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 2  Heavy Periods I have always suffered with heavy periods. Most nights I have to wear a diaper to bed because of the gushing. I have tried three cycles worth and have not noticed a difference in my flow. Very disappointed. Next step would be a hysterectomy :(. F 39 3 months

 5  Heavy menstrual bleeding None Very active and so was so happy to be able to enjoy my ski trip without having to use the bathroom every hour. Much better option than surgery for uterine fibroids/polyps F 52 5 days
650 mg 6X D
 1  pcos-menorrhia I am cureently taking lysteda to stop my abnormal bleeding. I have pcos and suffer from having periods that can last for months at a time. This is debilitating to me and my life. I started the lysteda six days ago and if anything made me feel worse. It has not stopped nor lessened my bleeding in any wayshape or form.I am still bleeding heheavily and passing large clots. This medicine has definitely not worked for me.:( F 29 5 days
2 tid
 1  menorrhagia Headache more like sinus headaches I have been bleeding for three weeks after taking Lysteda for the first five days of my cycle; Lysteda has not worked for me at all. F 42 5 days
650 mg 6X D
 5  Heavy bleeding.... Drinking a lot of fluids F 33 4 days
1300 mg
 5  heavy bleeding due to fibroids this medicine is a godsend.it has helped me so much with my periods. I have a normal life agian and do stuff when im on my period. F 52 2 years
650 mg
 5  Heavy period, painful periods Noticed a difference by the time I took my second dose! Periods are much more manageable and not debilitating any more. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from unmanageable periods. I have also noticed since I have been taking it the past several months that even if I do not take it every period that my period is still lighter! For me this was a godsend! F 26
650mg 1X AN
 4  Dysmenorrhea and heavy periods None that outweighed my dysmenorrhea. For 5 years since the birth of my youngest, I have experienced the most excruciating pain with my cycle. I have never experienced painful periods before her birth. I also have what my OB suspects as "retrograde blood flow" -- which means the periods were so heavy the blood would flow back up thru the fallopians and into my abdomen. Also, since I got pregnant with my youngest daughter while on BC, I have had reactions to all BC since. I refused an IUD and opted to "suffer" monthly. My OB gave me a sample of Lysteda and it has helped. I still have bad cramping, but the flow is much less, more tolerable and I don't feel like Carrie on prom night. F 36 5 months
2 tabs 3X D
 4  Uterine fibroids and heavy periods No side effects For me, Lysteda is better than taking birth control to lessen/stop the bleeding. The first time I had to take it the bleeding lessened within hours (I had been changing sanitary products every other hour a day and doubling protection at night), and within 3 days it stopped. On the last occurrence although I had lighter bleeding, it took the entire 5 day dose before the flow lessened considerably. F 52 5 days
1300 3X D

 3  Heavy Cycle Prolonged cycles. While on pills will dramatically decrease flow and produced a lot of clotting, (not for sure is the drug is suppose to produce clotting). Once I stop taking because I only took on my heavy days my cycle will start again with periodic spotting days later. I will discontinue use at this time to see if its the pills or something else I have recommended this product to others and they as well have discontinued use for various reasons. F 36 4 months
650mg 3X D

 4  Heavy period/sharp pains in vagina Back pain and extreme leg pain to the point where I stopped taking it. I go in on Monday, 10/8 to my Dr. I only used it for 2 months and I saw a MAJOR change in my cycles. The leg pain will not go away and I recalled that its one of the side effects, so I stopped taking the meds. I love having light, managebale periods, but my leg and back pain outweighs it and I just want the pain to stop. F 39 4 days
6X D
 1  to control heavy cycles The first month I didn't recognize any side effects. I thought this was a miracle drug. I did notice that I started suffering from chronic fatigue. I thought it was because I had been out of the country and picked up a bug. The next month I suffered blurred vision and an ocular migraine, still I didn't make the connection to the medication. I did realize that the dose I took the first month was too much so the second month I cut it in 1/2. It still worked great for my period so I didn't even think about the fact that my back hurt a little and I had a stuffy nose, and I had blurry vision. I thought dry eyes, left over illness from being out of the country. Then the third month came around and I took the medicine and had the strongest reaction. (In the mean time I had been to the dr and they diagnosed me with anemia, another side effect I was unaware of) The third time on the medicine I had a very bad headache, shortness of breath, chestpain, blurred vision, extreme fatigue, sinu F 41 3 months
65 3X D
 5  Heavy menstrual bleeding No side effects. This slowed my horrible bleeding to barely spotting. I cannot take hormones or bc pills so this med has been a wonderful solution. I like that you oonly need to take it for five days or less instead of daily. F 35 2 months
3x a day

 1  Bleeding due to uterine fibroids Side effects from my first and only dose were extreme: hypertension, headache, nausea, vertigo, sleep disturbances, abdomen felt like supernovas were exploding in it. And my fibroid bleeding increased! Caveat emptor with Lysteda. My gynecologist wanted me to take this drug three times a day for at least three days. After enduring those frightening side effects from just one dose, I told her NO WAY. Obviously this was not the drug for me. My body reacted as if it were a poison. Fortunately, by 24 hours after that single dose, my blood pressure had dropped back to normal, and all the side effects had disappeared. F 54 1 days
650 mg 1X D

 5  Very Heavy Periods & Bad Cramps Headache & Stuffy Nose but it is worth it. This is fantastic. I used to have horrible extremely heavy and painful periods that lasted for about 7 days. Now my periods are very light (like spotting almost) and completely pain free and only last for 3 days. I would highly recommend this. F 19 7 months
3X D

 5  extremely heavy periods due to fibr none I normally have crazy periods and lose so much blood it makes me anemic. my Dr. prescribed Lysteda. Started my period yesterday and after 1 dose my period changed to spotting. After 2 doses it stopped completely. F 57 1 days
2 pills 3X D

 2  Heavy Period Room-spinning dizziness and headache. Some anxiety but that might be just a reaction to the dizziness. The first go round, my period stopped after the 1st dose. Unfortunately, the last three rounds I have taken it, have not lessened the bleeding one iota. F 47 4 months
1300 mg 3X D
 5  Heavy Heavy periods I absolutley cannot describe the relief that I received within hours of taking this drug. I thought that taking it 3 times a day was going to be hard but I will tell you that after the first dose and within hours I noticed a difference I didnt want the flow to start back up. I stopped my period within 3 days and swear by this drug. I used to plan my family outings by my periods...now I take my Lysteda. LOVE THIS DRUG F 31 5 days
650 3X D
 5  Debilitating periods slight achiness, barely noticeable Before this drug, I was bleeding so heavily I slept with super plus tampon AND maxi pad, and still had to wake during the night to change every 3 hours. I was in so much pain I was crawling on the floor for one day each month and missing all activities for days. Lysteda has really helped! At 47, I had an ovary removed due to cyst, but periods continued worsening. My Dr. kept telling my to "just get a hysterectomy" but I refused. Lysteda was a last ditch effort and so far, so good. Since I'm sensitive, I started out with 2x/day, but feel that 3x a day will be manageable next month. F 48 1 months
2 pills 2X D
 5  Lessen monthly bleeding Changed my life completely. I went from bleeding through double protection and my clothes for days on end to a normal, light period. I was amazed at how well it works. F 37 1 months
3X D
 5  Heavy Mentrual Bleeding There were no side effects at all This drug is amazing. It helped my heavy bleeding considerably with no side effects. And while the recommended dose is 1300mg 3x a day for 5 days, i find that 650mg 3x a day for 5 days works just as well, so if you start this drug, ask your doctor if you can start at a lower dose. F 43 6 months
650 mg 3X D

 4  heavy menstrual bleeding start taking the first dose as soon as you start your cycle F 39
650x2 3X D

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