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 5  Tonsilitis and Sinus Infection Bloating and minor stomache ache After 24 hours my tonsils were much smaller and I was able to swallow easily again. Also my sinuses were draining! M 25 2 days
1X D

 5  sinus infection A little ringing in the ears. Worked very well as it usually does if taken one a day. M 64 20 days
875/125 1X D

 1  UTI After 3rd day I started having severe anxiety, depression, feelings of unreality and detachment. Horrific stomach and colon pain with nausea. Not much diarhea as I take probiotics. I still have left colon pain and gastritis 10 days after stopping. Bowels are al messed up. It feels like my gut is totally inflamed. Also had bladder pain! Never had this happen before. Will never take again! F 60 6 days
875/125 2X D

 1  sinusitis After 2nd dose, became very nauseated, cannot even stand the smell of food. Feel like I am going to throw up. Not sure if I am going to continue this medication F 44 10 days
875/125 2X D

 1  Sinusitis add Bronchitis This made me extremely nauseated and the worst headache ever on just the 2nd day. Feel worse than why I was prescribed this medication. I will never take this again. And already had lightheadedness which was made extremely worse by this as well. F 57 2 days

 1  Urinary Tract Infection After just one dose, I had diarrhea and severe nausea, along with dizziness, weakness & fatigue, and my face looks pale and swollen. I was better off with the UTI than this horrible medication. I will NEVER take it again. It is already in the trash! F 34 1 days
2X D

 1  Sinitus All I can say is never again I will take this medicine. After 2 doses my sinuses feel better already however the vomiting as a side effect are worse than the sinus pain was. I have never had a bad reaction from any medication. This stuff is horrible! F 40 7 days
875 2X D

 1  Sinusitis Omg worst drug ever. Day 2 feel so sick and this needs to be take at all times with a lot of food. I hate how I feel on this pool and I hope I never have to take this medication again!!!! Absolute potency 39 7 days

 1  Difficulty swallowing I noticed the expected side effects early on but it peaked on after having taken half of the prescription that I had to stopped it! Severe abdominal pain/cramps and diarrhea even after a week of stopping it, never again and question the dosage right away! M 56 10 days
875 2/day

 2  swollen neck lymph nodes 2nd day the swelling went down which was great but 4th day got a horrible migraine , tension headache for 2 days straight..it was horrible. . Now I feel super bloated but the headache is gone. ..yuck..I never want to take this again and I have 3 more days of it ! F 36 7 days
875 mg

 1  URI/pharyngitis I ate a sandwich and took my dose of this medication. Within an hour after taking this medication, I all of a sudden "didn't feel well". I felt severe nausea, stomach cramping, lightheaded and as if I could feel that pale/clammy feeling coming and going. Note, I was in my car at that point, dropping my child off. Another mom took my child and said "you don't look like you feel well". I said "no, I don't" and I ran home which was five minutes away. I had to run immediately to the bathroom. Was hit with diarrhea and stomach cramps so bad and the extreme nausea. I ended up taking some Zofran for the nausea which helped and crawling into bed. Contacted my doctor the next day who told me to stop the med and that she would call something else in. In fact, she told me another patient had the exact same thing happen to her. Today is three days later and my stomach still doesn't feel right. F 49 1 days
875 2X D

 1  ear infection I took the generic version Amox/k clav 875-125 tab. Dizziness, couldn't walk straight, missed a week of work. Some stomach cramps. Never taking this one again. Today I feel normal again. Took last dose yesterday. F 40 7 days

 4  bacterial infections: sinus, ear, l Strong headache up to 2 hrs after dose, feel lethargic at times, mild constipation. M 48 10 days

 4  sinusitis and bronchitis It's my 5th day on this medication and I'm so dizzy I can barely walk! I didn't take my morning pill and im going to half the dose starting tonight. I think the dosage is too high for me:( I also developed a really awful yeast infection and was given duflican, but I also used an otc treatment that seems to be working. Overall it's a great medication for my infection, I just think the dosage was too high for me which caused these side effects I usually don't have. F 44 10 days
 1  Tooth Abcess Stomach cramps. Bloating and gas. Nausea Extreme irritability. Complete loss of sex drive/interest Extreme itch/burning in chest, stomach and abdomen The first day, I had a little abdominal discomfort, but nothing that was unexpected. By the end of the day, my wife pointed out to me that I seemed very angry (in words that are less than flattering). The second day, the stomach discomfort increased, and I just felt 'wrong'. The third day, the discomfort hit it's peak, including burning and itching deep in my core. I almost went to the ER before checking around and learning that these were indeed side effects. I immediately tossed these in the trash and contact my Dr. about an alternative. Never again... I was in hell. M 34 3 days
750 2X D

 1  Tooth abscess Started off with serious diarrhea every time I took it. Eventually that stopped and I thought I was in the clear until i became insanely agitated and aggressive. I've never felt like this before. I feel like I'm on the edge of cliff about to jump and everything is nudging me closer to the edge. The dumbest things are setting me off . Stay away! F 29 8 days
 1  Swollen lymph nodes Bloating, headache, severe diarrhea, vomiting and abd pain. All of this after only the fourth dose. Do not take abx often. Never have had probs before but will never take again! F 44 2 days

 1  Post cyst removal I was aware this medication would up-set my stomach so I had my lunch around 2pm and took my pill with a full glass of water within 15 minutes after I ate. About an hour and a half later I was hit HARD with one of the worst headaches I have ever had followed by extreme dizziness. After an hour of pain I started vomiting non stop then dry heaving. Had to call the doctor on call go to the ER and push the meds out of my system... Around 5:00am, 15 HOURS later, just started to feel ok and get a handle on it, stomach is still a little uneasy. Never Ever will I take this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F 29 1 days
 1  sinus infection I totally agree with the same people about having a stroke , I took it for 3 days stop causing more problems than ever, inept doctor, prescribed me this , why would they do such a thing , the side effects are terrible I honestly don't think , don't know there medicine M 52 10 days

 1  Sinus and ear canal infection Felt some mild abdominal discomfort on the first day. On day two, ate dinner and took 2nd pill for the day. I immediately began to feel full as if I had eaten every item on a buffet. I then began to feel slightly nauseous and have some increasing abdominal pain. Throughout day three, I began to experience occasional moderate to severe stomach and intestinal burning and pain, and nausea that would come and go randomly with varying degrees of intensity. I did not take the drug at all on day three, and am still experiencing these pains M 49 2 days
125 MG 2X D

 1  Ear infection/sinus First day I was taking theses I had NO symptoms after that I started getting lightheaded and dizzy (vertigo almost like symptoms) made me feel really depressed too almost high anxiety.. Very tired also.. Made me feel like I was in a dream like state also...I've been convincing myself to take these in hopes it would clear any infection I had and that the side effect symptoms would just vanish after taking Augmentin. I'm on my last pill today thank god! F 22 7 days

 5  severe stitch and pain in bladder None it really helped everything was gone the next day as i was also spotting brown along with the pain as it was only a few days after my 1st AF after my missed miscarriage F 22 7 days

 1  Sinus and ear infection Loss appetite , fatigue, very tired, bad mood, weakness on left leg and arm. M 35 10 days

 3  Tooth Abscess Insomnia Persistent throat irritation Night sweats Psychotic thoughts F 39 6 days

 3  Sinus infection Nightwaking, heart palpitations, stomach pain, loose stools in hour following dosage F 35 6 days

 1  infection in my finger diarrhea 4 times out the day stomach keep making all types of noise , bottom is sore F 33 3 days
 1  Severe Sinusitis I took 1 pill twice a day. Rx was for 7 days but I had to quit after 3 days because my stomach hurt so bad & had diarrhea. I quit taking it four days ago and I still feel like I could throw up or have a loose stool at ANY time without warning. This is terrible. The side effects are far worse than the sinusitis it's supposed to treat. I've been told by doctor to eat yogurt and take lactobacillus acidophilus supplements until the good bacteria are fully replaced in my digestive tract. Augmentin kills both good & bad bacteria, so eating yogurt & taking supplements will help. F 37 3 days

 4  Sinus Severe cramps, headache, fatigue Day 3 three severe cramps, could not function, however had this sinus thing going on for too long. Amoxicillin did not clear up infection so Dr. put me on this. Was going to stop but needed to get better so stayed with it. I doubled up on yogurt, gingerale and pepto and felt much better in a day. F 54 14 days
125 2X D

 2  cat scratch fever Had diarrhea, dizziness, red spots on body but not itchy, anxiety, couldnt sleep at night F 23 10 days

 1  severe sinusitis I had sinusitis on the right side of my face with severe jaw pain and thick yellow greenish drainage. Three days after taking Augmentin,I developed mild odorless diarrhea 3-4 times daily. No cramps then, just diarrhea. The sinus pain and mucus left,but I developed facial numbness on that side, which I still have.I finished the 10 day dose on Monday. By Thursday I had unbearable stomach cramps, with light colored semi-solid feces that contained undigested food. I have never seen my feces look like this. I started having 15-25 small strange looking & strange smelling BM'S/day. I would have a BM after eating or drinking anything. A sip of water or even chewing gum. The cramps felt like I was going to have an enormous dump or diarrhea. The cramps had me bent over almost in tears. A week has passed and I am still having after effects from Augmentin. From this point on my Dr will have to prescribe a different antibiotic. The cramps were more painful than the jaw pain caused by the sinus infection. I am currently taking Prilosec,Dicyclomine, Probiotics,and Immodium/Dr. To me it's just not worth taking. F 52 10 days
875 mg

 1  Sinusitis Half Way Through The 10 Day Treatment I Ended Up In The ER Twice Convinced I Was Having A Stroke. I Experienced Facial Numbness, Tingling In My Left Arm, Stiffness In My Neck, Brain Fog, Unbearable Pain And Pressure At The Base Of My Skull. I Am Lethargic And Weak. CT Scan And MRI Found Nothing And The Inept Doctors Made No Connection Between The Drug And My Symptoms. Their Diagnosis Varied From Lyme Disease To Mind Over Matter. This drug should be banned. The side effects do not justify the benefit. A week after taking the drug, I am feeling worse than I did when I started. I hope that the numbness in my left arm and malaise resolve with time. Why my doctor would prescribe such a high dose for mild sinusitis is beyond me. I have lost all faith in doctors and pharmaceuticals because of this horrific experience. F 34 5 days
875mg 2X D

 3  sinus infection Loose stools and stomach bloating F 64 10 days
2X D

 1  infected abscess on thigh Oh my god the dizziness is unreal, the whole room is spinning. Feel totally drunk. Can't drive. Distorted reality. Feel very sick. Hot flushes, really bad stomach cramps, chest pains, depression. Extreme fatigue. Meant to to take it for 7 days but I cannot. I feel I need to go to bed for a month. Horrible horrible drug. F 30 3 days

 1  sinus infection Within 2 hours of first dose, violent vomiting, chills, tremors, sweats, hyperventilation. Needed 911/ambulance/ER. Was immediately put on IV fluids, anit-vomiting meds and later IV painkillers. Vomiting and heaving so violently, there was blood. Severe abdominal pain. Blood pressure went way down. F 57 1 days
875 - 125 1X D

 1  Sinus/ear infection Very loose/muddy stools almost immediately, then abdominal pain by day 3, which became excruciating, then vomiting even though I had taken with food. Really helped the sinus and ear infections, but completely sidelined me. It was awful. F 57 3 days

 4  respiratory infection mild diarrhea this is the only antibiotic that clears up my respiratory/sinus infections every time. Other antibiotics I'm either allergic to or I have to take 2 rounds of for about 20 days because they are not strong enough. I do have mild stomach problems for a few days but the side effects are worth feeling better F 30 10 days
875/125 2X D

 2  Sinus Infection Severe stomach cramps/burning pain in my stomach I was prescribed a 10 day course. The first few days I had some mild stomach upset, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Nothing too serious. However, on day 5, I woke up in the middle of the night with severe stomach pain; I had horrible burning pain in my stomach that extended into my chest. I still took my pill the next morning since I didn't immediately associate the pain with the antibiotic. Big mistake. I became very nauseous and was literally doubled over with pain; burning and cramping that extended into my chest, back and throat spasms, etc. By that evening, I was in agony. My husband wanted to take me to the ER but I was able to get through it with a ton of antacids and gas-x. It has been over 24 hours since I took the last pill and my stomach still hurts. But at least I am no longer in excruciating pain. I honestly thought I was dying. F 44 6 days
875 2X D

 4  stitches in arm antibiotics make my lips peel and my tongue and throat very sensitive and scratchy but they all do and this had no other side effects F 52 10 days
875 2X D
 4  Severe Ear Infection Occasional diarrhea; mild nausea; yeast infection Took this to protect my perforated eardrums from further infection. They healed up just fine and I felt much better within about 4 days of treatment. Do take a probiotic with it, though, as it will mess up your gut flora and can cause yeast infections/thrush. F 19 10 days
2X D

 1  Sinus infection I took my 1st dose Sunday evening, right after dinner. I went in to Urgent Care to relief the pressure I was feeling around my eyes. I woke up early Monday morning, 4-5am, with my heart racing and soon to be the worst dry heaving experience of my life. I was sweating so bad and was shaking uncontrollably! I did this about 4x. Later in the day, I felt feverish, with the worst body aches, and super groggy! I called back my Urgent Care doctor and he told me I had the flu. I suggested switching my antibiotic and never had those symptoms again!!! It was not the flu, but the antibiotic. Do yourself a favor, do not take this medication!!! F 25 1 days
875 2X D
 1  diverticulitis I am having the worst anxiety/panic/depression. As well I feel physically ill. It is completely disrupting my life and my families life. There is no question the symptoms are from this medication. I wake up and have a great day until about an hour or less after I have to take my first dose of the day. I have taken it for my first 8th day dose and hoping to the good Lord my doc will tell me I can stop. The change it has made on me is observed by my entire family. I am a man that has emotion, but nothing like this. For the last week my family watches me bust out in tears randomly throughout the day. It has to seem as if I'm going nuts. Or, I guess I actually am M 39 8 days
2X D
 2  because i have bronchitis this is my second dosage for thile day.and after taking it my upper lip is beating. F 31 1 days
 2  Sinus infection Severe anxiety about nothing, even though I knew everything was ok, made it hard to function. Feelings of worry. Increased blood pressure, heart pounding, changes in breathing pattern, hyperventilating, insomnia, but sleepy when not trying to sleep. Rash after stopping. I'm a pharmacist, and have taken augmentin many times previously with no ill effects. Myself and other pharmacists I work with never knew of the anxiety this could cause. It was terrible. The anxiety started after 4 days, I thought it was from the Sudafed, so I stopped taking that, but the anxiety continued. I would wake early at around 5 am and could not go back to sleep as my mind raced. Then I would have a bm at 5 am for 3 days. The anxiety about the anxiety made it worse. It would be worse in am, dissipate in the afternoon, and return in the evening. It's 4 days since I've stopped taking this. Even though it's been out my system for that long the anxiety is finally subsiding. It gradually got better ever day. I've never had a feeling like this. I couldn't control it, and it was scary. M 31 6 days
875 2X D

 4  Strep Pretty bad nausea but made much better with chewable pepto pills. Lethargy and some itchiness in lower extremities second day. Taking 75 billion count probiotics at least 2 hours after the Augmentin to prevent yeast infection and diarrhea. Get the $$$ probiotics. Started clearing up throat exudate after first day (2 doses!) almost gone by day 3. Strong but worth it for strep. Do your research and you will learn to overcome some side effects. Some read on here are definitely psychosomatic and/or reacting with other meds. Do your homework and dont just blindly take meds. F 32 3 days
 2  Ear/sinus infection; bronchitis Heart pounding/high resting heart rate within hours of taking this med. Couldn't sleep all night; anxiety. Slight dizzy feeling in the center of my forehead, ringing ears, numbness/tingling in left arm all the way down to fingers. I am healthy & not on any meds; I don't like to take anything unless absolutely necessary & try to use naturals/homeopathics etc. When diagnosed with the ear/sinus infections/bronchitis, I was prescribed Augmentin 875 & took the 1st dose Fri night. Called pharmacy & my doc Sat a.m. after just 1 dose, to report high resting heart rate/insomnia. Pharmacist suggested stopping; doc suggested continuing but to split pill in half & spread out dosages (so 1/2 pill 4x/day instead of 1 pill 2x/day). I decided to try this rather than risk getting pneumonia etc., so I did this Sat. & was finally able to rest. Started to feel a bit better & thought my body was getting used to the med. I take probiotics daily & eat many small meals a day, drink lots of H20 & make sure I never take the med on an empty stomach (thankfully no GI issues). Tonight (Sun), I have developed numbness in my left arm, light dizziness & ringing ears, my eyes feel "funny" (like I'd been staring at a computer screen for 24 hours+) and I'm anxious/irritable since last night, that comes & goes without warning; along w/serious dry mouth. I am anxious, so am stopping ASAP/calling the doc tomorrow... All these meds & their side effects are terrifying, my new goal is to strengthen my immune system ASAP & stay as healthy as I can so I can avoid them! It has been helpful to read of others' experiences -- it helped ease my anxiety & make my decision to discont F 49 3 days
875 2X D
 1  Sinusitis / Pleurisy extreme migraine, nausea, dizziness, bladder pain, dark urine, dry mouth, dehydration, itchy skin, yeast infection. I was prescribed this hell of a drug to take for ten days. I could not even get through five. Within the first two days I developed a headache that pounded behind my eye sockets, sensitivity to lights, sounds, nausea that was so bad I wanted to vomit, but could not. I developed itchy skin, all over without rash. I had dark urine, and almost felt like I was getting a uti which is strange because this medication says it even treats uti's. I began drinking a lot of water to help myself out and taking tylenol every 4-6 hours for the headache but nothing helped. I only felt relief while sleeping, and the minute I'd open my eyes the pain in my head would still be there. On day 4 I called my dr, and explained and was told to stop taking this medication. She called me in a medication for nausea, and told me to get excedrine mirgraine otc. I took that four hours ago and feel only slightly better. I am still suffering the effects and my last dose was yesterday morning. I cannot wait for this drug to leave my system. I would seriously not recommend unless the benefits outweigh the side effects. I am now feeling very sluggish, hungover feeling with a wonderful yeast infection also. I'd rather have a sinus infection! F 23 4 days
875 mg 2X D
 3  Sinus and double ear infection I had the WORST headache of my life around day 5 of this medicine and milder (but still quite painful) headaches on the left side of my head for the remainder of my time taking it. However, my ear infection was so bad that I couldn't hear out of my left ear and it did clear that up after just the second dose. This is a very strong medication and does have some unpleasant side effects but luckily it did work. Just be prepared for the side effects and have some drugs to counter them (advil, ibuprofen, etc.) on hand. F 30 10 days
875 2X D

 5  upper respiratory infection At day 6 felt slight ache in lower abdomen over pubic/bladder area and very slight constant burning in urethra as if I had developed a bladder infection. Thought I was dehydrated, but urine was clear. Clearly the bladder is irritated and I feel the need to go more frequently. According to what I have read from others here, this will pass once I am off the augmentin - 3.5 days to go. If it gets too bad, I will discontinue treatment before the 10 days is up. On a scale of 0-10 (10 being the worst) the pain level is about 1-2. It is there, and of concern, but not extreme. On day 7 now - irritation level is stable at 1-2. Will continue to monitor and will be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and will refrain from caffeine, and other irritants for the duration. Good medicine for broad spectrum infection - Felt loosening of the tightness in my chest about 6 hours after taking first dose and improvement continued over the next 24 hours and onward. By the next morning - third dose - had stamina back and was on the mend. F 50 10 days
125 2X D

 3  Bronchitis Seems to be helping me with my bronchitis but not sure if it is worth the side effects. I feel nauseous, sick to my stomach, have a terrible diarrhea, feel out of it and the worst migraines I have ever had. No appetite. I can feel the drug spreading throughout my body, literally. This medication does not sit well with me. F 40 10 days
875 2X D
 3  INFECTION bladder pain I used to be able to take this no problem, but it seems lately if I take it for an infection NOT bladder related, it makes me have bladder discomfort and soreness and the need to urinate more frequently, almost like a UTI, but goes away a few days after stopping the drug.. Not sure if it's killing off all the good bacteria in my bladder and aggravating it? F 32 10 days
1X D
 3  Sinus Bad stomach problem Fatigue Loss if appetite Keep in mind that all this came to me like the 3rd day of taking the pills. M 35 3 weeks

 4  sinus infection Mild dizzy spells and very tired. But I can breathe again! F 40 7 days
125 MG 2X D

 1  Cellulitus due to dog scratch Swelling in arm went down a bit yes so in my case it did what it was supposed to but terrible side effects! Be WARNED! Side effects for me include (irreversible nerve damage on right hand) (YES it WAS this med I got testing done a BUNCH of testing there is no other explanation!) and this started 2 and 1/2 days into treatment (I discontinued medicine right away) (doctors said this was Extremely rare of course it had to happen to me -.-) also not to bad of diahrreah (yogurt helps!) very dizzy and unstable on feet, feeling of 'not being really here' weird feeling...(also I am on NO other meds so keep in mind although drug reaction cause most problems when taking meds it's now always the cause) my symptoms were very very rare but keep in mind side effects do occur, just please be 100% informed before you take any medicines! F 18 3 days
 2  sinus infection Bad stomach discomfort, diarrhea with every dose, impossible to sleep. I think it was too powerful for me (5'10", 225lbs) M 36 2 days

 3  Strep throat Diarrhea,very irritable, exhausted and thirsty F 36 10 days

 3  infected cat bite yeast infection. dizziness. lightheadedness. F 30 2 weeks

 4  cat bite Nausea, Moody, Exhausted, and a little depressed. F 58 10 days

 4  sinus infection I didn't notice any changes until the 4th day of taking it. Suddenly in the middle of the night I woke up feeling like I have a bladder infection or some kind of irritable bowl problem...don't understand being as augmentin is used for urinary tract infections as well. You would think if its strong enough to kill the sinus infection it wouldn't cause a constant peeing feeling. Back to the doctor I go I guess F 34 10 days
875 mg
 4  Infection after foot surgery. Chills bowel issues, confusion and very moody and snappy for no reason. M 24 10 days
 3  Tick bite Made my poo very mushy. Couldn't think clearly or read very well. I have no idea why I even took this. Not too many side effects though I guess. Sorry, but some people are saying this medicine gave them depression and anxiety. How can an antibiotic make you depressed...? I think a lot of people on this site blame their problems on simple medicines. Its an antibiotic given to small children, I highly doubt it will make you depressed or anxious and it isn't even labeled as a possible side effect. M 3 days
750 1X D

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