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 5  low thyroid None Does a good job in bring my T3 & T4 in proper range. Very pleased. M 65 10 years
100 mg 1X D

 1  hypothyroid dizziness, fatigue, headache, insomnia, heart palpitations, depression, weakness. I hated it. The day after I switched to Naturethroid, all side effects were gone. I still have to build up to enough of a dose, but experiencing great relief. Levoxyl gave me hyperthyroid symptoms, even though I was not clinically hyperthyroid. F 55 6 weeks
125 1X D
 4  Hashimoto's Thyroiditis No side effects unless dosage is too high or too low. The drug has adequately controlled my thyroid condition F 54
112 mcg. 1X D

 3  hypothyroidism Whole upper body pain numbness and stiffness with joint pain esp. in the morning. Diminishes gradually but never completely. If it werent for this pain i'd love it. But before taking it i was so sick i couldnt get out of bed. I traded one illness for another F 49 9 months

 4  Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) I had a slight increase in energy and appetite. I did try Synthroid, but it irritated my lungs. This could be due to the dye in the Synthroid, I'm not sure. I called the Pharmacist and she said that Levoxyl probably had the least side effects of the Thyroid meds. I tried it and had no problems. I am still taking it today. Just drink a lot of water with it, since it can dissolve easily in your mouth. M 49 1 years
50 MCG. 1X D

 2  Hypopituitarism Hypothyroid Hunger, feel too hot when first take it and then too cold for the next 18 hours, JOINT PAIN, and non-improved hypothyroid symptoms. I have been on every dose imaginable and sometimes combination with T3. I still have syptoms of hypothyroid BUT feel even worse when I get frustrated and try to stop taking this. (Reason for giving it a 2.) According to blood tests my free T3 and free T4 and all other pituitary hormones are in normal range so not sure why my hypthyroid symptoms persist. F 45 6 years
175 mcg 1X D

 4  hashimoto's/hypothyroidism none i started on 25, and now am on 25/50, alternating. i've seen improvements already, and i was very, very sick for years. i think most of the people here who have complaints couldn't find the correct dosage, or perhaps when starting this medication hypo symptoms appear/worsen for a short period before they get better? i'm very happy with levoxyl. it's gluten- and lactose-free, it's well-regulated, well-tolerated, and seems to work well. F 59 2 months
25/50 alt 1X D
 1  Hashimoto thyroidusm After having taken levoxyl for 8 months my arms started to get numb and I ended up with a terrible pain in the muscle in my upper right arm. Plus we were always adjusting my dosage - one dosage would work for awhile and then we would have to either increase it or decrease it depending on returning symptoms. I have since switched to Naturethroid and I feel great. Arm pain went away, as did the night sweats and general body achiness. M 55 1 years
100 mcg 1X D
 4  Hypothyroidism It sometimes has kept me awake, but also slightly increased my appetite. No other negative side effects. Synthroid irritated my lungs (perhaps due to the dye in it) and Levoxyl seemed to have the least inactive ingredients. So far, it seems to have given me more energy. No major (negative) side effects. Synthoid irritated my lungs, but Levoxyl worked fine. I am pleased with it, but you do have to drink it with plenty of water due to the fact that it dissolves in your mouth quickly. M 49 1 years
50 MG 1X D

 1  Hashmoto--hypothyroid Horrible experience---not sure is my doctor's bad practice or the medication. when is a good endo? have seen two so far, none of them are good and care about my experience. I was extremely ill after my doctor increased my dose from 25-50mcg. I fainted and went to ER twice and diagnosed with heart arrhythmia---multiple PVCs and PACs after seeing my cardiologist. I got very hungry and dizziness and had to laid down. Need to drink orange juice every 1-2 hours and feeling really sad and crying. I have to be home for months to recover from it. on top of that, my cardiologist wanted me to take beta -blocker, which can make my cardiac symptoms worse for my hypothyroid state. I am so glad I went to herbal for my heart arrthymia and I am fine now, but get symptoms when I am stressed. My health is never the same any more!!!I have been off the medication for 5 month now, but could not get back to 25mcg, it gave me Symptoms of dizziness and hunger right away. I stopped immediately. During the pe I tried Sythroid before levoxyl---because Sythroid gave me itchiness. F 46 2 years
25-50 mcg 1X D

 5  Hypothyroid after Grave Disease None After radioactive iodine treatment for Graves Disease, my thyroid was disabled so I was prescribed Levoxyl. It took a little to get the right dose, but it's working fine now. There are now noticeable side effects. F 51 1 years
112 mcg 1X D

 1  Under active thyroid Tried Synthroid I thought I was going to kill my self. Tried Unithroid hair fell out in clumps had white pimples on my face constipation and very moody. Now on Levoxyl hate it hate all of it. Constipation all the time horrible mood swings weight gain etc..etc. Take it off the market all of it. There has to be some alternative medicine out there if so many people are feeling the same. Drs. don't care to hear how this drug makes you feel. Ban all this S*%#! F 55 1.5 years
.88 1X D

 2  Hypothyroid/Thyroidectomy lethargic Had emergency thyroidectomy. Dr put me on Levoxyl 125 then up to 150. I just never felt good. Not blaming the medicine at all. But she noticed that my levels were not maintaining, so she since switched me to synthroid. Much better. She said sometimes certain drugs don't work on certain people. Glad she noticed there was no change, because I feel a lot better on Synthroid 200mcg. F 35 3 months
125mcg 1X D
 3  hypothyroid Tired at times, constipation, some digestive problems, seems to have aggravated other hormones, some breathing difficulties. It helped me more initially, now I'm looking at additional options. I do feel it helped my thyroiditis immensely quickly because I started having a reaction to a compounded formula that got dangerous. With thyroid, it's a learning experience as is life - finding what mix works for your body and mind. F 39 3 months
100 1X D

 1  To perhaps stop nodules from growin horrible body aches similar to firbromyalgia pain all over could not raise my arms above my head. As soon as I stopped it it went away. Am interested in replacing Levoxyl with Armour Thyroid my daughter in law had same reactions as I did to Levoxyl on Armour Thyroid she feels great. F 66 1.5 years
25 mcg 1X D

 4  Hypothyroid MORE ENERGY, weight loss, some joint pain Had previously been on Armour Thyroid, but the recent reformulation set me back. At this point in time, it is very hard to obtain natural dessicated thyroid (due to backorders and issues with the FDA) so rather than dealing with all that, I switched over to a Levoxyl Cytomel combination and am pleasantly surprised. The combination seems more consistent than the Armour and I've even dropped a little weight (which I couldn't do while on Armour, despite diet and exercise). Levoxyl and Cytomel are working nicely and I have no plans to change anything. F 41 2 months

 3  preclinical hypothyroid fatigue, hair falling out, dry itchy scalp and skin, always sleepy and tired, hair breaking off has helped me with having more energy. Still sensitive to cold, depressed somewhat. I thought this medicine would bring my hair back but it looks horrible, thin and dry, worse than before I started. Been on it a year and still not at the correct TSH level. F 70 1 years

 3  hypothyroidism the texture of my hair has completely changed and I am constantly losing tons of hair. I want my old hair back. Besides that I have dry, itchy skin. I thought this stuff was supposed to get better on the drug. I have successfully lost and kept off any additional weight that I put on prior to being medicated which is good. I also have more energy. I would still rather switch to a natural thyroid treatment though. F 29 6 years

 5  Falling asleep while driving None M 57 10 years

 5  Hypothyroidism Dry mouth. When the dose was incorrect I experienced heart palpitations and panic attacks This drug saved me however, it took about 2 years for me to feel like a normal person again after starting the drug. I have not had any problems with weight gain or loss. I will need to take this for the rest of my life. F 30 9 years

 1  Hypothyroidism/Hashimotos Muscle and joint pain, hair fell out, fatigue, terrible weight gain, carpel tunel, tendinitis, arrhythmia, brain fog, etc. What a horrible drug. I took this drug for 20 years because I was told there wasn't anything else for my hypothyroidism. It never worked and eventually made me very ill. I couldn't even walk up our stairs to go to bed. I had to sleep downstairs on the couch. I know it was the Synthroid that caused me so much misery because I switched to Armour Thyroid two years ago and all my symptoms are gone. All of them! F 50 20 years

 2  hypothyroid none I had no symptoms of hypothyroidism. I went to my dr. because of severe side effects of fosamax even 10 months after stopping medication. I was taking fosamax for ostiopenia. Levothyroxin can also cause thinning of bones so I am leary of taking it especially because I had no symptoms of hypothy. F 90 days

 3  Post-RAI Hypothyroidism When I first started taking it (100 mcg), the sodium caused a lot of fluid retention and I felt as if I had consumed a lot of salt. If there was a way to manufacture this synthetic hormone with less sodium content, it would be better. I suspect that it raises my blood pressure but I try to keep that in check with exercise. I have to take Levoxyl or another thyroid hormone due to thyroid ablation following a diagnosis of Graves Disease. I feel better on 50 mcg. I was still having muscle pain, soreness, cramps, twitches, overall weakness and fatigue after being on Levoxyl for over a year. I was not properly converting the T4 to T3. My endo added Cytomel and the combination of that plus Levoxyl seems to work well for me. F 52 1.2 years
 5  hypothyroid Stopped coughing and choking attacks discovered to be caused by enlarging thyroid pressing on trachea. F 46 5 years

 5  Hashimoto's Thyroiditis The only thing is it dissolves fast so I make sure to drink plenty of water with it. I was on Synthroid for years and started having lactose intolerance issues with it. I have none on Levoxyl. Plus I think this medication works faster and better than Synthroid. If you want to lose weight because of weight gain caused by hypothyroidism you need to read about the Harris-Benedict Equation. Plug in your numbers and then you'll find out how many calories you need to eat per day just to sustain life. Many people trying to lose weight don't eat enough calories and starve themselves. As long as I eat enough calories, exercise and do resistance training, I lose weight quite easily. F 54 1 months

 5  Hypothyroid None F 66 10 years

 5  Hypothyroid none F 29 2 years

 5  low thyroid none F 49 2 years

 5  hypothyroid None. Had to bump up dose higher than doctor wanted to go, but finally felt relief of hypothyroid symptoms This drug works, but exercise is key. As a woman who is not in her 20's, you HAVE TO EXERCISE to the point of pushing yourself. F 34 10 years

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