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 2  Birth Control Extreme dizziness and headaches!!! F 25 1 days
1 ring 1X M

 1  Birth Control HORRIBLE ACNE.Constantly having the feeling to pee, even when I didn't have to. Stomach ache all the time. Mood swings. Diarrhea or abnormal movements everyday. Felt like a complete different person. The ring is very uncomfortable from the beginning. Had intercourse maybe 3 times and felt even worse after. I use to be on the pill but couldn't remember to take it so my doctor recomended the NUVARING and said it was great. Yeah, NOT AT ALL. For the past 4 years I rarely have had acne,only when i got my period and I have been broken out already for 2 weeks. I look horrible. PLEASE DONT USE THIS PRODUCT! F 20 2 weeks
1X D

 1  Birth control I went w/nuvaring as I am sensitive to pills-i did some research prior to and found many reasons why it would be worth a shot.....only to experience a scare of a lifetime it begin with EXTREME Dizziness, light headaches, extreme hair loss, no sex drive, mood swings, depression, loss of energy. After much research I am in dismay how high the risk is and how many women have truly suffered severe side effects including death at 27yrs of age from a blood clot. Please please protect yourself from the chances & if your reading this because you are curious of Nuva ring is responsible for something being out of the norm for you- take it out immediately, it may save your life and health. F 34 3 months

 1  pregnancy prevention Headache, cramping, generally feeling unwell, mood swings. Not worth the side effects and the life threatening ones. F 30 4 days

 2  birth control, pcos Placed ring first day of period and imediately had severe cramps in my back. Period was weird, lite and stringy. Called dr and asked to try something else as I couldn't take anymore. F 33 7 days
1ring pm
 3  birth control When I started nuvaring, every thing seemed normal. It was great birth control and my periods were very regular. But then about 3 months into using nuvaring, I noticed a severely decreased sex drive (as in my boyfriend had to bring it to my attention that he felt neglected). About another month after that, I felt the slow oncomings of anxiety. I thought this was just related to a pre-existing anxiety issue (that had been under control for 7 years). Then I started questioning everything I was doing and everything in my life. It didn't make sense. It is now months later, and I put aside the thought that it was my birth control, and my anxiety is the worst it's ever been. I'm still on the Nuvaring, but am seriously considering removing it permanently on my next cycle after consulting my ob/gyn. My attacks are daily, and I just overall don't feel right. I get hot flashes, feel scared/alone for no direct reason, suffer from a loss of appetite and have severe nausea, and feel overwhelmed & depressed. F 25 1 years
 2  prevent pregnancy and clear up skin I have taken the Nuvarung for over 3 years now since I had my son. At first i did not realize or even think about the Nuvaring having any side effects, because I thought I was just anxious and it was all in my head. I have been on it for 3 years, but only become aware of the symptoms in the past year. I have extreme anxiety all the time, sever heart palpitTions on a daily basis, shortness of breath, skin itchiness for no reason, hot and cold flashes, leg numbness, high blood pressure, occasional dizziness/lack of balance, occasional depression, moodiness, lack of patience. In the last year, i have had such a fear of dying from a heart attack or stroke....which causes even more anxiety. My heart palpitations occur even when i am resting, and i feel like i cannot even function like a normal person. At first i thought it was just my anxiety and maybe i needed to get my thyroid checked, but now i know the Nuvaring is contributing to my symptoms too. Please be aware of your physical and mental state while on this bc. My symptoms have increased and worsened gradually over the past 3 years from the Nuvaring. F 24 3 years
 1  prevent pregnancy I was very moody and had extreme depression and attempted suicide --never experienced depression ever before. I had horrible abdominal pain and cramps (as I did with the deposit shot). I had headaches and nausea in the beginning. I had a decreased sex drive --non existent--which made the birth control in vain. I would NEVER recommend this for anyone. F 31 3 weeks
 4  birth control I have been on the pill and the depo shot before and nuvaring is by far the best I've ever been on. So far my only side effect is itchy nipples! It is driving me crazy! But well worth it. F 22 2 weeks
 1  For some protection for My partner For awhile you seem okay, then severe belly pain that feels like non stop beginning of your period. Sex drive goes way down. Your mood isnt so great. Just horrible cramps. I have been on it a year and now all this is unbarable After sex I put it in and its horrible pain I cant use the ring anymore its gotten to the point I cry its gotten that bad and I have no idea why, it was going good the whole year, great birth control then horrible. F 19 1 years
 4  PMDD weight gain, irritability after 2 weeks, decreased sex drive I use nuvaring only to relieve symptoms of pmdd not for contraception I use it continuously to stop menstruation, after 2 weeks of insertion I have to replace with a new ring because I become irritable and feel depressed Nuvaring has helped more than other contraceptives including YAZ and anti depressants (including zoloft, prozac, cymbalta, lexapro, effexor) F 41 8 months
2X M

 1  Prevent pregnancies Extreme anxiety to the point of constant depersonalization, deep depression, hypoglycemia, tingling, hypocondria, NO sex drive, pain during sex, loss of hair and MANY others! DO NOT TAKE THIS POISON! Stay far far away from hormonal birth control. Nuvaring ruined my life and I'm still recovering 4 months after quitting. I ended up twice in ER thinking I was dying just because of this devil poison. F 23 5 years
1X D
 1  to help control periods because of Severe depression UTI'S pain F 27 6 months

 1  for birth control Severe hot flashes, low libido, extreme fatigue, moodiness, aching breasta F 34 5 days

 2   Low libido,vaginal dryness,weight gain, Fatigued,moodiness F 32 3 years

 4  Birth Control typical side effects of Nuvaring. I have been on Nuvaring for 5 years, I have had the typical side effects of the drug, nothing inconvenient or out of the ordinary. Have enjoyed short lighter periods, no weight gain. I do have a decreased sex drive and from reading the posts now I am aware that it is the drug, but I figure that wont kill me so i'm ok with nuvaring since ive been dependent and comfortable with it for years now. F 26 5 years
3wks 1X M
 4  birth control & endometriosis Overall I love it. I've had varying side effects throughout my experience. Positive: weight loss, increase in breast size, lighter periods, less cramping during periods, (eventually) increased sex drive. Negative: cramping at random points in cycle, irritability (and regular PMS) nausea for the first few months upon insertion of the ring for the next few days. Now I have had severe cramping this past month or two both mid cycle and for the week before and after reinsertion. F 23 11 months
1X M

 1  Birth control Had the absolute worst emotional/psychological side effects. Severe anxiety & depression. Unbelievable mood swings. Nausea and swollen feet/ankles. Would not recommend to anyone. F 32 6 months
1 ring

 1  birth control severe depression, crying fits, headaches, insomnia, anxiety This birth control is absolutely horrible. I've always been a happy go lucky gal, but 2 weeks after inserting this ring of hell, I turned a complete 180. Crying for no reason at all, my depression became so bad I didn't want to see or talk to anyone and just lay on my couch, I completely ignored my boyfriend, I couldn't sleep and had severe anxiety about it. Kept going to the doctor thinking I was going insane or dying. Took the thing out this morning and feel relieved. F 25 14 days
1X D

 5  Pregnancy prevention & Endo Love this birth control!! It cleared my skin up. I have not gained any weight. It has reduced cramping. Have never had better results on birth control. F 21 3 years

 3  not to get prego Bad headache I feel super tired and bloated I don't know if its from the ring or not but I didn't have none of these till I started it! I like the only 2 day period n its easy to put in and take out I don't even feel it when its in F 24 3 months

 3  Prevent pregnancy Noticeable hair loss and thinning, severe hopeless feeling, extreme fatigue from moment I woke up, so hungry all the time, no motivation for anything, mouth ulcers which are not something i have ever gotten before, totally random painful headaches, blinding pain after intercourse, and plenty more progressively. At first I was so happy to have this, it was easy and seemed to not have any side effects for me...and i thought it was wonderful, I even recommended it to others. But at the end of the month while I had it out for the week break I looked back over the month and couldn't believe how unhappy and withdrawn I'd become, I stopped doing my hair or makeup or even getting dressed and was just sour all the time and so incredibly tired...not to mention all the physical problems developing, the doctor said to give it three months at least but no way! F 31 1 months
 4  Pregnancy prevention, light period For the most part I am happy with this birth control method. Little uncomfortable shoving it it in. I gag. Every time I take it out I'm gassy, stomache goes crazy, shorter lighter periods though. Been on it for 4 years now. F 23 1 days

 1  pregancy prevention No sex drive, irritability, dizziness, exhaustion F 25 2 months

 1  Vacation Well, the only reason I was using nuvaring is because I was going on vacation and did not want my period during that time. So one months duration of the ring was all I needed. On day one (sunday)and two I was fine with it. I then started to notice that I was feeling agitated, having mood swings , blurred vision, tiredness and overall not feeling like myself. I tried not to think and obsess about it being the ring's cause, I really wanted it to work well with my body's chemistry. As the days progressed into the weekend (Saturday) I had enough. It's so strange that estrogen would have such an effect on your system. I think the MOST deciding factor of removing this foreign object is the lack of desire to have sex!!! I have a very healthy appetite sexually and it had diminished it. I don't know if it was psychological because of my moodiness and overall not feeling well so I could care less about having sex or if the estrogen in the ring had an effect on that as well. The only form of bc that worked really well with me after having two children was the iud. It had no side effects, I'm fact it made my periods lighter and more tolerable. I had my iud in for 10 years and then decided to have another child and upon removal, I became pregnant within two months. If anyone is on the fence about birth control, I would really look into an iud for i felt fortunate to have had it suggested to me by my obgyn twenty years ago and lived a happy healthy sexual being and not having to worry abou F 44 6 days
30 mg
 3  prevent pregnancy When I was younger I tried a couple pills and experienced weight gain and mood swings with each (could have been my age though), so I switched to Nuva ring. Loved it for the first year or so and had no issues besides acne. I was starting to feel bipolar and my doctor put me on anti depressants and anxiety meds (tried FOUR kinds) with no luck. Stopped those and stopped nuvaring after a breakup. Felt awesome during my time off birth control entirely. Been with my current man for 9 months and restarted the ring a month in. Nothing but hell since. I argue over nothing and have zero patience. I'm a total bitch now. I have the worst acne on my face you could ever imagine and nothing will help it. I also have ZERO sex drive to the point where its damaging my relationship. I'm tempted to stop birth control completely because the hormones just mess with my head & body too much. F 20 2 years
1 ring
 5  contraceptive hair loss I love it! F 30 6 years
1X D
 1  birth control Horrible mood swings I would cry for the smallest things or get incredibly mad. I felt so exhausted all the time. I did manage to lose 15 pounds but immediately gained them back once of the ring. Terrible birth control. F 21 1 years

 5  Birth control Headaches, slight cramping, heavier periods, joint aches F 23 3 months

 1  Mood, heavy period, strong cramping It took only a matter of minutes to start feeling discomfort in vaginal area (inside and out). Heavy discharge, nausea, bad mood, sadness and headache. Pain in entire body (cramping in uterus, outside, and legs). Strong heart palpitations and anxiety. Resumed, made everything I was trying to regulate or eliminate, worse. Felt unsafe and at risk, and took it off. F 33 3 days

 1  Birth control Migraines, nausea, weight gain, but the emotional impact has taken a huge toll on my life. Anxiety, paranoia, mood swings, lack of patience, unbelievable sadness, and uncontrollable anger made me destroy relationships that were very important to me. It has been out for 2 weeks and I have lost 7 lbs and feel better already. If you do choose to use this drug, please observe your mood and don't let it get out of hand. F 36 6 months

 3  Birth Control Acne Improvement, vaginal wetness, depression/ emotional anxiety. I noticed the wetness within a couple weeks of using the drug. It was inconvenient and uncomfortable but at the time better then forgetting pills. Within a couple months my skin cleared up like I've never seen. I never connected the drug with my depression but it started about the same time/a little before my skin started clearing up. I went off the drug for a few months- the wetness was driving me crazy. My skin got worse but my emotions improved (I thought I was just less stressed). I've been back on it for a few months now to help my skin. I've started to become depressed and emotional all over again. It's effecting my performance in gradschool. I'm going to stop taking it and try to find something else to help my skin. F 24
1X M

 3  Ovarian cysts, contraception Water retention, minimal weight gain (3 lbs or less, hard to quantify due to excessive water retention and loss every couple weeks), more leveled-out emotions, tender breasts, breast size increase, intermittent vaginal itching, clearer skin, increased vaginal discharge (sometimes white with the accompanying itch, other times slightly yellow and thicker), more intense cramping and heavier periods, nocturia, intermittent hot and cold spells. I was previously on Loestrin FE 1mg tablets, and switched to Nuvaring due to emotional upheaval. I was hoping the consistent amount of hormone delivery may help with my awful pre-menstrual exacerbation of a pre-existing depressive disorder. The breast size increase is very noticeable, as is some weight re-distribution around my stomach and hips. My breasts are a half cup size larger, maybe a bit more. I weighed 145lbs previously and currently weigh 139, but this increases with water retention oftentimes to 148 and back down again. The itchyness in the vaginal area presents just like a yeast infection would, odor and all, but disappears within 2 days. Happens about once a month. F 24 4 months
0.12/0.015 1X M

 1  Cyclic Migraines Asthma exacerbation, daily headaches, lethargy Not certain this medicine is the actual cause of increase in asthma symptoms, but not willing to take a chance. Have not had day without asthma symptoms 2 weeks after starting this medicine. Each day gets worse, now my athletic daughter can not even swim 15minutes without needing inhaler. Has missed the last 2 weeks of swim and a meet as she can not get off couch. Would not recommend taking this if you have asthma. Really frustrated that it took me 2 whole months to make the connection between her increased asthma symptoms (that were perfectly controlled prior to insertion) and the possibility that the ring was causing it. F 13 2 months
1X D
 3  Pregnancy prevention I used nuva ring previously but had been off all birth control for a year. Got a new boyfriend, restarted the ring and then remembered-- I never had emotional side effects but the physical ones...well, eww! Smelly BV, loss of lubrication, loss of sex drive, bloating & heaviness. I'm afraid of what my new fella is thinking! Took it out and going back to the patch :( F 35 1 months

 5  birth control As I just said on the patch review. I was on depo forever and in between kids. Doctor put me on the patch and then nuvaring due to bone concerns. Depo was great. No weight gain or mood issues. The patch and ring are horrible!!!!!!! Weight gain,migraines,vision problems,HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. F 27 4 months

 3  birth control Mild to moderate chronic depression (dysthymia), elevated cholesterol, weight gain, dry eyes, low/no sex drive For the most part, I felt fine while using Nuvaring, but I decided to stop because it is not covered by my insurance under the ACA, so I have to pay for it still. I've been on four other pills and tried the Mirena IUD and all were intolerable. Nuvaring did work best for me, but once I was off, I realized that the chronic, low grad depression (dysthymia) was lifting and I had a normal sex drive again. It's going to take longer to see if the other side effects dissipate, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they do. I think Nuvaring can be a good option for some people, but in the end I don't think any hormonal birth control will work for me. F 28 5 years
1X M

 1  Regulate Periods Extreme fatigue/sleepiness, breakouts, bad pelvic cramping, discharge increase, loss of libido, bad headaches, shortness of breath, felt like I would pass out, sadness, weepiness, cysts in breasts, breast growth about three hours after inserting ring I had cramping, within a week everything else hit. two days before I was supposed to take it out I couldn't even stand up with out things getting fuzzy around the edges and almost passing out. I took the ring out at three in the afternoon, and by 11 PM I was feeling 50% better. Three days later I am still having issues with bad dizziness and extreme fatigue. Feels like my body is full of lead and I can't wake up. Going to the doctor tomorrow because my blood pressure is sky high. F 27 19 days
1 Ring 1X M

 4  to prevent pregnancy Overall i am extremely pleased with the nuva ring. It doesn't make me moody and emotional like most other birth controls. I don't have excruciating painfull cramps like I used too. I also enjoy that my actual periods are shorter and lighter. The only thing I do not like or understand is i have been on it now for 4 months and my cycle is regular, but I'm having a problem to where at anytime i may start spotting during the middle of the month and sometimes it continues through until my period. The only thing that stops it then is when i change out the ring. This is usually induced when I remove it for a brief period of time or have sex with my husband. I honestly do not understand why this is or what is going on. I know this is normal the 1st maybe even 2nd month while your body is getting adjusted to it but I don't think it is normal for this to continue. Is anyone else having this problem? Also my skin is naturally oily from Italian blood my skin broke out pretty bad the 1st month but subsided after now my face is 100percent clear of blemishes. I've been small my whole like around 110 to 120 I'm 5'6. I cannot say it makes you gain alot of weight however it does help with maintaining weight though. I was 112lb when i found out i was pregnant with my son last year. I went up to 149lbs. I immediately lost basically all of it after giving birth. I think i was at 129. I'm holding pretty steady now at 126 which I'm not going to argue with. F 20 4 months
 5  Birth Control My period has been shorter, my acne has cleared up, I lost weight and have an increased libido I love it, the best thing I could have gotten because I can't remember to take a pill and didn't want anything put in for years. F 18 7 months
1X M

 3  bc NO sex drive, very frequent headaches (several each week). I had been using NuvaRing for about 3 years. I had a Mirena placed 1 month ago now. All the time that I used the NuvaRing I thought it was great. Now that I am without it & after reading these reviews I firmly believe it was the cause of my non-existant sex drive & very frequent & intense headaches. I have struggled with headaches since I was about 12 years old but they had gotten much more out of hand the last several months I used the NuvaRing. I have a busy schedule & a small child so I really thought the loss of sex drive was just related to my life circumstances. Now that I have the Mirena my sex drive has made a comeback & my headaches have been much less frequent & intense. F 27 3 years
1X M
 2  Birth Control Acne increase, weight gain, and week long bouts of nausea. Then one month I broke out in Hives to my arm, chest, and abdomen. They were unexplained, and got worse every day. The hives would last in one location for 5-7 days before starting to fade, and reappear somewhere else. I went to multiple doctors including a dermatologist who finally corrolated the hives with me inserting a new ring at the beginning of the month. No one else thought it could be the ring because I had been on it for 2 years!! Within hours of taking it out the hives have started to go away. F 27 2 years

 1  Pregnancy PREVENTION PREGNANCY. You may experience a shorter period and somehow ovulate during that 7 day out time frame. Since becoming pregnant, found about 3 other women/now mothers who were on NuvaRing in my same predicament. 15 months
1 ring 1X M

 2  Prevention of pregnancy Lack of energy, emotional, cramping in uterus and legs, chest pains, big decrease in sex drive, always feel bloated/gassy... At first I liked nuva ring bc I didn't have to take a pill like i did prior, but all the symptoms I have don't seem to add up to anything but the ring. I have decided to get off BC for a few months to see how I feel and get my body back to normal. F 24 2 years

 1  birth control Itching burning increased discharge, cramps, headache F 21 1 days

 2  Convenience of birth control Vaginal dryness, depression, mood swings, low libido, sense of hoplessness, weight gain. I took this for 7 years, and never realized what was causing my problems until I finally came off of it. To the people who are judging those who have had a negative experience with this birth control need to realize that not everyone is the same, people react differently to different medications and hormones. Therefore, I think you need to be less judgemental and rude about other's lifestyles. Just because some of us gained weight from this drug does NOT mean we sit around eating fatty foods all day. Some of us had this problem even while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Anyway, when I was on the Nuvaring, I was constantly bitchy, mean and never had a sex drive, not to mention my weight was climbing, even though I watched what I ate and tried to work the weight off many times to no avail. However, as soon as I got off of it, I felt better, more sexual, and my weight dropped dramatically. I really wouldn't recommend this drug to anyone based on my experiences, and I think I'll just stick with the diaphram. My libido and body are thanking me now. F 23 7 years
1X M
 1  Heavy flow/cramping After a few hours of insertion I started experiencing dizziness and feeling like I could fall out. I went to bed early but was awakened by hot flashes/sweats throughout the night that felt like my body was on fire. The next morning I was vomitting, feeling jittery, having heart palpitations, severe migraine and just feeling like I was on my death ned. I called the oncall Dr and he recommended I remove immediately. He said that some women have a sensitivity to estrogen and for me to schedule appt next week with my GYN. My Gyn wanted to try this as a less invasive alternative to hysterectomy since I amonly 33...but this was a horible experience and I would woudnt want to wish it on my worst enemy. F 33 2 days
1X D

 1  Birth control Bloating, weight gain, headaches, cramping, depression, lack of sex drive. Now being off it after 4 months I am still waiting for my period to come, and I am definitely not pregnant. Originally i was all for using nuvaring after one month I was fine had no problems except for headaches which Advil worked for that. The months following it just got worse, I don't know why I said on it for 9 months but i regret it now. It was not worth it at all and still trying to work off the 10 extra lbs i gained, not happy. Try something else F 21 9 months
1X M
 1  Birth control Horrible aching throbbing feeling in uterus, near black out and severe dizziness approximately 3 hours after insertion, wierd 'pressurised' feeling in head, felt panicky and anxious for no reason, legs felt like lead, felt fatigued, lethargic and exhausted for no reason, unexplained ache in leg. Exactly half an hour after removal of Nuvaring 12 hours later, nearly all these symptoms reversed. Definitely felt as though I had a massive dose of 'something', will never EVER take this form of contraception again. Have taken the 2nd generation combined pill in the past successfully, never experienced side effects like these. After hearing about the many lawsuits filed against Nuvaring regarding the danger of blood clots, strokes and death in healthy young women who are not at risk I have taken it out, thrown it away and will NOT be putting it back in. F 27 1 days
11.7 mg 1X M
 1  prevent pregnancy Vaginal irritation, burning, itching sensation, that is still going even though i took the ring out a whole day ago would not recommend F 17 1 months

 3  Birth Control increase vaginal discharge. loss of sex drive. Extreme Weight Gain. Acne problems. Nausea, Dizzy spells, Aquired Gastritis (Acid Reflux) Pains in joints, shorter much lighter periods. Less period cramps In the first few months I was excited that I didn't have to remember to take it every day and that I didn't show much symptoms but then a couple of months later I started getting nauseous and dizzy. I loss interest in sex and began gaining alot of weight. I'm less interested in doing things I like and all of a sudden i'm breaking out horribly. I've always been complimented about my skin until now. I want to change but was told Nuvaring has the least amount of side effects and would suit me better since I dont have to take it every day. I'm STUCK! F 27 1 years
30 MG 1X M
 5  Birth control & skipping periods When I first started the Nuva ring I had breast tenderness and increased discharge. Which would be on the ring when I removed it. So I started to take the ring out and rinse it every few days. I have always gotten extremely heavy and painful periods. My doctor suggested that I skip my period ... On week 4 instead of being ring free for a week. Insert another. I never had problems. I love the Nuva ring F 31 4 days

 1  birth control heavy white discharge, foul odor, abdominal cramps, NO sex drive, easily irritated, outrageous mood swings, blurred vision, legs & arm pain I was on nuvaring for only 13 days. As soon as I inserted in, almost instantly I started having abdominal cramps (they were the worst when I laid down, so I had trouble sleeping). Only about an hour after I put it in, I started having a heavy white discharge & foul odor. After about 3 days, I had no sex drive what so ever! Within a weeks time, I had terrible mood swings (i've never had mood swings before in my life) & I was very easily irritated. Just in the past week, my vision started messing up. & acouple days ago, my legs and arms have had pains in them. I thought all this stuff going on was just because my body had to get used to the new birth control, but that is not the case! I now see im not the only one with these problems. & (literally) right before I started writing this, I took that piece of crap out of me! I refuse to put my body in danger. I wish I would have came across this site before I chose to put that death circle inside me. but im glad I found this site before I really ran into trouble.. I Hope all of you recover completely from this, and I do not recommend this birth control to my worst enemy! F 20 2 weeks
1 ring 1X M
 3  Birth Control I developed gall bladder disease (biliary dyskinesia) and had to have my gall bladder removed. I also grew several benign tumors in my liver, my doctor said they were related to the nuva ring. There were no other side effects, but I seemed to exhibit some of the rarer side effects, unfortunately. No longer taking the ring. F 28 8 years
1 ring 1X M
 3  easy to use birth control Decrease sex drive, irritability, distraction, F 24 1 months

 1  Ovarian cysts/birth control Sever Anxiety, Depression, Yeast infection, soreness, swelling, weight gain I thought I was fine on this type of birth control until another pointed out that I was getting increasingly anxious. The final breaking point was when I had 4 anxiety attacks in one week over nothing and symptoms of a painful yeast infection. F 23 4 months
1X D

 1  prevent pregnancy a few hours after i put in NR i started getting chest pains, i didnt think anything of it until they didnt go away then just got worse, i felt a heavy feeling on my chest and was having trouble breathing, i told my mother (me being 18) and she told me to go look up all of the side effects and i saw that NR could lead to blood clots and i took it out. I only lasted about 14 hours on it and i plan on calling the DR. in the morning maybe my body was still getting used to it but i hated the feeling, something just wasnt right about it and after reading these i know its the ring and not me, im hoping the pains go away soon because i just took it out M 18 1 days
1X D
 3  Stomach pain/pregnancy protection Shortness of breath, sharp quick headaches, insomnia, leg pain, knee (joint pain), sore throat and loss of sex drive. Sometimes I have trouble peeing like I can't and it hurts then I wait a little while and I can go. Happy I found this site, I thought I was crazy and these things were something I had to deal with. I'm now off the ring, we're trying to get pregnant, the ring worked for what I needed it to. Pain after periods during ovulation and pregnancy control. I've been to the Dr. for these symptoms, had test done and they never found a thing. They looked at me like I was crazy lol, so I stoped going to Dr. for issues. So I hope now I'll start to feel better and that was what caused my issues. F 28 8 months
1X D
 3  Prevent pregnancy I was on the NR for a little over a year and loved it. I had zero side affects and felt amazing. Then out of no where I started feeling sick, nauseous, feeling the need to throw up, and hot flashes like crazy. I took it out an felt fine but all of the sudden my face broke out BAD!!!! And I started to get a bit puggy. I went to the doc and she suggested I try it again if it worked good before it should again right? Wrong, I am feeling sick again and now having stomache cramps that come and go but are soooooo painful. Also I have lost all interest in everything (school, work, my child, my husband, sex) My doc told me to wait it out but I think I am going to listen to my body. If my body doesn't like it, neither do I. This BC may be great at first but don't be suprised If after a year or so you start to suffer. F 21 1 years

 1  Prevent Pregnancy Chest pains, Increase in discharge, Cramps, Abdominal pain, Extreme headaches everyday, Sore throat, Very tired, Memory loss, Confusion, Balance issues, Constant nausea, Joint (knee) pain, Shaking all the time, Shooting pains in my arms and legs The first month I used NR I had chest pains so I went to the hospital and they couldnít find anything wrong with me. I suggested the NR but the dr didn't think that was it. I also contacted my GYN and she told me to continue using it. After about 10 days the chest pains went away. I had cramps when I was on my period, which I never had before, throughout the month I would have lower abdominal pain, and I had a lot of discharge. Eventually I experienced extreme headaches every day, sore throat, very tired, memory loss, confusion, my balance was off, constant nausea, my knees hurt when I walked, my arms and legs (especially my right leg) would shake when I would stand and occasionally when I would sit, when I would read it would take me a minute to figure out a word (easy words) it was like my brain was on a delay or I would read the word incorrectly. I also had pains in my legs and arms. Once I had all of these symptoms I went to my general dr and told her about my symptoms and told her I was using the NR but she didnít think that was it. The nurse and the dr looked puzzled when I explained to them all the issues I was having. The dr suggested a thyroid problem or lyme disease, so I had blood work done, but again everything was negative. Then I found this board and read through all the postings and found that a lot of what I was experiencing other women on NR had experienced too. So I took it out immediately! I just hope no permanent damage was done to m F 33 6 months
1X M
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