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 1  Sinus Infection By second day had terrible metallic taste, horrible nightmares & severe insomnia. very nauseous I lost 40 pounds in 8 weeks. blood pressure 180/ 120 with heart rate of 140. Was sent to a cardiologist & gastroenterologist. tremor in left hand and foot, slight tremor still in left hand. bad anxiety...like I couldn't breathe sometimes. $3000. copay and they found I had an enlarge the duct in my pancreas. The Dr thought I had pancreatic cancer. also all doctors said it couldn't be still from the Biaxin, but it was. put on 6 medications to bring down blood pressure and increase appetite, some sleeping pills for 2 months. one year later I am pretty much back to myself. horrible medication with horrible side effects! I've read biaxin has been taken off the market in England and Australia due to high mortality from heart attacks during the trials on this drug. I reported all of this to the FDA as should everyone else! F 60 9 days
2 x 500 mg
 1  Sinus infection I started having a horrible tooth ache. Dr. Did a ct scan and found a small amount of inflammation and said it might be causing the pain. He prescribed me biaxin to fight it. The first time I took it I went to sleep with no issues. At this point I had been awake for 3 days in agony from my tooth which turns out was unrelated to the sinus inf. when I woke up I had no appetite when I went to get food, and I was having some bowel issues. I was compleatly unable to sleep that night. I just wasn't tired and couldn't even keep my eyes closed. The next day while at work I noticed a weird feeling in my back, kinda like a euphoric feeling but it's not fun. Over the corse of the day I started getting nausea and twords the ravening I started feeling as if I wasn't in control of my body. My legs were shaking and I was extreamly paranoid. I went to the chow hall and basically had a panic attack because I was so freaked out by what was going on. Later that evening I went to the we because I thought I was allergic or something and when I told them what was happening they basically said I won't die and go away. Now it's 3am and I'm still having the weird feeling in my back and still feel kinda loopy (lack of sleep?) iv got the dry mouth and metallic tast everyone is describing . I tried to sleep but was having extreamly weird dreams or something like that where I woke up terrified and freezing cold. Being cold is odd since I'm currently deployed to Kuwait right now. This has and still is a M 22 2 days
 1  Sinus/Ear infection My first day of 2 pills was completely fine, UNTIL I woke up this morning with the most horrible taste in my mouth..it actually woke me up! I felt ok though, got dressed for work and drove off. 15min into my commute I broke out in sweats, heart palps, ringing in ear, blurred vision, etc. About to literally faint, while driving. I had to pull over and actually take my socks and shoes off because they felt like they were suffocating me(crazy, right)and put my head between my knees. I put the air on high and sat in car, the feeling went away so I stated back to work again and then it all hit me again. I called my hub, in complete panic and tears, and he had to come get me from the store I had to pull over at. This, after 1 day, of being on this med!! And I'm still sick, 8hrs later. I have never experienced anything like it. Stay away from Biaxin!! There are other antibiotics that can help, I really felt like I was going to have a heart attack or pass out while driving....it's not worth it!!! I've ready numerous similar reviews of others experience, this is a horrible antibiotic. I must say my ear and sinuses felt drastic relief in just 1 day but risks do not outweigh the benefit. F 34 1 days

 1  it was prescribed for pneumonia Horrible metallic taste that cannot be gotten rid of. General state of anxiety/nervousness. After 5 full days (5 more to go), I don't feel any better. Still coughing, bringing up phlegm much of the day. F 66 5 days
500mg x 2 1X D
 1  bronchitis Could not finish the prescribed course of the antibiotic due to side effects: massive headache, blurred vision, sweats, bloating, 10 lb weight gain, constant hunger pangs and an itchy rash. It wreaked havoc with my Candida problem. One month later I can't lose the weight, I still have severe GI inflammation, hunger and bloating and terrible itchy eczema that does not respond to anything. I think they prescribe this drug for the plague. Be sure to avoid it like one. F 62 7 days
 1  Pneumonia WORSE THAN THE WORST MUSHROOM TRIP - LEAVES U WISHING U WOULD DIE FROM PNEUMONIA! I was already sick enough, PLUS ADD almost every physical pain others listed here: vomiting, nausea, harsh stomach pains, back pain, chest pain, palipations, itchiness, loss of sensation in fingers so bad I couldnt move them, harsh insomnia/nitemares, depression, FrEaKiNgOuT anxiety/panic attacks, de-personalization & mental confusion so extreme, I had to keep rechecking the date on the newspaper & my phone cuz I could NOT believe it had only been 1.5days! Dysgeusia so bad - I slept with tissue in my mouth to absorb the saliva cuz I thought swallowing was making me throw up while I slept, kept waking up choking, (asphyxiating), ew. Sry, but it was just awful! Tastes like the oldest, dirtiest pennies in the world are constantly in my mouth... Like pennies u dug up from the garden! Its like having the worst experience on mushrooms, but ZERO fun & the bad trip part WONT STOP! I started smoking again too! But its been 2.5 days since I gave up once I figured out what was going on, (no way I can do 10days of this), but the side effects have only improved slightly. Help!!!! F 38 2 days
500mg 2xd

 1  strep throat I was prescribed this medication for 10 days. On the first night I felt fine, the second night I was up from 1:30-7:30am puking every 15-30 minutes. I was begging my boyfriend to take me to the hospital because I thought I was going to die. Terrible taste in my mouth even a day after stopping the medication, terrible gas and bloating. Back pain, stomach pain, feels like I'm being stabbed in the gut. No appetite. Would never take this again, the side effects are just terrible and not worth it. F 21 10 days
500mg 2X D

 1  Cough, bronchitis 2 hours after taking the first pill had extreme nausea. Started throwing up and couldn't stop. After 3 hours of vomiting had a neighbor take me back to urgent care. Got shots of promethizine and other anti nausea med (Zofran). Never been so sick in my life! I usually take Zithromax and have no problem. The Dr. said they have never seen this reaction before! Guess they should read this web site! Run screaming before taking this! F 63 1 days
500 1X D
 1  Bronchitis Bitter, burnt taste in mouth that cannot be gotten rid of, constant low-level nausea, no appetite (possible because of the previous two factors), depression, felt like I wasn't myself. Couldn't stand the side effects after less than halfway through the duration of my prescription. The final straw was that I just didn't feel mentally normal anymore, although I don't know how I could have put up with 6 more days of that taste in my mouth and the nausea. There is no way I will ever take this demon medication ever again. M 31 4 days
1000 1X D

 1  Bronchitis After being on Biaxin for 2 days I got severe lower abdominal pain and diarrhea that caused me to have cold sweats and literally double over in pain. Between 2-3 days on the med I was crying uncontrollably and did not know why. I had anxiety about going back to work. Things I don't normally experience. On day 5 and the doubling over super low abdominal pain is back! I am stopping this medicine immediately!! F 28 5 days

 1  Pluracy Pain in rib cage and severe burning sensation of muscles, mainly around the upper rib cage and breast bone area. Metallic taste in mouth and abdominal burning too. Have not taken very last tablet as only just realised it is the meds that may be the cause. Felt poorly with pluracy befor I took them but got worse once taken. Doctor and consultant at hospital do not seem to be aware of these side effects. Either that or they just aren't saying anything. Can't wait to get them out of my system so I can re-evaluate my own health. Feel sad for anyone else having this problem. Keep strong and positive, that's what in trying to do. Merry christmas F 45 7 days
 1  Throat infection Only on 4th 500mg tablet, on 2nd night of insomnia,anxiety and random crying out bursts, hearing things and all sorts, feel very uneasy. Will not be continuing on these tablets hope they get out of my system ASAP! Throat started to get better pretty much straight away but not worth the side effects! F 30 2 days
 3  varied reasons dental, sinuses.. Bitter metalic taste, tiredness, palpatations iregular heart - those I learnt to tolerate. Then it started effecting my mood when I took it. This got worse every time I took it until now I have been on it for 3 days thos time and have decided I can no longer tolerate it mentaly at all, it puts me in mental hell. Feelings of unreality, depersonalisation, cofusion, anxiety, depression with uncontrolable crying, pessimistic thinking, worries.....feelings of darkness, just insane hell. Its a shame as its one of only a few antibiotics I am not allergic too and it is an effective antibiotic, it does its job but now the downside outways the benefit, I would rather be ill with sinusitus than suicidally nuts. Not recomended for those with already existing mental health probs, anxiety issues... vulnerable or suseptable individuals IMO. F 34 3 days
250-500 mg

 1  Dental Treatment At first extreme nausea/diarrhea and some pain in the 'midriff' area. After I stopped taking this medication, the diarrhea/sickness stopped but still nauseous, extreme pain, and general weakness/sleeplessness as a result. I have been on different medication for a couple of days now and this has not subsided. I am hungry but not at all motivated to eat. Stomach pain appears randomly and feels like being kicked from the inside. New doctor suggested switching to Penicillin as I am not allergic to it and so have no idea why I was given Biaxin in the first place. Do not up/continue this medication, as was previously advised to me, this would be a huge mistake. I am underweight and it has been suggested that the amount I was prescribed is probably culpable for my negative reaction, F 22 3 days
500 3X D
 1   Absolute living Hell last two days. Anxiety attacks lasting 4 hours which leave me speechless and just crying from the fear of nothing and the associated depression. Was a little weepy whilst taking it but not enough to make the link. On day 5 (11 pills from the 14 prescribed) I had an almighty anxiety attack at 2am until 4.30am when suddenly I felt tired and slept albeit not much. Then later that day terrible depression...unable to focus on anything like TV or literally anything...crying. Slept OK that night but disturbed kept waking up briefly every hour, thought I was getting past the anxiety until I had another one that started at 3pm until 7.30pm... wanted to die...literally..then it started to lift and I was "ok" but I am depressed due to the fear of the next attack. Its been 48 hours since I took the last tablet... so worried I won't recover which of course is all part if the anxiety and irrational thinking. Not had this level of anxiety for many years and am wondering if I had taken antibiotics back then but did not make the connection. Would LOVE to hear from others who have had similar experiences with Clarithromycin aka Biaxin and who DID recover from the side effects. Please do not contact me with horror stories of those that are still depressed or anxious as right now, I think that would be counter productive. Many thanks, F 44 5 days
500 2X D
 4  bronchitis and borderline pneumonia I have had the worse night sweats, heart palpatations, bloating, and mouth tenderness to the point my mouth is sore and peeling inside! Very uncomfortable!! I am just really hoping to get better where I can back to myself!! I am very upset with all this, bronchitis is hard enough, then to have to go through all this on top of it!! I hope I never get c sick like this again that requires me to need this medication still have 4 more days and not sure what to do!! Just really tired!:( F 45 10 days
500mg 2X D
 1  Sinus Infection SEVERE UNGODLY HUNGER. I eat and eat and can't get full. I feel like I'm going to throw up from how hungry I am. It has caused me to lose weight, have insomnia, feel light headed, be euphoric, and have the worse metal taste in my mouth. All of this and I've only been on it two days! It's to the point that I've actually had to call my doctor on the emergency after hours line to see if they can give me anything to counter the side effects. It seems to be working to clear the infection, so I am only seeking medications to counter the side effects. Though I must say, it's becoming rather alarming how terribly hungry I am. I can deal with no sleep and feeling weak... But this is something completely different than any side effect I have ever come across. It honestly feels like I haven't had food in a day and yet I'm currently eating! The hunger pain never goes away. F 25 14 days
500 2X D

 1  sinusitis Severe muscle ache from feet to neck, I feel like someone beat me with Tiger Wood's golf driver. I can hardly walk without a cane or support. No relief at all from headaches or sinus congestion. No bad taste, or diarrhea or stomach cramps but I am experimenting insomnia. I have chronic fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, osteoarthritis, severe hearing loss, and rheumatoid arthritis. 65 4 days
500 1X D
 5  Sinus infection None I am on day 7 of 2 500mg once per day, I have not experienced one single side effect F 55 10 days
1000mg 1X D

 1  Sinus infection HORRIBLE lower abdominal pain. The pain was so bad I broke out into cold sweats and could not function. My sinus pain was gone after two days but I can't even function with this level of abdominal pain. The pain is very, very low - almost at my pelvic bone. I also had bouts of lower back and side pain. I have diarrhea which I expected but the pain is really unbearable - an 8 out of 10. At times it just took my breath away and I was doubled over. Called the dr today to change meds. I will never take this medication again. F 45 2 days
500 mg 1X D

 1  Sinus infection Severe anxiety/panic and irrational fears, extreme stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, insomnia, tremors and nervous system shivers, racing heart. I took this drug in July 2012 for a sinus infection. Once on the drug, I could not sleep, eat and or stop vomiting. It took 3 months to start eating and sleeping properly again. I lost 25 lbs and had extreme stomache pain for 4 months. Nervous system tremors/shivers are almost gone 8 months later. I also developed a severe panic/anxiety disorder after taking this medication, that I am still dealing with today. Prior to taking this drug, I never had any history of anxiety or panic attacks. Drs say this drug could not be the cause of anxiety but it all started after I took this drug. F 32 6 days
1000 mg 1X D
 3  Acute Sinusitis The worst thing is the taste it leaves in your mouth.It is almost as bad as the taste you get if you take lunesta.I also experienced nausea,bad stomach cramps,and my stomach was actually sore like I had done an excessive amount of sit-ups.This is the first time I have been prescribed this medication,and for now the jury is still out.It isn't feeling like it cleared my sinusitis up. F 30 10 days
500 mg 2X D
 1  Bronchitis Worst painful gas of my life, diarrhea, headaches, light-headed, loss of appetite, cannot sleep, stomach cramps. Did not help my bronchitis at all! F 41 6 days

 5  Sinus infection and Bronchitis Biaxin worked within a day of starting the medication.. I'm on day 6 and feel great!. My doctor recommended that I take a probiotic with the medication and it must be working as I've had no stomach issues. The only side effects I've experienced: strong metallic taste in my mouth and a few nights of insomnia. F 33 10 days

 5  Sinusitis,otitis media,bronchitis Metallic taste, did seem to make just about everything taste different. Stomach upset occasionally. Did put me in a better mood, gave me energy. After not being able to kick this crud I have had for the last month after being on decongestants and other antibiotics (amoxicillin and omnicef), I will take the side effects. I am about half way finished with my 10 day dosage, it is a very strong antibiotic and high dosage. But overall, I'm satisfied as long as I am feeling better and kicking this crud I have had! M 35 10 days
1000 mg
 1  chest and sinus infection I went to the walk-in because it is the holiday season and my family dr. was not working. Was prescribed biaxin xl. 500 mg. 2 tablets once per day. I am going to stop the medication today and go to my family dr. because I have not slept in three nights! I am a very sound sleeper and this has never happened to me before. I have the most awful taste in my mouth and pain in my stomach and around the kidneys. The cough seems to be drying up but the nausea is making me feel as though I am pregnant. I threw up from the nausea on the first night. I detest this medicine and will never take it again. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight after I get something else for this infection. It's 4:45 in the morning and I am wide awake! I went online to see if insomnia is a side effect of biaxcin xl and am so glad to know I am not the only one experiencing similar side effects. Will NEVER take biaxcin xl ever again. F 42 3 days
500 mg 1X D

 2  Bronchitis Metallic taste in mouth, BLOATING, gas, diarrhea, headache, intermittent racing pulse I have a tendency to get bronchitis 3x per year - usually results from a cold, or sinus infection. I've taken this before and vaguely remember the side effects, but I instinctively knew this medicine would make me feel yucky. With this prescription I took a round of prednisone, and had some cough syrup. I finished the prednisone, only took the cough syrup as needed, and took 9 days of a 10 day dose of Biaxin XL. I can't stand the distended belly, gas, diarrhea and the general discomfort all over my body-- it's UNBEARABLE!! so I quit taking it yesterday and I am STILL waiting for my belly to return to it's normal state!! F 48 9 days
1X D

 5  Chronic Bronchitis Metallic taste in mouth. I get this every time I use this antibiotic, but other than that, nothing. It works like a charm for me. F 35 7 days
500mgs 2X D
 1  Infection in the Lungs Awful Taste in my mouth, White Foam when I wake up in the morning, severe chest pains, severe stomach pains, and I have become a Snapping Turtle, This drug affects Anxiety Medications. I am leaning towards suing the makers of Biaxin XL in a class action lawsuit or I wonder if their is a lawsuit against the makers already. M 31 4 days
1000mg 2X D
 5  Bronchitis Has cured me twice with no side effects. My respiratory system can be likened to my achilles heel. When my body comes down with a chest cold the liklihood of developing bronchitis is very high regardless of what I do to curb the sickness. My body seems to produce an uncommonly high amount of mucus making my lungs feel as though they are heavy filled with glue. I've taken Biaxin XL twice for bronchitis and experienced positive results with no side effects. On a side note the doctor also prescribed 'liquid expectorant' to help clear my stubborn mucus. M 26 7 days
500 2X D

 3  Respiratory infection Loss of appetite; wild dreams; lack of energy Half way through the 10 day course. I can bear the effects if they don't get worse than now, but it's not pleasant. M 54 10 days
500 MG 2X D
 1  Bronchtis Very bad heart palipitations. Feeling almost out of body at times Too wired to sleep The heart palipitations are the worst. I do have WPW which is a heart condition so I asked both the doctor and pharmacist if this medication was ok for me and they both said there is a slight, low risk of heart racing. Mine is beating hard like a drum. I stopped afer 2 days. I wonder how long it will take to get out of my system. A scarey thing to say the least F 32 2 days
2X D
 1  Chest infection Biaxin causes my heart rate to go up, and my blood pressure is up. I think I have my throat swollen as well. I am also taking aerius (allergy pill) with it. I do not think I can take the last dosage. The side effects are just too much! F 35 6 days

 1  Sinus infection Horrible anxiety, racing pulse, depression, uncontrollable thoughts, problems sleeping, could not calm myself down, constantly nervous, shaking hands, confusion, dizziness, trouble focusing Taking this drug was honestly the most terrifying experience in my life. I have absolutely no record of previous mental illness or instability, but this literally made me feel as though I was going insane. I called the pharmacist and he claimed there was no reason it should cause anxiety or anything of the sort but I can assure you it did. I was only on the pills for two days, but I also cut up the pills the first day since I have trouble taking large pills which may have put it into my system a lot faster. Last night was absolutely terrible, I could not calm myself down I was convinced I was going crazy and I did not feel like myself at all. My heart was racing because I was so terrified, I could not control my thoughts or calm down for a second. It was impossible to sleep until finally I was just so exhausted that I passed out. It persisted until the next day (today). When I went to class I could not focus on what the profs were saying, I felt totally out of it and just could not slow down my mind. I would describe it as a numb feeling, I wasn't happy nor sad, just scared out of my mind. I thought I was having a mental breakdown. I've never in my life experienced anything remotely like this. It was the most terrifying experience ever. The second I got home I flushed those pills down the toilet. I would way rather have a sinus infection than risk feeling this way again. I had been taking the pills around 12 pm each day, and obviously skipped today and am already feeling a lo F 19 10 days
500 MG 2X D
 1  Sinus infection Racing heart, metallic taste, anxiety, major insomnia and then manic dreams when I could sleep. No history of mental illness, but symptoms bloomed with the BIAXIN XL and then went away after the drug was flushed out of my system. I stopped taking it after 5 days - thank goodness. It was scary. DON'T TAKE THIS DRUG!!! The adverse side effects are VERY serious. It is NOT worth it. Note: The adverse side effects of BIAXIN XL may be WORSE than the adverse side effects of the regular BIAXIN. M 40 10 days
500 2X D

 3  Sinus infection Okay, I commented yesterday saying NO side effects. This is the first time I am having side effects on this medication. I DO have a metal taste in my mouth, insomnia and heart racing a bit. I have 7 days left however, I might stop this after 7 days instead of 10. F 35 10 days
500 2X D

 1  Sinus Infectio Severe nightmares, anxiety, and racing thoughts. DANGEROUS DRUG. DO NOT TAKE IT!!! It will build up in your system. Check out similar comments here regarding adverse effects of BIAXIN, in addition to adverse effects of BIAXIN XL. M 35 10 days
500 mg 2X D

 5  sinus and ear infecttion First day was diarreah and stomach cramps. Now it's just horrible gas, makes me fart a lot, and bad taste in my mouth. But I am farting all day long, constant. It's wild, but it really helps clear my infections F 38 10 days
500 mg 2X D
 1  sinus Infection Racing thoughts, anxiety, tremors, insomnia, suicidal thoughts Awful experience on this antibiotic. I have no history of depression or anxiety. Once I stopped taking the medicine the above side effects went away. F 24 3 days
500 1X D
 2  Bronchitis and Pneumonia Awful taste, severe headache not relieved by Ibuprofen (feels like someone is crushing my ears together), nausea, loose stools, loss of appetite, loss of touch with reality, panic and anxiety, vivid nightmares, uncontrollable crying I rated this drug a 2 because I can tell it is kicking the infection but the side effects for me are unbearable. I already suffered from depression & anxiety prior to taking this medication but those issues were stabilized. Now I'm in a mess and wondering when the effects of this medication will wear off. I'm sharing my experience not to keep someone from taking the medication but just to tell an honest rating. If you suffer from a mood disorder or BP and take a SSRI, you might want to discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist prior to taking this drug. F 32 3 days
1000 MG 1X D

 3  chronic sinusitis Slight nausea, gas and loose stools, dizziness, confusion, anxiety, increased heartrate, headache, insomnia, vivid dreams, metallic taste in mouth, hungry constantly (holy hunger pangs, Batman!), and extremely thirsty. With corticosteroidal nasal spray, seems to be resolving the sinusitus -- it's nice to be able to breathe again! The side effects almost make it not worth it, though. Because it reduces productivity (a lot!) during the day, and causes insomnia, I take it in the mid to late afternoon. I can get enough done earlier in the day, and the sleep-related side effects are somewhat mitigated by the delay between taking it and trying to sleep. F 29 10 days
1000 1X D
 1  sinus infection insomnia, racing thoughts, anxiety, manic dreams, metallic taste, nausea - DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!! (Note: I have NO history of mental illness! Once the drug cleared out of my system, I was fine.) BIAXIN XL IS A VERY DANGEROUS DRUG! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT! REVIEW ALL OF THE POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS AND DON'T EVEN START TAKING THIS DRUG; IT IS SIMPLY NOT WORTH THE RISK, NO MATTER WHAT IT WAS PRESCRIBED FOR. If you research this drug, you will discover other people have had horrible side effects like I did. It is very potent and not all doctors and pharmacists are aware of the tragic side effects. It was a totally horrifying experience being on this drug. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG. YOU MAY HAVE DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS. F 40 5 days
1X D

 1  Bronchitis Watery Diarrhea , Loss of appetite, Upset Stomach , Loss of sleep (insomnia), Weird taste in mouth (nothing tastes good), Hightened Smell , Nausea, Vomiting Hate in on the 4th day of it barely getting sleep so so tired have had anxiety issues in the past and got rid of them no they are back full force been crying sense of dread , increased heart rate, feeling nervous all the time , lack of appetite i ve lost nearly 10lb in a week beacause i have no desire to eat or drink , My stomach is constinly upset, Differnt sense of smell vomited from changing my childs wet diaper, 5 times , This medication is BRUTAL , Calling my doctor tommarrow and going to see if i can go off it or to somethign else cant take anymore of this makes me feel horriable do wouldnt recommed this to my worst enemy ! F 25 7 days
1000mg day 1X D
 4  Bronchitis Stomach upset, diarrhea, and a little cramping, little dizziness The DR prescribed this medication, for early set bronchitis, IT WORKED VERY WELL!! Have I not taken this drug I probably would've been in the hospital with severe bronchitis. This drug helped me within the first 24 hours of taking it! Also, I am on a low dose of Xanax I take at night before I go to bed for some minor anxiety, and trouble sleeping. I didn't get any nervousness, or psychotic thoughts while using this drug. This drug is a Godsend for people with chronic asthma and bronchitis. F 33 5 days
500 2X D

1X D

 2  Bronchitis On the first 2 days I experienced severe headaches. I was told to stop taking the drug for a couple of days. However, I didn't want my infection to get worse so on the morning of day 4 I decided to cut my dose in 1/2 from 2 tablets a dose to 1 tablet and within 2 hours I started having neck pain and muscle discomfort which lasted over 24 hours. I think this drug should be taken off the market. I was told by my physician to stop taking the medicine and was prescribed another antibiotic. F 38 7 days
500 MG 2X D

 5  Chronic Bronchitis with Asthma Slight nausea and loss of appetite, slight diarrhea and stomach cramp right after I take the medication. I have taken this drug 3 times (for three different exacerbations of bronchitis due to a cold or flu). It worked well and I felt better after a day or two but followed the doctor's orders and took it each time for the full 10 days. I didn't feel much like eating and was slightly nauceous but that could be from the illness. I have a chronic problem with asthma/COPD and when I get sick, my doctor pulls out 'the big guns'. He usually gives me prednisone as well but didn't this time, as taking a steroid continually has serious side effects. I read all the horror stories but Biaxin just helps me. I always sleep well. I did have a strange dream but big deal, who is to say the drug caused that? I always drink buttermilk with this medication to try to maintain the normal flora of the digestive system and eat a bigger breakfast than usual to keep the nausea to a minimum. Maybe the people who wrote the horror stories are either sensitive to this drug or downright allergic. It has helped me 3 times so far, I trust my doctor to give me the appropriate drug and my side effects are no worse than when I take any antibiotic and most of those don't help me. F 57 10 days
1000mg 1X D

 3  strep throat AWFUL BITTER TASTE IN MY MOUTH, WEIRD THOUGHTS WHILE SLEEPING I stopped taking this drug after the 5th day even though I was supposed to take it for 10 days. I had a horrible sore throat and couldn't swallow and it definitely got rid of it in one day but I had weird thoughts at night, depression and cramps with diarea, I would never take this drug again. The worst was the bad taste, I couldn't brush it away with toothpaste. I had never taken this drug before as I had usually been prescribed amoxacilin. M 41 5 days
1X D

 1  Sinus Infection Insomnia (Did not sleep at all for 42 hours), anxiety, paranoia, auditory & visual hallucinations, increased blood pressure & heart rate (heart rate nearly doubled), heart palpitations, myalgia (aches & pains), headaches, severe nausea, dehydration, abdominal pain, gas, metallic taste, tremors, and fatigue. First off, I should mention that I currently take Remeron as an antidepressant, and both Clonazepam and Seroquel to control anxiety disorder. I know that a lot of antibiotics cause nausea, vomiting, flu like symptom etc., but what I went through while taking Biaxin XL for only 48 hours was pretty scary. I eventually called health link after being awake for about 36 hours and was told to discontinue using the product. The health link worker then transferred me to a pharmacist who transferred me to Poison Control who suggested I go to the ER. I instead discontinued use of product and began to feel better. Neither my doctor or pharmacist, nor the people at health link claimed to have ever heard of these types of symptoms, yet here we are with hundreds of posts by people who have experienced similar symptoms. It felt very similar to being on a stimulant, such as cocaine or speed, and Wikipedia (take it for what it's worth) claimed that the drug could even cause false positives for cocaine tests. I was prescribed Biaxin XL 500mg for 10 days, but discontinued after 48 hrs (4 pills) because of how it was affecting me and because of the advice of the people I spoke with at the time. I don't want to sound like an alarmist, and from what I have been able to undercover the majority of people do not experience the types of symptoms I, and others here have listed, but I do find it alarming that insomnia is not listed as a side effect. Would NOT recommend. M 25 2 days
500 MG 2X D

 1  Sinus Infection Metallic taste in mouth, bad stomach cramps, burning sensation in stomach, nausea, flatulence, hunger pangs. I was prescribed Biaxin for a sinus infection. Be warned...it is potent!! I was advised to take it on a full stomach to aleviate any gasto side effects....but after taking only 2 pills I was already doubled over with the worst stomach cramps ever. My stomach burned like it was on fire; it felt like the drug was eating my stomach from the inside out. I was unable to sleep much of the night due to the cramps and bad gas. My husband couldn't believe the sounds coming from my gut. I was supposed to take it for 14 days, but decided right away to stop for fear of worse side effects to come. I have never reacted this way to any drug in my life! Despite only taking those two pills, I still felt sick to my stomach all day today, was unable to eat, and am still suffering from gas and cramps. I will never take this drug again; the side effects are not worth the cure. F 34 1 days
500 2X D

 4  pneumonia and sinusitis Effectively got rid of the pneumonia and other infections but the god...the diarrhea! Every damn 5 minutes I had to evacuate. Next time i'm buying Immodium with it. M 27 7 days
1000mg 1X D

 1  brochitis This drug is awful. It gave me a horrible taste in my mouth and stomach ache. I always felt like I was hungry, but I didn't want to eat anything. Also, I always felt jittery and disoriented. My heart rate increased and I often got sweaty for no apparent reason. Dizziness and uncoordination were some of the other side effects. This drug is the worst. I have never had a bad reaction to medication and this one did a number on me. I was prescribed 2 tablets once per day for five days. I quit on day 3. I just couldn't take it anymore. Stay away from this horrible drug. M 42 3 days
 1  Bronchitis Ringing ears, pounding heart, anxiety, panic attacks, crying and depeession. This med made me feel like I was going insane I do not have a history of depression or anxiety worst experience of my life. F 22 3 days
 2  sinus infection NASTY taste in mouth which worsened upon coughing, dry mouth, trouble sleeping-frequent waking at night, vivid dreams, lethargy, loss of appetite, stomach pains, headache (?sinus vs. med?), Not feeling much better - but sinus pressure lessened- started the med 3 days ago. Can only lay in bed and watch tv. Can't even focus on reading. Side effects becoming intolerable. Part of me wants to stick with it; don't think I've ever stopped an antibiotic mid-course, but just called my regular Dr. to see about switching (got the med from an after-hrs clinic). F 45 3 days

 5  sinus infection did not mix with crestor, so had to stop since I was getting terrible muscle pain, once I stopped crestor temporarily, muscle pain subsided have used for all my sinus infections and works very well M 55 21 days



 3  Bronchitis Naseau, Diahrrea, head-ache I had to sleep like 12 hours a night or else i was dead tired all day while on this. It made my throat and sinus feel better after a few days. M 23 10 days

 3  Strep throat My appetite has been poor, but every time I do eat, I immediately have diarrhea. My stomach is upset, mostly a nauseous feeling. I've had some dizziness. No nightmares or bad taste in my mouth, though - yay! This is day 8 of 10 for me. I've been taking 2 500mg pills a day. My infection is gone, but I don't think I'll take the last two doses; my stomach has felt so yucky and I don't think I can take it anymore. I thought these were just residual feelings from the original illness, but after doing some research I'm sure it's the medicine. F 30 8 days

 2  Sinus Infection Hunger pains, awful taste in mouth, dizziness, faintness, abdominal pain, chills, excruciating head ache, diarrhea, nausea & vomiting. Day 2 on the medication I started to really feel awful. I was light headed, nauseous and dizzy and was experiencing terrible hunger pains even when I was full. Not to mention the disgusting taste this medication leaves in your mouth. 2 Hours after my 3rd dose I had extreme abdominal pains which lead to diarrhea and then vomiting. Only after I threw up everything possible in my stomach did I feel better. I have discontinued and will never take this drug again. F 27 3 days

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