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 1  Severe Chest Infection Bold metallic taste, extreme vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, insomnia. I also have Chronic Bronchitis and have been prescribed this medication multiple times, i hate it, it ALWAYS makes me sick and i can't stop vomiting. F 19 10 days

 1  Bronchitis headache 5mins after taking it, night sweats,woke up several times during the night with dry mouth and just plain not being able to sleep! woke up with my legs covered in rashes and dark urine this happened after taking just one pill!!!!! F 17 1 days

 5  sinus infection Just the bad taste in my mouth but cured my sinus infection right up. F 55 7 days

 4  Lyme disease The only side effects I have had are hunger in the mornings and a slightly bad after taste, mostly after I go to bed. I am on a coated version of the medication and it tastes like vanilla. I know I come to this site when I am checking a drug that I think I might be reacting to. Not everyone has a bad reaction to a medication and I caution anyone that comes on here and warns people not to take a certain drug. You don't want to discourage someone of trying something that may help. I take 2000 mg of this drug a day and it seems to be helping with my Lyme disease. F 56 58 days

 1  Tonsillitis Really bad taste in mouth; racing heartbeat and heart palpitations; elevated bp (mine is normally very low); bad dreams (when I could sleep); nausea(even taking it with food didn't help the nausea); insomnia (very ususal for me I am usually out as soon as I lay down at night!); dizziness (extreme); some chest pains (probably from the racing heart rate);Feeling like I could not catch my breath; depression; feeling like I was going to die; will not take again EVER! I will never take this medicine again, took it for 7 days before I could not stand it anymore. Nurse at drs' office said it was an allergic reaction to it. Guess I will add it to the ones I can not take (like any form of penicillin) Took about a week to fully clear the stuff from my system (this was not the generic form either) I just wonder if I would have had hives from it too if I had not been taking my Zyrtec for my allergies too. F 39 7 days

 3  sinus infection/bronchitis strong metallic taste in the mouth, nausea, sleeplessness, vivid dreaming, loss of sense of smell, feelings of dread It is more than 2 months since my prescription finished, and I am still experiencing loss of taste and smell. I suppose it helped prevent a secondary pneumonia, but these lasting side effects are difficult to deal with. I have an appointment with an ear-nose-throat doctor to see if there is anything else going on. I've read that biaxin can cause a secondary yeast infection, which may be the cause of the lingering dimished sense of taste. F 55 10 days

 4  yes nausea, hedaches, nightmares, bad taste in mouth, fatigue and after 6 days i couldnt sleep. I felt completly unaware of anything and unwilling to to anything however, biaxin cleared up the infection very fast, so all the side effects i can handle even the ones that made me feel like i was going crazy. i told the pharmacist how alot of anitbiotics like penicillin and biaxin cause me to have a bad taste in my mouth and he said to take it with orange juice and drink that if i had a bad taste in my mouth, now i dont really like orange juice but it deffinatly helped :) F 18 2 weeks

 1  Sinus Infection I was up for three days straight. It was HORRIBLE! Get off this med right away. I was going crazy. I have never had any side effects from a drug. This was the most horrible experience of my life. I didn't sleep for two nights straight. I started to think it would be better to die than to continue like this (I have no depression problems). I finally figured out it was the drug and stopped taking it. I was able to sleep the next night. M 30 3 days

 2  Sinus Infection Extreme Nausea, little appetite, fatigue/weakness, mild diarrhea, bloating, bad nightmares (which I never have). The pharmasist told me to take it with food (which I did) but did not help. I have only been on this for 2.5 days and never had so much side effects with an antibiotic before:( M 36 2 days

 5  upper respiratory infection The horrible metallic taste....always keep breath spray or tictacs handy. My doc started me on Levaquin. Many side effects...and I specifically asked for Biaxin as a replacement. I've taken it before and knew how my body would react. But it's better than the respiratory stuff. As so many of you have stated, Biaxin is hard to tolerate. But in my opinion, it works for me. F 62 7 days
 1  bronchitis Panic attacks when I try to sleep. The only way I can cope is to plan to stay up all night. I can handle the bad taste and stomach upset, but I need to stop the adrenaline rush! Unless you're desperate, ask for something else! F 48 5 days

 1  tooth and sinus infection Hives and swelling on legs, arms, body and ears, Terrible itching, difficulty breathing and swallowing, swollen face and hands I took only 2 tablets, one each 12 hours apart. The side effect started a couple hours after the second dose. I had benadryl allergy in the house so I took 2 tablets. I did not get worse after taken the benadryl but it took several hours for the hiven and swelling to go down. 12 hours after the initial swelling my hands were still swollen F 59 1 days

 1  lung infection Terrible loss of smell, can't smell anything just five days after taking Biaxin slow release. The NIGHTMARES, ANXIETY, depression, crying fits are so scary. This medication almost sent me to the loonie bin. I had no idea that an antibiotic could do this. I have dry cough and a nose that is so dry it parched. the worst is the sick taste and smell of breath from this medicine. I would like to know from others on this site what the doctor said when you tried to change the medicine. AND Could anyone who lost their sense of smell tell me if and when it comes back? AND What can you do to clear this drug out of your system F 47 5 days
 1  bacteria infection Stomach pains, diarrhea constant( all day and part of the night)ssleppnesness. Tired all the time, bad mood, not feeling social horrible taste in my mouth. Taste buds are weird. Not hungry I hate it! I cant stand the bad taste in my mouth. Any suggestions? F 55 30 days

 4  sinus infection Metallic taste in mouth, irritation when urinating on day 4 The side effects were fine compared to amoxicillin - my doc switched me to this due to shortness of breath and hallucination in dreams (or so that is how it felt) F 37 7 days

 1  Sinus Infection Severe dizziness and nausea within the first dose, diarrhea, nightmares about death the second night, terrible stomach cramping, severe bitter taste in mouth, paranoia, crying and scary hallucinations. I have never felt so awful on a medication in my life. I have a history of anxiety and depression...I can't believe this was prescribed to me. All the symptoms I could live with except for the stomach cramping and the mental effects. I ended up in the ER this morning from hallucinations. I felt like I might die. The whole experience was terrifying; do not take it if you have a history of mental health problems! F 29 2 days

 1  Sinusitus Constant dull headache, rapid pounding heart beat, tightness in chest, insomnia, I lasted 7 out of 14 days on Biaxin XL (500mgx2) for a sinus problem. Sinuses felt better after the first couple doses, but I could not make it past day 7. Told my doctor about the side effects, and he said I was probably allergic. Its been 3 days since quitting: chest is feeling looser but I still get occasional bouts of rapid heartbeats around 100 bpm which is higher than my normal rate of 75 bpm. Hopefully things will return to normal once the drug has been completely eliminated from my system. M 35 7 days

 4  Upper respiratory infectn/sinusitis Metallic taste in mouth (like chewing on aspirin), loss of hearing in one ear, insomnia, nervous feeling, fast heartbeat, mild abdominal cramps. After having an allergic reaction to Levaquin, my doctor prescribed Biaxin for 7 days (2x a day).I am currently on DAY 5 and so far it has helped. I started noticing I was getting better after the 2nd day. The side effects started immediately after I took the first pill. I could deal with the metallic taste and even the mild abdominal cramps. What I hate is the insomnia (which started on Day 3)and the nervous feeling at night. If you have to take this pill, then I suggest taking it with food (it won't give you an upset stomach with food). Will I take it again??? I would probably try it again. F 28 7 days

 3  Sinus, chest, and ear infection Strong metal taste in mouth, so disgusting and strong to the point where it woke me up in the night several times. Nausea for a good two hours or so before my body calmed down, and I'm usually not moody - but it had me feeling exhausted and crabby towards everyone. And also feeling useless, as if there was nothing I could do to feel better. Loss of appetite. And just general unhappy feelings. If you're not strong at heart... back away. F 16 10 days

 1  upper respiratory infection loss of appetite. loss of taste. stomach pain, which felt like a hunger pain that could not be relieved. unable to sleep. and worse of all: hallucination! i will never take it again. i never had a such a reaction to a medication before. it was really scary. F 51 3.5 days

 1  Sinus infection, ear infection Hives and swelling on face, difficulty breathing I took only two doses and started having a severe reaction. I went to the hospital and they put me on an IV drip with a hospital strength benadryl and steriods. The taste in my mouth was metallic like putting keys in my mouth or a copper penny. F 34 2 days
 1  Mono/bacterial sinus infection Constant Metallic/Crushed Asprin taste in mouth Had the runs as well and a bad taste in my mouth. It has now been 2 months after I quit using the drug and my family is sick of hearing me complain about this "taste in my mouth." It was nice to see I'm not nuts! I'm curious to know, how long did the metallic taste persist in your experience with the drug? I would just like to get an idea of how long I've got to put up with this. I see that for some it seemed to go away rather quickly while with others it persisted. I will never take this drug again. If anything this experience has taught me to THOUROUGHLY question the doctor about side effects before I take his advice on using a medication for which he has posters all over his walls!!! M 29 2 weeks

 1  bronchitis It's been 2 months since I took the full dose and my sense of smell has not returned back yet to normal. Weird thing I noticed after (not sure why I did it but...) put anti-persperant close to my mouth and the metalic taste was even more concentrated. Possibly the aluminum stuff interacting. Anyway, all that "metallic stuff" in your body can't be good. Trying to detox... M 36 12 days

 2  sinus infection Increasing nausea, dizzy, lightheaded feeling. Extreme tearfulness and inability to concentrate and focus. Depressed mood. Blood pressure was elevated with ringing in my ears. All of this lead to an ER visit where my high blood pressure was treated with clonidine. Within 30 minutes the ear ringing had lessened considerably. I had also developed a severely painful herpetic ulcer deep in my throat and am now being treated for that. The anxiety and psychiatric symptoms are intense and frightening with this drug. I have never experienced a reaction like this with an antibiotic. I will never take this drug again. I have been off of it now for 2 days and still am exhausted from what I went through. F 53 6 days

 2  ear infection, bronchitis Metallic taste in mouth, especially late at night and into the morning hours. 24-hour headaches that started on the 3rd day. Dry mouth at night while sleeping. Irregular heartbeat at times. Night sweats. Does not seem to have much effect on the ear pain or the bronchitis. Going to call the doctor and ask to stop taking it. F 68 7 days

 2  bronchitis brought on by flu Tight chest, difficulty breathing, unusual fatigue which made it all but impossible to do daily exercise or make it through casual tennis match. Bad taste in mouth. Made me sleepy all the time and slightly depressed. Really sapped my energy and made it hard to tend to normal work and daily activities. M 43 7 days

 2  Sinusitis Symptoms similar to very low blood sugar. Extreme hunger pains. Trembling hands and a headache that went away almost immediately upon eating. Symptoms worsened with caffeine. I have taken Biaxin three times, and every time with the same side effects. I feel extreme hunger (almost to the point of nausea), even shortly after eating. If I try not to give in to the hunger, I get a headache, my hands start shaking, and I get very dizzy. If I eat something, within minutes, it all goes away, only to return an hour or so later. M 41 1 days

 1  Sinus Infection Was fine on this until the 5th day... today. I had a horrible metallic taste in my mouth all morning. Then terrible diahrea. Then I felt like my insides were having spasms, especially my stomach. I completely panicked and had to go to the ER. I felt pins and needles in both hands really bad... to the point where when they tried to take my blood pressure, my whole arm lost feeling and my hand uncontrollably cramped up. The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes and then I was fine. Definitely switched off the medication though. I don't EVER want to feel that way again. Don't take it! F 28 5 days

 1  sinus infection tight feeling in chest, low level anxious feeling, badly disrupted sleep, bad taste in mouth, ringing in ears Aside from some horrific nightmares that I experienced while on the drug, the worst part of this drug was that the side effects (other than the metallic taste) have not gone away. My sleep is still disrupted, my ears ring off and on, the tight feeling in my chest has not gone away and I feel anxious for no reason. It has been over a week since I stopped taking Biaxin XL. I noticed that other people had side effects for months after taking Biaxin. Do they ever go away???? The sinus infection was not entirely cleared by Biaxin XL either. F 39 10 days

 1  Acute bronchitis and sinusitis Inability to sleep increased blood pressure of 148/104 and heart rate of 110T. Crying/sad spells and bitter taste in mouth after taking it and coming up in my mouth while sleeping. Thrush and then blisters on my tongue. Still didn't fix the bronchitis wheezing problem but I am not coughing up colored junk anymore. This is my least favorite antibiotic but I have used many others in the past and did not want to take this one. Blurry vision and tiredness. Sticky sweat at night and have to get up and eat yogurt to rid the nasty taste in my mouth. It kind of cracked my tongue down the middle and then it had a whitish coating. I don't like this med. It makes me feel tired and grouchy and sad and nothing tastes right even coffee which I don't even enjoy drinking and I love coffee. I took 2x a day 500 mg. twice daily. F 34 10 days

 2  severe sinus infection Thought I was losing my mind. Pounding head, heart felt like it was beating in my head, felt extremely anxious, antsy after taking it and then feeling like I couldn't move, hearing things, loss of appetite, red, flushed face, tingling hands, major insomnia. I have missed a whole week of work with just the side effects. I am sure this is helpful for some people, but I am never taking it again. I have never had such a reaction, I thought I was going crazy. I was so glad to see others experienced similar problems and that I was not imagining it. F 36 4 days

 2  Sinus Infection Really really horrible taste in mouth, extreme hunger, and terrible gas pains Taste was so bad after three days that I got another prescription for Keflex, but it didn't do anything for the infection so now I'm back on the generic clarythromycin. The hunger is awful too because I can be extremly full and still have strong hunger pains. Wouldn't recommend it unless you really have to have it. F 19 7 days

 3  pneumonia dry mouth, horrible metallic taste -- licked off the floor type, insomia, nightmares, anxiety, some abdominable pain, chest twinges Did seem to help the pneumonia, but the side affects are horrible F 56 12 days

 5  Sinus Infection Thanks for this website. I believe I discovered why I had a great experience with Biaxin 3 years ago and why I am having a horrible taste in my mouth, coated tongue and just unpleasantness this time. I'm using the generic! I'm going back to the pharmacy to exchange--I don't care if it costs more money. Biaxin is the only antibiotic that knocks out a bad sinus infection for me. Try to avoid generic if you can. I think this is a very good antibiotic, so put up with the effects if you can. They are temporary! F 54 1.5 days

 1  Chest infection Biaxin was prescribed to my mother in June of 2002. While on the medication she experienced sleeplessness, paranoia, anxiety, confused thinking, and a horrible taste in her mouth. She also lost her sense of smell. After she had finished taking it, the side effects continued. We went on a weekend trip in October of 2002 and while travelling she became very ill with severe nausea. She began to vomit, and it was pure bile. When this began, instead of going to our original destination I took her to the nearest hospital -- I didn't think she was going to make it there. She was admitted, bloodwork was done (which showed impaired liver function) and diagnosed with several large cysts on her liver, three of which had burst and caused her symptoms. She still, at this point, had the awful taste in her mouth that had started when she was taking Biaxin. When the doctor asked me to list any recent, new medications she had been taking, I mentioned the Biaxin she had taken several months I would never, ever recommend that anyone take this drug. Yes, some people may not experience side effects, but it seems as though those who do experience severe and lasting side effects that impact their lives, and health, in a majorly negative way. F 57 10 days

 3  Pneumonia, ear and sinus infection Largely psychological: Anxiety, depression, paranoia, hopelessness, negative rumnations. Possible loss of hearing, though I cannot attribute to biaxin at this point. My ear infection had reduced my hearing, possible I'm just not well yet. I am so relieved to find I am not the only one who had emotional issues while on Biaxin. I started searching today because I was feeling really hopeless. I just couldn't get myself "up". Even though I have some negative thoughts, at least I can comfort in knowing they are probably due to medication and will resolve upon cessation. I actually started the search to see if hearing loss was a possible side effect. My wife lost most of her hearing due to aminoglycoside antibiotics (neomycin) and I was concerned that my hearing is not improving. I found the emotional sides by accident and am relieved. i thought I was going to need an antidepressant or antipsychotic. While I certainly cannot say 100% it's due to the medication, it's amazing an antibiotic could have this sort of effect. M 38 9 days


 1  Sinus Infection with Pink eye Chemical/Metallic taste in mouth. Stomach Cramps. Paranoia. Slight insomnia I am going to stop taking Biaxin mostly because of the horrible taste. the only reason I was put on this medication is because i broke out in hives last time i was put on Amoxicillin. I would rather have hives though than the stomach pains and taste. F 16 3 days

 1  Bronchitis Severe metallic taste in my mouth 24/7. Insomnia, up all night. I would only sleep for 1/2 hr intervals. Stomach cramping. Very vivid dreams when I did sleep, I remember like it was real. The mettalic taste and insomnia are severe. This is the first and last time that I take this medicine! I want to go off it but am supposed to be on it for 14 days! I don' think that I will last that long. F 36 7 days

 3  bronchitis anxiety, tearfulness, nervousness, fast heart rate and palpitations, waking up feeling uneasy, BP elevated, negative thoughts coming at me, inability to cope Had been taking Biaxin a number of times over past year and a half due to bronchitis. I liked the drug because it worked right away. I had no clue that this medication was contributing to the symptoms i was having, but now i realize the pattern. My side effects always occurred in conjunction with taking this medication. Try to take another antibiotic (not sure which one is better) if you are prone to anxiety or depression. F 46 10 days

 3   INTENSE HUNGER PAINS! F 18 30 days

 1  sinus infection and bronchitis I am the female poster of 1/2/2009. Most of the side effects continue. My question for those who have experienced similar side effects is HOW did you overcome them? Was it just a question of time? I am being followed by a naturopath, who has me going through a detoxification process. I am surely not alone in wanting to learn about what others have done. F 53 5 days

 1  ear infection really bad stomach pains, emtional problems i hate taking this it has made me so miserable for the last couple of days and i dont think i could take this fr 7 days..its a horrible drug. it doesnt make you feel better it makes you feel worse F 18 3 days

 2  Sinusitis Diarrea, woke one night and red faces were pouring out of my walls and my carpet was on fire. Never hallucinated before in my whole life. Dreams of my own death, death of those closest to me. Extremely bad taste in my mouth. Kept me up for 48 hours with the first dose... I'm glad I'm not the only one who had these symptoms. DO NOT take unless you are in bad, bad shape. Avoid this drug. Dangerous, in my opinion. M 25 5 days
 3  2nd sinus infection in a month HORRIBLE taste in mouth, could be described as metallic or kinda like aerosol spray on your tounge I have the generic (clarithromyc)500 mg, 2X a day for 2 weeks.currently on day 3, I thought I was CRAZY... never heard of this side effect!! Worked wonderful for infection, felt better the 2nd day. Dont think I would take again, I will try another... Taste is THAT BAD!! F 30 14 days

 1  upper respiratory infection severe anxiety, muscle cramping, heart palpitations, increase in blood pressure, pressure in ears, nausea, dizziness, symptoms persist months after completion of medication F 45 5 days
 5  Bronchitis Metallic taste, slight anxiety (nothing I couldn't deal with) I'm on day 6 of 10 and so far so good. The mettalic taste is annoying, but the side effect of cleaning out my sinuses has made me discover a new drug, oxygen. M 39 6 days

 1  Lyme Disease/Babesia Emotional outburst, insomnia then deep, deep sleep with extreme vivid dreams. Could not determine between reality and dream states. Began to become paranoid, hallucinate and had extreme anxiety and delusions. I saw visions of myself dying and was having suicidal thoughts and desires to rage. I cried for 3-4 hours straight and felt complete insane. I am a strong person and never expected a medicine to have such a negative effect. The Kaiser doctor tried to say that suicidal thoughts were typically not a symptom but I have seen it on many sights!!! I ended up in a pysch ward for the first time in my life. I completely lost my sense of reality and admitted myself because I was worried I was a danger to myself or society. This drug was HORRIBLE and we need to gather for a class action suit!!! This drug should not be on the market if other antibiotics can be used to clear up the infection. F 27 9 days

 1  Pharyngitis Heart palpitations - extreme dizziness, felt disconnected from the world - anxiety/panic attacks for 4 months, tingling on left side of body, zero white blood cell count after taking biaxin and having lab work done horrible medication - I would not recommend this medication to anyone!!!! F 40 4 days
 1  Sinus Infection Insomnia, nervousness, stomach aches, bad taste I quit taking after 3 days. Two days later I am still feeling the effects. M 33 3 days

 2  Sinus infection insomnia, and as a result, clinical exhaustion I would wake up after less than four hours of sleep and could not return to a sleep state. I would go to work wired, return home exhausted and repeated the cycle until I experienced complete exhaustion to the point of extreme mood swings and hallucinations. My infection symptoms were relieved within a few hours, but since rest is needed to the road to wellness, I could never achieve that with this drug. M 40 3 days

 1  Pneumonia hallucinating, really bad taste on tounge, rash, decrease in heart rate, mind raceing thinking my heart going to stop or stop breathing, veins hideing, stuck gas that hurts to get out, dizziness, fainting, really small puple's, feeling like some one was stabbing my stomach many time with a needle, tingleing in hands and feet, tense stomach mucsle, trouble focusing eyes, auras like no tmr, heart pain, thrash, yeast infection, back pain, sever stomach cramps and shape pain, purple feet, loss of sight. cannot go number 2, hearing loss, and ringing, numbness in legs, pores opend up, shaking of the eyes, rib and chest pain, cough syrup not working, sharp pain in lungs when ares are down, joint pain, siatice nerve pain, twiching, loss of words, boan pain, itchy, pee uncontrolably, yellow pee when i drink 8 glasses, spiting up foam, troble, constite uncomfortable, high high anxiety, crying for no reason, loss of time, black circuls under eyes, lost color in skin, craving fresh air, loss of m Biaxin is somthing you never want to be taking. I have already been diagnosed with high anxiety, to where after taking biaxin xl I started having suicidal thoughs. The first night of taking it I hallucinated seeing my deceased father as an angel. I dont not recomend taking this drug! My mother has taken it three times and now scares me of how her behaviour is, thinking the devils after her. I dont know why this medication is still subcribed. It helped with the fluid on the lungs, but the hallucinations are become far worse than it ever was and I only took it for five days today is day six.... please dont take it! F 18 5 days
 1  H. Pylori Awful metallic taste in mouth, extreme nausea, heart palpitations, chest tightness, anxiety-related symptoms. Do everything you can not to take this medication. Its really awful. I should have listened to the other postings. I almost ended up in the ER with my heart racing/chest palpitations. Day 3 was the worst with the taste in your mouth. So bad you cant sleep. I tried to suck it up but I had to quit on Day 6. Not worth it. M 38 5 days

 1   Terrible side effects Became very very sick. I have not felt the same since I stopped taking it 2 months ago. F 36 8 days

 1  sinus infection bad insomnia. can't shut my brain off, but am getting physically tired. wierd dreams. wierd taste in mouth. To the lady that almost passed out. that can be serious---an abnormality in the heart rhythm. don't re-start this drug. F 36 7 days

 1  Lyme disease extreme emotional outbursts, sudden shrieking, zero emotional control, felt like I was going crazy, no metallic taste My Lyme doctor said my symptoms were just a Lyme die-off reaction (herx), but these are not typical herx symptoms for me, and after seeing this site, I believe my symptoms are from Biaxin F 23 15 days

 5  Pneumonia Racing heart beat 1-5 hrs after each dose. Taste of crushed Aspiring in mouth 24/7. To relieve the overpowering bitter taste in my mouth I intermittently chewed on black liquorice. I took the pill with peanut butter, crackers and a lot of fluids - helped as well. The patient reports of Biaxin side-effects on this site are to be noted as true and regrettable. However, I bless the scientists that provide us with treatment choices, and extend our lives. In not so distant past this exprience could have ended in a one-way trip to the cemetery for me. F 62 10 days

 3  possible pneumonia or chest infecti Watery mouth, nausea 1 hour after 1st dose, metallic taste in mouth When I saw the scrip for Biaxin, I wasn't sure it was what I remembered hating. Sooo, I filled the prescription, took my first dose, felt nauseous and went to bed. Woke up with watery mouth and metallic taste. No biggie, I'm used the the metallic taste as I've taken Zyban before. BUT, I decided to check here and sure enough, this drug is the one! My old post is still here from when I took it in 2007 and felt so hungry I absolutely HAD to eat, but I made myself sick eating too much, yet I physically had hunger pains WHILE I was eating! As I mentioned, took Zyban a few times before and had diff side effects each time, except the metallic taste always stuck. Hoping this time around with Biaxin is different. I'm a little worried since last time around 2 out of the 4 side effects I listed previously have already hit! My house doesn't usually stink but this morning I can't shake the feeling that it stinks in here! Brand new garbage bag, and my daughter happens to have just cleaned F 31 1 days

 1  Sinus infection sleeplessness, racing thoughts, anxiety, extreme sweating. hallucinations, nightmares. chest pain. I haven't slept more than an hr in 39 hours. my mind is still racing. I have chest pain. I had bizarre dreams that hr that I did sleep. I have sweat constantly since my first dose. Normally I am a cold person. Extreme night sweats. I am staving off anxiety attacks. This is unbelievable. I have taken tons of valerian, hops, gaba - nothing helps me sleep. It doesn't even phase me. F 26 2 days

 5  Pneumonia Severe anxiety, felt like I could not breath but pulse Ox showed I was getting oxygen. Hallucination. for 6 hours, I repeated the word "yeah" I just related to the anxiety. BAD experience. I doubled up on the first dosed which I should not have. Within 24 to 48 hours I was fine. It started with the first dose. I only took a total of 3 pills. F 42 1 days
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