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 2  To prevent pregnancy Bled heavily and constantly for the first two months along with constant period pains, mood swings, headaches every day without fail, next to no motivation to live out my daily life and a constant itching where the Implannon has been inserted, Am definitely having it removed. Dont recommend it for everyone. F 18 5 months

 1  was forced onto it F 19 2 years

 1  Birth control I had my period for 5 months straight, then had to take the pill to stop my period, then didn't have it for over a year. I DO NOT recommend implanon that will ever want kids in the future. My doctor tried forcing me to put back in, including saying she wouldn't take it out until I agreed to put it back in. I had to get a new doctor. I had it for 3 years and like a month, and she still was trying to refuse taking it out when it is supposed to be taken out at 3 years. I hate that I had this put in my body. I haven't been on any birth control since I had it taken out. I want kids, and I am having a really hard time making that happen. A friend of mine has to have a hysterectomy because she got implanon. She already has one kid so thankfully she's not missing out on never having kids. But I am to the point of praying every night to hopefully have kids one day. IT WAS/IS A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE!! F 20 3 years
 2  Birth control A side effect I had was my period lasted for 8 months straight, i took out the Nexplanon at the clinic that same year. I believe I did not have the right dose for my body. Other then that in my opinion the birth control works great for people who are trying not have children. I wish I did not get it in the first place because I am struggling to have children now that I want them. But I plan on looking for help as soon a possible. F 20
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 1  not to get pregnant It's been a nightmare whit this implant I hate it so bad I can stand it I been having my period over 2 weeks heavy different color blood sometimes orange, Red even brown whit blood cloths I think I should go to the er tomorrow I can deal whit this any more a rather have my period normal how I get them .this. en nothing but stressful I can take it no more I'm not going to lie it's a good way of keeping the s perm from coming in and not getting pregnant but it's been a roller coaster whit depression and mood swing and even whit the image if your body looks I hate it so much F 26 1 years
30 mg
 4  birth control It took a good 5 weeks for my bruising to go away. I have a faint scar but nothing major. When I first got it put in I had my period for a good 4 months straight. Once that passed I went 10 months without a period! It was fantastic! For about the past 4 months I'm having a hard time losing weight especially in my legs and my boobs got bigger. I seem to be extremely moody.Throughout my second year my period seems to come with my emotional changes. If I'm sad, period. If I'm excited, period. If I'm nervous, period. It's SUPER annoying. I still love the protection and was never good with the daily pills. I would still recommend this to anyone. F 20 2 years
 4  to prevent pregnancy After removal I'm having pregnancy symptoms haven't had a regular period yet.... I've been off of the implanon since March had irregular periods for a few months now it's September and I haven't had a period in a month now I'm feeling nauseous all the time and moody F 24 3 years
 3  Birth Control It's taken me almost 3 years to realize that most of the problems I've been having are probably coming from my Implanon. Some bad side effects I've been having for years now are: painful bloating more often than not, mood swings and being super emotional, absolutely no sex drive most of the time, I've gained 60 lbs in less than a year, I'm irritable, and I'm even pretty depressed most days- I can't seem to make myself function normally (like do things like clean up the house or take a shower, etc). Sometimes I get nauseous, and sometimes I get dizzy spells. I've also had a constant ringing in my ears for months now, I can't stand to be in silence because I hear it most then. My periods are on a fairly regular schedule and have been pretty light. The insertion was fairly painless, I have a small scar. The bruise didn't last more than a few days. F 30 3 years
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 5  prevent pregnancy i have been really satisfied with the nexplanon. I had my period for about a month after i got it placed in my arm and then i didnt have another period until recently. But the last year and a half has been amazing. I have had my period for about 4 days, 3 different times this month, but from what i understand the estrogen is lowering and i am still protected from getting pregnant. Yes, it is very annoying but i would rather not have my period for a year and a half and just now start, i think i am going to get mine taken out and put right back in. Great BC! i recommend it. F 20 1.5 years
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 4  just to be extra safe Ok so this was the first time I had the implant I had gotten it after my first child now I have had it in for.almost 3years this June.it will be removed but for almost 3years I have not had a period this past week I bleed for 3days normal flow and now I just been getting brownish pink stuff in my underwear so I've had to.use a really thin panny liners in the past two months inhale went from a B cup to a D cup now I've taken test but they all keep saying it's negative anyone else know what I can do or see what going on with me and why my body doing this????!!!!! I need.help!!!!! F 19 3 years
 4  to prevent pregnancy I'm on my third year of habeing the implanon and I've experienced bad headaches and pain in my side is it normal F 23 3 years
 5  Birth control and endometriosis I have had implanon for over 5 months. It was soo easy going in!! My doctor numbed me up, I heard a click, and didnt even feel it. For the first week after getting it, my hormones were JACKED UP!! I was soo emotional towards everything. Once the first week passed, I have been just fine ever since. It took me about 8 weeks to completley heal the incision site and bruising (the only real negative side effect I have truly felt with this birthcontrol.) My periods havent stopped completley, but they have definitly slowed dramatically. In the 5 months I have had it, I have only had 3 periods. Each one shorter in duration every time. I have noticed my sex drive isnt as strong as it used to be, but with a loving and understanding partner than there really isn't a problem... I have also been experiencing some itching at the site where the device is located. The whole thing itches at random times. After a run or when Im setting down for sleep...other than that, I highly suggest it as a birth control method for couples who dont like condoms, have trouble remembering to take your birth control, or even if female hormones arent good for you (they arent good for me since I have migranes.) Please also remember that this birth control method DOES NOT protect against Sexually Transmitted Diseases. F 21 5 months
 3  To prevent pregnancy None yet, I've been in a good mood although I've only had it for 12 hours I thought I'd write to people considering it. I didn't feel it go in at all I thought if cry like a baby, but I didn't even notice the nurse did it I just heard a click. Don't turn down the oppertunity for an implant based on horrible storeys. Some people bleed horribly and get acne and weight gain. Done people never have periods and don't expirence many mood swings. It's always differnt from person to person. Hopefully I'll stop periods and mood swings ... Fingers crossed, good luck to anyone considering it. F 16 1 days

 2  Prevent pregnancy I got the implanon February 19, 2014 I have been on my period every single day since!!!! It stopped for a week and I thought it was finally over, nope it came back! Last week again it went away, came back a few days ago so all together since February I have been off my period a whole 2 weeks! I have been very moody, seems my aggression has increased! I'm dizzy a lot, I'm weak, I'm tired, I have no energy! Just recently today the site where the implanon is began to hurt now my entire arm feels weak and numb, mainly my hand. Not sure why it has never done this. I haven't had sex since getting it, as if it were possible any how with the constant period so I can't say it worlds for that or not. I deal with it simply because I don't want another child for 5 years or more! It's basically a just in case I meet someone kinda thing. F 20 6 months
 5  Birth control The best thing ever. Had my 2nd one removel & my 3rd putin. Would reccommend to any one. Iv not had to think about contraception for 6 years & another 3 to come. Yes i do get mood swimgs but i had them on the pill so i think its me. My periods are about 5 weeks apart & can last up to 10 days but are quite light & mostly painless. F 27 5 years

 1  not to get pregnant Ihave severe depression and have gain alot of weight. And numb finger tip on left hand F 25 3 years

 1  Birth Control Horrible weight gain 30 lbs. and can't get it off, even though I have been on a Paleo diet and exercise 5 days a week BEFORE and since I got the implant. Tender breasts, migraines, gall bladder problems and ultimately had to have my gall bladder removed because of a blockage, acne, severe cramps and mood swings, dry down there, lack of sex drive, vertigo, and could not sleep. But, I haven't got pregnant, so it works, but my body reacted bad with it. Not everyone's body does the same with any birth control. No periods the entire time, though. Having it removed. Never again.... F 32 1.5 years
1 rod 1X O

 4  Birth control/ lighter periods I've had nexplanon for almost two years now. My doctor had me switch to this because I get terrible aura migraines and the BC I was on previously greatly increased my risk for a stroke. The insertion of the implant was painless because I was numb but by the next day I had a bruise over my entire upper arm (that was fun to explain to people) this lasted for about three weeks. I went about two weeks without a period then the third week I started spotting. This spotting last for over a year. It was really light so I didn't mind too much because my previous periods were so heavy and would last weeks at a time. About 13 months after I had the implant inserted I have not had a period or any spotting. Which is awesome no to have to deal with anymore along with not having to remember to take a pill everyday. The only side effect that I have had other than the spotting is really bad acne. My headaches occur a lot less often and are bearable when they do happen. Overall I would recommend the nexplanon to others. F 22 2 years
1 dose
 1  Birth control Dizziness, increased aggression, mood swings, loss of appetite, intolerance to alcohol. Had nothing but trouble with Nexplanon. Constant mood swings, slight dizziness which has proven to be irksome, and to top it all off the slightest bit of alcohol now seems to make me spew my guts up! Half tempted to get it removed, as my boyfriend and I tend to use condoms anyway. I wouldn't advise getting Nexplanon, but I also know that others will have very different experiences with it. F 18 16 days
65 1X D
 1  For birth control It snapped in half and having bad itching I realized the implant snapped after 3 days(now day 4) when i started having pain in the middle of the area it was placed. i felt where the rod broke in the middle and you can clearly see it in two when applying gentle pressure to one end. Its itching so bad and it pinches my arm every time i move it to the point i want to cry. Im having it removed ASAP and will never recommend this thing to anyone. I only got it because my Gyno wont do mirena and i refuse to get shots or go on the pill since i cant keep up with it. They didnt warn me about it breaking or even mention that it would. I only found POSSIBLE breaking on REMOVAL not while in the arm. its even shifted from its spot making me worry more about it being lost in my arm. F 26 4 days
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 1  Birth Control and Period First side effect was my sleep cycle changed. I woke up in the middle of the night for a week and forced myself to fall back asleep and then I woke up for 2 weeks at 5:00am. 2nd side effect was Acid reflux. 3rd side effect was extreme moodiness. 4th side effect was acne, 5th side effect was dizziness, 6th side effect was constipation. Need i say more…. F 41 3 weeks
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 1  pregnancy regulation/health concern THE ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! I had the implanon inserted into my arm around the second week of December. I had a miscarriage, and I just needed time before I tried to conceive again. My dr. assured me this would not only be a great fit for my then situation, but by me having endometriosis and IBS, birth control could help with the cramps and painful menstrals. I trusted he knew what he was talking about. He'd never failed me in the past; Within the first three days, I gained 13 pounds, my face broke out, I've been bleeding a dark almost black vaginally since then AND STILL is even though I just had it removed four days ago. He gave me some birth control pills and said it was because my uterus was thin and the birth control should help it thicken up, but nothing. Even while it's gone it's still haunting me. My mood swings are off the richter scale, my boyfriend has moved out, and because of the icky bleeding our sex life is in shambles. DON'T GET THIS! YOU WILL REGRET IT! F 27 5 months
1X D
 5  Birth control It is mostly pain free getting it inserted. although I had a large bruise after it got inserted which took 2 weeks to dissapear. I had my period about a week after which lasted about 10 days but I havnt had any periods since which is great I reckon! I don't get any bad symptoms and I'm still losing my baby weight just fine! Love it! F 24 4 months
 1  Birth control In my first 3 years I had implanting and it only affected my periods now I have nexplanon and it is the worst thing ever it has attacked the follicles on my ovaries which has made it hard for me to have children in the future it has also cause me ridiculous weight loss, sickness and bloating I would not recommend for anyone to have it F 19 4 years
 2  Birth Control Moodiness, depression, anxiety, increased hair growth, increased aggresiveness, mild head aches, acne, some fat loss but increased muscle mass. As a gym rat I also noticed it made me bulk up quite a bit, I know it was the hormones because my diet and supplements had not changed during those 6 months or right before starting. F 22 6 months
 3  prevent pregnancy/lighten periods Before nexplanon, my periods were extreme. i would stand up in the morning & blood would run down my legs. i got nexplanon inserted on 3/17, i was on my period when i got it put in. well i started my period on 4/4 & it lasted 11 days until 4/14. On the 15th, my husband & i had sex & I've been bleeding since then. its been light bleeding. im confused because i don't want to be bleeding for ever. any advice would be appreciated. F 22 1 months
 4  Preventing pregnancy, Insertion was completely painless minus the injection to numb the area. It was very quick to insert, although I nearly passed out at the time then again two days later when I took the banagde off. After 3 weeks my arm felt completely normal again. I get Mood swings normally but now they are increasing into rage fits and borderline anxiety attacks. (Both of which I usually get), numb emotions when not having mood swing, zero sex drive, Tiredness HAS improved since having it inserted - which is wonderful for me. But I have absolutely no patience for anything. One month in and NO weight gain. now I'm waiting for my body to adjust to the implanon, I think it's a great idea and will suit some people. F 20 1 months
 4  Contraceptive Have been on this for about a year and three months now. I will be honest when I first started taking it, it was hell. I bled for almost half a year non stop and had to regulate it with the combined pill, which I didn't stick to because it made me gain so much weight. However with time it calmed down, I now get regular periods which are about 5 weeks apart, and it hasn't affected my weight or given me any kind of mood swings. So now I love it! Just had to be very patient. F 24 1 years

 1  Endo Insertion was not so bad. But within days I had severe flu symptoms, violent migraines, vomiting, cold sweats. My body rejected it. I'm not telling you not to try it. But have it removed immediately if you feel like I explained. F 31 2 months

 1  Prevent pregnancy DO NOT TAKE THIS IS THE DEVIL . Thought it was me realized after researching not alone.. Iregular periods, pregnancy symptoms, weightloss, fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, insecure, ABSOLUTELY NO SEX DRIVE, skin changes, hair changes, depressed, complete nightmare don't even feel like myself anymore. F 30 2 years

 1  Birth control Depression, insomnia, oversleeping, severe mood swings, lack of motivation, weight gain, random "periods" which were brown and smelled weird, intrusive thoughts (including violent ones), severe anxiety, acne, complete loss of libido Absolutely horrible. I have had withdrawal symptoms since getting off of it, as well, with anxiety and depression right before period. It has been 9-10 months since I had it removed...and while it is better, I am feeling afraid that some of these effects are permanent. F 24 1 years
1X D

 1  birth control Where to begin at first I really didn't mind the no periods but then weight gain changed my eating habits and everything I gained over 60lbs I miss my shape. Now I believe I am suffering from depression I dont feel the way I used to I cry all the time no one can stand to be around me I don't know how my boyfriend puts up with me at this point but I am getting this taken out very soon. F 25 1 years
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 2  Prevent an unplanned pregnancy I had the Nexplanon implant inserted on November 13, 2013. Initially, I didn't experience any side effects. The area was sore for about 2 days. Nothing major. THEN, about four days after insertion, I began to bleed like a regular period and I have yet to stop bleeding. Two weeks ago my doctor prescribed one month's supply of birth control pills to be taken three times a day for seven days. The bleeding stopped for two days and it started AGAIN. I gained 40 lbs with my child. Two months post partum I lost 30 of those lbs. After the insertion of Nexplanon, I gained 40 lbs. I see a personal trainer twice a week. I go to a gym three days a week. I eat healthy (food jounaling, no sodas or fruit juice, no candy or sweets). I can't get this excess weight off for the life of me. All in all, I've been experiencing prolonged bleeding which has caused me to have two abcsesses; severe headaches; and severe weight gain. I am definitely going back to the pill. I only chose the implant so I couldn't F 28 3 months
68 Mg 1X O

 2  for birthcontrol I been having my period more than once a month ever since i had my first baby? Ive been having the nexplanon for a yearalready and my period wont go away one day im in it and it goes and it comes again?? F 17 1 days
 3  to prevent pregnancy Everysince I got the implant I've been having brown spotting which gets me in a very bad mood. I've been getting vaginal rashes,redness, and itching it is very disturbing and I want to know if it's normal or do I have to consult a doctor? F 19 7 weeks
 2  birth control i began the Nexplanon about a year ago, after being on other methods of birth control for a number of years. 4 days after the implant i got severe BV! it freaked me out wasnt having sex at the time so no new partners, so I went right back in and they told me it was normal. I did not have a period for the first 4-6 months just weird brown spotting then after the summer.. o_O..i started to get more periods and started bleeding all the time for 2 weeks on and only days off with ugly migranes, not to mention the BV that would leave and come back in between the spotting, before the implant I never even experienced a yeast infection! I was on EDGE all the time and didnt even know it, i would have random crying sprees for no reason and felt so helpless..even more sad i started to feel normal for me.. my freinds and even their parents would tell me i seemed so happy one moment, then the next as if i lost a dear friend or my dog.. it took me a while to even consider the implant was truley the c of course youre preventing an unexpected pregnancy...but its just as bad as dealing with the severity of the un/expected side effects and the psycoloigcal distrubance that could occur F 23 1 years
1X D
 3  birth control The only thing that I hate is that I just wouldn't stop spotting I been spotting since I got it injected im destroying all my underwear and I just need it to stop soon F 21 4 months
 1  prevent pregnancy I had this birth control after i had my son and it was great so after i had my daughter over 3years later i decided to get it again it was the worst mistake of my life i developed the worst anixety ever to the point i had to call a ambulance i was having heart pulpatations and a heart rate of 150 i couldnt go to the doctors for anything i couldnt even drive my.son to school i felt so low i had to sit in the car in the parking lot of a store because i couldn't go in i couldn't go to family gatherings etc. they tried to put me on a bunch of anixety and depression meds and yet.nothing worked i constantly fely like i was going to die i lost all sex drive i couldnt find it in me to please my fiance like i should have everything in my life fell apart i dont recommend this to any one its horrible i lost myself F 19 8 months

 1  Birth control Weight will not come off. Gained 65 lbs pregnant lost 35 in first 2 months got the implant, work out hard, eat well, always active and have gained weight. Saw PCP about anxiety and dizziness that I'd never had before. Excessive moodiness that nearly ended my relationship. Exacerbated symptoms of post partum depression. Just want to feel back to normal. Can not wait to get it out!!!!! None of these things were described to me when I got the implant. And above all else I bled/spotted for 6 weeks+. I would not recommend this to anyone. Deceiving F 25 4 months
1X D

 5  birth control,endo I have no complaints. I actually only got on here because before I got mine I read all the chaos on the internet. Just wanted to make it known that not everyone has a bad time or bleeds constantly. I haven't had a cramp or period in a year. Try it on your own. Don't base your choice on horror stories. F 30 1 years

 4  No more kids for now/maybe ever Nexplanon has its ups and downs like every birth control, I like it so far besides the bleeding but I'm willing to stick it out since it has only been a couple of months!!!! So far I like this better than the pills because I had to try so many different kinds before I found the right one and then it goes on tv because people are suing them for all kinds of reasons, I tried the depo shot and hated it it made me gain a lot of weight and didn't like the fact of possible bone issue for long term use since I don't drink a lot of milk, and I have also tried the nuvaring and hated it with a passion it made me so sick I couldn't function!!!! But like I said every birth control is different for every woman and young girls because of the different needs of our bodies, just really talk to your doctor about what kind of BC will fit you and your needs!!!!! F 23 2 months

 2  birth control It was actualy the implanton I had removed 6 days ago.. I don't know why the site is now asking me about this 'nexplanon' I came on hear to complain about the implant (I'm in the uk btw) anywho I'll still have a rant about the implanton as iv come this far already :).. I had the implant the first time when I was around 20 and it worked fine, I didn't notice any problems and it stopped my periods all together! Good times! Then I had it removed after the 3 years were up and didn't get another one as I wanted to give my body a break and wasn't sexualy active at the time.. When I started dateing my now bf I decided to go back on to the implant.. This time has been TOTALY different! More or less constant bleeding for over a year (had it inserted june 2012) I have been anxious, paranoid, had suicidal thoughts (yep), mood swings, bad skin, greesy hair, trouble sleeping and what felt like constant PMS and just all round feeling like crap tbh! I have never in my life been this way,kind of like I was constanly worried all the time.. I felt like the world was against me and my fuse was as short as a may flies life span. Omg. Nightmare.. Anyway it took me a while to realise that it was the implant that was making me feel this way.. I knew about the body changes, weight gain, bad skin ect but never about the 'mental' side. I honestly thought I was loseing it.. I was ready to go to my GP and ask to be put on some sort of meds to help me.. Then I was doing some research and stumbled across F 27 1 years

 1  birth control Bled constantly. Migraines. Extreme bloating. No weight gain but the bloating caused my pants not to fit. Had to have it removed. My doctor said they added a new warning about it causing women to have convulsions. Just get on a pill. They have been around forever and are safer. The new things aren't good for you. I'm on microgynon (sp?) Now and everything is back to normal F 23 1 years

 4   Can say im happy with the implant having had it after the birth of my son had alittle bit of spotting but nothing major put on alittle weight although husband hasnt noticed lol apart from the odd tantrum I have my moods seem to be the same and would recommend it to anyone F 26 1 years

 1  dont want any more childrrn I hate this thing it makes me moody, as put loads weight on, no sex drive its horrible i wouldnt.recomend it for any 1. Hoping to get it out asap F 21 1 days
 3  Stop cramps control mood swings The implanon/nexplanon is an ok birth control. 1st you gain a lot of weight. I've gained 58 lbs since feb12. 2. You have mood swings your bipolar your OCD you have depression. You wanna kill people but you don't you honestly hate everyone and don't care anymore and are very irritable. I HATE IT!! I will have it removed soon. F 18 1 years

 1  contraception I had it put in and it was terrible!! Very very moody, derpressed, tired, spotty, achy, ireggular periods etc the list goes on I do not recomend this to any1 not anymore. Worst 3 years of my life!! F 21 3 years
 1  I have one This is my 3 rod now and I got it say its the wores u can have I cum out in spots and on my lady things for about 3 weeks to 4 weeks at a time can any one help me plz because its getting me down now and I'm putting on weight again with it F 27 3 years
 1  starting new career I have turned into a physcho I cost my relationship because now I am angry all of the time my ex said that I have an evil look in my eyes that wasn't there before im scared for my life right now I just want my life back F 23 2 weeks
 3  Prevent pregnancy and no period Dizzy eating way to much like every 5 min opposite hand numb headaches F 17 1 days

 1  baby protection I had the implanon from 08 to 11 no problems. So two months back I decided to get the rod again as it worked last time. Im not sure if its because its nexplanon now if its the prob but I hate it now and am having it removed in two weeks. I have very bad mode swings I hv gone from normal to bipolar n two months hum depressed cramps everyday since i had it. Not to mention the complete loss of my sex drive dont even want to be touched now, and it has also broken out my face so this time its not working and I assure you not worth it i would rather take my chances I hv two kids now 9 and 5 and my symptoms preg were no where near this crappy. So not to be neg but this has been my experience I guess just bec something works once doesn't mean it will again, other wise it works tho but not for me this time, If you are thinking of getting it just be aware of all side effects and please explore other options. ;-) F 29 2 months

 1  not wanting children Dizzyness, headaches, month long periods, weight gain, painful cramps, tiredness, mood swings... F 21 2 years

 1  I wanted a long term birth control I absolutely hate this rod. I have hot flashes. Pregnancy symptoms. First couple months I bled 4 days the first of the month then 9 days a week later or so. I'm very moody I'm extremely mean. It's horrible. When talking to other ladies wanting to get this I tell them not to. I want it removed ASAP. F 21 4 months
 5  contraception Omg. I love love love the implant. After fighting with estrogen containing pills for years and actually conceiving both of my kids on them I finally found this! Depo was great too but I use to have an eating disorder and that makes bone loss issues more likely. Anyways.. I love nexplanon. Highly recommended!!!!!! Also to the person prior.. a few women with clotting disorders got blood clots. It is way less likely to get one with the implant in comparison to combined pills. F 29 4 years

 1  birth control This thing is evil. I got it after my son was born and have been extremely ill since. After many trips to the hospital being tested for everything in the rainbow they took out my implant. Sure enough that was it. Turns out it has a lawsuit against it too foe causing women bloodclots. Do not use this please!!!! I'm not the type to get online and talk bad about things. F 21 4 months

 1  No periods and no worry birth contr Absolute hell. I have completely lost my sex drive and ability to be aroused, causing extreme tension between my partner and I. I experience extreme anger, manic mood swings, depression, fatigue, bleeding for weeks(up to 4 weeks at a time... Causing irritation and insecurities with being intimate with my partner) Pain during sex, pregnancy symptoms, etc... NOT WORTH IT! I will not recommend this to any woman... The effects of it are torture. My doctor actually talked me out of my original plan for bc and assured me that this was the safest and easiest bc. Having it removed ASAP... F 21 3 years
 3  birth control I have had nexplanon rod in my arm 11 months. Before that it was implanon for 3 years, before that Implanon. Before that I was on Depo-Provera. Every now and again on all of these I get severe headaches, feel naseaus, angry and have period pain without any bleeding F 39
68mg 3X O
 3  I wanted long term birth control. I feel sick often. I threw up the first few days I had it after having a beer or two. Sometimes I feel ill after eating. Especially if I eat too much. I get emotional a lot more often than I ever did before. I haven't had a period since I got on this medication. I haven't had any problems with bleeding either. This medication is not for everyone. The side effects can be awful. I'm willing to deal with the few I have because I like the idea of long term birth control, and not having a period monthly. I'm going to have it for at least another two years. 21 5 months
1X D
 3  i have 5 kids and wasnt tryna hav 6 I'm am extremely hungry all the time.I have every pregnancy symptoms in the book.so every other day I feel pregnant.when I first got on it I stayed on my period for 8 days after that regular 4 days.now none at all.very afraid of getting extra fat.and I could. Keep going but I'm just glad I ain't fat.oh yea and my arm hurt oftenly(the one with the implanon headaches and dizziness F 26 10 months
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