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 4  Depression/anxiety Hair loss, weight loss, flat affect after while Overall this was not a bad drug for me..I lost weight (22 lb) but the hair loss became noticeable and my moods flattened out after about 7 months. I went off of it only because the price was so high after the Pristiq discount stopped - even after insurance my copay was just too high. One thing to know about any drug like this is for the first few days/weeks you are going to feel a little bad - it's manageable. As far as dose - start low - it's better to go up then try to come down. If you decide you want to stop the medication I suggest asking your doctor to give you a week or so of Prozac to help. F 46 9 months
50 mg 1X D

 4  Anxiety, Depression The first 2 weeks were hell. I threw up the first 2 nights and was having alot of trouble sleeping. My mind was racing, i was nauseous and unable to concentrate. I had the jitters and was very shaky all the time. I would sweat so badly at night my pillow was soaked and i had to get a towel. I began locking my jaw while i slept which caused migraines and alot of pain. My sex drive does not exist any more. Most of these symptoms went away accept the locked jaw lasted a few months, i still sweat at night but not as bad, and my sex drive is still dead. My new side effect is exhaustion. The last few months i have only ever wanted to sleep. Despite all the bad side effects, which mostly went away, this drug has been a life saver. After about a month of taking it i remember walking my dog on a sunny morning and actually feeling happy again. It was amazing. It took another month or 2 for the depression to finally lift. I still have a ways to go and the recent exhaustion is hard on me, but it lifted the depression enough for me to be able to get back to my life and make changes to help myself. F 27 5 months
50 MG 1X D
 4  Depression and Anxiety Have been on low dose Pristiq for 2 years, in combination with Concerta for ADHD. In past 6 months, have been dealing with stiff neck, painful and numbing headaches and feeling like I have strep throat without the typical pain of strep (more like a lump in my throat). Am very tired. Sharing this because I see other folks have referenced identical symptoms. I'm definitely going to my MD with this. F 43 2 years
30 mg 1X D

 4  Sever Depression/Mood instability Calmness, Mild insomnia, Slow gradual weight loss (bonus!), Feeling of being Antsy. High energy (bonus!),... Swollen throat, slight tremors in hands. I've read online that the swollen throat (which feels similar to having "Strep Throat" without the pain), should subside on it's own within a week. No sexual side effects. M 36 4 days
50 mg 1X D
 4  anxiety and depression While starting Pristiq I had some head aches, low sex drive,and some body/muscle twitching when relaxed and trying to fall asleep. All of those side effects have since disappeared and I am so glad now that I hung in their and stayed the course. I feel like myself again and seems to be better than being on Paxil for 15 years. M 47 6 weeks
100 MG 1X D

 4  Depression and anxiety Definitely helps steady my moods but there are scary side effects while drinking alcohol. These include black outs, memory loss, acting out of character, dropping to ground without cause, blurred vision and slurred speech. I've always thought that it was just me being drunk, but now I'm certain it's the combination of this drug and alcohol that does it. F 31 6 years

 4  Depression, alcohol overuse I have pressure in the eyes(mild), sleepier than before, tinitus(mild), weight loss(bonus!), improved my asthma (bonus!), skin irritation(mild) ejaculation issues at first but mostly went away at six weeks I found this drug amazingly relaxing and still had sexual function on 100mg. Weight loss was a bonus. However, when I ran out of medication for 3 days recently, I had visual and auditory distortions/halucinations. I saw wallpaper crawing at one point and also a room full of white mist that wasnt there. DONT RUN OUT OF PILLS It seems stopping could be a bummer M 54 3 months
100 1X D
 4  depression Loss of libido, thinning hair, occasionally spacey. F 26 4 years

 4  Depression/Anxiety Problems reaching sexual peak, fatigue, weight gain I have been on pristiq 50mg for 11 months now. I am beginning to feel as though it has tapered in it's positive effects for me. I am extremely tired, and starting to feel down again. When I first began taking it, within 2 weeks I was back to the person I was before I was depressed. I find that if I forget to take it (and/or can't afford it in time for the next month) within two days I am EXTREMELY irritable, I can't see my vision gets so foggy, and I am so tired and anxious that I can't think straight. Although I am now experiencing some negatives, the first 9 months of taking the medication have helped me immensely. This is the first medication I have tried for depression, and perhaps it has just run its course, and it is time for me to move on to a new one. F 26 11 months
50mg 1X D
 4  Depression and anxiety Weight gain 15 kg + despite diet and exercise. Terrible shock type sensation if you miss a daily dose and dizziness sometimes. It has been an extremely effective medication for me, but I want to come off it due to the weight gain. Choice - fat and happy or slim and miserable? There has to be something better! In the past I have taken 200mg daily, but the affect of the medication was no more effective then when I have taken 100mg, except for worsening side effects, absolutely no sex drive - at all F 40 2 years
100mg 1X D

 4  mood, depression, anxiety I have been taking pristiq for 4 months and it has helped and I have even lost a little bit of weight. It's the first medication that I have took and not have suicidal breakdowns. I do have anger problems. I can handle the kids great but I get very angry with my husband. Plus, I do get migraine's with it. F 31 4 months
50 mg

 4  cronic depression/panic anxiety waking dreams, trouble peaking during sex, tired I have been fighting depression and anxiety attacks since I was a child. After a few months on pristq i cant tell believe how well im doing. its like I am a whole new person.However, I have more nightmares than i recall befor taking this medication and cant seem to sleep for more than a few hours at a time. I also cant seem to enjoy sex with my husband, but alot of wifes these days have that problem :).my only true complaint is how tired I seem to be and have difficulty holding my weight. I, unlike others taking this medication, have a problem loosing weight on pristiq. I simply dont want to eat anymore and my stomack had problems holding too much food aswell. But all in all i have to say these problems are far less of a problem than my life time of destress. I have been able to find peace and willing to pay any price to be able to look in the mirror and love what looks back. F 24 9 months
50mg 1X D

 4  Depression and Anxiety Slight nausea during the first week, sweating, head feels thick at times and slight chest tightening. No sexual side effects. I have taken Pristiq four different times since 2008. During the last six years, I have experienced episodes of depression due to stressful life circumstances. I can honestly say that Pristiq helped my depression, especially the first time. A month after starting it in 2008, I felt completely normal with absolutely NO anxiety. A WORD OF CAUTION: Withdrawal from Pristiq is notoriously difficult! It helped me with depression but withdrawal needs to be gradual. DO NOT stop taking it cold turkey. I tried that (I know, stupid on my part) after several months of taking it in 2008. The withdrawal effects of stopping cold turkey included awful brain zaps and mood swings. Withdrawal over a two week period was nowhere near as bad. However, be ready to deal with your body resetting and adjusting to not having the drug. I wouldn't call it a miracle cure. Personally, I view antidepressants as a temporary solution. The right drug can help as long as the antidepressant effect exists and the side effects are tolerable. M 40 18 months
50 MG 1X D

 4  depression Very tired in the afternoon after work need a sleep neally every day i get home.first 2 weeks bit off food and a bit absent but got better.feel much happier in life only drama is the tiredness not sure if it is the med M 31 6 months
 4  ocd anxiety weight gain (13kilo) heavy sweating, low sex drive. Pristiq worked for me. but weight gain was getting to much no matter what i did. decided to come off it, but that was a nightmare. severe nausea and diarreaha .Tried for 6 weeks. and different tapering methods and none worked. So my Doc put me on lexapro. Stopped Pristiq on a Monday, Tuesday starting taking 10mg Lex for 7 days, then cut that in half to 5mg for 10 days, then cut into quarters for 4 days. Absoluetley no withdrawal symptoms. on day 3 with no meds. and feel great. Now just waiting for the weight to start to go. F 59 2.5 years
50mg 1X D
 4  depression my wife says i last too long.....up to 2 hours....or more M 50 6 months
100 1X D

 4  situational depression First week, light headed then surpassed. Strange dreams. Mood more positive,feel great. No loss of appetite but no weight gain. Some moments of hot flashes. Increase of sexual appetite, intense orgasms, high volume of ejaculate. M 40 5 months
100 mg 1X D

 4  GAD/DEPRESSION Two weeks in, I was ready to throw in the towel, but I know that meds can take up to 6 weeks to work. By 4 weeks, I was totally back to myself again. Side effects during the two weeks: major insomnia, worsened anxiety, and night sweats. All of that subsided and the only side effect now is low sex drive. All in all, Pristiq has been a God send!! For the comments screaming, DON'T TAKE THIS DRUG seem to mostly be people who have been on it for a day or two. Please don't take them seriously. It takes a good 3 to 4 weeks to get into your system fully. I think Pritiq saved my life, but the first 2 weeks were horrible. You can't judge a drug on taking it once or twice. If you really want to TRY to get your life back, give it a month and if you don't feel better talk with your doctor about it. F 32 1 years
50 1X D
 4  Depression I struggled with anorexia and depression last year, so my doctor prescribed pristiq. It started working after a week or so, and over time i did feel better mood-wise, although I still did have bouts of anxiety. I put on weight seriously rapidly on this medication, although I needed to, but it's very excessive. I can't orgasm on this medication. It's been about a week now that I've quit cold turkey from this, and have been really really nauseous and my eyes can't focus properly. I hope to be completely independent again because I know i can help myself now. F 16 4 months
50 mg
 4  Depression, Anxiety Lots to begin with, but the only ones lasting were short-term memory loss, constant bruising all over my legs, clumsiness, worsening vision, craving for carbs and weight gain (8 lbs in 8 months). This medication brought me out of utter despair. I was at the brink of suicide and now I'm functioning again. The side-effects are similar to what I've had on SSRIs, but I'm willing to put up with them for the positive effects. Fat and happy is better than skinny and miserable. I'd have given it 5/5 if it wasn't for the weight F 25 8 months
50 MG 1X D

 4  depression, chronic fatigue slight nausea and dizziness subsided after a few days, none so far This is my 7th day on Pristiq (4th on 50mg). I have noticed an increase in energy; more focus and a renewed interest in having conversations with friends and coworkers. I am still tired but the debilitating fatigue that used to consume me is gone. I feel overall happier and less tense and worried. I was able to cut the dosage for both Adderall and Xanax in half. Have energy for most of the day but am quite tired at night. No sleep problems or weight gain so far. Pretty happy and hopeful about this med. Will keep you posted. F 41 7 days
50mg 1X D

 4  depression slight nausea F 49 1 years
200 MG 1X D

 4  Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Headache the first couple of days I switched to pristiq from 75 MG effexor because I thought there might be a positive change in side effects. Effexor made me really sleepy and I always had a foggy head. It also killed my sex drive. Now with pristiq, all of these symptoms have lifted. I feel better than I have in years. The only problem is it doesn't seem to help the bruising problem. I look like a beaten woman. F 24 7 days
50 MG 1X D

 4  bipolar depression anxiety i switched from lexapro b/c the sexual side effects were unbearable. no sex side effects w/ pristiq, although i'm curious as to whether i need this or not. M 23
50 1X D

 4  Depression & Anxiety. Improvement on Effexor XR 150mg. Suicidal thought diminished. But I feel Pristiq is holding me up to get through day. Cannot sleep until midnight, wake up at 5a.m. on the dot but feel drowsy early afternoon and have need to lay down about 4p.m. regular basis and wake up 6.30p.m.. Focus while driving is a concern. There are days I'm on a race track, and days where I can only focus in front of me and feel dizzy focusing on vehicles either side of me. If I focus on something too long like computer or reading I become tired. I know if I have missed a dose within 3 hours. Withdrawal kicks in. Most of side affect that Effexor presented like calmly plan my dimise in suicide are gone. Still wrestling with not being able to face employment and feeling like everyone is looking down on me. On Pristiq I can get through the day with routine items which has improved my social life within home but I still have to get past my GP whom thinks getting a job is the cure. I'm wrestling with that one. Previously a supervisor in production output, I am rating myself pretty low as a worker. Nobody out there to get over this hurdle, so it is play breach game with Centrelink on Newstart allowance. Cant be signed off as a nut. I don't hear voices. So when I do go off it's 4 hours with police lock up, 6 hours A&E, ambulance, 24 hours mental health lock up then back on streets again. M 49 2 months
100 1X D
 4  depression loss of appetite, horrible withdrawals This medication helped to mellow me out after adjusting to it the first week. I stuck with it for about three months, and then decided it was no longer needed. I could feel when i missed a dose, so i knew coming off of it was bad. I actually tried coming off sooner, but the withdrawals was so horrible i continued to take it. This is my fourth day not taking it, and I feel extremley dizzy and keep having what feel like brain spasms, not smiling much, having problems turning head from left to right, any sudden movements i feel as though i could pass out. F 23 3 months
50 MG 1X D
 4  Depression; pmdd Dizziness if not taken on time; few heart palpitations I have been on this for two years and have very few side effects. Works well for me. F 43
50 1X D

 4  hot flashes and anxiety No side effects but maybe some irritation, dont know.Have been on it for a year and a half.Pleased with anxiety help. My hot flashes are cut in half in intesity and duration. F 52 1 days
1X D

 4  Major Depression I got brain zaps if I did not take the meds every 24 hours. It's an excellent drug with the exception that its activity is of such a short duration that I would experience side effects if I took two doses 36 hours apart (morning one day, evening the next) as opposed to 24 hours. M 50 6 months
40 1X D

 4  depression When I started Pristiq, I was also taking Budeprion (smoking cessation). Maybe not such a good idea to take both. Taking both may have caused an abnormal ekg. Since I started taking the pristiq, I felt so much better, i.e. happier, stopped crying, better outlook, etc. (I have had 2 normal ekgs since) I think I want to continue the Pristiq and discontinue the Budeprion. I started feeling better almost immediately after starting the Pristiq. F 55 5 days
50mg 1X D

 4  Turning into a beeoch all of a sudd Night sweats Started on 50mg, and bumped to 100 after about 6 months to take the edge off. F 49
100 mg 1X D

 4  Anxiety Headache if dose is not taken on time I was on 50 for about 1.5 months and then went up to 100. After reaching my sweet spot "100" I am finally starting to level off after about a week. Helps control anxiety and panic. No sex issues at all and overall feel good. If you are on 50 and it is not working try going to 100 before stopping. It did the trick for me. M 37 3 months
100 1X D

 4  Bipolar 2 This medication has kept me from my depressed cycle, where I was suicidal. At 50 mg it did not have many side effects. I had gone completely off all meds and lost 45 lbs. but5 with the 50 mg. I stopped losing. Then when we went to 100 mgs., thinking it would help with my anxiety, I actually couldn't control my hunger and gained 20 lbs and my cholesterol, which is extremely low naturally, shot up to 269. I am going back to 50 mgs., but this has been the best med for me at this time . Wish they would find something that didn't make me gain weight and struggle with high cholesterol - I feel like Alice in Wonderland! After reading the many other comments, I would have to say that everyone seems to be different and you will not know if this is for you until you try it. There aren't many choices that are healthy for people in our situation and it's a game trying to figure out which one and how much is okay. I just keep praying for a complete healing. F 42 1 years
100 1X D

 4  depression At the beginning (first couple of months)- night sweats, vivid dreams After having been on it for awhile: extreme hot flashes during the day with excessive sweating, vivid dreams, inability to lose weight, no sex drive, trouble recalling words I have been taking 50 mg of Pristiq for a year with 40 mg of Celexa for depression and 3mg of Lunesta (when needed) for sleep issues. This has been the best combination for me, but it took some time to find the right dosages. My psychiatrist told me that it would take about 6-8 weeks to feel the full benefit of Pristiq, and I am glad that I stuck with it. After one year of the proper dosages/combination my doctor said that it's ok for me to taper off of the medicines because I am doing so much better. F 28 1 years
50 mg 1X D

 4  Panic Disorder, Anxiety Disorder Makes me a little sleepy Was on Lexapro for a week with major anxiety and panic. Stopped it cold turkey and went to Klonopin .5x 2 a day. The Klonopin helped my anxiety and stopped my panic attacks. Then my pdoc decided to try Pristiq. I have been on it for 2 weeks gradually building up my dose to 50. I have been cutting the 50's in half and quarters to get use to the medicine. I am now on 50mg per day and it is helping me with my anxiety and panic attacks. I have backed off the Klonopin to one .5mg per day. I actually can tell when it is time for my Pristiq as I start getting a little shaky. After I take the Pristiq, I usually feel very good in about an hour or so. I wake up happy and the bad thoughts are starting to disappear from my mind. Pretty good stuff. M 36 2 weeks
50 1X D

 4  depression and anxiety Breakouts of sweat I was on 50 mg for nearly a year and recently my new doctor increased it to 100 mg because I wasn't feeling any better. I am also taking 300 mg of Wellbutrin once per day. I have felt much better after the increase. I can deal with the sweats. F 34 2 months
100 mg 1X D

 4  Severe Depression Anorgasmia,Apathy,and Weight gain!!! Pristiq 50mg has been wonderful at relieving my suicidal ideation and depressive mood!!! I felt relief within a week of taking the Pristiq. I also started taking Pristiq with Wellbutrin XL 300mg. I already take Abilify 10mg and Klonopin .5mg at night. I thought this was going to be my answer until I have put on 20 lbs in the past 4 months with no changes in my lifestyle except the fact that I started taking the Pristiq and Wellbutrin!!! I plan to taper off the Pristiq very soon, like taking it every other day for a week and see how I do??? Wish me luck and pray for me :-) F 40 4 months
50mg 1X D
 4  depression/anxiety Nausea first 3 days, decreased libido After 3 years of Celexa and feeling like I was living in a dense fog, I switched to Pristiq. Such a huge improvement. The side effects are minimal (and worth it!), and I feel like I can't make it through the day again. The depression is very controlled. Still having quite a bit of anxiety, but I feel like it is less severe. Hoping that with time, that will improve as well. Overall, very pleased. F 26 3 weeks
50 mg 1X D

 4  Depression No side effects Works very well for me. I still have emotion but not the deep depression i had. I have used Cymbalta, Lexapro and Zoloft all of those made me a zombie. F 54 1 years
100 MG 1X D

 4  Anxiety and Depression Increased tiredness. I will sometimes have day naps that last up to two hours which i don't like. Aside from this, however, no other side effects. This drug has been the best I have tried. I've also taken Paxil and Cymbalta and both of those made me extremely tired and lethargic, so this is an improvement. Has lifted my depression and my anxiety is manageable. I feel good. F 24 4 months
100 1X D

 4  depression not too sure of side effects. I take pristiq with wellbutrin. Before adding pristiq I was taking paxil. I would say pristiq has a better effect then paxil. I do not have a flat affect anymore. More energy, odd dreams,generally more engaged in life and kinder. F 59 1 months
1X D

 4  anxiety loss of sex drive, took care of anxiety tho. Have tingles in legs and side of head sometimes. Is that brain flashes? feel sleepy often and when I give in, it's a 2 hrs. nap. Feel like a giant pulse goes thru me when I am standing still. F 54 4 months
100 mg 1X D

 4  depression and anxiety insomnia, increased energy and alertness, weightloss the initial week was very difficult, extreme stmach cramping and dizziness however after that i felt very well balanced, panic attacks had decreased and there were minimal side effects other than loss of appetite and insomnia (but i was tired). coming off the medication proved the most difficult with vomiting, mood swings and all around irretability but i found if gradually weaned myself everything was ok. uncertain if i should go back on them andhence i'm here... F 22 4 months
50 1X D

 4  depression/anxiety sexual side effects, inital loss of appetite This drug is similar to Effexor. I feel much better, more even-keeled, and can laugh. No more panic attacks. However, it flattens me out a bit and does not help with motivation. I may add an ADD med for that. Biggest concern is weight gain; and though I lost weight at first, it is too early to tell about that. F 44 21 days
50 mg 1X D

 4  GAD a very slight headache on day one, plus some insomnia. Take Alprazolam for sleep so that helped. Day two on this med and I actually feel happier and more positive. My headache yesterday was very minor, not bad enough to be bothersome. I already take sleep meds so the insomnia wasn't that bad either. So far those are my only side effects. F 44 2 days

 4  Depression, Anxiety The most notable side effect is lack of interest in sex and difficulty orgasming. I'm only 25, and I have a gorgeous girlfriend, so it can be frustrating, not to mention difficult to explain to her. I did run out once and experienced SEVERE WITHDRAWAL EFFECTS. Apparently, this is not uncommon, and just by googling "Pristiq withdrawal" you can find many sites where other people have wrote about their withdrawal experiences. This is one of the only drugs that has helped my severe depression. I am not where I want to be with it yet, but it is better than the results (or lackthereof) that I have received with other drugs. F 25 3 months
 4  depression, anxiety migraine, occasional nausea, dizziness Began with 25 and then 50mg to mitigate Lexapro withdrawal. Side effects ended as I adjusted to the medication. M 26 2 months

 4  Depression I had almost every side effect for the first week. After 35 days, the one remaining side effect is blurred vision. It is quite alarming and I am debating whether I should stop the drug. I have had almost every other SSRI, and this one is by far the most effective. And, other SSRI's had side effects that forced me to stop. None however caused blurred vision. I am hoping that this condition improves because I do not have any other options in the drug world. F 56 35 days

 4  Depression, Severe Anxiety Drowsiness, Problems focusing . . . both lasted about three weeks, then lessened. I do not notice either anymore. I moved to this after my insurance dropped Cymbalta. Pristiq seems to be working sufficiently [in conjunction with other medications]. However they cannot singularly do with Cymbalta did. F 22 4 months

 4  Depression 50mg - none; 100mg - only on day two but started feeling slight effects after just a few hours of day one. Feeling tired and a lack of energy. Seems like a lot of people are saying that some of their side effects lifted after a week or two. I hope that's the case for me. 50mg helped alot at first (switching from Paxil 30mg which pooped out) then seemed to gradually not help as much. Hopefully the 100mg will hold longer. M 32 9 months

 4  depression & anxiety slight headache for the first few days and low energy. Things are better now. I've tried so many antidepressants, but Pristiq has been working wonders for me! I feel happier and more positive and my energy is coming back. The only thing that gets me a little nervous is... what if this medication stops working and I'm back to my old sad self again? I have to stop thinking that way. Thanks Pristiq!! F 43 3 weeks

 4  depression Hair loss, trouble sleeping, hot flashes, night sweats, jaw clenching Been taking for about 6 months. My benefits from the drug have been good but the hair loss and jaw clenching is starting to bother me. I have been on other anti-depressants before which didn't seem to help the depression as well as Pristiq. Will probably talk with my doctor about the side effects and see if there is another drup I can take. I didn't realize that alot of the issues I have been having are probably side effects to Pristiq until I started reading the comments on this site. F 53 6 months
 4  Depression / Anxiety Extreme nausea for the first 3 days, constipation for the first week, vivid dreams, increased libido but inability to reach orgasm, slight decrease in appetite, heavy bleeding and clots during menstruation, withdrawal symptoms (shivering, mood swings, dizziness, nausea) with two missed doses Pristiq (100 mg) is my first antidepressant. I have been taking it for only a short while but feel that it's been helpful so far. I've noticed that I am more motivated and more impulsive. When I wake up in the morning I don't have to talk myself into getting out of bed and immediately start my daily tasks. But the side effects are hard to ignore. I am most concerned with the increased bleeding during my period, which was once very predictable. I did not attribute the change to Pristiq at first but read online comments from at least three other women after it became a recurring problem. I am going to talk to my doctor about this side effect which I could find very little information about and will hopefully be provided with some helpful answers. F 21 3 months

 4  Depression Ringing ears, loss of appetite, inability to orgasm, sweats While this medication does knock my depression down, the side effects are a little disconcerting... I have noticed if I miss a few days my sexual function is restored without the head zaps and mood swings of withdrawal, my appetite returned, and the ringing stopped. I lave lost weight while on it, which has improved my mindset, so thats a positive in my book.. M 45 2 months

 4  Depression & Anxiety Perpetual Nausea, cloudy head, sudden weight loss, disinterest in food. While I'm happy with how my mood is stabilized and depression is now at a functioning and treatable level, I'm worried about the weight loss. In less than a month I've lost 7% of my body weight. I think this is primarily due to my nausea while taking this medication and I'm hoping it will eventually go away and my weight will stabilize again. While it's nice to drop a few pounds, this seems extreme to me. F 27 4 weeks

 4  Severe depression none I've been on more antidepressents than I could name here. Pristiq was the first one to work right away. The only reason I would have given it a higher rating if I were on 100mg instead of 50mg, but finance is a problem. I don't cry everyday anymore and my suicidal tendencies have gone way down. Just a tid-bit of info, Pristiq is the same as Effexor except the part (called the Polymer) which causes the majority of the side effects has been removed. It's the same thing for celexa minus the polymer which is called Lexipro. F 42 2 months

 4  depression, anxiety none, except for significant sexual side effects: difficulty getting / maintaining erection, major loss of sensitivity in penis. Other than that, I tolerated Pristiq very well. Over the past 15 years, I've tried many, many different meds, e.g. Zoloft, Prozac, Effexor, Wellbutrin, and others in combination with them (anafranil, geodon, buspar). NOTHING has worked as well as my current combo of Wellbutrin XL (300 mg) and Pristiq (100mg) for both my mood and my anxiety. But the sexual side effects are awful. Cialis can counteract the erectile issues but when you're with a woman and you're literally not feeling anything (or very little), it's infuriating and frustrating. I'm dropping the Pristiq for now because I don't think I can maintain a relationship without a sexual connection. But the Pristiq was so effective for me I'd say it's really worth trying, because it does appear that the incidence of sexual side effects does vary. Oh, and BTW, I was on Wellbutrin alone without sexual side effects for quite a while before adding Pristiq to the mix a year ago. M 41 1 years
 4  Anxiety / panic attacks Somewhat sleepy. I took Zoloft for 16 years and it was no longer working so I switch to Pristiq 50mg. I have been on it for a bout 3 weeks. The first week I felt WONDERFUL. I had a surge of happiness, my sex drive came back with a vengeance (which made my husband happy) and I was floating on air BUT now during this 3rd week I feel sad and get angry with things quickly. However I have not had a nocturnal panic attack and I sleep much better at night since stopping zoloft and taking prestiq. Maybe thats why I dont want to get out of bed in the morning. I am praying for the first week feelings to come back. I will give it another couple weeks and then call my doctor. F 37 3 weeks

 4  Migraine, Pain Condition constipation, mild headache, sweating, dilated pupils I am very happy with Pristiq. It has taken a month to start working, but it has been worth being patient and waiting for the medicine to kick in. I have not had any major side effects and have not had a migraine in two weeks. I was having them everyday. I also have a history of depression, and my mind is clearer. My fibromyalgia pain is about 50% better, and although I get mild headaches with Pristiq, they are not migraines, and I'd say my migraines are about 50% improved. I plan to continue taking Pristiq, and it has been better than any antidepressant I've ever taken, and the side effects have been much fewer. I hope that this will be a drug other migraine sufferers will benefit from. F 46 4.5 weeks

 4  Major depression Within the first week: Fatigue, night sweats, nausea. Constant side effects: Delayed or impaired orgasm. Appetite slightly less. Overall, Pristiq has improved my depression but not to the point I'd like. Depressing thoughts are suppressed and anger is more easily controlled (things bother me less). DO NOT DRINK with this medication, it will make you very sick, cause vomiting and erratic behavior. F 23 3 months

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