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 3  Because of excessive facial hair growth Irregular period and malasma F 30 1 days
 4  main pills for transexuals smoother skin, muscle loss, loss in libido, breast budding, feel sluggish all the side effects for me are what I wanted as I am transgendered and undergoing male to female transition spiro is given to patience along side with estrogen. so in mine and others case these are the affects we want. but if you are a guy and tak anymore than 100mg a day you may find yourself getting weak and breast growth M 33 4 months
300mg 1X D
 4  Pcos acne Weight gain (15lbs on a lifelong skinny frame) that cannot be lost on hips and thighs,I can starve myself for days and the weight wont come off. I was always very tiny before. In the beginning breast tenderness and lumpiness but that goes away quickly. Horrible short term memory loss to the point I forget common words (I was always eloquent before and spoke two languages) and where I put things constantly. I'm worse than a dementia patient and I cannot keep information in my mind. I'll have to finish a book in one day or I'll forget what I read the day before.... I lost muscle on my body that I cannot gain back despite rigorous excercise like figure skating and ballet, so even doing weighted squats I have a sagging butt that was always firm before. Seriously, you won't be able to gain even tiny muscles tone anywhere. I often feel like I'm going to faint but drinking loads of water and taking metformin has helped that side effect. I hate the bad side effects so much, the weight gain and F 30 4 years
50mg 1X D
 5  Adult acne Breast tenderness and some breast swelling. Irregular periods, and lighter. No other side effects. This is a miracle drug. It is the only thing that has ever worked on my acne and extremely oily skin and scalp . My endocrinologist told me levels less than 200mg/day aren't effective F 46 3 years

 2  to lower blood pressure Worked great for lowering blood pressure. The weight gain and breast enlargement was unbelievable. Worse than birth control pills. It hurt just to touch my breasts, and the nipple pain was the worse F 50 4 months
 2  acne It worked great for my acne. I can truly say its a magic drug for clearing your acne but i started to feel really tired and fatigued all the time. As if i had no muscle strength. It also made me really depressed and anxious. I got so scared of the anxiety that i experienced that i stopped right away. Its been two months that i do not take it and i am starting to feel normal again. However i did not experience any weight gain at all. F 28 3 months

 2  Hormonal Acne This drug is AWFUL. Only 3 weeks in and I have rapidly and uncontrollably gained 15lbs. That is insane! I am fit, eat well etc. nothing slowed it. I got so dizzy, sweaty and nauseous a few time I almost passed out crossing the street holding my child. I have anxiety, panic, mani, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, nightmares, tremors, dehydration, migraines, depression, suicidal thoughts. What a nightmare!!!!! Stopped cold turkey yesterday and I have gained another 5lbs from swelling and retention. From other reviewers who experienced similiar symptoms they noted it took months to YEARS to feel normal again. I'm on the verge of a lawsuit if I don't breakdown first. Please beware of the consequences of putting big pharmacy into your body. I'd rather be acne ridden and sane then fat and suicidal. F 34 3 weeks
50mg x 2

 4  Breast pain None yet , it has helped with the raw, scratchy, tenderness I was feeling in my breast, my legs have gone down in the swelling . F 37 1 weeks

 3  Oily skin,acne,clogged pores Skin seems suddenly more saggy and loose on body, but may be unrelated. F 58 120 days
50 MG 2X D
 4  PCOS Hair Loss, slight bloating Period spotting. especially cold in my extremities in winter. slight weight loss, clear skin. unsure about hair growth at the moment but hoping that it will grow. F 18 3 months
50mg 1X D

 5  PCOS hair loss peeing more often, clearer skin, less hair shed at 100mg x 2 a day, lower blood pressure, but not too low to cause problems. I was on 50 mg a day for about 3 years. I lost 50 lbs and started loosing head hair. Me and my doc tried everything (taking 750 mg of iron as my iron levels were on the low/normal side). Tried different shampoo, Minox which irritated my scalp and I had to stop. Finally decided to up my Spiro dose 50 mg a month while checking bloodwork to make sure my levels were good. This has been a life saver at 100mg x 2 a day. I went from 120 hair loss a day in the shower (at 50mg) to 20-30 hair loss a day at 100 x 2 a day. You have an inital increase in shed the first couple weeks of increase, but it tapers off by theend of the month. While I took it for my head hair shedding, I also noticed my face clearing up completley. I have noticed new hair growth popping up on my head, and my hair is less greasy. I haven't noticed anything with my facial hair, which I have used Vaniqua for years. That is not normally covered by insurance, but lasts so long, that the inital cost of it is worth it because it last about 8 months. I would highly recommend both Vaniqua and Spiro for lair loss and growth. I finally have found something to stop my hair falling and it is sooo encouraging. F 35 4 years
100 2X D
 4  PCOS, absent periods Frequency urination, weight loss, nausea, dizziness, reduced hair growth on chin, legs, and underarms! I started taking 25mg twice a day for PCOS. I had high testosterone levels, abnormal hair growth, and acne. My doctors continuously did blood work every three months to see how the medication was working. I was increased to 50mg 2x a day then eventually to 100mg 2x a day. I did not notice side effects until 100mg aside from weight loss, I lost 10 pounds overall without doing anything different. At 100mg my testosterone levels were still very high and we tried a few different birth control pills. Levels were consistent for the next two visits and it was decided to decrease to 75mg. Currently I do not have any cysts so my doctor decided to try taking me off the birth control pill and reducing to 50mg 2x a day. I have magically gained 8 pounds in the last week and am unsure if the two are related. I am thinking since I am still consuming the same amount of water and do not have the higher strength of the pill to act as a diuretic, it is water weight. F 26 2 years
50 MG 2X D

 3  Acne Night sweats if I work out during the day, body acne (when I had none before), and I seem to be gaining weight and I always feel bloated. Will try to update in a month to see if I really am gaining weight from this pill. Not looking good. Oh something else - about the same time that I started this pill (and Aczone), I developed Keratosis Pilaris (chronic skin condition) which was pretty devastating. I know the skin condition is genetic but it is weird it happened at the same time I started this acne medication. I take this in addition to Aczone (topical treatment). The Aczone seems to prevent the little ones and the Spironolactone helps with the cyst type acne. Spironolactone seemed to work right away. I call it my miracle pill! 22 years of acne finally GONE. But the side effects may be too much for me to handle. F 36 3 months
50 MG 1X D

 5  cystic acne Frequent urination, weight loss, missed periods, possible anxiety, dry mouth at times. It was a pain to have to go to the bathroom all the time, but I loved that I shed tons of water weight and felt much more comfortable with my weight. Not certain if the anxiety was because of the drug. Really liked it overall and made my cystic acne go away almost completely. F 33 9 months
50mg 1X D

 3  acne Dizziness, headaches, dry eye, clogged meibomian glands I started on 25/day. Had dizziness, headaches. A month ago I was increased to 2X/day and within a week my eyes hurt horribly. The oil glands in my eyes are completely clogged. I just read that spiro can cause MGD because your oil glands need the androgens. F 43 4 months
25mg 2X D

 1  Hair growth on face & loss on head This caused me extreme grief. I desperately wanted to stay on it to help with my problem. I developed shooting pain behind one of my nipples. Due to its name "spironalactone", I wondered if the "lact" portion of the word had anything to do with the breasts. On a hunch, I stopped the drug. Breast pain checked out fine with a mammogram and subsided so I resumed the meds. About 2 months later the pain came back and I developed the most insanely itching and burning face, neck and chest very little redness but oh the pain. It feels like stinging nettles...or razor burn. Anyway it started in my cheeks and gradually lowered into my chin, neck and chest and now my arms too. I've been off of the drug for about 10 days now and the breast pain has once again let up but this itching is driving me mad. I hope it doesn't last much longer. The odd thing is that there's hardly a mark. Slight redness but its horrific. I'm rubbing 2.5% cortisone on it and taking allergy pills but the only thing that helps is Ice. :( F 46 8 months

 3  weight gain persistent nausea,extreme fatigue,irregular heart beats,headache,dizziness F 24 1 weeks
25 mg

 5  water retension and high blood pres Urination cotton mouth occasionally M 49 6 months
50 mg

 2  Acne Nausea, light headedness, fainting spell, leg cramps My doctor did review blood work before prescribing. I typically have low blood pressure any way. Was very careful to increase fluid intake. Woke up from a leg cramp at night and ended up with a scary fainting spell. Stopped taking the medication but have periodic spells of nausea, almost anxiety, since stopping. This probably would have been beneficial for my acne, but I don't like feeling like I could pass out at irregular times. Hopefully my system will get back to normal soon. F 41 12 days
25 1X D

 4  Hormonal Cystic Acne Irregular menstrual cycle at higher doses (>100 mg). I was getting cystic acne on my chin and cheeks every month around my menstrual cycle. These cysts were huge and would last for 1-2 months. Spironolactone helped me get my hormonal cystic acne under control but, after around 8 months, I started getting cysts on my chin (no more on my cheeks) again. I tried increasing my dose but this really messed my period up. I took a dose of accutane in college that really helped me so I stopped the spiro and am currently giving accutane another shot. I probably would not have gone on accutane if spiro could have kept the cysts suppressed. Overall, this drug helped me and I would recommend it to other women who struggle with hormonal acne. F 31 1 years
50 mg 2X D

 4  PCOS, Acne, facial hair, hair loss Fatigue, dry mouth, nausea, frequent urination Fantastic. About three years ago I gained about 60 lbs., got really greasy oily skin, and my normally thick, coarse hair had severely thinned out. My hair used to break combs in it's natural state and then suddenly I couldn't allow myself to be seen without a full head weave. I have always been hairy, but it had gotten completely out of control. I had hair growing everywhere except on my head. My scalp hair was thinning on the sides and top. I was beside myself. I felt monstrous. Then, drum roll please, I was diagnosed with PCOS. Ooooooooh. I was put on Metformin and that helped to an extent. I thought that Id never feel pretty again. I was then prescribed spiro last year. The side effects were kind of funky, but then again, the PCOS didn't make me feel so hot to begin with. I stuck it out and within months, my skin cleared up. I actually get compliments on my complexion again. I am no longer oily, more on the dry side now. Really small price to pay. The hair on my head is picking up, while the hair on my body is slowing down. I still have to tweeze and wax facial hair, but not nearly as often. One side effect that I didn't expect was that my already big boobs got even bigger. The fatigue isn't as bad. I use vitamins, get regular b12 shots, and use raspberry ketones to keep my energy up. F 39 1 years
100mg 2X D
 4  Facial Hair,Weight gain This drug within 4 months noticed a great difference in hair growth on my face. I am a 25 yr old woman and would have to shave twice a day just to not have a 5 o'clock shadow...now I can skip to every other day! yayy and it made my skin look pretty. F 25 6 months
1X D

 4  Acne I been having VERY irregular periods... it really freaks me out to have twice a month or none at all. I have gotten off of this and my acne came back even worse so I got back on it again. My acne is almost all the way gone now just a little small one here and there. F 16 8 months
100 mg
 3  acne and oily skin Dry mouth,increased urination but less oily skin. Still no improvement in acne F 20 1 months
 2  Acne Bloating, weird changes in skin texture and elasticity--possibly scarring, mottled pigmentation, and accelerated aging. Loss of sex drive, fatigue, depression. Change in body shape and a seemingly permanent inability to gain it back. The medicine helped clear up my cystic acne in 3 months and, initially, I appeared to drop water weight, but over the course of a year, it gradually began to cause perpetual bloating, weight gain, and mottled saggy leathery skin! I'm so glad I realized it was Spiro b/c I honestly feel like if I had stayed on it for another year I would look 10 yrs older! Anyways, I actually expected to gain weight b/c this stuff increases your estrogen and lowers your testosterone (and therefore your metabolism and muscle mass--which is what helps you burn calories FYI) so I was VERY regimented and strict about my diet and exercise plan but apparently this stuff just changed my hormones so much that it didn't matter. I wasn't even on a high dose, but any time you increase estrogen you run the risk of turning all fat and soft. The fact that it lowers your testosterone makes it nearly impossible to keep the weight off--no matter how much you exercise or diet your hips will get bigger, mark my words! Wean yourself off slowly if you want to stop it, cuz this stuff really does a # on your hormones, and they wont be going back to normal any time soon (so you need to make it easier for your body). F 28 1 years
25MG 2X D
 3  PCOS, hirsuitism Kidney stones, weight gain after going off. This drug did what it was supposed to do. It slowed my hair growth and made it lighter on my arms, legs, and prevented new whiskers from forming on my face. It caused me to lose 5 pounds of water weight while I was on it, which was nice... Until I got kidney stones, most likely from the chronic dehydration caused by this drug - it is a diuretic. I ended up in the emergency room in horrible pain and discontinued taking it at that time. I have since gained 10 pounds in 6 weeks. I'm assuming 5 pounds of water weight and 5 pounds of fat. The side effects were not worth the benefits for me, even though it did what it was supposed to do. I advise staying very hydrated if you are on this drug. F 25 6 months
150mg 2X D
 3  Acne Irregular/missed periods, urinating frequently, stomach cramps This hasn't really helped my acne yet but I haven't taken it that long yet F 19 2 months
50 2X D

 4  Hair loss It caused some hair fall in beginning but thickened new hairs that replaced old thin ones and with rogaine it made a world of difference. Down side you can't stop treatment life long decision F 37 6 months
 1  mild acne I am epileptic and on Lamotrigine as well. I have taken Accutane, which worked fantastically with no side effects, but had to stop early because I needed to go on medication for my epilepsy. There is apparently no interaction between Spironolactone and Lamotrigine. Since taking it I have had sudden fatigue (sleeping during the day - not normal for me at all); chronic anxiety; depression; dissociation; and seizures. None of these things were problems before (my seizures were controlled), and I found the mood disruptions extremely disturbing - especially as they were so noticeable and not at all within my normal range of experience. Very worrying. F 28 2 weeks
50 mg 2X D
 3  acne, oily skin Frequent urination, skin was not as oily, facial hair decreased, acne cleared somewhat, but the reason I am stopping is Severe Hair Loss. F 39 3 months
50 mg
 2  Acne dizziness, dehydration, headaches, leg cramping, fainting, nausea The doctor should always check your blood work before you take this drug. My blood work was not checked and I really suffered because of it.Drink lots of water because it is a diuretic and will cause you to lose alot of water. Do not take it if you have low blood pressure. My cystic acne went away, but I had these strange little bumps around my hair line on my forehead and after I stopped taking it my skin has never been the same. I seemed to have more pigmentation from the acne when I never had that problem before. Everyone one is different and it may work for some, this drug just wasn't for me. F 27 3 months
25mg 1X D

 4  Hormonal Hair Loss Having to pee more frequently, slight dizziness if I don't drink enough water, some spotting around month 2, had to monitor intake of potassium as I had leg cramps around month 1 which has now been rectified Although hair is still shedding, the texture appears much improved, my skin is lovely, definite increase in breast size (happy husband); from all the literature I've read, this medication works over the long term and helps to maintain existing hair; any regrowth is a plus. Plan to continue for at least 12 months F 49 3.5 months
100 mg 2X D
 3  Hormonal Adult Acne Ovulation pain, irregular periods, severe PMS, heart palpitations This medication made my acne completely disappear. I loved it for the 1st year and didn't experience any side effects. For some reason my periods became irregular and I developed PMS and heart palpitations during the 2nd year. I also experience chronic anxiety and think that this medication may have made it worse. I stopped taking it 2 months ago and I haven't experienced any cystic acne, although my Dr. said it takes about 5 months for the acne to come back. I no longer feel as anxious, the heart palpitations are gone and the PMS is gone. I have just decided not to mess with my hormones anymore and live with the acne if it comes back. F 41 2 years
50 MG 1X D

 5  PMS Period was weird for about the first 3 months. This medication saved my life! After my 3rd child was born, I started having severe PMS that was ruining my life, destroying all of my relationships, and making wish I could just jump off the crazy roller coaster. This medication eliminated PMS for me within 3-4 months. My periods are usually 3 days, my moods are stable, acne completely cleared up, I was able to lose 40 lbs, had a great deal more energy. I felt happy for the first time since my daughter was born 2 years earlier. I was diagnosed with Post-Partum depression caused by hormonal imbalance, and this drug fixed that problem. Almost ALL doctors treat my symptoms with birth control pills, and won't even consider this drug as an alternative. My friend who suffered with similar problems for years and years finally had to switch doctors to try this drug. He refused to give her this drug, insisting that the only thing that would help her was birth control pills. She has been on spironolactone now for almost a year and also says that it saved her life! F 40 2 years
100 MG 1X D
 4  PCOS, High Blood Pressure No real side effects. Seems to do the job. I've been taking this drug for about 20 years. It was prescribed for polycystic ovary syndrome and also for high blood pressure. It seems to do the job with no noticeable side effects. But I've been taking it so long with no more than three days off at a time that I probably would not notice side effects. F 51 20 years
35 mg 2X D

 5  Hormonal adult acne Noticed slight increase in frequency of the need to urinate, but that is expected with a diuretic. Within 5 days my adult acne has already dramatically improved. I am not taking this in conjunction with birth control, although I do have an IUD (Mirena). This is a miracle drug for women with hormonal acne! F 25 5 days
50 MG 1X D

 1  Androgenetic Alopecia I am a 33 year old caucasian woman with a diagnosis of Androgenetic Alopecia. I had been taking Spironolactone for three years and stopped as of yesterday. I initially took 200mg and then lowered it to 75mg due to melasma. Side effects I have experienced at various times include: brown melasma, yellow pigmentation, amenorrhoea, muscle weakness, impaired short term memory, excessive sweating, heartrate more than double normal resting rate, facial flushing, less energy, weight loss of 8lbs, mottled skin, greasy undereye, change of skin texture on face, wrinkling, sagging, premature aging, lipodystrophy of facial flesh, change of texture underneath eyes, red tint to my undereye bags, thickening of skin on inner cheeks and undereye, increased pore size, loss of 'fresh' youthful look. Three months ago I came off spironolactone as I suspected it was having an adverse effect on my face but I wasn't sure how much of it was due to minoxidil as I know this has an effect on collagen format Never again. My face is more important than my hair. What is interesting, or damn right freaky is the following. I decided to observe a patch of melasma in the centre of my forehead which did not have any wrinkles going across it. In the space of 24hrs, and subsequent to the tight, contracted feeling, I developed two wrinkles spanning this entire area. I was looking at the patch at the same time, and under exactly the same fluorescent lighting conditions. The next night I experienced the same tight contracted feeling and it was strongly located under my right eye. The next morning I had a new 'wrinkle', looking more like a line, running across about a cm under my lowest genuine wrinkle. As a general observation I believe my face has prematurely aged, it appears to have sagged, and the flesh which was defining my high cheek bones appears to have moved downwards. The shape of my face has changed. I now believe this is all due to spironolactone and its antiandrogen effect. Tonight, one night after taking my last small dose of 25mg my face feels slightly tight but is not contracting. I also must point out that the antiandrogen effect kicked in on my hair very rapidly, as tonight I lost approximately half the number of hairs I had been losing whilst off spiro. F 33 3 years
200mg,75mg 1X D
 1  HRT acne and bloating first i felt weak and shaky then became nauseated and had severe vomiting on top of dizziness fatigue and frequent urination I had to quit taking this medication the side effects are worse than the problem! Can not function like this I am miserable. Dizzy and Nauseated NO THANKS! F 30 7 days
25mg 1X D
 1  heart condition man boobS! eek! dr never told me this cld happen! stopped it/ M 76 30 days
30 mg 1X D

 4  hormonal acne frequent urination, increased need for water. It works well. I have been taking 100 mg for over 5 months and have very little side effects other than mentioned. It works well. F 37 5 months

 5  Conn's Syndrone, HyperAldostronism breast enlargement, smooth skin, decrease in muscle strentgh, increase in muscle flexability, vision changes, Conn's syndrome is a terrible condition which is extremely rare and often overlooked by doctors. Only two effective treatments exist, removal of an adrenal gland or blocking aldosterone in the body by taking spironolactone. The downside is that spironolactone also blocks testosterone, which is why this drug is often used by transsexuals. If you are male and take 100mg per day, your chance of breast enlargement is 50 percent! If you take more than 100mg you may some day need a bra. :o M 54 2 years

 5  edima none that I know of great booster to lasix for respretory edema. Great for gut edima where lasix doesn't even touch. Reduce sodium is first solution, and diuretic as needed. Heart failure people should drop below 1000mg/d sodium if that's what it takes to survive. M 44 4 years

 5  Acne Lightheaded, constant urination, pass-out feeling due to lower blood pressure I went to an endocrinologist to treat my acne (cystic) because I knew my acne was hormonal. I took 100mg twice a day, which is high compared to other patients taking this drug. I used to get at least one different pimple a day; once I started this drug I did not get a single pimple. I took it for about a year, when I decided to discontinue it. After a couple of months I resumed the drug and the side effects were much stronger than when I had first taken it. I felt very lethargic and very very lightheaded; in one occasion, I almost passed out. However, this would not stop me from taking the drug again. This drug is excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I work in a dermatology office and it's a shame how underrated this medication is. My acne is pretty controlled now; I'm not using any orals, just topical medications. M 23 1 years

 3  PCOS hair loss, hirsutism, acne dry skin, shrinking of my breasts, fatigue I take 200 mg a day, anything under 150 a day is useless just so you know. This drug is a miracle for my oily skin and excessive sweating. I have too much testosterone due to my PCOS and so I am experiencing hair loss, body hair growth, and acne. The Spiro has not helped fix my scalp hair, but I do notice a slight improvement in body hair. Skin is overly dry but it's a heck of a lot better than being a grease ball! The main reason why I am taking it is to try to grow my scalp hair back and to have normal body hair. I am about to switch to Flutamide to see if it will help in that department. F 27 3 years

 5  hair loss 1 week adjustment period where I had insatiable cravings for salt and couldn't drink enough water. Since then: inside of my nose is often very dry, get headaches more easily, my fingernails are thinner and tear easily, and I get leg cramps at night. I have to be more careful than before to drink enough water every day. Still, great med. Totally worth it. I convinced my doctor to prescribe this for me based on what I had read (by endocrinologist,Geoffrey Redmond) about how it can help stop hormone-related hair loss for some women. Apparently, it's working. Hair loss has very substantially slowed in the 5 months i've been taking it(though, no regrowth). What really surprised me though was the astonishing improvement in my skin. All my acne - which hasn't really responded to any treatment I've tried during the 30+ years i've battled it - virtually vanished within 2 weeks. My skin used to feel oily and gritty and I was never without pimples; now it's smoother than it's been since I was 10 years old. I'm amazed and thrilled at this unanticipated benefit. I should also mention that I am taking a very low dose of 25mg. I'd read that you should start with a low dose and work up to at least 100 mg to be effective, but it was already working great at 25mg and when I upped it to 50 mg, my side effects got worse, so I'm holding steady at 25 mg. F 45 5 months

 2  High Blood Pressure Numbness and cold in extremities, "prune" fingers, extreme weakness, depression, no saliva till I nearly choked on food. My body was so dried up, I could no longer eliminate the other meds from my system, and they started to build up in my organs. I think my doctor was a dope. I was taking this, Coreg, and Clonidine. They all interact, which I had no idea, but he should have, no? This nearly killed me. I asked the doctor to take me off this, but he refused. I had to take matters into my own hands. It took about 2 1/2 years to recover from this. Research all your meds before you take them, and realize that doctors are human, not gods. F 60 8 weeks

 4  PCOS Dry mouth, frequent Urination, weight loss, and reduced abnormal hair loss (which is why I took it). Also taking Actos F 29 3 years

 4  hairloss none i'm taking 75 mg per day, started off at 25 and slowly worked my way up. I haven't noticed any bad side-effects, and i'm pretty careful to avoid foods high in potassium. My hair loss has stopped, but i'm not sure if this is due to spiro or the rogaine treatment i'm also using. no real regrowth yet, by my periods have gotten a lot easier! F 33 6 months

 3  PCOS Symptoms Vomiting after eating (If I ate what use to be a normal size meal for me), weight loss, headaches, thirsty, NO SEX DRIVE!! It's been two weeks and I have lost 3 lbs, no change in excess hair or acne. I'm going to stick it out for a little while but if I dont see changes, I'm going to quit. F 22 2 weeks

 4  acne My acne cleared up well, but after a year being on it, it quit working, I did not lose any weight :-( but thats not why i was on it anyway. my blood pressure decreased and that is always good. no problems with this drug. highly recommend, i wish it had kept on working, but a year is pretty good as acne treatments go F 27 1 years

 5  hair loss; scalp pain; facial hair slight dizziness when getting up too quickly; dry mouth; thirst My scalp pain has stopped, but the dermatologist also gave me two topical treatments and I started using Free and Clear shampoo and conditioner, so who knows which of the four things worked! Too soon to tell about the hair loss, but the facial hair is less noticable, and is growing back in much more slowly. My blood pressure had been creeping up to bordlerline high after a lifetime of low/normal bp, and after starting this medication my bp is back down where it should be. I've lost about 7 pounds since starting it -- it seems easier to watch my diet now. Normally I put ON weight in the winter, so it's great to go into spring lighter than last fall. F 59 45 days
 3  testerone-driven acne slightly tender breasts, fewer chin/body hairs small pimples disappeared, although still suffered from (less than before) cysts F 46 2 days

 5  Androgen blocker for transgender HT Morning nausea at doses higher than 200 mg/day, occasional bed wetting, the benefits far outweigh the side effects. It was wonderful! After just two days taking this, I noticed that my breasts were more pronounced. I have read many places that spiro often causes weight gain, but after reading the other responses on this site, I know I was not the only one who experienced weight loss. I think that since most of us get too much sodium and not enough potassium, this medicine may have some health benefits for almost everyone, but it also has risks significant enough that people probably should not take it unless they need it for some other reason. I take it because it is a highly effective anti-androgen and greatly reduces the unwanted effects of high testosterone levels. The benefits of spironolactone far outweigh the side effects, at least for me. I think this really is a wonder drug for some people. I was forced to stop taking it for a while and just let me tell you that going off of it was horrible. I felt very tense, anxious, and depressed, gained weight, and most of the effects of high tes F 24 16 months
 5  Scalp Hair Loss/Facial Hair Growth Frequent urination, thirsty, weight loss, fatigue Despite my nervousness about taking a medication long-term, I decided to take spironolactone, and for the last 6 months, it has been super. Besides having to run to the restroom every 30 min (my coworkers swore I was pregnant), it's been great, and the intake in water has been good daily routine. Between the pill and Weight Watchers, I've lost roughly 15 lbs, and I feel very good. My hair is starting to grow back and I can visually see results, even with my fine hair. Although facial hair continues to be an issue, it's no longer a daily-maintenance thing. I do feel sleepy a lot earlier in the evenings lately, but that could be seasonal too. F 26 6 months
 5  Acne Taking 100mg (50mg twice a day). Side effects: Dehydrating, have to drink lots of water otherwise I get a headache. Dry skin inside my nose. A HUGE improvement in my acne, the minimal side effects are worth putting up with. I started taking 50mg/day, but after a few months increased to 100mg/day. I'm also taking the contraceptive pill. I have suffered from bad acne for over 10 years and have tried almost every medication with no success. Roaccutane did work, but when I stopped taking it my acne came back. The results for my acne with Spironolactone have been amazing...it's a miracle and has changed my life. It took a few months for my skin to completely clear. I have been told I should take it for 18 months to 2 years and then wean myself off it. It's almost that time and I am very worried about stopping it and my acne coming back. F 26 20 months

 5  unwanted hair growth low blood pressure ... was already low to begin with (just have to keep an eye on myself while exercising) I love this drug! My advice is to stick with it ... I was on it before and gave up because I didn't see any improvement. I gave it a second try and have stuck with it and am very pleased! Hang in there, women! M 32 2 years

 5  PCOS, hairloss, acne Irregular bleeding/periods (had IUD, did not use bcp) I took 100 mg of spironolactone per day for 2 years. The first year I lost 40 pounds and 6 dress sizes without effort. My hair loss stopped although it didn't grow back. My existing hair grew really, really fast. My skin got clear and beautiful. The only thing was that I had a period every 2 weeks for the 2 years. I thought it was still worth it though. I only quit it to try and get pregnant. F 29 2 years

 5  acne, weight gain, hair growth None on 100mg a day. When I increased to 200 per day, I had bad stomach issues, headache, and difficulty exercising. I love this medication. It has worked great for me. I have no more acne,and I have lost almost 10 pounds. There are no side effects but there has been no change in the hair growth. F 31 6 days
 4  severe bloating prior to periods occasional dizziness/fatigue, abdominal cramping for the first few months This drug has really helped me in many ways. I used to gain about 10 lbs everytime I menstruated (I am 5' tall so it looked like I gained 2 jean sizes every month). Now I gain only 3-5 and it is manageable. Other pluses-improvement in acne/oily skin, and somehow my periods have regulated, even though I am not currently on birth control. F 22 6 months

 4  high testerone none so far im on 25mg going to go on 50mg. are u guys watching your potassium intake? shoudl i be concered with it , im afraid to eat a french fry! i get so worked up taking news meds, please help! F 29 5 days

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