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 2  Back pain sciatica My Dr prescribed this for severe sciatica pain and the first time I took one pill it made me dizzy, nauseous , short of breath and sleepy but did take the pain away .I didn't take it for several days then tried again and this time it made me extremely itchy all over but still does nothing for the pain . The itchiness lasted for about 6 hours with no pain relief at all . Had to take Benadryl to relieve the itch . F 63 7 days
1X D

 5  27 fibroid tumors removed/ open myo Severe constipation. Didn't have Bowel movement for 10 days. Ended up impacted twice! Had to take oral mineral oil, several fleet enema's, an entire box of Colace and Miralax to finally have BM. However, I had had major abdominal surgery (open myomectomy) which included the removal of 27 fibroid tumors in an open myomectomy procedure with 10 inch surgical incision along with major swelling and pain. After three days in hospital on continuous PCA of dilaudid, I went home and didn't move much for the first two weeks, spending all day and night in bed with only exception being to use the bathroom in which I needed help getting out of bed and back to do so. Also, I barely ate or drank fluids. So, with this said, the extreme constipation was due to all of those factors.. Other than that, no nightmares at all, no itchiness, slept like a baby, happy euphoric feeling despite my traumatic surgery situation. It's a perfect drug for pain relief for severe pain in the short term. I eventually made Great for short term use for severe pain. Have never had chronic pain in my life, so I feel bad for those who need to take it for years.. Definite risk for developing tolerance and addiction. Perfect for short term use for severe pain. F 45 30 days
10 4X D

 5  shoulder pain F 36 3 months

 5  ruptured bicep Warm feet. Fuzzy brain. General grand feeling. I was in severe pain and needed surgery this drug is a miracle I can pop two pills at a time and lay down and enjoy the ride its the only thing that will take my pain away I am very thankful for it now if you excuse me I'm going to enjoy my buzz M 28 2 weeks

 5  kidney stones and obstruction I can't sleep and I itch like crazy! But it's been so great for reliving the pain I could care less about the insomnia and itching.I'm very thankful to be out of pain. F 34 4 months
 4  ACDFsurgery 3x shoulder surgey Mild, constipation,lighheadedness,risk of falling with sudden move(especially taking shower bath) M 56 4 years

 4  Nerve Damage/Crushing Upp Extremity Constipation in the beginning. It still gets me really tired, fatigue. In the beginning I was taking 20mg every 4 hours which had me in bed most of the time. Now I'm down to 7.5 mg 3 times a day. My tolerance is high but I'm managing and I'm thinking about getting a nerve block procedure so I can get of the meds since my pain is still intense. Overall I'm satisfied with the medication. The only thing I don't like is that it's hard for me to wake up in the morning, and I'm really fatigue until the evening. M 26 2 years

 4  yes I had been dizzy, slurred speach, found out it wasn't my percocet, it was a problem with my back some bone growth protein used in surgery, who knew? Wish I would have known that it was from surgery bmp. Turned out percocet is just what I need to help. This bmp is why I slurred and dizzy fatigue its like a glue in my back. Percocet helping me. F 45 2 years
10 mg
1X D

 4  Ant c-spine discectomy and fusion I was warned about constipation so I took stool softeners/laxative along with the Percocet....they were no match. Even took Dulcolax last night...still nothing. Also had mild to moderate itching all over which I did not attribute to percocet until reading these reviews...Mild to moderate drowsiness which was welcomed to help me sleep after surgery. Very effective at pain relief for 36 hours after surgery. Beware of constipation and try to stay ahead of it (if that is even possible). Mild itching all over was not bad after I realized what was making me itch. M 42 2 days
10MG 5X D
 1  any amount Dizzyness, please call 1(800)332-1088 FDA.gov/medwatch, dizzyness, migraine Watson, actavis etc are manufacturing this product. U need to report to FDA slurred speech, fatigue complete report to fda. F 45 1 months
10/325 etc
 4  Neck Spurs Constipation, tiredness This medication has helped me, however if you have any substance abuse issues you should stay clear. Your body builds up a tolerance to this pretty quick, in return leaving you to crave more of the drug to get the same effect as when you started. I wouldn't take this more then 2 months due to addiction risk. F 39
5 MG 2X D

 5  abscessed toothe Insomnia and hyperactivity as well as trouble keeping focused and talking quickly and frequently to anyone who was near by. A few times it did make me drowsy but possibly just from the lack of sleep. M 22 2 weeks
650 miligr

 4  Fractured calcaneus/post-surgery Vivid night terrors, vivid dreams, paranoia, euphoria, numbness, seeing things move, not in touch with reality, vomiting if taken without food, feeling high during the day, constipation F 15 1 months

 3  nerve pain Tired. Blurry vision M 35 7 days

 3  c-section & tubal ligation surgery SEVERE, vivid night terrors. Constipation. The medication works well for the post surgery pain. (It works better than the vicoden or ibuprofen) I used Percocet after my last surgery with no problems. This time I am having horrible nightmares. The dreams seem to be more intense if I go to sleep exhausted. Last night the nightmare was so intense that I will not use this medication again. I'd rather be in pain. F 42
7.5mg/325m 1X D
 5  Dental surgery Itching, drowsiness, everything sounds louder, some ringing in my ears I had to take this for a few days for pain and swelling in my mouth following oral surgery. It completely knocked out the pain, and knocked me out as well. I slept for twelve hours the first night I took it. I took two together, and it made me extremely drowsy about an hour later. All sounds I heard seemed amplified. Before I fell asleep, I felt extremely relaxed and calm. I enjoyed that feeling of relaxation. The second time, I only took one because I didn't want it to hit me quite so hard. The only side effects I noticed were itchiness and milder drowsiness. This drug is very effective for pain and anxiety. It's easy to see why so many people become addicted. F 33 3 days
5-325 1X D

 4  herniated discs/sciatica Slight dizziness, mild lethargy. It helps my back pain quickly. I also take Opana ER 30 when I wake up and when I go to sleep. The percs are an experiment by my dr. I was taking Roxicet 15 3 times a day and it demolished my back pain but it made me really stupid acting too because I was high as a kite from it. He said if the percs don't work he was going to stop the Opana and percs and put me on Fentanyl 100s and nothhing else M 29 2 days
 1  Tonsillectomy Percocet makes me dizzy, light headed, intensely nauseous. With the same results with Loratab I was left to endure the excruciating pain with only Ibuprofen 800mg. On the 7th day of post op I did make a visit to the ER after becoming severely dehydrated. OMG, how I wish this drug produced the expected results for me. I have considered a gun!! FYI I have had a compression break of my L4-L5 vertebrae, a torn rotator cuff and broken shoulder and went to school the following day at age 16. I had a hysterectomy/rectocele rotator cuff repair and bone fragment removal in October 2012 and needed no drugs after being discharged. F 42 2 days
2.X 7.5
 5  fibromyalgia & chronic pain Miracle drug for me. Accident in '96 completely disabled me. Many Drs & failed scripts later, found that oxycontin, percocet & flexeril gave me my life back. Skip to 2013 & no Dr will treat me severe chronic pain with percs or oxy. Even having problems getting anyone to write me flexeril now. My life is a nightmare of rock hard muscles, tmj, nerve pain & more. Family & friends now send me any flexeril &percocet they get so I can sleep, work, drive, be mom & function somewhat normal. I quarter a 10mg perc & take them as needed for pain. I had been getting 30 10mgs perc every 3-6months for over 10 years. I don't get high off my meds, I get a life & work on them. Without them, I'm unable to dress, shower, climb stairs, eat, think, etc. Thank god I have family & friends who give up their meds so I can maintain some semblance of a normal life. Fuck you DEA for taking away our meds so you can shake down Dr Geeks who fold under the threats of losing their licenses so you can stop a small amount of junkies who ruin it for the ones who really need flexeril & oxycodone to function. May you have an accident & get denied pain relief by a Dr you made stop writing pain meds. FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE DEA! BTW, I have never ever gone into withdrawal since I don't take ANY meds when their is no pain. When I am in a flare, I beat myself up for taking more than a quarter of a perc. I wish to die rather than live in so much pain. GET THE DEA OUT OF F 42 10 years

 4  Post surgery Nightmares; nigh sweats; euphoria; general relaxed and feeling wonderful; too much one day causes 'hangover' feelings the next day, drowsy. I've been on Percocet before my last surgery and I would give it a 5 star rating if not for the issues I have at night. During the day I feel wonderful, not only is the pain gone, but I feel euphoric, very relaxed and have a general 'high' feeling. I can see why this drug gets abused....it really makes you feel great! That is until I go to bed. I'm usually exhausted by bedtime but this drug causes night sweats combined with chills. I have terrible nighmares and wake up frequently. If I take too many pills I actually feel 'hungover' the next day. Its a good thing I was only given 50 tabs other wise I could see myself abusing this drug. I truly have a better understanding of the trouble people have getting off this drug. Even bad days feel great when you've got Perc. Best wishes to all who are stuggling to get off. F 40 20 days
10 4X D
 1  Low back disk/stenosis sciatica Constipation, Driving through red lights...... I just had to get input on this drug. This "Opiate" had NO, ZERO, NADDA, effect on real deal back pain. My back pain laughed at this drug as it bent me over every day squirming in pain. I could take a fistfull of these, blow out my liver from all the acetomeniphen, and my back pain would rage on like nothing happened. I really can't understand why this is an abused drug...??? I got no so-called "buzz" or "euphoria" just steady stabbing pain in my back. The kind that makes you lose your breath. I might do better with booze than this stuff. I guess if you like to feel ever so slightly floaty, then this baby is for you...!!! Go right to the epidural into the spine.....15 minutes and you walk away.....unbelievable...!!! M 58 30 days
5/350 3X D
 4  Chronic Breakthrough Pain Relief All side effects were mild!! Drowsiness, Constipation, Nausea, Euphoria.. I've been prescribed 2-10mg tablets up to 8 times daily because of severe spinal stenosis, 6 herniated disc, moderately severe T-spine & L-spine Facet arthrosis.... #480 Tablets every 30 days M 37 15 months
20 8X D

 5  had broken my back Tried, depression ,crying, F 63 4 months

 4  Chronic migraines and neck pain Euphoria, dry mouth, energy Burt's, some itchy skin, vivid dreams, sweat more. Works very well for my migraines especially when taken at the first sign of a migraine then all pain is gone. I would say benefits far outweigh the cons. I would recommend to anyone who needs serious pain control and still able to function at work or at home with kids and husband. Only bad thing is you have to drive to your doctor for a refill since its a controlled substance level 2 which can't be phoned or faxed to pharmacy. And it's affordable with or without insurance which is good for everyone's situation. F 23 2 months
7.5 1X AN

 4  ruptured disc Drowsiness, constipation, itching, "high" feeling I was taking Lortab for the pain but developed a tolerance and was switched to Percocet instead of increasing the Lortab dosage even more. The side effects from Percocet are more noticeable (especially the itching -- taking with Benadryl is a must) but the pain relief is significantly better as well. I'm having surgery in 2 weeks to repair the disc and will be glad to be off narcotics soon. This type of medication is definitely for the short term only, it's easy to see why it has the potential for abuse. F 36 7 days
10-325 4X D

 5  Wisdom teeth removal headache, itching and my hearing goes a bit fuzzy the first 20 minutes F 25 3 days

 5  Chronic pain Constipation but relieved with stool softener an magnesium tabs I have chronic pain after several accidents,auto immune arthritis and a physician botching up a nerve block and biopsy of brain artery. These pills do not get me high,they help me to function so I can cook,clean,go grocery shopping. I am able to enjoy life as best as I can and I'm so great full for my pain management physician. F 60 3 years
7.5 3X D
 3  Ear Infections Dizziness, shaky, extremely drowsy (ended up falling asleep) nausea, unable to think straight, loopy F 20 3 weeks
5-325 MG

 4  ruptured disc Itching in my private area really bad for a hour,racing mind,..anxiety as well...i have 42 of them and am afriad of how i will feel after a few days. already kinda getting headache... M 36 1 days
10 mg /325 3X D
 3  Heart surgery Horrible nightmares. Very vivid dreams. F 19 4 days
1 or 2 tab
 3  Endoscopic Total Thyroidectomy Very vivid dreams/nightmares, constipation, nausea, dizziness F 22 7 days
 2  Wisdom Teeth Extraction Constipation, drowsiness, increased irritability, hearing sensitivity, shortened attention span, relaxation - somewhat euphoric. I did not enjoy taking percocet. It is necessary for the pain, but it only lasts 2.5-3 hours before I have to take supplemental ibuprofen. Every time I take it, I fall asleep, lose ability to have conversation or pay attention to what I'm doing. Makes me very irritable and I found that as the usage days increased, the effectiveness of the dose would shorten and I would need more frequent pain relief supplements. Not sure if this is sign of dependence or related to my healing process. F 20 1 weeks
5mg 325mg 3X D

 5  Stenosis in back Constipation M 40 3 months
30 mg

 3  back/neck pain Severe itches. Nausea. Hot flashes and ringing of the ears. F 32 3 weeks

 5  Oral surgery scrapping bone. I think I lost most of my friends. it's a good thing I can't speak very well now or they would all be gone Great Painiller. First time I ever took it but it sure opened my eyes to what morons people are. No Euphoria. F 55 4 days
10 3X D
 5  Slight pain I break 15 mg in half and take them every 1.5-2 hrs, constipation, but up hora, not so damn depressed. I do enemas if needed and see a. I like it. Be careful addictive F 45 3 years
15 10X D
 5  broken hand im breaking out all over and i inche and my legs and feet are really swallen F 60 8 days
 3  Heart Surgery Pain Dizziness; numbness; pins & needles in hands, feet, and face; sadness; anxiety; horrible nightmares; head rush; just general creepy weird feelings throughout my body, almost like I was disconnected from myself (none of these are normal for me at all.) This med did help control my pain and made me drowsy within 15 minutes after taking it. I would awaken from nightmares, but would go right back to sleep. The negative side effects were scary and uncomfortable for me since I have never experienced those feelings before. I didn't like the out of control feelings of anxiety, sadness, weird sensations, etc. The nightmares were extremely scary to me. It took me a while to figure out that it was the Percocet causing these side effects, and when I quit taking it, all of the side effects went away within a day. I tried taking it one more time, and the side effects came right back. Bottom line, if it was the only thing that would control my pain, I would consider taking it again, but only for a VERY short time! I would definitely try another pain killer before taking this again. F 51 10 days
5-325 1X D

 1  Birth/Post Partum Pain This made me CRAZY! Not something you need when seeing visitors all day long and caring for a newborn. Easily irritated/angered, horrible dreams, not much pain relief. F 36 2 days

 4  crushed hips sometimes i experience tiredness, and sometimes i experience nausea with or without eating helps alot with my pain helps me get thru the day without wanting to sleep the day away the only part that sucks is that ive been on it so long that my body goes thru withdrawls when i dont take it F 28 3 years
10/325 3X D
 5  back pain If percocet works for your pain and makes you sick and vomit you have to reduce dosage. I was given 10 mg but they made my stomach upset but went straight to the pain. So I just had it reduced to 5 mg. Although they say it so addictive, what I've found is if I use them only when in serious pain I don't have an issue. Never felt any 'fun' feeling from them. They just do what the should. They kill the pain. F 40 3 years

 5  Knee replacement surgery pain Some constipation. Slight slowness of speech. This med was great for me. Post operative pain from TKR was acute. Had taken Vicodin but it did not help. Had expected more from the TKR as the replaced right knee hurts as much as the old left one. Dr. says all operations are different and to give it time. My question is how long is it safe to continue the Percocet ? It appears that I will be using it for a long time to come, probably years, as pain is rather constant and my osteoarthritis damage is obvious. M 73 11 months
10/325 3X D

 3  Fibromyalgia, 2Back Surgery, Lupus I've been taking percocet on and off for 17 months now and I recommend that if you've had any substance abuse of any kind in the past, this is NOT the medication for you! For first time users there are alot of downfalls to this medication if you do not take as prescribed. ATTENTION!!!! This drug can make you EXTREMELY SICK TO YOUR STOMACH WHETHER YOU TAKE IT WITH FOOD OR NOT! When the medication first kicks in, you will experience a very high-euphoric feeling. An hour later you will be puking your guts out!!!!! In addition they are highly addictive, that is why I only take them when I absolutely needed to! My prescription calls for me to take it 4x a day, but my doctor prescribes me 90 pills and they last me 4 months. Please be responsible!! This medication also causes you to itch terribly..like a crack head..lol..when the meds wear off you can be extremely irritable and easily angered, and experience a severe migrane. This is your body(not mind) reminding you that you need to replenish the drug level in your blood stream. Thus meaning the onset of physical addiction. And some fail to realize that this is where addiction begins...PHYSICALLY and you dont even understand! Good Luck and please use carefully! F 24 17 months
5/325 4X D
 4  Herniated disk/Fibromyalgia Decreased pain. Sometimes I feel hyper, talking a lot. I have not had any of the constipation that others have talked about but it could be because I also have IBS and I don't take the Percocet every day. It is wonderful when the pain is so bad that I can't function. Can take it and work with no problem. F 34 8 months
5/325 1X AN

 3  appendectomy Relieved pain but made him EXTREMELY moody.angry, crying, severely irritable. M 7 1 days
 2  Pilonidal Cyst Excision Constipation only, no discomfort from it, just a lack of bowel movements Did not relieve ANY pain, even after a double dose (as directed by my surgeon). I still had severe pain the ENTIRE time I was healing from this surgery. Was not prescribed anything in its place. I will never take this again. F 19 3 weeks
20 mg 1X AN

 3  Tooth Extraction SEVERE CONSTIPATION! Itching all over...made me tired but not enough to fall asleep...the paid came back within 2-3 hours but wouldn't dare take it until at least six hours later...again it will make you SEVERELY CONSTIPATED! A week after I stopped taking them I had the worst stomach pain in live...and didn't notice until that day that I haven't had any bowl movement for the past 3 days...so I took a Citroma (laxative) I have 3 or 4 bowl movement of water and water only...but the pain subsided a little...then a few days later the pain came back and I had to go to the hospital...I was given a enema and laxative and I still haven't had an appropriate bowl movement! I'm currently taking Miralax hopefully everything goes well... Definitely wouldn't use it again... F 24 6 days

 1  Bunion removal Dry mouth, energy burst as if I was on adderall not tired just even after just fours hours of sleep! That is being off of it for one day. Circulatory problems in my left foot ( surgery on right) and in my right leg it turned purple with whit spots! Toes went numb burning/ tingling. Didn't get rid of all my pain stillfelt like I was wearing a pair of to tight high heels and walking for hours...painful. Urination problems! I have to push so hard to urinate and it comes out like a horse powerful as of I hadn't gone for days. I have to push to get it out like I have a permanent kegal and can't relax it. Also felt sick nausea. I got off of it. F 26 6 days

 5  3 hherniated discs None M 56 7 years
15mg perco

 5  backpain/terrible toothaches Slight dizziness, head rushes, nothing serious just the basics of any medicine thats prescribed. F 18 2 years

 4  Kidney Stones Pros; relieved most of the pain (anyone having kidney stones knows how severe the pain is). Made me slightly sleepy, which helped take away from the focus on the side effects. Works very well overall. Cons; Itchyness all over at times, dizziness, slight nausea if not taken with crackers/water. Slow acting. No side effects made me stop taking the medicine. M 23 2 weeks

 1  Miscarriage My first and last time taking this pill. I started to get dizzy within the first 15 minutes and after a huge headache with nausea. It's been 6 hours and the headache and nausea still haven't gone away. F 26 1 days

 2  Back injury Dizziness, migraine, slight hallucinations, uncontrollable shaking, blurred vision M 17 2 weeks
 1  Wisdom teeth extraction Didnt relieve pain at all. Severe itchiness from head to toe. Couldnt stay/fall asleep. F 17 4 days

 4  back pain/surgery Out of it if you take alot. gives you a dreamy warm feeling which can lead to abuse. getting angry easily after comedown. i had back problems for years and ive been taking this for years. i started with 5mg/325 3x's a day and got up to 3-4 10mg/325 a day after surgery. they do have some side effects but when your in as much pain as i was its the only thing you can do. the more you take the worse the side effects but i never had terrible withdraws from them, i still get a few now and then when my back acts up and they do work very well for pain and are worth the side effects if your in alot of pain non stop. M 20 3 years
10 4X D
 3  4 wisdom teeth extraction itching, restless sleep, nausea on the 2nd day works fast to stop severe pain but I could not stay awake for longer than a half hour even if i tried. I Once i did fall asleep I kept waking up ever two hours or so, did not feel well rested. would have preferred to take something else that would have allowed me to sleep soundly for longer hours F 21 5 days
10/325MG 5X D

 5  Knee replacement Nausea, headache, no appetite. Constipation, horrible dreams itching At first I would sleep all the time. Pain would come back before next dose was due. Bad dreams began to subside, but hallucinations remained just not as bad. It has been very effective in helping to manage my pain. Less side effects with percocet than with lortabs First time I've ever used this medication. I have high pain tolerance but I still needed help with the pain from surgery. I'm being very careful with it because I've never been addicted to anything and I sure don't want to be addicted to percocet F 58 35 days
10 mg 5X D

 3  Tonsillectomy Percocet gives me horrible nightmares. At first I didn't know if it was this medication until I looked it up and saw that many people had the same side effect. It also made my face itch and made me very delirious. It works fine for awhile but not something I enjoy taking. F 24 14 days
10 mg 3X D
 4  knee surgery slight eurphoric feeling, some constipation received injections immediately after surgery and had no pain until following day, pills took pain away but can understand how someone could become addicted because i really liked the way they made me feel 46 7 days
10 4X D

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