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 1  Toe Nail fungus Total loss of taste after 2 months Do not take the chance-it is the worst thing in the world to lose your sense of taste. EVERYTHING either tastes bad or has no taste-including water!! Is there anyone who has regained taste?? This is scary. F 63 70 days
 1  toe nail fungus extreme fatigue; anxiety and extreme depression; persistent nausea; always very thirsty; headaches; slight metallic taste, though I could still taste food. I'm very grateful for this website & everyone who has posted. I thought I was going crazy. I am prone to depression, but this was horrible, unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. It's been a little over a week since I stopped taking Lamisil, and all my symptoms have improved, but I'm still going to get my liver checked. This drug is POISON -- STAY AWAY FROM IT. F 43 45 days

 1  Big Toenail Infection I experienced a very bad yeast infection, loss of appetite and sexually activity, very bad joint pain can barely walk.I hope these symptons are gone ASAP... This product should be taken off market it makes you worse!!! F 43 19 days
 1  toe nail fungus The significant side affect that I experienced was total loss of taste at 3 months. I am posting this because when I found this site when I loss my taste after a 3 month treatment, ( Sept 11) I was desparate! I was horrified that there were so many with the same side affect but no one ever posted if the taste ever resolved itself. I emailed out to several people and out of the 4 that responded, 3 said that their taste came back after 12 weeks, one responded after 6 months! I thought I would be the exception and that my taste would never return, well lo and behold after about 12 weeks my taste returned. It was a horrible 12 weeks and I was very depressed and desparate! For those of you who have this side affect, be patient. I was on a a 12 week treatment and it took 12 weeks for my taste to return! My toe nails look better. With that said, would I do it over again? Not in this life time. What it did teach me is that before I take another drug I will make sure I do a ton of research before taking it. The doctor that prescribed it to me said he had never had a pa F 57 86 days
 1  toenail fungus I thought everything was going fine at first and then 6 weeks into the treatment plan, I lost my taste. Everything tastes awful if I can taste it at all. I cannot register sweet and I have a really bitter taste similar to baking soda in my mouth at all times. If I try to suck on peppermint, it's like sucking on a piece of plastic - there is no taste. Other foods taste foul - especially meat. Water is awful as well. My coffee tastes like seawater. This has been very distressing. I was brushed off by my doctor, the pharmacist had no clue, and even the drug manufacturer offered no help. I've been struggling with this for three weeks now and sure would like to know that it's temporary! I do not recommend this medicine. It's definitely NOT worth it! I hope and pray that there is no permanent damage! F 48 6 weeks

 1  toe nail fungus After 3 days of treatment(250mg daily), I felt very dizzy with blurred vision, extremely fatigue, depressed, no energy at all; Metalic taste in mouth, anorexia-No appetite at all...Had to quit the treatment! This is not for me...I have off it for 3 days now, those symptoms are getting better but not totally go away yet. Since the nail fungus might come back, I would rather go for some other method with fewer serious side effects, if they are not lethal! F 37 3 days

 1  Tinea Capitis scalp peeling (looked like a chemical burn); hair loss; severe tiredness, but with insomnia; excessive thirst; joint pain in hands, knees, ankles and right shoulder - using walker to get around; rash on arm - skin discolored; blisters on both heels; swelling in hands, knees and ankles. Just learned that this drug was approved for use in children 4 and older for tinea capitis. We must stop them! Babies will not be able to describe what is wrong with them and if they experience the joint pain, one hug from mom will cause severe pain. F 38 30 days
 1  Toenail Fungus I had stomach pain almost every day for the 3 weeks that I took it. I also experienced paranoia and felt like I was in a contant mental fog. I have not slept a full nights' sleep since starting it either. I felt my heart racing and seemed to lose part of my appetite. I started to develop a metal taste in my mouth around week three. After logging on to this site I decided to stop taking it. Toenail fungus is not worth any of these side effects and now I am wondering how to cleanse my body of this drug. I've been off of it now for a week and I'm still having difficulty sleeping, but the other side effects are waning. I am wondering if my nervous system has been affected or damaged in any way. There has to be a better (and natural) cure for toenail fungus! Take this medication at your own risk!!! Would not recommend - steer clear of this dangerous drug. F 40 3 weeks

 1  Toe nail fungus My sense of taste is gone and it is a miserable feeling. I wonder if it will ever return. I stopped it on my own after 2 months and have been off for 3 weeks. The fungus is still there. Had I been told about this side effect, I would never have taken the drug. Did anyone get there taste back? F 64 2 months
 1  toenail fungus Complete loss of taste. After 27 days of taking lamisil, I lost all sense of taste. This is very disturbing!!!! If I had known this was going to happen, I would not have taken it. It has been 6 days since I stopped, and still nothing. I wonder how long it will be before I am back to normal. Please e-mail me with your experience. F 33 29 days
 1  Fungal Toenail infection Almost total loss of taste after about 4 weeks of taking lamisil Loss of taste is extremely distressing. I am dismayed that a perscribed drug can cause this reaction. F 36 4 weeks
 1  Finger nail fungus A salty taste can't hardly stand to eat , don't wont to eat, water taste like crap sweets forget them they leave a bitter taste in your mouth. I would rather have the fungus then take lamisil,wish my doctor would have tolded me about all the side effects that lamisil has I think food and drug should take it off the market. F 76 42 days

 1  Finger nail fungus I wish that I had read some more about this drug before taking it. I have a terrible taste had it for 2 weeks and still have it know when it will get better,I wouldn't advise anyone to take it.wish my doctor had explained all the side effects in more detell. F 75 6 weeks

 1  toenail fungus It caused a severe reduction in the effectiveness of my thyroid medication and brought back symptoms such as myxedema-face, eyes, legs, tinitis, arthritis. I stopped at the 7th day due to reduction in heart rate, body temperature and symptoms of severe hypothyroidism. F 48 7 days
 1  toenail fungus Lost taste completely after 67 of 90 pills. Stopped meds immediately and sought info from pharmacists, Novartis, and dermatologists. No useful information. Devastating AND understated side effect. I distrust Novartis info citing that taste disturbance occurs in only 2.8 percent of users. I can live with the ugly fungus, which did begin to clear up; but the loss of a sense is abysmal. More study should be conducted on this serious side effect, and physicians, pharmacists, and other practictioners should be much more informed. F 54 67 days

 1  nail fungus Taste disurbance after 30 days on medication. Two weeks after ending medication complete loss of taste and loss of smell. Horrible drug wish I had investigated this drug before using. F 50 30 days
 1  toe fungus My mother took lamisil for toe fungus infection 4 years ago at the age of 76. She was never giving a blood test/liver test as required. After a couple weeks being on the medicine, she became jaundice. She had a cold when she noticed the jaundice starting, so didn't know it was from the medicine. About a week later she was on her death bed. Her eyes were so jaundice, they looked like yellow neon lights and could not hold her head up. My mom being a fighter, pulled threw, but has a messed up liver and had aged tremdously after this allergic reaction. please re-consider using this medicine. or use extreme caution, be sure you have a blood test prior to use. If I can prevent this from happening to just one person...this comment was well worth it. F 43 2 weeks
 1  toenail fungus terrible itching, primarily in palms and feet. went to a new dr and after tons of tests discovered my liver was out of wack as a result of the Lamisil. The perscribing dr never gave me a blood test nor warned me of the possible side effects. Wish I knew about this website sooner. Wouldn't use ever again or recommend. F 38 33 days

 1  toe fungus ps....i forgot to add. my mother also had rash and peeling skin all over her body, which never itched like crazy and left scars. F 43 2 weeks

 1  toenail fungus Within 48 hours of taking my first Lamisil pill, I started breaking out in red bumps that ended up crusting over and leaving scars. I did not immediately think it was caused by the drug. I thought it could be due to stress or allergies to my cats, although I had not previously experienced anything like this. I determined it was probably due to the Lamisil after realizing nothing else had changed except my ingestion of the drug. I felt exhausted and very strange. After reading this website and the comments posted, I stopped taking the drug immediately and am researching alternative natural cures. Neither my podiatrist nor the pharmacist told me anything about serious side effects such as losing sense of taste, not being able to drink alcohol, dizziness, losing hair, etc. This website was extremely helpful to me. Apparently many people experience severe side effects that are permanent. F 42 9 days
 1  Ringworm Loss of taste, Very salty mouth. I was taking Terbinafine (Lamisil) for 4 weeks for ringworm. It must have been 6 weeks since I finished the course. It has left me with a very salty taste in my mouth and food tastes awful. I went back to the doctors and she gave me medication for oral thrush. It obviously wasn't thrush as that was almost 3 weeks ago and I have still got the awful taste in my mouth. This symptom really does make you deppressed. I wouldn't advise anybody to take this awful drug. An oral spray is helping me at the moment, it gives my taste buds something to taste. Has anyone got any idea how long it will take to get back to normal? F 50 4 weeks
 1  Toenail fungus I went back and forth about taking this medication until my pharmacist told me he took it with no side effects - my doctor said there might be mild side effects but most people reported none... I said to heck with it and began a 12 week treatment. No side effects during the first four weeks. On the fifth week experienced nausea and extreme itching. Itching was so severe all over my hands and wrists swelled from the sratching. Then I woke up one morning and opened a can of sweet ice tea which I love but I couldn't taste the sweetness - it was like water - everything went downhill from there. It's been two weeks, I cannot taste anything sweet. Most food is blander than bland or very salty. Nausea is almmost constant, even after drinking water (also very nasty) My mouth has a constant salty "taste" in it and I am miserable! I stopped taking the medication as soon as this "taste disturbance" occurred and notified my doctor. I believe the medication should undergo further testing and that the side effects more clearly defined - this is not just a taste disturbance - this is extreme. If I knew this would occur I would NOT have taken the medication. F 46 5 weeks
 1  toenail and foot fungus head ache, loss of taste, bad taste in my mouth all the time. Depressed because of loss of taste. Cold cereal, regular cherios or special K seem to taste ok. Smell is normal. Suffered with fungus for over 40 years, kept getting worse. Tried bleach soaks which helped, but always came back. After 70 days on lamisil pills, it seems to have cured the fungus. I quit the pills because of bad taste. Now I will use lamisil cream twice a day for several weeks to make sure it don't come back. F 63 70 days
 1  nail fungus Took for 5 1/2 weeks of 6 weeks treatment. At 5 1/2 weeks lost my sense of taste and ability to eat. Everything I eat has a chemical taste and is extremely intolerable. I am going to 2 weeks now without the ability to eat normally. I'm losing weight and feel sick constantly. I feel like I have been poisoned systemically. I would never suggest taking this medicine to anyone. It took 5 1/2 weeks for this horrible side effect to happen. There was no indication on the side effects listed on the medicine sheet when given to me. Lamisil web site claims this is a "rare" side effect. Doesn't look rare to me with all of the complaints here. F 55 45 days
 1  nail fungus see below posting 11/5/2008. That's me. I contacted Novartis today and urge everyone experiencing this to register your issues with the company. They will not fully know how devastasting this is until we all register our complaints. The number is 1-800-452-0051. It is worth your time. F 41 31 days

 1  Toenail fungus After 6 weeks of taking this medication I noticed that everything I ate and drank tasted odd. I contacted my doctor and stopped taking Lamisil immediately upon discovering that loss of taste or taste disturbance was a side effect of this drug. I contacted Novartis customer service department who refused to discuss my concerns saying it was against their code of practice! They agreed to write to my doctor to give him what information they had about this side effect (and then had the nerve to ask if he would pass on my medical history so they could put me into the database! I refused). So I have been told it should take about 6 weeks for my taste to recover. But 6 weeks has been and gone and I still have major taste disturbance. It has gone from a mouthful of sea water to a mouthful of soapy water! Nice!! To make matters worse I am an insulin dependent diabetic and have consequently had several hypos on account of not being able to eat properly. I am thoroughly depressed about F 45 42 days
 1  toe nail fungus took for almost 6 weeks, when notice an bad taste in my mouth. I stopped it. It has been 3.5 weeks and taste is not back to normal. My doctor says it will take about 4 weeks. For those who have experience this horrible side effects how long did it take for taste to return back to normal? F 47 5.5 weeks
 1  6 weeks Got terrible taste in mouth, unable to taste food. This starting happening after 5.5weeks of taking lamisil. Has anyone gotten back their taste? I stop taking it. It has been 3.5 weeks and I'm still the same. HELP! F 47 6 weeks
 1  Nail Infection Lost of taste and smell, even water! Two weeks in and out of ICU due to kidney failure and other related side effects including the possiblility of a stroke. Possible rare SLE Lupis SIDE EFFECTS! Still have the nail infection. Live with the nail infections. If I was aware of ALL the side effects I never would have taken this medication. I have been in good health my entire life, hardly even sick with a cold. Now I am looking at at least six months of slow recovery and drugs to try and correct my present situation. My problem is that people are not given all the necessary information by the drug company about ALL the possible risks. My doctors were also unaware of these side effects and confused by my conflicting test results. Thanks to a concerned friend this situation was brought to light and hopefully the proper steps are being taken to bring about a full recovery. I wonder if the durg company would like to cover the $150,000 in medical bills? F 43 9 weeks

 1  toe fungal infection Loss of taste at day 34. Took drug for 36 days because couldn't get hold of Dr. due to holidays & then talked w/ pharmacist to see if I could stop immediately w/out further problems. Have constant salty taste in my mouth. Either everything tastes foul, salty or no taste but yet w/ an underlying sludge taste making most foods and drinks completly repulsive. Eating a sandwich w/ meat, I can only take one or 2 bites before I have to throw it out, it is so disgusting. Have also become constipated but probably due to non tolerance of liquids & my current limited diet. I used to drink a lot of water & now I can hardly stand the amount of water to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth. The worst is sweets, particularly chocolate which I dearly love. Dairy & most fruits are bad. One thing that did actually taste good was a Confederate Bean Soup that had smoked sausage in it. I could tolerate a a pork roast only because it was served w/ a dried fruit compote & the c DO NOT TAKE LAMISIL! It's just not worth it! I didn't know about these side effects going into it & when I did read the pamphlet, it said it affected only 2-3% of the poplulation which doesn't seem to be the case for the people on this site. One person on this site did write to the drug co. that responded that 90% of the people get their taste ack in 12 weeks or less and 10% will take a little longer but overall couldn't give any time frames. The pharmacist told me if it took 36 days to build up, it might take that long to work its way out. F 59 36 days
 1  toenail fungus After 28 days of being on this medicine, I suddenly lost all of my taste for almost everything. I stopped taking it as soon as I found this website and read about the side effects. It has now been 12 days and I still cannot taste anything, especially sugar and vinegar! I also have a salty metal taste in my mouth all of the time. My doctor had never heard of this happening to anyone! I hope that it is not permanent!! Can anyone give me an idea of how long I will have to deal with this? I wish I had done my research before taking this drug! F 57 30 days
 1  fungal infection on foot Using the cream which supposedly has no side effects. Apply cream in am. and pm. Started having excruciating headaches by day three, didn't realize what might be causing them. Quit cream day four. No headache day five. Started cream again, first two days only used cream at bedtime. Third day used pm. and fourth am. again. Headache returned with a vengence by afternoon. I think I'll try tea tree oil-really no side effects F 35 12 days

 1  Toenail Fungus tongue felt like I had thrush, abdominal pain... STROKE!!! I only took Lamisil for 23 days...quit because of abdominal pain side effect. Took last pill on a Friday. Then on Monday of following week had a TIA (my left leg stopped working for a short period.) Had a major stroke on Thursday of that week. Prior to taking Lamisil, I was thin, ate healthy, swam 1/2 mile 3 times a week...taking no other medications. My blood pressure was normal. I was considered VERY healthy. I have since found 3 other people on the internet who had blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) while taking Lamisil and one previously healthy lady like me who had a STROKE the week after she stopped taking it. (That lady was listed on THIS website...now I can no longer find it.) F 64 23 days
 1  toenail fungus Day 31, horrible bitter/metallic taste. Discontinued immediately. Now med-free for 19 days, lost sense of taste for sugar, carbs, bread products and dairy. Can barely taste meat. Water is disgusting unless peppermint oil is added. Lost 6 pounds of muscle already. This medicine has serious adverse effects that are not disclosed can last for 35-120 days after last pill taken. Began doing a lemon/hot water drink to cleanse the liver with some success. This product is not worth the risks of damage. F 41 31 days
 1  toe fungus loss of taste after 30 days and then constant bitter taste in mouth. can't stand to eat anything. everything tastes gross I should have never taken this drug F 44 30 days
 1  toenail fungus after 5 days experienced constipation. had to stop for a week because i was sceduled for a colonoscopy. resumed medicine for two more weeks with no more constipation, but started feeling like i was coming down with the flu--even though it was june! then i got the most severe lower back pain i've ever experienced in my life-i almost went to the emergency room. found this user forum online and realized it was the medicine. i stopped it immediately and felt better the next day. i have to say that i would NEVER recommend using this drug--it isn't even prescribed in other countries. however, lo-and-behold, a month later i noticed my worst nail was growing in pink, and within six short months all my toenails were beautiful and the scales that i have had on my feet for 25 years were gone. F 41 21 days

 1  toe nail fungus had toe nail fungus for three years, finally went to the doctor and was so excited to start this med. started it and three weeks later I lost my sense of taste totally. I went off the med immediately and still have no sense of taste 3 weeks later. What a let down. I can't believe how depressing this side effect is. I don't go anywhere, I don' eat, I have lost 15 lbs, can anyone tell me how long is it going to take to get any sense of taste back? F 48 21 days
 1  Nail fungus Sudden total loss of taste / horrible taste after 5 weeks of taking 250 mg tablet daily I believe from reading the literature about the problem with the horrible taste from Lamisil that this is a fairly rare occurence, but unfortunately that doesn't make me feel a whole lot better. Best I can tell there's no real remedy other than discontinuing the medication and waiting - presumably weeks - for the taste sensation to return. I am literally not able to eat ANYthing right now as everything tastes absolutely horrible. My doctor thought perhaps this might be related to smell or olfactory problems, but I can smell the food perfectly (and it sure smells good!). After a week of this (with no warning at all), I'm virtually starving and have started choking down liquid supplement (Ensure) just to get some calories into myself. I simply cannot gag down any food right now - it all tastes soooo foul F 51 35 days
 1  toe nail fungus I started taking the generic brand of lamisil and I have been on it for about 40 days. After about 35 days into taking the medication, I noticed a change in my sense of taste. At first, I wasn't too sure what was happening. I also noticed that I was always thirsty even though I drink a lot of water already. I also noticed a metalic after taste in my mouth. My stomach was a bit queasy at times and I found myself very tired. My doctor and pharmasist did not warn me about these particular side effects at all. When I started doing more research on the drug and I had realized that other people were describing the same symptoms and more, I decided to stop taking the medication. It is not worth losing all sense of taste over toenail fungus. I looked into homeopathic remedies and one of the things that was suggested was to soak your feet in epsom salt once a day. It may take a while to get rid of the fungus but it is worth a shot. I can always cover my toes with toenail polish. I am I reccommend that you seriously think about ALL the side effects before taking this medication. I don't think it's worth it and all doctors and pharmacists SHOULD go over EVERY side effect there is. F 49 40 days

 1  toe nail fungal infection About two and a half weeks after starting the drug I broke out in HORRIBLE hives all over my body. My hands and feet swelled up (it became painful to walk as the soles of my feet hurt so much). I also had random joint pain in my knees, elbows, fingers and toes that would last a day in each location then move somewhere else. There was also a couple days of severe heartburn, chest pain and some stomach pain. It was awful. I have been off the dug now for three days. The hives are getting better but the joint pain is still quite bad. The swelling is starting to go down but is not gone yet. This was really awful - my Doctor told me it was a food allergy and totally dismissed the idea that it could be the Lamisil and told me to keep taking it. The hives started to subside the next day after stopping the drug. This whole experience has been very frustrating. F 33 20 days

 1  toe nail fungus Bad taste in mouth,numbness and pins and needles in right hand , feeling the tablet stuck in gullet, even after halfing it, no more after 5 days did not really want the tablets asked doctor about curanail paint, and she said try the tablets i did not like the side effects i had heard about even before i started them. I will be returning the prescription back to the pharmacy, and will continue using anti fungal nail gel and then phytex paint to see if this will do the trick, if not i will just have to live with it . F 48 5 days

 1  Toe nail fungal infection Do you want to lose one of your five senses? If so, just take Terbinafine. I am unable to taste food properly and have a constant bitter, salty taste in my mouth. The idea of never being able to taste food again is very, very scary and depressing. This side effect far outweights the benefits of getting rid of the nail infection. It is better to have the infection than to lose one of your five senses. F 32 42 days

 1  Fungal toe nails Severe taste disturbances, weight loss, fatigue, headaches, constipation, depression, back pain side effects emerged after 5 weeks of taking tablets. Stopped medication immediately. I had a metallic, bi-carbonate soda taste on tongue. All food tasted repulsive, even water. My social life was effected and I felt very depressed. I managed to drink smoothies made with milk, honey, banana, vanilla essence, & ice. I could tolerate porridge for breakfast. A naturopath gave me some herbal drops and my taste started to return 6.5 weeks after stopping tablets. This has been the most miserable time of my life and ruined an overseas holiday. Lamisil should not be on the market. It is a poison. BEWARE!!!! F 54 5 years

 1  toe nail fungus loss of taste for 9 months/metallic taste/unable to eat/depression/the fungus went away but it came back. Please use caution when taking this drug. It seems to work until all of a sudden you start to have the taste issues. F 57 75 days
 1  toenail fungus after taking this drug for app. 6 wks my sense of taste is completely distorted. There is a feeling of total mnumbness to partial numbness on parts of my tongue. The ability to taste anything sweet is impossible, I aqm always thirsty. Coffee tastes like poison. I have stopped the lamisil about 10 days ago and there is very little change in these symptoms. F 49 5 weeks

 1  yeast infection My whole body stunk like something rotton. My hair began falling out and what was left felt like cotton candy. It's been two years and my hair still feels like cotton candy. I don't think it will grow back either. Sorry for all of you looking for reassurance. I think the lamisil burned out some of my hair folicles or something. I think this drug needs to be banned and those suffering lasting effects should be compensated. My sister lost quite a bit of hair about 15 years ago. I mentioned to my sister that my hair was getting thin. Without her knowing my situation, she told me that her hair not only fell out but also felt like cotton candy. I told her mine did too and told her that I was on Lamisil and attributed the problem to the Lamisil. Then, surprisingly, she told me that she had been on Lamisil when all of this happened to her! I couldn't believe it! This drug has been causing people's hair to fall out for years and it's still on the market! F 49 90 days

 1  Toe Nail Fungus After about a month I could not taste my food. I started trying to find out why and found this website, and found that others had the same symptoms as mine. Loss of taste for most everything including sugar and salt. Water doesn't even taste like anything. I have stopped take the medication and will not take it again. F 53 30 days

 1  Finger nail fungus It was only after about five weeks into a six week course of treatment that I noticed that sweet things didn't taste the same. Very shortly after that, I lost all sweet taste and all the food I ingest tastes like what I would imagine sawdust tastes like. There is no joy in eating. I can discern a few tastes, principally lemon, lime, peppermint, parsley, cilantro, etc. But after a few bites, there is no taste at all. I love to cook and I can't even try out new recipes because I can't taste them. What a way to live. I don't wish this on anyone. If you are thinking about taking this drug, THINK HARD. If you have never suffered from this side effect, you can't really appreciate what it is like not to be able to taste. I have lost 5 pounds so far and have to force myself to eat. I was so naive to just take a drug prescribed by a physician and not do research on it beforehand. The "possible side effects" described by the manufacturer are very understated. Almost like, well, there is a possibilty but it's very rare. I would say that it is not that rare from what I read here. You have to be your own advocate. F 59 45 days
 1  toenail fungus altered taste I've NEVER experienced side-effects from ANY drug befor ethis one, so I was quite surprised when my taste suffered major changes suddenly at 4 3/4 weeks. I have a terrible taste in my mouth at all times, water tastes horrible, EVERYTHING tastes horrible. The major problem is that I still get hungry, and I can still smell food properly; also, the most tolerable foods are either extremely spicy (but taste mild), or typically high in fat (like cashew nuts for some reason taste bland, but not like crud)so I effectively haven't even lost weight like some other posters. Socially, this is miserable- not just because people have no idea what impact this side effect has. Today is my last day -I'm quitting a week early- and I'm hoping that my taste comes back- I LOVE cooking, so this is unbearable to me. I'm very sad and scared about this. F 37 42 days

 1  fungal infection-toe I didn't observe any change in the toe nail but about six weeks into treatment I noticed my taste had changed dramitically. I had difficulty with mild flavors like yogurt and even felt my coffee tasted different. My dr. told me to discontinue but after several weeks, my taste was still effected. The dr. and pharmacy has heard of this side effect but basically said there was nothing they could do about it. My dilemma is that I find it hard to believe that (according to Lamiail info) only 3% of the population have this neg. side effect. So many people taking this product have had similar sidde effects. Personally, I would rather taste food and use a home remedy like vinegar on it. Is there an independent study that could be done to determine the real results?? I am very dissatisfied with the results. I've also complained to the FDA--basically didn't get any satisfaction from them. F 65 30 days

 1  nailfugus Well...first thank you for all the comments it really helped me to come to a decision..namely no i will wait and try homeopathy and topical firts.Reading your side effects it seamse that's the effects i have from having the fungus in my body(i bite my nails)...So if it in your body (contegeous)thru using the drug it pushes the fungus out ...do do that it needs to go through your system to get eliminated and that why the effects are that bad..just a theory. I've had 1 nail fungus for 2 years now.trying a number of homeremedies.It comes and goes! F 50 0 days

 1  M.D. thought I had nail fungus Severe allergic reaction: Acute Generalized Exanthamatous Pustulosis!! Started with slight rash after taking pill for 23 days. The explosive, chemical reaction in my bloodstream caused nausea, fatigue, fever and the worst skin reaction with pustules, edema, itching, redness - totally unbelievable until one sees it!! Stopped medication on June 17th. I am still suffering. The allergic reaction took over my entire body, every place where there is skin and blood. Took tapering dose of Prednisone as prescribed but it did not stop reaction from reaching my face, hair,all through to my finger tips & toes. Hair feels like cotton candy. I would describe it as a severe chemical burn. My entire first layer of skin is sloughing off. Since it did reach my lower legs at one point I could not walk because the swelling and burning pain was so severe - very scary. Almost every day I had a brief melt down. Soothing Oatmeal Baths helped the most. My total recovery, most likely end of Au Number One: Be Sure the Diagnosis is correct before ingesting Medication! Be Sure you are aware of all the side effects!!! F 63 23 days

 1  Fingernail fungus I had constant nausea after about a week of taking the medicine. Constant headaches as well as abdominal pain by the 3rd week. Just stopped taking it and I now have a very bitter taste at the back of my throat and have lost taste. General feeling of malaise and fatigue. Just started to see improvement by the 3rd week, but unable to stay on this medication because of the side effects. F 35 26 days

 1  toe nail fungus After taking 59 Lamicil tablets, I wondered if it was causing the constant, horrible salty taste in my mouth. I called my doctor and asked if that was possible, she said salty taste in mouth wasn't a side effect of Lamisil, so I told her about this website. Thank you so much for this website! It gave me information my doctor did not! I told her I was going off of Lamisil. It did affect my liver after the first month, and I suspect it caused my minor headaches and bleary vision. The good news is the terrible salty taste went away after about 1 month. I still have the toe nail fungus, and am treating it with Tea Tree Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar and Peroxide. I would not recommend it to anyone, and wonder if doctors are paid to prescribe it! My dermatologist said there were no other antifungus medications on the market, and Lamisil was the only medication that would kill the toe nail fungus. F 58 59 days

 1  toenail fungus Complete loss of taste after 30 days on medicine. Bitter taste in mouth with increased salivation. Talk about miserable, not being able to taste your food or drink has made me very depressed. I spoke with the company that manufactures the drug and they said it may be 2 weeks to a year before I can taste anything again. F 52 30 days
 1  toenail fungus Weight gain, abnormal liver enzymes, abdominal pain, slowed down thyroid which caused additional problems. 6 months later.....I'm still trying to undue the damage! F 27 3 weeks

 1  fungus infection in toenails not the same brand name. I`m from Canada and it is called apo-terbinafine. I lost my taste all foods 2 weeks ago, (everything tastes bland) and hasn`t started to come back yet. Also I have a strong sweet-tart taste constantly in the back of my tongue. F 59 5 weeks

 1  toe nail fungus hives all over body, swelling on one side of my face; developed within hours of taking one pill F 24 1 days

 1  nail fungus I was completely healthy before taking this medicine and the dermotologist did a liver test as routine and everything was fine. after only 3 weeks on this medicine I developed severe stomach pain and noticed dark brown urine. After bloodwork, tests showed extremely high liver enzyme levels and bilirubin. In the next few days I began experiencing extreme abdominal pain, was not able to eat, SEVERE itching (from being jaundice), and began to become very weak. The doctors ran multiple tests including a MRI, ultra sound, and many blood tests to rule out other diseases as the source of the symptoms. After weeks of tests, the only conclusion was all of this was brought on by Lamisil. A I was perfectly healthy, not on any other medications, and had a liver function test that was normal and only after 3 weeks of taking Lamisil I developed dangerous levels of liver enzymes, became jaundice, and recovery has been slow and painful F 44 27 days
 1  Toenail fungus Complete loss of taste on day 33 of taking lamisil. Stopped the drug and four weeks later, still cannot taste food. My mouth feels salty, burning and metallic. I started to have abdominable pain and nausea two days ago. Pain so bad, it's hard to function and I am a very active person. I feel like I've been poisoned! It's not worth the risk. This drug is very dangerous F 57
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