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 4  Fibromyalgia Extreme Weight Gain This medication has helped my 'burning' pain very much, despite the 50 pounds I gained in the first year; however, I have lost half the weight and working on more F 39 2 years
150mg 3X D

 2  pain under my feet I'm diabetic it is giving me a very high appetite I stay hungry all the time I don't like it I hate it I feel miserable F 53 4 days
100 millig
 1  Restless leg syndrome I felt like I was drunk without the party. I was not sleepy and my symptoms for restless leg continued. I took this drug in the early evening and I was to have control of my dosage depending on my symptoms. 1day was enough. When I got up in the morning the rooms were spinning. I felt like I could not walk straight. I will not risk takeing this drug again. F 59 1 days
150 mg 2X D

 2  Post Op Neuralgia after Jaw Surgery Initally I had just dizzyness in the first week and I fell over a couple of times. By the second week I noticed fluid buildup in legs. Third week I and got extremely depressed, going to sleep and never waking up seemed like a completely plausible solution. Fourth week I lowered my dose to 75mg just at night, then began to wean myself off, because I decided that the side effects were not worth the small amount of pain reduction I was getting, which was about 30%. I got off for two entire weeks and then after revisting my doctor, who advised me Lyrica was the only treatment for nerve pain available, I caved and went back on for one more try, because the burning in my face and chin was unbearable and I couldn't concentrate on anything else at all. I've now been back on it for an additional 2 weeks, just 75mg at night, initally I took 3 in a 36 hours period for the first two days to get a level in my system. All this week I have had a annoying niggling headache present all the time, I can I also use bio-identical hormone replacement, following a hysterectomy 3 years ago, which to this point has been working fantastically against the adverse effects of menopause, but this week I am experiencing hot flashes when I had zero before, so maybe co-incidental, but I think Lyrica messes with your hormone levels, even though it's not a listed side effect, also I have been constipated throughout and need to take laxitives to resolve it. So I have decided that Lyrica is not for me and I will begin to wean off again. This drug is Dodgy with a capital D. It has been 70 days since my surgery today. I was not told of the possibility of long term neuralgic pain, post surgery by anyone. I have researched and discovered there are others now, but it is too late for me, I have to deal with it. My pain has only reduced about 50% in two months, I have no idea how long i will have to endure it. But I am just going to have to do it, because the side effects from Lyrica far out weigh the small benefits of pain reduction. I read the Lyrica effects your teeth, so since I have spent about $10,000 trying to save mine, it's probably not a good idea to be taking something that has a negative effect on them. Pfizer you should be ashamed, promoting a drug that has such awful side effects and not mentioning any one of them in your promotion to Medical Professionals. It is definately all about the bucks, not the people. F 41 60 days
75 2X D

 4  unbearable head pain of unknown cause Excessive swelling in my legs, ales and feet (pitting), prescribed a water pill so the swelling will stay down as it hurt to walk & I couldn't fit in my shoes when it was really bad. Was very sleepy when we were stopping me up to the dosage I'm currently on but it went away after a few days. I think compared to others I'm on a small dosage amount 150 in am and 225 at night. I've gained excessive amount of weigh but I amnot sure if it is this or the steroids. Was previously on steroids lots of times and this kind of weight gain never happened. Doesn't matter what I do the number on the scale just keeps getting bigger. Feel like my hair is starting to get stringy now no matter what conditioner it's just bad now and feel like it's starting to thin out. I'll post more after next month and see if there's any improvement. F 33 2 years
150 & 225

 4  Pain and insomnia Increased my moderate-severe anxiety and panic disorder at first and I found that taking my Xanax half an hour later I did just fine. I didn't like the empty feeling I had (some might call it a high I considered it uncomfortable) but even that went away and the pain was not gone but it was far more tolerable. Doctor switching me to Gabapentin now. The side effects went away after several days but it also stopped helping quite as much as the side effects wore off. Worth trying in my opinion. I think it important to time taking the medication with other medications you may be on. I have panic attacks and this med increased that so I doubled up on my Xanax (but that is an option my doctor left open to me when she prescribed it) until I realized that if I just waited about a half hour to take the one Xanax after the Lyrica then they kicked in together and I didn't have the anxiety that forced me to double up. Everyone is different so it may not be for everyone but it was worth the try for me. Now I am switching to Gabapentin for both the pain, insomnia, an add on to the Zoloft for low grade depression. F 39 10 days
100mg 2X D
 4  Multiple Sclarosis HAIR LOSS!!! Occasional dizziness , occasion confusion , some weight gain, constant vaginal itching, my thought process has slowed down. F 47 5 years
150 mg 3X D
 5  Fibromyalgia , severe migraines Extremely high appetite. Which is fine for me I can use the extra weight. Not even a sign of a headache since the first day of taking it. Pain has decreased a lot. I have a lot more energy. Love love love this medication. I highly recommend it. Only bad part would be constantly thirsty. F 47 10 days

 1  Chronic low back and shoulder pain Difficulty sleeping, headache, dry mouth, blurred yellow vision, muscle/joint pain/weakness, mental/mood problems M 54 3 weeks
 1  CFS / Fibro All of my hair fell out. It never grew back despite many treatments. I am now bald. I had hair like Jon Bon Jovi prior. Dizzyness, increased fatigue, impotent, mild euphoria. Only benefit was decreased chemical sensitivities. Stay away from this drug! M 38 2 years
150 mg
 2  Sciatica pain in calf I am having trouble with the side effects of this drug. Blurry vision, memory loss, trouble sleeping , feel like I've lost the last week, my personality has become very hostile, do these side effects go away ?, because I can't live like this. Should I go back to my doctor, or keep trying to deal with the side effects ?It's horrible. I'm putting things in wrong places and can't remember. I have 2 kids, so I have to be alert during the day, not like this. Any advice would be appreciated. Michelle F 42 5 days
 2  pain due to kidney cysts extreme drowiness- lost days at a time- thumping head- hair loss- generally feeling spaced out with blurred vision should be titrating up to 300mg BD but cant drive at the moment and thats a large part of my job- no real pain relief F 46 3 weeks
50mg 2X D
 1  spasms, neuropathic pain, spaticity Awful, kept me awake for hours, and made very agitated, restless. By day 4 psychotic irrational episodes. Never again! Did nothing first my pain although was only 6 days in total before I stopped using it. F 39 5 days
 1  Joint pain Little people sneaking up behind me, felt drunk, couldn't walk straight line, dizzy, pain worsened F 64 2 weeks

 1  Fibromylgia Vision ruined, insane all over intense body itching, feeling horribly drugged & spacey. Swelling & major weight gain. Clumsy & uncoordinated. Helped a little with pain but did not increase quality of life! Would not take again ever! F 49 9 months
300 mg

 3  Fibromyalgia and neuropathy Not many. A little swelling in ankles and urine odour. I have chronic pain for 2-1/2 years. I took Lyrica with great results but found side effects irritable but I have given it a bum steer. Other medications e.g. narcotics were causing more problems than I thought. Back to the Lyrica and I can now survive on my own. F 73 4 months
75 MG 2X D
 1  Anxiety Kidney pain, increased anxiety, eye pain, dizziness, nausea Hope to come of this drug asap F 55 12 weeks
150bd 2X D

 3  Backpain, insomnia, fibromyalgia Physical numbness, inability to have sex, feeling spaced out, possibly hairloss I've taken this for years, but only 25 -75 mg at night with breaks inbetween. A month ago I was told to try 150-200mg for insomnia. At first I felt very "drunk" and lacking in energy in the daytime, but I got used to the drug and only felt a bit spacey. It smooths things out so the effect of insomnia felt less acute, and it might have improved the sleep a bit. However I never realised all these years that my problems with numbness during sex was probably due to this drug! I feel really cheated, as no one told me. On a higher dose I couldn't even dream of having se, .and I sure rather have the benefits of closeness, endorphins, deep relaxation from sex AND a happier husband than have this wierd "high". I also now realise maybe my severe hairloss is due to this drug!! The hairs just get wirey and fall off, and hardly any left now. Doesn't do much for aches and pains. Tapering off is quite hard, makes me very edgy and physically agitated. F 47 40 days
175 mg 1X D

 4  nerve damage My dose has been makes me tired during the day.but yet when I go to bed I find it hard to sleep.forgetful n foggy headed.50 mg x2 daily has stopped me waking at night so much.sometimes I feel down, but I think thats a side affect of chronic pain not the meds. Leg pain is reduced to a thingly numbness.i recommend it.dont like the hangover feeling n tiredness n dry mouth F 30 3 months
 4  vulvodynia Some brain fog, poor balance, dropping things Reduced pain from about a 8-9 to 4-5. Not perfect, but I can sleep through the night now. F 27 6 months
150mg 2X D

 1  fibromyalgia by 3rd day had pounding headache, dizziness, blurred vision, pressure in upper chest, disorientation, profuse sweating on activity, sleepiness, couldn't focus, didn't relieve pain, could barely function, emotional changes, crying, then angry, then screaming, then crying again and have no mental illness nor do i have any emotional disorders. extreme dry mouth, went off drug on 7th day and experienced 3 days of withdrawl symptoms such as cold sweats, feeling like skin on fire, body radiating heat but feeling cold and shivering. after 3 days off drug all side effects like headache, dizziness etc disappeared and all emotions returned to normal. only other thing is chest pressure led to pneumonia even though had no cold symptoms of any kind before or during the taking of lyrica. F 48 7 days
25 mg 2X D
 1  back pain Short of breath panic attacks vertigo dizzy F 59 7 months

 1  fibromyalgia Didn't do much for pain. Dr switched me from gabapentin. Gabapentin pain relief reached a peak so he switched me. Not much relief. Shake like I had Parkinsons. Cant remember anything. The worst part...withdrawal. Unbelievable high blood pressure. Worse shaking and anxiety that I've ever had in my life! The more its tapered the worse it gets. How about some more worse?? The clonazepam he gave me for withdrawal worked great the first week...then...the worst psychotic dreams and worsening anxiety ever! I'm afraid this crap is going to kill me. I'm not suicidal. I'm just scared to death these poisons will kill me. My spouse has been amazing but how much can someone take? I love my family to the ends of the earth...and I feel horribly for putting them through this. F 47 4 months
 3  surgery - mass removed from lung brain fog I can't get my thoughts together, as someone said tired but can't sleep, voracious appetite, problems with balance. Surgeon gave me Lyrica for my surgery and I will be off it in 7 days. I have three holes in my ribs and no pain. I am not using pain killlers. Can't wait to get off Lyrica but I am amazed how it has handled my pain. M 62 5 days
125 mg 2X D

 5  dercum's disease (adipose dorlorsa) Swollen tongue, hands & fleets, memory loss, trouble getting words out, depression, anxiety, weight gain, can't sleep but no energy, muscle aches, joint pain. F 48 2 years
50 mg x 2
 5  fibromyalgia relief of pain this med is great F 45 7 weeks
150 2X D

 1  Depression Dear god what is this drug,I have never felt so ill and wired in my life. I have stopped right now as I found it to be impossible to tell the difference between being asleep and being awake. My neighbours found me in the street in my underwhere , apparently I thought I was shopping at the time! I could have walked into traffic with no idea that I was awake rather than dreaming. Avoid this drug it could literally kill you. Just say no M 52
75 mg 2X D
 1  fibromyaglgia & back pain Anger.irritated, clumsy, brain fog,forgetfulness among other things. This drug is a poison & I don't understand why it is still out there. I have read a lot of very bad things about this stuff & a lot of very bad side affects. I guess the manufacturer of this poison must really love money,& has no respect for human life. F 58 2 months
50 3X D

 2  Ac/10 and Taxol CIPN CRPS 1/2012 chemo treatments began ending 5/2012: Many medications after DX Mastectomy. Started Lyrica in July this year: Swelling/Edema in legs, feet, fingers, cannot not "say" or think of words, forgetting everything, issues with weight gain, vision, and coordination. typing this is difficult. I love that my pain level is somewhat better, but it does not seem worth it. I still need 15 mg morphine IR for breakthrough pain. I will stop taking this drug. F 48 4 months
200mg 2X D

 1  Anxiety If anything, has made me more anxious. Concerned about tolerance issues and have noticed even more anxiety when tapering down by just 25mg. Depressed, suicidal and just fed up. Don't know how I'll ever get off! F 46 6 months

 3  4 herniated disc, spinal stenosis , Extreme hair loss, sleep 16 hrs, blurred vision in the morning, rapid heart best, bad dry mouth F 61 1 years

 1  Neck pain Dizziness, blurred vision, weight gain, swelling in feet and ankles, excruciating joint pain, muscle pain in thighs I would rather have my pain then to ever take this medication again. I've been off Lyrica for 3 months now and still have terrible joint pain which is causing me to take an increase in my hydrocodone medication. Unfortunately it did help with my neck pain, but the joint pain that it has created has made my life miserable and am now terribly depressed. Hard to walk down stairs, and difficult to even stand after sitting for 5 minutes due to joint pain caused by taking this medication. F 51 3 months
150mg 3X D
 3  Fibromyalgia At first it made me very tired. Lyrica was first used in Europe as a sedative. I can see why. I take 150mg in am & 300mg at night. I have had a huge increase in weight that I cannot get rid if no matter what I do. I'm bloated and sore all the time. My dr says its from the fibromyalgia but I am an RN and know different. I am in the process if weening myself off the drug. Stopping suddenly will cause huge horrible side effects as I learned the hard way. The newest thing I've noticed is hair loss. Not sure if its related to lyrica or not. I think maybe I will feel better once I am off lyrica. Or at least I am hoping so. Thanks for all the comments in this med. all meds have side effects. All meds will react different to each person. It doesn't make it a bad drug, just might not be right for you. If you read the side effects if Tylenol I'm sure no one would take that either F 35 5 years
 1  Sciatica, numbness tingling Extreme pain, weight gain, blurred vision, sadness, crying, wanted to end my life, went down on dosage to 1/2 50 mgs 3 times per day, still in pain, not as extreme, vlurred vision, sadness. Lowered dose over time again, where I am not taking it at present, no leg pain, still tingling, and numbess, I can see clearly, I am happy, not upset, not crying, not as hungry am dropping some weight. Visited to Doc he wants me back on it as I have Facet arthropathy and he stated this is the best for it, it won't happen, not after that experience. Doc stated no other medication that can help F 58 6 weeks
150 3X D
 3  Bulging disc, stenosis No memory, dizzy, HAIR LOSS!!!!, fatigue It helps with my pain but i Function at a much lower level and I miss my hair. F 43 4 years
150 2X D
 4  nerve pain very hungry, sleepy I am praying I don't get any other side effects as I react to most other meds. M 53 16 days
75 mg 1X D
 5  Chronic Pain & Anxiety Disorder Feeling "high", possible hair loss Lyrica has been a lifesaver for me. I have been on combinations of narcotics and benzos for years. Lyrica replaced both and I no longer need Xanax or Oxycodone. M 26 2 months
50 3X D

 5  Neuropathic Pain in Legs, Back Rapid weight gain (8 kgs in 2 months), Big bloated stomach and manboobs. Sore/sensitive nipples, difficulty with erection/ejaculation (may be other meds) This drug is wonderful for my pain but the side effects are truly challenging. M 52 2 months
575 3X D
 1  nerve pain Basically gave me stroke balance weak legs. Massive migrain and one sided neuropathy..scary stuff..could not think or speak properly..had me in the er twice M 37 4 weeks

 1  Shingles I have never been so tired in my life. I can barely keep my eyes open and I have had 3 cups of coffee. a bit dizzy, and no real pain relief. Fell down once. The exhaustion is so bad it caused me to sleep through alarms i set on my phone. That is dangerous. Confusion and complete lack of focus. F 31 5 days
30mg 2X D
 1  Epilepsy Lyrica has the tendency to increase diet or rather increase hunger. No matter what you do, this medication is a complete letdown, unreliable, dangerous and not helpful. This medication is not suitable for patients suffering from Diabetes types 1 and 2, those with Epilepsy(and on monotherapy) and individuals who have been on Topiramate(Topamax). My weight busted from 65kgs to 94kgs in a matter of 2 months. Stay away from this med. M 37 3 months

 3  Nerve Damage/Fibromyalgia I cant rate this drug properly yet,but wanted to respond to the person above. The ratings are listed according to how you choose to look at them. You must have chosen to look at them in order of best to worst so all the 5's came first! No, the pharmacy did not come on this site and make up fake ratings. Some drugs work wonders for some people and do not work for others. I have extensive nerve damage and thank God we have a variety of meds we can experiment with and find one that might help. Good luck to you. I hope you find a better med. that works. So far Lyrica is making me feel a bit high-Gabapentin does the same thing to me so I expected it.I am hoping I get used to it and it takes some of my nerve pain away. I feel spacey and weird and can't sleep. F 49 4 days

 1  Not This drug got rated 2.8 and the first page on this site was all 5's. Looks like big phama is stack the polls. Don't trust these reviews. Lyrica is a dangerous medication. M 100
1X D
 1  Yes 1 days

 5  Fibromyalgia Not many...I can't think of any...Maybe some fatigue? Only med that worked for my serious Fibro. Tried 5 other meds first: All the hard-to-pronounce ones from my Rheumy Dr. - None worked. Lyrica is a miracle drug. Without it, I want to cut my legs off! The only thing that sucks now: I'm going to need a higher dose...and I'm reluctant to increase. Also on Oxycontin now 30mg 3x day for chronic back pain (inoperable). M 43 3 years
100 2X D
 1  Shingles Total loss of appetite, 5th morning could not get out of bed, taken to emerg. taken off drug and started recovering immediately. This druf should not be given to people in their 80's. Both the RN's and my son who is a Doc said this drug has sever sideeffects and should not given to the elderly. F 84 5 days
1X D

 1  hepatitis c induced nuropathy When i first started taking it I was so happy because it almost totally got rid of my hotflashes, from menopause. I have noticed my hair thinning and told the doctor and he said IT WASN'T A SIDE EFFECT. Yesterday I lost my prescription and called the doctors office and they said have the pharmacy call. I went to Walmart Pharma and they said the doctor had to call them since i was a few days short of getting my prescription. It was too late to call and now Im suffering horrible withdrawal. Before running out side affects where, vertico, thinning hair, not loosing weight even though I dont eat hardly anything, can't think ( have adhd so have been blaming that and menopause ). Eff this drug makes me so angry especially after I went on asking for none narcotic low dose naltrexone which he wouldn't prescribe.I wish he had to take this crap, then run out. Oh also hotflashes came back and they are now sweats instead.I feel like I want to jump outa my skin. F 53 5 months
100 mg 2X D
 1  Possible nerve damage in wrist Headache, loss of brain, all upper teeth hurt-can't eat, sinus pain, can't walk more then a few feet, legs feel like wet noodles, pins and needles from knee down, stomach pain since I can't eat, nothing tastes right, too tired to sleep but do lay awake crying for no reason. Haven't killed the loud neighbors.. yet. Suddenly very angry. Did not get a DUI on Easter but couldn't seem to keep in my lane. Will not even try to drive again but keep thinking an ER may be an idea since I have chest pain and shortness of breath. Did I mention I feel as if I am going to die.. Too bad doctors don't try this.. just sternly tell you, YOU MUST TAKE THIS ATLEAST A WEEK. Okay, off for 2 days I still can't drive or think and am very angry. F 47 7 days
75 1X D
 1  fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropath slowed thought process, uncontroled tremors, argumentative, mood swings, weight gain, unable to put thoughts into words, memory lapses, dizzyness, uncoordinated, slurred speech w/ babbling, double vision, narrowed esophagus and wak throat muscles, very heavy periods. suicidal thoughts upon dc of med. the drug seemed like a wonder drug when i first started taking it. i quickly went up in dose though and by the end of the first year i had reached the maximum recomended dose for my problem. the side effects came on slowly for me so i didnt put them down to lyrica. by the second year my family and friends were noticing the changes and kept telling me something was wrong but i was finally getting some relief from the constant pain that i didnt care what they thought. slowly the medicine stopped working as well and with the increas in pain came increased clarity. i realized i had been on a high for 5 years and had missed so much. that is when i started to back off the dose and all hell broke loose. i went a bit crazy and have not gone back to normal yet. i came totally off the drug in sept. of last year and i deal with most of those side effects still on a daily basis. i started having suicidal thoughts as i came off the drug. they still play through my mind. this drug has ruined my life. i didnt even know some of those problems could show up so i didnt know to look for them. doctors should better educate the patient on what can happen and what to watch for. F 44 6.5 years
150mg 3X D
 3  Back pain-compressed discs Drowsiness, constipation, dry mouth, euphoria or excitedness, problems with memory recall, lack of focus. Began Lyrica Sept 1, 2013 for severe leg pain radiating from my back, preventing walking and standing. Hard to take as I teach dance and yoga for a living! Lyrica relieved the pain in 24 hours and I was thrilled. But these side affects were too much to take. Asked the Dr. to take me off of Lyrica mid-November and I tapered off over 8 days. All was good until 24 hours after cessation, the leg pain returned and I could not walk again. So I went back on it, starting with a larger dose of 225mg 2 times per day. Soon realized the side effects were still an issue. I asked the Dr. to provide various dosage sizes so I could monitor the drug myself: 25 mg & 75 mg. For 4 months I settled into 75 mg in the evening to help sleep and 25 during the day to help my focus issues. I have also gained some weight (8 lbs.) and my hair is thinning around my face (temples and forehead). When I saw my hairdresser she noted my hair felt "dead" and coated and remarked that she sees this type of reaction in others taking anti-depressants and a few other drugs. I have been experiencing shoulder and arm pain for about 3 months, especially at night making it difficult to fall asleep. Although my customized dosage is lower than most, the side effects persist. I plan to reduce and dismiss this drug over a 2-3 week period in the hope that it will also reduce any withdrawal symptoms. F 60 3 months
75 2X D
 1  Fibromyalgia Confusion, fatigue, fluid retention, hungover feeling, anxiety F 36 7 days
 1  fibro SEVERE and intense anxiety attacks,dizziness,fatigue,confusion. Ended up in hospital with heart pvc's and 121 heart rate. Please do.not take this. Only took it twice and seriously felt like I was dying F 26 2 days

 4  Reflex sympathetic dystrophy Honestly none so far....was on 3600mg a day of gabapentin so I guess used to this chemical since there's not much difference. M 28 2 weeks
 5  Nerve pain from L3vertabra None After about two weeks the pain started to subside, where previously only Tylenol worked and I had to keep taking it. As the lyrica took effect, I was able to completely stop the Tylenol. Then when the nerve calmed down the doctor began to decrease the lyrica over several months, fabulous. It saved me. F 62 7 months
75mg 1X D

 2  Fibromyalgia Stops working..and side effect get worse. At first it helped with fibro pain. then breakthru pain unbearble..instead of changing doc advises to take more --DO NOT TAKE MORE. dry mouth, swollen feet, just developed acne. Trying to switch to 25mg and get off this stuff. Makes Fibro fog MUCH WORSE ! Doing everything to get off this..every time I reduce dose ..horrible bad mood - very unusual for me so weaning off slowly. Very unhappy with side effects..they have INCREASED and pain stays same or gets worse. No energy for anything ..may new aches and pains. F 58 8 months
50mg 3X D
 1  crush right hand nerve dammage Lyrica helped with pain until I had serious side effects. rash, couldn't swallow, chest pain and out of control dizziness, due to swollen throat I weened of faster than I should have but I was allergic, hell going through withdrawal, 2 week off in ER with panic attacks 5 weeks of constant panic attacks, so dizzy I could not stand more than 5 minutes, had to lay all the way back to cope, hell, nine weeks off to the day and I have been in bed most of the day with severe dizziness, Yesterday was better than today, I can be on my feet for 3 or 4 hours then it kicks my but again, If I would have known how severe withdrawal was I would never take this drug, I came off narcotics, and for me it was a walk along the beach, a stroll in the park compared to coming off Lyrica, many times I feel like I'm loosing my mind felt like screaming and being violent and anger fits and crazy thoughts, from what I read the longer your on it the harder coming off, you could not pay me a million dollars to com F 51 20 months
300mg day 3X D
 1  fibromyalgia Horrible dreams, the nighttime equivalent of suicidal thoughts. Numb, swollen feet. Tried it twice, and the same thing happened each time Deep sleep helps relieve fibromyalgia pain. This drug interrupted my sleep with vivid, horrible dreams. F 64 5 days
25 1X D

 5  post herpetic neuralgia Major hair loss is the only one I'm aware of. I couldn't have continued living with the stabbing pain I had due to PHN.....I tried acupuncture, to no avail, and finally gave in to medication. I really didn't want to but knew I couldn't live in pain any longer. F 77 6 years
75mg 2X D
 5  fibroyalgia Sleepiness if I'm relaxing, dry metalic taste in mouth which I feel like it's why I keep stuffing my face/chewing sugary gum and causing the weight gain. But I will happily worry about that later with all this extra energy. I tried Cymbala for 3 months, and not near the same relief I had on the 2nd day of Lyrica, but it also gave me awful neck/muscle aches. Love it. love it! F 35 2 weeks
 4  SCI (L4 and L5) Nerve pain in feet The "high" feeling everyone is describing goes away after a week or two of consistently taking Lyrica. Minimal side effects. I take it before bedtime, but as I stated earlier, after a couple weeks it does not get me tired. Nerve pain has subsided. Used to be in excruciating/debilitating pain but am now able to live normally again. M 25 3 years
600mg @ nt 1X D
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