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 3  stroke Sob/bruising M 73 1 years
 1  Stent Severe nausea nearly 100% of the time. Light headed. brain fog, dissiness. I am expected to take this drug for a year but it has been completely disabling. I am unable to function due to the severity of the side effects. Even worse, the severity has not decreased at all since starting to take this drug, if anything the intensity of the side effects has become worse. M 57 15 days
10 MG 1X D

 4  After 2 stents, to prevent clotting Some bruising, occasional nosebleeds difficult to stop Dr. started me on Plavix, and tested clotting time a few weeks later. Said I was one of a significant percentage for whom Plavix did not work well. Given the choice of doubling Plavix or changing to Effient. Saw the short list of problems with Effient and changing was a no-brainer. Should have been on it in the first place since Effient works better with diabetics. After about 3 months I changed from 10 mg to 5 mg, and clotting test was still good. The bruising got to where it was very minor. I think testing to find a lower effective dose just makes sense with most drugs. I just went off Effient a few days ago after 19 or 20 months, with the doctor's blessing. He said don't bother to taper off so I just stopped. No problems, at least so far. M 71 19 months
5 mg 1X D
 5  Plavix was not effective Significant bruising, even more than Plavix I credit Effient with saving my life. After a heart attack resulting in 2 stents, and 2 additional stents placed in the next 15 months, I read about Effient in the WSJ. My Cardiologist agreed that we needed to give Effient a shot. F 52 2.5 years
10 mg 1X D

 5  4 stents, atherosclerosis Some large bruising when I first went onto Effient, but over time that effect has greatly reduced. Apparently my body didn't assimilate Plavix properly following my two 2008 stents, so I ended up with a total blockage of a really main heart artery (a full MI) and so literally left Earth for a few minutes in April 2011. (BTW, that's an incredibly experience -- one both awesome and totally reaffirming that what we've taken to be true really IS.) Two more stents and a change to Effient seems to have done the trick so far. Energy returned, lung capacity normal, good results. F 64 14 months
10 mg 1X D
 5  Have 14 stents Bruising but it goes away faster than with Plavix. M 64 1 years
10 mg

 4  4 Stents placed Major bruising on hands and arms - slight bump will cause large dark bruise that takes about 2 weeks to go away. Some areas of my arms seem to be stained from the bruising and it leaves some redish brown coloring that will not go away. Very hard to stop minor bleeding as well. M 71 1.5 years
10 MG 1X D
 2  post stent insertions (2) Thrombocytopenia This drug put me in the hospital for 1 solid week then weekly blood test until my platelet count got above 50. M 51 1 weeks
1X D

 4  After Stent Insertion None, except for the bruises which are mainly on my thighs. I am satisfied to the degree that I donot know how effective this drug is. While I have not had any problems, I wasn't having any problems so to speak before my H A. The only indication that I have according to the Dr. is the bruise marks tell me that the drug is working. F 68 10 months
10 mg 1X D
 1  post stent insertion HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE depression and muscle weakness. Have pre existing fibromyalgia and Effient has made it much worse. Plavix did the same thing. F 67 6 weeks
5mg 1X D

 4  Post stent and myocardial infarctio No side effects as yet, other than a few black and blue marks if not careful. I also take aspirin 160mg at the same time. I was switched from Plavix because I take Nexium. YOU CANNOT TAKE PLAVIX AND A PPI AT THE SAME TIME. There is no problem taking Effient and a PPI. M 58 2 weeks
10mg 1X D

 3  post stent insertions (3) M 61
10 mg 1X D

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