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 5  Chronic Panic anxiety djsorder Brilliant! My heart is CALM AND MY BRAIN IS UNCLUTTERED WITH THOUGHTS OF PANIC FEAR ' COMPLETE TERROR due to Custody battle with Psycho Dad Stealung my precious Boy! He has BIG $ LAWYER.. im stay home MOM W LOW INCOME & USA Doesng seen to care about Kids...just $$$$!!! So Xanax has Basically kept me from FULL HEART ATTAXK AND MENTAL SIEZURE FROM EMMENSE STRESS! i Can Sleep Eat NO NAUSIA & NO HEADACHE! ITS LIFE OR DEATH FOR me & it doesnt make u feel too drowsy to drive ... Just MELLOW!!! i can Xcersize on it too! Have a cup of coffee if u need a little boost without raising the heartrate to PANIC LEVEL! All Around LUFESAVER! When its Tapered off tgat will be a lucky day cuz it Means im NIT IN TOTAL CRISES ANYMORE BUT RIGHT NOW ITS A DREAM MED TO KEEP ME FROM LOSING MY MIND!!! Ladts ALL DAY! XR IS THE WAY TO GO ! Not too Xpensive either F 50 1 months
2 ml XR
 4  generalized anxiety/panic no negative side effects Excellent replacement for Klonopin. Lasts just about as long but kicks in much more quickly; along with 3 mg of Xanax in the middle of the day, this combined cocktail, while less sedating than Valium, is the perfect answer for SSRI-resistant chronic anxiety/panic. M 28 3 months
3 mg 2X D

 5  GAD, Panic Attacks I take xanax xr 1mg twice daily. I've been on every medication under the sun and none have helped as much as xanax xr. I have had a 99% reduction in my anxiety and panic attacks. My doctor gives me .5 of IR xanax as well and I have needed to take one maybe 1-3 a month just on particularly stressful days M 23 1 years

 4  Anxiety If I ran out for my month I became nervous and feel like I'm numb and not really knowing what I was doing ,I become more anxious and messed up F 42 1 years
 1  GAD This drug RUINED my life. I was prescribed this drug after having reported only one panic attack. Within 4 months of using this "medication" I became severely depressed. It took 7 months for me to realize that I was addicted. Ive been off now for 8 months, and completely disabled. I've lost my health, job, relationships, fitness and self-esteem. I'm basically bedbound. I have anxiety 24/7. My life has been destroyed by this medication. Please don't let this happen to you. If you doc prescribes this, do take it and then find another responsible physician. You've been warned. F 47 7 months

 2  Panic Disorder Xanax XR has not given me any relief from my panic attacks so far. Klonopin worked better for me. I am experiencing severe dizziness, tiredness, and diarrhea, but still anxiety. It has made me have suicidal thoughts, hence my discontinuation. M 19 6 days
1 MG

 5  anxiety/picking none I use to take .25 IR and when my stress level sky rocketed, I started picking, causing permanent scars. My practitioner put me on the XR and increased from .5 to 1.5 when it seemed to even out the picking and anxiety. I have been on this dose most of my last 3 years. I am bad at taking medications and can miss it for a few days and I have no withdrawal symptoms at all. It may not work for some people but I do know that it does for some and that includes me. I still have moments where I catch myself picking but it is much less. F 39 3 years
1.5 mg XR 1X D
 4  Anxiety The XR has some mixed side effects any given day, sleepiness, insomia, no side effects, loopiness as it wears off to none at all. I tapered my dose and have some mild side effects I think the XR has helped the anxiety and dealing with the mental stress I deal with at work. If the side effects were less, I would probably rate it higher. The drug helps you function but I can't say I always feel like my normal self M 39 7 months
.5MG 2X D
 1  anxiety/depression extreme fatigue and in a "fog" all the time DO NOT TAKE XR - WITHDRAWL AFTER ONLY 7 DAYS OF TAKING IT. F 37 7 days
1mg 1X D
 5  Panic disorder None F 44 1 months

 1  gernerized anxiety and panic attack decreased sex drive, a little drowsy in the am since i take it at bedtime. I was on the instant release xanax 1 mg 4 times a day and they worked great until they started wearing off, so they put me on the XR, i still get panic attacks and i like the fast attacking effect of the IR, i feel like i'm waiting for ever for the XR to kick in, most importantly if you dont have insurance your screwed IR xanax is less than 20 bucks a month where XR release is over $200 a month, That in itself will cause you a panic attack when you get that surprise bill from the pharmacy!! Besides that i have tried every benzo for my condition and have done so for years, dont switch to valium if youve been on xanax XR to save money because you'll be better off taking a benadryll! F 27 30 days
4 mg 1X D
 4  Anxiety & Panic Some tiredness at first, but it passes. Maybe memory related issues, but not sure. Diagnosed with Clinical Depression around 2005 after losing several family members and close friends during about a span of 2 years. Effexor = eventual NIGHTMARE. Lexapro 10 MG for several years worked well along with occasional Xanax .5 or Xanax XR .5. (A 30 day supply of each - Xanax - would last me 4 to 6 months) Tapered off Lexapro about 6 months ago and have felt okay without it, but found I now take more Xanax XR .5 - at least one each day for several weeks now. Went back to Lexapro, but starting it again was not going well at all. Lexapro ALWAYS gave me the feeling of "brain cloud", but perhaps that was needed to not dwell on the loss, fears, etc. So, now I'm only taking Xanax XR .5 once a day (in the morning) and do find it helps very much with panic and anxiety feelings. Have also started walking (usually too darn lazy for too darn long) and find that a 20 minute good paced walk is helping as well. Prayer is a must! I have to leave everything at the feet of the Lord and trust Him to take care of it. I like to keep my ducks in a nice row, but most of the time they're all over the pond and I have to remember that God is in control. I don't like to take "mental meds", but if I was a diabetic, I'd be taking Insulin for that physical ailment. I'd love to hear from anyone reading "ask a patient" to correspond, share notes or just express. Thank You! M 52 5 years
.5 1X D
 5  panic attacks, aniety none F 65 15 years
.5 1X D

 4  general anxiety none really... i went from .5 or 1mg of regular xanax to 2mg xr and havent really noticed any difference. i didnt realize my doctor had switched me until i got to the pharmacy so i decided to go with it. still works but sometimes thing i should be taking higher dose because i still have much anxiety. (but less than without the med) M 39 4 months
2mg 1X D

 5  Panic Attacks/Social Phobia Fatigue at first. This is a whole other drug than Xanax. I take it daily and am unaware of having done so except that my psychiatric symptoms are relieved. Miracle Drug. I am sure I am addicted to it, but I have successfully tapered off of other benzos, which were less effective, before, so I'm not too worried about withdrawal. M 55 4 years
2 mg 1X D

 5  Alcohol withdraws . Anxiety attacks hang over felling in the morning! other then that takes the anxiety away lets me sleep ! I was a binge drinker for a few years an smoked alot of weed while a drank. ! one day my body started to go numb when i was sitting . I thought I was having a stroke or Heart attack . went to the ER They said i had very low potassium due to Chronic drinking and they gave me Xanax for 30 days ! Couse my blood pressure was so high due to Anxiety ! It was a God sent ! They said my Liver was Fine AND kidneys was ok ! I never drink again an recommend to all u bing drinkers take vitamin pills immidiatlely ! I still feel the eager to drink, but my children need me to survive ! Im 32 and i saw my life flash before my eyes but it was my low potassium . know xanax give me a knew hangover in the morning ! witch i dont like so ill probly stop taking them since I only been on them a few days ! couse i know now im not dying just low potassium! i recommend every drinker to take vitamins everyday for ever ! M 32 3 days
.25 3X D
 3  panic Stopped panic cold. Sleepiness. After 3 years the extended release did not stay extended as long so I would get reboud. Lowering and quitting is nearly impossible. Need doctors constant help. M 50 3 years
1 2X D

 4  Panic / Anxiety None I swtiched to Xanax XR from Klonopin 2 days ago. WOW! I did not realize that the Klonopin was not working like it should until I started taking Xanax XR. Erases any anxiety and negative thoughts. I take it in the am and have zero issues or problems all day. I highly suggest switching if Klonopion is not working for you. I stayed with the XR since I was taking the longer half life Benzo instead of IR Xananx. What a great drug! M 36 2 days
1mg 1X D
 3  anxiety and panic attacks some drowsiness,some memory issues the first couple days , sometimes the anxiety would slip through, some nausea, sometimes I feel like I'm in a fog. I am told it will go away after a few weeks. I have had very bad vertigo for the last 6 months with no cure so far. The last month I started to have severe anxiety and panic attacks due to my health and all the worries that come along with it. The first time it happened I thought I was having a heart attack. Went to the hospital and they told me it was just a reaction to one of the new meds they were trying on me at the time. A few weeks and a few more hospital visits later I found out what it was. From the first day I started taking it I felt better. I am hoping that as the weeks go on it keeps getting better and the drowsiness goes away. It also has been helping a little with the vertigo. So far I would recommend it as the first start if you are having your attacks due to stress or medical issues. F 31 5 days
0.5 2X D

 1  Anxiety I first started taking regular Xanax for about 6 months to treat moderate depression and anxiety, most likely due to a high stress management job. Xanax had immediate positive effect -- I basically returned to normal. I shifted to Xanax XR, took for several months and then the problems began. I had a panic attack which sent me to a hospital and other symptoms, including muscle twitching and stiffening, difficulty sleeping, restlessness. The neurological symptoms worsened and I began to fear a serious illness. So what did my doctor do? He increased my dose. Fortunately, I went to a neurologist who demanded I get off Xanax. I weaned off over a 6 week period... no fun. But the neurological symptoms appeared to worsen as did my anxiety. I have been off for two years now and very close to normal. But that year from hell, in retrospect, was a combination of high stress exasperated by an increasing dependence on Xanax. To this day I am pretty convinced that Xanax had alot to do wit Don't take it. It is a quick fix, but a potential trip to hell. Fortunately, and thanks to God, I returned from hell. M 52 1 years
1 to 1.5mg 1X D

 1  Anxiety Feelings of detachment and unreality. Withdrawals are: Shaking, extreme anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations, vivid dreams, heart palpitations. Addicted after just five day! Took me five weeks to ween off and had to go down to .125 a day. Withdrawals sent me to ER where the doctor gave me Vistaril, a non-addictive antihistimine, to counter the withdrawals and to help me sleep. It was a God send. The doctor there said that Xanax is not made to be taken on a regular basis. It's only for breakthrough panic attacks on an as needed basis...not daily. He said that if you are driving under the influence of Xanax, you are charged the same as if you are DUI. If somebody dies, you go to jail. Highly addictive drug and very dangerous. F 49 5 days
.5 mg 2X D
 5  Anxiety related to depression I take it at night and in the morning have a mildly “hung over” feeling. It makes me a little sleepy until mid-morning. XANAX XR has been great for me and has greatly reduced my general anxiety/agitation. Any time I have tried to go off it has been disastrous and I plan to stay on it as long as possible/necessary. F 40 10 years
2 MG 1X D

 5  panic disorder with agoraphobia Zero side effects, high efficacy, no build up in tolerance, nothing bad at all. I have done very well on Xanax XR, it feels subtle so I don't get tired or lethargic but it is working. If I would take 1 mg of Xanax four times a day I would just sleep. By far the best benzo I have taken. M 21 4 years
2 mg 2X D

 5  Anxiety disorder if i missed a dose, my body would feel very tense and my heart would feel like it was coming out... i love xanax in the fact it's one of the only anti-anxiety drugs that doesn't make me tired at all! it totally takes away my anxiety, but i have to be careful on how long i go without it. your body can become quite dependant on it, so short term is best. F 24 2 years

 3  Panic Disorder,Agoraphobia, GAD dizziness, drowziness, blurred vision, ataxia,irritability, depression. It worked great for awhile after clonazepam stopped helping. I built up a tolerance to it so that now at 10 months, I am at highest recommended dosage, and not getting much benefit. Do not discontinue on your own. Seek doctors and/or pharmacists suggestions regarding tapering, or see Dr. Ashtons manual online. Slow taper-you will have to switch from Xanax XR to regular Xanax as you taper since XR pills can not be split. Xanax can help where other anti-anxiety meds might not but short term use and at lowest helpful dose highly recommended. It can be addictive in some and if you find yourself needing more just to keep away withdrawal effects and/or it no longer seems to be working-contact your doctor ASAP. Ps. Make sure you get a CMP (complete metabolic panel) and/or other Dr. recommended blood tests every 2-3 months, to make sure liver,kidneys functions not adversely affected by use. Not for use as an anti-depressant or for those with Borderline Personality Disorder. F 40 10 months

 1  Anxiety Extreme Highs and Lows, Sexual Dysfunction, Rapid Heart Rate in between doses, Dependance for sleep and confidence Amazingly I have been off for 4 months and the side effects of Xanex are subsiding. The anxiety I had was a result of prednisone I had taken for a ulcer. Xanex made it OK for awhile but when I went off it made the anxiety I had to begin with seem like childs play. Going off of Xanex almost made me insane. I ended up in the emergency room twice.I had severe agoraphobia. Im so happy to know what caused these symptoms, I had several doctirs tell me it was not the Xanex. Miraculously once I stopped taking it for a few months all my symptoms went away. Very Dangerous drug that is often misprescribed. M 42 6 months

 5  Panic Attacks, Social Phobia Slight sexual dysfunction, but nothing like taking an SSRI. I had been on Xanax .5 mg PRN for years. When social phobia and panic attacks struck, Xanax XR 1 mg. once a day provided relief. I have tapered off of benzos in the past, so I'm not too worried about tapering off of this when the time comes. This has been a miracle drug for me, and I have not habituated to its therapeutic effects. M 52 3 years

 4  GAD, Panic Disorder Switched back to Xanax from Clonopin but went to Xanax Xr 3mg per day with Niravam for panic attacks, same thing as Xanax but they melt in your mouth and dont taste bad. Good transition, no rebound anxiety, seems like me peaks are level. Overall not bad. I used to take 3-4mg of regular Xanax(alprazolam) but went to Klonopin because I thought with the longer half life that it would be better, 7 months later, very depressed, I feel like my glass is half empty, Back to Xanax but XR version. I like it One pill a day, sometimes need an extra .5 to 1mg but a great pill so far. You dont feel the hit like you do with Xanax but I havent felt a high in years from it, I miss the feel of it. But it does keep most panic attacks away but not all anxiety attacks. M 1 months

 2  Stress, anxiety Wanted to give Xanax XR a go as I have been using regular Xanax asit wears off pretty soon. Tried the generic Xanax XR and it had no effect at all. F 42 14 days

 4  Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia Extreme sleepiness about 30 minutes after taking it for the first two months, but I've been on it for two years now and would not be able to go to college without it. It's made me able to function in life. At first I thought I would never get over the side effects of extreme, extreme fatique...but after a couple months I was having no problems, and two years later, I'm glad I was put on it. I started out taking .25mg once a day now I take .5mg 7 times a day (3.5 mg dose) to manage my panic throughout the day, even though it is XR F 21 2 years
 3  Anxiety Memory problems, Loss of mental acuity It took 6 weeks to titrate off, and it wasn't easy at times M 46 2 years

 5  panic attacks and bipolar II fatigue at first which went away after a few days. I take 2 mg twice a day. psychiatrists seem reluctant to prescribe it, but this has been the most reliable anti-anxiety medication i have used. M 47 2 years

 4  Anger/Anxiety Calm and relaxed. Around that time of month this helps me a great deal to stop and think before acting. Love it! 1mg 3x daily. I don't use it all the time though. F 28 6 months
 5  Panic/Anxity Attack NO side effects. Have been on 1mg Xanax for Years and just got switched over to Xanax 2mg XR. This drug helps me so much. No ill or adverse side effects that I have seen or noticed. I think it's a wonderful drug. F 57 20 years
 4  Bipolar/Anxiety Sleepiness, talk more, dehydration, depression may be worse, restlessness, agitation, irritability (all when it starts to wear off) I like this medication because it doesn't make me go through withdrawal as soon. The time-release really makes a difference in my body. I was given regular Xanax a few times, in the hospital, which is how I realized the restlessness, agitation, irritability, ect. are from this medication. It was so intense they had to give me something else to get it to stop. I still take this because I'm unable to get my anxiety/worry to stop on my own. It also helps get rid of anger. The problem I have with it is that it actually causes all of the symptoms it temporarily removes. It's frustrating, especially since my body has gotten too used to the lower dose. Geez, I hate medication! Like/Hate relationship. F 29 8 months
 4  Anxiety I am still trying to figure that one out. I am not sure if my extreme fatigue is from the Xanax ER or Lexapro. I take both. Now I started taking Chantix to quit smoking. The Chantix is successful, however I have become extremely moody! And I mean MOODY! F 34 1 years

 4  anxiety None The drug works very well. I would say it is the best medication to use to come off of klonopin! The only one that worked to get me off klonopin. F 30 3 months

 4  Panic Disorder Makes me a little tired at first but none otherwise. The comedown is MUCH smoother than with the short-acting xanax. F 24 1 weeks

 4  Panic attacks Extreme Sleepiness, which is what I needed as it helped stop major panic attacks. It builds a tolerance if taken on a regular basis. If taken sporatically it helps stop a panic attack after it starts. However it does not help cut down on the possibility of panic attacks. F 27 1 years

 3  Not sure Felt stoned for the first month on 1mg. Seemed to work fine for a few months. I sleep 7-8 hours but still feel sleepy after I wake up and have a slight headache. When it starts to wear off I feel more alert but feel like my body is craving a drug. Like I need a cigarette. I am being treated for depression. It seems the initial side effects of Paxil and Celexa induced my anxiety attacks to begin with. I believe that's why my doctor prescribed Xanax XR to counteract the effects of the Celexa. In the evenings after the drug wears off my head feels like I am under water and I'm a bit restless. I asked my doctor if he could cut me back but he wants me to take a .5 mg after I wake up and I don't understand why. He says the drug is not addictive but I feel like it is and I want off it. M 37 7 months
 5  anxiety attacks I suffer from anxiety very badly to the point where I am disabled from it. Many things brought it out, post tramatic stress, having my thyroid removed (most people do not realize how much your thyroid levels could cause anxiety), and it has gotten much worse since starting menapause. Since getting my thyroid out my body metabolizes medication fast so I have been taking .5mg of Xanax XR 4 times a day and have a couple of normal x25 xanax's for extremem situations. So i am at about 2.5 max a day. I am very concerned with being addicted but after the roller coaster of so many medications and expensive ones as well where I spend $100 take it for 2 days and so sick - i am back to my xanax routine. Since menapause I am noticing I have to increase my medication. I tried kolonopin, some of the new medications that are out there nothing works for anxiety like xanax. Oher positive is if you have thyroid disease or do not have one it will not interfer or mess up your thyroid medication. If you get a generic watch where you purchase it from. I got my prescription filled at Walmart once and had some serious issues the drug was not working like it use to. After getting educated by the pharmacist at the hospital I never realized there is a big slidding scale as to how close to name brand a generic can be. Walmart sells the cheepest generic drugs and the effectiveness of them especially with medications like these can have an effect on how well they work. F 45 3 years
 5  Panic/Anxiety attacks Drowsiness at first, but WAY more tolerable than not being able to leave the house! I can do everything i used to do (hunt, fish, ATV, camp,) being away from a hospital doesnt bother me like it used to. I dont get anxious or panic anymore. A++ I take 3mg of Alprazolam Er, generic for Xanax XR, one time a day. M 30 3 days

 2  Overwhelming Stress caused anxiety none it's like taking a vitamin XR 1mg every morning don't feel nothing stil take reg. 0.5mg 3x daily(3months) on top of 1mg xr daily am able to focus a lil better but not much but I am a woman HAHAHA F 27 1 months
 5  Bipolar Disorder/Anxiety Disorder None I switched to this after taking Klonopin for 6 months to help reduce the sedation being caused by other medications I'm on. Not only does Xanax XR work better than the Klonopin to reduce anxiety, it's like it magically does it without making me tired. I can't explain it. It almost eliminates my anxiety in an easy-to-take single dosage in the morning and there's less of a chance of dependency - I was starting to get headaches if I didn't take the Klonopin every 8 hours to keep a constant amount in my blood stream. M 22 2 months

 1  Anxiety Attacks Extreme fatigue. The fatigue from the Xanax was so bad and felt like such a drug-induced haze that I quit after taking it the first time. I could cope with the anxiety, but I couldn't cope with the way Xanax made me feel. After quitting all caffeine my anxiety went away on its own. F 23 1 days

 3   prerequisite increase in anxiety followed shortly by its decrease, slight pulsing of the head and body after showering on what perhaps was a dose too large, tingling, a creeping grogginess xanax can be easily abused and hence doesnt seem worth its desired effects , i do not recommend this RX as a regular timed dose , perhaps however xanax could be quite effective when taken as needed and used correctly M 19 2 days
 3  anxiety, insomnia sleepiness It took the edge off of the anxiety. F 35 3 months

 5  Panic Disorder, Anxiety No side effects I used to take the short-acting Xanax and was yanked off of it and went through horrid withdrawal. After 9 months w/o the drug, I saw a psychiatrist who finally talked me into Xanax XR. I take 3 mg., and it works well. Part of me thinks the short-acting worked better, because I was only on .5 mg., but I can't make myself take it after what my stupid doctor put me through. Don't ever let a primary care physician yank you off Xanax. If you need it, you need it, and it is not harmful long term and is one of the best drugs for panic out there! F 26 1 years

 4  Extreme anxiety part caused by SSRI Extreme drowsiness and prolonged sleep. I sleep 9-11.5 hour nights yet I'm tired and yawning most of the day. I take 2mg every evening, and I'm supposed to do so for two weeks, and then reduce to 1mg for one week. I started taking them because the initial side effects for Cipralex/Lexapro (a SSRI-class drug) changed me from very anxious to EXTREMELY anxious, I could barely get out of bed. With Xanax XR (known as Xanor Depot over here), I'm tired, but I feel a lot better. All the anxiety isn't completly gone, but considering the amount I had pre-treatment (after Cipralex, before Xanax) this would probably help a "normal" patient a lot. Remember that benzo-class drugs should never be taken for prolonged periods of time, though. M 20 1 weeks

 4  Panic Great medication until ---------------------------------------------------------------------> YOU TRY TO STOP TAKING IT! Welcome to Hell. M 36 2 months

 4  death of spouse none F 63 3 weeks

 5  Anxiety This medication has given me back my life. I have suffered with severe ringing in my rights ear for years, and bouts with vertigo, diagnosed as Meniers Disease. For a few years I took just the regular (Non XR) does at .25 or .50mg as needed. Now with just one single does in the morning of 1.0mg, I feel great, can work all day with no anxiety, also the ringing in my ear has been greatly reduced, and I have not had a Vertigo attack again. I find I can stay off of it on weekends for a couple of days, but my symptoms return if I don't take it on weekdays. Xanax can cause daytime drowsyness if I don't get a good nights sleep, so I have to force myself to get to bed in time. By nature I am a night owl. I read where some people get addicted to this drug, personally I have never had a problem stopping taking it, but my body for sure is very used to it. It works very well for me, but I know it has the potential to be abused. Myself I am very carefull to take the minimum dose and never drink while taking it. Again its given me back my life. M 55 2 years

 4  Anxiety, depression At .5 once daily - constipation, sexual dysfunction. At 1.0 daily - symptoms that are more like withdrawl than normal symptons I used to take regular Xanax as needed, but started the .5 XR about 6 weeks ago. After one month, I started taking 1.0 daily, and I started having episodes of nervousness, headaches, irritable bowels with cramps, and occasional nausea. It's weird as though I feel fine and then all of a sudden I will have one of these symptoms. This is supposed to be time released and a continous dosage, but I'm starting to think that when the medication releases, I feel good - then the level lowers or something. I called my doc, and she doesn't think these things are caused by the medication. Since these symptoms are worse in the morning (before my next dose is due), I would kind of lean towards the probabilty that it is the way it's released. Has anyone else out there experienced this? F 40 6 weeks

 5  GAD, Health Anxiety, OCD Very mild, brief drowsiness at 0.5 mg twice daily. Has alleviated most symptoms related to anxiety and I am able to function arguably well compared to recent months. I am taking this medication in combination with Lexapro 2 mg once daily and Buspar 7.5 mg twice daily. I didn't believe it was significant in my recovery until I missed a dose and found out quickly just how much it actually was helping to decrease my symptoms. F 23 3 weeks

 5  Insomnia sleepiness need to increase doses to get same affect,still suffer from insomnia, can fall asleep for about four hours, concerned about addiction. F 71

 4  social anxiety, ptsd Xanax shortly stays in your blood stream. So it can become very addictive. M 27 2 years
 5  Tinnitus/ Panis attacks At first I wasnt taking it at the same time everyday. Spometimes I took 2 .25 doses and some days 3 doses. I found myself to be an emotional wreck. I started taking 3 doses a day 1 at 9 am 1 at 3 pm and 1 at 9 pm of .25mg as long as I kept my times and doses the same I leved out and the ringing in my ears quieted down. When the ringing would get loud it would cayse me to panic and then the ringing would get worse. I was stuck in a vicious circle and xanax has help me with this. NOTE THIS IS NOT THE XR. JUST XANAX M 42 6 days
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