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 4  Bladder leakage Dry mouth, hair thinning and loss/ memory loss? Have been taking this for 1 yr daily. At 62, not certain if symptoms are as a result of the med or age. Forgetfulness, trouble with words. Worse is am losing my hair rapidly and the dry mouth. Notice also that my taste is impaired. Have lost appetite as well provably due to taste decreased. But no one else expressed this. I may take it upon myself to reduce from every day to every other day. F 62 1 years
5 mg 1X D

 5  Urgency frequency and leakage Flu like, Nassau, confusion, dry mouth, tired Worked great but had to stop due to brutal side-effects F 39 4 weeks

 1  Overactive bladder Blurry vision some headaches,tingling fingers on right hand, extremely dry and stuffy nose,dry eyes,extremely dry mouth. F 62 3 weeks

 3  urge incontinence and nocturia Fatigue,dizzy dry mouth slight nausea F 40 1 months
10 mg

 5  giggling bladder I love this product.I have my life back. I have always lost all my bladder control as soon as I have laughed. I am 50 and this has been happening since I was 14. I have had cancer and I have been through worse. A dry mouth is helped by a teaspoon if coconut oil swirled in my mouth and spit it out before going to bed. I have my life back and I am so confident when I laugh I love my life so much. Thank you for this. Dry mouth is only minor compared to walking around wet and leaving venues because I have leaked. F 50 3 months

 1  Over active bladder Immediate eye pain, dry mouth and erectile dysfunction. I cannot recommend this drugs to other males of my age. M 50 10 days
10 mg 1X D

 3  Irritable bladder (post surgery) I was given this as PRN for irritable bladder (damaged during gynae surgery), which was giving me frequency, urgency and pain. Apparently it tones the bladder muscle and sphincter. I didn't have any problems on it per se, but I was only using it as PRN. Apparently new mothers are prescribed this. F 36
1X D

 4  incontinence Extreme headaches and dried out sinusse (bleeding at times) F 52 10 days
 2  Urinary frequency Terrible headache, flu like symptoms, pain in legs, nausea, chest discomfort. F 31 3 days
 3  Oab Recently blurred vision headaches still bladder problem (worse) F 41 10 years

 3  Over active bladder After taking a drug called oxybutynin for approx 20 years and the only side effect was dry mouth. I was told there were modern drugs out there with less side effects, so I was offered vesicare. I've now been on it for three months and will stop taking it as the side effects are to much to bare, dry throat and mouth constantly, I'm now starting to get tingly feeling in my hands and heart palpitations. F 45 3 months
 3  over active bladder Great to start with has slowed down the amount i run to the bathroom, but crocky throught, burning eyes, now vision is getting blurred and worst of all confusion. I forget words, put things down and have no memory of where i put them it says in the info i have found 83% of people over 60 get confusion with this drug, would have been nice to have been told this before i started to stress out i might have dementia. Now what do i do ? stop it and go through hell with my bladder or as like i am 90+ and have lost my mind. F 64 3 months
1X D

 5  over active bladder None... It has worked very well for me F 26 2 years

 1  stress incontience extreme dizziness. the medicine did work for my bladder problem but the dizziness is too hard to tolerate. I have switched to Detrol and now it's doing the same thing even worse. my doctor has no alternative except to go to a neurologist!!! I have quit taking medicine but my question is how long is it gonna take for the side affects to go away? F 56 2 months
5 mg
 4  Bladder problems Dry mouth which can be aleviated by taking BIOTENE I am losing my hair - could it be the Vesicare? F 86 3 months
5mm 1X D
 5  urgency/frequent urination Some dry mouth. Started out taking 5 milligrams but wasn't tolerating it well. Cut back to 2.5 milligrams (one half tablet). I have my life back. I don't have to urinate every hour and I am sleeping through the night again. M 59 3 months
2.5 mg 1X D

 1  OAB Next to chemo- one of the worst meds I've taken! Disappointing- I had high hopes for this drug but instead of alleviating my bladder problems it produced more. I can't wait for it to leave my system, I've never been thirstier. I feel like someone shoved a fist full of sand down my throat. Now I really appreciate the doctor giving me samples instead of the hassle & expense of the Rx. My eyes are so dry & I'm so exhausted. I actually feel like I smoked a joint w/o any of the fun benefits. I could drink a gallon of water & not quench my thirst. Why would they put this Rx on the market. I wish they would require pharm reps to try their own samples. This Rx should be reconsidered for sale. F 39 3 days
5 mg

 1  Overactive Bladder Severe dry mouth, dry eyes, violent headaches and excruciating right eye pain and photo-phobia that would last for days. Stopped taking it on a regular basis after 6 weeks due to awful side effects. During that 6 week period I was taking the drug only 3 to 4 times a week due to the side effects. I am already on a lot of medications that dry out my mouth and they are destroying my teeth. With the addition of Vesicare my dentist is frightened I will have a mouth full of cavities and risk losing my teeth. DRY MOUTH IS THE WORSE THING FOR CAUSING CAVITY PRODUCTION!!!! My Pharmacist told me to stop and get an ophthalmology appt. ASAP! As a Registered nurse who is a specialist in bladder care I have never seen or experienced a drug that had such awful side effects and symptoms in my 30 year career. I quit taking the drug as i was terrified of glaucoma,vascular disease and a mouth full of cavities. I am having to have Veneer's placed on my front teeth due dry mouth. I had to buy prescription tooth paste and all biotene products for dry mouth. FDA needs to pull this drug until more research is done and they have done more clinical trials. It is worth being incontinent instead of risking your health and possibly your sight. Write to the FDA to have this drug pulled off the market. The worst thing is my urologist did know patient education. F 55 6 weeks
5 mg. 1X D
 1  bladder problems After a botched hysterectomy, I started having kidney problems. A kidney aren't was fitted. I was fine for a few weeks. Then I started to get lots of infections, kidney,urine and thrush. After going to me doctors every week for 8 weeks. My urologist prescribed vesicare. I took it for 3 days. The side effects were horrible, I have stopped taking them. I have 5 months before they take the stent out. This medication has so many side effects. F 43 3 days
 5  Overactive bladder I first started on Detrol LA and was having severe drymouth and heart palpitations. I was then taken off those and put on vesicare. I've been on it for 3 weeks now, side effect free. The first few days I had it, I noticed drymouth and dry eyes again, pretty bad but subsided after 3 days or so. No other side effects to report, and now I pee 2 times a day instead of the usual 30. Its a tad more expensive than Detrol la, but with no side effects after my body adjusted to the pills, vesicare is where I'm staying. :) F 24 3 weeks
 1  rule out IC Blurry vision and headaches from day 1. Now I have a lovely rash which I'm really trying not to scratch. Am stopping tonight and will see URO in 1 week. F 43 7 days
10 mg 1X D

 5  bladder spasms Just takes a long time to pee. I feel like I am sitting on the toilet for hours. I really like to way it works. I don't have to run to the toilet every 30 minutes. It also took away the spasms I was having in my bladder. I have IBS so I guess bladder spasms go with the IBS. I really like it when I go places like shopping, eating out because I don't have to go as much. I used to hate that. I had to be near a bathroom no matter where I went. 40 2 years
5 mg 1X D
 1  overactive bladder I was given samples of this drug by my gynecologist for overactive bladder. I asked her if it would interact with my rythmal I take for heart arrythmias. She said that she didn't think so. I took one pill after I left her office. I got home and did some research and found that if you have any electrical problems in your heart and problems with QT waves, that you should not take it. The next morning, my pulse was 130 after I just got out of bed. I have taken two cardazam pills as my rescue pill and I am still having up and down heart rate. I would not take this drug again no matter what!! F 48 1 days
5 mg 1X D

 2  Urgent Bladder My upper sinuses were as DRY as the Mohave Desert. Every time I inhaled through my nose I felt a blinding electrical SHOCK-like pain behind my eyes - OUCH ! I started on Enablex and that gave me a dried out feeling in my sinuses (come to find out - a MILD dried out feeling), but it helped my urgent bladder. So my doctor had me try Vesicare. OH MY GOD - OUCH. It was like electrical charges going off behind my eyes when I inhaled. I was SOOOO dried out it felt like every nerve in my upper sinuses was exposed. I couldn't standit. So I went back to Enablex - and compared to Vesicare - Enablex was easy to live with (and it worked). F 52 2 weeks
Lowest 1X D

 1  possible interstitail cystitis Panic attacks the first night--felt like I had trouble breathing--Horrible fatigue--vivid nightmares--constipation dry mouth I can handle anything but the panic attacks its been 10 years since I had one. I went into taking this very blithely--not a care in the world about side effects..I mean come on its a bladder med right??? Wow was I wrong--first horrible panic attack I've had in years and three days in a row--MAYBE there should be more warnings on the bottle--I didn't read on the web about side effects until AFTER I had them --so I didn't imageine them--would not take this medicine again. F 41 3 days
5 1X D

 1  bladder fullness, pain, and urgency stomach cramps, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, sharp pain in bladder I started on Vesicare after a bladder dilation to help relieve extreme and painful fullness in my bladder. It made me very sick, did not offer any relief for the condition. I was switched to Sanctura and have had marked improvement. F 57 2 weeks
1X D

 1  Bladder control Horrible headaches. Severe eye pain. Double vision & blurry vision, night blindness by headlights and any lights. BAD MEDICATION! After months of thinking my eyes were getting bad and going to the eye dr & a sinus dr - - I finally heard a bit on a commercial about it affecting eyes & causing headaches - - I recalled the dr saying possible side effects are glaucoma, eye pressure, eye pain... at the time I wondered what eye pressure & eye pain could feel like... it took me a while to figure out that is what it was. Since there are VERY LIMITED reviews/ patients on this medication there's not much info out there on it. It was a horrible medication! (It helped with slow bladder leak but didn't control sneezing/coughing bladder issues. I liked what it did help - - but I'd rather SEE & pee than take this med - LOL). I quit taking it 5 days ago & still have headaches & eye pain - the blurred vision and double vision went away within 2 days... anyone else?????? F 42 5 months
5 mg 1X D
 1  bladder control swelling, caused angio-edema (Anaphylactic reaction) which made my lips, tongue, and throat swell where I could not breathe. I had taken a pill before going to sleep, and the doctors said if I had not had a phone call that woke me up, I would have died in my sleep. I was admitted to hospital for 3 days. I would NEVER want someone to take this med. It was given as a sample by a urologist. If I had researched the internet I would have seen (example WebMD and other sites) "Some side effects with VESICARE, while occurring infrequently, are potentially serious and should be reported immediately to your healthcare provider. These include but are not limited to: Severe constipation, Worsening of glaucoma, Difficulty passing urine, Confusion, Depression, Signs of an allergic reaction, such as unexplained rash, hives, itching, wheezing, and unexplained swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing." NONE of this was on the insert with the med, or on the TV ads! I almost died from this drug! F 56 2 weeks

 4  bladder control Vesicare helped to cut down on trips to the bathroom. But after a couple weeks using it, I had very bad constipation which I don't normally have. I had to stop using it so often. F 57 2 weeks

 3  Overactive Bladder - occasional Very bad nightmares each time I took it. It really helped with overactive bladder. I take Vesicare as needed so altogether I have taken approx 25 pills over the last 6-9 months. F 40 9 months

 4  Bladder spasms and frequent urine Constipation was really bad, and some dizziness. I would try it again because it really helped with the spasms and having to go a lot. I could go out to eat or shop and not have to go to the bathroom like I normally would - once or twice. F 38 4 months

 3  Freqency/Urgency associated with IC some dry mouth, constipation, takes a long time to pee...And I mean a long time. I guess it's helped a little with my frequency/urgency I was going ALOT. Now it's just kind of annoying that it takes forever to pee. It's just really slow..and seems like I pee more each time..And like even when Im done I still have to go. F 22 1 months


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