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 2  Major Depression Insomnia, anger, mood cycling, lack of motivation, psoriasis, urinary track infections, compulsive behaviors, arrhythmia and other cardiac problems. While initially EMSAM relieved my depression, it was never without side effects. Insomnia immediately appeared in a dose-dependent fashion and never went away. I had bouts of anger and other extreme emotions including crying that eventually turned into rapid cycling bipolar disorder -- for a few days I left relative good, then for days more I could barely leave my apartment. I changed psychiatrists but this doctor missed the fact that my mood cycling was actually caused by EMSAM and tried several augmentations to stabilize my mood. When three other doctors diagnosed me as Bipolar, something finally clicked and I stopped EMSAM -- almost immediately my mood cycling ceased. I found a new doctor who confirmed that my Bipolar symptoms were caused by EMSAM. Since being off EMSAM for three months now, I have been productive, active and most important mood stable. 5 years of my life are gone due to EMSAM and I urge anyone taking EMSAM to be very careful and most important, take note of any mood swings or compulsive behaviors. EMSAM clouded my judgment. I lost a very large sum of money day trading stocks, a compulsive behavior that I never before experienced as well as compulsive spending. I became isolated and alone, unable to work. Finally, evidence exists that a cardiac problem requiring open-heart surgery was caused by EMSAM or by the combination of EMSAM and medications I was taking to help combat the insomnia caused by EMSAM. DO NOT TAKE EMSAM WITH ANY OTC SLEEP ME M 53 5 years
6-12 MG 1X D
 4  Severe Panic anxiety and MMD Occasional orthostatic hypotension, I find this is helped by staying well hydrated. I have tried over 10 medications for my anxiety and depression over the past 4 years and the only thing that came close to working was a combination of Effector XR, Remron and Xanax. I experienced terrible side effects (30 lb weight gain, brain zaps, lightheadness, insomnia, upset stomach, and still had periods of depression and occasional panic attacks) on these medications and eventually decided it wasn't worth it. I am a nursing student so when my psychiatrist suggested an MAOI I said absolutely not because at 21 I was not ready to make that kind of lifestyle/diet changes. I was happy to hear that on a 6mg/24 hour dose I would not have to worry about diet interactions. The only concerns are medication interactions which I was used to from other antidepressant/ antianxiety medications. After a week of starting the patches I have not had a single anxiety attack! (I was averaging about 1 or 2 an hour prior - these were untriggered). My heart rate which was a resting rate of 120 before is now within normal range and I only experience rapid heart rate with caffeine intake. I was extremely hesitant to take this step in treatment but it has been the only thing to work for me. I have slightly low days but I am never too depressed to function any more and my anxiety attacks have completely vanished even with old triggers. F 21 5 months
6 mg 1X D

 2  Atypical Depression/EDS No real side effects. No problems with patch sticking, even in the shower, or while sweating while doing yard work. No issues with alergic reaction to patch site. Let me first start by saying, if you're willing to try Emsam, be aware of the price. Most insurance companies will still leave you paying close to $600 a month. The 6,9,12mg patch all cost the same. If your doctor wants you on the 6mgs patch, have him write the script for 12mgs and just cut the patch in half. You will save money and have a two month supply. This patch did nothing for me, except suppress my sugar/carb cravings that come with Atypical Depression. I was really hoping for relief in my excessive daytime sleepiness/fatigue but it didn't help that at all. I had no issues with following the diet, though I must admit I had some parmesan cheese and tried 1 tab beer and had no problems. Caffeine did seem to increase my heart rate a bit, but nothing over 110bpm. If you're going to try a MAOI, start with Parnate or Nardil. They are the gold standard, cost MUCH less, but you MUST follow the diet restriction on them to a T! M 31 2 months
6/9 1X D

 5  Fibromyalgia Yes, Emsam is inexplicably flying under the radar. I'd been around the block from time to time with antidepressants for dysthymia or depression. Then I developed fibromyalgia and the treatment methods most doctors use are still in the dark ages. They don't understand fibro and they don't care. After fibro, I became intolerant to many meds that had been effective in the past. Or, those old meds no longer worked. I also have IBS (common in fibro patients) and everything ruined my stomach for days. Realizing that I needed to try something completely different from the mood stabilizers, SNRIs, SSRIs, etc. it was either transdermal selegiline or Viibryd. My doctor had a eureka moment when I suggested it. It won't go through my GI system, I don't have to watch my tyramine at 6mg, and he had samples right there in his desk that no other patient would've benefited from. They were almost expired, that's how little attention anyone in his practice paid. Since he was more familiar with MAOIs than new Viibryd, we gave it a chance. I'm not exaggerating: overnight my depression and anxiety began to lessen. Within a week I had sustained energy, improved mood, clearer thinking, and no dude effects. Here's the major breakthrough and the reason Emsam is seriously, for everyone's sake, grossly undervalued. Within 10-14 days I noticed that MY PAIN WAS GONE! Muscle aches, spasms, parasthesia, tender points, all GONE. I had my sense of humor and libido back. No more brain fog. Normal word rec F 35 1 years

 1  bi-polar disorder back outs, due to sudden drops in bp I finally found a Dr. who nailed my black outs right away. since being off the drug, I have never even had a dizzy spell M 65 2 years
12 mg 1X D
 2  major depression anger, stabbing pains on lower side of ribs, slight diarrhea. while my depression improved a bit, as well as my libido, it wasn't worth the tradeoff of SEVERE anger. i felt the exact same rage when i was on Wellbutrin -- both drugs inhibit the reuptake of norepinephrine -- which is the cause of the anger side effect. F 48 7 days
6mg 1X D

 1  deprecion gain weight feom 133 to 140 my sugar go from 100 to 217 i dont like this medicine, i have to loose weight because my tipy 2 diavetis. no comments! F 50 5 weeks
6 mg 1X D

 3  Atypical Depression Agitation, insomnia, weight loss EMSAM is very stimulating in addition to being a great antidepressant. My underlying depression feels much improved compared to my 20 years on Prozac. However, the agitation offsets these mood gains. The agitation is both physical (reminds me a LOT of my trial of amphetamine salts) and psychological (anxiety, irritability). My doctor raised the dose to 9 mg to see if the serotonin would bump up relative to dopamine and norepinephrine, which EMSAM boosts first apparently. Unfortunately, the agitation has gotten worse, so I am starting Nardil, which is supposedly less activating. My doc says EMSAM is less likely to cause hypotension and, at the 6 mg dose, doesn't require dietary restrictions. Therefore, it seems like a great first try MAOI, but it's just too stimulating for me personally. F 40 4 months
9 mg 1X D
 3  Major depressive disorder Severe insomnia at first, constipation, weight gain, addictive tendencies, skin irritation, headaches, increased anxiety. I've been on a few antidepressants that would work for a bit and then just peter out. The best one at first was Effexor, but when I weaned off of that to get on Emsam it was HORRIBLE. I think I was weaned off too quickly. I'm using Emsam 12mg with lamictal and I definitely have more energy, but I can't say that I actually feel "good". I feel okay, and for how this drug ws described to me, I should be feeling fan-frickin-tastic. I'm a vegetarian and have had to severely alter my eating habits. No soy products is not good for me. Also, I HATE that I can't take any form of allergy or cold medicine when I'm sick. Too many restrictions for not having a great effect. I'm going to ask for something else. I'm also still extremely irritable and quick to anger. Not for me. Sigh. Back to the old drawing board. F 40 3 months

 5  major depression, recurrent, severe redness and petichiae at the application site, increased general muscle tension, chronic daily headaches along with increase in frequency and severity of migraines, odd form of acne on back/upper arms/chest/neck is it perfect? nope. but no med is going to be a miracle cure with no adverse effects. as a vegetarian who likes asian foods, the dietary restriction that i have the hardest time with is the soy sauce/tofu/miso restriction, but i manage. the side effects have been all slowly getting better the longer i am on the med, and i noticed a change within the first week. it took about 4-5 days after increasing from 6mg to 9mg to get a "full effect" which is to say that i feel like myself in a way i never thought possible again. everything i tried before (SSRI's, SNRI's, wellbutrin) felt like a floatation vest -- enough to keep me from drowning but not actually helping me engage well in therapy or helping me feel different. and that's how i feel on this patch...not "better," but "different" in such a positive way. i can engage in therapy in a meaningful way, i have a range of emotions now that is near normal, and i feel more relaxed and at ease than i think i ever have before in my life. and good riddance to pills! F 35 6 months
9mg/24hr 1X D

 5  social anxiety Weight gain, constipation, diarrhea Because of EMSAM I am able to go to work and earn a living and get health insurance. The weight gain is the same as on when I took Nardil years ago but EMSAM is more effective. F 33 2 years
6 MG 1X D

 3  bipolar depression I haven't had any side effects. The patch doesn't bother my skin at all. I have noticed some improvement in my depression since starting Emsam but then I am also having ECT every couple of weeks. It is getting better. F 56 5 weeks
9 mg 1X D
 3  Major Depression & PTSD Welts at site of patch for 24-48 hours after removal. Itching and redness for 48-72 hours after removal. Redness remains for at least a week after removing patch. This is the first medication out of 7 I have tried that seems to be improving my mood. However, I am very uncomfortable with the checkerboard pattern on my thighs from where I've removed the patches. I called Dey to ask for advice on reaction and they have no information. F 48 4 months
12 MG 1X D
 3  Major Depression - severe Emsam worked great for treating many of the symptoms of my depression. I was on the lowest dose, which supposedly has no drug interaction. I had a stroke (TIA /mini-stroke) while on the patch. It appears to have been caused by a food interaction (I did not take any other medications while on the patch). I wish that their claims of no food interactions at lower doses were true, because Emsam did seem to help my depression. The other scary thing was that the ER staff was unfamiliar with Emsam and almost gave me a med that interacted with it and did actually prescribe a take-home med that had an interaction (I realized it before taking the med, thank God). I should note, the hospital that made the error was a highly rated teaching hospital. I think that providing patients and the medical community with better education and easier access MAOI's and drug / food interactions information would be a responsible step on the part of the drug manufacturer. F 29 2 weeks
6 mg 1X D

 5  Major Depressive Disorder w/BPD Chronic insomnia and orthostatic hypotension After struggling with major depression and finding that the SSRIs and SNRIs kept failing, I opted to try Emsam (an MAOI) as a last resort. This drug has worked miracles for my depression, as I literally lived in a fugue-like state where I was non-functional for months and no other medications helped. Although I find the insomnia to be very difficult to deal with, it is a worthy trade-off for not being in a depression with suicidal thoughts. When I was experiencing orthostatic hypotension, I actually contacted the PI that ran the clinical trials for Emsam and within about 12 hours he got back to me with some suggestions and thoughts since this is a very uncommon side effect. His responsiveness and caring made me believe in this medication even more. F 33 3 months
6 mg patch 1X D
 5  Major Depression It's been a year since I stopped Emsam, so my memory of the side effects is reduced to just the most problematic ones. At the top of the list is insomnia. I normally sleep 7-8 hours, but on Emsam, I only slept 5-6 hours and much of that was "light" sleeping. As a disclaimer, I was also abusing caffeine (3-6 cups a day) and chocolate (1 very dark bar per day) and these couldn't have helped. Sexually, I found it difficult, but not impossible to have an orgasm. Erectile function and desire were normal - unlike my experience with many SSRI's and SSNRI's. Taste perversion. This is a term used in the literature to refer to drugs that change your sense of taste. What I noticed first was that a beer I had been drinking for years all of a sudden seemed extremely bitter. For the most part, this change in taste was not a bad thing because I strangely seemed to like only healthy foods (fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc.) and had little desire for unhealthy ones (desserts, fries, This is the best antidepressant I have ever been on. It wasn't perfect, but it brought me back from a suicidal brink that no other medications could do (or not without intolerable side effects). After decades of living a muted, desperate and unsatisfactory life, I was back reconnecting with friends, and doing activities that I had given up years ago because of lack of interest (surfing, hiking, traveling, photography, exercise). I quit taking Emsam after 3 years because of insomnia and a gradual lessening of efficacy. However, as I noted under the side effects, I was also abusing caffeine and chocolate as well as alcohol (2-5 beers/day). These may have played a part in both the insomnia and the sense that the efficacy was decreasing. I have read some anecdotal evidence that MAOI's can increase addictive behavior. I am not sure if this is what happened to me or not, but the key is not to get started with any of these substances in the first place. Once you are started with them, it is very difficult to stop. The good thing, at least for me, is that I am now off them. After a year of being off Emsam, I am ready to try again - sans caffeine, chocolate and alchol. M 53 3 years
9MG 1X D
 4  major depressive disorder F 34 1 years
6mg 1X D

 5  atypical depression, panic,anxiety Redness at patch site with fading after 3 wks but still visable. Main problem...erratic heartbeat (multiple pvc's) that started after a week on patch. Finally had to go to cardiologist and they are running tests. I also get the chills alot. Insomnia at first but not now. This med has brought me out of my depression completely. I have lots of energy and a positive outlook for the first time in years.The running negative and angry, hopeless thoughts are gone. The panic is still there when i face a trigger issue (driving on the freeway) but it is dulled somehow and my dr. gave me low dose xanex to help as i work through it. I hope I can continue with emsam....maybe cutting the 6 mg patch by 1/3 will help. I'm going to try it. F 50 1 months
6 mg 1X D

 5   *started waking up at night after I've fallen asleep easily *I feel generally anxious all the time *lots of headaches *skin irritation from adhesive *thirsty all the time *cold all the time I started at 6 mg and until I got to 12 mg I didn't really feel better mood wise.I think if I wasn't so tired and having so many headaches I'd feel pretty good right now. But I don't know how long I can stand the side effects. F 57 5 weeks
12mg 1X D

 4  depression Lexapro and Wellbutrin alone were not quite enough. I was still findng it hard to get up and face work. I gained weight on Abilify. Emsam worked after a short time and got me feeling much better and able to face some actual crises that arose. The only complaint about Emsam is that I have recently experienced insomnia, which we are watching. M 58 120 days
6 1X D

 4  Depression I have redness at the site where I place the patch for several days after placing it. This has not interfered with my life until I went to a water park with my son last week. I was very careful to apply sunblock repeatedly throughout the day. However...I did not burn anywhere except where the patch had been regardless of how long it had been since I applied it to the site. That day, my patch was nicely placed beneath my bathing suit top and I had no problem with that, but... After a few hours in the sun (and re-applying sunscreen) I began blistering in every place I had placed the patch within the last month at least! Lesson learned - don't take EMSAM and take your child to a waterpark? Additionally, if I place the patch on my back shoulder blade area, I have extreme burning by the end of the day and want to rip it off. I have to remind myself that the medication is doing more good than harm and resist the urge to interfere with my treatment! I have had extreme side effects with other antidepressants and this one does seem to work for me! I had just about given up until my doctor prescribed it for me. I will learn how to deal with the burning of the skin...somehow! F 44 4 months
6 1X D

 5  depression localized acne/skin irritation. difficulty with orgasm. the first drug that's actually helped me with my depression! M 52 3 months
24mg 1X D

 3  Depression Massive bruising, rashes& itching on thighs when placed there. Itching, swelling & redness where ever else I placed it. Also, a lot of problems keeping it on (would slip/peel off). All of the topical allergic reactions I am experiencing are really a shame, because the actual drug seems to be effective in treating my depression!! :( F 39 6 months
12.5 mg 1X D
 5  treatment resistant depression insomnia, some difficulty with orgasm, but still attainable has changed my life- I have my life back and feel like my old self once again, it's been 3 years of trying everything else with always intolerable side effects. F 49 2.5 months
6mg 1X D

 1  Depression The patch left marks on my chest een after 30 days. In addition my heart rate become even more irregular and pulse was low 42bpm then at the normal Brady Cardia rate 58bpm. Dr's were considering a pace maker. Emotionally I was not much better either. Discontinued Emsam and heart returned to normal as test by Dr. in a running stress test. So Emsam can have heart rate impact for certain people. M 60 45 days
 4  Major Depressive Disorder with GAD Site specific irritation, scarring eventually- accept this cosmetic issue over insanity/suicide. able to tolerate patches on my outer hips (more fat there?) better than stomach or back application. Overall, more insomnia, but of different style- can be overcome w/ mild sedative (doc chose Sonata), good sleep hygiene/routine. slight manic effect of patches. Can't tolerate the 9mg ones- went crazy anxious manic on those. at 6mg\24. Have noticed significant weight gain over last 2 years, despite increasing activity (running again for first time in years!). Going to try more weight training to see if that helps- at least stops weight gain, even if no loss. Was incredibly happy on Serzone (SSRI) but it was removed from market (though my regular tests showed no liver damage/other side effects). However, given my cycling onset of depressive episodes, SSRIs are not as effective (Cymbalta was @1st,then crazy rapid weight gain, doc took me off it). The continuous, transdermal dosing of the patch is what has kept Depression at bay. Though i am "depressive" (melancholic?), therapy and ongoing behavioral mod, especially working with thoughts/thought patterns, and EMSAM has meant I have not had a major crash since 2005. Like someone else said, it's like a "safety net". No negative effect on libido; restored ability to orgasm (though it does effect "how" they feel- if that makes any sense). F 41 3 years

 2  severe depression Insomnia, homicidal thoughts not related to my illness--these were new and disturbing. Caused frequent urination I was already having with Interstitial cystitis to get worse. I was up all night and up to pee 6-7 times. No thanks. I wish I'd have had the luck that other people have. Instead of giving it a 1, I gave it a 2 because I think people with severe depression should be encouraged to at least try something to improve their lives. I couldn't shake the insomnia for anything and my dr. wanted to add Zyprexa so I could sleep. He didn't believe it made my IC worse and didn't believe it gave me homicidal thoughts. Oh well. I have tried nearly EVERY anti-depressant out there and just struggle with therapy. sigh. F 36 2 weeks
 5  bipolar (rapid cycling) For the first 6-8 months after I began taking EMSAM I experienced severe acne on my upper trunk and arms -- a shock to the system of a 45 year old man who never had acne before. However, this very unpleasant and disturbing side effect diminished considerably by the end of the first year. Oddly, I found that once I limited application of the patch to my back, and no longer applied it to my chest or upper arms, the acne diminished. I also experience some insomnia, of a different and less disruptive sort than I experience when I am having bipolar episodes. The insomnia is usually quite manageable only occasionally disrupting my daily functioning. Also, though it may be unrelated to the EMSAM and more related to the discontinuation of my previous medication, I note that I have gained significant weight(going from 165 pounds to 210 pounds)since starting the EMSAM although my diet and exercise routine are unchanged or better than they were before. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (rapid cycling) nearly 20 years ago. I have been on dozens of medications (all the usual suspects), abandoning each in turn for lack of efficacy or intolerable side effects (e.g., toxicity, dramatic weight gain, loss of bladder control, excessive sedation, mental dullness or confusion). My doctor finally prescribed EMSAM, in combination with Lamictal and Deplin, and I am thrilled to report that is the first regime that has had any modicum of long-term success (now 18 months) in the treatment of my bipolar disorder. The bipolar episodes are much more muted, of shorter duration, and far less frequent than they were with any other medication regime. As the side effects are very tolerable compared to the other medications I have used and the efficacy quite high, this is a "miracle" drug for me. If only it worked so well for everyone! M 45 18 months

 5  severe depression some difficulty staying asleep. Mild skin redness under patch that lasts for about 24-36 hours after the patch has been removed. I have VERY sensitive skin though. This medication has given me my life back (and probably saved my marriage!). Over the past 35 years I've been on just about every antidepressant made. The side-effects were always unbearable. Major anxiety on the SSRI's, complete insomnia and horrible paranoia on tricyclics. From the moment I put the patch on there were no unbearable side effects or really any adjustment period. Then with each passing day I started to feel more and more "normal". It was gradual, and after about 3 weeks I realized I no longer felt like I was walking through mud every day in order to function. My attention and memory increased. My over-all mood improved. I no longer got irritated about things I used to get irritated with. I've been in therapy for years and at best I was only able to "maintain" in therapy. Having my depression lifted has allowed me to move forward with my therapy. I know everyone's body is different and this drug won't be the "miracle drug" for ev F 50 2 years

 5  MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER Slight sleeping problems depending on dose...either sleep too much or not at all but thats basically normal for me whether on meds or not. Higher dose seemed to bring on a little anxiety & irritation but it didnt last after adjusting to it. When you increase or decrease a dose you have to remember that it may take a little time for your body to get used to it, if you get side effects they might go away if you're patient enough to wait it out a couple weeks. Everyone reacts differently to everything...Emsam happens to be the one thing that has finally worked for me after years of trying numerous meds. But yes i still have to try hard to maintain a normal lifestyle because there is no such thing as a perfect miracle pill, but this has totally made life easier, better, & more content. Especially considering that before i used to have suicidal thoughts constantly & cried all the time, since i started the patch those have basically disappeared!!! YAY! I really hope you find the same relief, whether its from this drug or not. :) F 26 3 years

 1  Atypical Depression Daily site-specific skin reaction to 6mg patch. Increased to 9mg for depression symptoms. Severe skin reaction under patch turned to severe auto-immune response (body-wide hives, welts, severe itching)within 4 days. Immediately stopped using Emsam, but required 2 weeks steroids to subdue hives. Also experienced insomnia on Emsam...any possible therapeutic effects got lost in side effects. Will try oral selignine next. If that doesn't work, next step is monastery in Nepal. M 57 3 months

 5  depression At first did not work well because I didn't figure out how to apply it. This has the least amount of side affects than other med I have tried. Cant sleep at night, So some times I just take the patch off at night and put a new one on it the morning. I have found out that you must apply this patch one way only for it to work well. 1. I use hydrogen peroxide on my skin were you are going to apply it. It does not dry out your skin. 2. Your upper chest or middle of outer arm works well as the patch will not crease or fold as you move around. 3. You have to take the small peace of plastic off first and stick it to you skin. Then take the big peace fold it over to the other small peace and press and move it down tell it comes off you may have to try this a number of times before you get it down. There should not be any creases in the patch or bubbles for it to work good. Hope this helps every one having trouble with the patch, I think it's the best product out there for depression if applied wrong it wont work as well if at all. M 30 4 months

 1  depression Don't even bother trying it. Was neutral in terms of mood and just gave me intolerable insomnia and a chronic urinary tract infection. Went off it 2 weeks ago and I STILL can't sleep The cure is worse than the disease. F 45 60 days

 2  Depression Headaches that would last 1-3 days with no relief. Insomnia. I started with the 6mg patch and worked up to 9mg. During this 2 month span I had about 3 episodes of severe migraine-like headaches that lasted up to 3 days. Made work unbearable. Mild insomnia. Did not help my depression but could not give it longer time due to headaches. I did almost fall over once getting out of bed due to the drop in blood pressure effect from MAOIs. F 33 2 months

 5  Bipolar Disorder Some hypomania/mania and insomnia, see explanation Emsam was a wonder-drug for me. I believe it worked better than all the SSRI's and tricyclics I have tried over the last 15 yrs. My theory, the MAOI (Emsam) catches your depression BEFORE you can free fall into a full blown one, like a trapeze artist's safety net. For the mania side effect, my doctor decreased the patch (9mg) to every other day--worked great until I had some depression and anxiety over starting a new job. Then we went back to every day. Then some insomnia started, and I asked my doctor about removing the patch 2-3 hours before sleep. He thought that was a great idea and it worked like a charm. Sadly, I have to give the patch up as the lithium that I've been taking for almost 6 years, has shown some lousy side effects. However I praise lithium to the hilt--I initially lost 35lbs on lithium. I am soon to start tegretol as a mood stabilizer and you can't be on an MAOI with that. If it works as well as the MAOI, I'll be thrilled. Talk to your docs about ways to ge F 51 16 months

 5  treatment-resistant depression There have been few side effects that have bothered me: dry skin and a red mark that persist for 12-36 hours after removing a patch, the fact that the patches will fall off if I am too sweaty or the skin flexes too much (mostly with exercise), and a worsening of the dry eyes that Ive had since my Lasik procedure in August of 2006. Ive found that I can minimize the first two issues by washing thoroughly with soap before applying a patch, and by washing and using lotion after removing it. A doctor at the clinic where I had my Lasik procedure was able to prescribe Restasis eyedrops, which have eased the dryness back to its pre-Emsam level. I've been dealing with depression for about 15 years, and have tried almost everything; I've been on somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 different antidepressants, had 8 hospitalizations and 3 separate series of ECT. Nothing worked for more than a few months at a time (aside from the ECT, at up to a year), if it worked at all. I was finally talked into trying something in the MAOI family of drugs in May 2006; Id hesitated because of the dietary and drug-interaction restrictions. I noticed somewhat reluctantly a gradual improvement in my mood in the first two weeks of taking this medication. My mood continued to improve until reaching something resembling stability in July or August 2007, and has remained there more or less since. To quote a journal entry of mine from July, it seems just a little easier to do what I need to do, and things don't seem as hard as I remember them being before. I'm not worrying about things as much, a F 27 8 months
 5  SAD,ADD,and life extension the first couple of weeks I had a pick me affect and better concentration. sleeping was not sound until after two weeks. I had been in wellbutrun sr for the last cuople of years and very much liked that med. But when emsam came out i tried to get my doc to prescribe it for me, finally he gave me the prescription last month. I used to order liquid deprenyl from England. I will take this med and life extension med for life and living longer. look up IAS for more info M 56 15 years

 5  depression *Mild application site reaction - dry skin, reddness / discoloration. Itching goes away after 12-24 hours of removing the patch. Discoloration lasts around a week before it fades completely. *Insomnia - mostly difficulty falling asleep, occasionally difficulty staying asleep. Haven't found a solution yet, but my doc is exploring the idea of sleeping meds with me. Neither of the above side effects are anywhere near severe enough to warrant going off of this medication. None of the 7 other antidepressants I've tried have ever touched my depression. Emsam has given me an almost complete remission. I feel more motivated, have more energy, and my overall mood has improved significantly. I'm less irritable, my self esteem has improved and I'm back to doing things I like, hobbies and seeing friends and such. It's not an instant cure, but it's truly made a difference for me. F 32 9 months
 3  general depression with hypomania Skin irritation from patch, extremely itchy, red and sometimes raw, marks remain for nearly 2 weeks. Lack of motivation, and it deadened my creative energy and imagination, especially at full 6mg dose. Also terrible insomnia at 6 mg/day. General skin irritation and breakouts, and frequent cold sores. At full 6mg/day dose, had unusually high libido but difficulty reaching orgasm! Still not sure about this stuff after a year! I've cut back to half a 6 mg. patch for half a day every other day (less than 3mg a day) and still feel that it keeps me from sinking all the way down when I start to get depressed and anxious. It lifted the general depression that I was under most of the time for years, made me feel like it was worth being alive after all. Also makes me less hypersensitive and emotionally reactive to everything, which is good in some ways but not in others. I've got my imagination back, which I needed since I'm a writer. I'm not sure if it's still affecting my sleep at this dose. But I still feel completely unmotivated to do daily things, can't keep track of things at all (like bills and finances), have some memory problems and mix up words a lot. I don't get anxious about the future, but I can't make plans, either. I had some of the same problems on Celexa: couldn't think clearly and didn't care enough to worry about all the stuff I was messing up. Still F 50 13 months

 2  DEPRESSION NONE Felt a buzz the morning of the 2nd day, but do not believe its doing much now. I am at 6/24. M 54 19 days
 4  Atypical Depression/ Panic Disorder Took 3.5 weeks to get any benefits at all. At that time, the panic attacks went into remission for a couple of days and then returned intermittently for a week until I contacted the doc. Upped the dose to 9mg patches at that point. At 9mg after 4 days I began to have a hypomanic onset of anger and hostility. Also had a marked increase in energy which I really liked. Have been having to mix the 6mg and 9mg patches back and forth every few days to keep out of depression/panic on the bottom end and out of hypomania on the top end. Note: I e-mailed a doc that assisted with the research of EMSAM, turns out that you CAN cut the patch safely and so I have started doing so. Jury is out on the exact amount I need, I am guessing 8mg. I had almost given up at 3 weeks, but am happy now I didnt. The one thing it has not helped with at any dose has been the generalized anxiety but that is usually a GABA related issue and I wouldnt expect EMSAM to help that. Also, lost weight and began a great workout routine due to the stimulant effects at a higher dose. Started it 12/23/2006 and am still using it today. Overall it is the second best med I have used through the years (I have been on 27 different ones in 15 years) with Celexa being the best but lost its punch after about 3 years. M 34 9 months
 1  Depression The discomfort of the adhesive and the remnants of the patch stay for days or more. It simply didn't work for me. There was some early relief, but it peaked so quickly and tailed off to nothing in a few months. My doctor kept telling me to wait, but there was no real help after eight full months. M 46 8 months

 1  depression eye pain, severe dry eyes, insomnia No benefit for depression, eye problems intolerable F 57 5 weeks

 3  chronic depression I had terrible nausea the first week I started Emsam but it finally went away. I started experiencing insomnia about the second week but it comes and goes. About the 3rd week I had abdominal pain and started having blood in my urine. I do not feel Emsam is helping my depression much. I am waiting to up my dosage to see if it might finally kick in for me. I am afraid it might be causing bladder/kidney problems. F 40 5 weeks

 5  Depression No real side effects to speak of. I normally get a reaction from adhesives, I can't wear a band-aid without a rash but I have had no irritation or redness with this patch. I've had more vivid dreams. There are NO negative sexual side effects, it seems to enhance sex if anything...but maybe that's just because I'm not depressed anymore. LOVE it, I call it the "happy patch" : ) F 45 4 days

 3  Major Depression Red outline of patch remains several days after removed Started 6 mg patch after SSRIs stopped working and nothing else I tried "stuck" for depression relief. I think Emsam is helping, but jury is out. 6th day on 6 mg had a massive "rage" episode - threw everything I touched and slammed every door for a couple of hours before escaping to bed. After that got depressed again and couldn't control crying. Upped dose to 9 3 days ago. First few days of new dose it definitely stops the constant teariness/weepiness, but it's not the "rebirth" I felt when I first took Zoloft 3 years ago and had the most "normal", depression-free year of my life (until it just stopped working). On Emsam, I continue gaining weight rapidly (leave it to me to GAIN weight while depressed instead of lose) and feel fat pushing out on my skin which is quite uncomfortable. Not sure if it is Emsam related or not. Dr. wants to increase dose. F 37 13 days

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