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 3  Back surgery Worked great the florist 2weeks after surgery, but now I can't sleep! I'm up most of the night. Helps with the pain. I think I'm taking them too close to bed time? F 47 30 days
2X D

 1  Spinal stenosis herniated disks My legs and feet became very swollen to the point that I could not wear a pair of shoes. My knees and ankles were painful to move. I had been taking Vicodin for back problems without any reactions. The doctor changed my meds to lortab and the trouble began. I was taken off Lortab and told they don't make Vicodin any more. F 61 3 weeks
1X D

 4  Tonsillectomy Nausea (got better once laying down) and extreme drowsiness. It has alcohol in it so it BURNED when it hit the raw tissue at the back if my throat but I decided to dilute it with water and it helped. F 18 2 weeks

 4  Wisdom tooth removal Extreme drowsiness, mild nausea Took care of the pain like it was supposed to, but also knocked me out. That was fine for me since I needed to rest anyway, but if I had needed to resume daily activities it would not have been okay. F 19 5 days
2X D

 3  Fractured humerus (arm) Muscle contractions when falling asleep (myoclonus), constipation, nighttime anxiety / fear. I was surprised at how little this medication reduces pain. I was expecting much more. OTC Ibuprofen was more effective. The sudden nighttime muscle contractions were a problem - they woke me up and weren't good for a healing broken bone that needed to be immobile. Ouch. F 44 14 days
7.5 1X D
 3  Lower back muscle tear Dry mouth, loopy disconnected feeling. Constipation and difficulty urinating. This med has worked for me with past injuries i.e. wisdom teeth and sprained shoulder. But this strained lower back muscle affliction seems to not be as treatable with this Lortab 10 mg. If pain level is normally 10, this makes it a 7. Better then nothing I suppose..... M 32 3 days
10 3X D

 5  Chronic foot pain I have a high tolerance to narcotics so I don't get many side effects mentioned. Occasionally my nose will itch terribly. I was on Vicodin for 7mos for the same issue and it did start to bother my stomach. The pain I have will never go away so being on pain meds is just something I have to live with to be able to continue working. It's as good as any of this class of narcotics I believe. F 44 3 weeks

 4  sciatica, chronic disk degeneration Would be sick to my stomach if I didn't take a Benedryl with each dose. Occasional vivid dreams about mutated or injured animals. Dreams were upsetting, horrific nightmares on same subject when I was also on hormone meds. I take Lortab twice daily. The result is a decrease in pain for 2-3 hours so I can get up, take a walk, and do some physical therapy. Works better with the addition of Xanax 1mg. F 56 2 years
 5  Broken back, shrapnel wounds Itching, sweating, nausea, lethargy, withdrawal symptoms. M 38 5 days

 1  Oral surgery (wisdom teeth Random crying spells, deep depression , hopelessness and no sense of self before the drug.still feeling side effects even after I stopped taking them two days ago. F 18 8 days
Not sure
 5  endometriosis,kidney stones,teeth Itching. But it helps alot with pain an I'm fixing to have 4 wisdom teeth cut out. When I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 18 I would end up in the hospital with unbearable pain an had bad kidney stone attacks during an after pregnancy had to have surgeries during my pregnancy because stones were stuck an had to put agents in lortabs helped the pain alot. Only bad thing is extremely addictive F 22 3 years

 4  Pain from MS and Ovarian Cancer No side effects at all. Works great when I use it. I only use this as needed but it won't allow me to write that in the usage section. I do not use this everyday. Only as needed I have this medication on hand in the elixir form. If I need it, I take 15 Mls every 6 hours as needed but I rarely take a full dose. I take 5 mls or 10 mls max. It helps my pain alot and allows me to sleep but I only use this when I have a spell of pain. I will never understand how someone becomes addicted to this medication. A 10 day supply of this form of Lortab lasts me a month, sometimes two months. I use non narcotic pain meds in between with decent results. I can't imagine being addicted to this. I'd be sick of I took the whole dose let alone this medication daily. The day may come when I will need more of this medication but till then I'm very careful about using it. I'm thankful for this medication however because when I need it, it really truly helps me. F 38
1X D

 3  arthritis Same thing happens to me so I know exactly what you mean. Its like you can breathe in so deep and clear that it burns your nostril. F 32 1 years

 4  Surgery on finger It helped out a lot with pain however, I don't know if it was me but, I hallucinated quite a few times and it made me a little drowsy. I still found it a very good medicine! M 14 2 weeks
2 500 MG

 3  Tonsillectomy Dependency I was prescribed the liquid form of Lortab to treat pain after my tonsils were removed. It helped greatly with pain relief. However, I was not aware of potential dependency, and when I stopped taking it after two weeks I went through rather unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that included severe drug cravings. I would come home, run to the bathroom and take a swig from the bottle. I never experienced anything like it in my entire life... It took another 2 weeks of slowly tapering down. Not a bad drug per se, just be aware of the fact that you might develop dependency. F 42 2 weeks

 5  4 wisdom teeth extracted Itching, drowsiness, hot and cold sweats. F 21 3 days

 2  back injury I hate this drug, it puts a dent in my pain, but only if i dont eat. if i eat i feel no relief. i get extreme headaches at night, the past 2-3 weeks i am having a hard time reading my computer or phone or books, it makes my eyes and head ache to focus on text to the point where i am thinking of getting eyes check for glasses, though i have never had issues with vision in my life, was 20/20 even few years ago when i renewed dl. i am alsi having increased spasms everywhere..chest, stomach, back, down both legs, and both arms, upper, and sometimes in neck. unsure if friom progressing back problems or from long term medication..been on it for roughly 2 months straight this time, before was as needed. i hate taking pills anyway, but these symptoms are killing me. if anyone has info or similar complaints would love to know. M 26 6 months
5/500 3x d
 5  Tooth extraction Exessive tiredness. Weird lusive dreams, suppressed diet, appetite Although the side effects, it has been enjoyable. Relieves the aching pan and puts me in a different euphoria state of mind m M 23 3 days
4X D
 3  in pain Can't get hard or perform M 35 2 days

 5  I crushed my ankle in 36 pieces ,it Side effects included nausea,headache,ear ringing ,and total harsh withdrawl , but pain relief over weighed. M 36 6 months

 4  cronic pain and arthitis i have trouble sleeping! Bad dreams awaken scared trembling! This happens all nite long! Upset stomach! But it helps with pain to a degree! M 59 2 years
 4  knee surgery hand/wrist arithis It will make me feel itchy sometimes mostly my nose that never really went away. Takes away pain but not complete stiffness so take ibfrofen with it norm in 800 mg dose. Can some times give me energy or make me tired. Depends on eating habbits after yr found. For instance when I know ill eat something make me lethergic I. Take one keeps the ittus away. Take on emtpy tummy ill get slight dizzy and sleepy spells like I'm "too high". Most part its fine. M 30 1 years
 5  After dental work Made me sleepy and itch but not an extreme itch, just noticed when I actually had time to notice. F 20 4 days
8X day

 1  Shoulder Sprain I felt very itchy. I disrupted sleep patterns. I had horrible headaches. My head felt like a balloon that had to much air in it. F 24 3 days
7.5mg 2X D
 1  Back pain This med did help with my pain somewhat but after I used it for a while I was addicted to it and still can't get off it! I never wouldve dreamed of being an addict but it happened so fast and easy! I would not advise anyone to take this no longer than a couple of weeks because your body becomes so dependent on it and before you know it you are addicted!:( this med has ruined my life! F 30 1 years

 1  after dental work vomited, passed out, totally messed up I only took ONE pill but I had a reaction like an overdose. Suddenly the room was spinning, I passed out, vomited and was just totally out of it. Hubby helped me crawl (I even had to have help crawling! and I could not stand) to bed and I slept for hours. I don't plan to EVER take this again. F 33 1 times
650 1X O
 4  Knee pain Took Lortab for knee pain, pain was usually worse at night so I took Lortab but it usually keeps me up and I can never fall asleep after taking it. F 18 1 years

 4  Endometriosis Upset stomach but once you lay down a while that goes away.. I have suffered for years with horrible cramps. I have had three surgeries and still suffer. F 35 10 years
10 4X D
 5  Bulging and herniated disk with spine inflammed NONE its all good! It really helps back pain when taken as needed! F 39 10 years

 3  Pain after minor surger It does help with pain, but it caused severe itching, especially on my scalp, so couldn't take it at night. M 53 8 days
10mg 4X D

 5  Kidney stones Slight itchy feeling at times, dizziness, very drowsy sometimes, slight constipation. However very good pain relief. I found that Lortab worked well in relieving the pain I had due to kidney stones, and if you've ever had a kidney stone you'll know how big of an accomplishment that is. As far as being addicted to this drug, I don't understand. I like that it helps me but I feel that once I'm done with it I couldn't care less about it. So for me it isn't as addictive as people make it out to be. Overall, Lortab served its purpose for me well, with its good well outweighing the side effects. F 16 10 days
500 3X D
 5  oral surgery on tonsils slight dizziness. immediate results with oral suspension with pills constipation i prefer the liquid to the pill just because its easier on your system. F 29 4 days
2tbsp 8X D
 5  annoying leg pain, hip and L5-S1 Normal constipation that comes with taking opiates/opioids. Tolerance seems to build up quicker than tramadol for me. These may only work for 2-3 hours max after an extended period of time. Hydrocodone works for the little time it lasts. I've had hip/back pain and leg weakness for 10 years with no dx. I tried to tough it out for so long (drinking alcohol, using marijuana, all sorts of drugs) but I finally said screw it and got on some pain meds with a small dose of xanax (alprazolam). A doctor I trust told me I'll probably need to take pain meds the rest of my life and just to keep the pain under control to be able to function. For constipation, here's what you do. Make sure you take either stool softeners/laxatives and/or Miralax (plenty of fiber) either 2 hours before or 2 hours after your scheduled dose. I eat a fiber bar every morning with coffee also. Once I started doing that, I've been going normal again (best I've gone in years). Why don't they make extended release Hydrocodone minus the tylenol? That would be great!!!!!!!!! M 31 3 months
7.5 3X D
 5  Degenerative disk disease Constipation, nausea if mistakenly take too much. Take responsibly and it works very well. It has helped my back pain so much that I have skipped my 6 month spinal block because the Lortab allows me to do yoga, walk, and other exercise to help my muscles (girdle), to help support my spine. *DRINK LOTS OF WATER to avoid constipation and you will be fine. I have never have to worry about if I wish to stop, I have stopped several times with only shaking, then I am fine. If you can use this, just be smart. F 42 9 months
7.5 mg 2X D

 1  Dental Wisdom Teeth Extractions I have HORRIBLE dreams! Along with this, it has caused back pain, and constipation. I took 1 tablet for pain, had this happen, then took it back to the pharmacist for disposal. He recommended 3 Ibuprofen tablets every 4 hours for pain as needed. I have done this ever since, and have no pain whatsoever. M 21 2 days
1X D

 4  Broken metatarsal BLOATING, gas, nausea, sweating Lortab does what it is supposed to do - it releaves the pain. However, I have to take it with food so I do not get nauseas, hot, and feel like I am about to pass out. The only thing I hate about it is that it makes me extremely bloated. It hasn't made me constipated. F 21 5 days
5 mg 3X D

 4  Unidentified abdominal pain Slight dizziness, occasional euphoric feeling, drowsiness The medication did a great deal to take the edge off when I began experiencing mysterious abdominal pain. I was prescribed Lortab in order to lessen my pain while my doctor was waiting for ultrasound and blood test results to identify what specific condition I was suffering from. Occasionally, I felt light-headed or dizzy, especially when the pills first kicked in. I did not feel itchy or nauseous, though, which was a pleasant surprise since I sometimes have a bad reaction to Percocet (which I've been prescribed after two different surgeries). I would advise people to take caution with driving until they know how the medication affects them. For instance, my first dosage didn't kick in until almost 2 hours after I took it, and it was pretty mild, but subsequent dosages felt much more powerful and may have compromised my ability to drive long distances. F 22 5 days
5/500 2X D

 5  back pain Ditto a previous post. Incredible sinus and breathing relief. ( I have concerns about its addictive nature.) Some minor constipation. Pleasant transient euphoria. I would appreciate feedback. There is no pharmaceutical explanation for the amazing help Lortab provides in clearing my breathing. (There is one other post with essentially the same sinus report). M 58 6 months
10 mg 2X D
 1  Oral Surgery Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, Slight Itching, all in all an EXPERIENCE FROM HELL!!! This is the DEVIL'S CANDY! Stay away from this evil!!!! M 27 2 weeks
10-500 1X O
 4  Stomach Viral Bug/ Ache About 1 out of every 5 pills would cause a very brief period of dizziness, but generally it made all pain subside, made my arms and legs feel very warm and tingly and light. Takes about 1 hour for the pill to take full effect and wears off in less than 4 for me. Euphoria is a really good word to descibe this, like you just took a hot bath and sunk in to a deep soft couch. Sometimes my knees would feel light/ weak if I stood up too quickly. Would use again if needed. M 32 5 days
10/500 3X D
 5  Arthris A pain on my right side, bad constipation, bad stomach pains, dry mouth,chest pains memory loss F 25 3 years
10 6X D
 4  10/500 None unless I take more than 2 at a time With lower back surgery in my L2 through L5 and having arthritis I cannot move for the first 2 hours of the day. Some day it works great other days it don't. I work 5 days a week so I wont take them on my days off and on holiday. Just so I wont get addicted to them. My mother and Uncle both have major surgery with no relief what so ever my mother wont take anything and is in constant agony. My Uncle takes Oxycontin and lays in bed all day. Both have enough metal in there back to build a Terminator. Both said they if they had to do it over they would not do the operations again. Both have had many operations M 45 5 years
4X D
 5  Neuropathy, ankle fracture, chronic No side effects really. The benefits outweighed the side effects. I have had chronic pain issues for several years. I did go long periods of time without anything, periods of time using only OTC meds, and I have experienced the withdrawal stage of Lortab and could tell a difference in my pain tolerance but after my ankle injury and disabling pain from neuropathy in the entire length of my leg I had to submit to the use of opiates to control the pain so I could function and have any quality of life. 800 Motrin in adjunct with Tylenol alternating wasn't curbing the pain, so I did thoroughly examine the pros and cons of both Over The Counter and prescribed painkillers. I still have pain, I know it will never completely go away. I just want to be able to control the pain, not let it control me. I agree that pain meds can be abused, but taking them is a privelage and I choose not to abuse that privelage. I can't imagine living in pain so bad that all I can do is lay and waste away. I do understand that your pain tolerance is lessened due to the dopamine which is released by the opiates becomes dependant, but I think there is a medium there and I have come to terms with it. I would live a miserable life without the proper use of my medication. I might add, I have to take Motrin 800, Lyrica, and muscle relaxants in adjunct with the Lortab for it to be effective. It doesn't fully work unless I take it all regularly. F 38 7 months
5/500 4X D
 5  Severe knee pain (damage/arthritis) A little itching that went away I'm a 59 year old mechanic on my feet all day with a lot of walking. If I didn't take Lortab I COULD NOT do my job. Doctors refrain from prescribing pain meds and warn about being "addicted" to pain meds where you end up taking them all the time. Funny how the medical profession has absolutely no qualms about patients being "addicted" to blood pressure meds, cholesterol lowering meds, blood thinner meds (think of hundreds of other meds) that have LIFE THREATENING side effects and are often far worse than the ailment they're supposed to be treating (most just treat the symptoms, not the disease). A lot of pain meds are generic now so they're cheap. Big Pharma can't get rich off of that. They relieve/lessen pain, they work. The potential for abuse is very real, but I've found a Lortab taken during a severe flu allowed me to get up, eat some soup, watch TV, feel halfway normal. Until you experience pain 24/7 you really can't pass judgment on this issue. Keep it out of site, NOT in the medicine cabinet where the wrong person can find it. M 59 3 years
7.5 mg 2X D

 4  FX'd Distal Humerus Slight constipation, restless sleep. This pain medicine is the only way I can get through a day. I fractured (broke in half) my distal humerus in my strong arm 5 weeks ago. Because surgery is a bad option and the resetting and healing take longer the pain is quite severe. I had a spinal fusion of two ruptured discs several years ago and this break is much worse. When I wake up every morning I am in agony until about 30 minutes after taking. Great medicine though probably not for everyone. M 38 5 weeks
7.5 4X D

 5  Degenerative Discs in Lower Back Nausia, some constipation, dizziness, itching I have dealt with back pain for several years and have always been unable to take pain medicine because I am allergic to all codeine based pain killers (as are my mother and sister). Every time I tried them I would end up vomiting for hours on end. After my mother had hip replacement surgery she was given Lortab 10/500 with visteril for nausia and was able to tolerate it. I talked with my physician and explained that I only needed it a couple of times each week at bedtime. When taken with the Visteril I have no problems with nausia, (make sure you take it 30 minutes before taking the Lortab), and am able to get some rest. I do wake up during the night quite a bit but it's worth the trade off to lay in bed and not be absolutely miserable all night long. M 39
10/500 1X D

 2  Ruptured disc L4 Uncontrollable itching!! I'm 29 yrs old and took my last one tonite!! I can't handle the constant itching!! I'd rather have the pain!! I ruptured my disc in August and have had a bottle of 30 that I only take as needed! It's now December so in 4 months I've had about 20! I just flushed the remaining 9, my whole body itches! I feel like something is crawling all over me! Not for me!!! F 29 2 months
7.5 1X D

 5  Back pain mild itching, sweating, sleep disturbances..PAIN CONTROL Ive been on lortab for several months and when i first started takin them experienced a high feeling, however, since ive been on them for a while i really have no side effects at all. My back pain is zero when i take them and is about a 7 when i dont. It has been a miracle drug for me. It does seem to motivate me..but that may be just due to good pain control. I would recommend it, but not for someone who gets addicted to drugs. I do notice i get funny looks from the pharmacist and cashiers when i get my prescription. I think if they were in pain they may not look at me like that. F 38 7 months
5/500 4X D

 5  Lupus (SLE), AVN, chest pain Pain dramatically reduced, but not completely gone (but when you're in as much pain as I everyday this is nothing short of a miracle) When i first started taking them I had some slight nausea that went away quickly. I am able to function and take care of my son better than I ever would have if I remained in the amount of pain that I was in for several years before starting this medication. Overall I am a much happier, better functioning member of society When people (nurses, pharmasists, average joe's) learn of my medication I am instantly judged and I find this very angering, but I try to understand that if they really new my medical history and/or lived inside my body for one minute they wouldn't be so hateful. I understand that there are some poor souls that abuse this medication and I have first hand witnessed the destruction it can bring on one's life (not to mention the lives of everyone they love and hurt)but there are many more that don't abuse it and,in fact, benefit greatly from it. My advice is keep it to yourself, and cut out those people in your life that may try to take advantage of you (i.e. looking in your medicine cabinet) because chances are they're not the type of people you should be hanging around anyway, this could also prompt your dr to revoke your prescription. F 27 6 years
10/500 4X D

 5  long term lower back pain I am still taking it. I do have side effects that just started 2 days ago. They are dizziness, hearing problems, and nasuae. Not sure how much longer I can take it. F 48 3 weeks
7.5mg 2X D

 3  Kidney Stones, Sprained Lower Back nausea, itching especially on legs, dizziness, lack of appetite, drowsiness but difficulty sleeping Ive used this medication several different times. After having my daughter 3 years ago I developed kidney stones and often have flare ups which require pain management medication often being prescribed Lortab. More recently I was prescribed Lortab for a sprained lower back, seems to take the edge off but the side effects are almost not worth it. Vicodin seems to help me much better as i was prescribed this for kidney stones as well. F 23 7 days
500 1X AN

 4  Fibromyalgia Happiness and energy mostly a little tired after the third dose I have severe fibromyalgia and this is the only medicine that really helps besides lyrica. After a while you do build a tolerance and need more. I was scared I was becoming mentally addicted so I stopped cold turkey for seven days. It wasn't that bad and after a week I discovered I really need the medicine. My pain is just too bad. I think if people really need it take it. F 26 2 years
7.5 3X D

 4  FM, shoulder replacement, back surg No side effects, a little constipation, but overall, has helped me to walk and have use of my arm. Still have back problems, but Lortab helps if you have chronic pain condition I take a 10 mg dose with 325 tylenol. Better on your liver and generally worked better. I think the 500 dose of tylenol is too much and interferes with the opiate benefits. F 57 10 years
10/325 6X D

 4  Recovery from outpatient surgery Itchy, tingly feeling all over body. I got a "high" when I took this drug - I was just so happy :o). And I was a little sleepy and relaxed too. Very effective pain killer with no bad side effects. The itchy/tingling is a little annoying, but worth it to experience the benefit of this drug. F 28 2 weeks
don't know 1X AN

 1  bowel resection hands shook, very fatigued,vision problems, constipation, mild itchiness,nausea AND on two occasions...dreadful hallucinations (demonic evil flying around the hospital room)just prior to falling asleep. Two things: Thankfully I do not believe in demonic evil so while I was hallucinating I was thinking, "This is totally irrational". But if someone believed in demons, I think it could be very dangerous. I stopped the Lortabs and discovered that about 85% of my post op discomfort was caused by the pain medication. F 61 4 days
7.5 tab 1X AN

 3  Back pain I am feeling seriously depressed and apathetic about everything ! When you start taking it daily, after awhile you don't know if you are taking it for pain or habit. I have been on antidepressants for years and haven't felt the way I do now. Time to kick them to the curb. It's easy to convince yourself you are taking them for the right reason and hard to admit you have developed a dependency! No more for me before I jump off the bridge! F 47 7 months
7.5 2X D

 3  Dental surgery nausea, shakes, dizziness It didn't really take the pain away, I felt like I was too dizzy/high to really care that I hurt. The nausea and shakiness are terrible. I don't like it. F 27 2 days
7.5 2X D

 3  back and neck spasms Extreme fatigue and drowsiness I don't take pills unless I MUST; my pain was not manageable otherwise. I'm off them now because I worry about dependency. They do give you a great, temporary "drifting" feeling, though, that I can see could be attractive when stressed. So, "taker beware", I suppose.... F 53 7 days
10 mg 1X D

 1  knee surgery to repair torn menisus the day after my surgery, i took one lorotab and it make me so sick. it made my chest hurt, i had alot of trouble breathing, very nausiated, severe vomiting, and passing out. i actually felt alot better not taking this medicine and my knee was hurting pretty bad. F 16 1 days
40 MG 1X D

 3  migraine Took as needed for migraine pain not relieved by other meds. Worked for pain but left me wired. F 52
5mg 1X D

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