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 1  h pylori Only withstood this murder cocktail for seven days . Almost killed me worst week of my life. Loss of appetite and worse the ppi side effect bring constant hunger pangs M 40 7 days

 2  h pilory Pain in legs and arm increase my heart rate , nausea, lost of appetite F 28 5 days
 1  H Pylori Bad metal taste in mouth, stomach pains the morning of the second day, tremors and anxiety the night of the first day, just an overall awful feeling when taking this medication I normally do have some anxiety, but on this medication it was worse. I've only taken 2 doses, one full day of this medication, but I'm ready to quit. I wouldn't take this medication during a stressful time. Be prepared to take it easy for 2 weeks and feel like crap. F 21 14 days
2X D

 1  H pylori Sucked so much M 15 7 days

 4  H. pylori I have a distasteful metallic taste. Nausea and loss of appetite, very sore muscles, often pain on my right side and back. Stomach feels pretty weird and funny sharp pains one in a while. Cannabis helped my side effects helped me sleep and avoid some of the discomforts. Also helped with my appetite. Mezzo Soup did me well too. Overall I don't complain much, the antibiotics are rounding up my soldiers getting the work done and cannabis ingested and smoked to aid the side effects. Great team! F 21 2 weeks
 1   Back pain, headaches, pounding heart, loss of breath, weakness. I stopped using this after the 2nd day I felt weak and at risk. F 16 1 days

 1  Unidentified gastro infection Nausea, watery diarrhea, mood swings, chest pains, headache, nightmares, odd taste in mouth, loss of appetite. Was told to take this for 7 days due to an infection that wasn't named clearly to me by any doctor. Was to take an hour before food. Two hours after the first dose, the nausea and diarrhea came. After two days, I had to stop taking it because I physically couldn't eat. Turns out most of my nausea from before I started taking the antibiotics was simply IBS. F 21 7 days
2X D
 4  H. Pylori bacteria with ulcer Where do I begin? major nausea with occasional vomiting, pain in upper right side of abdomen,gas, bloating,headaches,mood swings,achy joints. and the most bitter taste in my mouth ever. and last but not least...lethargy. I did find that a probiotic such as Dan Activ is helping a little while on this medication so far..I am on day 6 of 14.I wonder how much more my 116 lb body can handle.It has been rough to say the least. This is my second bout of H.Pylori and I am praying it isgoing to cure it for good..Compared to the pain from the ulcer, I guess the PrevPac is the lesser of the two evils if the ulcer is healed after this.. F 56 6 days
30 MG 2X D
 3  H-pylori HEADACHES!!!!! neck pain, dizzy, depressed, malaise, feel like crap. I will say that I had most of these symptoms before starting prevpac. I have felt the sickest I have ever felt in my entire life! I want this bug out of me, I have lost 25lbs, no appetite, belching like a truck driver and stomach pain so bad at times I would cry. so I will try to keep going with this med & if it does not eradicate the problem then I will go with makula honey and mantula tea F 54 5 days
2X D

 3  h-pylori/ulcer/stomach bacteria Gas, bloating, metalic taste in mouth, little heartburn. F 36 2 days

 1  H Pylori Loose stool, peeing a lot, constant nausea that would last for hours, stomach distress, digestive distress, slight Thrush. On my fifth dose I woke up from sleep with my heart pounding through my chest. Heart rate was normal, but heart was POUNDING, and as a result, two hours later, I am extremely anxious. I have to admit, I've been extremely hesitant about taking PrevPac, but I went ahead and did it anyway. Even after my insurance kicked in, PrevPac was $128 and change, and I don't like wasting that much money, because honestly, I don't have $128 to waste, but before I went to sleep this morning, I messaged my doctor, told him of the side affects, went to sleep, and woke up with the pounding heart in my chest. I'm not sure how to react to it, but to be weirded out and extremely anxious! I'm going to call into work because of it! M 37 3 days
2X D
 3  H.pylori Nausea and acute chest pains Day 2 headache Metal mouth But I feel really gaseous. There is also a feeling of relief in my stomach too. F 26 2 days

 3  h pylori Dizzy the 1st day, and nausea 2nd day as well as vomitting. Pain in right side lower back. I've never felt so bad taking a medication in my life. M 43 14 days
2X D
 3  h pylori antibodies present female, post meno...while the h pylori bacteria wasn't active, i was putting out antibodies...as a precaution to having bariatric surgery, i was prescribed this med. have very metallic taste in mouth, had been constipated due to other meds, so prevpac helped even that out. no yeast (due to age?). tongue swollen somewhat, thirsty. confused/forgetful, but not sure of origin of those issues. too soon after finishing to tell. it wasn't as horrid as I thought. hopefully it's gone, as I just wouldn't want to take that again....supposed to be taken on empty stomach, but that was too harsh for me, so I took 2-3 hrs after eating. husband is on same routine, he has no complaints after 12 days. F 60 14 days
usual 2X D
 5  H. Pylori/stomach ulcer I had the standard side effects loose stool metallic taste sometimes tired sometimes awake. Pretty much just made you some times like not getting better... because of so many pills. Not digging the yeast or the acid reflux. It seems during the medication. Really no acid reflux but now it's more prevalent. But overall satisfaction very pleased. Got testing next week hopefully it will be cleared out of my system... if not I'll try something else :-) F 40 2 weeks

 1  H-Pylori First day, took first pack in the morning, having dizziness. I thought because I had high blood pressure but unusual dizzyness and spining and around 2:00PM ,Pain started from My right side back neck and shoulder then thrigh Arm and upper side of both chest burning pain and pressure-again. I called my freind as I was very scare if as heart attack symptom and I called my friend -he said because I have too much stress at work and anxiety. I had very distubing sleep like palpitain on my chest on upper side center. 2nd day, dizzyness , neck and shoulder pain do not disapear.I thought maybe I got weak from stress then again around 2~3 pm that chest burning pain with pressure for about 40Min. 3rd day, I had strange bitter mouth taste started and still dizzy, light headed, neck and shoulder pain , Arm weakness still there. It was hard to carry even my hand bag. both arm just drop down. No chest pain that day.Sleeping problem Forth day, still dizzy, light head andstarted light conf Now, I understand, all these sickness and feels like I am getting heart attack and gives life threathning -emotional problem was because of PREVPAC side effect which could be fetal. I will not take tonight package and tomorrow one which is the last one out of 14 daysx 2D. I really regreat that why didn't I research earlier then I did not have to go through all those scary symptom and be patient with anxiety. It could've put me into deadly situation. I am glad I know what was the reason and even if this symptom contiuously happen, ( I saw on Med. research, these symptom can continue weeks to a year). I will discuss with my MD DR.next week as I have an appointment on next Wednesday. It IS horrible medicine. They should not even place this in the medication markets--fetal madication--PREVPAC!!! F 45 13 days
30/500/500 2X D

 4  nausea Severe Tongue bitterness tongue bitterness increased to the core.let see where it takes.its 2nd day of medication im on now F 28 14 days
30 2X D

 5  H Pylori Ever lick a 9 volt battery when you were a kid? Yeah, Same Taste. The "runs" on day 7-10. Terrible Lethergy, depression, felt like i was being pelted by a professional boxer in the solar plexus at times - But there were also moments where the "sun peeked through the clouds", felt good and kept me going! To hell and back, but definately worth it - i almost quit because i actually felt worse before i got better - then 2 days after my 2 week therapy - WOW!!!, i finally rid myself of the 2 year funk i was in!!! If you can stand it, please try to stick it out - you might be suprised at the results! I got my life back!!!! Now i've switched over to the homeopathic makula honey/mastic - just to be safe - I shan't go thru that ordeal again - i tell you for sure... M 42 14 days
standard 2X D
 5  H-Pylori Metallic taste, yeast infection and thrush Aside from the side effects mentioned, I was surprised that I was able to handle these massive amounts of anti-biotics. My symptoms cleared up, but unfortunately my H-Pylori was not killed using prevpac. I must now try another plan of attack. F 40 14 days

 3  stomache bacteria constipation , tired all the time, funny taste in mouth, sharp pain in stomache i heard it was a good medicine im only on day four, and constipated. F 24 4 days
 3  H. Pylori Nausea, loose stool, dizziness, light headed, metallic taste, sharp pains in stomach for a few days, weakness, tremors. Taking food before taking medication helps. Also, I recommend ginger for the stomach pains -- helped tremenously. I keep telling myself that it is only a few more days of discomfort and I won't have anymore stomach problems. Unfortunately, I have had to miss a couple days of work because of the side effects. F 40 5 days

 1  H. Pylori anxiety, rising heart rate, tried, weak, Really bad acid reflux I went to the doctor for my sour stomach and my doctor did blood test for H. Pylori and it came positive. She prescribed Prevpac. After taking it for two days, I developed all the side effects, especially anxiety and acid reflux. The PPI comes with Prevpac doesn't help the acid reflux at all. I stopped and feel so much better now F 36 2 days

 2  h-pylori Prevpac 14 day kit, Doctor says take for 10 days... ..initialy seemed like it works..not on day 6.. indeed awful stuff..feels like respetory and my right side chest inflammed..it is sore..I Pray to God that it get ride of my pains and bacteria..So I pray.....Please any helpful e-mails comment that my help me..please send them to frankcmr@aol.com M 46 6 days
 5  stomach bacteria I haven't experienced much. But I am extra gassy, and ALWAYS HUNGRY! It's possible that I am experiencing normal hunger, as it's been so long that I've felt hunger. I got a stomach bacteria from contaminated restaurant food (beware of Elephant Bar) and was nauseated, bloated, and always felt like I had just eaten an entire buffet-and could only get a small amount of food down. Now I feel hungry a lot of the time-which is a little uncomfortable-but easier to deal with than my previous symptoms. I really like this drug, and hope it works. I've only been on it for 4 days now, but if it takes are of my nasty bacteria than it's TOTALLY worth it. F 25 4 days

 3  gastric ulcer extreme nausea-so bad that i had to call off work and didn't want to get out of bad because i thought i would vomit, stomach pains, very gassy, terrible taste in mouth, tired but trouble sleeping, moody, hot flashes and chills, vivid dreams....all of it! i guess its worth it to cure my ulcer, but it sucks that the medicine they give you for your stomach...messes up your stomach! F 19 10 days

 5  H.Pylori/Ulcer Brief faintness, some diarrhea, "metalic" taste common with some antibiotics First day taking pills, upon completing the evening dose I felt very warm on my face/flushed, and got a dizzy spell while shopping and needed to sit for a bit. After that incident that feeling never came back again. A bit of diarrhea came ONLY when I woke up early, took my meds, went back to sleep and woke up. However, when I took the meds with breakfast or dinner, I did not have diarrhea. Other than that, no terrible stomach aches or other related problems. The "metalic" taste came within 10-15 minutes of taking the antibiotics. It went away if I quickly drank a glass or two of water. No biggie. Considering how terrified I was to start the Prevpac fearing I'd be sick from the antibiotics, my experience with it was great and my ulcer issues were 99.9% better before even finishing the bacteria-killing wonder treatment. Thank goodness for this med! F 22 14 days

 3  H.Pylori I am glad that the 14 days treatment was finally over! The side effects that I had were: consitpation, yellowish layer on my touge, eyes felt uncomfortable/vision seemed worse, bitter taste in my mouth, chill feeling, stomache felt empty. The first 2-3 days I had light headache, kept waking up throughout the night. I noticed that drinking more water, especially during the first hour after taking prevpac, would help to decrease the bitter taste. A few times I took it late at night(around 10pm), the bitter taste was much worse the next morning. F 49 14 days

 1  H. Pylori, Heartburn I had all listed side effects plus some of my own. Listed side effects: Diarrhea, Headaches, Taste distortion. Unlisted side effect: my heartburn got much worse - it went totally out of control. I had acid in my mouth. My doctor insisted on me to continue. After 5 days I started coughing up blood - because of irritated esofagus. I stopped taking it. I know that my side effect is not typical. But before taking this medication my heartburn was not that bad - infrequent and totally under control. After taking Prevpac I still cannot sleep - because my mouth is full of acid and that bitter taste is everywhere. I am taking only Prilosec now trying to control it. F 33 5 days
 5  H. Pylori/Ulcer A bit of direahha only when I took the pills in the morning and went back to sleep for an hour or so. Upon waking up and eating,I had some stomach problems for about a half hour. Other than that, I was VERY pleased with the medication. I was suprised I handled THAT many antibiotics. THANK YOU PREVPAC! F 19 14 days

 1  bacteria in stomache would not advise anyone to take it .causes bad things to happen to you F 60 2 months

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