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 4  high blood pressure Fainting, weakness in joints M 34 3 months
 2  High blood pressure LIGHTHEADNESS all day , every day since started it. Cough, leg cramps, ear congestion, nausea , chest pressure, irritability , indigestion/ heartburn F 43 1 months
40mg 12.5

 2  high blood pressure I hate taking this medicine. I have problems breathing, I think this is why I ended up in the hospital. I also have trouble swallowing, muscle ache BAD...swelling hands & feet, stomach always bloated.. no energy..theres much more but my life sucs since ive been on it.. F 55 5 years
40 1X D
 2  High blood pressure Frequent urination and ITCHING!!!! This is the first time that I have been prescribed medicine to contol my blood pressure. Blood pressure still spiked quite often. Frequent urination because it contains a water pill. But ITCHING OMG!! Find out I am allergic to sulfa. If you have any itching please consult your doctor! I am currently taking amlodipine besylate and its doing great so far. Haven't had blood pressure spikes and no itching. F 41 3 months
1X D

 4   The experiences I had while taking benicar 40 milligrams HTC a controlled my blood pressure in the beginning quite well but now over a. Of time I have severe diarrhea headache swollen joints M 51 10 years

 1  Hypertension, Hyzaar losing effect Scary drug! Yes it lowered my BP, Hyzaar was losing it's effectiveness. But I started feeling sick. Had what I thought was heat stroke when working out in the sun. What felt like severe asthma, but my inhaler didn't help. Chest tightness & pain. Body pain which I thought was a fibromyalgia flare-up. I have PTSD & anxiety suddenly got much worse. Upset stomach, indigestion & diarrhea. I don't know if it is connected, had a tooth abscess, needed extraction, & severe decay in 3 other teeth, I have Medicare so I am screwed. I won't be taking another Benicar after today. I'm going to file a complaint w/ the FDA. F 55 2 months
 1  High blood pressure At first the side effects included weight gain, muscle cramps, and hair loss. Then I started having digestive issues, including bloating, constipation and occasional diarrhea. Lots of tests to find the problem including an endoscopy with biopsies. Found the opening between stomach and intestines constricted so opened it. Four years after taking this med I was hospitalized . My blood pressure was way too low, potassium level low, severe dehydration and kidney failure. Nearly died. Other than a low dose aspirin this was the only medication I was taking. During my hospitalization I had another colonoscopy and endoscopy and diagnosed with microscopic colitis. A year earlier they had done the same tests checking to see if I had celiac disease. I did not but even tried a gluten free diet and it didn't help. This time they recommended I go on a steroid. I refused. They put me back on Benicar HCT a week after my hospitalization and I within an hour I began vomiting violently and had diarrhea at the same time. Back to the emergency room when it subsided. A week later took another Benicar and the same thing happened. That's when I found the Mayo Clinic study on the drug and then changed doctors. I have to admit that when I first started taking this drug it controlled my blood pressure very well without any intolerable side effects. Other drugs I had tried caused heart palpitations and other side effects. But, if you take Benicar, be aware that issues can develop several years after starting this drug. I am happy I went to the emergency room when I did! and by the way! I made a visit to a quick care and to a family doctor just a few days before my trip to the emergency room and not one of the doctors thought it was my medication, even though I suspected it and shared that with them. F 60 5 years
20 mg 1X D

 5  High Blood Pressure When prescribed by my doctor he started me off at a low dose samples. Once finding the right dosage he gave me a prescription. He also gave me the website and literature about Benicar HCT and told me to read it carefully and so I did. The side effects are listed and It made me fully aware when starting the medication. At first was dizziness when doing heavy lifting or in the direct sun light at extended periods of time. I no longer have that side effect. The other side effect is frequent urination which is common in a Bp med with hct. No other side effects. The literature will tell you to drink plenty of water as for hct takes a toll on your kidneys. My blood pressure started at 190/95 and since I been on benicar hct it has dropped to 134/84 so it's a great Bp medicine but my advise to others is research and make sure it's right for you. M 36 4 months

 1  Fluctuating Blood Pressure Swollen ankles; pain in my muscles; pain in my feet; could hardly walk without experiencing severe pain; lumps appeared in my legs and hands; lumps were painful; lumps left blotches or marks; had night sweats where the bed sheets had to be changed; shivered because I also felt cold even when the AC was turned off. DONT TAKE THIS DRUG. My doctor gave me this drug as a sample, and told me that the ONLY effect would have been frequent bathroom usage. This was a lie. Why do they give out samples without knowing the effects, or without telling patients about the side effects? I stopped taking it right away. M 62 21 days
30 1X D
 4  HIgh Blood Pressure/Migraines WEIGHT GAIN, Frequent urination, flushing, stiff muscles, fatigue, tightening of the chest, shallow breath, low blood circulation. This medicine definitely lowered my pressure from scary 160/120 to 110/73. My two problems were the weight gain and the stiff muscles. I workout a lot and it's hard to breath and move with a tight chest and poor circulation. Instead of maintain my healthy weight, I gained 25 pounds with this medicine and my diet has always been great. Not good.... F 30 8 months
40/25 1X O

 1  High blood pressure I was taking Benicar 40 mg but BP was still high. Dr. Added HCT and I began having side effects which included extreme muscle fatigue and listlessness. This continued for several months without making a correlation. Then I began vomiting frequently. One night I started feeling extremely weak and checked BP and it was very low. My room mate rushed me to the ER and I spent 5 days in the hospital diagnosed with Hyponutremia (low sodium level) Cost about $30000. Dr. Discontinued HCT part of RX. F 56 6 months

 2  hypertension Headache, shortness of breath, legs and knees cramps. F 43 10 months

 2  Hypertension Very Low BP - Lowest reading of 101/52 Mild 'lightheadedness' Mild itchiness of the scalp Mild shortness of breath Severe muscle cramps I'm 33y/o, 5'7", 150# male, blood chem all perfect but diagnosed with hypertension (genetics) since I was 28y/o. I exercise at least 4 times a week (light weights lifting and playing basketball, sometimes biking and tennis). Have taken Losartan and Losartan HCTZ that I have outgrown, my body got immuned to them I think. Then I was prescribed w/ Benicar HCT 40mg/25mg. On the 4th day taking this benicar, while playing basketball, I experienced leg cramping like I had when I first started on Losartan HCTZ. I checked my BP that night, had a lowest reading of 101/52. I felt some mild lightheadedness but felt OK overall. But on the 6th day of taking this Benicar, I experienced a very severe cramping while playing basketball which started from my thighs up to my torso! Driven home by a friend, cramps continued at home and in dire agony I asked my wife to take me to the hospital. In the ER I was given intravenous rehydration and after 4hrs was released. I know very well and I had muscle cramps before but that time it was so severe that really frightened the hell out of me, I could not breathe because almost my whole body except from the neck up were cramping alternately. I am kind of pain tolerant but it was so severe cramping and pain that I have never experienced before. It was like a very bad nightmare that still frightens me up to now (happened 4days ago while writing this review). I guess for active persons, be very extra careful while taking this Benicar HCT. I M 33 6 days
40mg/25mg 1X D
 1  Hypertension Trouble breathing, frequent urination My Dr. prescribed this medication last year and I took it for several months. I began having trouble breathing, but attributed it to the fact that I'm a smoker. My company switched insurance and they wouldn't fill the script without going through hoops, which during this time I went without and didn't notice my breathing had returned to normal. Recently started on it again and the breathing issue returned. I didn't realize that the Benicar HCT was the reason. This was a severe side effect for me. I literally had no air. I couldn't take in enough to finish a sentence. Very scarry. I'm going to request my Dr. change my script. F 52 10 days
20 1X D
 1  HBP Was feeling short of breath and thought it was asthma and got an inhaler from my doctor. No help. Later developed a cough and irritation in upper chest, but nothing would ever come out. This has gone on for at least 6 weeks. After eliminating the Asthma theory I thought I inhaled a dog hair or something. Then I thought allergies and tried allergy pills with no effect on the constant cough. Then accidentally I missed my BP meds one day and the next day I felt less of a cough. When I started back up the cough returned in full force! Now I stopped again 3 days ago and the irritation causing me to cough is gone, but I am left with a chest infection. Come to find out on the testing of Benicar/HCT they had several instances of chest infection when testing the drug. You never suspect that a drug designed to help you is actually poisoning your body. Sad M 53 1 years
20/12.5 1X D

 1  Hypertension Palpitations, fast heart beat, added sleepiness, headaches, itchiness. Soreness in back and neck with muscle spasms and cramps. I have Fibromyalgia so when a lot of these symptoms would happen I just brush it off as my Fibro acting up. It was only when I needed a new script and had a few days w/o I noticed the difference almost immediately. I didn't feel so groggy, foggy, or achy. I stopped sleeping almost around the clock even though I have sleep apnea I don't feel so sleep deprived. In the beginning the Benicar was helping and it did lower my pressure but shortly thereafter my blood pressure returned to being high. I didn't realize this stuff causes bone deterioration which can lead to kidney failure! No way would I take a chance like this having Diabetes I'm already at risk. I also suffer from a Degenerative Disk so my back hurts anyway but since I've stop this script I haven't been hurting near as much even with the Fibro, back pain, and migraines. Benicar exacerbated all my ailments to the degree I could hardly move. I feel so much more better. I'll find a natural way to decrease my blood pressure by exercising, losing weight, and taking suppliments. I also believe it made me more anxious, something I really don't need being that I live in a stressful neighborhood. I definitely feel more mellow. F 2 years
40-25 mg 1X D
 1  HBP lower leg/toe cramps, upper respiratory tract infection - had to be put on antibiotics, lower back pain, increased serum calcium level, heart palpations, tiredness, heaviness all symptoms cleared up since stopping the medications... just did a tsh, calcium level and cbc everything is back to normal..back pain is not quite gone but is much improved. F 54 8 days
0 / 1.5 mg 1X D

 5  prehypertension M 56 2 years
20 1X D

 5  hypertension I haven't experienced any side effects, aside from the cost causing my blood pressure to rise at the pharmacy. It controls my hypertension very well. Benicar HCT is not available in generic for yet. It may be offered in generic in 2016, according to the web. It is very expensive to buy, without insurance to cover at least part of the cost. The price here in OH is approximately $160.00 for a 30 day supply. Benicar HCT website does offer a payment assistance card. It reduced the price of copay to $25.00 per month, but only if you have a primary insurance plan. If you don't have insurance, it will reduce the price by $25.00, making your cost still $145.00. That makes no sense to me, but that is how the plan works (small print). The plan is offered directly from Benicar HCT's website. It is called the Right Fit plan. You enter your information and you can print a temp card to use, until they send you a card. It would be a great plan, if it offered the same benefit cost for everyone, not just those fortunate enough to have primary insurance coverage. F 48 6 years
40/25 1X D
 2  high blood pressure Not lowering my pressure. M 45 2 weeks

 5  Hypertension No side effects whatsoever. Was originally on 40/12.5 mg and it dropped my bp too much. Cut it into the 20/12.5 and it regulates my pressure perfectly with no side effects. Great drug. F 46 3 years
20/12 1X D
 1  High Blood Pressure Started out with blood pressure controlled and feeling ok but over time noticed pain in my legs with heaviness when walking. The leg pains increased so badly that even walking short distances caused so much pain. Told my doctor but she did not think it was the Benicar. Went through several tests including xrays of knees, blood pressure circulation test by a cardiologist on my legs and arms, also 2nd opinion treadmill test, diabetes and cholesterol reading, and all tested normal. Also went through 2mos of Physical therapy and no respite. Then i found that the side effects I was experiencing were all the Benicar side effects. This drug is dangerous over time, now I am using a Disabled placard because it hurts to walk. Sleep deprivation, heart palpatations are some of the effects too. I have used other HBP medication with other side effects such as coughing, upset stomach and dizziness so when my doctors switched to Benicar I thought finally, this would work and it turned out to be the end of my feeling better and the beginning of disabling pain and limited well being. Am feeling unbalanced all of the time. what???? F 65 365 days
20 mg 1X D

 4  High Blood Pressure (genetic) none. It seems to be regulating my blood pressure to below normal levels and I have had no noticeable side effects. I take the lowest dosage combo Benicar. I am unemployed and went to a clinic and was prescribed Lisinopril & a desperate diuretic (both generic because they were free) and had HORRIBLE side effects (weigh loss, lethargic, no appetite). I asked the clinic Dr to prescribe me Benicar HCT which my Dr had me on before I lost my job and health insurance. Side effect: I have to pay out of pocket and it is very expensive I am 5'3" and weigh 110 and have an healthy diet and exercise. I do not smoke. I do not use salt. I walk but don't work out daily. I am considered underweight by some and at one point my Dr. wanted me to gain 10 lbs. My Dr told me because of no other health issues and no diet or weigh issues that my hypertension is most likely genetically inherited. I have it on both paternal and maternal sides (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather) and heart disease and heart failure issues on both sides of my family. I am in my early 40's but not over 45. Had low blood pressure until I hit 40 years of age. F 40 2 years
12.2/20 1X D
 3  Hypertension I started with neck and back pain/stiffness. Now I have bouts with Vertigo and soreness of muscles in my knee, hip and elbows. Slight bouts with breathing occasionally. Benicar is the ONLY prescription medication that I take, over than a low dose aspirin. It controls my BP very well, however I am now experiencing these effects, especially muscle pain/soreness. My joint especially in my knees, elbows and hips hurt. When I checked the rare side effects of Benicar it listed everything I just mentioned. I told my dr. He doesn't believe that its' the Benicar. He ordered several blood tests and I'm waiting to hear back. He told me to discontinue the Benicar, but didn't give me anything in it's place to control my chornic BP. I feel horrible. Standing up from sitting and getting out of bed and walking stairs are VERY difficult now. F 55 3 years
20/12.5 1X D
 3  high bp swelling, edema F 77 5 years
59mg 1X D

 3  blood pressure 140/90 Began with abdominal cramps like sharp gas pains. Diarrhea followed. The longer I took it the worse it got. Once I connected these symptoms to the new med and stopped taking it, within three days I was better. Went back on the Lisinopril, which gives me a wet cough and congestion feel. Hope the MD can find something different for me. F 59 30 days
20mg/12.5 1X D

 1  hypertension Peripheral edema in legs, ankles, feet. Pain in legs, heaviness in legs. Swelling of wrists and hands. Extreme fatigue. Saw Dr on 11/18 and BP was 130/100. Also she doesn't believe the med caused the swelling. Switched back to lisinopril and happy with this. Diovan HCT also caused horrible peripheral edema in me and my dr. didn't believe me then. She said it can't be that because it contains HCT. Now she doesn't believe the Benicar caused the same reaction, even though it is in the same class of drug (ARB). Only reason I went on Diovan or Benicar is because she suspected my cough was from the lisinopril. I still had the cough with Benicar. F 51 4 months
20/12.5 1X D
 4  borderline high blood pressure The usual tiredness, but during the day. Increased unrination and leg cramping in the beginning (this went away after increasing fluid intake). Some blurred vision, but fleeting. Has anyone else experienced a change in your body smell? The medicine has a strong unpleasant odor in the bottle and I have noticed gradual change in my body smell (noticeable to me) over the last 7 months. It's not unpleasant, just different. F 45 9 months
40 25 1X D

 5  Hypertension Flushing of the face I tried several blood pressure medicines and Benicar HCT has been by far the most effective for me. I tried Lisinopril, Diovan HCT, Lotrel and I had bad experiences with all of them. I felt like a new person when my Nurse Practitioner switched me to Benicar HCT. F 58 2 years
20mg/12.5 1X D

 3  Blood Pressure I am itching. My skin around my hips, eyes and ears itch. For those of you experiencing leg and foot cramping... Try using a bar of soap under your sheet in the area of your legs/feet. I have been using it since I read about it in Dr. Gott. It works for me at night when the cramping sometimes starts. I have used Dial, Dove, Ivory soaps and there is no bed in the house without a bar of soap. Visitors sometimes complain but that's the only side effect. :) F 63 3 months
40-12.5 1X D
 1  high blood pressure was taking benicar off and on over the past 4 years. I kept getting shortness of breath, high pulse rate, lack of motivation, chest pressure. finally asked to switch me to 10mg lisinopril because I was sick of having benicar pushed on me. My pressure went from 180/70 within 3 hours of taking the med. No side effects. I was on benicar 40mg hct and it took weeks to kick in and I never got the great numbers I do with lisinopril F 45 4 years
40 1X D

 2  labile blood pressure, Ok first few days, then noticed slightly spacey feeling in afternoon. After 1 month noticeable tiredness at end of day. Also difficulty remembering things - maybe because of tired feeling. blood pressure went from 145/95 at clinic to 106 over 75,occasionally to 103/65.Worse tiredness after eating a meal. Am going to see if they can give me a lower dose or a different med F 66 6 weeks
20-12.5 1X D

 3  High Blood Pressure Increased urination,heart palpatations. I have lost 10lbs in 6 days I think due to the HCT but I am feeling the effects of it and I am staying hydrated 64 +oz daily. Not sure if this is for me. F 44 6 days
20MG 12.5 1X D

 2  Hypertensn (160/104 typical premed) Moderate weakness, shortness of breath, lightheaded, headache, some dizziness, feeling ill, moderately severe diarrhea, felt like (mild case) food poisoning. Did not have an increase of Urination, however, already was getting up 3-4 times a night to go. Question: can the 20/12.5 pills just be cut in half, as current dose appears to be too strong for my physiology??? Took 20/12.5 for a couple of months, then discontinued for almost a year. Then I recently checked my BP again - was 160/100, yikes! SO I said, OK, I can't ignore this, and resumed. Both times, I had extreme sensitivity to being outdoors in the sun, extreme sweat. If all you look at is the numbers, it's excellent: a 160/100 dropped the next day to 120/80s, but in the sun (just watering the yard) got very lightheaded, weak, ill feeling, moderately severe diarrhea, checked BP ASAP and got 102/64, explained a lot. Had this a bit first time I took this, but reading returned to good range quickly, this time, even after major re-hydration still low. I will either be taking this every 48 hours or splitting the pills in half. I'd love to discontinue, but not without a plan in place. Regards to all, Thanks for making this a valuable resource for all whom take this med! F 59 45 days
20/12.5 1X D
 4  hypertension The first 2 to 3 weeks I had a cough but that went away. My cholesterol has risen but that may be due to aging. I was trying to control my BP with diet and exercise alone but it didn't work. After a course of treatment with other BP meds - none of them worked -- I was given Benicar HCT by a new doctor. Within the first 3 days my pressure went from 190/100 to 130/70. I have now been on it for 4 years, and my pressure is consistently 120/80 or below. I am thrilled with the results and am very happy with the medication. F 53 4 years
20 12.5 1X D

 4  high blood pressure dont know of any works really well without ace inhibiter side affects M 47 2 years
lowest 1X D

 1  hypertension Extreme weakness, shortness of breath upon walking, depression. Taking in conjunction with Bystolic. Don't know which medicine is worse. BP reduced somewhat. F 65 4 months
40 mg 1X D
 5  Hypertension some dizziness at first, but no more F 57 8 years
40/12.5 1X D

 4  hypertension dizziness Have been on plain Benicar for about 8 years, but still had elevated systolic. New cardiologist changed to Benicar HCT BP averages now 118/64 (was running average of 160/94) F 57 7 days
40/12.5 1X D

 4  High Blood Pressure Has brought my blood pressure down into the 120-70's so am happy. side effects have to get up several times at night to go to the bathroom. Have flushing of face Doctor not sure about this, ask to stop taking supplements for couple of weeks. Over all quite happy with results. M 66 2 months
40 mg 12.5 1X D

 1   severe diarrhea. almost died. hospitalized 6 times before they figured out it was the Benicar. Lost 35 pounds. F 62 2 years
40 mg 1X D
 1  hight blood pressure extreme dizziness and nausea when bending over and then standing up. Felt like things were spinning and not level. usually lasts about 5 minutes. also when i turn my head fast felt dizzy. F 57 2 months
20 mg 1X D

 5  hypertension After trying 4 other medications for hypertension all of which gave me persistent side effects ranging from dizziness to a chronic sore throat and cough, my doctor FINALLY switch my medication to Benicar HCT. It worked immediately to bring down my blood pressure with a relatively low dosage (20-12.5mg) and I had absolutely no side effects from the first dose. Now my prescription plan has been switched to another provider and Benicar HCT is not on the approved list. I am now being force to try another medication for hypertension Diovan HCT before my doctor will complete the approval process for the Benicar. To buy the Benicar HCT without a prescription plan the cost would be over $250 for a 90 day supply that I used to get for a co pay of less than $50. I'm disgusted with my doctor for not pushing the approval process and taking the easy way out and just recommending one of the other medications. This after taking Benicar HCT with excellent results for over 5 years. F 61 5 years
20-12.5 mg 1X D
 5  Blood Pressure No major side effects except frequent urination. I was taking Benicar for one year with minor side effects. My insurance company changed their formulary, charging me more, so I requested my doctor change meds. I first tried Lisinopril, it gave me severe headaches, so dizzy I could hardly stand in the mornings, and a general bad feeling. I switched to Diovan, after 2 weeks my blood pressure shot up to 235/175 and was jumping all over the place, I had severe headaches, dizziness, and flu like symptoms. It was very scary!! I still had some Benicar left so I switched back. The following day my blood pressure was 117/72 and stayed within a few points of that, all headaches, dizziness, and bad feelings went away. I will stay with Benicar and pay the extra costs. M 65 1 years
40-25 1X D

 2  HTN Severe muscle spasms. Cramping in my ear and weird little muscles. If I stretched my legs at night would generate a cramp. Joint pains, rash, itching. Fatigue and sleep problems. Forgetfulness. Cough, urinary problems seem to be enhanced. It does control my blood pressure but at what price? Totally unable to lose weight. My absolute biggest problem is the incapacitating muscle cramps. Stood up from a chair the other day and one leg went into a total cramp. There is no worse pain in the world. Severe hip pain when walking. Now it has stopped and moved to my arms. Can't pick up a cup of coffee. All of my lab comes back 'normal.' I don't feel normal. Something is very wrong. I feel like a hypochrondriac and I am normally a very up-beat person. F 59 3 years
40 mg 1X D

 4  High Blood Pressure An intense urge to urinate at the most twice per day. Occassional extreme dizziness aggravated by the sun and upon standing up. I was on benicar by itself about two years ago, it worked for about a week, I missed three days, went back on and it did not work any more. Stayed off for two years, doctor recommended benicar hct and I've been on it almost a year. Aside from the previously mentioned side affects it has brought my bp from 200/97 to 120/76. I have not experienced any of the lethargy described by others, nor the depressive episodes. I did however keep my bp in check with exercise, but now, because of a busy lifestyle have not been able to exercise. Keep this in mind prior to taking any meds for bp, an active lifestyle is beneficial especially aerobic. M 41 1 years
 5   No seriously or lasting side effects. This medication has drastically reduced my BP. When I was first diagnosed with high BP about a year ago my BP was around 160/90. I started out with Lisinopril and it didn't work and it gave me a dry cough. Now my BP averages around 115/65. some days are higher but overall it is much much lower than when I was diagnosed a year ago. M 34 1 years

 3  High Blood Pressure Felt like I was going to faint. Urination 20 times a day (usually). Depression, lack of interest in things I used to be interested in. This medicine is way over-priced. Goes up every month. Needed Lopressor prescription, in addition to Benicar Hct, to get my BP down to normal levels. My prescription drug plan with WellCare Inc has eliminated it from their covered drugs in their PDP Plans. M 62 5 years

 5  High BP Benicar HCT 40/12.5. Possibly a slight cough, although my doctor says it isn't due to this medication. I've had the cough with other BP meds as well, and it started when I started taking them. Could be acid reflux but I don't have all the symptoms for that. After taking Benicar HCT for about a year I dropped the HCT and now take only Benicar. I prefer not taking medications and the reason for the diuretic was to deal with water retention. That was presumably caused by too much sodium (salt). I cut way back on salt and that helped so I tried dropping the HCT. My BP did go up a little as a result. Overall, I've had virtually no side effects with Benicar HCT or Benicar without HCT, except the possibility of a slight cough. Again, not sure the Benicar is causing the cough. Main problem is that there is no generic and my co-pay is pretty high. M 68 16 months
 2  hbp - started at 40 ... pressures was 180s/90s - now still that high daily... ranging from 160s/85-95...but with five side effects; dizzy, nausua yet always hungry, extreme dry mouth, sleepless nights, leg cramps, blurry vision - making life unliveable... in bed most the time... No impressed, with hbp I took occasional naps...now I am in bed 90% of the time, with no reduction in pressures. No money to go to dr. no confidence with this med. F 65 25 days

 1  High Blood Pressure I have been taking Benicar for a while and did not realize that my symptoms were due to this until reading the other customer comments. I was beginning to think that I was either close to death or insane. Extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, neck stiffness, choking, leg and toe cramping, dizziness, confused, depressed, lack of interest, heart pulpitations and didn't feel like I could walk across the room without running out of breath. If my daughter had not told me to research the side affects of this medicine, I would have never known. Scary F 58 6 months

 5  High blood pressure I was initially tired, had strange feelings in my muscles at times. But after a about 6 weeks that went away and I have felt great. The doctor tried me on two other medicines that did almost nothing for my blood pressure and I felt absolutely awful most of the time. Would give this a solid 5. F 62 5 months

 1  High Blood Pressure Heart palpatations, anxiety, paranoia, sleep disturbance caused by bad dreams, overall behavior change, achiness, loss of enthusiasm. This is my second try with this medication and I wish I had remembered the side effects I experienced the first time before I took more samples from my doctor. Discontinuing as of today and awaiting a call from my physician to discuss side effects and switch to another med........... F 47 10 days

 3  high blood pressure Palpatations, severe muscle cramps and weakness, frequency to urinate, pain in middle of thoracic region. Well, it does wonders with my blood pressure, but every time I take it, my legs start hurting very badly. Palpatations of my heart are frequent. Tiredness!! F 47 3 times

 1  HBP Never had to take ANY meds before this. Doc said "try it" (March 2009). Lowered BP but with the cost fatigue,blurred vision,heavy eyelids,general overall aches. EXPERIENCED EXCRUCIATING FULL LEG CRAMPING!! Relatively certain this med contributed to, or caused lumbar spinal nerve and disc complications I experienced near paralysis to lower extremities for past 4 1/2 months including right foot drop, the side on which I experienced the most severe cramps. Symptoms presented only after taking Benicar HCT 20/5. Stopped taking Benicar HCT 20/5 after 45 days. Doc said "no way" med had any link with my subsequent physical condition. Have slowly recovered with aid of PT. Believe my body flushing this poison out of my system as I am regaining functions without the suggested fusion spine surgery. MONITOR YOURSELF CAREFULLY ON THIS DRUG !!! M 56 45 days

 4  Stage 4 high Blood Pressure It is premature to rate this drug but I wanted to note that this drug was chosen to quickly drop my blood pressure from a dangerous level. I was started at the 40 mg/25 HCT and I hope it is effective. I read through the symptoms and what I see to expect, is muscle cramps. Take not that no one mentioned a potassium supplement with the HCT as you usually need potassium. Also the age of some folks and slowing down will also make you feel tired. The drug seems to have good results in lowering pressure and it seems the side effects of feeling lousy are common. I hope it works for me. My BP was 220/122 when I began. So it is a bit challenging to imagine what should happen taking this spill beginning at maximum dose. F 55 5 days

 1  high blood pressure severe muscle pain, no stamina, weakness, tiredness, sleepiness! Just plain lousy. have had high BP readings for years. My physician had me on several different meds, but I kept complaining that they made me "dopey". So he'd try another. I started with Vasaretic many yrs ago, and it dropped my BP very good, then after a blood test, he took me off! Then it was this merry go round of different companies, trying to find something I could "tolerate". I thougt Benicar was the answer. But kept complaining about extreme tireness/weakness etc. So I had a mucsle biopsy done and the lab said "polymyositis". Ya sure. I have been on meds for that for a year now! But I still feel crappy. I am going to show this site to my doctor - soon! Have I been stupid or what! the year 2004 I had my really bad, first wiped out/sleepy event. Now I know I am not alone! F 74 5 years

 2  High Blood Pressure So here I was at the ER for the first time of my life with a frightening tachycardia. This followed a set of unpleasant episodes (palpitations, arythmia and what appears as angina-like symptoms - tight chest, etc). Never had this before. These symptoms had been building-up for a few months. I consider myself at 53 in rather good health and fit: No more than 1 sick day in past 20 years, doing various sports, etc. My cholesterol is a steady 150 total. So I suspected my only medication: Benicar/HCT, 20mg/10, for more than a year. I stopped this, took palliatives such as Hawthorn, CoQ10 and Eucommia, as previous other medications had also annoying side effects. Within 3 weeks the most serious symptoms disappeared. But it took several months for the remaining angina-like symptoms to slowly abate but not completely. So not sure if these are medication-related, yet. I do not buy the "Herxheimer" syndrom explanation that someone on this forum suggested: tests indicated no sign of infection at all. As the Benicar-enthusiasts of the MP protocol recognize themselves, Benicar hits a lot of receptors beyond what HBP requires. It is clear that long time exposure to these drugs modify your bio-chemical balance in a durable way. Now looking at less disruptive ways to maintain a lower BP. M 52 18 months
 3  High BP I'm not too sure, but it certainly doesn't have the super depressive mental component that the ACE inhibitors have had for me. A little sour stomach sometimes after the first hour of taking it. Lowered numbers from 150s over 100s, to low 130s over low 80s. Not too bad. I tried about 10 different drugs to lower BP over the last three years. This one seems to be the least oppressive in terms of side effects. I don't recommend it, but on the other hand, none of these poisons called "medicines" are anything but compromises. M 60 60 days

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