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 4  Irritable Bowel The first 2 weeks EXTREME nausea and diarhea. Missed a lot of work during this time. Most negative side effect is I have gained 25 lbs Lexapro has helped my IBS. I also have noticed I am a lot calmer, things don't upset me like they use to. I am able to tolerate the daily stress in life so much better. The major side effect is the weight gain!!! I have always been a normal healthy weight, I hate the weight gain but have decided the postive control of my IBS which has been a problem since childhood. I had my gallbladder removed 1-3-08 and my IBS problems were taking over my life. My PCP started me out on 10 mg but I have since reduced my dosage to 5mg per day which works for me. I would recommend Lexapro, it has also reduced my migraines. I understand if I decide to discontinue it or my doctor takes me off it I will have to slowly reduce my dosage to avoid withdrawal symptoms, which I find disturbing. But for now it is working and my IBS no longer controls my life F 55 7 months
 4  Panic Attacks It has a pretty big numbing effect, but I lowered my dosage extremely. I only take 5mg a day compared to 20mg when my panic attacks started up. Sex drive took a hit for me. You'll feel a bit numb at first and may have trouble adjusting, but you'll start cruising and it's done a great job on suppressing panic attacks. But be warned this drug has a big zombie effect. Overall this is a good drug. I tried a few other anti-anxiety drugs like paxil, welbutrin, prozac all made me go crazy. Lexapro is the lesser of the evils imo M 26 4 years
 4  Anger, anxiety First few weeks, clinched jaw, muscle aches in the morning. Unable to achieve full wood but no decrease in sex drive. I suffered from depression and anger issues. I quit drinking and things inproved but issues would set me off. My shrink perscribed 20mg of lexapro and I feel better now than I have felt in 10 years. Erections are a little more difficult especially on the second go-around. It takes a little longer to close the deal but not a bad thing for me. I also take PB medication which probably compounds the issue. I assume Viagra would cure this but haven't tried it yet. I am going to stick with it for a while, at least until my teenage kids are out of the house. M 42 6 months

 4  GAD nausea, hot flashes, lethargy, teeth clenching, brain fog, strange electrical zapping sensations through body, increased perspiration. First week was rough with the nausea, didn't care about sex for first three weeks, still decreased sex drive but coming back. Anxiety has been reduced significantly. Xanax once or twice a week down from daily, and it wasn't working anymore before the lexapro. My anger has reduced an unbelievable amount. I didn't realize I was so angry all the time before, but I was. Things that use to send me into panic anxiety don't have the same effect anymore, still occasional attacks but my life is so much more manageable now. I feel happier then I have in years. This drug is a life changer. M 44 7 weeks

 4  GAD, moderate depression Fatigue for three or four days in the first week. Been on it for a month - 10mg per day. NO panic attacks at night (was experiencing them most nights). More focus, more active, more proactive, enjoying family and friends more and activities too. Lessened anxiety considerably. Feel "normal" with standard emotions - can still love, laugh, cry, get frustrated....but can cope with emotions now instead of sending me off with severe anxiety and/or palpitations. No orgasm tho - but worth the trade. Not being in the state I was in is wonderful. All who know me well have commented on the change - back to myself - but best of all, I have noticed it. Can laugh again. Side effects different with everyone tho - had read terrible stuff. My dr was convinced this was the AD for me and she was right. Lucky to try one type only. All the best. F 39

 4  Anxiety/Panic Disorder Euphoria (at first). Later: Apathy; decreased sex drive; vivid dreams; decreased energy. Upon withdrawal: Sleep Paralysis, 'brain zaps', and crying spells. I attribute this to tapering too fast. At the beginning, 10 mg daily of Lexapro made me feel euphoric, and at times would give me bouts of extreme euphoria and high energy for several minutes at a time. That stopped after about a month. I've experimented with different dosages with the approval of my doctor. At higher doses I felt very tired and had very vivid dreams, which were neither pleasant nor bothersome (more confusing than anything). I took a holiday from this drug for several days, and experienced the withdrawal symptoms noted to the left. Since then I have found a good dosage for me (7.5mg/day) and added 150mg Wellbutrin to balance out the side effects, which it has a done a very good job of. So far this drug has been good to me, and made me not only less anxious but much more comfortable socially (a problem that I didn't even notice I had until starting Lexapro). I go to sleep more easily and am not as obsessive or anxious as I was before. It took a while to figure out the dose that was best for me, but for me M 20 1 years

 4  Migraine Associated vertigo Extremely tired the first few weeks and the lethargic after that. Extreme sexual side effects - anorgasmia - that seemed to get worse over time. No other side effects - well tolerated except for those mentioned. Lexapro, even at low doses, really helped me with dizziness and anxiety related to migraines. It was a real life saver. I stayed on it for 9 months and got off it because the sexual side effects were so bad. M 43 270 days

 4  Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks Jaw clinching, worsening anxiety during first few weeks on the medication, feeling "high" or unreal, tremors, short term memory loss, heart palpitations For me it's taken a while to feel the full effect of Lexapro. I'm starting week 6 and I finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had very severe panic attacks, a few trips to the ER, surounded by a constant feeling of anxiety, on edge, feeling like there was something seriously wrong with me, even though several tests showed nothing. After the first couple of weeks of treatment I had a few good days but even more anxiety filled days. Eventually the anxious days and panic attacks became fewer and farther in between. I still have the occassional heart flutter/palpitation which I have been assured are benign, still a little scary and would normally trigger panic episodes until lately. I'm also doing talk therapy with a psychologist which helps by targeting the uderlying causes for my anxiety. Even though I'm still not 100%, I feel like Lexapro is working for me. It was tough to make it through the first few weeks because like most SSRIs, Lexapro really can make things a M 27 1 months

 4  Anxiety Yawning, blurred vision/dialated pupils, tiredness, headaches with initial 10mg dosage. The side effects are much more minimal with the new 5 mg dosage. Initially took 10mg for 3 days. Noticed being very mellow the day after the 1st dose. The second day I seemed a litte more myself, but at no point felt "zombieish". After the third dose, I woke up in the middle of the night with the blurred vision and that scared me a bit. Stopped taking it as I was seeing my doctor in a few days and he told me to split the pills in half...so essentially have been taking 5mg for the past week. As we all know it takes a awhile for Lexapro to take it's full effect, but I can already tell minor improvements. My need to worry all the time isn't there and a general calmness has come over me. I do believe Lexapro is helping me and the doctor also prescribed Xanax as a backup for moments when I need a quick calm down. I've never been on any drugs or pills..just finally gave in to the fact that at 35, after years of worrying about everything, both rationally and irrationally, I realized I needed help. And I'm glad I finally have something to help me. F 35 2 weeks

 4  GAD, Agoraphobia Increased anxiety for the first week. No desire to eat, walk, talk. Just wanted to sleep and lay in bed. Very light headed and dizzy. I have had paninc attacks for years. Although I have never been seen my a doctor for them until about 4 months ago. I had the worst attack in my life and I went completly numb from my head to my toes. I almost blacked out and ended up in the ER one afternoon. I then made an appointment with my regular MD, and he diagnosised me with GAD and Agoraphobia. He recomended Lexapro as a starting point.The first 7-10 days on Lexapro was pretty ruff for me. I had stomach cramps and felt like I was going to vomit about an hour after taking 10mg. My doctor advised me to take it in the morning as it might keep me awake if I took it at night. He also told me that until my body got adjusted to the medicine that I might feel worst before I'd feel better. So I was prepaired for any side affects that I would encounter. After the first week, the side affects seemed to start going away. And with the combination of Lexapro and Xanax, by the third week I was feeling much better. Slowly I was able to go out M 30 2 months

 4  GAD, Depression, OCD Hair loss!, rashes, sexual loss I was very suicidal when put on Lexapro and it helped me relax a great deal, I was so much more happy on it but had to stop taking it due to it causing hair loss and it killed my sex drive and feeling. I did act like a jerk on it as well a few times. Although if it wasn't for the hair loss and sexual side effects I would of stayed on it. Hopefully I will have better luck with something else. A very good drug to try M 24 2 years

 4  Dysthymia Definitely loss of urgency others have noted. Prefer an additional hour of sleep per night and not so peppy first thing in the morning - I used to be a morning person. Delayed ejaculation and moderation, but not elimination, of libido - which have been pluses. Dulling of emotions, positive as well as negative - don't get as sad, but don't experience nearly as much joy, either - which makes it difficult for me to use my emotions to evaluate a situation. I have to rely on what I think, rather than on what I feel. A bit of a handicap for an artist. My doctor diagnosed me with life-long Dysthymia and speculated that I may very well be on Lexapro for the rest of my life. Lexapro has removed the constant negative thoughts that I have experienced all of my life and that impeded my ability to do anything. However, I now lack any sense of urgency, taking a great deal of time to do almost any task. I marvel at what I used to get done in a day. If my partner didn't nag me every day, I probably wouldn't accomplish much of anything productive, which has become an issue in our relationship. I'm not just sitting around in a daze - if anything, I am more busy than ever, I just don't seem to be accomplishing as much. I tend more carefully to all of the details because I don't feel quite as sharp. I find myself reading sentences 2-3 times before I get their meaning and check anything I write multiple times and I find it much more difficult to follow logic, a prior strength. The lack of emotions is disconcerting. I used to navigate my world thro M 51 3 years
 4  anxiety, some depression In the beginning, I had a few minor problems such as sleepiness and decreased sex drive. However, now after a year of taking it, I have developed horrible migraines(never had them before Lexapro) I have absolutely NOOOOO sex drive. I have gained 30 pounds over the last 5 months. I get this horrible crawly feeling in my legs at night.(I'm wondering if that's what they call restless leg syndrome) I'm getting grumpier again too. Needless to say, I have now started to wean myself off of it. See my additional comments. Despite the side effects I have recently developed, I believe Lexapro was a life-saver. I became a whole new person. My family noticed a big change. Before Lexapro, I was a yeller. I was anxious all the time. I never slept. I cried at the drop of a hat. I had chest pains from the anxiety and even developed PVC's.(skipped heart beats) After Lexapro, nothing bugged me. I slept like a rock. My family enjoyed being around me. I've actually learned alot about myself and I hope that being off of it, a little of what I learned will stick with me. I pray daily that it will. F 36 1 years

 4  Anxiety / Depression None except I suspect it may be the cause of ejaculation problems (took longer to get off). I use condoms and with some gals I can get off only 30% of time but with others who like to get on top and can go long time I get off 80% of time. I am unsure if the delayed orgasm is entirely due to Lexapro as I am under treatment for hypertension and who knows what aging process contributes. I use Viagra (100 mg) and take it on an empty stomach about 1 hour before sex. So far this year I have had about 60 sessions with 9 different gals ranging in age from 21 - 30 (strippers, waitresses, young married women). Last 3 years averaged about 50 sessions. I would suggest you considery carefully the side effects of this medication. If you are having ejaculation problems have her get on top and if she can go long time helps. Gals who give good foreplay help excitement, but mainly I get hard just giving them sexy backrub. While I was having my depressive episode, sex stopped but resumed about 3 months later with stripper girlfriend (she kept asking how I was) as we had done 7 sessions before my depression (chicken shx job crap, father in nursing home, credit card debt, disinterested wife) but posted 68 sessions(including a threesome with her and a gf) with her over 3 years after I rebounded. I also had about 30 sessions each with two of her friends (bonus girls). This year has cost me about $15 k in shopping money for all these sessions but it beats hell out of marriage! I tell them I go a long time that I am not a 5 minute man and they enthusiastically want to take me on, especially the younger ones. M 58 4 years

 4  Depression-anxierty Mild lightheadedness, some hot flashes, lower libido. Switched to the lexapro after trying paxil. Side effects are tolerable on the low dose. Some loss of sex drive, but at least it works and can have an orgasm. Works better for depression than anxiety for me. Welcome all comments/questions via e-mail. M 41 1 years
 4  anxiety over life challenges I have drug sensitivities in general so my doctor began me on only 1/4 of a 10mg pill. it worked within days. then i increased it to 1/2. i am glad to read this web site as i had never considered the sleeeeeeeeeepiness to be associated with Lexapro. Nor the sweating which I had never done in my life, and i am not pre or menopausal. I have also had hair loss but thought it was related to a wrong thyroid rx dose. I will cut it back to 1/4 and see if the long sleeps in the day, hair loss and sweating go away...thanks for all the posts here, very helful. I began taking it due to extreme anxiety over money problems--I have been too sick to work for 3 years--and other very complicated issues I have to deal with alone regarding a house I own. I was waking at 4am with terrible terrors and panic, and Lexapro has simply removed this anxiety and I can look at what I have to face without being scared, it is just stuff I have to face, enormous as it is, but the panic has faded when I think about what I have to do, I can just think about it and actually come up with a plan... F 56 5 months

 4  anxiety and depression not many at all! possibly a bit of lower back pain life saver for "intrusive thoughts" brought on by anxiety F 43 5 years

 4  GAD Clenched jaw, difficulty in achieving orgasm, nauseous, sleepy, vivid dreams This medicine has been wonderful! Here is what I went through: I started out taking 10mg of Lexapro and I was extremely tired, was sick to my stomach. I was alert and able to concentrate, but felt very disconnected. I had zero interest in anything and I almost felt depressed, but the anxiety was gone. My doctor assured me this was normal, but if I wanted to I could drop down to 5mg, which I did. I felt so much better. So much relief. The stomach aches were completely gone, I was alert, I was able to concentrate and I had my optimism back. I felt like I had my life back!!! I still have a little anxiety, but I am able to cope better and deal with it. I have very vivid dreams and despite being on Xanax, I still have some trouble falling to sleep, but once I'm asleep I stay asleep. Orgasm is an issue, but with some effort it's attainable. The cleched jaw is barely noticable, unless I've been doing it in my sleep in which case my mouth is a tiny bit sore for a little while af F 32 2 months

 4  Depression/Anxiety Nausea on the first day, nightmares, racing heart, unable to have orgasm. Even with all the side effects I really think Lexapro is the right choice for me. It has helped me so much and the depression and anxiety are gone. F 27 9 days

 4  depression/anger Weight gain, decreased sex drive, no orgasm, and clenched jaw I gained about 15 pounds while on Lexapro. I started on 10 mg for about the first 4 months and only noticed a mild difference and no side effects. I switched up to 20 mg and got all of the side effects. I gained 15 lbs over 8 months. Lexapro did help all of my original problems though. I was not angry and I noticed I did not get upset or depressed easily. I had increased concentration also. F 27 1 years
 4  Premenstrual dysphoric disorder Lots of nausea for the first month or two; extreme decrease in sex drive; almost impossible to achieve orgasm Definitely helps me. I'm considering switching to Cymbalta, simply because, although Lexapro helps with depression, it does not help with aches and pains related to depression. It kills sex drive, causes very vivid dreams/nightmares, but overall, it helps me a lot. The one thing I would warn people about is this: NEVER, and I mean NEVER, try to get off Lexapro without talking to your doctor and getting weaned off Lexapro. Stopping cold turkey is the worst feeling in the world. I made the mistake of quitting early on because I didn't think it was working. Wow, that was a mistake. Once I got back on and really gave it a chance, it made a world of difference. F 26 28 months

 4  Severe Anxiety/ Possible Depression gas, bloating, excitability, insomnia This medication is kinda like a double-edged sword for me. I was on Effexor for years, but started getting some wierd side effects (detrimental compulsive behaviors). Lexapro started working AFTER 1 MONTH. It doesn't provide immediate relief. Before starting Lexapro, I lost 20 pounds in 90 days(no appetite what so ever), was constantly experiencing pure anxiety and panic attacks, and was pretty much sleeping 10 hours a day. NOW, I'm only having occasional panic attacks (and am learning the triggers), have an overall better outlook on life, and am back to my fun self. The drawback----I only sleep 4-5 hours a night even with sleep meds, which I take too often in my opinion. My husband calls me "the flounder" because at night I toss and turn. My therapist said that could be the result of me working through issues at night. Ironically, I wake up refreshed every morning and ready to go. I have also gained back the lost weight plus 5 pounds, but that may be the result o F 33 8 months
 4  depression anxiety WORKS GREAT BUT DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE ON THIS MEDICINE I had NON TYPICAL reactions on Lexapro.. It gave me a GREAT SEX DRIVE and great sexual function. I think most people say it doesn't effect sex drive or decreases it mildly. This drug was great at TAKING AWAY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!!! Lexipro kept me in a GREAT MOOD and happy. BUT DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE TAKIN THIS MEDICATION!!! YOU WILL HAVE NO INHABITIONS!!! NONE!! I spent thousands of dollars going out with friends when i was drinking because LEXIPRO MIXED WITH ALCOHOL makes your do ANYTHING YOU FEEL LIKE with NO sense of consequences or common sense!!! You just dont care about anything or anyone else...your basically totally HIGH when you combine Lexipro and alcohol... I started driving drunk all the time, telling people off, having tons of one night stands.... The combination with alcohol makes you TOO CONFIDENT and you start making mistakes all the time because you STOP CARING about the consequences.... So USE LEXIPRO BUT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS COMPLETELY AND OBAY THE WARNIN M 27 1 years

 4  depression low libido, can't tell when I'm full (i.e. overeating/weight gain) Overall I'm very happy with Lexapro - just wish there was a generic. The one anti-depressant where I haven't experienced constipation. F 29 10 months

 4  Depression, Anxiety Been taking for 6 weeks. Lex has helped with the depression and anxiety. They are less severe. However I am concerned because I have no ambition. No desire to achieve anything. M 6 weeks

 4  Depression, suicidal ideation First day, definite 'happy pill' effect. First week, insomnia. Nausea for the first few weeks. Tiredness. Increased g/i problems. Pretty much immediately put an end to suicidal ideation. Has definitely helped with depression and coping in general. The side effects were mild compared to Effexor, which I reacted quite violently to. I'm glad I gave it a go. Can't have more than 2 drinks on this though. I am sick before I can finish the third one. M 36 22 days

 4  major depression/anxiety at 1st not hungry, anxiety, sweating at night. then went away.weight gain 30 plus the 20 I lost before taking it. mild tiredness. orgasims take longer with higher dose. sometimes not able at all. Loved beind on lexapro felt great. But my dr. gave me the chioce to switch to wellbutrin or going off of lexapro because of the weight gain. 2.5 weeks off so far elecric zaps and pain in my fingers but hopefully will go away soon. Just cant wait for the weight loss!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been this heavy before!!!!!!! This site has been very helpfull as far as knowing what to expect while going of this med. F 42 1.5 years
 4  Depression and Anxiety None that were enough to notice until recently. I went off for a few days and noticed that I was able to have an orgasm again. Before I went on it I was always able to, but I never put two and two together to realize that the medicine was the reason I couldn't anymore. It has really helped with my depression and my ability to handle things. My anxiety is much calmer, although still present. I haven't had any episodes or panic attacks since I started it, except for a three day period when I couldn't get my prescription refilled, so went without. When all is said and done, and after taking so many other AD's that have really messed me up, this is by far the best, with the least amount of side effects. F 22 1 years

 4  GAD, depression, mild OCD Fatigue I've been on Lexapro for only four or five days and I already notice a slight difference. I haven't had that sweeping, crippling feeling of panic since I've taken my first pill and I'm used to having that feeling constantly. Things don't feel as devastating. I still feel more down than up overall, but it's only been a couple days. I'm still irritable as ever by any extra stimulation (too much noise, light, etc.); that will probably take a few months to get rid of. I am sleepy though - not enough to where I can't get up and be out and about, but if I have the option I'd rather lay in bed. I'm hoping this just takes away the negative extremes - this past year has been catastrophic with my anxiety and I'd rather have a couple side effects than go back to living that way ever again. F 21 5 days

 4  Depression/ High Anxiety Made me VERY tired ALL the time & Weight gain Other than the side effects i LOVED it, I would have loved to continue taking it but my new insurance will not cover it. F 21 2.5 months

 4  depression jaw clenching, dry mouth, short term memory loss, irregular libido. initial antsiness. Upset stomach? Drowsiness? I had the usual side effects initially -- jittery, dry mouth -- but nothing better or worse than other drugs. In general, i feel it has helped me. I am also on Wellbutrin, but need another drug to get me at full strength. i've tried Prozac(no libido) and Effexor(didn't feel effective after 8 months). I'm not sure if the upset stomach and drowsiness are side effects -- i have always had stomach problems, but i only get them at night now. And the drowsiness has only shown up in the last 4 months, so i'm not sure. I am happy with this medication. i take 15 mg each day. Started on 10mg. In terms of libido loss, my doctor suggested that i skip a dose if i know that i will be with my partner the next day. i have found this effective in the right way. F 35 1 years

 4  Anxiety, weight loss, insomnia A few night sweats and nightmares, sometimes more than one a night. Dry mouth at first. Took 10 mg/day for 2 months, then gradually phased it out under doctor's supervision. Took a week to kick in, then my appetite returned to near normal. M 49 3 months

 4  Bipolar Depression Killed my sex drive. No libido whatsoever. Emotionless. It helped my depression tremendously, but sexual side effects are severe in my case. M 49 4 years

 4  Anxiety induced IBS / Panic First week: Day 1 extreme nausea, no appetite. Increasingly Better days 2-4. I can immediately tell my anxiety is gone. The side effects of this drug are horrible to start. I'm sticking with it since i read so many reviews on this site about all going away in 1 week or so. I still feel jittery and weird but definitely feels like my body is adjusting to the drug. I will post again and let you know how things are later. M 28 4 days

 4  situational depression, anxiety stomach pain, headaches, constipation, some insomnia After having had a terrible experience with Wellbutrin, I was quite nervous about trying another drug but needed some relief from anxiety. Started with 5mg for 2wks, then jumped to 10mg. The results? Much better experience for me! Yes, my weight gain happened but I had lost so much weight before taking the med that it was OK with me to gain back some of it. Felt like I could deal with the enormous stress I was facing and was a HAPPY MOM again...a huge relief! Am back down to 5mg and am hoping to stop taking altogether soon now that life is getting back to a new normal. Hang in there, the side affects are temporary and I felt "normal" physically and emotionally in about 6 weeks. F 46 6 months

 4  Stress, moodiness, nervousness, dep None so far I've been taking Lexapro for one week. I feel more calm and happier. The situations that would normally stress me out have not fazed me much, so far. As far as weight gain with Lexapro, I've not experienced that yet. Hopefully, my appetite will stabilize now that my mood seems more balanced. One of the results of my depression was that I would lose my appetite or lose the desire to eat, therefore losing weight. As far as decreased sex drive, I don't know. I'm celibate. F 35 8 days

 4  Anxiety Lots of startup symptoms: Insomnia, yawns, jittery jaw After the startup I unfortunately can not limit myself as well with food and alcohol.After observing me on Lexapro for a year my wife decided to try it to help with her anxiety and had a severe reaction after one day and stopped: insomnia, upset stomach, paranioa Felt 10mg the first time I took it. Many benefits that my family has noticed: Increased patience, control over anger. I have less of a sense of urgency (which can be good and bad) M 35 16 months

 4  GAD, anxiety induced depression Migraines, weight gain, and severe back acne, ocular migraine, memory lapses The first day I took the medication, I experienced a severe drop in blood pressure (scary) in the middle of the night. I have had more frequent and severe migraines, and have gained 15 lbs the first 6 months. I now have that under control with strict diet...ON THE BRIGHT SIDE this medication worked VERY fast. I felt 110% better by day 4, and this is the first anti-anxiety medication that has NOT interfered with my sex life, and the only one that has not caused me to have that detached, uncaring, unfeeling mood. Recently I missed 2 days (by accident), and the severe migraine that I experienced left me worried about what coming off this drug will do. Basically, I went from suicidal to normal in less than a week, and that is a very good thing. F 39 270 days

 4  OCD, Depression Sweating, vivid dreams, tiredness (want to sleep ALL the time), loss of sex drive. It seems to have helped with the OCD symptoms and depression. Unfortunately, the side effects are not mild and they have not gone away over time. F 40 6 years

 4  Anxiety Weight gain, vivid dreams & dry mouth. I was first on Effexor for a few months & it made me so tired i couldn't get off the couch or have the drive to do anything. Plus i was still getting anxiety attacks. My doctor switched me to Lexapro 10mg. Its worked so well & so fast. After 3 months i felt like it was fading & i gained about 10 pounds. I just went back & he changed my dose to 20mg. I'll see how this works. He also said NO medication makes you gain weight. Since your content you eat more. So im heading back to the gym! F 25 3 months
 4  Depression/anxiety Only in the first 2 weeks on 5mgs, I had periods of sweating, jaw clenching, insomnia, skin "crawling" intermixed with periods of feeling extremely AWARE and almost high. This went away, and now I feel no scary SEs whatsover, just lethargic. My libido was non-existent before going on the drug, so i have no idea if that's been affected at all. Lexapro has kept me on an even keel the last 4 months. I don't have the panic and anxiety I used to have, and my outlook on life is generally more positive. If I start obsessing about something I can usually stop myself more easily now. Lately, the "self-hate" self talk has returned, so it might be that I need to up my dosage from 10mg to 15 or 20. (I've tried 15 before and it makes no real difference that I can see.) My doc has recommended that I add Wellbutrin to help with the lethargy. I'm going to try that. I've read that it can be a good mixture. I need to get back to the GYM and right now I have no get-up-and-go. I guess you could say it's worked on the depression (at least 40%), but made me more apathetic and less motivated. F 37 4.5 months

 4  depression & anxiety on 10mg no side effects at all. On 20 mg experienced extreme nausea daily, sleeplessness, nightmares, decreased concentration, diarrhea, mood swings, extreme fatigue, no sex drive. while taking 10mg of Lexapro I was very happy with the results and had no side effects. I had some adverse life events and the doc and I decided to up the dose, after 3 months of being on 20mg still having all side effects. adjusting back down to 10mg. F 23 2 years

 4  general anxiety disorder Stomach pain I started taking Lexapro to reduce symptoms of anxiety, and it certainly helps with that. However, I've found that I cannot tolerate anything more than a very small dose of this medication: anything more than half of a 5 mg pill makes my stomach hurt terribly. (If it were not so difficult to split the pills, I would try a lower dose.) Additionally, I've had problems with interactions between Lexpapro and Ibuprofen (which are actually common problems with SSRIs and NSAIDs), so be very careful about taking this with pain medication. M 33 2 years

 4  chronic pain management nothing significant I was taking this for pain management in conjunction with Lupron for endometriosis. I was hesitant to take antidepressants, but my dr explained that Lexapro was to be taken for a short period of time, and it also helped raise pain tolerance. It did help me, but I only took it for about 6 months, and not for a mental health condition. F 37 6 months


 4  depression and anxiety constipation, fatigue, weight gain, blocked tears and sad feelings that still existed inside of me I took Lexapro together with Wellbutrin to "correct" concurrent depression and anxiety. At the time I started the drugs, I was in a major depression. Wellbutrin helped immediately to let me think entire thoughts again (without interruptions in my thinking because I felt so sad.) Adding Lexapro improved my mood. I started at 5 mg and worked slowly up to 20 mg. After 2 years at 20 mg, my thoughts became bitchy and impatient again. My psych recommended increasing the lexapro dosage to deal with it. I chose the opposite path: I tapered off both Lexapro and Wellbutrin and am focusing on nutrition and exercise to keep my mood steady and generally positive. Psychiatrist disagrees with my approach and says Lexapro is a drug for life. I am sleeping more deeply now, without the intense anxious dreams that I had on the drugs. I will go back on them if I have to, as they did keep my super sad thoughts at bay. Personally I think these drugs were a life saver to get me through F 46 3 years

 4  Anxiety/ low grade depression At first: Headache, nausea, trembling belly, loss of appetite, nervousness (All went away in a few weeks.) I'm also on Xanax (have been for many years). 10mgs daily Lexapro has helped my anxiety and has chilled me out. I don't get as upset about things nor do I worry myself crazy anymore. I am, however, TIRED! Then again, with Xanax and Lexapro, I suppose anyone would be. Vivid dreams but not nightmares. Libido is low but orgasm is possible. Considering adding Wellbutrin for some energy and to counter slight weight gain. My mood is definitely lifted although my energy is really low. F 47 7 months
 4  Depression, Anxiety Decreased sex drive. Delayed ejaculation. Lexapro helped me to get my life back. It turned it around 180 degrees. The orgasm problems are a bummer, but my girlfriend actually likes it. M 39 8 months
 4  Depression Somnolence & lethargic. Slowing down my mood and having difficulties at work where I cannot do deep thinking & strategic analysis. It stabilizes anxiety and slowly I can grip control of my emotion. M 33 6 weeks

 4  Depression a day and a half of nausea - that's it I suffered from depression since high school but was able to function very well/my feelings got hurt easily and my depression worsened before my period/over the last two years my depression became a daily hindrance with a lot of crying and negative thinking...I never took any meds and was scared to death to start/but I did (5mg)/after two days, my feelings improved greatly/bad things just slide off my back/I feel like a new person F 47 10 days

 4  depression, anxiety, ptsd the first three days I had a headache. Feel a bit neausous and can't remember words for a few seconds. I have only been on 5mgs for one week. however it has helped me feel less raw and uninsulated to lifes blows. I like felling a little more flat about a breakup which was bothering me tremendously. so far I like this drug alot. I was unable to tolerate any other anti depressant. I tried many and always got intolerable side effects. The side effects of the lexapro are very easy to deal with. I admit I am new to this drug so I will post again later. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. F 49 7 days
 4  Depression; anxiety Jaw clenching; difficulty achieving orgasm; fatigue Very pleased with Lexapro. Most of the fatigue passed after a week or so. I've found that the side effects are tolerable in exchange for the remarkably stable feeling I have and the absence of any depression or suicidal thoughts. M 45 4 months

 4  Anxiety / Pannic Attacks The first night I took it, I took it a few hours after taking 1mg of Ativan (Lorazepam) and I fell asleep about an hour later! I couldt NOT stay awake any longer. This is a GREAT pill and at FIRST the side effects are HORRIBLE. I couldnt sleep for the first week or two. Id be up till 4 am and get almost NO sleep for work. All of this and the other bad side effects will pass. You HAVE to give your body a chance to get used to this drug. After that its great. I think the wait is worth it. M 22 2 months

 4  OCD Day 1: I felt weird, shaky, a little brain-foggy, almost like a bit of a cold/fever Day 2: Not so bad. Very occasional and short periods of nausea. Some shakes around 20 hrs before the 1st dose Day 3: still some nausea & shakes but less in frequency and strength Day 4: same but less again Day 7: no nausea, no shakes. All seems well. When I first started Lexapro I found this site and got really nervous! Luckily all seems ok after the first 3 days. And IíM LESS HUNGRY and losing weight (I think Iím obsessing less about food!). If things change, I'll post again. Good luck all. F 40 7 days

 4  Anxiety and Stress The two most frustrating side effects for me are weight gain of about 30 pounds over 2 1/2 years and decreased sex drive. I got frustrated with the weight gain and stopped taking it for about a month and realized that I started getting anxious and angry again. So back on it I went... The decreased sex drive is frustrating since I was 28 when I started, and I also feel somewhat "emotion-less." I don't cry like I used to but my PMS has lessened. Also, I have recently noticed (and confirmed by my eye doctor) that it is affecting my vision, so that it seems blurry or like I can't quite focus. My eye doctor said that can be caused by the Lexapro. This drug has changed my life. I'm a teacher and the stress can become OVERWHELMING. I was constantly doing more, feeling more stressed, getting anxious about not getting my work done which caused more stress and anxiety. This medication helped subside all of those feelings and made me feel more in control of myself, my reactions to things, and my life. I also learned that the anxiety affected many things when I was younger like stage fright or performance anxiety. I have gained an enormous amount of confidence because I am no longer nearly as anxious. The most frustrating is the wieght gain. I'm an active person and I eat fairly well, but it just keeps adding on. My new doctor didn't seem to think it was a problem or offer a solution other than a food diary (which I've done before). It's sad, but I wish there was another drug to take to counteract the weight gain. F 30 2 years
 4  Panic Attacks/GAD/Mild Depression Weight gain, dry mouth, loss of libido, blurred vision, bloating and other stomach issues, dizziness and clumsiness This medication really helped with my panic attacks and seemed to level out my mood overall. However, I am now having issues from the weight gain; ALL of my clothes are tight and many don't fit at all, and I work out four days a week! I am very uncomfortable and it seems like everything I eat just clings to my body. I've had no interest in sex for months, and I chew gum frequently for the dry mouth. I am now starting to taper off on the dosage so I can stop taking it altogether. I've been taking 10mg and am now on 5mg, but I am concerned about the withdrawal symptoms I've been reading about, as some of them seem quite serious and scary. F 39 10 months

 4  anxiety, depression at first, a little tired. Vivid dreams, lack of libido, increased appetite This definitely helped me through a difficult point in my life. OCD-type thinking diminished, anxiety much less. zero sex drive, weight gain (about 1 lb per month), and lack of energy were not so great. I went off of it for these reasons, but also b/c the stress & crisis in my life resolved itself. F 40 8 months

 4  GAD, panic attacks. The usual ones mentioned. Mild or non existant now. Is helping so far. I wonder how many of the negative reviews are by rival drug makers. Don't believe everything you read...a lot of these posts are phony. M 34 6 weeks

 4  anxiety I do notice I sweat more easily. Also seem more groggy in the morning. (I take 10mg at night.) But NO sexual side effects, which is great. I was on Celexa for one month before this and it was hard to have an orgasm. Works like a dream. Really keeps me on an even keel. I feel calm and like I can manage my life. But I admit, after reading some of the other comments, I am a touch concerned about the transition to not taking it any more. But that's several months away probably so will talk with my dr. F 39 30 days

 4  post partum depression Insomnia, lack of sex drive F 26 8 months

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