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 3  Severe cramping, birth control Major weight gain! Went from 130lbs to 147lbs in no time at all, Cramping even when not on period Severe, painful acne in face, back and chest. It's been over 10 years since I had acne like this, and even then it wasn't this painful. The weight gain has been horrible. I already have large breasts and they're even bigger now. I look pregnant and don't fit into clothes I could wear 7 months ago. Dr said the birth I trol isn't to blame for these side effects but I refuse to believe the timing is coincidence. I never had any spotting whatsoever, and my period comes right on time. However, my periods have become even more painful, longer, and heavier. It's great getting your period every 3 months, but not worth all these side effects. F 25 7 months

 1  lighter periods Spotting(sometimes heavy), intense and extremely painful cramps not during my period, headaches, stomach issues(diarrhea, gas, etc.), SEVERE depression and anxiety(which I never suffered from before) The anxiety symptoms started only a month after beginning this pill but I thought it was just stress from life doing it however I continued on all the way into the third pill pack and it only got worse and worse. I had to go to the ER once for a panic attack. I'm off the pill right now, it's been ten days and I'm struggling through everyday waiting to get this horrible pill out of my systom. It could take anywhere from one to two months for my body to get back to its natural balance. I'm also currently taking xanax to help me through the days. If I would've known I would've reacted like this I would've never takin is pill. It was a horrible experience and I would never recommend this to anyone. F 17 7 months
unsure 1X D

 1  Lighter Periods/Contraceptive Headaches/Migraines, nausea and diarrhea/irritable bowels, depression worsened, extremely moody, still have random spotting/brown discharge and horrible cramps while taking the regular pills and not the sugar pill. Bipolar symptoms as well. I gained 20+ pounds in 3 years while on this, mostly all in my stomach, thighs and butt. Breasts just about doubled in size which was the only plus on the medication. Not sure if I need a stronger dose or if this medication just sucks. F 21 3 years
.15 MG

 5  Heavy bleeding on my period. I sometimes have mild headaches as well as discharge but that's pretty normal while taking birth control. Other than that I love this medication. I have not had any problems with it. F 19 3 years
 4  Long periods, hormone balancing Very low sex drive. Spotting. Brown discharge. Mood changes, as in I feel less low. Continuous low level nausea, but that could also be attributed to the other meds I'm taking, Synthroid (50 mcg) and Palafer (300 mg). I'd been taking them for nine months last year, then was off of them for three, now I'm back on. Before the pill, I had periods that lasted for two months, and a lot of that time was heavy flow. Not fun. They caused me to have anemia, which I have to take Palafer for now. The long periods were caused by my under-active thyroid. I have to take Synthroid and birth control for my hypothyroidism. I'm horny all of the time when not taking Seasonique. During the one week where I do menstruate, my sex drive comes back. There hasn't been a noticeable increase in acne, and I haven't been measuring my weight, but all of my clothes fit the same. I look healthier, in fact, my lips are fuller and redder, and my cheeks have more colour. I'll take the low libido over two month long periods anytime. I don't need this as a contraceptive anyway. F 20 17 days
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 2  irregular period, heavy periods It was fine at first but then I would miss my "seasonal" period and I gained A LOT of weight. Felt depressed more often than not while on this medication. F 20 1 years

 5  Migraines, Heavy periods I started Seasonique as an attempt to help with my severe migraines. Heavy periods helped bring on these migraines(whether it was from so much blood loss or hormonal changes). This med helped tremendously. 1st few months had odd spotting/etc as others complain about. Since then haven't actually had a single period at all. Was concerned at first about this but gyn said it was fine. Stopped taking once during the past years due to cost and migraines almost immediately began severity again. Hope to NEVER need to stop this med again. It has been a lifesaver! I have gained weight/ decreased libido but it is worth it a million times over. Migraines stop my entire life so the trade off is just gotta happen. F 37 3 years
 1  not tp get pregnant Fevers night sweats made me depressed they made my life a living hell never could be happy on them had my skin turn in to rashes I got no help by the doctor that gave them to me bleed for 2 months I'm still bleeding an all I can say is help this medication is the worse F 27 2 months
 5  Severe cramps, Migraines Boobs doubled in size, slight moodiness, but it is definitely worth it... F 19
1X D

 1  Horrible periods I took seasonique because I had terrible cramps and heavy bleeding. I never got to experience the "4 periods a year". After the first pack, as I was warned, I bled for 3 weeks straight and it would have gone on for longer if I'd continued. But that's not why I stopped taking it. I've never had acne in my life, and I had horrendous acne all over. It covered my face, chest, back, and shoulders. I was disgusted since I never even had acne while I was going through puberty. F 20 7 weeks

 5  fewer periods and cramps Slightly decreased sex drive. When I say slightly, I mean slightly. I didn't even attribute it to the pill until I looked at a calendar. I love this stuff and I've recommended it to all my friends who have asked about it. F 19
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 1  birth control I suffered from a miscarriage in September. The pregnancy had been unplanned. A week after my miscarriage my midwife asked if I would like to try additional birth control. After talking we decided Seasonique would be best for me. Wrong. The first four weeks were continuous "pregnancy symptoms." I peed all the time, had no energy, my face broke out, my breast hurt. After that I gained about 10lbs in a week...turns out it was water weight. After seeing about three different doctors I decided to quit taking it half way through my second month. And that was the best choice I ever made. I'd rather have periods and run the risk of getting pregnant than be on Seasonique. F 23 1 months

 1  Lessen PMS symptoms & fewer periods Didn't have a good experience- tried to wait it out & let my body adjust. It's not a matter of "IF" you will experience any of the discussed side effects, but WHEN & HOW BAD the side effects will be. In my case, the effects were severe- starting with nausea, cramps, headaches, then after about 30days, it was overshadowed by continuous heavy bleeding, moodiness, decreased sex drive, etc. I finally stopped after 4 months, and within a week, the change has been dramatically for the better. This pill is given out without the emphasis that it probably WON'T work for you, unless you're amongst a small percentage. F 28 4 months
1x D
 5  fewer periods I haven't noticed any except brownish discharge when I wipe and a tiny amount on pad on wk 9 on first pack of 90 day pills. But other than that... Nothing F 29 2 months

 1  birth control ive gained 20 lbs withing the most month, decreased sex drive.if you want your boobs and butt to grow this is the bc for you. for me it has made me look like im pregnant. i wouldn't recommend it if you are a small framed female like i am. F 24 3 months
1X D

 4  Endometriosis/cysts Slightly lowered libido, slightly emotional, some spotting during active pills. F 30 2 years

 1  Polycystic Ovaries and Extreme PMS Brown sporting for first 2 weeks and then heavy red breakthrough bleeding for the remaining 3 weeks with cramps. Sometimes I feel light headed and very low energy. Still have PMS but now it last 6 weeks instead of 1-2 weeks. F 37 2 months
 1  control endometriosis, stop getting Palpitations, high blood pressure, Elevated heart rate, F 29 10 months
 1  symptoms of menopause I had a full blown stroke. F 47 2 days

 3  Ovarian Cyst I had very painful periods and reoccurring ovarian cyst. I was missing too much school and work. My social life was suffering. At one point I bled for three weeks, which made me anemic as well. I was very ill and my doctor was puzzled. He suggested Seasonique. My first 6 months were the worst. I was depressed and I would cry all of the time, BUT my hormones were messed up bad from my cyst. I couldn't control my moods at all. I'm surprised I still have my boyfriend lol. Mood swings was the most irratating side effect. I also had horrible headaches. I was naseauted and achey for the first few months. This birth control gave me terrible cravings. I craved meat. Which is weird because I can't eat meat because it disgusts me and my body has trouble digesting it. So that was odd. I am ALWAYS hungry! I gained about 20 pounds. It didn't decrease my sex drive. BUT it makes me bleed after sex. NORMAL sex, not rough! It pours red blood and sometimes clots. It's scary and it's a big turn off for sure. The first time I bled for three days. This time just a day. I also feel sore down there and crampy in general. The first time I was so afraid but the Gyno said as long as it wasn't all the time it was ok. It was my cervix. The birth control made my cervix sensitive. OVERALL I love it. I no longer have symptoms. I mean an occasional craving and increased appetite. BUT that beats my terrible period anyday. HOWEVER any time I miss a pill (which isn't often) I tend to get a cyst. Sometimes t F 18 2 years
 1  birth control Acne! Weight gain! Appetite increase! Acne!!! F 24 3 months

 2  Heavy periods BAD ACNE. ACNE. ACNE. F 23 90 days
1X D
 4  Acne Occasional breakthrough bleeding. Eventually stopped taking it due to moodiness, but I don't think it's a bad drug because of that. For acne, this is the best stuff ever. Worked better than Accutane. Less frequent periods = less frequent acne flare-ups -- my skin was almost perfect while I was on this! I did not have any weight problems on this drug -- in fact, with a diet, I was able to lose 20 pounds while taking it. After a few years, I started experiencing hormonal moodswings out-of-the-blue, which resolved almost immediately when I stopped taking it. But everybody's body chemistry is different, and changes over time -- so if my body needed a break from hormonal birth control, I'm not going to blame the Seasonique for that. I had a few good years on it, and I would consider taking it again in the future. F 24 2 years
1 pill 1X D

 5  regulate period none! Never had break through bleeding or spotting at all. Cramps and PMS are nothing compare to without or on other pills. Best pill I've found and cannot imagine going back to a normal cycle pill and dealing with having a period every 28 days! Probably adds some extra water weight, but you're not going to gain any significant weight unless you eat more. Just not possible, but guess it's easier for people to just blame it on the pill. F 22 1 years
1X D

 4  birth control, 4 periods a year some initial weight gain. breast growth. decreased libido. every pack of pills is a 3 month supply, and then you get your period for a week and start a new pack. when starting this pill, it is so important to take it at the same time everyday...otherwise you will see spotting. the first few months i was on the pill, i did notice some weight gain. i started exercising again and it fell right off. breasts definitely got bigger (unrelated to weight gain)...went from a C to a DD. thanks seasonique!!! do notice a decreased libido on the first 2 months of every pack, and then on every 3rd month my libido surges. also on the 3rd month i tend to be moody and a little more emotional than usual. totally worth only having 4 periods a year though. F 22 2 years
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 5  Birth Control Initial weight gain. Spotting. After 1 full year on Seasonique, my spotting (during when I would normally have a period) stopped and my weight stopped fluxuating. I LOVE Seasonique, and reccomend it to friends. It does not give me as many crazy hormone changes and mood swings as my last BC did. F 28 3 years
1X D
 3  Endometriosis I have absolutely NO SEX DRIVE!!!! I'm emotionally detached from my partner. It's killing my relationship. If I come off of the medication I will experience terrible cycles!!!! I'm at a standstill. I've had the Lupron injections and they worked but were very expensive (and I was pre-menopausal). It's tough on me right now. It's good if you need to lessen your cycle but it may kill your libido!!!! Wish there was a happy medium for this problem. F 38 3 years
15mg 1X D
 3  Severe PMDD Slight weight gain, water retention, occasional break through spotting, and moodiness I switched off Seasonique to Sprintec because of my mood swings, and honestly, I can say that I actually miss Seasonique! It was nice not having my period every month. For the first year, though, I would *OCCASIONALLY* have break through bleeding at the beginning of the third month. I would spot barely enough to fill a panty liner everyday until the week of my period. It seemed like it was about every other month when this happened. Right before getting off Seasonique, it seemed like it barely happened anymore. However, the bloating was pretty bad...I had to take pills to help shed the water weight, but overall... it was a good pill. F 18 2 years
1X D
 4  Birth Control and Skin issues Super weight gain and some serious "munchy" like feelings. I was also more emotional, not angry or bitchy, mostly just sad. This birth control definitely works, and although the first three months can seem a little jarring, I didn't experience anything like a 27 day long period. The initial side affects went away once I started the second pack, and I have lost the weight I gained. Other than a day or so of light spotting the pill works fine. Sometimes around the week before you get your period you feel some cramping, but nothing that is too major. I've been very happy with the pill, and would recommend it to anyone who wants the benefit of a four period year. F 16 1 years
15MG 1X D

 3  hate periods duh i had the mood swings...cramping...bleed the whole 1st month of the 1st pack...n now that im off of seasonique been off for (1 month) already n i still havent got a pieriod...im hoping its nothin seriouse but then it could be from me being on it for so long F 21 1 years
10 mg 1X D
 2  birth control Wow, it's ridiculous how much WEIGHT I've GAINED. I started at 110 pounds & after only 6 months of taking this i am almost 140. If I had known I was going to gain 30 pounds so quickly, i NEVER would have tried this! :( It's awesome only getting your period only 4 times a year, but for the first 4 months my period was completely whacked out. I had a 27 day period during the 2nd month & then spotted for the next couple months. But eventually my body adjusted & got used to it. SO JUST BEWARE...the 1st few months might suck because of irregularities. & keep in mind that you might gain a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight! Ugh, not worth it. F 28 6 months
1X D

 5  Birth Control The first pack I was on I spotted a lot and got about two bad headaches a week. All the packs after this I would spot once a pack for about two days then I'm back to normal. It controlled my cramps and gave me a much lighter peroid. I would have to recomend this to anyone looking for a form of birth control. I have found it to work with minimal side effects. I have no complaints about getting a light, painless period once every three months. F 17 1 years
1X D

 1  To control irregular cycle Immediately I started to itch, severe depression and hives, urge to eat everything in sight and my damn period want stop.I stop taking it on the 9 day I couldn't take it any more. Later that same day I started to flow a little heavier like I was getting my period all over again. Actually it never really stopped, only for a couple of hours here and there and it was light ,it has turned slighty heavier and has a continous flow. I will never take another pill again. Also I was Told I have adenomyosis some of you all should look into that, it can only be detected by physical contact with the uterus. This means my uterus is soft instead of firm is the reason I have irregular bleeding, the only method of correcting this is to have a hysterectomy . I took this years ago when it first came out and had no problem. I tried it recently for different reasons, my cycle is more like 21-25 days which means I go any where from 12-16 days off and 7 day periods with 3-5 days spotting before. Most women have a 28 day cycle. My tubes are tied I just wanted the irregular bleeding to stop. F 27 2 weeks
1X D
 1  Birth Control Weight gain, no sex drive, hair loss, mood swings. I requested this pill to only get 4 periods a year. So not worth it! When I did get my period it was usually for about 3 weeks, and some days were heavy with large blood clots. I also gained 30 lbs. in 2 years without any change in diet or activity level. I actually ate healthier and exercised more to try to decrease the weight gain but no matter what, the weight would not come off. The worst side effects were complete loss of sex drive and the hair loss. I stopped this pill because I never wanted to have sex with my boyfriend anymore (and this was not the case before starting this pill) and I was losing a lot of hair every time I showered, brushed, or ran my fingers through my hair. Since stopping this pill my sex drive has returned and I am no longer losing a lot of hair. I'm still trying to lose the weight I gained and I'm looking for the right bc for me. F 27 2 years
1X D

 5  Endometriosis & Ovarian Cyst Initial period "flood" during first pack (approx. 2 weeks); told to stop taking for one week, then restart. Worked like a charm! Seasonique has become my best friend! I began taking it after experiencing an unholy trinity of reproductive issues during the fall of 2008 (uterine fibroids, severe endometriosis, and a complicated ovarian cyst). My abdomen was huge, looked like I was pregnant, and I had severe pelvic pain all the time, not just during periods. I got anemic because my periods became super heavy and I dropped a lot of clots. I would just come home everyday and curl up in bed in the fetal position. However, surgery and Seasonique gave me back my life. Now my periods come every 3 months, are almost cramp-free and super light. Never had bad acne, but my skin is awesome now. My boobs also got bigger. Love you, Seasonique makers! F 31 2 years
1X D

 4  PCOS, contraception, 4 periods/year Non=weight-related breast growth. Mild acne cleared up in first month. Do not take ANY hormonal contraceptive with ANY antibiotic. I am Bipolar Type II w/ Rapid Cycling & Mixed Episodes and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, the constant hormone intake (aka 3 months w/out menses) freed me from aggravated mania/anxiety/depression during the periods I "skipped". I never experienced ANY spotting while on this pill. F 23 2 years
standard 1X D
 2  to regulate my periods moodiness, cramping, spotting I used this birth control to regulate my period. I have a naturally 8-9 day long period with a heavy flow and severe nausea and cramping throughout. I went three months without a period but I had a lot of spotting. Some spotting would last 4 days. At the end of the 3 months, instead of getting a regular week long period, I got an 18 day long period!! It was hell!! I am definetly not ever going on this again. I do not recommend this! F 17 3 months
1X D

 2  control ovarian cysts, bc Weight gain (upper abdomen, I look pregnant), bloating, frequent urination, depression, increased anxiety, easily agitated, breakthrough bleeding, decreased libido I was on Seasonale for 6 months before Seasonique. My gyn has switched my bc a lot because I've been sensitive to all I have tried either with high nausea, depression, and decreased libido. I was hospitalized due to a ruptured cyst that still developed while on Seasonale and had lingering nausea. I was switched to Seasonique in hopes that my nausea would lessen. It did. However, I have had breakthrough bleeding every month. Then it was brought to my attention that I wasn't acting myself and was acting depressed and more anxious than ever. My sex drive went away. The emotional change made me feel like I was on the outside watching myself consciously not being able to feel the appropriate emotional response. Instead I just felt tense, agitated, and confused. F 23 2.5 months
1X D

 4  Four periods a year -- why else? During 1st pack -- breakthrough bleeding (mild-medium), moderate acne, breast tenderness, water weight, moderate pms Following packs -- mild breakthrough bleeding, decreasing every new pack, mildly decreased sex drive First pack is difficult – understand that. If you don’t want to see it through, don't start it. Also, if you're the busy or absent-minded woman who has difficulty taking it at the exact same time, I wouldn't recommend it either. On this type of pill, it seems to be even more important to take it at the same time (+/- MINUTES, not hours). On the first pack, I had horrible acne (expected), I also had about a month's worth of breakthrough bleeding, but it was mostly colored discharge rather than actual bleeding, so pick up a pack of panty-liners and for the first several months, just get in the habit of putting one in. On the following packs, I had less and less breakthrough bleeding and now that I'm almost at a year, I have almost no issues. I have less pms now than ever, my periods are 2 to 2.5 days, about 12 days a year concerned about pads/tampons. The mildly decreased sex drive is just that – mild. Remember each woman is different, and starting a new pill will always be an adjustment. The adjustment here is more -- you're trying to trick the body into ignoring it's hormone cycle for 3 months at a time. So, my advice is be ready to experience a difficult few months, but give it two packs to make a final decision. Because at the end of that first six months, I was steadier mentally and emotionally than ever before. This will not be the same for every woman. But as for me? Fewer periods, less emotional upheaval, almost zero side effects and...did I mention fe F 23 1 years
.19 mg 1X D
 2  Regulate Period Weight Gain, Breast Tenderness, Moodiness, Period even when on the pill. Not right for me F 27 6 weeks
1X D

 2  endometriosis breast tenderness, weight gain, headaches, breakthrough bleeding, decreased sex drive, restless sleep. I was put on this drug after being diagnosed with endometriosis. During my first pack I began cramping during week 8 which continued through week 13. I began spotting and then then had a 4 week period beginning week 9. I kept taking the pill because I knew it would take some time for my body to adjust to having a period once every three months. During my first month on this drug I gained 15 pounds. The first 3 weeks of my second pack went well, but at the start of my 4th week I started cramping and spotting with no relief from otc pain relievers. I talked to my doctor and I'm switching to something stronger. It's too bad this drug didn't work for me. I feel bad rating it at a 2 because I don't think it's a bad drug, it just didn't work for me. I've tried 3 different kinds of bc and am on to my 4th, I just have to find the right fit for me. F 25 4 months
1X D

 5  Birth Control, Shorter Periods I have had no side-effects while taking this medicine. You MUST take it at the same time every day. I believe that's why I haven't had any breakthrough bleeding. The manufacturer's website offers a great discount for those with or without insurance. Take this medication at the same time every day. While I still get mild cramps during my "pill period", Cataflam and Lortab work to tame those. I highly recommend this pill to those who want shorter/lighter periods and four periods a year. This pill is great. F 27 1 years

 2  Cramping Breasts got huge, breast tenderness, constant breakthrough bleeding I wanted to try the birth control that makes your periods go away completely, but my doc started me on Seasonique to see how my body handled it. After about a month, I started having breakthrough bleeding ALL THE TIME. I started wearing panty liners 24/7. I tried to wait it out but got impatient after a few weeks. I was basically having a light day period every day, which was sort of not the purpose. F 20 2.5 months
1X D
 1  Birth control HORRIBLE ACNE!! I have never experienced such disgusting horrid acne on my face in my life while I was on this...HUGE pimples...at LEAST 10 on my face at a time...COMPLETE PIZZA FACE, YUCK. Plus I got acne on my chest and back, when I never did before..I got thed up and stopped taking this crap and within 3 days my acne cleared up. F 22 3 months
1X D

 5  Birth Control I have been on Seasonique for going on 6 months now & can't say I've had any side effects. Luckily for me I get regular periods with no spotting in between while on Seasonique. I love the fact that I only have to deal with my period 4 times a year & it really has decreased the amount of cramps I normally get. F 24 6 months

 1  Birth Control Moodiness, acne, breast tenderness, headaches, irritability, feeling very lethargic. F 34 7 weeks

 5  Birth control, cramps My skin cleared up and it was nice not having cramps most of the time. Got very light periods. However I did have breakthrough bleeding throughout my entire first pill pack. I have been on it for 7+ months and love it. Stick with it for 5 months and then judge. F 16

 4  Birth Control,Heavy Periods, Cramps Light spotting during the 2 full pack of this medication but only for 2 days. I look this medication. I have taken it now for 6 months and enjoy the convienence of 1 period a quarter. Periods are much lighter and shorter and cramps are manageable without heavy narcotics, which I generally had to use. Migraines have also decreased. Take this medication at the same time every single day ! I am convinced this is why I have not had any side effects. I have never missed, skipped, or taken it late. Try this medication at least for 3 months before stopping it, its defintitey worth it. 26 6 months

 3  Endometriosis Headaches, weight gain, no libido, dizzyness, mooody It helped with cramps and to lighten my period which was why I started this medication to start with, however the dizzyness and the weight gain has been tough. F 30 4 months

 1  Birth Control/Hormone imbalance These were not "side effects", they were effects! I could not function as a human for 3 days, and I was only on the pill for 3 days. I was crying uncontrollably about nothing in the fetal position most of the time, but when I wasn't I had terrible headaches, itchiness all over, and my legs hurt horribly. I could not go to work, I couldn't do anything but sit, cry, and hurt. I'm not saying that these will happen to everyone that tries this hormone, but if I put myself in someone's position that is considering Seasonique, and I had a choice as to whether to even chance it, I would just try another kind. This was a real life nightmare, and I never want to go through anything like this stuff made me go through again. F 24 3 days

 1  Cramping 20 lbs. weight gain, hair loss, water retention, severe depression, decreased libido, irritability, although I took seasonique for 5 months, I still experienced cramps. I would not recommend this drug. Even though I barely ate and swam on a team two hours a day, I still gained weight. F 17 5 months

 1  birth control/painful periods I had a period (light and heavy days) from October 3rd to present (November 16th). I also had cramps during that time. The point of this pill is to avoid having your period every month, not to have it for months and months. Ridiculous. F 21 2.5 months

 1  regulate periods weight gain 10-15 pounds, water weight gain, tender breasts, still having period every 28 days even though taking pill, unable to lose weight gain even with excessive excercise and healthy eating habits. Completely unhappy. Going to ask dr. for a pill with lower level estrogen to see if that helps. F 34 8 months
 4  endometrosis No sex drive, weight gain?, lethargic However, this medication has been a godsend! No more montly cramping, bloating, intense pain or PMS symptoms. Only get my period 4 times a year. My husband said I am a different person since being on Seasonique. I basically have a life again. And when I get my period, it is bearable. F 47 5 years

 4  Large Functional Ovarian Cyst Increased appetite. I've been on Seasonique Lo for 8 days now. So far the only side effects I have is increased appetite. I go for my 4th ultrasound in a month. Hopefully the Seasonique will shrink the cyst I've had for 9 months. F 24 8 days

 5  Birth control I experienced light spotting the last few weeks on the third month. I am very happy with Seasonique. When I first read reviews I was scared to start taking it but I have not experienced any of the horrifying side effects that others stated. I Love it!!! F 31 4 months

 5  birth control and hormone balance very few; minimal break through bleeding, more like very light spottting, in the last 2-3 weeks of the 3 months cycle; I am so happy with Seasonique. I am finishing my second three month cycle and could not be happier with the very short period every three months, as opposed to heavy, very painful periods before. The btb is very minimal at the end of each cycle. I have minimal cramps for the last 2-3 weeks of the cycle, but they are fleeting (a twinge once or twice a day) and not a problem. Within the first couple of weeks on Seasonique I was feeling like a normal person again physically and emotionally. No more crying from pain or hormones! It is worth trying. F 30 6 months

 2  birth control break through bleeding or spotting daily, cramping daily, irritable, headaches, vomiting, weight gain. First birth control ever taken. Expected body to adjust well, as it does to anything, but after the first week spotting began then turned into a light period every day thereafter. Dr. termed it an investment, in the beginning it may not be so great but in the long run its worth it.. we'll see.. F 24 5 weeks

 5  frequent periods/birth control it was known i was going to have some hormonal imbalances when i started birth control from a condition i have had since birth which caused me to throw up every morning for about two weeks (which was expected and happened to my mom and sister as well on other pills) other than that no negative side effects positive side effects - cleared up my skin. caused me to have periods 4 times a year instead of twice a month. caused PMS to basically stop (from previous terrible cramps, outbreaks and headaches/back pain). breasts grew a cup size (wasnt complaining but it does happen) I LOVE this pill seriously if you are going to go on anything I have only heard positive reviews and both my mom and my sister have switched to this as well F 19 1 years

 2  birth control, abnormal periods no sex drive, hair loss, heavy break-thru bleeding although this do get rid of my PMS symptoms, it wasn't worth the loss of hair and sex drive. F 36 4 months

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