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 1  Was diagnosed with paranoid schitzo Loss of vision, excess salivation...chewed food, but couldn't swallow it., voice weakened. couldn't even finish a sentence because I couldn't remember my train of thought. Could barely walk. Too many bad side effects... A wonder drug for the government, bankers and families wanting to eliminate mentally ill family members. Paranoid schizophrenia is the newest label given to anyone with any kind of a mental health issue. I was first diagnosed as bipolar at 16. At 24, after much testing, I was told that I was counter-dependent. Eventually I had a nervous breakdown. 7 years later I had a ministroke and after a few days I went to E.R. After having an MRI an 8.5 aneurism was found. After coiling surgery I had a major stroke. My brain has been through enough! However I have NEVER heard voices. I've always been paranoid of my mom and sister...with good reason! Invega shouldn't be given to anyone and manufacturer should be sued! F 57 2 months
9 mg 1X M

 1  Sexual Thoughts Aggression low Self Esteem Depression Suicidal Thinking Vivid Intense Dreaming Ltd Weight Gain Though And Limited - Ltd Sedation /Tiredness M 22 5 months
 1  schizoaffective Weight gain I've gained 22 lbs in three months . I went from 118 to 139 lbs. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. And my doctor still won't take me off of it even though I'm still hallucinating. He says its the best medicine. Ya right! F 23 3 months
 1  forced vivid dreams, sleepyness, loss of period, memory loss, drooling, dizzyness, leg cramp, sharp breathing, complete loss of sex drive and hormones, increased prolactin, short urination bursts I was forced onto this drug I hate it but noone will take me off this cto which forces me to have this injection once monthly of this poison F 25 1 years

 5  misdiagnosed It does slow down your sex drive. It is equivalent to vyvance* M 21 10 days

 1  Misdiagnosis for schizophrenia Unable to absorb myself into the artistic lifestyle I once had, unable to ejaculate, no sex drive, unable to concentrate, painful pressure in head, complete dysphoria, anxiety, ruined life This drug really ruined my life. I cannot feel like the person I used to be and really upset about doctors that don't listen to me. This drug really is HELL on earth. It is a life-ruining drug. To any doctors reading this, please realize that you don't know how much hell you could potentially be putting your patient through with this drug. M 20 2 months
78 mg 1X M

 1  bipolar Blurry vision, Drooling from mouth, tardive dyskinesia, shuffling gait, stiff muscles, lost sex drive, unable to maintain erection etc. INVEGA SUSTENA - The Devil's Medicine Sent from Hell!!! AVOID!!! M 44 3 months
117MG 1X M

 1  bad sexual thoughts Crying all the time suicidal thoughts. Feeling all alone loneliness. Don't know if there is a medicine that counteract these feelings. Always paranoid to the max. I gained 15 pds I n one month. Terrible feelings of doom. My doctor wants to put me on a dose of 69 mg of a shot I now take 117 mg .at first time of each month I get 117 mg of invega.be careful of getting a shot of this medicine I think can be very dangerous. Suicidal ideation bad.dizziness terrible.very irritable. Is there a shot for side effects. Once you get a shot it is in your system and can't do anything about it. I think this shot can be done but wear off.which takes days to several weeks. Very strong medicine when Giving the very first day and several weeks. Be very careful. I would think about side effects of invega before taking. Dont know how this medicine will mix other medicines.be cautious. Seriously 53 10 days
 1  Forced It made me stupid I couldn't put words together I stayed in bed for a month. My mouth hung open and I drooled. No sex drive. The worst experience in my life. Never take this poison!! M 37 1 months

 2  Because I'm the best looking Almost collapsing everyday. Unable to balance my mood and had to stop smoking good weed as much only at times at night after drinking coffee. Bloating in my stomach and I only weighed 150 pounds before. Not being able to walk far. Tired and coffee mixed with the drug. I was able to quit drinking from this drug. I don't know if my scarela has changed blue and eyes from invega. I doubt it. Not directly from invega.but as a special power from Jesus. I get to get rich from my eyes and being a human tiger and make more money than Jansenna and meet the coolest and prettiest looking women. Invega has done no good for me. I can still barely eat and all fluids bloat me. It's been 10+ months off the highest doser. I was so fucked up on invega that I wrote some of the best songs on invega. Alcohol made me sound retarded while on invega. My views got stuck at 777 for that song 777 is Jesus Christ it had more views before. I wrote some crazy stuff when I was messed up on invega for Jesus books. Me making my own best lightning had nothing to do with invega. It made me look like I was on crack when I went for a long walk and drank coffee. It's complicating drinking the right amount of coffee. M 29 3 years
highest 1X M
 5  paranoid thoughts weight gain, sleep alot It helped me to be calm in my head. I have no paranoid thougts anymore, no anxiety anymore, no stress anymore. I did stop with school but i cant tell if its because of the medicine. M 24 2 years
6 MG 1X D
 1  misdiagnosed bipolar Extreme restlessness of the arms and legs, sleepiness, periods stopped, dystonia of the eyes, weight gain,still lactating 16 months after my son was born F 23 1 days
 1  bi polar this is a garbage drug and the side effects are restlessness and no energy anxiety loss of memory anedonia M 44 8 months
1X M
 3  diagnoised with sctizo effective I am a woman and since ive been taking invega my breast has doubled the size they have a lawsuit for men who have been diagnoused with gynecomastia but i am a female and it isnt fair to be carring all this weight from my breast having big breast causes me to less able to do things i enjoy doing its difficult for me to tie my shoes having pressure on my breast just to tie my shoes its embarrasing i like to dance but with my breast being so big i cant dance like i want to i also like to run but with my breast being so big its hard for me to run invega also slows down my thinking progress i dont think as good as a normal person i dont have sharp thinking and every since ive been on invega injectable i have no sex drive they say deppresants can cause sex drive problems but before i was on invega injectable i had no problems with my sex drive i had skipped periods i reported these sideffects to my counselor and my doctor and they kept me on this drug i have been on this medicine for 4 years going on 5 years and they have done nothing just told me to keep taking it it kept me out of the hospital but i did get sick and was admitted to the hospital even though i was taking my injections every month so i didnt quite understand that one F 30 4 years
 1  bipolor indigestion, pain in my hips, chest pain, depression, no motvation, constent racing thoughts, no emotions of happiness, weight gain, after quitting jaw pain and exessive yawning 40-50 times a day went to my pcp sent to specialist, had a medical procedure, added other meds... out of frustration i looked up invega on wed md... stopped it other problems went away but got jaw clenching and the yawning, i just feel like crap i wonder why i'm still alive... feeling like this is not living F 53 5 months
12 mg 1X D
 1  Bipolar I was on invega for 3 months. I was put on the pill when I got admitted into the hospital . The pill did not agree with me, didn't want to shower , felt insecure, no motivation, and I gained massive weight in a month. At first my body was ok with invega. All of a sudden here goes the side effects. I'm off it now, my body hasn't come back too. No cycle, weight has not dropped. I ex cerise and intake less calories . So frustrating ! F 1 days

 1  Schizophrenia Terrible tardive dysnexia ! Still taking it not sure what to do till my doctor gets back from vacation M 18 6 months
3.5 mg.

 1  misdiagnosed schizophrenia Weight gain (15kg's), headaches, pressure around the head, dizzyness, blurred vision, social anxiety. M 30 1 years

 1  Writing books The feeling of fainting every day. writing less the best books less words to write. I feel like I have mono when I'm not drinking coffee, and the coffee makes me dizzier. I get indigestion and need surgery from the weight gain. Slower growing facial hair for modeling. I have to wait till next summer to be the highest paid model so I can make the highest selling cd's. I can't walk more than a half an hour a day. I won't pay a cent to take this piece of crap drug. M 21 700 days
234 mg 1X M

 5  Schizoaffective disorder I can get a bit tired and experience a bit of lethargy. I believe the drug can slow you down. Also I sometimes get red eyes after evening dose that correlates to me getting sleepy. Anyone with this side effect? F 31 2 years

 5  Chronic depression & anxiety, PTSD First day very sedated but not sleepy, miserable. Since then, gradually got so much better except lack of sleep. Stopped panic attacks, stopped severe anxiety and depression. Regained personality and executive function. I went to high level functioning that was not possible for over 7 yrs. This is a miracle drug for me so far, I have no dread or fears in any distressful amount and am organizing and cleaning, laughing, smiling and talking while engaging in the here and now. I haven't felt this balanced and strong for 7 yrs and had given up hope. I was in agony every day all the time before. F 58 17 days
3 1X D
 5  schizophrenia None M 37 1 years
150 mg

 3  BPD and Mild Bipolar Sudden drop in blood pressure, shortness of breath and hair loss, frequent urination Normally I'm pretty good with a side effect profile on medications but the was enough to make me stop taking it. It did relieve some of the rapid brain activity and level out my moods a bit. And it probably would eventually have worked pretty good. But the few side effects I had were enough to make me stop. I had some rapid heartbeat in the beginning but that passed after just a few days. Then about 2 weeks into it I started having sudden and frequent drops in blood pressure and shortness of breath which was enough to scare me off of it. Although peeing a lot and the hair loss would have been tolerable if it worked really well, the other two gave me my answer about continuing. I was peeing about every hour and sometimes had a difficult time getting the flow going. That was a little concerning but not scary. The hair loss was ample. I'm a guy with long hair so I'm used to seeing shedding but within two weeks I was pulling gobs of hair out in the shower and noticed lots of shedding during the day on my clothes.. M 40 1 months
1X D
 5  paranoid schizophrenia invega sustenna with elevate everybody's prolactin ,inability to focus although i have had before my paranoid schizophrenia. this drug works really well for me. i have zero paranoid thoughts. other than the prolactin i have zero side effects i would not recommend this drug to someone because of the side effects i have seen listed M 22 8 months
156mg 1X M
 5  mild bipolar, mild borderline weight gain, weight gain, weight gain. Mild muscle tightness but I take an occasional Lorazepam .5mg for anxiety and that helps. Lethargy is a battle too but my Dr recently said energy begets energy (doing creates more doing) and it took a bit to overcome the lethargy but my Dr was right because now I'm consistently doing more than I used to. This med has helped me tremendously to get stable and my life on track. The weight gain sucks but I also had a poor diet so I'm working on that and by the summer I want to be exercising more. I seem to get frequent kidney stones and I'm trying to figure out if Invega is part of the cause. Looking back they may have started around the time I began Invega, but again poor diet could be to blame for that too! (lots of fast food = high sodium & high fat/calories) F 37 5 years

 1  For my Schizophrenis I rap, and now I'm slowed down to where i can't rap fast any more… my mind doesn't let me keep up with it…. my penis has been soft even since… i can't have sex because of it… i have major ADHD and i can't sit still and watch tv or use the computer because I feel like I have to get up.. i have major social anxiety. The paranoia went away only a little bit. It's still there and I HATE THIS DRUG! I HATE IT! I can't have sex… rap good… sit still.. or go out anywhere i HATE IT M 19 3 months
Injection 1X M
 1  Misdiagnosed for schizophrenia Anhedonia, restlessness, loss of emotions, no sex drive, no motivation, cognitive problems, memory loss, no appetite, insomnia, agitated, and constant dysphoria. Was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and was forced to take this poison for 10 months. Right after the first shot all the side effects started to come. The most sadistic one is anhedonia. I am no longer human. I cannot function and have never been so down/sick/ill/depressed before in my life. This has been the worst experience in my life. It has been 3 months since my last injection and still no improvement. I suffer every day and am scared to death that this will be permanent according to what I have been researching online so far. This is a horrible drug and should not be on the market. My life has been completely destroyed. I have no interest in anything and everything that used to give me pleasure have all stopped working after Invega Sustenna. I live a pleasureless, joyless life where I feel restless and discontent 24/7. This is hell. I am looking into suing. M 32 10 months
100mgs 1X M

 1  BiPolar Also monthly shot. Lack of clarity, inability to concentrate , work, function normally Horrible drug. Wanted off shot, just wanted oral, Dr refused. Complained about eye problem, Dr ignored me. Dystonia set in and neuro-opthamologist and two other Drs said get off Invega. P-Dr said no we'll give you another drug to stop eyelid spasms. I am almost blinded by this drug I said f-u. I stopped taking and will deal with it, like major isomnia now. Considering fiiing a lawsuit...Ever rear about the side effects? no one advised me of this. M 22 18 months
6mg + mont 1X D
 2  Paranoid schizophrenia At first invega was great....but as time wore on I put on more and more weight. Lost bladder control,develped very soft stools.had a terrible pain in abdomen when i bent down.felt anxious and couldn't drive far.lost felling of balance.extremely lazy which got worse as time went on. Got skin tags around ny eyes. Most of side effects have gone now thankfully including strangely the skin tags around the eyes. F 48 2.5 years
3 1X D

 1  Brief Psychotic Disorder irregular/increased heart rate (benadryl seemed to stop this; went to the ER twice), no appetite, no sex drive, weird brain feeling Would not recommend, especially that my delusions are gone. I am fine mentally now but I'm still suffering from the drug. It's been almost a month from the initial "1-month" injection M 22 1 months
234mg 1X M

 1  schizophrenia and I'm a ass I hold my mouth like I have buck teeth uncontrolled muscle spasms pee my bed going to be in sore can't even stand up in the morning no sexual desire no motivation depressed sleep a lot don't care anymore if I live or die thoughts of suicide M 47 6 months
 1  Bi-Polar I have to get an MRI done to see if Invega caused a brain tumor! F 40 3 months
Shot 1X M
 1  BiPolar Anxiety, acne-like rash on face and neck, major depression, negative thinking, fogginess of mind that persisted after stopping invega. Worst experience of my entire life, I pray this didn't cause permanent brain damage, still suffering from invega side effects months later after stopping medication. I have a horrible facial rash. F 30 6 months
Shot 1X M
 1  Force Lactation, missed period, joylessness, depression, suicidal thoughts, lack of motivation, apathy, acne, feeling of weakness throughout my entire body, feelings of unsatifaction with anything. Pure Hell! I was court-ordered to take Invega, have been off it for 3 months and I am still having many side effects, including no period and lactation. I have never had a suicidal thought in my life until I went on Invega. I can't believe the insane side effects. I don't see how anyone can survive on this drug after the way my body reacted to it. F 33 3 months
Shot 1X M

 1  Force 30-40 side effects Pure Sadism M 30 2 years
6X D

 5  schizophrenia Sexual side effects like trouble having an orgasm or achieving an erection or holding it for any length of time I like this medicine. I was able to quit smoking, don't need caffeine as much, takes away all of the positive symptoms and also I am not so socially withdrawn either. M 36 5 years
9mg 1X D
 2  Mild psychosis Bloating, dizziness, weird dreams and nightmares, difficulty concentrating, memory loss Going back to risperdal as slept better and less dreams. Weight gain is a big problem with both! F 40 5 months
3mg 1X D

 1  borderline personality disorder Invega caused an elevation in my prolactin levels, which caused my nipples to secrete a strange discharge. I had to stop the drug immediately due to that reason. F 18 1 months
6 mg

 1  because parents say so no real side affects. maybe some twitching of mouth. But i hate the shot and i don't have any mental illness. When will people realize its just a money making game. INVEGA SUCKS. DOSEN"T DO ANYTHING. But i don't have any mental illness so idk. parents want me to take it, moving out so i don't have to take it anymore really hate shots. M 23
1X M
 3  Bipolar Increased appetite, weight gain, occasional demonic nightmares, and stopped periods. F 21 3 months
1X D
 1  Schizophrenia paranoid extreme weight gain (40lbs in 6 months)Since i take this drug i make 4 or 5 dream eatch night,very penible ...i ear tath those who take this drug will live 20 years less than the average person.make me paranoid alot .im sceard my psy dont want to change my medication M 31 1 years
30 mg
 4  Schizo-affective disorder / Bipolar After starting the monthly injection of Invega Sustenna, I experienced weight gain (10 lbs.), increased urination; increase Prolactin levels, dry mouth, and severe EPS (Extrapyramidal Symptoms) or the uncontrollable urge to move. My injection site is in the shoulder and burns during the injection, which is usually sore and tender the day after. In the beginning, the soreness lasted up to a week. All medications have side effects; Invega is no different. But, Invega has helped tremendously with my psychotic symptoms, paranoia, and hallucinations. I feel ten times better once I’ve had the injection. I still experience intrusive homicidal thoughts and the occasional desire to act out in rage when I’m over stimulated by being around people. My interest in sex has taken a big downfall. EPS (Extrapyramidal Symptoms) are the worst without an additional medication to treat this side effect: I would lay down for two minutes then get up and walk the rooms of my apartment because I couldn’t keep still: I had to move. With all this said, I still recommend the drug. I wish I had known about it years ago during my struggles with all Seroquel. M 28 7 months
234 1X M
 4  Psychosis - weight gain (8 kilo's) - sometimes strange expression around mouth, stiffness - tiredness/weakness, need more sleep - intense dreaming, sometimes nightmares - harder to breath through nose - increase of ALAT blood values (80) - dizziness after sudden activity - heartburn Positive symptoms are completely absent mainly due to the Invega. M 40 10 months
3 1X D
 1   memory loss , restlessness, huge anxiety and suicidal thoughts almost killed my son M 19
1X D

 4  Bi-Polar disorder I am feeling great, I no longer get scared or paranoid. My mood is balanced well; however, I did start lactating today and I'm not pregnant. I always wanted bigger breasts so it doesn't bother me. F 31 3 weeks
6 MG 1X D
 3  Paranoid Schizophrenia I took invega sustenna for paranoid schizophrenia because I had annoying side effects with other medications and I also developed paranoia on some days and did not want to take my meds. Invega sustenna was an easier option because it is administered monthly instead of daily. I had some weight gain but it was not as bad as the fat gained from other medications. (just a few vanity pounds)I was disatisfied with some of the side effects though. I had elevated prolactin levels which caused me to lactate. It was uncomfortable and embarrassing. I also had strange reactions with the injection site on my arms. The injection site would remain tender for a week and become very swollen. The medication also slightly burned upon injection. I went to two different doctors to get consultations about the injection site because I wanted to make sure it was not being injected incorrectly or i was having an allergic reaction. Both doctors agreed it was most likely because my muscles were tense during the F 21 8 months
sustenna 1X M

 4  Bipolar Disorder Besides the weight gain this has made life manageable. To off set the weight gain I started walking an hour three times a week. F 34 30 days
3mg 1X D

 1  schizophrenia For 4 days I experienced complete loss of the abilities to eat, drink, sip, swallow, move any limbs. Could not speak. Could not urinate nor have bowel movement. I believe because of constipation Invega became lodged in my system; built-up and nearly killed me. My family took me to the hospital. Invega is basically time-released risperidone. Because of what happened to me I believe this drug is too risky to use. M 34 8 months
6 MG 1X D
 1  Bipolar Mouth puckers, toes curl and spasms.. It is painful and debilitating. It comes on slowly. It was diagnosed as Tardive Dyskinesia by a neurologist. You are not warned of these possible side effects and was told later it only happens in a small per centage of patients. It happened to me Invega can cause Tardive dyskinesia a mostly irreversible neurological disorder of involuntary movements caused by long term use of antipsychotic drugs. No cure. Worse that being bipolar for me. . F 62 2 years
6mg 1X D

 5  Bipolar Disorder/Social Phobia weight loss (40lbs), urinating more frequent This medicine works the best in keeping my mood stable. I no longer experience any symptoms of bipolar disorder and social phobia. The only thing that I don't like about this Invega is that I have to urinate more frequently. Also, it has help me lose almost 40lbs. All of the medications that I have taken in the past such as lithium, seroquel, and depakote made me gain weight (50lbs). Invega has changed my life! M 39 2 years
117MG 1X M

 3  bipolar 1 weigh gain dry mouth lost of period tiredness F 25 6 months
 3  Schizo-affective disorder suicidal idealization, depression, no energy, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, loss of pleasure, I experienced all this from Risperdal Consta too, Invega is a metabolite of that, I noticed no difference between the medications apart from injection site bruising and swelling, and the great bonus that it is given monthly (so that I can get on with my attempt to lead a normal life) I'm on Invega Sustenna with the additional anti-psychotic Abilify, plus 2 anti depressants Effexor and Reboxetine to keep me level headed, emotionally speaking. Without the oral meds I have 0 motivation and 0 faith in people or society, my 'happy pills' make me friendlier, and more willing to put up with people's boring bullshit and antagonistic behaviours around me, I'm still sick of being the scapegoat however and things always being 'my problem'. I think also I have PTSD from involuntary treatment and hospitalisations, my life was ruined, THE EVIDENCE THEY USED TO COMMIT ME WAS A FABRICATION FROM A DISGRUNTLED NEIGHBOUR, who I was nothing but generous and kind towards.. I need some serious counselling or real help if I'm ever going to lead even a fraction of a normal life ever again. The drugs made me gain weight and become lazy, I've lost 2 loves because of this, plus the stigma of being 'a drug addict'.. prescription pills but drugs all the same. I'll f*&king sue, years later a psychiatrist FINALLY made an apology to me, now they treat me with compassion.. FINALLY F 34 1 years
50mg 1X M
 3  bipolar Took this when I was 16. Made me produce milk in my breast and I looked 3/4 months pregnant. Overall it worked great for bipolar. Only one that does work well. F 21 4 months

 1  forced b/c of low bmi extreme tiredness and depression, constant head pressure in frontal lobe i was forced to take it in the form of two long acting injections, that seem to have negative effects for at least 3 to 4 months since (still feeling depressed). i have an inability to experience "real joy", everything is numbed and misery is my "default state". stay away from this. M 25 2 times
injection 2X O

 4  bi polar. manic side I had leg cramps. And severe weight gain almost 60 lbs. I'm off it now taking other medication and losing the weight. The weight caused me to have high blood pressure F 44 2 years
6 mg

 5  Paranoid Schizophrenia Weight Gain. Slight incontinence and watery eyes. Invega works very well for me so far. F 46 95 days
3 MG 1X D

 3  bipolar manic a little dry mouth, some tensing of the right foot Turns me more into a vulcan...not a good thing, though. Thoughts are still a little racy and I have long discussions about esoteric subjects with the girlfriend (like math, which is not good for things like programming which require more philosophical and out-of-the-box thinking). Paranoid thoughts can be better countered through technical speak and empirical analysis with a psychiatrist. This drug doesn't help me much with that. M 30 1 days
3 MG 1X D

 5  Bipolar manic Invega gave me my life back. I tolerate it very well and have fewer side effects than the other atypical antipsychotic drugs. M 37 2 years

 1  Mood disorders I have been on invega for a few weeks and noticed that i have had unusual twitches, bad weight gain and a lot of confusion. I laugh to myself at unusual moments about things in my own head and my wife thinks im insane. Sex is horrible and im always tired. M 32 4 weeks

 1  bipolar mixed reaction time slowed. feel like i am 80 years old. confused and still depressed.and walking around with no clear thoughts only good thing is no racing thoughts or delusions or paranoid thoughts, but i feel like just a shell of a man M 59 3 months
156 1X M
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