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 5  thyroid cancer It keeps me alive. No complaints F 43 1 days

 1  hypothyroid Constant chronic cough I was on Synthroid for 2 years. Started having increasing coughing, gagging and choking until it was constant. Discovered by accident it was from the Synthroid after forgetting to take it for a couple days and noticing the coughing lessened. After stopping the Synthroid for 3 weeks now, all the coughing has stopped. F 46 2 years
50mg 1X D

 1  Hypothyroid Oh holy hot flashes about 3 weeks after starting to taking this I had hot flashes like crazy had to watch the temperature in the shower I would get so hot. Dizziness and upset stomach a lot. Tired all the time and more weight gain F 26 2 months
 1  my thyroid levels are all out of wa Horrible at first for the first 3 days I felt amazing now on day 7 I feel like crap my wrists are aching and my legs I have horrible headaches confusion super hot and red ears and my heart feels as if it going to beat out of my chest! Don't feel good at all feel sick when I sleep would not recommend F 22 7 days

 4  hypothyroidism hot flashes around the ears; head tension headaches; brain fog it saved my life; i would fall asleep during the day and stopped breathing because the metabolism was extremely slow; my head hair was thinning, but it stopped falling; hair on my legs returned slightly; weight gain was not resolved, but it slowed down (in 11 years I gained about 25 lbs.); dry skin still dry but better; the side effects people are documenting are symptoms of the disease (not the medication) M 48 11 years
137 1X D
 1  hypothyroidism Heart palpitations anxiety mood swings sick stomach body aches fatigue don't feel like doing anything! But my numbers are perfect! I feel like im being poisoned! F 54 2 months
 1  hypothyroidism After I had been diagnosed with pericarditis, the hospital did random rests and discovered that I had hypothyroidism. I had been taking Lithium for 14 years and it just suddenly offset my thyroid. So my doctor started me on synthroid. I developed cysts, I had a kidney infection, a bladder infection, my menses became heavy and lasting 6 or 7 days, I developed tailbone pain, and continue to battle depression on a daily basis. These things all happened in the course of 4 months. The last blood test I had done last week says mh levels are normal. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention constant cramps and diarrhea. I see my doctor next week to see what my alternative options are instead of Synrhroid. F 42 4 months

 3  Hypo So far on this medicine I notice only positive. Then again I only taken it for two days. F 30 2 days

 4  Thyroid nodules Leg cramps, muscle stiffness F 50 3 weeks
88 mg

 2  Thyroid Disease Severe leg pain, foot pain, all over muscle stiffness, weight gain After just a few days on the medication I was experiencing severe leg cramps. The foot pain started about 2 weeks into it. But the pain is so severe I cannot walk very much. Also after sitting for just a few minutes, I am so stiff it is hard to get up and walk without appearing as if I am 90 years old. I have also put on 5 pounds in 1 month F 44 4 weeks
50 MCG 1X D
 1  Nonspecific hypothyroidism These symptoms appeared about 6 weeks after I began taking the meds (doesn't include symptoms I was already having): Brain fog, low energy, GI upset (gas, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation), suppressed immune system (I got sick every few weeks), intolerance to exercise, heavier than ever menstruation, developed uterine fibroids, painful intercourse and bowel movements, pain with ovulation (so severe I thought I had appendicitis), inability to handle any stress, mood swings. Basically, when I started taking synthroid my life became a living hell. Not only did it do nothing for my symptoms, the side effects were much worse than not being on medication at all. So, I researched natural treatments and made lifestyle changes. Started using non toxic products free of endocrine disrupting chemicals from personal care, cosmetics, and household cleaners (fluoride, chlorine, bromine, sodium benzoate, etc.), stopped eating gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar, preservatives or anything artificial, started taking vitamins like A, B, C, Zinc, and selenium, and drinking tea with ashwaghanda, don't heat food in plastics or cook with nonstick cookware (Teflon is also toxic), and began practicing kundalini yoga. After making all these changes, I started having hyper symptoms so I started cutting my 125 mcg pills in half. Was still having issues, so asked my dr to switch me to a desiccated, which he did but at too high a dose. He decreased the dose once, but it was still too high, so he tried to put me back on synthroid despite my objections and complaints of side effects. So, I stopped taking all meds and started seeing a new doctor. Was off all thyroid meds for a good 6 months and was doing ok except that my skin was dry. Now I'm on 15 mg of desiccated thyroid, continuing with the new lifestyle and doing great. At least now I know NEVER TAKE SYNTHETIC HORMONES AGAIN! Birth control pills didn't agree with me, either. F 37 2.5 years
125 mcg 1X D
 1  hypo, hashi I was put on this crap once before amd stopped taking. Was given a new doc at the veterans admin who put me back on it. In the past 2 months I sleep 12-24 hours straight, cant tolerate heat, hair loss, brain fog, short temper, feels like im going crazy!!!! Just flushed one bottle will be taking other bottle to the va tomorrow and shoving it up docs @$$. You people who make this crap should be lined up and executed M 31 2 months

 1  Hypothyroidism Dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, extreme hair loss, chest pain, extreme muscle weakness, numbness, sleep problems, etc. I started taking this around the middle of June. My TSH level was only around 6.2, so my Endocrinologist prescribed me 0.025 mcg, a very small does. It has all been down hill since then. I sleep for twelve plus hours and when I awake I feel like I have not slept at all! And I can only lay on my right side because the heart palpitations I get shake my whole body. I don't know if anyone has experienced this but I literally feel like I am dying, every day. I am not a hypochondriac or anything like that but the extreme muscle weakness and inability to do anything is just so unreal. My TSH level went back down to 1.5 after only three weeks on this medication yet I feel worse than when my levels were at 6.2! I am wasting away and I need somebody, anybody to tell me I am not crazy. Please, please feel free to email me. F 22 1 months
0.025 mcg 1X D
 1  hypothyroid So much weighg gain every bad thing all these people have bčen feeling.these meds have no business on the márket. We need to group togdgher and sue thd dfug compsnies becausd it is clear they are poisoning us all. And the fda has ordered them to take out half the hormone on top of everything else.time to fight people. First complaine to fdamedwatch click on dfugs amd tell them to put back 90 110 percent potency .thrn Then all of you call to organize.thry atd killing us.are we going to let them? We need to makd thd drugco.go bAck go the ingreidience they usedback in2010 because after that im dure. They changed it.thats why we aresll sick . Iv been taking thisdrug for over 25years.fight back complain tofdamed watch what ever you can do but do. Sonething we alll need to vet unvolved.tine to fight.we shouldnt have to li e likethis 619 4099857 My name iskim we pay for our neds .we should t have toputupwith damb drug co. 46 1 days
 4  hypo Hair loss (maybe that's just the condition). Without levothyroxine I would be a walking nut. Brain fog, sleeping 18 hours a day, memory of a donkey and can't take off weight. This drug corrects the brain fog/memory 75% improvement, weight issue 50% improvement however sleep is my only problem. Kudos to this drug it has been a total life saver. F 30 5 years
 5  Hypothyroid/thyroid cancer None really. If my dose is too high I have anxiety. But otherwise works fine. F 36 10 years

 5  hypo Feel great with 25mcg of synthroid. I was on the generic prior and had the worst hwadaches. Brand name works best. F 36 2 years
25 mcg

 1  hoshimoto thyroid My body became adjusted to it as far as labs numbers. But all my symptoms returned. My endocrinologist says that patients need to be told: THIS IS A MAN MADE MEDICINE. It becomes "non-benefitting" in many people. Those people need to take Armour Thyroid.....it is a natural hormone that the body accepts permanently and removes the symptoms associated with thyroid disease.... F 53 2 years
 1  hypothroidism there is a severe potency problem in these pills. I have no pulse and it seems as if I am taking baby powder and no pure thyroid hormone. So, I'm taking more and more and still very hard for me to get out of bed. kimi a 619 409-9857 Somebody HELP! FDa needs to get involved they have changed potency. SUCKS now IT used to be great! IT had great potency in2010 but somewhere around 1/2011 it, changed to crap. What is the point in treating thyroid hormone , if it does nothing.damb it! I want my life back@!!!!!! Some body please help!!! F 46 6 days
375 1X D
 3  Hypothyroid I had no bad side effects, it was the only one that seemed to make me feel better (seemed). Then it stopped working- or my body stopped responding. This sounds dramatic but I kid you not ( I finally lost 25lbs with hcg and determination and enjoyed feeling great for 2 years) within 1 -one- months time I went from size 8 to 14. My entire wardrobe stopped fitting all my hypo symptom rushed back with a vengeance.... Poor sleep, fatigue, depression, 30lbs of weight, brain fog, achey joints, temp sensitivity you name it. Nothing has improved it in a year and no dr seems to take me seriously. Found an alternative dr and am going to try ERFA thyroid. Hoping for good and great things. F 32 8 years

 1  Hypothyroidim Headaches that wouldn't go away, Pressure in my head that felt like a bowling ball on my shoulders, constipation, anger, had trouble relating to people. When first diagnosed, was given Levothyroxine. Had my one and only migraine ever in my life. Switched to Armour, my world changed and I felt amazing again! A week or so ago, my new endo refused to prescribe Armour, even though I'd been taking it for 7 years and it was working just fine. I offered to do a short trial of Levothyroxine product. HATED THE SYNTHROID. I hated life itself while on it. My endo refused to believe that I had such severe side effects and still refused to prescribe Armour. She just lost me as a patient. I'm going to a doctor 30miles away, only because she'll prescribe what works best for me. F 40 6 days
100mg 1X D

 1  Hypothyroidism Absolutely no energy, getting out of bed is a rough task BC of the extreme lack of energy. Weight gain, hair loss, mood swings, inability to lose weight, etc. F 30 3 years

 4  Hypothyroid Maybe dry skin, my hair always fell out before this medication and same fir anxiety always had this too..levels are normal F 40 8 months
 2  Hypothyroidism Hair loss and my mood is very labile. F 60 3 months
25 mg 1X D

 1  low thyroid Brain fog, Heart palpitations, cannot sleep, joints ache, just feel lousy, tired and irritable all the time. Plan on stopping this med and would like a homeopathic med. Something w/o all the side effects. F 54 90 days
25 mcg 1X D
 3   F 33
1X D

 4  Hypothyroidism None other then shorter menstrual cycles, and water retention. Not sure if its the med or stress. It took me almost two years to start feeling better. Before synthroid I was put on Cytomel which made me feel horrible and then Armour which did nothing for me because I was first told that my numbers were not low enough to try synthroid. I think when people are sick for so long, it can take a while for the drug to rebuild your metabolism. At the right dose, I think it works pretty well. F 27 2 years
88 mcg 1X D

 5  Hypothyroid I haved tried taking other generic types of medication to help my hypothyroidism but had dealt with some irritating side effects with those medications. Synthroid is the ONLY medication that agrees with my body. I have no side effects, got my levels in the normal range, and I feel great! F 31 4 years
 1  Hypothyroidism It ruined my life. I became ill, depressed, gained weight, and ha NO energy. I couldn't even get out of my bed each morning. I lost all my friends and missed 40 days of school nearly failing my classes . No one deserves Togo through the hell I did F 17 2 years
 1  Hashimoto's Disease For the first two days, I had a lot of energy (felt peppy for the first time in years). Then the headaches started. I felt drunk all day long. I woke up feeling like I had a hang over. The brain fog was unreal...I would leave pots of boiling water on the stove, baths running, things of that nature, and have no idea I had done it. I had a terrible cough that started within 45 minutes of taking the drug and lasted for 12 plus hours. I was SO tired, way more than before I started taking it. I hurt everywhere. I felt dizzy, my stomach was always upset, my anxiety was unreal. I stopped taking it on my own, and will control my disease through diet, exercise and stress control. F 41 2 weeks
50 MG

 1  Hypothyroidism Memory loss, weight gain, can't lose weight, headaches, fatigue, stress easily, moody, hair loss, muscle aches, joint aches, dry skin, bad skin acne all over, dental oral problems, forgetfulness, sensitive to light, sensitive to hot & cold, no energy, always tired, can't sleep, can hear my pulse or heart beat in my right ear very loud all the time, can't concentrate, irregular cycles, after dealing with all this it can get depressing! F 25 4 years
 1  Hypo Anxiety, depression, brain fog, random pain,lack of concentration, going to tears-for no apparent reason. I found this medication totally disabling for my needs. F 56 8 years

 1  Hashimotos I could tell no difference the first 5 weeks, but the night before I went in for my 6 week blood work, a nerve in the left side of my face started to hurt and my ring finger on my left hand went numb. That went on for another 4 months until I took myself off of it. In that 5 months, I also developed myexedema and couldn't stand for any type of touch on my muscles. I began taking NP Thyroid and before my 6 week labs, all of the myexedema was gone and I was losing weight and feeling better. F 43 5 months
88 mcg
 1  Hashi joint aches, muscle aches, bone aches, irritability, mood swings, poor sleep...dont like it at all F 32 6 weeks

 1  Hashimoto's hypothyroidism No side effects per se, but I actually feel that all of my Hashimoto's symptoms have worsened since starting this medication, I feel horrible - this medication has not helped me feel better in any way whatsoever, but it has brought my labs to within normal range. (In Australia) F 38 9 months
50 mg

 1  HypoT Severe headache, I mean vascular-painful headache. Light sensitivity. Brain fog. Weepy/crying for no reason. Fatigued, as if I had been drugged feeling. Did not feel like myself on this drug. Nausea. Low blood sugar drops. This drug is like poison when I take it at 25 or 50 mcgs. I tried it a year ago, and had the same side effects. Some people cannot tolerate the chemicals. I am not a Hashis PT. I am not lactose or iodine intolerant. I also reacted the same negative way to a compounded Levoxothyrine generic. They pulled Levoxyl from the shelves. I could tolerate it, but pharma took that one away from us. F 44 1 days

 1  Hashimoto's/Hypothyroidism chest pains, sleep apnea, psychotic mood swings, depression, blurry vision, brain fog, extreme fatigue, weight gain, shortness of breath, joint aches, muscle aches, thinning hair, bad allergies, sinus problems, heat intolerance, poor sleep, extreme bloating, swollen feet, horrible dry bumpy spotty skin, high blood pressure and hypotension, vertigo/dizziness, blood sugar problems, heartburn, apathy, carpal tunnel, flushing, extreme anxiety, a TSH of 26 - over all general feeling of misery, malaise, pain and lack of interest in life. Finally after 4 years I found a doctor would prescribe me Nature Throid (a natural thyroid hormone like Armour) after the last doctor I saw tried to increase my medication because my TSH was 26 - yet I was having bad chest pains and high blood pressure. After one week of being on Nature Throid 99% of the horrible things I experienced and unwanted side effects from taking Synthroid disappeared. I am so lucky to have finally found a doctor who would give me something OTHER than Synthroid. Life is ok again. F 33 4 years
100 1X D

 1  Thyroid Cancer Migraines, no energy, insomnia, increase heat rate, increase blood preasure F 31 1 years
200 mcg 2X D

 1  Thyriod diease F 47 10 months
25 MG

 4  somewhat Hypo-T. Nothing that really stands out. Currently on half of a 112-MCG pill a day. So far, so good. The first day I was on this, I went out for a good long walk and didn't feel taxed or otherwise unwell other than a headache (which I took Excedrin for, knocked it right out.) Will update later if there are any negative side-effects. F 31 3 days
56 MCG 1X D
 1  Hypothyroid Hair loss, weight gain, little things set me off. Bloating. Watery and puffy eyes dry skin etc... Was on Levoxyl for many years, went to the pharmacy and they said it has been pulled off the market, and synthroid was exactly the same. NOT F 51 70 days
88 1X D
 2  Thyroidectomy Severe brain fog, fatigue, depression, hair falling out, still gaining weight, dry....oh wait, aren't these symptoms of hypothyroidism? Would I feel any different if I stopped taking it? F 41 18 months
112 1X D
 2  Hypothyroidism Moody, tired, depressed, weight gain Before going in for blood work and taking Synthroid, I noticed that I was tired and feeling like I needed more coffee than usual. Since taking it, my labs were in the normal range, but everything feels wrong. I'm always tired. I'm moody and really irritable. Little things completely set me off and eat away at my soul. I feel completely miserable all the time. Nothing makes me happy, and I constantly find myself on the verge of tears for no apparent reason. I have no libido. I've always had to work at my weight, but I've just been gaining and gaining despite dieting. F 26 6 months
50 MCG 1X D

 1  low thyroid level No energy.constant itching,mood swings,loss of appetite,hair loss.. M 64 3 months

 4  Hypothyroid for the past 6 months I have been feeling hot flashes right before I am due to take my medicine in the morning. F 31 2 years
75mcg 1X D
 1  hypothroidism Weightgain hair loss watery eyes huge mood swings heart palpitations loss of concentration'panic attacks! Very bad headaches . I would not reccommend this drug if you have anxiety or depression it makes it much worse!!!! M 41 1 months

 1  Hypothyroid Extreme fatigue, blurred vision, burning eyes, muscle aches and pain, depression and crying. Extreme hypothyroid symptoms times 50. F 27 7 days
 1  Hashimoto's Anxiety. Constant pessimism. Severe mood swings. Snapping at loved ones for no good reason. Thyroid storm (look it up, scary). Synthroid has turned me into a raging @sshole. Little things, like thinking my wife is about to pour wine into my water glass (which she wasn't), and I bite her head off. Before this, I was normally a calm, collected person, but now I am prone to rages. I dropped an F-bomb in someone's voice mail. I always feel on edge, walking on eggshells in dealing with people. It feels like someone else is taking over my thoughts and actions, and I feel shattering remorse and regret as soon as they happen. I may have Hashi's, but these side effects are way worse than my "condition." I even had a "thyroid storm," which included 200bpm heart palpitations, felt like my heart was going to explode, and I became incoherent. Never had any of this before taking Synthroid. M 45 14 months
25 mg 1X D

 3  thyroidectomy due to papillary ca Have noticed slow & steady weight gain & major hair loss, some stiffness in knees. Was hoping for more energy. I had one great energetic day since starting this, the rest of my days I get by but can't do anything extra like go for a walk. My main concerns so far are the weight gain & hair loss which my endo insists are not caused by the med. I guess I feel okay considering the circumstances. I would like to try something else, I will give this med a couple more months & see how I feel. F 58 4 months

 2  hypothyroidism severe mood swings, anxiety, crying for no reason, felt that I was in a fog. Difficulty taking deep breath. Chest heaviness F 43 14 days
50mcg 1X D

 5  Thyroidectomies/Goiters When my medicine is too low I have hair loss, fatigue, memory issues, depression, sensitivity to cold, constipation, longer menstral cycles. When it is too high I have insomnia, hyperactivity, sensitivity to heat, diarrhea, shorter menstral cycles. When I was 13 I had the left half of my thyroid taken out with an egg size goiter. When I was 14 I had the rest of my thyroid and a quarter size goiter taken out. I have been on Synthyoid for more than half of my life and it works very well when taken as prescribed and and if you take it at the same time each day. F 28 15 years
137 1X D
 1  Hashimotos disease Hair loss, fatigue, brain fog, memory problems. . . Synthroid seems like a mere 30% solution to my disease. There are many other medications for thyroid - T3, Desiccated thyroid. Now, just finding a good doc to try these above two wonderful therapies. M 20 2 years
125 mcg
 2  hypothyroidism I gained from 135 to 165 before synthroid. Of course, I was concerned. I had never been overweight that much. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. After taking Synthroid, I kept gaining more weight. 2007 I had kidney cancer, I had a surgery where my stomach wouldn't wake uo. I still gained weight. For some stupid reason, I put in a lap band put in. I wasn't eating that much. I couldn't eat for six weeks and gained 2 lbs. When I had a surgery go real wrong in Sep 2010, the nurse noticed after a week that I never ate that much. she told me she had patients that bloodwork showed normal but synthroid didn't stop them from gaining. That it causes fake blood reading in some people The Drs. said she didn't know anything.. I am still on synthroid because they act like they have no other drug. It's to the point that I am now 235 lbs. I stay secluded. My husband did not find me attractive overweight, We divorced for other reasons after 18 years but this problem didn't help. I look awful. They act like there is no other medication for hypothyroidism F 56 9 years
.088 1X D
 5  Hypothyroidism None. Synthroid has worked great at controlling my hypo symptoms. I have been very, very happy with it. F 40 12 years
62.5 1X D

 5  complete thyriidectomy- cancer None F 42 2 years
200 mg

 5  Thyroidectomy Complete - Cancer None at all!! I have been taking synthroid for 14 years and it has helped me feel normal again and live a fatigue free, pain-free, energetic life. This has been my miracle drug and I take it religiously!!! F 46 10 years

 5  Goiter & hypo symptoms levels norm None on it but I'm taking every other day to start and For lack of a better word feel like crud on the off days F 35 1 weeks

 2  Hypothyroid Exhaustion, steady wt gain in spite of low appetite & frequent exercise, pains in hands, feet & outer hips, difficulty thinking clearly, obnoxiously teary. On 'max dose' for close to 40 yrs after undergoing radioactive iodine ablation. Sometimes test results would be in the low normal range of 4.0-5.5, sometimes above 6.0. Was refused higher doses because it 'might cause osteoporosis'. Have switched to Armour Thyroid - doc doesn't like it, but I'm feeling human again, & close to 90 pounds literally fell off. Not perfect, but wishing I hadn't lost almost 4 decades before finding there was an alternative. Also found there is a 'sweet spot' at the high end of the new range of .3-3.0 where I feel best, though doc is also resisting that idea. If Synthroid isn't working for you, Armour is worth a try. It's also faster acting & cheaper. F 55 38 years
2.0 1X D

 4  Goiters- thyroidectomy I feel a lot better. I mean my thyroid worked one except for the egg sized goiters...I haven't had my period in 3 months because of Synthroid too! F 15 3 months

 5  Hypothyroid None After my first dose I felt GREAT. Better mood, less tired, less muscle aches. Day 2 was the first morning in a LONG time that I woke up NOT feeling the aches and pains of a 90 year old. I took my 2nd dose and have felt fantastic all morning. It is now early afternoon. Usually I would start feeling very tired around this time and need a nap. I really hope this improvement keeps up! I realize it has only been 2 days, but so far 75mcg seems to be working. I take it first thing in the morning with a full glass of water and then wait 30 minutes before having my coffee. If anything changes, I will post a new rating. So far so good ;) F 40 2 days
75mcg 1X D
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