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 2  multiple pe Tingling face arms legs headaces dizzy constipation M 24 2 months
 5  DVT + PE Had absolutely no side effects at all. The limit of time you have to take it for it to be effective was really stressfull and harmful for my mental state, but the medicine itself had no side effects. F 17 6 months
35mg 1X D
 4  PE in both lungs Tired, cold, notice that your lungs are bad when you don't take it, dizzy, heart beats fast sometimes, out of breath. F 22 2 years
4mg 1X D

 5  A Fib caused by thyroid storm Saved my life! I have been of of warfarin for 3 days now and am hoping some of the weight gain will go away soon. F 53 6 months
 1  total hip replacement Made my eyes stay dilated even in a darken room. F 53 4 days
30 mg

 1  PE in rt.lung first tiredness, hair loss, gained 10lb, now my skin became so dry and red, flaky above eyes and chin mostly on face. I noticed such pain in front of calves, and the pains, heaviness in chest. Seem to have more sensitivity to sun, and the whole eye wackiness. I can't take eye exams, choose what is right. I'm going to stop taking it. I plan on following an aspirin regimen. I just don't find this much of a life for my husband and myself anymore. F 55 2 years
5-7.5mg. 1X D

 3  Bilateral Pulmonary Emboli's Bloating, exhausted, weight gain, hard to lose weight, legs (calves and knee) feel swollen and tight I'm not a fan of this drug. After a foot surgery in October 2013 I developed two blood clots in my lungs that were found in November. The Dr. thought that my surgery and birth control pills made this happen. Got put on Lovanox injections for a few weeks then over to Warfarin 7.5mg a day. Seemed to be going well enough, then had an IUD put in for excessive Menses bleeding. After that was put in my INR levels tanked to nothing. For about a month they upped my doses to get the levels better. Now I take 12.5mg a day and 15mg twice a week. I hate it. My hair ( I have long hair) seems to want to shed everywhere, I feel super tired, my vision is pretty wonky sometimes. I feel bloated and have had some weight gain that I can't get rid of. I'm tired of being on it. I'm hoping they let me off of it this week. I'm getting depressed, not sure if that is from the drug or what. So far I should be glad that the Dr isn't having me on it for life. F 37 6 months
12.5/15 mg 1X D
 3  Multiple PEs in both lungs Severe headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, mental fog, loss of words Couldn't be more miserable. I developed multiple PEs after my youngest was born in Jan 2014 and have been on it since then. I will have to be on for another three months. This entire situation has destroyed my life. My postpartum bleeding never stopped and thanks to that my doctor's suggestion was to put me on depo provera which didn't stop it completely and carries a side effect of MORE PEs. Now they want me on another 10 day dose of hormones with the same potential complication. No thanks. My INR has been wonky ever since I first started on this stuff because I am breastfeeding and trying to eat a healthy diet for my baby's sake - yeah right. Like I can accomplish that easily when I'm being warned that I am better off avoiding the veggies I need to be eating. I am just now beginning to experience postpartum hair loss but it's worse than I remember it being with either of my other two children so I am wondering if this is not also thanks to the warfarin. I am so very tired of this drug and I cannot WAIT to be done with it. The day can't come soon enough. I barely feel human most of the time. F 27 3 months
10mg 1X D
 4  Multiple PE's in both lungs Heart racing and intense pounding resulting in insomnia. I have had PE's twice and was ok after the first six months, but after the second PE came and I was back on warfarin I noticed an intense heart beat. It happens one to 3 hours after I take my warfarin which is in the evening. Doctors say it is not the warfarin, but I know it is. Although you are supposed to take in evening to minimize interactions with food I started taking at 5 pm. and still feel heart flutters and heavy pounding, but symptoms ware off so it is not messing with sleep. M 34 10 months
8 1X D
 1  mancaical value Feel like crap all the time and cold F 47 10 days

 4  PE in the lungs At first I had stomach ach and feeling sick because I was taking 5-10mg of warfarin at the start and my INR levels were up and down the first few weeks but in the last week there between 2.0-3.0 now on the last three blood tests. I do get lightheaded ness here and there but I drink loads of water that helps! And I get days where I don't want to eat but I force it or I get days I do want to eat, I've only had mild effects nothing serious. I'm on this for 6months and I have a baby so it's a lot to handle with a baby aswel but feeling better every week so far so I would say this medicine is good for some people but not everyone, and it would be nice if we had a medication that we didn't have to check on all the time coz that can be annoying do the tests but it can save our life's to F 32 1 months

 1  Dvt right calf blood disorder MTHFR Tired all the time, sick to my stomach, vission is terrible, frequent headaches, bloody taste in my mouth and back of my throat 24/7. Dry itchy skin and overall just not feeling like myself. Im praying this clot goes away and that i do not have any after because this med is terrible! Im afraid to do anything because i dont want to fall or cut/injure myself in any way. I just want to be me again :/ F 31 6 months
 1  Post surgery Itchy skin at night, dry skin behind ears, I've been off for 2 weeks ears still not healed from dry skin. M 49 6 weeks

 3  multiple pe Tingling, numbness and burning sensation in hands, arms, neck and face. Extremely tired. Headaches almost everyday. Doctors said it was not the med blamed it on anxiety. After stopping the drug a week and a half ago no more symptoms. F 29 6 months
6 MG

 3  PE Muscle spasms, aches, pains, numbness of feet, extreme leg pain & cramping, no energy and sleep tons, loss of appetite , emotional, irritable, hot flashes, chest pains, I've seen 3 doctors who all claim there are no side effects. I quit taking my warfarin for 3 weeks without the supervision of my doctors, all though all side effects vanish my blood dropped to 0.9 took a week to recover from the drop, not sure yet if all these side effects are worth it? F 33 6 months

 3  mechanical aortic heart valve Mentally vague.cold feet.hair loss irritable.very tired all the time.heavy periods.my inr should be 2,5-3,5 however have had 3 bleeds when its risen to 3,9 so im assuming my body is very sensitive to warfarin i only take 3mg daily F 45 2 years

 1  Antiphospholip Syndrome After about 3 months of taking warfarin I began experiencing major headaches. I had a headache everyday. I also began getting sharp stabbing pains all over my head. I have also experienced excessive hair loss. Since doing some research online I asked my doctor to prescribe me coumadin instead of warfarin. Since changing my medication in the past months, I don't have major headaches any more and the sharp pains in my head have diminished slowly. I'd rather pay the extra money for comoudin then deal with those horrible pains again. The hair loss continues. F 29 6 months
7 mg 1X D
 3  One kidney blocked off clot figers and toes are numb pain in lower side stomach. Metal taste in mouth. 15 pound weight gain. Tired all the time and have head aches all the time. Can't focus well either. F 23 4 days
 1  dvt and pulmonary embolism Extreme fatigue, breathlessness, bruising, tearing of skin especially in vaginal area, not hungry. Having a hard time trying to find good things to eat that don't have vitamin K in them. Have no social life at all because of the extreme fatigue. Dr. said I would have to stay on this the rest of my life, but what's the sense in living if it's only to miserable? I am going to try cod liver oil and vitamin E and see if it helps. Stay away from this drug if you can. F 58 9 months
5mg 1X D
 3  Deep Vein Thrombosis in Right Leg I started taking this medicine due to a deep vein blood clot found in my right leg. The clot was caused by a perfect storm of events (according to my doctor) - heterozygous for factor v Leiden, on a high estrogen birth control pill, and traveling long distances for work. Once I started taking the warfarin, I sensed that there was/is a correlation to my INR level and how fatigued/light headed/foggy I have been feeling. I have also noticed that I'm forgetful with basic words and overwhelmed in simple decision making situations. I am taking 8 mg and 10 mg alternating days throughout the week. My doctor is having me stop taking warfarin in about a month since my clot has cleared - I can't wait as I hope to return to feeling normal again. I still have a few questions for her, such as when I travel long distances what precautions should I take in addition to the stretching and should I take an asprin a day for maintenance... I have to note that I'm pretty surprised that this c F 30 5 months
8/10 mg 1X D
 3  Upper Extremety DVT Fatigue, Very dry skin on face especially obove eyes, ears, and behind ears. Rash on neck which becomes extremely itchy at night. Sleep loss due to itching. Small rash on wrist but does not itch. Not too excited about taking this for the rest of my life. Tested + for Factor V coagulation dissorder after my second bout with Upper Extremety DVT. I'm not one for taking meds and will only take One ibuprofin and only if a headache won't subside. This is going to be a life altering experience for me... but now I know I'm not alone. M 51 2 months
5-7 mg 1X D
 3  PE in right lung HEADACHES ALL THE TIME! Tired, weakness in legs, arms. Lower back pain, stomach pains, numbness in fingers, toes. dizzyness, foggy feeling. I understand that I need to be on this for at least 4-6 months to help the clot in the lung. but this is crazy how this drug makes you feel. I'm always dizzy, foggy feeling and having headaches daily. my body aches from head to toe and my knees hurt, arms and legs feel like jello. I get lower back pains, cold, numbness in my fingers, toes. I've informed the doctor and he told me that these symptoms were not from the Warfarin. I told him he was nuts and that they were. I've never had any of these until I took this drug. I'm glad to see that other people are having them also. I only pray I can stop taking this after 6 months. F 47 2 months
5 & 7.5mg 1X D
 2  dvt left calf bloodclot hair loss, numbness tingling on right leg loss of memory, forgetfullness, concentration. Fatigue F 60 180 days
5MG/7.5 MG 1X D
 3  Factor V, Protein S & C Deficiency Acne, weight gain, depression, racing heart, fainting, extreme fatigue, shaking, always cold, headaches When I first started this drug I would faint all the time and it took a long time to get regulated. I am on an extremely high dose due to genetic bleeding disorders and homocystine issues. It is really hard to get used to and frustrating to be one of few young people on Warfarin for life. The best way to feel better is to drink tons of water. It has really messed with my body but when I drink extra water the side effects are much less annoying. F 24 1 years
11.5 MG 1X D
 2  DVT in Iliac Vein, May Thurner's Bloated stomach, slight weight gain, hair loss I just want to get off of Coumadin!! My stomach looks like I am five months pregnant. My INR's get above 2, sometimes, mostly I am between 1.7 and 1.8. I kept a pretty consistent diet until I was on 10 mg and just getting to 2, then I cut out spinach, green pepper, and green onion because I did not want to have to increase my dosage anymore. After my dose went over 9, I started having dizzy spells, have my period all the time and started having bloody noses for the first time EVER. I have stents in my iliac vein from my belly button down to my hip. They can't find anything wrong with my blood and after they dilate the vein again to get rid of the newest clot, I will stay on Coumadin for three more months and then I am done. I have the filter to catch the clots and prevent them from going to my lungs. My bald, fat, bleeding self is sick of this medicine. F 34 8 weeks
10 mg 1X D
 3  CVT, Antiphospholipid Syndrome 35lb weight gain that does not come back off and in fact seems to keep creeping up, despite calorie counting (1400 cal/day) and significantly increased exercise (cycling 40 miles+/week). Clotting first appeared in my brain, so I have to stay on Warfarin or be subject to stroke. Am 31 years old and was getting ready to start building a family with my husband. Instead, my weight just keeps increasing, making me a higher risk pregnancy than I ever wanted to be. Dietitician has given up; can't make sense of it. Curious to see if, when I switch to Lovenox for pregnancy, if I'm finally able to lose some of the weight despite increased hormones. F 31 2 years
7.5-11.25m 1X D
 2  Factor V, APS, PFO Heavy menstrual bleeding, tiredness, and extreme weight gain. My INRs are all over the place - have to go in weekly for check ups. I have difficulty eating healthy because of the high Vitamin K content in all my favorite vegetables. I really can't stand this medicine and continue hoping for a day when a replacement medicine comes out where I can eat whatever vegetables I want when I want. I would also love a medicine that doesn't need to be monitored so often. This medicine and monitoring has basically taken over my life. F 27 5 years
15 mg 1X D

 3  Small PE Difficulty breathing, fogginess, metalic taste in mouth, anxious, headaches, dry skin, extreme fatigue and feeling of weakness (arms and legs like jelly). M 47 4 months

 3  "A"-Fib Aches in joints, especially knees. I didn't have this problem before using this medication even though I'm 69 years of age. I have been on it for 18 months. Bleed longer than normal with nicks from shaving.When blood is checked I show middle readings with 5 mgs. M 69 18 months
 3  DVT behind uterus and PEs in lungs I am experiencing dry hair and skin, ALL of my joints hurt, especially my toes, knees and ankles. I have muscle pain in my calves and and back. My menses were so heavy that I had to get an IUD to stop my cycle and hopefully prevent future cycles. I bruise extremely easily. My tongue and lips tingle and go numb sometimes. Sometimes I feel as if my throat is closing and it becomes difficult to breathe. I have also began to experience stomach pains. I've only been on this medicine for a few weeks,but is this how I am supposed to feel. I feel worse now than I did before the DVT and PEs were found. F 35 3 weeks
 4  DIC and now HIT 1 unpredicable drug, too much green leafy veggies not enoough green leafy veggies, too active or less active. when I require surgery can not just taper off, require lovenox to "brigde" to continue anticoagulation safely, RIGHT! will be on warfarin for life. F 55 6 years
 3  atrial fibrillation Internal bleeding when I fell on my knee. The whole heel area became black and blue. Have to be careful of little cuts and scrapes and pricks. Sometimes a bandaid is not enough. I had the lecture about avoiding green leafy vegetables etc. and did at first. I became less concerned when I had weekly INR readings around 7.5 for two weeks without excessive bleeding problems. I still watch the broccoli! M 66 6 years

 4  PE in lung Chills, fatigue, sweat easily. Some of the side effects could be attributed to not taking hormones anymore and dealing with the adjustment. INR levels have taken a long time to reach 2.0. I am taking 7.5 mg and 10 mg alternating days throughout the week. Doctors and INR nurses had no subtantial reason why my INR was so low. Kept saying it was because I was getting healthy and metabolizing the medicine faster. I will be taking warfarin/coumadin the rest of my life. Would like to talk to other people who have used at a young age and throughout life. F 25 3 months
 3  atrial fibrillation None F 80

 5  DVT /facionomy lower leg /embolism hair loss,tire easily,sensitive to heat which also effects my INR big time. Must eat regular or I get sick feeling which does'nt go away when I do eat. Sure its a serious drug. But,it has to be taken. The more stressed you get over it..remember you are effecting your INR. I took coumadin for five years, with having blood test sometimes more, every 2 weeks!! I insisted to my doctor to put me on the generic. Guess what? I maintained a consistant level ever since. Just once a month. 1995 I had no signs of clots or anything. I was in the hospital & rehab for months. Don't be scared of this drug, with all the hype etc. Just find a good doctor that understands adjusting if needed. Plus always know your readings and log them. Soon you'll notice a pattern. I was excited about another drug they were testing, but, seems that fell thru. I'm of course on for life,in my 12th year. F 54 12 years

 3  dvt in left leg above the knee pain in legs.and ankles. pain in the belly. higher then normal bp.dont want to eating. heart racing,and like heartburn . always woried about geting another dvt or if the warfarin is working and the blood is to thin and have to take life time. F 46 1 months
 4  Antiphospholipid Syndrome Having one hell of a time keeping my INR at a consistant rate, poo poo energy level (but there could be other stuff benifiting),blotchy skin Had DVT and pulmonary embolism back in 2001 when I was tested for the antiphospholipid antibody, and lo and behold-there she was. So I'll be taking warfarin forever too. Yee haw. F 28 2 years
 4  vertebral dissections weight gain of 15 lbs., headache, hypersensitivity and itching in scalp, fatigue, mild mental fog, easy bruising F 39 6 months

 5  Stroke I have not had any side effects. My INR theraputic level should be between 2.0-3.0. I was able to stabilize level within a month and a half. I am not on any other drugs that would interact with the Warfarin, so maybe that is why I am not suffering many side effects or problems getting it levelized. I am only 38 and was in great health before my stroke, so maybe that has helped. I was on birth control pills, which were immediately stopped at time of stroke....they may be a cause, may not. F 38 7 weeks

 3  Factor V, Supervicial Thrombosis on like, 7.5 mgs a day, Noticed a little irratability, headaches, Depression, Feeling Very tired all the time, but unable to sleep. Having probelems getting comfortable in my own bed. Some Of these may be caused by other meds too, Currently on Lovenox, to thin blood as well, and Vicodin for pain. The medicine seems to be doing what its intentions are, but at the price of the side effects, is a rough road to be taken. M 23 1 months

 3  dvt subclavian vein/thoracic outlet hair loss,10 lb weight gain, bloated stomach INR levels have not stablized. F 45 2 years

 4  Bilateral Pulmonary Emboli Hair Loss...a LOT of it, but luckily I have thick hair. This drug is a lifesaver. I have had no problems keeping my INR stable. I eat a consistent diet and have my INR checked when required, I take my medication at the same time every day. I am so thankful for this medication even though it can be a pain in the butt. F 26 7 months

 4  Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome Darn Fillers! Well, I have had my share of problems from an unstable INR. My theraputic INR is 3.5-4.5 becuause I have reclotted on Warfarin so many times. I also have to take a baby aspirin if I do not want to have a full blown stroke. I have APS via the Lupus Anticoagulant. It has caused numerous DVTs, TIAs, amarousis fugax, heart attack and the like. I will be on Warfarin Life Long. As I read others stories on here, I can't help if everyone has been tested for multiple coagulapathies. For more information go to www.apsfa.org. This was one of the last ones they tested me for and it was one of the culprits. F 33 3 years

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