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 2  sinus infection Increased coughing, very sore wrists, like carpal tunnel inflammation, loose stools alternating with constipation. Has not helped the sinus problem, but seems to mak it worse, especially causing a lot of coughing. Also my hands are very sore and tingling. F 74 5 days

 3  Sinus and ear infection Nausea, headaches, anxiety, joint pain, heart palpitations, muscle spasms, heart burn, fluttering/spasm in left side of abdomen, fatigue, overall ill feeling If you can stand these side effects, it seems like a good medicine to clear you up quickly, luckily I only have 1 day left, will not take again F 36 6 days
875-125 mg

 1  Sinus infection Dizziness. Head pain. Anxiety panic. Confusion Thought that I was going crazy F 52 2 weeks
Huge dose.

 3  Sinus infection Severe joint pain but not sure if related to medication, reading other reviews feel it may. Have another 7 days of augmentin and will try and finish unless pain gets worse. F 51 3 days

 3  Bronchitis that required respirator Very bad headaches, feeling sleepy, insomnia, severe anxiety, loss of appetite, body feeling itchy. My doctor prescribed it along with cortisone and respiratory physiotherapy because I had the worst bronchitis I 'd ever experienced. I think the medecine helped cure me but I lost self-confidence and the side effects were very difficult to cope with. I'd say be aware of that if your relatives or friends contact you. You may appear hyper anxious and people won't necessarily be sympathetic, thinking it's " just a bronchitis " and not knowing how strong the side effects are.Put your life on hold for a while. Avoid anything / anyone that can enhance anxiety. F 40 8 days
125MG 3X D
 5  Cat bites and scratches Fatigue, appetite loss, nostalgia, hoarseness, blurred vision, dry eyes, leg weakness, brain fog I think this is an excellent drug for bacterial infections, and it is the drug of choice for animal bites. It is very powerful and at higher doses, such as mine, I think some side effects are bound to occur. I didn't find them intolerable, just kind of putting my life on hold for ten days. It sure beats being in the hospital for four days on IV antibiotics. F 63 10 days
875 2X D
 1  Sinusitis Severe anxiety, depression (probably from the anxiety!) About three days into it, started to experience significant anxiety and OCD-ish symptoms; one week after finishing, anxiety largely gone. Went to a quick-med place that prescribed this. Normally take Z-paks for sinusitis without this side effect. Never had this reaction on augmentin when younger. M 47 10 days
875/125 2X D

 1  Sinus Infection The WORST antibiotic I have ever taken. By day 3, I was experiencing severe anxiety, heart palpitations, constant and irrational worrying. I had tingling and numbness in my limbs and had no appetite. By night 3, I was unable to sleep. The next morning, I called my Dr. and had my antibiotic changed. Once I stopped taking Augmentin I started feeling back to normal. F 36 3 days

 1  Acute sinusitis Yeast infection, diarrhea, nausea, numbness of left side, dizziness, stiffness, dizziness so bad had a hard time getting to the toilet with diarrhea. Stopped taking and will never take again F 65 2 days

 1  bronchitis Fatigue, dry-mouth, unwanted feelings of anxiety, upset, not normal for me. Loss of appetite. Discontinued after 4 days, making me crazy. Never again, this is a powerful drug. F 56 10 days
125 2X D
 1  Sinus infection Anxiety, increased heart rate,insomnia,feeling foggy. I haven't had the stomach upset, forced myself to eat something with. But I can't take anymore. Side effects worsening not getting better. Calling Doc in morning. Doubt they will do anything F 5 days
1000 mg/2p

 1  Sinusitis Anxiety, depression, diarrhea, cold sensation, headache, dizziness, mental confusion, drowsiness, insomnia, altered visual perception, weakness, change in breathing pattern, heart palpitations F 35 3.5 days
875 2X D
 2  Infection due to Diverticulitis On the 7th day my husband developed severe joint pain in his neck and wrists and eventually moved all over his body.It hurt him to move. He also had fatigue and dry mouth. M 38 10 days
75 2X D
 3  removal of impacted wisdom teeth Severe headaches, spasms in my legs (especially kneecaps), lack of energy and feeling extremely sick despite eating before taking them. F 24 5 days
 3  ear infection diarrhea, depression, extreme tiredness, mood swings M 28 7 days
375mg 3X D

 4  sinus infection thought I was having a heart attack, arm tingling and numb, very anxious, weird thoughts, sweating it fixed up my sinus infection quickly, but I think they should warn you about possible side effects. last time I took it, for a tooth abscess, I ended up with thrush, so I knew to take yogurt and probiotics this time. so far, so good about that, but i'm only on day 3 of 10. F 69 10 days
875 2X D
 1  Dog bite Severe anxiety, panic, cloudy head, lethargy, joint pain, diarrhea I have never felt so bad as I have on this antibiotic. Almost immediately I began feeling anxious and by day 5 was so anxious, paranoid, and panicking that I could hardly function. I have taken augmentin before but have heard that one can develop hypersensitivity to it later on. Also had upset stomach the whole time even though I ate each time I took it (despite having no appetite) and joint pain that grew worse each day, especially in my shoulder, jaw, and knee. Never taking this medicine again! F 23 10 days
875mg 2X D

 1  tooth abcess Upset stomach, nervous feeling, mood swings, and loose stools. The loose stools resulted in hemorrhoids, which I had to get additional meds for. WORST PAIN with bowel movements that I have ever experienced. F 36 7 days
 1  Possible infection in breast Chest pain, dead arm Very scary, almost went to hospital for the chest. Only took 3 tabs cause I can't continue. Dead arm freaking me out. Didn't know I had any drug allergies but the drug combined with the amoxicillin did me no good. Hope these symptoms clear. F 29
500mg 2X D

 1  pneumonia Hives, swelling of my hands and feet if I got cold, and severe joint pain that lasted 3 weeks, and had hair loss for months afterward. Would never recommend this except as a last resort. The joint pain was really harsh and faded very gradually over the 3 weeks after I stopped taking the drug. I lost a great deal of hair that didn't start growing back until about 5 months after I stopped taking the drug. I don't even want to imagine what may have happened if I had taken this drug through it's full coarse. F 18 2 days
1X D
 1  Drug-resistant E Coli UTI Where to begin? Hives, itching, dizziness, faint feeling, cloudy head, drugged-feeling, anxiety, depression, reflux, heavy/weak limbs, extreme fatigue. Ended 10-day course 2 days early, today. Fought a 3-month urinary tract infection (post hysterectomy w/catheter) with five rounds of antibiotics before a culture was finally done and determined I had a drug resistant form of E Coli causing the UTI. The side effects have been so horrible and the UTI pain still exists so I discontinued med. Should know tomorrow results of recheck culture but expect it to be positive due to continued burning. Doctor said he already alerted Infectious Disease dept immediately after first culture to prepare for possible IV treatments. This drug was only a hit or miss antibiotic for this strain of E Coli bacteria. (Note: mfg is Sandoz, 875/125, 2 x daily) F 48 8 days
 4  Sinus Infection been feeling unusually tired, sluggish, depressed and having mood swings. It didn't occur to me that it might be the drugs! Now that i know why i feel so terrible i've found some relief and will contine my 5 to 10 day course. it's working for it's intended purpose F 20 3 days
2X D

 2  Cat bite intermittent headache, sleepiness, minor joint pain and increased heart rate (temporary) lasting less than an hour. I did take probiotics with every dose and experienced no stomach upset/issues but the sleepiness is a major drag. Drink a LOT of water with this drug to dilute it. F 51 10 days
875 2X D

 4  Cellulitis Diarrhea, then constipation!, muscle soreness, joint pain, anxiety, vaginal yeast infection, thrush in mouth Make sure you take this with food, otherwise you will have diarrhea. HOWEVER, I had been taking a supposedly good probiotic, and was having diarrhea so bad I was pooping my pants. Thought it was the Augmentin, but when I stopped taking the probiotic, the diarrhea stopped. Was eating Chobani yogurt with every meal (add 4 Equal if you like sweeter yogurt), and then actually got constipated. Had not pooped in a solid week, and had to go to ER for enema. My muscles and joints are killing me. Thought it might be the infection, but lots of others are reporting this. This is the WORST antibiotic I have ever taken, but the Clavanate Potassium part is supposed to help resistant infections. Was in hospital on IV Vancomycin and Ampicillin (the IV form of Augmentin), and released on this oral form. Infection is better, but feel like I've been run over by a truck! F 56 16 days
875 2X D

 1  Asthmatic Bronchitis Severe coughing, mood swings, difficulty breathing, nausea, depression. M 20 2 days

 1  Wound infection I have upset stomac, joint pains, insomnia, feel feverish but no fever. I was told to take for 10 days but I'm thinking of stopping, I feel owful M 58 7 days
875-125 MG 2X D

 1  sinus infection Severe joint (hip) pain. Never had any troubles with my hips in my life. Pain has been so severe I felt sick. On the 9th day started with neck, shoulder and back pain. Hopefully if I discontinue this it will stop. Will never take this drug again. F 69 9 days
875-125 2X D

 4  Post Op Infection A little bit of nausea if taken after food, i found taking them just before eating helped alot! depression, mood swings. F 26 1 weeks
 1  Sinus infection The worst vomiting and diarrhea I have ever had for 5 hours straight probably should have gone to hospital but couldn't move this was within 2 hours of taking 1 pill - never again F 64 1 days
125 Mg 2X D

 1  Sinus Infection Severe stomache pain and vomitting. Sick as a dog. Had to go to ER. AMOXICILLIAN IS WAAAAAAAAAY Better and safer when its not cut with other chemichals. F 35 7 days
250 3X D
 1  Chronic staph, skin, tissue F 35 110 days
875 2X D

 1  Sinus Infection Joint pain, muscle soreness, stiff, aching joints Took the generic form Sandoz.. Augmentin made me crawl to the doctor's office the day after Christmas. After 3 short days (3 pills), I am now recovering from the most pain I have ever felt on my life. I have been prescribed steroids, pain pills, and muscle relaxers (more meds) to treat the horrendous side effects from a med. What sense does that make? Still can't bend my back, still can't walk upright, 8 days later...Anybody out there suing Sandoz? F 44 14 days
875 2X D
 1  Sinus Infection I am on Paxil for Panic Attacks but had not had one in over 3 years. On day 3 of taking this med I had a severe panic attack and have felt on the verge of one for the next 2 days. I'm stopping the Augmentin and never taking it again. Severe diahrrea and nausea too -- because of this I got dehydrated. This has been an awful experience! F 44 5 days
1X D
 3  UTI Nausea loose motions dryness of mouth and vagina headache vaginal yeast infection F 27 7 days

 1  Sinus Allergy, Cough with fever Dizzyness, Loose stools, upset stomach and Vaginal Yeast Infection It cause me YEAST INFECTION! Terrible medicine!! F 24 7 days
680 1X D

 1  Tonsillitis Side effects, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, nausea, diarrhea, tiredness, dizziness. The side effects started 2 days into taking the medication. Panic attacks, anxiety, depression by day 4 severe nausea and moderate diarrhea. It is now 3 days after I have finished the 5 day course and I am extremely dizzy, tired, anxious, still nauseous and have light diarrhea. Hoping this subsides very soon as I cannot even think about work. F 39 5 days
875mg 2X D

 1  Bronchitis Diarrhea, Nausea, Depression, Anxiety. I have had to start taking an anti-depressant as I thought I was going to go crazy from the anxiety attacks I had after taking this for 7 days!!! Thankfully my sister also has started taking this medication and is experiencing the same side effects. And funny enough after 4 days of stopping Augmentin, my anxiety has gone. Knowing that Zoloft takes 2 - 3 weeks to work, I am fully convinced that it was the Augmentin that made me feel the worst anxiety in my life. I also had Diarrhea and no appetite whatsoever. Never in my life have I suffered from such appetite suppression as I have on this medication. I feel like these Augmentin poisened me and would say to anyone who is sensitive to medication and prone to anxiety - Beware!!! F 35 7 days
875mg/125m 2X D

 4  Sinus Infection I've been on for 7 days. Depression, irritability, TAKE WITH FOOD. I puked the whole day when I attempted to delay eating with it. Pretty sure I have a yeast infection at this point Otherwise, it's not THAT bad. It is after all an antibiotic and a large dose. There haven't been any side effects that aren't pretty normal. Suggestion: take probiotics with it. F 25 10 days
2000 2X D
 4  Bacterial pneumonia Fourth day into the course, I started feeling wicked headaches. Today, day five, I had one of the worst migraines I remember having. My doctor thinks Augmentin is not to blame, but toxins of the dying bacteria in my lungs. I have taken Augmentin Duo Forte a few times; other than this time, I had no apparent side effects. From the start of the course, my fever disappeared and my body temperature decreased from 40.1 degrees centegrade (104.2 F) to 37 degrees centegrade (98.6 F). I think this antibiotic should not be the first choice for minor infections, such as strep throat (as many users on this page), but it did wonders for my pneumonia. M 36 10 days
1000 mg 2X D
 2  tonsillitis insomnia, dry mouth, heavy limbs... feelings of anxiousness, depression F 28 10 days
250mg 2X D

 1  Sinus Infection Insomnia, very bad nausea, stomach pain and horrible acid reflux I will never take this medication again. I could have probably handled some nausea and stomach pain but the acid refux it gave me was horrible. I thought my throat would errupt into flames. I could not take it any longer then 7 days. F 41 7 days
874 2X D

 1  Sinus Infection Extreme joint pain occurred the 4th day. Lasted for four hours almost cried it was so severe. Faded as the medication was withdrawn. I did not take any more of it. Very frightening. F 41 4 days
875 2X D

 2  Sinus Infection & Ear Infections I'm on my 6th day of taking this antibiotic, and I am feeling: Jittery, Nausea,Loose BM,Elevated Heart rate,Lethargic,Loss of appetite,Dizziness, Confusion, Cloudy feeling as if under water, Emotional, weight loss, mild cramping, dry mouth, Tingling on my left arm to my hand, painful Urination, and Coughing up clear phlegm. I don't even know if this is all normal or not, but I will give it my try to finish this ABX (4 more days to go) and HOPEFULLY all of my Infection related symptoms will cease, if not I fear I will end up with a more severe Infection and maybe hospitalized. Still waiting for the Yeast Infection to pop up... ;/ F 32 10 days
875MG 2X D
 1  throat infection chills, feverish, pain, rash, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea (INTENSE), migraines, tired, pain all over body, severe anxiety/depression. I am currently on day 5? of Augmentin, and I have 5 more days... UGH This is the worst antibiotic EVER! I feel worse then I did before taking it. I am suffering right now as I type this... I don't know how I'm going to make it through another 5 days. I also ALREADY have anxiety/depression, and my medicine for those can't even battle off the anxiety that comes with this medicine. It's horrible! F 20 10 days
2X D

 1  originally sinus infection, UTI Immediate stomach ache several hours after taking, even with meals. Later in course incessant hives/ithcing all over body, hands. Tingling lips I have had this Abic several times and liked it as didn't get yeast infection. Apparently it was responsible for an idiopathic hive response at the end of dosing (10 days) last spring that went on for weeks and only ended with steroid treatment. Fexafenadiene couldn't stop it. I thought I was reacting to contact with a snail enzyme preparation in the lab, but now with this last reaction and checking back on the occurence, I can link it to the augmentin. F 55 10 days
875/125mg 2X D
 1   Depression, sleepiness, anxiety. The side effects did not hit me until day 5. I thought I was just feeling down. I continued the medicine, and side effects got worse. I stopped after day 8 and it took about 4 days for my mood to return to a normal level. I researched the drug. It turns out that they are doing clinical trials on clavulanic acid, which is part of the drug. Evidently it has had some antianxiety reactions on primates. If a drug can produce antiaxiety reactions, it can produce anxiety reaction also. Look up the side effects of antianxiety medicine. I will never take any antibiotics that are coupled with clavulanic acid unless there are no other options. Thanks to everyone who shared their experience. I hope if you experience adverse side effects you will share also. I am also curious the mg of augmentin administered in clinical trials? I bet there is some threshold that the medical community is ignoring? 500 mg 2 times a day maybe? M 34 10 days
875 1X D

 1  sinus infection After a few days on the medication, I began to feel extremely fatigued. It was very difficult to move my arms and legs. I stopped the medication, but the symptoms continued for months. I'm glad I found this site because I began to think I was going crazy. Spent thousands on tests and went to multiple doctors because doctors didn't believe it was the medicine. It's been 5 months and I'm still not 100%. Would stay away from this antibiotic. F 30 3 days
875 mg 1X D

 5  chronic sinusitis None Augmentin XR1000 has been my only saving grace at keeping my chronic sinusitis under control. I at least can taste and smell and there is no discharge when using it as a prophylactic.Sinus surgery was unsuccessful as well as numerous other attempts such as allergy shots, Medications that were vaporized,etc. Thousands have been spent with this condition. My fear now is that the Augmentin is losing the sinusitis war as I have just had a tube put in my left ear. Extreme Congestion is also recurring. I will continue with the sinus irrigation and hopefully find a doctor that can help. M 52 16 months
1000 1X D
 3  Sinusitis Feeling very tired with nauseatic feeling. Feverish with headache and overall lathargic feeling. I will end my course today so I am hoping that I will feel better. My sinusitis is better though. M 47 7 days
1g 2X D

 1  Sinus Infection Jaundice. Liver disease. Projectile vomiting. Extreme fatigue. Vertigo. I was prescribed Augmentin in 1994 when I was 13. The first side effect that I remember was when I was kneeling on the floor getting a book out of my locker and I literally thought that my school was being turned upside down. Everything in my view suddenly flipped sideways, I became very dizzy, and then it flipped back again. I think that happened one more time. After I had finished taking all ten days of the meds, I became very nauseated and began projectile vomiting. This led quickly to jaundice, liver disease, dozens of blood tests, weekly+ doctor visits, 3 months in bed and out of school, and my weight dropping to around 78 pounds; and these are just the things I remember immediately about something that happened to me as a child, 16 years later. Not sure if this is a coincidence, but I didn't grow anymore after that. I would NEVER give this medication to a child or in any situation that did not already pose a threat to life or limb. F 29 10 days
unknown 1X D
 3  sinus and right ear infection insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, itching, extreme blurred vision which I still have after being off for a week. My brain feels off. Memory loss and just feeling wacky. Also a vaginal yeast infection although I take a lot of probiotics. It did clear up the infection, but it is a wicked drug. F 56 10 days
875mg 2X D

 3  Sinus infection The works .... Hot sweats .. Severe headaches joint pain exhaustion Hey just thought I'd share my experience was taking this drug for sinus infection like most people experienced severe headaches . Joint pain. Back pain .., dizziness. Loss of appetite etc etc . Within the second day I couldn't get out of bed due to feeling so yuck thought screw it I'm gonna go cook a massive meal ... Even though I struggled to eat ... I had fruit rice steak bread etc within 1 hour I was feeling so much better and was able to sleep ..... So I just started doing that procedure throughout the 5 day course of taking 2 tablets a day ... I ate ... Then ate ... Ate ate and ate ....... I made sure I was always eating good sized meals and I drank 3 litres of water a day and let me tell you it worked ..... I had still had side effects but they were no were near as powerful from the first couple days ........ At times I would literally have to force the food down my mouth with alot of water and it worked good ....... You won't feel like eating at all but .. Force at least 3 meals a day not snacks but proper portioned meals .,... And add all you can ... Eggs steak bread vegetables fruit and WATER ... Hope that helps M 23 5 days
2X D

 3  post op infection Nausea, anorexia, dehydration, severe indigestion, bloating, abdominal pains, severe joint pains. I was prescribed augmentin 15 days post op as I collapsed with rigors. I took it religiously but spent virtually all day in bed for a week with nausea and little energy due to not eating or drinking. The joint pains started on the 2nd day. At first I thought they were due to a bacteraemia. They became so severe that I could barely walk. My doctor prescribed dihydrocodeine. I finished the Augmentin 2 days ago and my joints are so much better. F 50 7 days
625mg 3X D

 1  Chronic sinusitis diarrhea (even after taking with food); stomach pain; nausea; joint/tendon pain in legs, foot, and elbow; constant fatigue; insomnia; yeast infections that began after 3 days and continued for the entire 6 wks plus another 3 after I finished the course (OBGYN prescribed Diflucan during the 6wk course to treat and prevent yeast infections, but it had no effect at all) I will NEVER EVER take this medication again. I had been on Keflex before for a similar problem and thought that was horrible, so the doctor substituted Augmentin. 9 weeks of constant yeast infections and tendon pain are more than I intend to endure again. The tendon pain is still around 5 months after finishing the dosage. They sent me to a physical therapist for the tendon pain, which they were unable to diagnosis, but to no avail. I blame the Augmentin because I had not pain or previous injuries to the affected tendons before taking the drug. The side effects were way worse than my original sinus infection symptoms. As someone previous said, I would rather DIE than take this drug again. F 30 6 weeks
500mg 2X D

 1  severe ear infection Horrible joint and muscle pain, pouring with sweat, very blurred eyesight, constant breathlessness, exhaustion, can hardly walk. Feel terrible. The infection has got worse, so all this agony is for nothing. Am, stopping the Augmetin and just hope that these effects won't last too long, but am afraid they may, as had previously been poisoned by a fluyoroquinolone antibiotic. Will never take it again. I'd rather die. F 63 4 days
62.5mg 2X D

 3  infection,swollen throat Horrible side effects!I was prescribed this after having been sick for 2 months with severe sore throat,severe cough,fever,congested chest,ear infection,etc.I was given azithromax first,which caused numb feet/hands after first day,was switched to Augmentin,which had crazy side effects.I ate yogurt and probiotics every day,and ate it with a meal,but still had horrible headaches,burning skin,sensitivity to sun,looser stools,what feels like lymph swelling(skin still tender 2 WEEKS after being off it),body aching(and still does),painful itch/burn around girly parts and when having bm.Also,my heart pounded while on this stuff,had heartburn all the way into throat,stomach pain,pain wrapping all the way from abdomen around to back,really unpleasant.Not fun,this medication seems to have cured what I had in some ways,but caused other problems that I am still having.My skin still burns, hurts and feels tender,and I really hope that goes away. Only take this if you have a REALLY tough stomach,and are desperate to get rid of an infection-be really good about probiotics daily,they help with stomach side effects.I would never give this to a child. F 39 10 days
1000 mg 2X D

 3  2 Teeth removed Hives, very bad headaches, thrush on my tounge, and emotional Only on my 4th day and I cant take it! I had two teeth pulled and a sinus closure. This stuff is really strong. Not having the bathroom issues so I guess thats good. I have never experienced headaches like this before and its 20 min after I take the pill (Its NOT from the procedure I had otherwise it would be constant) F 26 12 days
325 2X D
 1  UTI extreme diarrhea, nausea, dehydration; developed C.Diff infection; nearly died. Easily THE worst antibiotic I've ever taken; it nearly killed me. I was put on it after a course of Cipro didn't clear up the UTI I'd been fighting for nearly 2 weeks. Within days, I was vomiting, blacking out, serious runny diarrhea, even WITH food. I was rushed to the hospital after 5 days on the medication and was admitted due to extreme dehydration and non-stop diarrhea. I developed C.Diff (a life-threatening infection of the colon due to the good bacteria in the digestive tract either dead or injured by excessive doses of antibiotics; often leads to septic shock) and came VERY close to dying before the doctors were able to turn everything around. Truly one of the scariest medications I've ever taken. F 46 10 days
850 mg 2X D
 1  Sinus/upper respiratory infection itching, rash, bloating, nausea, face swelling, jaundice, pain in upper abdomen, weight loss, loss of appetite These symptoms appearing within a day or two of the end of the course of Augmentin - horrible itching, feel tired all the time due to lack of sleep, yellow skin and sclera, bloating, nausea... the list goes on and on. The symptoms do not ease over time. Now it appears there is liver damage due to this antibiotic. Testing starts today to determine the damage. Augmentin should be banned from use. M 61 14 days
1X D
 1  urinary tract infection horrible depression, fogginess, nausea F 48 1 days
850 1X D

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