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 1  ADD Vyvanse has caused me to have servere depression. I take it at 7am and it's stops working around 2pm. I'm going to ask my shrink to put me back on Adderall IR 20mg 3 times a day. I have an appointment with her in 4 days. I can barely stand feeling this way ! I can't stop vyvanse b/c I'll have withdrawals (I can take a med for 2 weeks and stop it and have withdrawals) so I'm stuck feeling bad no matter if I take it or not..... ;( F 49 1 months
60 MG

 4  Concentration Dizziness, light headed, nausea F 14 1 weeks

 4  ADD So I was about I think 5 when I started taking Adderal (I think that's how it's spelled sorry) and I took that for a while but I started to become less effective. So my doc took me off it and put my on Vyvanse. When I first started taking it it kept me up for most of the night the first week and thought I should stop taking it. But I decided since it made me more focused in school I could handle it. I was right, my body just needed time adjusting to it. At school I am able to pay attention to the teacher, even if I'm at the back of the class. Although sometimes when I'm on it I feel like an non-emotional zombie walking through the halls. I can focus on school work but I'm less my self when I'm on it. I can't express what I'm feeling. When it comes to talking to friends it feels like a constant job trying to have fun and be care free when all I wanna do is work on homework. It has also become harder since I'm now in a relationship. He has told me I'm a completely different person when I'm on it. Also that he prefers the me when I'm not on it because I'm more fun. Additionally, sometimes I forget to eat when I'm on it because I don't feel hungry, sometimes even repulsed by food. I don't mind tho because It keeps me skinny. But my doctor has asked me once if I'm anorexic because I'm under weight. I'm not. When I'm off it I eat like crazy but then I tend to over eat. Sometimes I feel like the meds control me, everyday I ask myself : "today do you wanna be focused but have li F 17 6 days
50 mg

 5  since I was 8 or so about 10 years Ive been on it for so long and been through pretty much every mg from 20mg to 50mg. I've been able to focus well but my appatite has gone down but I'm okay with it. People say I need to eat others say I'm fine. But over all I'm pretty happy with it. F 18 10 years
 4  I have adult ADHD I feel very focused. I also have terrible body aches and excruciating pain in my left hip and in my jaw, however, I've taken vyvanse for 2 years so I feel like I need it to function. I have tried to get off it a few times with no luck. F 24 2 years
30mg twice
 4  ADHD I like working out and gaining muscle mass I would eat healthy and accordingly, but I've been losing weight due to the fact that I've lost my appetite. But to me it was completely worth it compared to how I've been doing in school before I took Vyvanse, and as skeptical as my father still is I procrastinated all the time before taking this pill and I have just finished one of my homeworks andBrand before that, other past homeworks within reasonable days before they were due. It's a great feeling having my work done and not freaking out about it late at night or even early in the morning. If you can't concentrate in school and procrastinate a lot. I highly recommend asking your doctor about this drug if they have my already mentioned it. Ask me any questions about how it's been affecting me positively or even negatively. I'm not selling the thing so it's not like I will leave out any details. M 20 1 weeks
30 MG
 3  ADD I hate it, but it works. I hate that I'm not hungry and that I feel like I need a pill to function. Whenever I forget to take it my mom makes me take it in the afternoon. It's 4:51am and I get up at 5:40 am I've been up all day. FML! Oh and I get mood swings. I've gotten in school suspension for hitting some one I get agitated quickly. F 13 6 months
 3  ADHD I just started taking Vyvanse on Wednesday and I can honestly say it's already gotten me to focus and. rack down on things. I've been a fast paced mind for forever and now it's slowed down. My only problem with it is my headaches and shakiness. I noticed the absence of hunger from the get go, and honestly being 5'6" and 210 lbs. It doesn't bother me if I'm losing weight. but what will happen if I don't get to eat as much. will I get sick? F 18 1 days
 5  ADHD Occasional bruxism, insomnia. This has helped me to become very focused especially when my ADHD started affecting my job. Sometimes I can get a little too focused though. I skip taking it on weekends if I'm not busy trying to get chores or necessary activities done otherwise I may end up spending hours on a phone app or cleaning excessively. M 29 3 years
50 MG 1X D

 3  ADHD When I first started taking Vyvanse it was amazing! My grades improved and I was more attentive. Now I feel like it is going down hill... I get BAD mood swings, anxiety, I get paranoid and feel unwanted and like i dont fit in. I am always chewing and picking my nails, and I have been doing it since I started taking Vyvanse. When I don't take it I eat SOOOOO much and its horrible. I feel like Im addicted to it... It isnt a bad drug and it does what its suppose to do. F 15 5 years

 3  add/adhd Dry mouth, insane decrease of hunger (can't eat all day after i take it, even if im hungry) head tingles occasionally, slightly twitchy, and did i mention loss of hunger? I can handle everything besides the loss of appitite. If it didnt have that it would be near perfect. The head tingling part is actually quite enjoyable M 17
60 mg 1X D

 5  ADHD I've had ADHD since the day I was born. I swear to you! Even as an infant my mom said she would look at my eyes and could tell my mind was racing. I also did not need very much sleep. Doctors tried all kinds of stuff to get me to sleep more than 3-4 hours a night. Finally at age 7 I was officially diagnosed with ADHD (also a dx of dyscalclia which is like dyslexia but with numbers and a writing disability). I was put on Ritalin 2xs a day. I don't have a good memory but I was told it made me extremely depressed/suicial at 7 years old!!! Once they realized those symptoms were caused by the Ritalin I was taken off and the school was forced to accommodate me. (A very small catholic school) I struggled through school barely making C's. Managed to graduate Highschool in 2009 and started college. That was a disaster. No motivation. Can't focus. Can't remember things. My gpa was crap!!! In 2013 a friend gave me some adderall. I was reluctant to try it because of my experience as a child but I went ahead and gave it a shot. I sat at a desk studying for 9-12 hours a day!! The only side effect was my mood was flat and I felt like a zombie. My vibrant personality was gone. I stopped taking it and started struggling again. Not until a month ago (March 2015) my doctor tried vyvanse and WOW!!!! My grades are already improving!!! Vyv does not flatten my mood. I'm still "me" just able to focus and remember things!!! Now on top of this I have gastroparesis (a paralyzed stomach) F 23 1 months
30 mg
 3  ADD/focus This drug really does what it needs to do despite some of the side effects. I was diagnosed with ADD after my senior year of high school. I am now in college taking this medicine two days a week. In the morning it is great. I can focus, understand things more clearly, and get things done. The worst part is when I am coming off of this medicine. I have headaches pretty much every time I take it. Also I have severe mood swings. The combination of a headache and the mood swings together is sometimes almost unbearable. I feel depressed and lose interest in just about everything. I don't want to be bothered at all and it's almost like I am a completely different person. F 18 4 months

 5  ADD severe a tingling in my face, severe lackof appetite,jittery,definite jaw clenching. I suffered from a ADD my entire life. In the early 1980s this type of treatment was really unknown. Now in my 40's I have never been smarter, focused, and that background noise I have heard my entire life is gone. I can listen to the radio in the car snd folliw a conversation with out interrupting. Due to insurance I have tried many medications. Vyvanse by far, most effective and it's absolute blessing. The weight loss is huge, in the first 3 months i was down 40lbs fron no appetite. My first day taking this I cried. You have no idea the feeling when that background noise is gone, and you are finally normal. If you do not have ADD these horrible side effects will be that severe, if you need it you will be very pleased and see vyvanse as a miracle. Dont let the negative comments scare you. F 42 1 years
70 mg
 1  ADHD At first it was amazing, considering I switched from a high dose of adderal, I had more of an appetite than on adderal and was able to more normal.Now a couple years in I've started experiencing Dry mouth, irritability, mood swings, bouts of depression, incessant talking. It also KILLS my libedo, I can't get it up, and if I can it won't stay hard. Loss of sexual desire. I have genital shrinkage, it feels like I've dipped my balls in cold water. I'm always thirsty, chills and have almost as much trouble paying attention I'm school as when I forget to take it. M 17 6 years
 5  ADHD Weight Loss, Escalated Libido, Tremendous Energy, Minor difficulty sleeping. Excellent, however, the effects last for a mere 5 or 6 hours. With Work, Family, and School..that's no where near the amount of coverage I need. Be aware that Shire's claim to fame is that this drug lasts for 12 hours---IT DOES NOT. Picture a bell curve that lasts at a maximum...6 hours. However, do not be discouraged, my point is that you have to strategically take this medicine. Right time and for the right reason. M 42 2 months
50 MG 1X D
 4  Add The most notable side effects are dry mouth and sweating(which I counteract with antiperspirant and it works well). Without it I am usually very bored by just about everything which makes me want to sleep alot. It definalty boosts my interest and motivation in doing things. I started taking adderall my junior year of high school but switched recently to the decreased amount of side effects. It greatly improved my preformance in school because I was always considered an underachiever, due to me being in high level classes but never getting the grades that were expected. I ended up more or less getting straight A's through my final years of highschool, when I was usually a C student. I am very impulsive when I am on it so I have to control what enviorment I put myself in but all in all I like it much better than adderrall M 19 1 days
 4  ADD This drug works. It had some crazy side effects-- cold cravings, loss of appetite, severe insomnia, dry mouth, irritability, and weight loss were the biggest ones for me. Most of the reviews sound pretty daunting, but talk to your doctor. If you're like me and have trouble stringing two thoughts together, this drug is truly worth it. At my job, I got recognition from my boss, who eventually gave me a raise. In class, my grades instantly rose, with half the studying and double the results. I can think faster and clearer than I've ever been able to, and the haze that always kept me from thinking straight is lifted. It's not easy to stick to, but it's well worth the struggle. M 23 2 years
60 MG

 1  ADHD+minor depression I've struggled with ADD my entire life, though it wasn't until about the middle of freshman year I got formally diagnosed. At first it was great. I could focus again, I wasn't always tired anymore, and I got better with my anger issues. But since ex the beginning of sophomore year it been HELL. I'm constantly cold, exhausted during the day, and way too energetic at night. I've lost my appetite, and it's like I'm constantly under cold water (meaning my penis is totally shrunk). But that's not even half of it. I swear, I think I'm starting to hear voices. At first, it was just me thinking to my self, but now in this corner in the back of my mind that never stops. The things it says are indescribable, mainly because it's a Radom stream of insults, prejudices, and observation. And I'm getting more and more antisocial as time goes on, literally all I do in school is just homework and idle chatter with my classmates, and when I get home I hop in bed and play video games till dinner, and it's really starting to worry me and my parents ( they only know that I'm becoming a recluse). To be honest I'm thinking of ditching this drug, and though I highly recommend not using it, if you have to then only take it once or twice a week, because it takes up to 3 days for the effects to wear off. I've never tried quitting it but now I'm gonna BEWARE its highly addictive and if you're anything like me you will develops a dependance on it M 15 10 months
 4  Adult ADHD F 58 4 years
40mgs 1X D

 5  ADHD Loss of appetite, therefore causing weightloss, dry mouth, insomnia I started at the lowest dosage which was 20 or 30 mg I believe. I was gradually increased to 70 mg based on effectiveness. Almost immediately I lost my appetite and had to force myself and set reminders to eat. Dry mouth was also immediate however I didn't drink a lot of fluid either. Craved ice cream and cold things. The insomnia was a problem off and on but tapered off. Over the years depending on life interaction I have had the dosage adjusted for insomnia or tachycardia (fast heartbeat) initially I lost 40 lbs but gained it back eventually. As to what I am actually using it for, ADHD the effects were also immediate. My productivity at work skyrocketed. Increased by about 15-20%. Went from hardly working to completing my work in half the day, and increased boredom with the job. You can look at that either way. But I got a new job w/in 6 months making 10k more per year. I also went to and completed grad school while working full-time. So yea basically, I'd say it works, just gotta find the right dosage and monitor results and your health. It is rather expensive and there is no generic, there are coupons bad discount programs out there. F 31 4 years
 3  ADD and poor academic performance Bad: Decrease appetite, easily angered, less sex drive, hard to maintain an erection, hard to climax, diarrhea, twitchy vision Good: increased focus, increased fine motor skills, increased hand/eye coordination I was diagnosed with ADD at age 15, and have been taking Vyvance ever since. At first it went very well with only decreased appetite, then it started turning and I became moody. I became partially depressed and didn't want to do anything. I slowly stopped taking the drug and only used it when I knew I would need the focus it brought me (exams, big test, lots of chores to do, etc.). I took it for the first time in about two months the other day and although it increased focus slightly, it had a disastrous effect on my manhood that afternoon, and I had never had this problem before. Moral of the story: stay on the medication and it will do as intended, but if you stop and start as I do, be prepared for big side effects. M 17 1 days
20 MG

 4  Adult ADHD Mild headaches. Always thirsty. Penile shrinkage (flaccid). Difficulty maintaining full erection for long, difficulty achieving orgasm. Mild insomnia at times. Feeling zoned out after about 4 hours of onset. Works very well for focus and concentration. Sometimes I feel a little zoned out, sometimes get kind of edgy and irritable, but it does work well if the right dosage is found and is taken as prescribed and a good diet is followed, very important M 39 3 months
50 mg

 1  ADHD I had been taking vyvanse for awhile and i started having anger outburst and i couldnt keep a conversation going. Nothing to me was funny anymore and i just wanted to sit in my room and not talk to anyone and just paint. I question myself sometimes if this is real life when im on the pill. I will be sitting in class and all the sudden i will forget everything that just happened and ask myself "am i dreaming? Where am i? Is this real?" And than i can never sleep. No matter what time i take it, i can still never sleep. The worst part is the anger outburst and the depression i get with the medication. I hate myself when im on it and feel like no body wants me. I feel depressed and sad and just want to sit in a room by myself and not talk to anyone. I just want to stair at the walls. I also cannot eat while on the pill. Ill go days without eating or wanting to eat and sometimes drink. I feel paranoid and very jittery. Im not myself on this pill at all. F 16 10 months
 3   Diarrhea, loss of appetite, sweating, chapped lips, moderate back pain, leg pain (mostly in calf muscles/bones and ankles), stomach pain, vomiting, motion sickness, periods of nausea, no appitite, weight loss (probably just water weight at this point) muscle weakness, severe insomnia (have to take 10mg of ambien to sleep at night or else i only sleep about 2 hrs if i'm lucky) severe mood changes towards come down (i.e depression, agitation, random anger towards small or unimportant things) and migraines F 17
60mg XR 1X D

 4  ADHD I sweat an extreme amount no matter what the temperature is. I could be shaking cold but have pit stains from so much sweat which makes it difficult to pick what I want to where that day. Sometimes I will have trouble falling asleep at night. I won't go to school without it usually so yes, I have become depended of it; but I also have an addictive personality. But most importantly before vyvanse I would make C's in most classes for school. Now I make straight A's and I am completely focused and completing all assignments given to me. I think it also makes me more aggravated at smaller things around me (people talking when i am trying to focus, or when I am simply not interested I have the urge to say SHUT THE **** UP!) M 17 1 years
30 MG

 5  Adult ADHD SO sweaty even though it's fairly cold outside right now. I never eat, but I make myself eat at least once a day and after that I feel sick. Diarrhea. Insomnia.... That's why I'm doing this now. But I can definely pay more attention to things. I'm no where never as lazy as I was! I love it. It's totally changed my lifestyle F 19 2 days
20 MG
 3  ADD Constant dry mouth and thirst no matter how much water I drink. Decreased appetite but I've been on adderall before this and have a system for making sure I eat enough even if I don't want to. Hard to tell if it makes me less social since I am always pretty disinterested in conversation. Hard time going to sleep if I take it past 10 am, usually can force myself to sleep by 3 or 4 am but sometimes I just stay awake all night. Increased heart rate which makes working out difficult, but I still do it. I find when I go a day without Vyvanse, I can't force myself to workout or do much of anything. All of these symptoms are manageable and worth handling because it helps me so much with even the simplest of tasks throughout my day. The only symptom that makes me want to switch medication is the heat and sweating. I sweat horribly, all day long. I can't take it during the summer when it's already hot outside. In the winter I am okay outside but walking indoors is torture Better than Adderall because it really does last all day long. Although eating is just as difficult and food makes the drug feel slightly weaker, you can eat. On Adderall if I ate anything, the medication would be useless. But the constant heat I feel is close to unbearable, definitely considering switching. F 20 6 months
50 MG 1X D
 4  Tired all the time Decreased appetite, not complaining though. Sweating, even when I'm cold. If I don't take it one day all I do is sleep..for like 18 hours. I take it with Zoloft. Helps me wake up and not be tired all the time. Despite negative side effects, definitely worth it. I feel like I could go higher on dose though sometimes. And if I take it too late in the day (past 10 or 11am), sometimes I have a hard time going to sleep. I work nights and it's helped a ton flipping my schedule back and forth. F 24 2 months
100 mg
 1  ADD....iction i feel like if i dont take enough im not "good enough". havent slept in 3 days, smoke like a freight train because it makes me crave nicotine, feal no emotion. if you love your family and friends and have a girlfriend or boyfriend that you really care about dont take this drug. you will become detached from everyone you love and feal nothing but an empty hole that you fill with more and more vyvance. i used to be so social and have so many friends, now everyone calls me cocky or rude just because i dont talk, but its because im too busy thinking of how lucky they all are that there not addicted to this insane excuse of a drug that so many people have fallen into its trap. dont listen to anyone tell you that this drug is "safer" and "not addictive" because the worthless bastards only care about the billions of dolars there making from people who want to "better themselves". No one at Shire gives a fuck that the "mirical drug" that they created is really nothing but a white powder that makes your life feal like an endless hell hole. M 19 4 years
70-210 mg
 1  ADHD It's horrid. Sometimes I question myself as to weather or not I'm human while on this drug. The pills do what they're supposed to- keeping me concentrated and focused on the task at hand. I have created some awesome stuff while on it. Heck, I got a 4.0 GPA. I was diagnosed with ADHD in third grade. I was a rebel child and refused to take the pills they gave me (a meltdown was good enough to convince my parents to get me off the pills). I passed through sophomore year with almost decent grades so my parents didn't push it. I first started taking vyvanse my junior year. At the beginning was pretty good, I got so much accomplished and I was pretty proud of myself. Unfortunately the cons outweigh the pros. I can't sleep, I can't remember any of my dreams, I would forget to eat for days at a time, I have lost my creative passion, and I physically can not make any sort of conversation with people. That was just during the school day. By 8PM I am miserable. I feel like just a shell of my normal self. I'm not actually me. (Is it possible for the drug to cause multi-personality disorders?). There's this deep emptiness in me wherever I look. My mind is exhausted but it's still racing with thoughts of nothingness. I'm so miserable that I want to cry but it's close to impossible to show any sort of emotion. On the few times I have cried in this drug there is no sense of relief, only utter despair. It makes me focus on all the negatives; I become trapped and a prisoner of my own mi F 17 2 years

 5  adhd Overall my life was a lot more productive while on the medication. That is why I opted to go back on it. Withdrawal was horrid though. I do remember having a problem one year with what I call store-tweaking, where I would intend to go a store for 5 minutes and it would ALWAYS turn into an, a least, 3 hour shopping trip, but it would only feel like a half hour to me..... Its definitely a drug that reduced some of my brain's ability to work efficiently in some ways but its pro's outweigh the con's, I also lost the ability to articulate which used to be my strength, and have memory lapses that can be likened to Alzheimers.... although they are reduced when on the medication. As well I experience the evening bouts of impatience, and kind of a 'coldness' where I dont feel like dealing with people. They really need to do something to adjust this drug.....I know they can. Took it for almost 2 yrs then stopped a yr, now back on 1 wk. The Strengnths of this medication for me is that it reduces my tendency to paralyze due to being overwhelmed by a task, conversation, activity, chore or creative solutions. Sounds ridiculous but that is one of my issues. I froze during the beggining of the year I was off the medication, but then began working on skills to improve my ability to manage life, when I got to a place where I was exerting as much effort as I could but still falling short...(was about to lose a job I just got, because of some of my Adhd symptoms that I couldn't keep track of, (losing things, forgetting things I was trained on, and unable to draw common sense conclusions, because my mind was overwhelmed with processing information) I was able to go back on the meds just in time, and my performance was comparatively like night and day. I can also start AND stop tasks appropriately. So no more store-tweaking :) F 32
30mg 1X D
 5  ADD Lightheadedness, dizziness, shaking, confusion, loss of appetite, sleeplessness. F 16 3 years

 5  adhd I had one main side effect. When I went to emergency the other day they had given me ibuprofen 800mg for a pain I had well it was the wrong move after I told them I was taking ADHD medication. It made me act like I was crazy like I was turning evil. F 6 days
 1  ADHD Lack of personality, agitation, dizziness, penile shrinkage(flaccid), erectile dysfunction, trouble sleeping M 17 2 years

 1  adhd Severe anxiety attack, lose of appetite, dry mouth, blurr vision, jittery, nervouse, paranoid F 23 1 months

 5  Eating disorder,racing thoughts -Loss of appetite -insomnia (better the second day) -Always thirsty, never feel like I have had enough water -Frequent urge to pee, even when I do not have to -Rapid heart beat when doing anything other than sitting or lying down Although I have only been on this med for a few days, I have already felt the effects, and side effects. Right now I am on 20mg, but am going up to 60 gradually (over 10 days). My psych prescribed this med for a few reasons. I have bipolar disorder, rapid cycling, mix-ed state (which means, without meds, I have it consistently). Even with meds, I have racing, obsessive thoughts. This drug has helped immediately. What used to keep me up at night doesn't anymore. I can focus on things without being distracted by several negative things at once. I am also on this because I struggle with bulimia, and have for 15 years. This medication suppresses my appetite, which helps me not think about food, and not be hungry. I do have to force myself to eat so that I do not fall back into anorexia. I'm finding myself more upbeat, and more focused on tasks. F 32 4 days
20 1X D

 5  ADD Definitely helps me focus, just tapers off in the late after noon...and unfortunately I strongly believe that I am the only person that has not dropped any weight. I'm overweight and figured that would be a plus. Nope, other than that this medicine has helped me with work, home and relationships. F 34 5 months
70 mb
 3  ADD Insomnia, Depression, loss of appetite, agitation, aggression, I've been medicated for A.D.D since age six. I've tried countless medications for it : Ritalin Adderal, patches, you name it. When I started taking Vyvanse it was great. The only side effect was that I wasn't really hungry and could miss a meal or two and as a teen girl, sadly, I didn't see that as a problem. I started to notice that on the days I forgot to take it, I felt just terrible. I was aggressive, I didn't want to do anything, I couldn't wait to leave school, I couldn't stop eating, everything made me stressed. I've also been depressed and can hardly sleep and I'm not sure what to do anymore. Do your kids a favor. Instead of medication try meditation..meds should be a last resort. F 17 4 years
50mg 1X D

 3  ADD no appetite, once a week terrible crashes, the hole day (not just at the end or when the pill wears off) im hateful-antisocial-angry-agitated-and depressed. i dont talk. i get lots of things done. i hate NOT doing work or assignments in school. obsessive skin picking nail chewing knuckle cracking and lip biting. F 14 4 months

 5  ADD Slightly lower appetite, easier to stay in shape (girlfriends have appreciated this...), mild OCD-esque tendencies (e.g. more attention to hygiene, desk organization, paper formatting, etc.; occasional knuckle-cracking), drowsiness in mid-afternoons that I deal with by taking a nap or drinking some coffee, heightened sociability (sometimes spend too long talking to people and get less work done as a result), sometimes procrastinate on stressful work by doing other less valuable work but I think I've always done this, sense that time is passing more quickly when I'm working on projects (more "flow" states, in the positive psychology sense), better self-esteem, less facial oiliness and acne, more facial oiliness and risk of acne breakouts if too much caffeine is consumed, dry mouth for the first few months but has since stopped, some reduction in sex drive, occasional depression or irritability in evenings but taking a late-afternoon 20mg dose and a morning dose of extended-rel Enables me to do abstract mathematics, prevents making so many stupid errors when writing software, helps me understand complex material. It's as if the structures I build in my mind are held frozen in place instead of bouncing around and falling apart like they used to. Makes the constant songs/soundbytes/static running through my head stop. Makes me less forgetful/"absent-minded". I no longer space out in the middle of conversations/presentations/work all the time. Makes me more articulate and poised; helps prevent speaking (or snapping...) before thinking. Helps me notice details, subtleties. Slight anti-anxiety. Makes me more motivated and better at planning. Can better harness my natural creativity. Has improved my career, income, and self-esteem beyond my wildest dreams. Takes ~40-60 minutes to notice effects; ~90 to fully kick in. Mild euphoria from ~T+60min to ~T+180min. Some afternoon drowsiness. Makes naps feel better for some reason. Annoyingly only lasts ~5-7 hrs, so I also take a 20mg late afternoon dose: some still appears to be in my system by then, just not enough to do what it's supposed to. Surprisingly not very addictive. If I stop taking it, I initially sleep a lot and feel unmotivated, but am mostly fine after 2-3 days. No headaches or cravings, unlike caffeine. No desire whatsoever to abuse it; was at higher dose at first and felt robotic, terrible. Costly (esp. 2x/day), but insurance covers most and effectiveness worth ever M 22 2 years
40+20 1X D

 5  ADHD Decreases appetite, insomnia M 31 10 months
50 MG
 5  add and dystimia So far I've experienced decrease in appetite, excessive sweating at times. I currently take it once a day. F 35 1 days

 3  ADHD Works amazing but has bad side effects: -no appetite -extreme weight loss -skin and bones -no muscle gain M 13 5 days
20 MG
 4  ADD/ADHD I absolutely LOVE that I stay focused. Some days when I don't eat breakfast before taking it, I can stay focused ALL day. Other than that if I take it at 9am.. It usually wears off around like 4pm.. Which sucks. I use to take 2 different Mgs a day. 30mg in the morning and 20 around lunch. I quit doing that because of cost issues. Vyvanse side effects for me include: dry lips, can't sleep when on it..after it wears off its still hard to fall asleep (somedays), bad attitude/anger sometimes towards small things, headaches, weight loss definitely ( I went from 138lbs in November 2012 to now April 2013 weighing 114lbs) people say I look sick and need to gain like 10 lbs but I try and I can't unless I don't take the medication for a long period of time. It usually speeds me up in the morning and slows me down later in the day causing me to feel tired but cannot fall asleep for at least an hour. I often crack my knuckles on this also. And bite my lips. It's became a habit in the 4 years since I've started vyvanse. Also, I feel the urge to have a bowel movement every morning around 11 am if I take it at 9. Sometimes it's so bad it makes me cramp up. My finger tips are always cold no matter what. I pick at my face also a lot when I am on this (my mom & boyfriend call it "crackhead tendencies") I also take Zoloft for anxiety, which I think is a great combination with vyvanse. It definitely helps the trembling hands and grinding teeth at times. I usually don't have an appetite F 21 4 years
30 MG
 3  ADD,Medication-resistant depression Sweating, skin rashes, yeast infections, itching, dry eyes, reflux, headaches, anger, irrational thoughts, total disinterest in food, weight loss, immediate rebound weight gain when off the drug, picking at skin, fits of anger that are out of proportion, strong chemical smell/taste of all body fluids, obsessive behavior regarding getting/taking the drug (counting how many pills are left, worrying about getting next prescription in time). Vyvanse does help to make me more focused/alert/talkative/energetic for about 3 hours, I then feel the effects drop off, tempting me to take another dose. When I do take a second dose, it often causes me to feel agitated and have increased physical symptoms. I've tried several times to come off this drug, but usually only last about a month before I ask to be put back on it. I imagine that I am addicted to it, and will be on it long-term. F 50 2 years
40mg 1X D
 5  AADD Great results, no side effects Took Ritalin for years, insurance would no longer pay for brand, generic very poor quality. Switched to Vyvanse 2 yrs ago, dosage 2 X 60-no side effects, no crash, just smooth focus all day long. F 58 2 years
60 mg 2X D

 3  ADHD I have really bad cramps dry lips wanting to spit anger when some one is irritating me I have been on the meds for about a week and a half and I probley ate 5 meals but my mom yells at me if I don't eat so I eat a little bit and sneak off and say I am full M 14 1 weeks
 4  ADHD Suppressed appetite, Minor weight loss, Some insomnia, Fatigue after it wears off, Penile shrinkage (when flaccid) M 35 4 months

 4  adult add started at 20mgs x 4 months up to 60mgs now...wish I had not waited to ask for help...somewhere in my brain felt as if my failures were all on me...woke up..like most of my life ...saying tomorrow...tomorrow never came...almost felt as if I didn't deserve to feel right (some of this due to hyper critical, demeaning parents...and yea..he is 90) I am doing much better...but I am angry I waited so long...thought it was all my fault...gotta' move on before I run out of time !!!! Just doesn't get me through the day...I am trying to deal with the early evening blues...very expensive!!! F 56 16 months
now 60mg/d 1X D
 4  ADHD and possible aspergers Weakened synesthesia (rare condition that makes my senses cross...i see sound as color etc.), headaches, no appetite, dry mouth, dizziness, cold hands and feet, mild muscle soreness, increased heart rate when it is at full strength (around noon), mild stomach pain, shaking hands. The first day I took it was horrible and I didn't even go to school. The second day was a lot better but I had no desire to eat what so ever. I had to make myself eat and drink which took away a lot of the symptoms. I recommend eating right before you take it because even though you probably won't be hungry you still needs food to run. Eating also really helps with being dizzy but be careful not to eat too much or you might feel sick-just a snack will do. I've been much more productive then I usually am but I still have to push myself to start the work I need to do. I told my teachers that I started the medicine for my ADHD and what it was supposed to do. I also told them that there may be side effects and they told me if I needed to step out of the classroom or do whatever it was fine with them. Most of my teachers were happy to know that I started it because they know I'm smart but I struggle when it comes to getting school work done and I'm a horrible test taker. My test grades have actually improved a little since I started vyvanse even thought today is only my 3rd day. I'm also a lot more social which is a huge improvement for me because I'm usually very shy (possible aspergers). F 17 3 days
30 mg 1X D
 4  excell in school rush of happiness, emotional roller coaster, increased motivation, more effort into work, memory loss (short and long term - is not affected when i haven't taken it) uncontrollable shakes in hands and legs, feeling cold EVERYWHERE all the time, sweating even when i'm cold, lack of interest in socialization, very deep thinking, i've been told i come across as rude or unhappy, when i'm really just focused, LACK OF APPETITE: causes fatigue, low blood sugar/irritability, bi-polar symptoms. vyvanse does not cause these symptoms, rather they are responses to the hunger your body doesn't recognize. i don't feel it as much when i take it several days in a row, i feel it more when i haven't taken it for a few days (such as on a monday when i didn't take it all weekend) must be digested/taken orally. overall i like vyvanse and when taken responsibly it can be helpful, but a high dosage is not needed and you shouldn't take it on an empty stomach... if you feel yourself becoming unhappy or irritable, EAT SOMETHING particularly with natural sugars or protein (apples and peanutbutter, people) F 17 3 months
30 mg 1X D
 4  ADHD dry mouth, hearing occasional noises that are not there, dizzyness, loss of appetite, constipation, increased heart rate, heart palpitations, detachment, inability to sleep, lack of physical energy Vyvanse has completely eliminated all of my symptoms of ADHD and really helps me to focus in school, having raised my GPA from a 3.2 (before any medication) to a 3.8 (since taking vyvanse). It even alters my state of mind, motivating me to work hard, as well as enabling me to work efficiently. However, grades are the only positive effect I have seen, and I will most definitely stop taking it when I am out of school. When I take vyvanse I become a completely different person: obsessive, pessimistic, lethargic, angry, and almost incapable of laughing or smiling. On the days I forget to take it (or on the weekends when I choose not to), everyone notices an extreme change in my personality--back to the "regular me" who likes to laugh and do stupid things. The obsession is sort of like OCD...but only when I take vyvanse...making me only stress over messiness and imperfection, but never doing anything about it. Because I am typically a hyperactive person, vyvanse has taken away all of my energy, leaving me incapable of exercising or completing simple tasks. It makes me feel separate from reality, constantly spinning, hearing things, and staying away from people. Monday-Friday when I take vyvanse, I can't fall asleep until at least 4am and even then wake up throughout the night, and somehow I am still able to fully focus the next day when waking up at 7am But when I don't take vyvanse, the lack of sleep catches up to me and I require about 14 hours of sleep. Overall vyvanse F 18 1 years
50 MG 1X D

 4  ADD Dry mouth, dizziness, lack of sleep, really moody, I feel like my personally changes and becomes boring, loss of appetite, increase in heart rate, fainting, my hands shake, I can concentrate really good though. F 16 2 years
40 m g

 4  concentration Loss of appetite late- night depression racing heart M 20 1 weeks
 5  ADHD NO appetite, extreme weight loss, cold hands and feet, insomnia, dry mouth, jaw clenching, increased sex drive, increased smoke cravings, dizziness when coming off, crazy sweats, sense of euphoria, and very mild depression when coming off sometimes. Vyvanse has been a God send ! I do what I need to do on a daily basis without getting distracted. Every relationship in my life has improved, I think more rationally and my grades are at an all time high.15 pound weight loss in the first 3 weeks and it is still declining, I hate that I sweat all the time and that my hands and feet are freezing cold and sometimes go numb. Despite these side effects, Its worked wonders for me so far; I see myself going very far in life as being a reality not a dream anymore. F 18 1 months
50 MG 1X D

 3  ADD Racing heart, chills, no appetite, hot flashes, shaking, tapping of fingers or feet, fainting, dizziness, bursts of energy, increase in nicotine cravings F 26 2 weeks
40 mg

 3  ADD calve and back muscles tightening. TIghtening of head muscles at times, mouth and jaw tension. Sometimes head ache or tenderness abouve eyes on forehead. My suggestion to everyone is go on corepsych.com and anything you want to know about this medication, how to make it work, etc. These meds wont work if your not eating plenty of protien in the morning, and NOT a protien drink. They have LESS side effects if you eat properly. If you are having major side effects than you are on to high of a dose. You will know when you read this site and pay attention to your body. F 39 10 months
35 1X D

 1  ADHD Heart palpitations, excessive sweating while working out, severe anxiety/agitation, vision impairment/ whiting out during withdrawal period As a freshman ivy league student, I thought I needed Vyvanse to excel in school, I was wrong. Yes, initially Vyvanse helped me focus, but over time the negative effects began to outweigh the positives. Regardless of what physicians, pharmacists, or pharmaceutical companies say, Vyvanse is an addictive drug. Perhaps the exact chemical compound itself is less addictive than alternatives, but the effects it has on your brain and pscyhe are certainly cause for concern. I share my opinions with you out of geniune concern for American adolescents. Vyvanse and similar drugs are not to be taken without warning. There are no longitudinal studies to demonstrate their safety, but in from my own experiences, they are not safe long term. Yeah I graduated and yeah I did well in school, but had I know the pain, self-doubt, panic attacks, tics, generalized anxiety and depression Vyvanse would eventually cause me, I never would have taken it. When I began Vyvanse I did not understand its potency. I didn't understand that it could change my personality. In retrospect I would have traded the concentration and focus Vyvanse provided me for my mental and physical health without hesitation. Vyvanse is a serious drug with real life-altering side effects, please consider this before taking it. Yes Vyvanse can help in the short term, but not without consequences. Before popping that pill and starting down the slippery slope of legitimized drug addiction, consider your happiness, sanity and ability t F 23 2 years
30 1X D

 4  ADD Dry mouth, chapped lips, less sleep, weight loss (20+ pounds), very small appetite, diarrhea (1st day only), super focused I will say I do love Vyvanse. BUT on 50MG I am too focused, I feel as if my brain is trying to go super fast with ideas but I can't get them out. I don't take it if I don't have school and I love not taking it because I am me again. My doctor said it wouldn't change my personality but it has. I am not as fun, I think I am boring while on Vyvanse. When I take breaks and then take it again I get diarrhea and it is ONLY on the first day. My mouth is SUPER dry and my lips are always chapped. I lost so much weight and I don't exercise at all. That is the great thing about it. But I eat soo much the first day when I am not on it. I hardly sleep and I hate it because then I am tired when I wake up then when I take it I have all this energy, then when I get home I am super tired and I can't sleep because I still have a ton of energy and then when I go to sleep it is hard for me to sleep. It is a cycle and a crappy one. I recommend 40MG, I wish there was a 45MG because that would be perfect. F 16 6 months
50MG 1X D
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