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 3  Asthma hair loss(30-50%), weight gain of 12 -15 lbs, hoarse voice /throat , joint pain, moon face,cystic acne, anxiety & mild depression , frequent congestion It took me a year or so to realize the side effects from taking Symbicort but after doing the research online now I know it wasn't just in my head! The first thing I noticed was my hair loss! Very thin now( I wear hair extensions to make up for the lost hair) ......also the weight gain &bloating were next. Mostly in my face and abdomen/lower trunk. The joint pain got really bad after about a year and a half of being on this medicine. I work with children and can't even get up from the floor from playing with them without pulling myself up on something. My knee joints are the worst. The cystic acne was annoying too I couldn't understand why I had the breakouts (other than occasional menstrual breakouts) the congestion every morning I wake up is also annoying and people are always asking me if I have a cold or am sick.....I'm not ! Just taking a medicine that helps me breathe well but the side effects are the worst! I have allergic asthma which is mild to moderate( pet dander , dust, chemicals, smoke) . I am calling the Dr today to make an appointment to get off this medicine and hopefully get on a new regimen. F 28 3 years

 1  Asthma aspilogosis Weight gain, shaking for 15 mins, bruising. Sore mouth, sinus, numb toes. Adrenal insufficiency. Do not take this drug unless you have thoroughly discussed this with a professional who knows the side effects. My adrenal glands have stooped working because of thus drug..the endocrine unit at my hospital have confirmed that this drug effects the adrenal glands and they cease to produce cortispteroids. Am now steroid dependent for the rest of my life...which is the same as Addison's disease ..a life threatening condition oral steroids now keep me alive. I also have early stages ostioporosis in my spine...wish I had never been prescribed this medication. My quality of life will be compromised for the rest of my life. F 60 4 years
2x2x400 2X D

 5  Bronchitis Metal taste in mouth. Be sure to rinse after use This cleared my wheezing up in no time. A LABA is wonderful. Recommend that you use a spacer with this inhaler. And be sure to rinse your mouth after use. 63 14 days
160/4.5 2X D
 3  alpha 1 anti trypsin deficiency Massive weight gain, in such a short space of time, although this medication works for my genetic deficiency, how it makes me feel as a person is awful, the weight gain has made me depressed, never been this big my life, need to go back to doctors to try something else. Seriously need something else, I would advise anyone that is taking this drug to get a second opinion, I know I am. F 43 6 months
 4  Chronic Bronchitis Leg cramps, ice prick headaches, weight gain (4 kgin this time) low sex drive, Has stopped me coughing F 66 3 months

 3  asthma Weight gain, blurry vision, hair loss, skin changes, moon face, bruising, no sex drive, depression, anxiety, leg & back aches, migraines, insomnia I thought it was great the first year. The side effects from this has made me very sick. I weaned myself down & now am off of SYMBICORT. I have only been off of it for a week. I'm hoping my health will improve in the near future with some new meds. F 42 3 years

 1  Asthma & COPD I've been on inhalers for 30 years of my life. STOP taking these drugs. You are killing yourself. I've been on Flovent, Salbutomol, Symbicort, Advair, Zenhale, Asmanex, Qvar, Ventolin, all of them. They all have caused me the same side effects, which includes: pressure headaches, high bloodpressure, severe joint and muscle pain, loss of feeling in my feet and extremities, chronic ear, sinus and eye infections, nystagmus (flicking of the pupils) dizziness, hoarseness with complete loss of voice, chronic respiratory infections (several per year, every year), thrush and yeast infections after antibiotic use to fight the lung infections. I've had such severe joint and muscle pain, I could hardly walk. I currently have osteoarthritis, which I believe was caused from the inhaler use. I recently gave up all the inhalers and the 17 other drugs used to combat the side effects from the inhalers and I am breathing much better without the inhalers. I have to wonder if I really did need any o Stop taking this drug. Any asthma medication that contains formoterol should be banned. This is a killer medication. I have suffered with joint and muscle pain, chronic eye, ear and sinus infections, lung infections, headaches, loss of feeling in limbs, leg pain so severe, I could hardly walk. I now suffer from Osteoarthritis, which I believe was from inhaler use. I have quit all my inhalers and now have some quality of life. I'm not in severe agonizing pain daily and feel normal once again. All these side effects have disappeared since quitting the inhalers. F 58 2 years
200 2X D

 1  COPD Symbicort worked fine for my COPD BUT, I now have blurred eye vision, high blood pressure and respiratory problems and a hard hacking cough. Three ophthalmic physicians/surgeons, an optometrist and the Symbicort (Astro Zeneca company) do not know what to do about the blurred vision. As a avid reader and a writer I am very upset about this. I switched meds, joined a gym and my blood pressure is much lower. My respiratory problem goes on and on with no relief, the cough is most upsetting for others to hear. I will not be recommending Symbicort for to others to ask their doctor about anymore. I am reporting this to my health insurer and the health officials in my area. It is very expensive in Canada, more so with these problems F 77 8 years
200mcg 2X D

 2  ASTHMA Major problems with my voice. laryngitis, hoarseness, raspiness to the point it impacted my entire life. I had an even worse reaction to Advair. I stopped using the drug. My voice has returned, but it is permanently damaged. I sound like someone that has smoked 3 packs for their entire life. Do not use it unless the benefits far outweigh the side effects. F 65 3 years

 1  COPD I had every bad effect that it describes you can encounter, and then some. If you're alone, and do not have a friend/advocate: Please don't take Symbicort!!!! This medicine truly scared me! I've had Burkitt's Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma twice in my life, and I'll be darned if I'll ever take another medication that makes me feel like Symbicort did!!! I'd sooner suffer; or die. F 62 40 days
80 4X D
 4  asthma Side effects heart pulpitations and body shaking Symbicort has changed my life, I used to get sick often about every 3 month I'd have bronchitis until I changed doctors and starting using it. Unfortunately with every action there's a reaction so we can't expect to take medicine and have no side effects. But I'm happy with symbicort THANK YOU to the people who came up with it. F 2 days
60 mg 2X D

 3  bronchial asthma I used symbicort 2 puffs twice a day as prescribed by the doctor. It somehow helped me with my asthma but on my 2nd week of using it, I got sore throat so I stopped using it for about a week. After my sore throat was gone, I continue using it and everything's just fine until I almost finish the whole turbuhaler that I felt weak, depressed as if i am not my normal self. It also increases mucus. My throat is dry and raspy. Also difficulty in breathing. So I decided to discontinue and still have to consult my doctor about this. F 25 1 months

 4  asthma Increase in depression & panic attacks initially - but i have panic disorder & i'm bipolar so can't even be sure that was the symbicort, could have just been coincidence! Still taking it :) Has meant massive reduction in the amount of ventolin I've had to take. F 31 2 months
200/6 2X D

 1  asthma after struggling with asthma on the quvar and ventolin alone, the asthma nurse put me on symbicort. it was great for my asthma, it really did improve, but over the next few years i piled on weight, and developed terrible stomach problems. i saw multiple doctors and nurses about these issues and NOT ONE said it could be the inhaler. it was only when i happened upon some info online that i realised it was the cause. symbicort has WRECKED my body, its going to be so so hard to lose these weight, and even if i do get back to my usual size i'll forever be left with stretch marks all over my legs from gaining the weight so fast. i can no longer wear skirts without opaque tights and i hate myself constantly. DO NOT TAKE!!! F 29 3 years
200 2X D
 2  non stop cough Anixety,legs felt weak and rubbery and a awful taste M 32 1 days

 1  Asthma Slurred speech, heavy limbs, lethargy, pressure in left eye, gained 10 pounds, face changed shape, slow reflexes which almost caused me to get into a deadly car accident F 42 2 months
4x a day
 5  asthma no side effects. I do not need any rescue inhalers as long as I remember to take one puff of symbicort every morning. This medicine is a life changer. F 70 1 years
160/4.5 1X D

 1  "unresolved bronchitis" Began with bronchitis in Nov. Put me on then. Thinks I have asthma but couldn't stay well long enough to do test. I've had every bad side effect I have read here. 15 days ago after yet another round of antidepressants with no relief he doubled the dose. Iam so sick still can't function. Taking an additional antidepressant plus More antibiotics steroids. The depression and anxiety have about done me in. I am very angry rite now but don't have strength to say! Blood pressure still out of control. I've never had high bp. Past sat went to er running fever coughing up green. Bad outcome! They thought I was suicidal. Next thing I know a guarrd is outside the door. They were about to EOD me!!that's when I got on here to see thank God! Thank you all for sharing and I hope others will read before using this!!! Never again!! Don't take anything at face value! F 62 3 months

 5  for preventative for my bad asthma Think my face gets puffy. Goes up and down. But I dont need my ventolin on this now. High dose for me one puff am and pm so I save money but less puffs F 37 2 days
400 / 12
 1  Asthma I thought that I could not breath from my Asthma but that is nothing compared to not being able to breath after taking Symbicort. It happened almost immediately not to mention the anxiety and chest pressure. I did not like how this medication made me feel and will not use it again. 1 days
2X D

 4  Late onset asthma The first two weeks I used it as prescribed, to puffs twice per day. My eye pressure and higher blood pressure became quite noticeable during that period, so I tapered off to once a day, then once every other day, once every three days and so on. Now I use it about once a week, or week-and-a-half. I basically wait until my coughing becomes apparent, then use it once (one puff) then not again until I start coughing, usually a week or more later. After tapering off (not by a doctor's recommendation, btw) as I self-monitored my symptoms and side-effects, it works great, and I have been able to achieve a balance of breathing with low side-effects. I'm down to one puff every week or so, with not much in the way of noticeable side-effects. A little eye pressure here and there, blood pressure a little on the high side, but that's also hereditary. Diet and exercise help with that. M 40 1 years
160/4.5 1X W

 5  Asthma None I'm not sure this is supposed to be a long-term treatment for Asthma, but my doctor says, 'as long as it keeps working - keep taking it' - and it's worked far better for me than any other maintenance spray, after 25+ years of taking medication for Asthma. I never even need an emergency inhaler any more. Again, I do worry about staying on it for too long, but so far - so good! M 35 4 years
160/4.5MC 4X D

 4  asthma breathing better, didn't have to use rescue inhaler. Mood changed, i felt depressed and very sad after 3rd week using the drug. I wondered what was wrong with me as everything in life is good. I realized the only change i had in past month was the new drug. Went online, read what others experienced and stopped the drug immediately. will go back to advair. SCARY F 55 30 days
2X D

 5  asthma not sure if it's a side effect "anxious" I was always on 100 mg twice daily until I was given 200mg inhaler and took that once a day. Quit smoking after bacterial pneumonia and everything leveled off been on inhalers since they came out and this year I stopped daily the daily dose of 200 I am 57 yr old female born with asthma F 8 years
200 1X D

 5  Asthma Symbicort has changed my entire life, I was diagnosed when I was 2 years old in 1987 and have had SEVERE allergy induced asthma since then, and I'm allergic to everything. My entire life had been an experiment in controller medications, rescue inhalers and hospitalization. I've consistently gone through one rescue inhaler every two weeks to a month literally for all of my living memory, I do not remember a time in my life where I wasn't sick. Until 2 months ago I'd been using Advair and honestly it did make a difference as a controller, if I was too broke to afford it I'd get worse after a few days. My Dr. advised me to just TRY Symbicort for 2 weeks instead and suddenly I felt almost like a person who has never had asthma. I've had the same rescue inhaler for 2 MONTHS which is unheard of, my allergy attacks are just sneezing and no wheezing, I've actually, on several occasions, forgotten my inhaler at home because I use it so infrequently. My breathing is so good, so controlled that it's almost unreal. I've experienced a touch of insomnia and a raspy throat as side effects. For the insomnia I just started taking my night time dose WAY earlier, like 5pm, for the raspy throat there's not much I can do except resign myself to sounding like a phone sex operator, I'm already rinsing like I should. I've had no weight gain, in fact I've LOST weight because I can finally work out without an asthma attack looming over me! But then I am used to Advair and Prednisone and other steroid F 28 2 months

 1  COPD My neck and back bones have been destroyed. My back used to be fine, now I have curvature of the spine. spinal stenosis and a fracture. Don't use this or else get a dexa-scan every 6 mos. to check on your condition. F 78 4 years
 2  Asthma bronchitis 2 puffs twice a day till finish. Post nasal drip, swollen eye lids, hives, mucus. It did help to get maximum peak flow readings, but stopped taking it because my eyes were too swollen, I'm also breaking really bad on my face which is not normal to me. M 18 3 weeks
160 2X D
 4  Asthma? Not aware of any Extremely concerned about long term impact to body .. want to wean off of the med, but not sure how to do it; am considering daily observations with the hope of dropping some weight, eating better and at the same time spreading out the frequency of taking the meds so that I can get off of it M 2 years
80mg 1X D

 1  asmatic brochitis after five days the back of my throat became white with either thrush or yeast infection. Stopped immediately. Dr prescribed this for a five week chronic cough with wheezing tendencies. Still have the irritating cough, stopped the Symacort due to severe thrush/yeast infection down the throat. M 58 5 days
2 puffs 2X D

 2  Asthma Mild to medium psychosis, muscle cramps, headache, feeling unwell, memory loss. Low doses: Low sex appetite. Higher doses: Unusual high and manic sex-apetite The first dose was an overdose, i misunderstood the counter, it ran me right into a "roidrage" and made me "sex-crazy" and destroyed my sleep that night. Except that the first 3 weeks went fine, though i was talking non-stop like an old woman, and I'm not a talker. Annoying muscle cramps particularly in the chest which get worsened by cold air or a lot of caffeine. When i heighten the dose it all went crazy. I went into a psychotic roller-coaster and high blood pressure, feeling dizzy, faint. day one in week 3. i was fixed on spanish men, masturbating my brains out. The next day i was severely depressed, the third day i suddenly exploded over nothing, kicking hole in the walls and destroying stuff, 5 min later it was gone like nothing happened, suicide depressed for 15 min, which disappeared like it never happened , happy, depressed, in love, out of love and suddenly really violent angry for 5 seconds, and mania thoughts. And so on.... Sometimes the inhalator make my chest thigh, so i haft to use the relief inhalator. Poor wound healing, feeling like another person, stiff neck, sick exhausting dreams, worsen acid reflux which then again on empty stomach can set of heavy asthma attacks. positively It removes chronic depression and make you give a shit about things. If your asthma is not that bad, don't use it more than 14 days or stay away from it. If you have any kind of autism, from mild asperger to severe kanner syndrome, expect a psychoti M 27 4 weeks
160/4.5 3X D

 2  asthma great problems with "cloudiness"/inablity to function as well as usual cognitively; restlessness; feeling of being unwell The medicine seems to function well regarding preventing/alleviating symptoms of the asthma itself but I will nonetheless discontinue using it due to how very unwell I am currently feeling which I suspect is due to the perceived side-effects (which also have made it hard to perform at work). Instead, I will go back to using the inhalers I had before. F 44 7 days
4.5 mcg 2X D
 1  Asthma and infection Caused me to make urination increasingly difficult. By 1 week I couldn't go at all and by evening I was in so much pain and it backed up into kidneys. Ankles swelled and face and throat too. Finally, by 10 hrs by lying in hot bath could get out little. Did that ALL night long. Second day back to normal. I would have died, if I hadn't done that. It was deadly for me. F 61 8 days
160x2 a da
 3  bronchiectasis unusual increase in anxiety; difficulty with concentration, lethargy and depression. The Symbicort does work for the breathing and opening up the airways. I do have a rescue inhaler and will continue just to use the flutter valve and OTC medicine such as Mucinex. I have been through several inhalers but I am going to try it without the Symbicort. F 71 3 weeks
160 mcg 2X D
 1  For a cough do to sinus infection Severe anxiety, muscle pain, stomach pain. Feeling like my organs doubled in size and no longer fit in my body. Couldn't eat do to stomach pain. Tremors. Insomnia. Intestinal spasms. 39 3 days
2X D

 5  Asthma hoarse voice, anxiety, headaches, nausea I have been on Symbicort for many years. I am contributing my consistent hoarse voice to this, but I also was not consistent with rinsing my mouth after usage. Now I am. I have always been anxious, but it's probably due to being on asthma and allergy medication since I was a kid. I sometimes get nausea in my stomach area, been happening since only last year, not sure if from anxiety or Symbicort. I saw Symbicort can cause stomach upset so it could be possible after all these years. Honestly, Symbicort has worked the best for me, and I've tried everything. My asthma is under so much more control now, and I only need rescue nebulizer once in awhile, maybe once a month, if that. It almost works as well as a rescue inhaler. My hair has NOT fell out from using Symbicort, and I have had NO weight gain. I have maintained the same weight for years, but I work out and eat small meals. The only annoying side effect is the hoarse voice. Other than that, nothing serious, headaches could be from anything, and my mom gets migraines so I could just be like her. I've never had any serious problems on Symbicort. F 28 7 years
160mg 2X D
 3  asthma alot of weight gained,change in voice,shorter growth,joint pain,muscle cramps, it helped with my asthma,put i couldnt get out of my seat without using my hands.i dint hit puberty because of it, M 15 5 years
30mg 2X D
 1  asthma my breathing became excellent although I did begin to feel some anxiety after the first week so I continued to take it thinking it would go away.once I hit the third week I noticed that I was getting very cloudy somewhat lethargic.I even noticed that I was drinking coffee and instead of waking up I was feeling more and more tired.it was hard for me to concentrate at work I couldn't juggle many things at once I hate not feeling sharp. I did tell my doctor that I was starting to feel extremely tired he said that just to give it a little bit more time the side effects might go away he also said that I should get more sleep so I tried it. the next day I woke up and I still had the same side effects it seemed as the days went by the cloudiness in the mind fog just got worse.iit got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore so I called my doctor and he told me to discontinue the medication. that same day I ended up having a panic attack my blood pressure was super high and I had to leave work a little bit early I also ended up taking Ativan just to calm down.the following day I continue to feel the same still felt cloudy I felt anxious so I ended up going to the ER I was there till like 12 midnight they did some lab work performed an EK Geven gave me a drug test which is funny and of course everything was negative the conclusion that came to was the symbicort was causing the side effects. so they released me the following day I felt much better after 48 hours of discontinuing. M 27 3 weeks

 1  Asthma/COPD Significant hair loss, uncontrolled bleeding, chronic respiratory infections, hoarseness, soar throat, difficulty breathing and a constant unproductive cough. Oh, and weird anxiety. I have never had any breathing medication cause such horrible side effects and without warning. I am grateful to have found the previous comments. I thought I was losing my mind. Insurance stopped paying for the cheaper Advair--go figure. I'm heading for the phone now to call the ins. folks!! Thanks all. F 51 6 months
2X D
 3  COPD Raspy & dry throat. Significant weight gain...all in the trunk (upper & lower abdomen) without any changes to eating/working/exercise habits. Severe thinning of skin on forearms...barely a touch on something leaves a blood bruise that takes a couple of weeks to heal. If it's a bad one (i.e. banged it not just touched something) the skin actually will peel off & bleed. I didn't realize my weight gain could be due to the drug until I researched a lot. Came up with Cushing's Syndrome (due to puffy eye & cheek of late), but knew probably not that as it's rare. This led me to some mentions of Symbicort-related side effects experienced by others. The thinning skin...due to the steroids...my dr. advised me of that. Stopping Symbicort now & going to make a dr. appt. asap to get on a non-steroid inhaler. F 62 1 years
200 2X D

 3  Asthma I took it for a while without many side effects except nausea and pain in my left rib which seemed to go away at first and then I started to get really dizzy the more I took it and could not function form day to day also my head felt like it was swollen and ready to pop. I had the worst headache that did not even seem to go away with meds and if it did it came back after they wore off. I also lost mass weight on this drug as I could hardly eat. I went back to Advair as I feel it works best for me for now. I will say Symbicort works for breathing but the side effects are not worth it at all. It works great for breathing but side effects have kept me home fo months and I did not figure it out until now why I was so sick. F 51 3 months
160/4.5 1X D

 5  COPD Seem to have horse throat almost every day. Quit smoking 7 years ago. I feel normal again. I believe it works well for me. Used it for 7 years. M 57 5 years
160/4.5 1X D
 3  Asthma Acid reflux, heartburn, constipation, losing voice due to congestion, gain of 13 lbs. F 59 6 weeks
160/4.5 2X D
 4  Asthma Short of breath on exertion. Possible weight gain, but I recently unemployed so Im not out as much. 1st off Symbicort works pretty good for me. I have no choice to be around pets. In the winter, with windows closed, i have a lot of trouble. Qvair wasn't helping anymore. For me Symbicort works right away, and only need rescue, maybe once a day or less. The down fall, is it is difficult to catch my breath on exertion. I ride a bike and the hill on my street, I am really panting. Usually I am winded breathing hard, but I am now really winded breathing very hard to catch my breath. Same effect on lighter exertion. I had the same thing happen when I used it 3-4 yrs go, but I want riding and just thought this was the way my lungs were at this stage in my life. Again normal breathing was great exp around critters. Ive notice a few other have had this problem. I am going to as my Dr for a different Rx. Since I am pretty active, this impact my life, except for being able to breath normally=) M 61 1 months
160mcg 2X D
 5  copd asthma Numbness in finger are terrible & hair loss & migraine headaches. Very expensive for me. $241.00 F 48 2 months
180 2X D
 2  bronchiactasis hair loss, extreme weakness, increased mucus, depression. I kept thinking about death all the time F 65 6 months
2X D

 2  Asthma Numbness is fingers, depression, acid reflux It seemed to work for a while, but in my second month now and I am noticing side effects that are becoming quite bothersome. My stomach is a mess ... heartburn, pains. I'm also anxious now because of all this and I just feel depressed and rotten. F 42 60 days
160 2X D

 1  Asthma Severe constant headaches. Back pain. M 54 2 weeks
2 x day

 1  COPD (mild) Weight gain (despite dieting), Bloating and very hard distended abdomen (looked 9 months pregnant) this was causing breathlessness, hair started to fall out. Thought it was a wonder drug at first and only realised bloating and weight gain due to symbicort by process of elimination. Stopped taking it 3 weeks ago and weight subsiding daily and had no more bloating of abdomen since stopping. F 58 6 months
2X D
 1  Asthma sore left eye socket, muscle spasms, pain shooting up right calve, hoarse, blurred vision, bleeding gums, sore gums, lump on left temple, difficulty breathing, hair loss (am wearing a wig), diarrhea, depression, anxiety, tremors, nightmares, heart palpitations, lower back aches, muscle aches, slurred speech, flem production, nasal congestion, dizziness, sluggish, loss of energy, cloudy thinking, extreme irritability, severe headaches, memory loss, confused thinking, swollen ankles, difficulty walking, swollen right knee Symbicort actually raised my peak flow meter score by 100 points which is awesome! The side effects, however, greatly outweigh the benefits for me. I'm currently reading the book The Water Cure hoping to find a natural way to combat my asthma. I've taken Symbicort for a year but 2 weeks ago started taking 160 instead of 80 because my asthma is not controlled. Well, all of the side effects were intensified and made me aware that I was having pretty bad side effects all along but didn't know it. Over the past year I've had to see my primary care physician, dentist, oral surgeon, trip to the emergency room after literally falling over...none of these doctors could figure out what was wrong with me. Now...just after just a few days of not taking Symbicort I still feel a little achy but feel sooooo much better than I did 2 weeks ago. F 48 12 months
2 2X D
 1  light asthma HORRIBLE - i was getting so weak on this drug, I knew that one day I would not be able to get out of bed. I had to stop exercising, my body felt so weak. Kills your bones. Why doctor prescribe a drug that harms your bones without recommending something that counteracts that side affect - like taking Calcium!!!! HORRIBLE poison, do not take this drug - I think it caused my asthma to get worse as well. F 40 3 months
50 mg 2X D
 1  COPD, chronic bronchitis Severe headache (lasted 4 hours after each dose), sleep disruption, nausea, severe upper back/shoulder ache, chest tightness, excessive mucous production, immediate depression HORRIBLE drug. Did the exact opposite as what it was supposed to: instead of making it easier to breathe, filled throat with congestion...and all the side effects were awful & instant (first headache came on 5 minutes after first inhalation.) F 57 4 days
standard 2X D
 3  recently diagnosed asthma worked great for preventing asthma symptoms, but caused anxiety and depression, that increased with continuing use F 64 5 months
160/4.5 2X D
 3  Asthma (Early COPD) Weight loss. Restless sleeps. Problem falling asleep. Restless legs. UTI (Bladder infections - where conditions are painful daily.) Increase of gag reflex. Increase of mucus out put daily. I was put on Symbicort for my asthma that I was born with. Since I am also a smoker (I know bad girl.) I have early COPD signs. My physician put me on this cause of my severe allergies. But all the negative out weigh the positive. Yes, I haven't had a single Asthma attack in 8 months, but I have had more UTI's since then. So instead of my lungs hurting...my "area" hurts. Not to sure what the trade off was there. At least now there is a reason....my husband thought it was him! F 37 8 months
200mcg 2X D
 5  Chronic asthma since childhood It works exceptionally for my asthma, but many years of use (prev other similar meds) has lead to general weight gain, some extra fat accumulation around the face/neck and torso, a dependancy on the medication, cystic acne, coated tongue despite mouth rinsing, stretch marks and sensitive skin. Unfortunately has possibly also caused/contributed to significant GERD/GORD. F 25 2 years

 2  bronchitis, and uncontrolled cough Retention of fluids, bloating, loss of appetite, swollen nasal passages. I felt as if I had a sinus infection, which I did not have when I started to use it. Scratchy throat and awakening at night to cough for two hours with little production, as a result. Wheezing at night, not during the day, although using it in the morning, and prior to bed. Not to mention the price if I had to use it for weeks or more. I am trying to stop using it after three days of it. I don't have asthma, so, I am not sure why I am using it at all. F 72 3 days
180/4.5 2X D

 5  Asthma None that I'm aware of Has really helped me manage my condition - I don't notice I have asthma until I get a cold! F 26 10 years
120 2X D

 5  Asthma Weight gain, Thursh, and frequent urination. F 30 3 years
2 puffs tw

 4  asthma 10 lb weight gain even though i exericise everyday and watch my diet. I have had hair loss, and weak nails. My asthma is still not controlled and had to go on xolair. F 32 2 years
160 2X D
 5  Chronic asthma since infancy No side effects to my knowledge. No weight gain or hair loss. I did have a lot of post nasal drip and often a raspy voice, but this was attributed to LPR (silent acid reflux) and when I changed my diet, symptoms cleared up--I don't believe attributable to Symbicort. Symbicort has completely eliminated my symptoms, even during my worst allergy time of year. It has freed me up for all kinds of strenuous exercise I could not do before, given me back a good night's sleep by the elimination of persistent nightly asthma attacks, and kept me out of emergency rooms in the fall when my allergies are at their peak. F 61 4 years
2 puffs 2X D
 2  Asthma Weight gain, bloating, urinary problems, stomach discomfort, tightness on my chest, off balanced, unable to speak properly, short of breath especially after eating, feeling very full after a normal meal. Because I don't have health insurance and a regular job, I have no other choice but to continue taking Symbicort on and off. I would take an alternative medication if I could afford it. M 36 2 weeks
1X D
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