline pumping out of my chest. The doc put me on 2000 mg per day and i am sensitive to medications! I think it is too much. It was an urgent care doc and I called them and they will not even talk to me, I have to come in again. Well my insurance sucks so I am trying to handle the rest of this on my own. I was really sick to begin with and now my tonsils are better, not back to normal. However, I cannot sleep...i am awake every hour or less and last night I had 2 hours split up with 3 panic attack sessions and i am still up. I have never asked my husband to stay home from work for anxiety/panic until today. I am freaking out big time. I have taken this drug before and it did not do this to me, but I have never taken 2000 mg per day. I know this is an amazing drug and I appreciate that it has helped me overcome severe tonsil infections in the past. However, this is scaring the crap out of me to have panic attacks like this. F 44 4.5 days
2000 mg 1X D
 1  Strep throat Feeling of being woolly headed after taking for one day but did not associate with amoxicillin. Sore eyes and dizziness. After day 3 checked side effects and was told to stop immediately if dizziness was felt. Never taken antibiotics for long time and would rather suffer sore throat than feel like I'm not on this planet. F 45 3 days
500 mg

 5  lung infection/common flu Confusion/headaches The first 3 days of taking this medication, I experienced slight headaches, nothing too terrible, and i noticed that my teeth hurt whenever my head did. Once again, it was tolerable. I also found that I was a bit confused, when reading, or writing. However, after the first couple days, I experienced no side effects, and I could see that my illness had noticeably began to fade. F 17 2 weeks
500 3X D
 5  sinus and ear infection Made me a little sleepy and that's it. Cleared my ear and sinus infection! F 21 7 days

 1  UTI SEVERE panic attacks. F 26 5 days
500mg 3X D
 3  tooth pain waiting for root canal After second day taking medicine every 8 hours,it makes me feel very tired,I started to cough without having any symptoms of cold, makes my stomach very upset. No more pain but i would rather had take only a pain medicine... F 34 7 days

 1  Sunnis infection Tired, confusion, I felt like my eyes had pressure on them could not see very well. Heartburn , acid reflux. My throat felt like it was on fire.still had Sunnis symptoms . Don't know if it cleared my infection up but I feel a little better less severe F 31 7 days
500 mg

 2  Doctor put me on them Flet like s*** F 33 3 days

 5  Dental pain, need root canal None. Took 4X on day 1 along with 200 mg Ibuprofen, then 3X day 2 & day 3. No pain day 3; deep periodontal cleaning day 4, no pain! Root Canal scheduled next month! F 55 4 days
500 mg

 1  Wisdom Tooth Infection lethargic, extreme difficulty focusing, muscle feel like jelly, joint pain, upset stomach (even when taking with food), over all feeling physically sick, getting plenty of sleep without feeling well rested F 32 10 days
500 3X D

 1  sinus infecetion Heartburn,itchy,overall sick feeling,mouth and gastric irritation ,all the good stuff you have with antibiotics. Was given by dentist for teeth and jaw pain for a maybe sinus infection.Guess was not a infection because it did nothing but give me a delayed case of the squirts two weeks later.This stuff is hard to get out of your system. M 8 days
500mg 3X D

 4  Chest infection and ear infection I suffered with insomnia even on the first night, if anything this made me feel worse than the actual infections. (I was taking it for 5 days not 6 but the drop down box didn't seem to have a 5 in it) 500mg 3 times a day for 5 days. F 19 6 days

 1  Sinus hot flashes, nausea, bloating,loose stools,headaches, fatigue, anxiety, confusion, light headedness, moody, confusion unable to concentrate,night sweats, Heart palpations I couldn't figure out why I am feeling so bad can't get enough sleep, hungry a lot more often then nauseated when I do eat. Also eyes are weak feeling and sensitive to light. Still have sinus stuffiness not sure it's helped at all. I felt worse than when I started the medicine. Im quiting it hopefully I feel better soon been sick for days. I feel weak and sick all over. F 45 5 days
2X D
 4  Tooth infection Yeast infection F 28 7 days
875 2X D
 3  Sinusitis/sore throat I am extremely sensitive to most medications, but to my surprise I had no side effects, but not feeling that much better My symptoms were almost gone after 5 days on Amoxicillin, but returned by the end of the prescription. Am going to Dr. for more advice tomorrow. F 60 10 days
875mg 2X D
 5  sinus / ear infection none. I have taken amox for ear / sinus / upper resp infections for 20yrs. no side effects at all compared to newer drugs. this is a great first line drug, inexpensive and tried and true for decades. only if you are allergic to penicillins, or have a known bacteria that doesnt respond...this should be the first choice. F 47 7 days
500mg 2X D
 3  Sinusitis Tired, sluggish,difficulty concentrating,light headed. I'm not sure if it cleared up the infection since I still have most of the symptoms even though they seem less severe. M 71 60 days
875mg 2X D
 2  outer and middle ear infection Extreme malaise, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, agitation, anxiety, panic attacks Yes, this drug has proven very useful in curing my ear infection, but I would rather have the ear infection then have these side effects ever again! EXTREME ill feeling, much like the flu. Left me in tears. AVOID!!! F 34 4 days
500 3X D

 4  Lung Infection I had no side effects and it got rid of a lung infection. I have responded well, generally speaking, to Amoxicillin. I have taken it whenever it was prescribed for me through the years. M 49 10 days
500 MG. 1X D

 3  inflammation Nausea and immunity of infection to this drug later. M 23 7 days
500 2X D
 3  UTI Headaches, hot flashes (post menopausal and never had them before), itchy skin. Seemed to help the UTI symptoms fairly quickly, but the rest of me is uncomfortable in the meantime. F 52 7 days
875 mg 1X D

 2  Bronchitis Panic attack, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, thoughts of death. flush face, Rushed to the hospital with high blood pressure, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate. S M 32 8 days
500 3X D
 2  Sinus infection hot flashes, nausea, bloating, foul smelling loose stools,headaches, fatigue, anxiety, confusion, light headedness, moody, confusion unable to concentrate,itchy skin, night sweats, low grade temp. Heart palpations I couldn't figure out why I am feeling so bad can't get enough sleep, hungry a lot more often then nauseated when I do eat. Also eyes are weak feeling and sensitive to light. Still have sinus stuffiness not sure it's helped at all. I felt worse than when I started the medicine. Im quiting it hopefully I feel better soon been sick for days. Loss of any activities as I feel weak and sick all over. Had no idea this would happen Don't think I'll ever take again if at all possible to avoid. F 47 14 days
875MG 2X D
 1  strep throat Nausea, diarrhea, weakness, extreme fatigue, headaches This drug did not work for me. 5 days after starting the med I was still in extreme pain. I Continued to be in pain for 2 weeks so it took me 2&1/2 weeks to recover and then I had it again which I am told was most likely due to the meeds (amoxicillin) not being effective the first time around. F 31 10 days
500 mg 3X D
 2  Bronchitis/Sore Throat After taking my meds I experienced extreme (EXTREME) tiredness and a very spaced out feeling. I have no desire to do anything or be active like I usually am. Not experiencing the diarreah and other symptoms listed, just very tired all of the time. F 37 10 days
875mg 1X D
 3  sinusitis panic attacks, back pain, leg pain, dizzy, lightheaded,exhausted, depressed, insomnia, feel psychotic, stiff neck,legs and arms feel heavy, heart palpatations. I feel crazy on this medication. But it seems to be clearing up the sinus infection. My face was swollen the infection so bad and I had an infected area in my nose. All of these things appear to be getting better. But every night when I lay down to go to sleep, I start having panic attacks, heart palpatations, chills, sweats, shaking, tingling, every symptom of a panic attack. So bad that I start hyperventalating. I have to sit up. When I sit up, I start to feel better slowly, but as soon as I lay down again... they're back. I'm on day 3 of this medicine and now I'm starting to have them during the day too. I also feel like there's no hope. I'm so depressed. I have a dendency toward depression, anxiety and OCD, so this is causing it to be sooo much worse. This medication is causing me to constantly think I'm dying. I just want to get off this med! But I'm scared to, cause I am scared the infection will come back and then it will go into meningitis. I'm so terrified of everything. My paranoia is so high right now. Every pain and pinch and little thing I feel, I freak out! I'm so tired. The insomnia is horrible. I've barely slept. I can't wait until this med is done... I never want to take it again! F 33 10 days
875mg 2X D

 3  Infected Wisdom tooth Rapid heartbeat, insomnia, confusion, anxiety, panic attacks, SEIZURES, depression, attempted suicide I've taken Amoxicillin since I was a baby. However, for this infection I was taking 2,000mg per day (500mg 4x/day) - highest dose I've ever seen for anything. The first day I developed insomnia, and things just went downhill from there. By day 7, I was having panic attacks every half hour, SEIZURES, couldn't sleep a wink, and sliced my wrists open with my own fingernails. I stopped it at this point despite being RXed for 8 days - it was making my INSANE. The next day I began to calm down, and within a few days I was back to my old self. The infection cleared but it took 5 days and it came back before my extraction appt. All in vain. Seems I have worse side effects at higher doses. At more normal doses (e.g., 250mg/3x.day) I never got these whacko crazy mental changes. F 24 8 days
500 4X D
 2  UTI No side effects just didn't get rid of my UTI, was still having high fevers after 10 days. Went to the ER found out the infection was in my kidneys and the attending was perplexed as to why I was given this, he said most bacterias are now immune to amoxicillian. Was given a rocephine injection and the fevers are gone. F 30 10 days
500mg 3X D
 1  tooth extraction Developed C Diff, a horrible toxin that was caused by killing all the bacteria in my gut. I had explosive diarrhea the third day on it and it continues 2 weeks later. Take probiotics when you take this drug. I did not and paid the price. M 58 6 days
2X D

 4  Pneumonia I am extrememly sensitive to most all meds; you name it, I react to it. So, when I got pneumonia, I was scared to death. I read on the internet that Levaquin, and amoxicillin are both indicated for pneumonia. Since Levaquin is a fluoroquinolone, and I cannot tolerate that, I was at no other choice but to give the old school a shot. The first night I took one 500 mg pill, I had horrible insomnia. The doctor said that I needed to take at least 3 days on three pills of 500mg. UGH. The insomnia made me CRAZY. I was given a Trazodone to help sleep; MORE INSANE, went to ER. Then, finally I was able to go on 2 pills of 500 mg per day. My insomnia stopped. I did feel very foggy headed however. I had to do the 14 days instead of the normal 10, because I did 2 times per day instead of 10. The pneumonia went away. After having completed the course, a DARK deep depression set in. Yuck. The sleep I got was what I would term, "surface sleep", not deep, restorative sleep. I went on the internet and read about the "gut-brain" relationship. I have intrepidations about pro-biotic pills, so I decided to have yogurt. I went to Whole Foods Market, and bought a particular yogurt called White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt. I had a cup of this on an empty stomach, and within 20 minutes, the dark depression lifted. WOW! There is a problem with yogurt however, if you still have bronchitis, you see, yogurt (and all dairy) makes mucus, which is the LAST thing you want. It can actually make your bronchitis WORSE. Therefore, I think maybe coconut yogurt might be best, even though it tastes nasty. So, I give Amoxicillin (Teva) a 4- It did its job, but the insomnia really sucked. Oh, also after 4 days of having completed the course, the side effects were gone. F 41 14 days
500 2X D
 4  sore throat, bronchitis No side effects noticed, not even the stomach upset. After ten days this finally seemed to clear up a lung infection that started with a swollen throat two weeks earlier. But three days later I still have a lingering ear infection and doctor has prescribed Avelox, but it is one of the lowest rated meds on this site due to side effects and I am hesitant to take it. M 52 10 days
1000 1X D

 4  Throat Infection The only side effect I noticed from Amoxicillin was that it left me lethargic, feeling of mallaise. Amoxicillin did the job. Outside of the lethargy, I did not experience any substantial/noticeable side effects. M 30 10 days
? 2X D

 1  strep throat nausea, anxiety, confusion, abdominal pain, dizziness It's the first time I got this problems, other time I used it without significant side effects. In this case I had to stop at day 3 37 3 days
 1  tooth infection severe back pain, high fever, cramps, dizziness, after taking only two doses my doctor told me in phone to quit immediately. the pains subsided after seven hours of agony. i had interstitial nephritis and i was told never to use this species of antibiotics because taking them would lead into renal failure next time. i was prescribed another antibiotics that suited me and cured the infection. F 49 1 days

 3  Swollen lymph glands & sore throat Meds worked great other than causing me to get Bacterial Vaginosis. F 19 10 days

 2  prior root canal on the 7th dose i got severe stomach pain and vomiting i was on a high dose...500 mg 4xs a day so maybe that's why F 39 2 days

 2  Upper Respiratory Infection I've been on it for 5 days now for the first time in 10 years. I feel like I'm under water, horrible head ache, sinus drainage, itchy & sore throat, jaw pain, light headed F 34 5 days

 4  Bacterial Sinus Infection abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea Worked well. Cleared up infection. Due to GI side effects listed here, especially diarrhea, (during treatment they subsided then returned after treatment) had stool test for c. difficile infection, came out negative. I would recommend you check with your doctor if during or after treatment with amoxicillin you get these symptoms: frequent diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, fever. F 38 10 days

 4  Urinary Tract Infection Horrendous headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms and fever. I'll never take this med again. I'm sensitive to many anti-biotics, so I hope there's still something out there I CAN take! I think that as we age, we become far more sensitive to meds than when we were younger. This one almost had me running to the ER. NEVER AGAIN! F 63 2 days
 3  Possible Strep Throat I developed thrush, my tongue and gums and the inside of my entire mouth was covered with sores and bled. This happened 2 days after starting the drug. I had to get Nystatin swish and swallow to clear up the thrush. So far, I am still using the Nystatin after 2 days and I am still in pain. I also had fatigue and irritability. My sore throat did seem to clear up pretty quickly after starting amoxicillin, but I am not sure if the side effects were worth it. M 32 5 days

 1  root canal i took 500mg 3 times a day before a root canal procedure. This medication gave me a yeast infection which caused immense physical pain and discomfort. i was put on more antibiotics to clear up the infection and the new pills, particularly Cipro, gave me the worst side effects and kept me in bed throughout. im never taking this again. my sister also took it a few years back for her root canal. she turned out to be allergic and got steven johnson's disease. she had rashes all over her body, was hospitalized and almost died. prescription drugs are horrible, there has got to be a better way. F 27 7 days

 2  Prevent infection after surgery Severely upset stomach. I ended up getting an intestinal infection after taking this medication. F 23 7 days

 4  Urinary Tract Infection Had diarrhea and vomiting and was told by my physician to take Flora Q when I have to take Amoxicillin. F 71 10 days

 4  Post-op surgical site infection None I took this after a round of Keflex failed for a post-appendectomy surgical site infection. It appeared to help healing for a swollen, infected incision-now I am just left with a hard, pink scar. F 52 7 days

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