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 3  high blood pressure unbearable headaches,..to the point that i could not sleep for days,...a general feeling of unpleasantness. tired sore neck,..and legs. for worse then my 140/90 bp, that i have brought down to 136/87 by losing 12 lbs. i have stop taking the medication for two days now,..and the headachs, and foggy head is going away. im just going to lose the weight ,and bring my bp down azor gave me a foggy head,headach soreness,..chills . i stop taking it after two weeks, never to return to it M 43 2 weeks
5/20 2X D

 1  Hypertension I would never take this drug ppl. I think it is the benicar that is in it. Started off good compared to the beta blocker then progressively got worst. Shortness of breath dizziness lightheaded fatigue tired all the time general sense of disgust. Took my life away for a month. I quit taking this med 3 days ago and I feel like a new me. M 28 5 weeks

 4  hypertension None M 31 2 years
 1  High bp Extreme headache vision problems,labored breathing,nausea,bloody stool,dizziness ,overall bad feeling terrible medicine I don't think they studied this med enough terrible side effects be carefully try something else first M 40 1 days
10/40 1X D

 2  high blood pressure swelling of feet, jittery, fatigue, light headed, strange sensation that is hard to explain I was taking Diovan, but after reading of its possible side effects that matched what I experiencing, I asked my doctor to switch me to something else. He gave me a two week trial of Azor. The first couple of days, maybe 3-4, I felt okay, but then my feet starting swelling even more than usual. At the three hour mark each morning, I would get very fatigued and light headed, and like I was going to pass out. I also felt like I was shaking on the inside, though it couldn't be observed on the outside. My hands were steady, but they didn't feel like they were. Each evening, the symptoms would pass, only to return the next morning a few hours after taking Azor. I've never experirenced low blood pressure before, but my symptoms felt like that was possibly the problem. F 59 10 days
5/20 1X D

 1  hbp Terribly painful stomach ache. My back hurts all the time breathing shallow. Headaches,dull and constant. All around just bad feeling, very tired and achey. What an awful pill! F 53 2 weeks
 1  HBP Have celiac symptoms, diarrhea, cramps. Spend a entire weekend in bed the pain was so severe. Had rash on the eye lids with flaky skin and burning. Now I have to stop this med because this can cause Los of problems even death. F 53 6 days
10/20 1X D

 1  high bp Terrible muscle pain in my legs mostly upper thighs. Also back pain. Not a day goes by where someone doesn't ask why I'm walking the way that I am because it has drastically changed the way I walk. I need help putting on my socks. My doctor thought it was my cholesterol medication and I came off it for a while with no change but after doing my own research and reading your comments I think I may have found my answer. M 53 1 years

 4  high blood pressure nose stuffs up at 3:30 or 4:30 A.M. every day. Works great!! Was taking Toprol. Toprol was letting B.P. get160/105. Toprol also caused stuffy nose but not as bad as azor. Azor lets B.P. get no higher than 145/96 (right out of bed, first thing in the morning). Within 2 hr. of waking B.P. usually goes to around 125/75. 12 hr. Vicks nose spray won't help with stuffy nose. Only thing that works is sit upright until head clears. M 61 90 days
5mg-40mg 1X D
 3  High blood pressure Rapid weight gain!!!!! F 30 1 months

 4  High blood pressure Too low blood pressure to going too high. Solved by taking half a pill in the morning and half a pill in the evening. Still sometimes my blood pressure goes down to 99 M 68 2 years
5-20 1X D

 4  high blood pressure some dizziness, head hurts some, i've lost some weight... does this med make you lose weight? other than that it has helped. it works for my blood pressure... F 57 10 days
5-20 mg 1X D
 2  Hypertension Itching and burning on my face break out on my nose and forhead tiny scaly break out for almost a year and varies treatment did not help changed five inte rest and dermatologiest Buy reading about Azor found out it is this medication side effect .I am on my way to change it F 64 4 years
5-20 1X D

 2  hbp dizziness swelling of feet(bad) confusion irritated eyes I t did bring down my bp but I lost about 25lbs from dieting. My doctor wanted me to continue for a few more months but my feet kept swelling really bad..dizziness..confusion..etc! I took myself off..I am too young to be feeling bad all the time..going to see my doctor this week! Hopefully if I keep losing no more bp medicine at all for me! :) F 49 6 months
1X D
 1  HBP My doctor switched me from Benicar HCT to Azor HCT. The first day I took Azor, I had dizziness, tightness in my chest, and a "strange" over all feeling I couldn't identify. I called and she recommended I try 1/2 pill per day which I did for the next 2 days. I still had dizziness and realized the "strange" feeling was an anxiety attack from the other side effects. The next day, I resumed taking Benicar HCT. F 58 3 days
5/20 1X D
 4  Hypertension None... Works great for me. My Dr combined Tenoretic 50/25mg to Azor 5/20mg which brings my pressure to the lowest limit. M 59 30 days
5/20mg 1X D

 4  High blood pressure Slight swelling of the feed / ankle. Dizzyness when standing too quickly Brought blood pressure under control. Went from 180/130 to 116/70 M 50 3 months
10-40 1X D

 3  HBP sometimes irregular heart rate. passed out in late evening every night. enlarged breasts. ED and low testosterone. vision impairment. - see my April 2010 review it does work well in controlling BP but what a cost. been off since Cristmas 2011 and on 5 mg Bystolic now-- breats returning to normal, vision still weakened, testosterone still low. there is more to ARB side effects than publicized. M 64 2 years
1/2 of5/20 1X D

 4  High Blood Pressure No side effects other than edema (swelling ankles & feet) which I have when I don't exercise & it's due to me being overweight. I am African American woman early 40's. I was on Norvasc & Dr. changed becuase of my swelling complaints & I was taking Norvasc & Lasix. Now I only take Azor. I'm satisfied with Azor. (knock on wood) =) I go for my check up on next week - will report back on my labs at that time. F 43 6 months
5/20mg 1X D
 3  HIGH bp Extreme swelling of feet; heart palpitations, wheezing; watery, burning eyes; itchy rash. Controlled my bp at first and dr. was satisfied. Said this combination of nefediac and amlodipine was only thing that worked for some African American women. Insurance didn't want to pay for 2 channel blockers, so when Azor came out, they paid because only one Rx. My cost is $50. First palpitations; later swollen feet. Then wheezing few months ago, now rash like measles. I stopped cold turkey last week, when began researching. F 56 14 months
1X D
 1  high blood pressure Made my blood pressure go too low. I was gettinng dizzy and didnt feel good on this medication. It did nothing for my fast heart rate and made my anxiety attacks worse. My Dr. took me off this medicationn. 43 2 weeks
5mg/20mg 1X D
 5  Hypertension Dizziness, swelling of feet. I didn't react to Norvasc alone, so my doctor put me on Azor. I have very little problems with the dizziness, just when I am lying down and stand up, and I don't experience the swelling of my feet every day as long as I stay hydrated. This is expensive - $45 with my insurance but my doctor gave me a discount card from the pharmaceutical that says I will never pay more than $25 for Azor. BTW, my hypertension is genetic. My dad began having problems around the same age. 33 45 days
5-20mg 1X D

 2  yes 56 year old male. At first flushing of face, it went away, but then stuffy nose. But the worst one is both leg muscle pain and ache. I have hbp with azor using it lowers it, but what is it doing to my body? flushed face, stuffy nose, muscle pain. Real muscle pain making it hard to walk. I might try benicar or natural choices, and see what happens. Oh ya Azor has only been on the market for 3 years. Some books say you should not take a drug thats been on the market less than 7 year. Doctors just seem to throw these meds at you , never a natural product. I see attractive female pharm saleswomen in the Dr office all the time. Handing out free samples, like candy.makes me wonder what is the motivation of these drug companies? $$$$$ or you health. M 56 30 days
5/20 1X D

 3  hypertension none really This drug is SOOOOO SOOOOO expensive. But the addition of amlodipine to my antihypertensive regimen really works quite well (was already taking Benicar) I have since been able to reduce my Benicar from 40 mgs to 20. I am still taking Benicar AND amlodipine, I am just now taking them as 2 seperate pills because it is WAY cheaper this way. I have noticed though that if I am even one hour late on my dose of amlodipine, I start getting heart palps. F 29 1 months
20/5 1X D

 1  Hypertension Was on Exforge for 3 years became ineffective so mDr. started me on Azor. Had extreme itching and burning of skin nose started breaking out badly. Dermatologist said Azor(calcium channel blocker) could have triggered Rosacea. I'd almost rather have the high blood pressure. I understand Azor main ingredient contains vasodilator which could be a trigger for rosacea. M 60 30 days
10-40mg 1X D

 2  hypertension Headache, esp. when laying down. Bad interaction with Valium 5mg, which I took three times while on the Azor, and experienced crippling tendon and muscle pains that lasted for days each time. Does not have much of a stabilizing effect on my episodic high blood-pressure. Expensive. F 60 14 days
10/40 1X D

 3  to switch off ACE after 12+ yrs Blood pressure generally less than 120/80, much lower at night and when wake up. Azor at full 5-20 or benicar alone 20mg tend to nod out in evening, can fade while driving. BUT tinnitus is MUCH quieter and softer than with ACE, no lump in throat, senses of taste and smell much improved. Subject to sinus infections -- complicates air travel. after starting benicar, then azor, noticed hair loss, lower testosterone, rising PSA. anyone else notice these as side effects? or just coincidence? M 62 6 months
1/2 of5-20 1X D

 3  Hi blood pressure Severe water retention in ankles and lower legs. Very low BP, which caused severe dizziness when standing up. Rapid weigh gain. Big problems considering I only took the drug for two weeks. A week after stopping, I still am having problems with water retention...and the added weight is still on! M 52 14 days
10/20 1X D

 5  Hypertension Occasional lightheadedness when I stand up quickly, mainly because my blood pressure's been lowered so well. Dr says to stay hydrated. BP was 145/95, now down to 115/75. Very satisfied with this drug. M 51 4 months
5/40 1X D

 4  hypertension slight chest tightening (shortness of breath) Have tried 4 other and no luck with lowering BP and horrible side effects. Researched Azor through this site and drug.com and asked my doctor if I could try it. Hurrah! Lower blood pressure after six weeks and barely any side effects....horrible insomnia with others. Atenolol brought my pulse to 45!! (No wonder i felt like I was dragging!) Hurrahy for Azor after MONTHS of trying many others and having bad effects and no help in lowering my blood pressure! F 60 3 months
 5  High Blood Pressure after 3rd child Occassionally light headed & heart palps; pressure was 180/109; now approx 123/80 but I don't have the best diet & the only exercise I get is the stairs in my house. Azor works well for me. Taking 5/20mg. My doctor told me azor was only for african american young women but I see from this site that its not true. F 40 2 years

 3  HYPERTENSION After 5 days on 5/20 I have foot and leg cramps. Awoke this morning to find a small blood vessel in my right eye has ruptured. Flushing is very annoying. Swelling hands and feet also. Blood pressure has dropped tremendously. Possibly I need a lower dose. F 59 5 days
 5  bp none has of yet..taking 5/20 was taking Toprol XL felt not in this world..with side effects. Started looking on my own found this..asked Dr. to put me on this..I feel more like a person. I do take this at night. F 61 5 days

 4  HBP This medicine brought my BP down quickly and works all day whereas my other meds did not. Only side effect I experienced so far was face flushing for about 10 minutes and a slight headache. This is my first week on AZOR and so far I feel better on it. Side effects are not that bad and hopefully they will eventually go away. F 50 3 days

 5  Hypertension None but took 3 weeks to get used to it. I feel completely the same after 1 year on Azor. I've lost 22 pounds but from dieting. My bp fluctuates dramatically though and I exercise regularly and am 15 pounds from my recommended bmi. F 44 1 years

 3   Itching on my face, See Gohst sometimes at dark and blood pressure down from 130/90 to 88/67. Too low. reduced the pills dose from 5mg/20mg Amlodpine and olmesartan medoxomil to 1/2 size (cut in half but still same) M 57 10 days

 3  blood pressure went out of control Have had severe swelling in feet, ankles and legs. Also experiencing hair loss. Works on blood pressure, even though I had to take the highest dosage. But the swelling is painful. F 59 8 months

 5  High Blood Pressure A little lightheaded, foot pain, dizziness when I first started taking it. I love this stuff! I was on Toprol XL for 6 years and had horrid side effects. My doctor switched me to Azor about 3 months ago and I have very little side effects. My blood pressure has went from 140/90 to 90/60 - can your blood pressure get too low? I never thought I would be asking that! F 48 3 months

 5   None. I have had hair loss since I started taking different medication for high blood pressure, 4 years ago, so I don't know about Azor It works great my BP is the same or lower than my daughter's. She is 11. I have taken for one year already and I have not gain any weight since then. F 47 1 years
 3  high blood pressure severe weight gain, slight headache the first week It worked ok once my doctor added a water pill. I gained 30 pounds in one year on this med. Had to switch meds and go on phentermine to counteract the weight gain F 44 1 years

 5  High Blood Pressure NONE When I first started taking Azor my blood pressure was 210/130 It is now 130-140/70-80 Works fast Very pleased M 55 2 months

 5  High Blood Pressure None, taken before retiring. Drops blood pressure fast. Had 196/120. Stable in a few days. Was taking a Lotrel generic, and it was awful. Muscle/joint pain, backache, dizziness. Blurry vision was the worst part. All went away next day after switching to Azor. It's pricey, but only a few dollars more than the generic Lotrel anyway. 10 days

 1  high blood pressure Since taking Azor there has been major hair loss on whole body. Noticeable reduced sense of taste and little interest in eating, but I have gained weight! Azor has not controlled my labile BP. F 69 5 months

 5  high blood pressure Dizziness when first taking it during day, switched to taking it at bedtime. Only day 5 of taking it though I may be able to take it during the day now and not have the dizziness. I was taking the horrible Lotrel previously and had all kinds of bad side effects. Switched doctors because the previous one insisted I keep taking Lotrel. New doc prescribed Azor 10/20. After 5 days of taking it at bedtime my blood pressure dropped from 150-160/105-120 to 124/80 this morning. M 38 5 days

 5  pre-hypertension None Drops BP fast when taken consistently. I need to check mine often to make sure it doesn't drop too low since I exercise more. F 36 5 months

 5  high blood pressure none azor immediatly brought my blood pressure down to normal.took diovan for over a year,side affects were horrible. M 43 6 months

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