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 1  generalised anxiety and insomnia Weight gain (mostly water retention) Tried everything couldnt shift the weight Brain feels like in a constant fog memory gone!! First few months did wonders for sleep and anxiety but in the last few months weight gain is to much and no energy to do anything want my old self back Im on day 5 cold turkey i would have to say this is hell, mentally depressed and just out of it, last days have been a blur ! i would seriously think twice before taking lycria M 31 7 months
25 1X D

 1  overactive nerve Occasional blurred vision, severe weight gain, extremely dry skin, splitting nails, anxious, swollen ankles, overly forgetful, sometimes can't think of what word to use, sadness/depression, insomnia but at other times just feel like I am looking on at the world, not much emotional connect with anything. IDr. Started me on 50MG 2×daily. 6 weeks ago changed to 50MG 1xday. Can't recommend drug. It is a very harsh drug. Want off of it. If any Dr. reads this please, please, help take this drug off the market. Many of us need relief and trust our Dr. but this drug is very questionable. F 63 6 months

 2  Pain relief This drug worked somewhat for the first 1-2 years I was on it. Then it stopped working, and produced side effects like swelling of my feet and legs, but my doctors refused to take me off it. Eventually, I got mad and took myself off it. Withdrawal is nasty - I don't know how they can keep saying this stuff is better than narcotics, because the withdrawal from this was longer and just as intense. F 40 10 years
150 mg 2X D

 1  pudendal neuralgia Wanted to kill myself. Had thoughts of suicide. Never ever had thoughts of things like this before Lyrica. Did not help my pain at all either. Extremely expensive F 33 6 months
a lot
 1  neuropathy Allergic reaction, mouth, tongue and neck swelling. Withdrawl symptoms are a Bitch. This is a toxic drug. F 48 3 weeks

 1  Seizure control Every negative side effect on their website. Go to FB page Lyrica survivors. On it felt like a zombie. Off it I was a raging a hole, serious withdrawal symptoms for 6 months. 5 trips to ER and 4 hospitalizAtions. Took 2 full years off it to get back to normal - but others have had permanent damage. If coming off it go VERY slow!!! Drs don't know how to deal with this drug!!! I compare it to LSD and how it can affect you for years. Don't take it!!! If your on it wean off Very, very, very slowly. Use natural remedies like chiropractor - lots of water - acupuncture. M 45 3 months
150 2x

 1  Pain LYRICA made me sick and put me in the hospital. I thought I was going insane. Suicidal level depression, insomnia, diarrhea ect. Doctors suck for not catching it. LYRICA SUCKS!!!! M 48 60 days
450MG 1X D
 1  Sciatica Forgetfulness numbness in arms and hands feeling of being drunk high disoriented headaches sleeplessness unable to concentrate Would not recommend this drug! F 50 4 years
400 mg

 1  CRPS Dizzy, No short term memory, headaches, too many to list. stay away from this drug its dangerous and will kill you. M 42 3 months
150 2X D

 1  Nerve Pain Cant talk walk or stay awake, vivid nightmares, falling down, major confusion, zombie like state,major weight gain My aunt has been on Lyrica for one month and it has been a nightmare!!! Her speech is so off no one can make out what she's saying, if she's not sleeping she looks like she's about to fall out, she can't walk straight, keeps falling and passing out. She got so confused one night she was convinced that her now 28yr old daughter was a child again and missing, then she thought she saw blood all over her grandson. Her memory is really bad. She will be right in the middle of doing something then just stops with her eyes closed, like she's frozen, sh'e gained a lot of weight and her face arms and hands are so swollen not to mention she can't urinate for days at a time.My aunt takes care of her 10yr old grandson 24/7 how can any respectful Dr put anyone who has children on a medication like this, it should be against the law. If yr going to take Lyrica PLEASE read everything you can about it, don't just take yr Dr's word for it, being on it is bad enough but it's even worse when you try to come off of it F 54 1 months
75 MG 3X D
 1  RSD My sister was on this for nerve pain. Recently her Dr increased her dosage. She committed suicide last week. Over the past year she's thought about death a lot. is there a study of how many people this has happened to? Class action? Anything? Awful drug! F 45 3 years
 1  Peripheral neuropathy Aphasia, blurred vision, depression. Suicidal ideation. No pain relief Some people swear by it. I just swear at it. F 72 8 days
60 MG

 5  fibromyalgia nerve pain/ anxiety Unsteady feeling at first/ sweating Lyrics is a miracle drug. It helps,with different types of pain I have. And also is absolutely great for anxiety attacks works better then any benzodiazepine. Also has given me my sex drive back. F 32 4 months
 5  nerve compression This stuff is awesome. It took an hour to get rid of the pain I've had for years. I couldn't believe it. I didn't need to go to a higher dose so I just take one when I need it, about every 12 hrs. I feel a little wobbly at moments but it doesn't last long. I was concerned about anxiety and nightmares because of my past but I feel happy. Sorry for the people it didn't work out for. I needed this year's ago. F 48 3 weeks
100 mg pd

 1  Fibromyalgia. Nerve pain. Nightmares nightly, gained 2 stone, water retention, urinary retention,chest pain, insomnia. I have stopped taking it. Lyrica did not touch the pain I am in. It did not improve my sleep or my anxiety. All I got was side effects. I would not recommend. 50 2 months
150mg 2X D

 1  fibromyalgia I have put on 6 st in 5 years on lyrica. Almist everyone in my support group hav the aame issue. Iv now started to come off the stuff. Im down to 200mg a day but im itching like mad. Although when I dont take it im losing 2lb a day in weight. Id never recommend this to anyone. Its evil. F 37 5 years
1200mg a d
 3  trapped neve I have been taking lyrica for days and since the third day have noticed blood in my poo can this happen any one know ? M 46 2 days
75 m

 5  nerve damage A little blurry vision at times. Nothing to keep me from doing anything. Struggle at times to achieve orgasm With that said, It has made it possible to enjoy life again. F 52 6 months

 5  spine fusion cervical injury It works for mild relief but found it works alot better with weed and 80 mg of oxytocin will I recommend this for spine damage M 34 6 months
600 mg
 1  nerve pain This drug has destroyed my life. Im now 55, doc kept me on it despite 3 meetings over 9 months.. (every 3 mo). My surgeon last year was livid when he learned pain mgmt had me on this despite stuttering, memory loss, words get garbled, stumble, cant understand sequencing of sinple tasks. THESE HAVE BEEN PERMANENT since age 48. It did reduce electrical shocks...but forced me to go on disability at only 800 bucks per month...My family, husband is divorcing me.....it takes a very patient person to want to even be around me. LAWSUIT if it was possible...Run.......,sobbing as I write this because its also affected people I love. Im poor now and still have the pain I cannot hardly walk.. .please I hope this helps someone...ran across this website accidentally today. go figure F 48 9 months
30 plus
 1  Leg pain Excruciating leg and foot pain. Leg and back muscles so sore unable to move or touch. Burning feet like walking on hot coals. Swelling of feet and knees. Confusion. Loss of words and memory. Stammering. Weeping Shuffling walk unable to take a regular stride. Loss of libido. Hair loss. Dizziness. Loss of interest Blurred vision. Tinnitus. Loss of hearing. Stroke like episode that required ambulance and hospitalization. No blood clot diagnosed. Severe headaches. F 64 6 months
75 mg x 2
 1  neuropathy due to Cauda Equina Synd Lyrica did help with my moderate to severe neuropathy from a failed back surgery that resulted in Cauda Equina Syndrome. The side effects were awful, however: severe constipation, terrible nightmares (I already have some PTSD from a major accident and Lyrica made the nightmares blood drenched and horrible), 25 pound weight gain, peeling skin, swollen ankles, and the worst was the brain fog and lethargy. I'm a high school teacher and I couldn't remember the names of my students. I'd bog down in lessons, having no idea what I was supposed to say next. I thought I had brain damage from the major accident that started all of this. Looking back on it now, I became a lobotomized zombie and didn't know how bad it all was until I started weaning off the stuff and began to get my brain function back! I completely weaned off of 400 mg/ day over about 3 months in 25 mg increments. The withdrawal was absolute hell- way worse than weaning off oxycodone. I felt incredibly agitated, couldn't sleep, my skin was crawling. I had massive panic attacks- never had them before this. I became very depressed, crying all the time, and suicidal. It was several weeks after my last dose that I started feeling normal again. I use Lidocaine patches, Aleve, Tylenol, and low dose oxycodone to deal with my neuropathic pain. I have more of it than when I was on Lyrica but I have my brain back and I no longer feel like a zombie. Be very careful with this drug! Think twice! Thrice! before you increase your dosage! If you have neuropathy, try Lidocaine patches and Gabapentin before you touch Lyrica. If you are trying to wean off of Lyrica, switch back to an equivalent dose of Gabapentin and wean off of that because it's easier since the effective dose of the smallest dose of Gabapentin (100 mg) is smaller than the smallest available dose of Lyrica (25 mg). If you have access to narcotics, get off of Lyrica before you wean off of them because they will help dull the withdrawal from Lyrica. I will never touch this stuff again! I'd rather live with the pain. F 44 7 months
100 4X D
 5  Nerve damage by severe scoliosis The first thing I noticed after starting Lyrica was the intense relief of nerve pain. I have significant nerve damage from severe scoliosis, and the three surgeries that have tried to control it's progression. I've been dealing with it and seeing pain doctors for it since I was 24. When I say I've tried it all, I mean it. It's not the only pain med I use, I use it in conjunction with the Duragesic patch, but before adding Lyrica to it, the relief from the nerve damage (not muscle or skeletal pain) went unchecked. Stabbing pain from my hips down my legs. Ever since starting Lyrica, I can have a semi-normal life again. I only have to use my cane when I know I'll be walking a lot (i.e. Son's band competitions, flea market, etc.) my only real complaint is the mental fog that keeps me from remembering things. I'll forget grocery items, or not be able to recall a word. It's nothing huge, but it can be annoying. I've learned (as have others around me) to take it in stride. I adjust, use lists and reminders. If that's the trade off for my mobility, I'll take it! F 38 3 years
100 mg x 2

 4  Nerve pain and anxiety Radial nerve palsy, and the mental and emotional side effects caused by the thought of losing an appendage, the most important on, my hand. This set me back a year and continues to be an issue, although I can now type this message. But missing a year of life caught up in my head, a developing age for many to go out and fulfill their potential with progress. I on the other hand regressed, as I made no progress and aged at the same time, thus causing me mentally to be a year younger than I actually am! In addition I could not perform well in school, constantly had mental breakdowns and over-all depression. Not the type of depression SSRI's are prescribed for, it was the type of depression that (not comparing my self to people who serve in the military) a trooper over seas loses an arm in an explosion. That is way more intense physically, but emotionally and mentally the same grieving process and questions of WHY!!! WHY ME!!!? M 24 1 years
100mg 3X D
 3  Inflamatory Arthritis C4/5 Pain Blurry vision, forgetting words, difficulty concentrating at times Switching from 150 to 300mg daily only lasted a few days. I was goofy, had double vision, almost fell several times, back pain, frequent urination at night, twitching on my left side, face, arm, leg. I had to stop 300mg/day after the 3rd day. Took another 3 days to feel better, back down to 150mg/day (2x75) M 44 90 days
75mg 2X D
 3  Neuropathy in feet Weight gain, dry mouth, serious imbalance problems. Balance shows bad with heal to toe tandem gait test. Neuropathy is still there but better with Lyrica. Effect of Lyrica wears off quickly but balance problems do not. M 71
150mg 2X D
 2  Fibromyalgia Nothing changed while I was on lyrica; pain levels were the same. No side effects but it didn't do anything for me. F 24 3 weeks
75mg 3x/d

 2  sever Arthritic Pain in Feet, Hands Bad Nightmares, Very Dry Mouth, just realised today after visiting my Hairdresser that I have severe thinning of my Hair, which has only happened over the last couple of weeks. I am going to go off Lyrica as it doesn't seem to be helping with the pain anyway. I am hoping that I don't have some personality changes as I have felt as though I was on a bit of a High while taking it. I am really concerned about my hair and wonder if there has been any other damage done while I have been taking this drug. I took it once before for severe spasms in my back and it worked like a miracle, but that was only using it for a few days. F 71 21 days
75mg 2X D
 1  anxiety Headaches, nausea insomnia fainting, depression anxiety, aching joints. Never will i trust medication again. This stuff makes me feel like i am dying 24/7. with nothing to give me relief. All i can do is lay down. This is affecting my family badly too. DO NOT TAKE THE RISK WITH THIS EVIL DRUG. M 59 2 months
75mg 2X D
 4  Fibromyalgia Weight gain at a rate of 5 lbs a year, vision problems, attention/memory issues becoming less severe over time. I believe this is a last ditch drug but for those who have tried everything for fibro pain, Lyrica worked for me. The first 6 months I did have memory and attention problems. I still have some trouble finding a familiar word occasionally (and I have always had good vocabulary skills). I am more relaxed. I sleep better. I did run out of Lyrica once when I was required through my insurance to do mail order. It was 3 days of cold turkey and I will never forget it. Like the flu with no fever. Fidgety, no sleep, sweating, stayed in bed. As soon as my prescription showed up my husband ran in and gave me a pill. I felt 100% better in one hour. People, my fibro pain is almost gone except for a few flare ups. I can go to flea markets again and I clean my own house. I don't have to work at a job but I can manage our finances fine. I can still do math in my head which is something I was afraid I'd lose at first. I did gain weight but enough was enough. I started dieting with the addition of yogurt to my diet every day. Lost 4 lbs in a month. No hair loss here. Most of my major side effects have lessened significantly and I drive myself everywhere. I have not had a wreck or a ticket. My fibro pain is so much better and I hear Lyrica will go generic in 2019. The biggest fear is forced withdrawal if I forgot to bring enough meds on a trip or run out again. Anyone who has been on Lyrica for a year and says you can quit Lyrica by just stopping cold turkey is not telling the truth. F 56 5 years
150 3X D

 1  S1 Nerve Root Displacement Went to the doctor due to reaction to only one dose of Lyrica. She tried to pass off my reaction to an anxiety attack asking me if I had experienced anxiety before. After I told her that I knew the difference then she switched to menopause. I have already been through that with really no issues due to hysterectomy. Next she said maybe I was having a migraine. I know how I felt with each of those and those were not causing my problem. She then said I should probably see my Neurologist since they couldn't prescribe Topamax, as it was not for nerve pain. I read that it is used for migraines and nerve pain as well as other problems. My daughter asked if drinking a lot of fluids could help flush it out quicker and she went on to say that it was passed through my liver and would have to just wear off. I checked and Lyrica is passed through the kidneys, not liver. I think I know more than this doc. Won't see her again if my PCP is not in the office. Basically wasted my copay. By later in afternoon I felt more like myself again, and the next day fine with no Lyrica. That drug for me is satan. If you have problems similar to mine, especially the uncontrollable crying, I suggest you report this side effect and any others not listed to the FDA. I did. F 40
50mg 1X D

 3  Neck Spasms/spurs Tiredness, Foggy Feeling, Depressed (not happy feeling at all) Noticed a difference right away as for the electrical shock feeling that I had been receiving from my nerves in my neck, F 39 1 months
50 1X D

 1  Nerve Damage Edema feet hands, ankles. Weight gain sleeping , loss appetite, Blurry vision memory shorten off blance. Short of breath. F 53 9 months
 1  pain from being crushed by truck slept almost 24 hours per day, can't remember what I did, can't remember where I put things, passed out while driving 3 blocks lucky didn't hit someone, constipated, bloated, no appetite, was very depressed, couldn't walk straight and caused unreal foot pain and callus's on my feet they where totally across bottom of feet and caused feet to go round at bottom. Haven't taken since passed out while driving, emergency Doctor knew side effects or it would have killed me by now. 16 months later I am felling better but still have problems with walking upright. This class of meds by any Pharmaceutical Company should be taken off market in Canada same as other countries have done! Why would any company make a medication for mind problems and then use it as a nerve blocking agent, knowing well that side effects are depression, suicide, are the most common. Pharmaceutical Companies care less about health and more about PROFIT. This class of medication causes liver enzymes to rise past limits of allow it to be used for what you intended it for, get your salesmen to stop pushing these kinds of medications on Doctors that are not Specialists that are fully versed in the side effects, that would help the Patients a lot more!! M 56 6 months
75mg 4X D

 1  neuropathic pain Extreme drowsiness. Still present after having been off this terrible drug fir 4 days. Very nauseated, cannot eat. In hospital now due to the lasting dizzyness and drowsiness. F 66 4 days
2x75 MG

 1  Neurological Dizzy / Lightheaded / Feel drunk. Memory Loss. Motor skills affected. Nausea. Blurred vision and seeing bright spots / rods. Impotence. Massive fatigue and passing out asleep during the day. Headaches of sharp pain but shot duration. Severe mood swings. Doing things and having conversations in my sleep with not recollection at all. Driving to places without remembering. Strange speech patterns / Slurring / Stuttering / Inability to remember correct words to describe things. The reduction in pain was ok but the side effects so severe that I would rather suffer the pain. M 31 10 days
75mg 2X D

 1  Nerve damage/multiple spine fusions Side effects while taking included consistent hunger, memory loss, feeling drunk, and irritability. Pain reduction was minimal. Severe withdrawal symptoms after discontinuation. Withdrawal included insomnia, severe anxiety, nightmares, audio/visual hallucinations, severe headaches, and depression even after a slow taper. Would rather withdrawal from high dose narcotics over this any day. Withdrawal continues after 3 weeks since last dose. I pray that my suffering ends soon before I end it myself. F 36 3 years

 1  Back pain Tingling fingers, uncontrollable crying, hostility, anger, dangerous impulses, yelling at my boss and people I work with, downright crazy!! WHAT HAS THIS DONE TO ME??!!! I just want all of this to stop!! I'm not me and I can't help it!! I've completely lost my mind!! This is so awful! I wanted off of the narcotics, but this has been far worse than ANYTHING I've ever experienced! I'm an Iraq vet with pretty severe PTSD, but that is so mild compared to what is happening right now. No one believes me and no one understands! I've stopped this medicine about three weeks ago and maybe am seeing improvement. I don't know if I can continue if this is permanent..... F 32 3 months
200 mg 1X D
 4  Restless Leg Syndrome Weight gain, "pressure" in head I was prescribed Lyrica for Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) predominantly, and also for insomnia and Tardive Dyskinesia (TD). The initial dose was 50 mg, stepped up to 100 mg after two days, and then up to 150 mg recently per my request. My RLS, which has now isolated in my left foot (affected entire body from October 2013 until January 2014), has slowly responded but still exhibits the cramping, coldness, "pins and needles", and the feeling that I have either gravel or a rock in my shoe--which becomes fairly severe if I have had a long day. I have high hopes that an additional increase of 50 mg will eliminate the RLS from my foot. I do not feel my insomnia has decreased from taking Lyrica, and as far as the TD is POSSIBLY reducing the incidence of my mouth movements, "chewing". F 49 6 weeks
150 1X D

 4  Fibromyalgia Constantly thirsty and a little sleepy Reduced pain by about 50% F 16 20 days
50mg 2X D

 3  Peripheral neuritis in feet felt a bit drunk. The burning pain in my feet went from 10 to 3. I slept like a baby but my urinary output is down. I have lupus and Sjorgrens syndrome, so I cannot detect any increased dryness of mouth, eyes, or pudenda. F 72 4 days
75 - 150 m
 3  herniated disk/pinched sciatic nerv When I first began taking Lyrica, I was prescribed 50 mg 3 x day. I loved it! I was able to finally set which brought joy to me but, I had constant headaches, swelling in my fingers, and wild dreams. After two months, I noticed that it wasn't as effective anymore and I was taking more then prescribed for relief. I revisited the doctor and was given a new dosage of 100 mg 3 x day. Headaches were intense at times and I am unable to find a med to help with those. My dreams were still every night and very bizarre but I sleep so I'll take them. I bruise very,very easy and they seem to stay longer then usual. I have abnormal bleeding and constipation. That's never fun! I also find that I can not set and urinate. It seems that it takes a minute to flow. Last but not least the past few months I have noticed a pain sensitivity to a front tooth. After reading a review of a patient that triggered me to Google for more info. I do not suffer the dry mouth which is a good thing. I have worn braces and have had maxillofacial surgery so, I'm done with Lyrica. I Am moving on up and am hoping with young age and active lifestyle the neurosurgeon can pull through and help me with surgery. F 33 5 months
300mg 1x d

 1  had nerve damage in my arm ulner when I went in to the Dr I told him about my excruciating pain injury. I told him I had pain l killers and need it fixed. he spent two minutes with me. I told him my pain was so bad I thought about killing myself. he said its fine. next day I got a dui for lyrica not alchol or drugs. I am humiliated and still feeling the side effects of this drug. in fact if I was going to use it I would die by it so someone else didn't have to. terrible Pfizer you are the something else.. all you care about is money. F 35 2 days
50 mg
 1  Fibromyalgia, Arthromyalgia Dizziness. Extreme dizziness. Fell down 14 stairs. Cannot balance myself. NIGHTMARES of People killing me. Lyrica nightmarres have paralyzed me and I cannot move nor speak. Haven't slept in 2 weeks. Suicidal nightmares. Incoherent speech. Fibro fog intensified by a thousand. Feels like my legs are cinder blocks. Constant thirst. It's so bad that I'm drinking 3 gallons of water a day and still dry mouth. Heachaches intensified. Blurred vision. This is the most awful med I've ever been put on. DO NOT TAKE IT!!!!! F 30 2 weeks
75 mg
 1  Fibromyalgia I was prescribed Lyrica for Fibro immediately upon starting it I had horrible side effects! I was having trouble with my speech, walking, almost choked several times because I couldn't swallow, I felt I had sensory overload, any sounds,lights,soft touch on my body felt like I had the most horrible flu you could think of, horrible dreams, fell asleep randomnly ,memory loss, loss of motor skills, and last but not least loss of overall brain function while taking it.I decided on my own to stop taking it and it was the best thing that could've happened I felt I saved my own life! It was bad,bad stuff for me... F 27 2 months

 1  medicine was given to me for neurop Lyrics caused my platelets to be low,causing not to clot. Also caused swelling in my legs so bad that the legs cracked and leaked fluid I've been off lyrics now For about 2 yrs and legs are still swollen And hurting with pain and a red rash. . F 61 1 years
30 mg
 3  Post Surgery L5-S1 Disk Rupture Dry mouth disappeared in a week.Tired, irritable, poor memory lasted duration of taking Lyrica. 2.5 weeks into taking Lyrica both feet and calves became swollen with rash and pain. I was supposed to be on Lyrica 3 to 4 months. After advising the neurosurgeon of the swelling in legs, he weaned me off of medication by dropping dosage to one 75 mg per day for 5 days. Today is the 5th day. Legs seem to be less swollen in AM and worse at night. F 67 1 months
75 MG 3X D

 2  L3,4&5 rupture, nerve damage I wish I would have read these reviews before taking this crap. At first I thought it was reducing my pain. Now I don't know. I now have numbness and tingling in my hands and feet where I didn't before. Every single time I take a bite of food or drink it causes SEVERE esophageal pain then eventual regurgitation of food (not vomiting. I swallow then 5 seconds later it's back up). The pain and burning at night keeps me up sobbing most nights. I'm so depressed now that I often wonder if I want to continue living this way. It's horrible and now this is my 2nd day without it and after reading these reviews on wd, I'm terrified.awesome job, Pfizer. F 33 1 months
150 3xday
 4  Fibromyalgia Extreme Weight Gain This medication has helped my 'burning' pain very much, despite the 50 pounds I gained in the first year; however, I have lost half the weight and working on more F 39 2 years
150mg 3X D

 2  pain under my feet I'm diabetic it is giving me a very high appetite I stay hungry all the time I don't like it I hate it I feel miserable F 53 4 days
100 millig
 1  Restless leg syndrome I felt like I was drunk without the party. I was not sleepy and my symptoms for restless leg continued. I took this drug in the early evening and I was to have control of my dosage depending on my symptoms. 1day was enough. When I got up in the morning the rooms were spinning. I felt like I could not walk straight. I will not risk takeing this drug again. F 59 1 days
150 mg 2X D

 2  Post Op Neuralgia after Jaw Surgery Initally I had just dizzyness in the first week and I fell over a couple of times. By the second week I noticed fluid buildup in legs. Third week I and got extremely depressed, going to sleep and never waking up seemed like a completely plausible solution. Fourth week I lowered my dose to 75mg just at night, then began to wean myself off, because I decided that the side effects were not worth the small amount of pain reduction I was getting, which was about 30%. I got off for two entire weeks and then after revisting my doctor, who advised me Lyrica was the only treatment for nerve pain available, I caved and went back on for one more try, because the burning in my face and chin was unbearable and I couldn't concentrate on anything else at all. I've now been back on it for an additional 2 weeks, just 75mg at night, initally I took 3 in a 36 hours period for the first two days to get a level in my system. All this week I have had a annoying niggling headache present all the time, I can I also use bio-identical hormone replacement, following a hysterectomy 3 years ago, which to this point has been working fantastically against the adverse effects of menopause, but this week I am experiencing hot flashes when I had zero before, so maybe co-incidental, but I think Lyrica messes with your hormone levels, even though it's not a listed side effect, also I have been constipated throughout and need to take laxitives to resolve it. So I have decided that Lyrica is not for me and I will begin to wean off again. This drug is Dodgy with a capital D. It has been 70 days since my surgery today. I was not told of the possibility of long term neuralgic pain, post surgery by anyone. I have researched and discovered there are others now, but it is too late for me, I have to deal with it. My pain has only reduced about 50% in two months, I have no idea how long i will have to endure it. But I am just going to have to do it, because the side effects from Lyrica far out weigh the small benefits of pain reduction. I read the Lyrica effects your teeth, so since I have spent about $10,000 trying to save mine, it's probably not a good idea to be taking something that has a negative effect on them. Pfizer you should be ashamed, promoting a drug that has such awful side effects and not mentioning any one of them in your promotion to Medical Professionals. It is definately all about the bucks, not the people. F 41 60 days
75 2X D

 4  unbearable head pain of unknown cause Excessive swelling in my legs, ales and feet (pitting), prescribed a water pill so the swelling will stay down as it hurt to walk & I couldn't fit in my shoes when it was really bad. Was very sleepy when we were stopping me up to the dosage I'm currently on but it went away after a few days. I think compared to others I'm on a small dosage amount 150 in am and 225 at night. I've gained excessive amount of weigh but I amnot sure if it is this or the steroids. Was previously on steroids lots of times and this kind of weight gain never happened. Doesn't matter what I do the number on the scale just keeps getting bigger. Feel like my hair is starting to get stringy now no matter what conditioner it's just bad now and feel like it's starting to thin out. I'll post more after next month and see if there's any improvement. F 33 2 years
150 & 225

 4  Pain and insomnia Increased my moderate-severe anxiety and panic disorder at first and I found that taking my Xanax half an hour later I did just fine. I didn't like the empty feeling I had (some might call it a high I considered it uncomfortable) but even that went away and the pain was not gone but it was far more tolerable. Doctor switching me to Gabapentin now. The side effects went away after several days but it also stopped helping quite as much as the side effects wore off. Worth trying in my opinion. I think it important to time taking the medication with other medications you may be on. I have panic attacks and this med increased that so I doubled up on my Xanax (but that is an option my doctor left open to me when she prescribed it) until I realized that if I just waited about a half hour to take the one Xanax after the Lyrica then they kicked in together and I didn't have the anxiety that forced me to double up. Everyone is different so it may not be for everyone but it was worth the try for me. Now I am switching to Gabapentin for both the pain, insomnia, an add on to the Zoloft for low grade depression. F 39 10 days
100mg 2X D
 4  Multiple Sclarosis HAIR LOSS!!! Occasional dizziness , occasion confusion , some weight gain, constant vaginal itching, my thought process has slowed down. F 47 5 years
150 mg 3X D
 5  Fibromyalgia , severe migraines Extremely high appetite. Which is fine for me I can use the extra weight. Not even a sign of a headache since the first day of taking it. Pain has decreased a lot. I have a lot more energy. Love love love this medication. I highly recommend it. Only bad part would be constantly thirsty. F 47 10 days

 1  Chronic low back and shoulder pain Difficulty sleeping, headache, dry mouth, blurred yellow vision, muscle/joint pain/weakness, mental/mood problems M 54 3 weeks
 1  CFS / Fibro All of my hair fell out. It never grew back despite many treatments. I am now bald. I had hair like Jon Bon Jovi prior. Dizzyness, increased fatigue, impotent, mild euphoria. Only benefit was decreased chemical sensitivities. Stay away from this drug! M 38 2 years
150 mg
 2  Sciatica pain in calf I am having trouble with the side effects of this drug. Blurry vision, memory loss, trouble sleeping , feel like I've lost the last week, my personality has become very hostile, do these side effects go away ?, because I can't live like this. Should I go back to my doctor, or keep trying to deal with the side effects ?It's horrible. I'm putting things in wrong places and can't remember. I have 2 kids, so I have to be alert during the day, not like this. Any advice would be appreciated. Michelle F 42 5 days
 2  pain due to kidney cysts extreme drowiness- lost days at a time- thumping head- hair loss- generally feeling spaced out with blurred vision should be titrating up to 300mg BD but cant drive at the moment and thats a large part of my job- no real pain relief F 46 3 weeks
50mg 2X D
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