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 4  Taking it for ringworm. It caused nausea, dizziness, and after only 4 days of using the cream, I experienced great fatigue and mood swings. I have real dark circles under my eyes from fatigue, and sleep too much. Nasty metallic taste in mouth, but still taste foods ok. I am not using the cream anymore. Only used it for 4 days, but the strange taste in my mouth and the fatigue and dizziness are warning signs of the onset of something worse. Thank God I didn't take the pills, and tried the cream first. It did a great job of clearing up the ringworm. Too bad the side effects are so bad. I wouldn't reccommend this product to anyone. If you can't taste anything, what good is life? Better to live with the fungus, as I see there are worse things that can happen. F 51 4 days

 4  toenail fungus no side effects. I've been taking lamisil for 6 weeks now and can tell the new toenail growth looks good. I will continue on the medication for another 6 weeks. So far, so good. F 29 6 weeks

 4  Toenail fungus Nausea F 44 2 months

 4  Toenail Fungus No major side effects at all, but be VERY careful about drinking alcohol when you are taking this medication. On a few occasions, I felt as if I had been poisoned after only having a few drinks. It also greatly reduces your tolerance for alcohol. Obviously, the instructions warn against drinking alcohol, but this is definitely some advice you should follow while taking this medication! It's been nearly 7 months since I completed the course and the 2 toenails that had been infected are still cloudy and not quite pink and healthy just yet, although the fungus does appear to be gone. I would have rated this medication a 5 if it didn't take so long to work (and I'm still hoping that it does work completely)! F 27 12 weeks

 4  toenail fungus F 57 50 days

 4  great toe small fungus infection it was a relief to understand why my sense of taste was gone,and I was dizzy, i was worried I had a brain tumor! It was not stated loudly on the pharmacy's list of possible side effects but a major dissatisfier as any one could imagine. The MD said to stop. thank god. It was encouraging to hear it will return, even though I'll have to wait. My toe,however,looks better. F 41 9 weeks

 4  Scalp Ringworm None that I am fully aware of. I have a slight rash on my neck, but I'm not sure that it is from the Lamisil. I also have some itching in other parts of my body, again, not sure if that's the meds. I was taking something called Gris for scalp ringworm. I was on it for 3 months but the ringworm was not clearing fast enough (I had bald spots and some of them had not grown much hair) so my dr. decided to put me on Lamisil. He checked my liver and kidneys and when they tested fine he prescribed the Lamisil. Its been 3 weeks (I had my liver tested again a week ago out of paranoia and it's fine) The spots are starting to show more signs of hair growth so I think that's a sign the Lamisil has helped take up where the Gris left off. I guess it's unusual for lamisil to be prescribed for scalp ringworm, but I wanted to post this because this had been the most frustrating experience I've gone through may help someone else to know they just have to be patient and hang in there. F 48 3 weeks

 4  toenail fungus itchy and some rash after 3 week, but I think because I drunk alcohol. Also lost of period Works well without alcohol. I am going to stop to take the medicine because the itchy in my whole body but I am going to try again in a month. I mess my treatment drinking alcohol F 28 26 days

 4  toenail fungus none I was slightly concerned about this drug before taking it but I felt much better knowing my Podiatrist himself has been through a course of this medicine. I am 10 weeks into it, have had no side effects, and my nails are almost clear and are growing back normally. I just felt I had to counterract some of the scathing reviews of this drug. It has helped me so far. F 35 10 weeks

 4  toenail fungus Extreme fatigue, tongue felt swollen off and on. Wasn't sure if the fatigue was a result of the drug or just life, 3 days off it and I'm back to normal. I would drag myself out of bed and through the day and head straight to the couch for a long nap when I got home, spent weekends in bed--killed the fungus and my home life. If you're gonna take this drug--take it when you have a lot of down time. I lost a lot of weight sleeping through dinner, napping at lunch--I didn't have it to lose. Drink a Lot of water--the tongue swelling feeling seemed to coincide with being dehydrated as my need for fluids seemed to go way up and as long as I was drinking gatorade and water ALL day--there were no issues. Every 2 hours I chugged a 32oz bottle of one or the other and I don't typically care for either, but the thirst would be incurrable and my tongue would feel swollen the next day if I didn't. Overall the drug did what it was supposed to do and the side effects were managable. I just got over low iron, so the fatigue is not something tha F 43 90 days

 4  Toenail fungus diarrhea the entire 3 months I took the generic version of Lamisil, but it worked great! Both fungal toenails are looking better, starting to grow in pink. I'm glad I endured through the 3 months of diarrhea, it was worth it. F 49 90 days

 4  Toenail Fungus I am exceptionally tired and that is why I decided to research the side affects. Although the fatigue is severe and very out of character for me, I can deal with this side effect. I am in the process of starting my last 30 days out of a 90 day treatment plan. I have not experienced loss of taste or any of the other side effects that I have read about. The fungus in one big toe was so bad and so painful (it was bowing into my skin) that it had to be removed 3 weeks ago, but I can tell the lamisil is working because the other big toe is now very healthly looking. F 51 60 days

 4  nasty toe nails Been on it for about 5 months. First few weeks slight chest pains went away by the end of the 1st month, still experience joint pain. Can't stop sleeping,I feel very lazy all day. Get lots of headaches, unexplained brusing, most recent one is on my arm, bad heartburn during the night it will wake me right up from a good sleep. Just started to get a bad metalic taste in my mouth. Just afew canker sores through-out the 5mths didn't realize that Lamisil could be the result of that. No weight loss I wish, could use afew less pounds okay maybe more than afew (LOL). Over all I'm surprisngly pleased with the results my toe nails they are almost cleared up. I was ashamed of them before they looked like "corn-nuts" if you don't know what that is google the image. It started off as one bad nail then spread overtime to all of them, they were so hard to cut because they were extermly thick instead of growing in lenght they grew in height. Holy cow they were ugly. Therefore even wit It's not for everyone. It took me afew yrs to decide wheather to take or not! F 30 5 months

 4  fingernail fungus. *horrible welts/hives *taste disturbances (sort of a metallic taste?) *extreme fatigue *also, lamisil reacted with my contraceptive pill (caused nausea and vommiting) so i discontinued use of pill. *often felt dizzy/faint. *also, just generally felt like shit all the time... day in, day out. i finished my course of kamisil about 2 months ago and although i was miserable for the 3 moths i was on it i am more than happy with the results. everything seems to be goin well, i jus hope that the fungus does not come back. seriously tho, i know how bad you feel when you are takin it, and some days you dont even want to get out of bed, but if you just just hang on for the 3 months of torture it is so very worth it. its hard, i nearly gave up many times but my nails are almost back to normal. good luck all... F 21 3 months

 4  toe fungus I took lamisil for 28 days and had no side effects. I had blood work done to check my liver and the doctor called two days later and told me to stop taking it because it was affecting it. Otherwise I would still be taking it for 2 more months. It really cleared up my athletes foot on the bottom where it always was itching and was starting to see my two affected toes improve. I have to go back in a month for blood work to check my liver again. I will start looking at home remedies. F 45 28 days
 4  Toenail fungus The first day I felt a little funny...after that no side effects - I wanted other site visitors to know that not everybody has a bad experience It seems to be helping several of my toes, but I can't tell yet if the worst ones are benefiting. F 62 10 weeks

 4  toe nail fungus nail fungus for over 20 years. Dermatologist recommended generic & suggested tests after 90 day treatment - but has never had a patient with a problem. I actually started to have fungus on my legs that would not go away. No side effects so far - have quit drinking alcohol and upped water. Nails started improving immediately. Will reaffirm after total treatment - I am about half done. F 59 45 days

 4  Toenail fungus Headaches, metallic taste, general malaise, hard to lose weight, lack of motivation, depression, some food has "poisonous" aftertaste; can feel toes tingling which I think means the fungus is being attacked. It is clearing up my toenails! They are less thick and not as "cheesy" -- sorry to gross everyone out but figure you all know what I mean. I was diagnosed ten years ago with onchymycosis at Mayo Clinic and they told me it was from a very stubborn citrus fungus. I took sporonox before but it came back. I'm hoping this is the ticket but it does have its side effects. I will write back when I am finished -- I am halfway through at this point. I got the generic version and it costs only $4 for a monthly supply at Target which my local pharmacist was kind enough to match. Otherwise I really don't think I would go through the aggro. Good luck everyone. F 46 6 weeks

 4  Toenail fungus on left foot During fourth week I developed quite a severe rash which was diagnosed as a 'drug rash' due to the Terbinafine. However this eased. I am feeling quite tired, which may be associated. I am absolutely delighted so far, which has prompted me to write in to this site, as there are so many negative comments from people who just haven't persevered. Having battled with this for over 10 years and tried everything, at last I am seeing a little improvement, and can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring. F 42 35 days

 4  toe fungus had horrible indigestion the first 2-3 weeks, but that quickly subsided. Continued to drink alcohol occasionally. I'm on day 75 of the 90-day treatment. I was terrified of taking this medication after getting on this board, but I haven't had any problems. They say it can take up to a year for any signs of improvement to the fungus, but I can already tell a difference in the look and feel of my toenail. (Just in time for summer! Thank goodness!) While I believe this drug to be highly powerful and believe the side effects many people are reporting are real, I think if you need to take this drug to get rid of a fungus, you should do so. Just monitor yourself very closely while on the drug. F 32 75 days

 4   Toe nail fungus I took the generic Lamasil for 90 days and experienced no side effects... didn't even know there where all these negative effects. I also drank in moderation over the 90 day period with no trouble. Nails are starting to look better, but I hear it takes six months to completely clear the nails. I am glad I took a change to get rid of the fungus for good. F 28 90 days

 4  Toenail fungus Slight dizziness off and on, loss of appetite, funky taste in mouth Side effects aren't so bad. My MD is awesome and did blood work (LFTs) prior to starting me on it. Sounds like lots of people have really bad experiences, but so far not a big deal for me. F 29 4 days

 4  toenail fungus None Lamisil is working great on my toenail fungus, BUT I just wanted to let everyone know that if they are scared to try it, ask your doctor for Penlac solution to try first. I had fungus on 4 toes, and the Penlac completely cleared two of my nails, but I started Lamisil because there was no change whatsoever with the other two affected nails. F 34

 4  Severe toenail fungal infection Started taking Terbinafine on 11/4/14. No side effects until yesterday 11/17 when I started having severe nausea. I am going to muscle through unless the doctor pulls me off of it because I am ALREADY seeing results on my toenails. Liver function test scheduled on 12/2. Also using tea tree oil on the nail bed... makes all the difference. As far as the nausea, what I am finding is that if I eat bland, easily digestible foods such as soup, applesauce, meal replacement shakes etc... it makes it easier to get through. Also ginger tea and mints. Sandals by summer! P.S. Not pregnant. F 32 12 days
250 1X D
 3  toe nail fungus After 10 days I felt very poorly but as I had taken this medicine before about fifteen years ago I remembered it had occurred before and was not concerned. However, at about two weeks I started to have a mild feeling of pain just to the right of my breastbone and had quite a bit of non-productive coughing. The feeling of pain in my chest spread to cover most of both of my lungs. After five weeks on the medicine the problems with my lungs have cleared up and I no longer have any chest pain. I was never short of breath. About 30 days in I started to experienced digestive upset with a lot of burping and mild nausea. I have found that drinking a lot of water helps. I plan to stay on this medicine throughout the entire 90 course of treatment unless bloodwork comes back that tells me to do otherwise. To the people who seem to think that toe nail fungus is just cosmetic: When I took this medicine before I had let the nail fungus live in my system for a long time. Not only did I have toe nail fungus but it also caused the skin on my feet to severely split enough that lint from the socks would get caught in the cracks and hold them open. I also developed severe painful seeping rashes on my wrists and the back of my neck. This fungus can get into your blood stream and become systemic. Do not allow the fungus to go without treatment for too long! F 63 56 days
250 mg 1X D
 3  toenail fungus Irritability within a couple of days of starting the prescription. Everything seems to bother me more than before. Loss of sex drive. Decreased appetite?(even though I am not experiencing a loss of taste like others are reporting). Constipation. I am on round two of this drug. Two toenails on one foot seem to have responded, the other two on the opposite foot did not. I am experiencing the same symptoms as I did with the first time I used it, so I'm fairly certain it must be related to drug side effects. F 43 90 days
1X D

 3  4 toenails with fungus I have stomach pain, knee joint paint, so much gas in my stomach and constipation. I have been taking the medicine for only 2 days. I have had this fungus problem since 15 years. Tried everything execpt Lamisil. Now I have put myself together and will keep on taking it... F 31 2 days

 3  toenail fungus serious taste disturbance. My mouth became severely metalic after one month; I stopped taking the drug 6-7 weeks ago and most food is STARTING to taste somewhat normal, except for sweets, which still taste bitter and metalic. AND THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! I have lost 15 pounds due to this taste issue and am very suprised at how it's impacted my life. I am a major "foodie" and love to cook, eat and talk food. My doctor didn't seem to be aware of this level of reaction and really doesn't know what to tell me. I've started a 'pulse' regimine of one week on/three weeks off and am just praying my very slow taste return isn't halted. And like I said, sweets are still horribly bitter and metalic. The big 'HOWEVER,' is that it really has worked on my nails, which is why I don't want to stop taking it completely. F 50 35 days
 3  Toenail fungus I little spacey, but could be from the aciphex I am also taking. I've been on this for two weeks and have had hardly any side effects. I have found that thinking about the pill too much is what's causing the problem, so I take it at night, with some milk or a light snack. I did notice I do get a little spacey, but only when I first take the pill, and I just sleep that off. I can't wait to see the positive results, and don't let all the negative hype scare you. The majority of the negative side effects happen in less than 3% of people taking this medication! F 25 2 weeks

 3  toenail fungus None yet, but just started. Will report when I'm done or if I start getting an adverse reaction. I just looked up the incidence of adverse reactions, since some of the reports here really scared me. According to this study of almost 10,000 patients, "Postmarketing surveillance of oral terbinafine in the UK: report of a large cohort study" (you can Google it or find it on www.pubmed.gov), only 0.6% reported taste disturbances and median recovery time for that was 42 days. F 43 2 days

 3  Toenail fungus I haven't had any taste problems, but I felt really bad immendiately after starting the drug. I felt depressed and wanted to eat all the time. I feel better now, and I hope I don't have any more problems with that for the remainder of the course. I think I got the fungus from poor circulation in my hands and feet. It is in my two big toes. I think my treatment is 12 weeks, or 84 days. I have been taking for 54 days, and trimming the two nails and filing about every month. They are growing out very slowly. But it does look like they are growing out pink now at the very base of the two nails. I am excited about that! The only thing is that summer is almost here, and I probably still won't be able to wear sandles through the summer becuase it takes so long to grow out. It doesn't clear the nail that is there, it just starts to grow out clear. I am giong to have blood work done again in a few days, but I want to finish the pills. I hate not being able to show my toes. F 24 54 days

 3  toenail fungus I've been taking the generic for about 3 weeks. Haven't noticed any side effects so far. I do however really miss cocktails!!! I went on vacation last week and my doctor told me to just take a break from the prescription so I could have drinks with friends. Hmmm I did it but now I wonder if it was a good idea. Haven't seem improvement in the nails but they were so ugly I hide them under dark polish. We'll see at next pedicure. F 49 21 days

 3  toenail fungus Extreme nausea... I've been searching to see if a side affect was nausea but I've only been taking it for 3 days... I am going to ask my doctor at the next visit... and if not, I'm going to stop taking it because I can't take 30 days of this nausea... F 37 3 days
 3  Toe Nail Fungus Rash: It may be Hives. Looked it up and I have the symptoms. Don't think it's Shingles. My rash is on the back of my neck, shoulders, arms, knees, top of my feet, and hands. If anyone has a natural remedy that has worked, please share. I stopped this medicine on my 28th day. Have a Dr's appt Monday for follow up bloodwork and will advise Dr of the rash. I can see it working but, it's not worth the side effects I'm reading. And this rash is the worse, I can't take it. Called out from work 2 days in a row because it itches like a B*tch... Please post or email me a natural remedy that has worked..... F 33 28 days
 3  tablets for toenail fungus Sudden weight gain, mostly in my abdomen and difficulty losing the gained weight; daily headaches, itching that has subsided but sometimes drives me crazy, general fatigue. Taking for 3 months (now at 2.5 months), then will lay off one month, then another 3 month regimen as this fungal infection is quite deep. It actually hurt to clip my nails, as they were so thickened. I may be seeing slight improvement; it is difficult to tell. If this clears up on the Lamisil, I will be grateful. I had previously tried vinegar soaks, epsom salt soaks, OTC fungal paint-on type applications with no luck. I am to use a prescribed paint-on medication that is to thin the thickened nail when I am off the Lamisil tablets. My liver function is being monitored by monthly blood work and so far is normal. Thank goodness! Thanks to everyone for sharing their comments. F 52 2.5 months

 3  Toenail fungus Loss of taste/appetite; itchy rash on legs I was advised on the potential side effects but hadn't really experienced anything until this past week. I am getting over a cold and wonder if there has been an interaction with the cold medicine. Now experiencing loss of appetite and funny taste in my mouth. Yesterday, also came down with similar symptoms to heat-rash on my lower legs. Toenail appearance is improving though! F 33 55 days

 3  Toenail Fungus not sure if this has anything to do with the meds...but I have lost my want of food and drink...I get hungry and thirsty...then i llok at food and it goes away...I have taken 22 pills... I dont know if i can contribute the loss of appetite to this medication but I was thinking about why I wasnt hungry and i realized what it could be, then i looked it up and found this website, it very well could be, bow that i c that there are others who have had loss of appetite from this med F 19 22 days

 3  Toe nail fungus Tiredness, abdominal pain, intestinal pain, lower back pain, nausiated, and occasional bad taste. And anxiety. It's scary, I got sick then had to have blood work done, liver seemed fine, never checked my kidney's. My toe looks better and doesn't hurt anymore, but my insides are so messed up and hurt really bad, I ended up in ER, they didn't find anything, had CT-Scan everything appears to be fine, but I feel horrible. I called my podiatrist and he recommended that I take one one day then skip a day, or break it in 1/2 and extend my treatment time, but I've heard way too much bad, I'm going to discontinue it, it's not worth the pain and nausia, it's effecting my work and other activities. F 23 2.5 months
 3   bumpy rash all over torso, arms and back. This just started a few days ago and I have been taking lamisil for about 3 weeks now. Calling Dr. in the am to see what I should do. This rash is very itchy and I scratch all the time. It's even on my hands. F 49 3 weeks
 3  toenail fungus taste disturbances, and a little sickly all over I've been taking it for over 7 weeks. I havent been sick for over two years, but suddenly I've become very susceptible to getting minor colds, flu bugs, recurring UTIs ... For the past week I have noticed that my taste is off in the morning. It lasts for about two hours and then goes back to normal. Like everyone else here, it's some sort of metal taste. Pretty unfavorable. I've decided to hang in there. I have another 5 weeks to go and if nothing else is going to add to the current discomfort then it's worth the effort in my opinion. What I read, the taste will return. I've done a liver function test and it was normal. I'm more than willing to stick it out. F 33 7 weeks

 3  toenail fungus (tested positive) nausea,abdominal bloating, weight gain, fatigue concerned that liver not tested until day 85 F 64 80 days

 3  Toe Nail Fungus spread to 10 nails I stopped at 70 days. My abodomen is sore, my tounge feels like is sort of numb, I've noticed in photos my eyes are watery, otherwise fine. Some of my toe nails seem to be improving. The flakey skin on my feet has fully disappeared. I found that if I drank lots of water I felt better-I haven't had a drop of alcohol. I'm not sure if I will regret taking the Lamisil 2 weeks less than prescribed. If the toe nail fungus doesn't go away-I will try the sea salt remedy I read about on the internet. F 46 70 days

 3  toenail fungus- both big toes none! Every time it seemed it may be working, I would then regress. Like I would take 2 steps foward then 1 back. It has almost been 1 year since I first started this medicine. My 1 toe looks almost perfect except for 1 spot at the tip that is slightly crumbling. The other toe doesn't look as good, on 1 corner of the nail there is a yellow spot at the tip going about a quarter down into the nail. It seems like I can never completely get rid of this. I have also recently started applying Vicks and vinegar, so maybe this 3 step approach will finally kill the evil fungus monster!! F 29 5 months

 3   diarrhea, upset stomach, flatulence, rash I'm not 100% sure that these side effects are related to the pills but I only recently started to experience these symptoms so I am setting up an appointment with my doctor to see if everything is ok with my liver. if my liver is fine then i guess i can deal with these symptoms for another month and a half F 18 1.5 months

 3  Toe Fungus Body rash. Frequent/rapid hot flushes. More tired. Feel sleepy. Took ths med once a year ago for 6 weeks. Did not seem to have any side effects. Toe nails started to grow clear then fungus on a big toe returned. Re-take it now for a 3-month course. Been on it for 59 days. This time around I experienced diziness, feel sleepy, light headed, more tired. Worse of all I had frequet body rash while sleeping and frequent/rapid hot flushes, cotton mouth. Taste seemed to be disturbed. Toe nails did not seem to improve that much compared to the first time. F 47 59 days

 3  Toe nail fungus Skin discoloration Will call Dr. Hopeing skin patch will clear. Nail seems to be growing out healthy. F 60 days

 3  toenail infection headache, sleepiness, vivid dreams and watering eyes I'm bummed that I found this website, because I was really hoping that it would be full of positive comments about Lamisil. $1,160.00 for this RX. I want my nails to clear up and I'm going to hang in there. I've never experienced side effects from any other prescription drug I've taken, so I'm hoping that mine will go away. I do wonder if the same dose is given to a 200 lb man as a 120 lb woman? Maybe doctor's need to cut back on the dose for smaller people? F 46 14 days

 3  Great toe nail fungus I've only been taking it 3 weeks - no obvious side effects except constipation. After reading this site, I think I'll discontinue before things get worse. I have a minor fungul infection (or whatever it is) so it may not be worth it. F 42 3 weeks

 3  Toe Fungus At the beginning, I got a headache (3 - 4 days at the start). I now have a terrible rash. It itches something fierce. No menstrual cycle. I knew the possibility of the headache & the rash. I am not sure if Lamisil is to blame for my missed menstrual cycle. Did other women miss their cycle??? I've only been on it for 30 days. I haven't heard back from my doctor - so I am guessing to go off it for at least a few days due to the rash. F 44 30 days
 3  Toe nails were deformed None It did not completely cure the problem. There are still some black streaks in the nails. F 50 60 days

 3  nail and foot fungus i had only one side effect--INSOMNIA. This drug made mefeel like I was on speed. Tons of energy, couldnt sleep. I had to reduce. First I cut tablet in half, then fourths, finally eighths. If i take more than i/8 of a tablet I cannot sleep 8 hours. I have read all postings and do not see one single other person affected in this way. But i tested, on and off and there is no doubt--lamisil works like speed for me. BTW, yes, my taste also reduced, but mildly. However I am now on 1/8th. I wonder if it can cure fungus at this low dose or if I should just forget it? took off and on for about 3-4 months F 42 3 months
 3  toenail fungus frequent stomach ache; headaches; eye irritation No warnings from doctor. Nurse advised that occasional, light drinking is OK. ? F 37 30 days

 3  toenail fungus Total loss of taste and my sense of smell is all messed up. Headaches too. Can't taste anything but(bananas)for some strange reason. AWFUL side effect. Also a terrible taste in my mouth. I was told my taste would come back if I lost it. I hope my DOC wasn't lying. Seems to be slowly working. Would try topical medication first if I had it to do again. F 40 90 days

 3  toe nail infection I developed Rhabdomyosis with a CK elevation. I had severe pain in my neck, shoulder radiating down my arm, and calf pain. It says 3 days on my other submission. It is was 3 1/2 weeks not 3 days that I was on the Lamisil. Helped the fungal infection. F 53 3 weeks

 3  Big toe fungus from injury On the drug for 21 days, starting to have some severe tingling in both hands and feet but not at the same time. It starts in on of my hand, then stop and move to the other one. On the 21st day I thought it might be the drug. Now I have read the reviews it is definitely. I am very very worried. Not sure if the medicine will work since I just started. Any advice? F 42 21 days
 3  toenail fungus nausea, headaches, gnawing stomach, muscle aches, GI upset, blurry vision (more like watery eyes, I don't think that it's actual vision change, but keeping an eye on it), and as of TODAY metallic taste in mouth - YUCK. I have only been on Lamisil for a little over 3 wks. The first 2 weeks were brutal. I spent 3 days on the couch with a terrible headache, stomacheache and every muscle in my body hurt. Was planning to call the dr. on Monday, but then on Monday felt fine. I have been feeling better - still some of the symptoms but more tolerable. I do see the dr. in 6 days and will have bloodwork again tomorrow (my dr. did a baseline test and then tests 1x a month for 4 mos at least). I just started having the very metallic taste in my mouth though today. I truly hope that I don't lose my sense of taste - although after reading through a lot of the comments - EEK! I will of course discuss my concerns with my Dr. on Tuesday. Because I have only been on the drug for 25 days, I don't feel that I can give a lot of input, but I can say that my nails are already starting to look a bit clearer although of course they haven't grown out enough to even be close to being cured. And of course depending on ho F 41 25 days

 3  toenail fungus Changed in menstrual cycle. OK - I posted some other side effects, but just noticed someone else posted about missing menstrual cycle. I just had the lightest cycle EVER and thought that it was very unusual. Never even thought about the connection to the Lamisil. I will be sure to bring this up at my dr's appt as well. F 41 25 days
 3  Toe fungus nausea, vomiting, breakthrough bleeding. I actually had a lot of side effects. Initially, I started taking the pill at night and I suffered from upset stomach and nausea. One night, I had a single beer and spent the rest of it puking up everything I ate the day before. I switched to taking the pill first thing in the morning and that finally stopped. I was even able to have a beer or glass of wine with dinner without that effect. Also, I am on birth control and experienced breakthrough bleeding. I never had it before (being regular for 8+ years) so it was quite a shock. I noted that I'm 'somewhat-satisfied' because it did get rid of my fungus. I guess from this forum this pill really does effect everyone differently. I would recommend checking out other options. F 23 3 months
250 1X D

 3  toenail fungus I've been taking lamisil for 60 days. 30 days into taking it I developed a constant pain in the upper left arm that has continued for the past 30 days and I hope it will stop when I stop taking the drug. It is clearing up the toenail fungus. F 39 60 days

 3  toenail fungus Nausea, abdominal pain, headaches, taste loss, fatigue, slight depression, backache, waking up in the middle of the night with a burning sensation in my stomach Became concerned that the pain I was feeling in my abdomin was a "return/episode" of diverticulitis...then felt like maybe I had an ulcer...never told not to consume alcohol - attended a family reunion and drank - felt worse. F 41 30 days
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