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 5  Bad allergies Horrible drowsiness don't take if you need to stay awake! This ruined my thanksgiving I had not choice but to fall asleep and miss my family fun. But it worked great Knocked me out cold for 12 hours missed out on my thanksgiving because of this stupid pill. worked absolutely great though! F 31 1 times
One pill

 1  Sleep aid None at first, but after continual use, my insomnia increased. Had to urinate many times on the night despite not drinking. Drier skin, hair loss, lower libido, inner ear problems with vertigo, arms going numb, foggy head, severe memory loss/ forgetfulness, depression, tension in neck, inability to relax, pounding heart at night (sometimes i would sleep a couple hours and wake suddenly with my heart pounding for no reason), chronic fatigue from sleep deprivation, blurry vision occasionally but not always (usually first thing in the morning.) Side affects appeared several years into continual use. Trying to quit brought on worse insomnia, which kept me in the cycle. Now on day 2 of detox, and will never touch this again now that I know so many of my health problems are rooted in this one drug! I believe it accumulates in the body over many years and may not appear to be damaging you until everything is out of control. This is how it was for me, and i blamed many of my symptoms on getting older until this site enlightened me. I will detox as long as necessary to be free. F 42 6 years
25 mg
 1  Allergic reaction to a bug bite I was given Benadryl by IV while in the ER. After 3-5 mins I starting having chest discomfort and difficulty breathing which caused a severe anxiety attack. I had blurred speech and my head started twitching uncontrollably. This lasted for about 10-15 minutes. Very scary! Thankful I had a great nurse at my side. Won't be taking Benadryl again! F 31 1 days

 1  migraine headaches I was up all night with fever, chills, and sever body aches after taking ONE benadryl!! I felt worse than any flu ive ever had!! F 44 1 days
 2  Itching Extreme exhaustion/drowsiness. I expect it to make me somewhat drowsy but NOT like this. I used to take it and it didn't bother me much but the last few times I have taken it, the drowsiness is extreme. I started to collapse several times at my desk today, my eyes are horribly red and my speech is slurred. Needless to say, I know I should have taken before bed instead, BUT I wasn't thinking it would be this bad! Should not be over the counter in my opinion...if it can have this effect on anyone. F 25 1 days
25mg 2X D
 4  stuffy nose; can't breathe well none; took at bedtime helped with child's congestion and getting to sleep; only used half a child's dose; (half pill) this is powerful stuff. M 8 1 times
15mg 1X D

 4  allergic reaction Racing heart, malaise, arm heaviness. I have to take when I have reactions to food and medications. I will continue to take, no choice or die. F 44 2 days

 3  sleep aid runny nose Hard time breathing felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack. While I would be laying in my arms and legs would start twitching then my whole body would twitch. I would twitch so bad I would almost fall out of bed. I dont recommend anybody to take it for a sleep aid. Only use for any type if allergic reactions. Also if I got it in a shot form from my Dr I would fill anxious and irritated. Not good F 29 3 days

 1  Allergies I took it once a few years ago and will never take it again! My heart raced, I became nasty with people, and I felt like I was going to faint. F 44 1 days
30 mg 1X D

 2  Sleeping Aid I've taken benadryl before so this isn't the first time I've used diphenhydramine. I used 30 mL of zzzquil to try and help me sleep for the night but 50 mg of diphenhydramine seems like a lot in general, not sure why it's the recommended dose. I think 25 mg of diphenhydramine should be the recommended dose. During the first three to four hours after taking it I began feeling very anxious and uneasy and had a tingling, heavy sensation throughout my arms and legs, and experienced intense surreal visuals as well. It kept me awake the whole night feeling uneasy and after 8 hours my entire body felt very heavy and had abdominal cramps/diarrhea and had to wait until I eventually grew tired in order to get some sleep. I only slept for two hours as a result. These side effects lasted for almost a week, but immediately stopped once I started drinking gatorade, to my surprise. If you want to take this to help you go to sleep please make it as a last resort, after trying everything that is poss I would only recommend this medication if it's for an emergency or when suffering through allergic reactions, but anything else I would definitely not. I went through four days of misery of constant tingling/excitation of nerves throughout my arms and eventually my body which made me feel ill, severe anxiety, extreme insomnia, urinary retention and constipation, lack of appetite, and had lost hours of sleep as a result. Miraculously when I started drinking gatorate the severe symptoms began to subside and I immediately began to feel relieved. Though the insomnia still lurked for a day more, all of the symptoms disappeared within a day. I've went to a general doctor before about this and all he told me is that I just had anxiety and to take medications for it (maybe he thought I was crazy?), and a vitamin b complex shot. The shots did calm me down mentally but not my body and overactive nerves which I've still felt and I did not take my anti-anxiety medication because of the fear of having even worse side effects. I really hope for all those who might be going through the same thing as I did will have this traumatizing symptom resolved when drinking gatorade, I still have to talk to my doctor about this but I'm guessing my body was lacking potassium and other vitamins/minerals and I had been drinking too much water, and nothing but, months before taking zzzquil, so it might have contributed to the severe side effects. M 24 1 days
50 MG 1X D
 1  allergies This is a danerous drug if you do get side affects. I had terrible panic, trouble breathing and was very angry and aggressive. I wouldnt recommend this to anyone . F 36 3 days

 3  Reaction to an insect bite Arthritic pain severe enough to make functioning at work difficult, dry mouth, difficulty staying asleep, hot flashes with mild nausea, severe grogginess upon waking, headache a few hours after the last pill wore off, fuzzy headed thru the next day. F 46 2 days
30 mg

 5  allergies Sleepy and that is it. Strong coffee for daytime dosages works for that. Anxious people will find fault with a sugar pill. F 65 10 years

 1  itchy rash I went brain dead could not walj hardly slurred speach dizzy could not breathe my chest heart felt heavy..i was pulled over i could not even tell the deputy what i took..i went to jail.thanks benydril.you should put a warning of the label in huge letters.sleep aid.this should not be over the counter its been a night mare for me..alliecia artalona F 51 1 days
 3  allergy,itching and hives I take it off and on for hives and allergies and it works great but it knocks me out. But the last few times I have been having nightmares all night and I woke up 3 times last night :( F 30 1 days

 2  Allergic reaction Very jumpy, confusion, and it felt like I had bugs crawling on my head. It did stop the itching on my skin but thats pretty much all it did for me. F 27 2 days

 1  Allergies , Insomnia Allergies , Insomnia , used for years at first then stopped , started using again 4years later due to insomnia and then caused severe burning before , during , after urinating . Just like a urinary tract infection . F 53 3 years
30 MG

 1  Sleep/allergies Irritability Racing heart Anxiety Tremors Severe mood swings Paranoia Anger outbursts F 28 4 years
25 mg

 2  high fever,Migraine,Vomiting,Pain. I was hospitalized for an extremely high fever, migraine, vomiting, body pain, ect. They have me Benadryl, and within 10 minutes my whole body was shot with panic! Sweating, extreme anxiety, thought i was going to die, complete no control over my body it felt like. Brain wouldn't work, I couldn't explain to the nurse how I felt, it was so sudden and unbearable with anxiety and panic, that all I wanted to do was kick, scream, and jump into traffic. It was so scary, and so weird. I hadn't ever felt like that before. I ended up feeling even worse than i did before. So I clearly had some bad side effects from the Benadryl. It was the only medication i had taken. The nurse put a cold cloth on my head, and I laid there trying to relax , and she ran liquids through me to get the medication to pass through faster. Within about 25 minutes , all those bad effects definitely died down quite a bit. I was a bit shaken up for the rest of the night, but the worst of it was only about half an hour long. 100% gone after I woke up, too. :) F 20 1 days
50 MG

 1  Allergies Like tye perdon above, I too had the crawling sensations and it was bad. I thought I had some bed bug or mite, but I after tearing apart my bed and washing sheets, I realized it was the Benedryl doing it. I hate it 3 days
50 mg

 4  ear pain and difficulty hearing Extreme restlessness, inability to sleep F 63 1 days

 1  Allergies Restless legs, nightmares, fatigue next day I took this for about 4-5 days in a row for allergies because my nose gets stuffed up when I try to sleep. It gave me really bad restless legs, it did help me sleep better but I had nightmares, and it made me very tired the following days after taking it (one 30 mg dose before bed). I also noticed my allergies seemed a lot worse the following day(s), headache, sinus, dry eyes - but one kept watering for hours, and I felt almost depressed. I also woke with ear pain and could feel liquid in my ears about to come out when I'd wake up. I think it was draining my sinuses at night (so clearing my nose so I could breath) but the drainage was causing other problems. I usually take nothing for my allergies and now I remember why. I won't be taking this anymore. Maybe I'll try some natural remedies if needed, occasionally. F 45 5 days
30 mg 1X D

 1  Insomnia I have been taking diphenhydramine for years with no serious problems. However, as I got more dependent on the drug and built up more intolerance I needed to take more for the drowsy effects to work. There's a reason the bottle advises AGAINGST taking it long term! I have OCD and it made my anxiety and OCD worse; I started hallucinating transparent spiders (once hallucinated rats and scorpions that looked real); restless legs; itchy; violent thoughts and urges about others. I have decided to quit taking this after the latest violent though side effect. Not worth it. A few times I had a sense of impending doom and feared that I was going to have a heart attack or die in my sleep. Definitely increases depression beyond "normal" levels as well as suicidal thoughts. Occasionally I l also had short term amnesia that lasted until the next day (forgetting words, not remembering what I was going to do next.) please do not abuse this drug! You don't want to end up hurting yourself or others and the paranoia and constant fear of dying is totally not worth it. It's best to speak with your doctor; although all meds have side effects you've got to decide if the results outweigh the bad. I used to think they did for me with this drug but now don't. F 25 6 years
 4  Allergies After 4 days of regular usage I had a dizzy spell which was almost enough to make me fall down. It lasted 5 seconds or so. A few hours later I was driving on the interstate and had an INTENSE dizzy spell lasting about 20 seconds. My vision was severely blurred and I could not mentally focus on anything around me. Thank God I was on a straight track of road with little traffic. There is no way I could have made a turn or even pulled over to the side without wrecking. I was a little dizzy for the rest of the day but otherwise fine. VERY scary! Works great for my allergies. I had never had a problem before but had never taken it that regularly (keeping it in my system) for several days like that. I was taking one 25mg in the morning and one in the evening as 2 pills at once tends to make me very sleepy. M 37 4 days
25 2X D
 2  Sleep Aid I took Zzzquil (same active ingredient - diphenhydramine) and it knocked me out at about 10:00PM. I woke up at 2:30AM in a panic, severe anxiety, racing heartbeat. It was terrible! Now I realized I get an adverse reaction to this drug, as I've experience the same with Tylenol PM. I did not think that such a common, OTC drug could cause such and adverse reaction. I don't suffer from anxiety normally and I don't take any other medications. M 26 3 days
50MG 1X D
 1  For cold symptoms I had been on benadryl for about my third day. Took it around 11pm and woke up around 1 am feeling like I could not breathe. I was shaking all over and could hardly catch my breath. I had to focus on breathing slowly as I drove myself to the ER. I shook all over and had a rapid heart and elevated BP for about 3 hours. I was given xanax and told to NEVER take benadryl again. The xanax helped as did drinking lots of water to flush the benadryl out. I looked pale but finally made it through, exhausted! Deep breathe slowly if you have a reaction and get to the ER. My throat was so dry it's like it was closing up. F 41 3 days
25mg 1X D
 4  Itching Cramping in legs ..stomach cramping F 46 3 days
25 mg

 1  insomnia restless legs, extreme nausea and anxiety, insomnia, rapid heart rate, tinnitus, anger and panic. All which lasted for days. F 29 3 days
50 mg

 1  to help me get to sleep Whole body twitching,muscle aches,cramps in calves anxiety constant urination panic attacks...I thought I was dying....depression...been off it 5 days now. Symptoms are getting better but still groggy...I will never touch this med ever again. It is dangerous and nowhere in the info does it say this can happen F 42 10 months

 3  Sleep aid and allergies. Causes GERD to worsen with heavy chest pressure, discomfort, palpitations, shortness of breath. Nightmares. Strange sensations in feet and legs. Tingly ring and pinky finger. Back pain near shoulder blade. F 53 3 months
 5   1 days

 4  allergy attacks/ sleep aid I first starting taking it for allergy attacks w hives, rash, facial swelling and it works great and fast. I''ve also been working nights for about 7 years so my sleep is off. It works well for insomnia knocks you.out it does loose its potency after a while and your sleep is not as deep... but if your to the point where 50-75mgs doesn't work than its time to look into other options/solutions. After a few weeks I stop taking it for a week or so to give my body a break. But I''ve had no negative side effects. F 26 1 years
 3  allergic reaction to bee sting Extremely sleepy blurred vision and two days later still having dizziness when i lay down or move my head to get comfortable.. literally feels like the room is taking off... F 36 1 days
 1  Allergies Out of body experience, delayed movements, weakness, dizziness, panic attacks, increase in deppression F 16 3 days
25 MG 1X D

 1  Nighttime sleep aid Horrible anxiety attack. Throat went numb then spread throughout my body. Electrical surges. Felt like I was going to forget to breathe. Out of body experience. Thought I was going to die. I will never take this again. F 53 1 days
30 1X D
 5  Sleep Aid None. Drowsiness. I started with 2 - 25mg pills, then went down to 1. I know only use 1/2 a pill at 12.5mg and it works well. M 42 4 years
12.5 1X W

 1  Cold/ sleep aid Bradycardia (very low pulse) chest pressure, head pressure, extreme anxiety, panic attack, restless legs, and it made the insomnia worse. I had been suffering from a cold and insomnia so I took the recommended dosage of Benadryl. Had taken it in the past and it didn't seem to be a problem. This time was different. My pulse which is usually on the fast side, slowed way down. I felt dizzy and anxious and 10x worse than before I took it. I will never take it again. I'd rather be sick and not sleep then go through this nightmare! F 34 2 days
 1  sneezy Twitchy kind of like anxious.keept me awake.took them for years but now i seem to be alergic? 57 3 days
 4  Allergies Hive's if taken alone with out IB, headache in the morning, Foggy brain with memory loss, Itching at times, heavy legs. and numbness through out the body. Both side of my neck felt swollen also when I wake up. I did not know it was the drug until I stopped everything else I took at night. I had numbness in my head and throat and heaviness or swelling in the sides of my neck and then it started to spread through out my body. Unless I take IB with it I wake up with pain in my arms and legs. Foggy brain is really bad with this drug and so is memory loss. I going to try and stop this drug wish I had figured this out sooner. I also have no sex drive and this has been going on for years. F 51 8 years
1X D
 3  Allergies I haven't had allergies very long in my life, but it seems Allegra and Zyrtec work roughly the same as Benadryl WITHOUT the drowsiness and grogginess the next morning! Benadryl does its job, but I am skeptical how good for health this stuff is long term! I felt like I couldn't wake up with any kind of motivation the next morning. I am 35 years old, had been in the Army for 16 years, in pretty good shape, and relatively high health, and I never wake up this groggy outside of Benadryl dosages! And no Mr. 18 year old wannabe know it all, I am not a hypochondriac! You just have youth on your side! I never had allergies until I was 30 years old! M 35 2 days
30 MGx2
 1  With toradol Hot flashes, out of body experience, anxiety F 22 1 days

 5  Allergies I love Benadryl. I usually take 2 a day because my allergies can get bad. If you take it too late it makes it hard to get up before 10 am do take accordingly! Makes me hungry like a hour later. Can really knock you out best sleep ever. Makes you focus for the first hour kinda like your on adderal. F 23 1 years

 5  Severe allergies This is the ONLY antihistamine I can fully count on during allergy season. It zaps all of my hives, rashes, itchy/sneezy/runny nose, itchy eyes/throat, etc. I only wish it were 'non-drowsy'...but I think antihistamines by nature knock most people out. F 30 10 years

 3  Insomnia At first when I started taking Benadryl I would fall asleep. I took about 3 a night then the next day I too 3 but I didnt fall asleep. So i took 2 more. I ended up falling asleep. Every 3 days I take about 2 more and i works. I dont get a dry mouth but my hip area I get a sharp pain. I ignore it cause I am already sleepy and I fall asleep and thats all. Im at 8 a night. tomorrow I might have to take 2 more than I did cause it doesnt work. M 21 9 days
180 2X D
 3  insomnia Worked well at first then my body built up a tolerance so i took more 200mg before bed keep in mind i was taking 100 mg before bed a few weeks later it wasnt working as well i was getting up twice a night so then i increased to 300 mg now im having major swelling in my hands face feet especially my legs....if anyone else experienced edema (swelling) please contact me thanks F 37 2 years
300 mg
 5  Allergies The medicine help my allergies and I can't complain. But, it causes me to have vivid terrifying nightmares which I never have if I don't take the pills. F 20 2 days

 5  Allergies None, sleepy F 24 1 months

 4  Insomnia Incredibly disturbing vivid nightmares - being chased, being hunted by a murderer, my family killed, etc. The dreams feel extremely real when happening. It only happens when I take Benadryl. F 29 2 days
30 mg

 3  Hives during pregnancy Doctor recommended Benadryl during pregnancy for hives. Started having cramping after a few days of taking it. Numbness and tingling everywhere. Worked good with the hives though. F 23 7 days
25 mg

 5  allergies, ibs, anxiety 3 years on and off never everyday. it helps my allergies: itchy eyes, headaches, rash helps with food allergies calms panic attacks helps sleep calms my ibs symptoms, stops my vertigo,, and also calms my shaking when i feel nervous F 27 3 years

 4  To sleep and for minor allergies Makes me groggy in the morning. If I take it too late it is really hard to wake up before 10 am. My Grandmother used to give us this when it was a prescription. It zaps all allergies for me. F 34 30 days
1X D

 5  Preservative allergies, sinus pain 1 pill = dry mouth 2 pills = ASLEEP! I take one pill anytime I am unsure of ingredients in what I'm eating. I have a preservative allergy that causes swelling, headaches, hives. I normally take 1 pill 2x a day, at mealtimes. Sometimes I have had to take 2 pills because something I ate started to give me symptoms. In which case, the two pills KNOCK ME OUT COLD for about 3-4 hours or overnight if taken late enough.Its a deep, dreamless sleep-not agitated or weird. Just knocked out. F 43 3 years
1X D
 3  Sleep aid Worked great as a sleep aid, but the joint pain, numbness in arms and legs, hip pain and muscle twitching increased with use to the point I can no longer take Benadryl, I thought I was dying. I stopped taking Benadryl, no more pain and discomfort. Although joint and muscle problems are not a common side effect, be aware that Benadryl use can cause severe joint and muscle pain. F 42 3 years
50mg 1X D

 5  Allergies Jittery, anxious, decreased appetite. Worked very well for allergies. Side effects were nothing compared to my allergies. Would definitely recommend. F 29 2 days

 1  Allergic reaction (itchiness) Difficulty breathing; anxiety; panic attack; nausea; difficulty swallowing; drowsiness; burning sensation in chest. The feelings were very intense and scary. I felt like I was suffocating and wanted to scream. I received it thru IV before a platelet transfusion.. F 27 1 days
25 mg 1X D
 5  allergies and also.for anxiety Some fatigue but not too much F 26 10 days
25 mg

 1  Shot thre IV before ct scan Felt hot,dizzy,lightheaded,tired,almost passed out,weak M 21 1 days
 5  Allergies,unable to breath,Angioede No side effects except dry mouth when I take it when I do not really need it. I take the dye dye free liquigels;helps manage my EE. This works even better than an epipen I can crush the liquegels in my mouth for quick results when I can not swallow. I could not survive without it. If you are allergic don't take it just like I don't take aspirin F 64 10 years
30mg 8X D
 2  Allergic Reaction Drowsiness, sleepiness, lethargic , short term memory, feel spaced out, and it may be possibly be causing my heart racing, breathing difficulties. I had a barium swallow with follow through test I started getting hives on my face so I took some bendadryl, I wasn't sure if the benadryl helped or not , The next day I had racing heart and breathing difficulties so I took benadryl had it on-going for 6 days so far, Two ER visits, The 7th day was a holiday my heart was racing out of breath felt like I was having a heart attack , I called my dr and she said, " there is a possibilty that Benadryl is making your heart race!" Well I stopped taking it and I guess we will see what happens. Everyone is going to react differently to the same medication. I really think I would rather try a natural remedy then try any of these any longer. F 40 7 days
30mg 3X D

 5  Allergies/Sleep Aid No known side effects. Helps me sleep well through the night and helps with itchy/watery eyes. Just worried about long term use. F 33 2 years

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