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 3  Enlarged prostate Serious dizziness first day of use. Retrograde ejaculation same day taking the meds. It takes two days to clear the meds out so i can have a normal ejaculation. This is the most difficult problem with this medication. I have to stop taking it so I can have sex with my wife and then start it up again. M 65 5 months
30 MG 1X D
 1  enlarged prostate Retrograde ejaculations, dry orgasm Rapaflo is a mixed bag of trouble. A conundrum as it is, without it I cannot urinate naturally, with it my manhood is negated! My urologist says I will always have this condition if I want to urinate naturally. This depresses me and I am suicidal. M 73 90 days
8 MG 1X D
 4  enlarged prostate -urine retention I have been on and off the medication for the past three months . experienced leg cramps, headaches, severe congestion a couple of times a..a..these seem to come and go as you advance. Sleep much better, less times up at time, somewhat better flow. ejaculation is a problem. yes, dizziness too, but all pains have subsided and I will continue to take for a couple more months till I see the dr again. I did have some noticeable twitching in my chest, then stopped for a week. so far this time no twitching.... maybe just hard to get used to even in the limited dosage I have. M 58 60 days
4mg 1X D
 2  enlarged prosate, slow flow Rapaflo had no side effects that I was aware of, which was a good thing, whereas Uroxatral had all kinds of nasty side effects for me. Rapaflo did NOT help with the slow urine flow, frequent nighttime urination, or the agitation during unination. waste of money for me and now that I am off it (3 weeks) the above issues seem to be even worse. In the process of looking for a new med. M 64 4 weeks
8mg 1X D

 3  BPH Extreme muscle and joint pain. Started with lower legs, now arms and hands. Worked well for symptoms, however if this is a side effect (not sure yet, although pain started within a week or so of taking medication and has progressivly gotten worse) will have to stop soon. Seeking expert advice. Getting to the point where walking is extremely painful and difficult. M 57 30 days
8MG 1X D
 1  To help in urination I had a stuffy nose, fullness in my stomach, headache, dry mouth, issues breathing while sleeping, trouble sleeping, some weakness and fatigue. I only took it one time (8 mg.). This was for help in urination in order to pass my remaining kidney stones. I took this drug no more due to the side effects mentioned earlier. M 51 1 days
8 MG. 1X D

 1  BPH Muscle pain, muscle spasms, joint ache, tingling of nerves, dry ejaculation. I had been on Flomax for years and was getting a rapid heartbeat and palpitations from that along with some light-headed feelings, so the doctor put me on Rapaflow, which he said worked better. About a week after starting Rapaflo I started feeling weak in my left arm and leg. This progressed to tingling in my left leg and foot. Then I started getting muscle spasms and twitches in both arms and legs, and then stiff painful muscles and an achy feeling like you get when you have the flu, along with some dizziness and totally dry ejaculation. I stopped taking the Rapalow and within a few days most of the symptoms had disappeared and I feel much better. It's been about a week now without taking it and I still have some mild muscle spasms, but everything else is back to normal. Hopefully I will continue to get better. M 50 60 days
1X D
 4  Weak urine flow Tiredness. Retrograde ejaculation, stuffy nose, sore throat. Very tired, but getting a little better. Sore throat went away after 3 days. Stuffy nose much better after after 10 days. Retrograde ejaculation is weird, but not intolerable. I was given samples to try and when the 14 days was up, waited a day and found ejaculation returned to normal. Ease of urination continued for several more days. I'm working on a prescription refill (insurance wants me to try Flomax first - allergy to sulfa drugs, so that's not happening). Planning to try taking every other day to see if that will minimize side effects. M 58 14 days
8mg 1X D
 4  BPH Only side effect is retrograde ejaculation. Great for urination difficulties caused by BPH. Not too happy about retrograde ejaculation, which is just plain weird. I plan to ultimately get off this drug because of this unnatural side effect. M 59 60 days
8 MG 1X D

 3  BPH urinary symptoms Dry orgasm after 1st dose. Some improvement in urinary symptoms after 1st week. M 50 7 days

 1  BPH Severe cold-like symptoms, runny nose Did work on the BPH but the side effects are just not worth it. M 54 4 days
8mg 1X D
 4  bph Loss of ejaculation with rapaflo, which is a little less of a problem with flomax. Both flomax & rapaflo very effective, even on 1/2 dose. Experienced severe sinus & chest congestion with flomax; turns out was allergy to the sulfa component of flomax which rapaflo does not have. Flomax is now generic & a better & much cheaper choice provided u have no allergies to it & rapaflo side effects are not less than flomax. M 66 45 days
8 mg 1X D
 3  Recurrent urinary tract problems The tiredness was bad, especially for me with chronic fatigue. More troublesome was inflamed sinuses and very stuffy nose for the entire time on the drug. These were all side effects listed for the drug. It worked within a couple of hours in improving my ability to urinate properly, but I can't live with the side effects and will try to find something else. To the first person who rated - if Rapaflo didn't cause you sinus problems, Flomax probably won't either. F 59 2 days
8 1X D
 4  urinary symptoms It definitely improved urine flow on the first day. I stopped using it after the fourth dose as no ejaculation occured at orgasm, it was a weird feeling and my girlfriend missed it too. My symptoms are not bad enough yet to miss the feeling of ejaculation but if they progress to the point of requiring medication I would definately use Rapaflo. I have read too many bad reviews of Flomax's stuffy or runny nose to try it. M 61 4 days
8 mg 1X D

 4  Urine Flow Problem The only side effect that I have experienced is that I no longer ejaculate. The feeling of ejaculation is about 50% of what it use to be. This drug does not have the side effects of another drug that I was taking for my problem. It works very fast...in 2 days or less. M 71 4 months
1X D
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