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 1  toenail fungus after taking this drug for app. 6 wks my sense of taste is completely distorted. There is a feeling of total mnumbness to partial numbness on parts of my tongue. The ability to taste anything sweet is impossible, I aqm always thirsty. Coffee tastes like poison. I have stopped the lamisil about 10 days ago and there is very little change in these symptoms. F 49 5 weeks

 1  toe nail fungus I started taking the generic brand of lamisil and I have been on it for about 40 days. After about 35 days into taking the medication, I noticed a change in my sense of taste. At first, I wasn't too sure what was happening. I also noticed that I was always thirsty even though I drink a lot of water already. I also noticed a metalic after taste in my mouth. My stomach was a bit queasy at times and I found myself very tired. My doctor and pharmasist did not warn me about these particular side effects at all. When I started doing more research on the drug and I had realized that other people were describing the same symptoms and more, I decided to stop taking the medication. It is not worth losing all sense of taste over toenail fungus. I looked into homeopathic remedies and one of the things that was suggested was to soak your feet in epsom salt once a day. It may take a while to get rid of the fungus but it is worth a shot. I can always cover my toes with toenail polish. I am I reccommend that you seriously think about ALL the side effects before taking this medication. I don't think it's worth it and all doctors and pharmacists SHOULD go over EVERY side effect there is. F 49 40 days

 1  yeast infection My whole body stunk like something rotton. My hair began falling out and what was left felt like cotton candy. It's been two years and my hair still feels like cotton candy. I don't think it will grow back either. Sorry for all of you looking for reassurance. I think the lamisil burned out some of my hair folicles or something. I think this drug needs to be banned and those suffering lasting effects should be compensated. My sister lost quite a bit of hair about 15 years ago. I mentioned to my sister that my hair was getting thin. Without her knowing my situation, she told me that her hair not only fell out but also felt like cotton candy. I told her mine did too and told her that I was on Lamisil and attributed the problem to the Lamisil. Then, surprisingly, she told me that she had been on Lamisil when all of this happened to her! I couldn't believe it! This drug has been causing people's hair to fall out for years and it's still on the market! F 49 90 days

 5  toenail fungus None that I attributed to the medication. If there were any, they did not last long. I had taken Lamisil about 20 years ago and it cleared up my fungus. I decided to try it again because it was successful before. M 50 90 days
250 1X D

 5  toe fungus None. Worked fine for nail fungus and also cleared up athletes foot and jock itch. I had toe injury near the end of the treatment that allowed one toe not to heal. M 50 90 days

 4  toenail fungus Upset otomach occasionaly, not sure it was caused by the medicine. I have decided to use the medication a little differently just did to the potential side effects. Upon starting I too for a full 2 wees now decided to use one week per month for the next year...nail looks to be improving but it will be a long road for the next 10 months...feel much better F 50 3 weeks
250 1X D

 3  Toe nails were deformed None It did not completely cure the problem. There are still some black streaks in the nails. F 50 60 days

 3  left thumbnail fungal infection I'm at week 7 of 250mg once a day. First 30 days everything was fine, then I started with welts on my chest, shoulders, arms, legs and back. The medicine seems to be killing the fungus, but the rash is really itchy. My GP assures me the rash isn't from the anti-fungal, but I know better. Before taking the drug my left thumb was in bad shape - cracking and bleeding from the slightest bump, ugly, black raised nail with a foul odor. I'm going to see a dermatologist to see what I can do about this problem. I hate taking this drug, but there is no other way to get under the nail and attack this horrible fungus. My thumb is much better and now it looks like if I can continue the meds it will kill the fungus. This isn't a cosmetic problem,the fungal infection was really nasty. I have always been a "health nut" and think my superior diet and avoidance of alcohol, drugs, chemicals and crappy food has helped me to avoid many of the side effects other have written about here. Th M 50 45 days

 3  toenail fungus serious taste disturbance. My mouth became severely metalic after one month; I stopped taking the drug 6-7 weeks ago and most food is STARTING to taste somewhat normal, except for sweets, which still taste bitter and metalic. AND THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! I have lost 15 pounds due to this taste issue and am very suprised at how it's impacted my life. I am a major "foodie" and love to cook, eat and talk food. My doctor didn't seem to be aware of this level of reaction and really doesn't know what to tell me. I've started a 'pulse' regimine of one week on/three weeks off and am just praying my very slow taste return isn't halted. And like I said, sweets are still horribly bitter and metalic. The big 'HOWEVER,' is that it really has worked on my nails, which is why I don't want to stop taking it completely. F 50 35 days
 2  toe nail fungus Slight constipation and itching for the first 60 days. Took 3 days off after consulting with doctor. Itching subsided somewhat so starting taking again for a week. Itching on back and chest returned worse, along with lower back pain which I suspect is related to the pill since it is right where red tender skin patches are. It appears to be clearing up the fungus but I'm stopping because I think my body is giving me enough of a warning. M 50 70 days
250 1X D

 1  toenail fungal infection After taking oral Lamisil for 7 weeks developed altered taste sensation. All food and drinks (including water)tastes salty especially when swallowing . It is extremely unpleasant and after two weeks I have lost 5 kgs .My GP was unaware of this side effect. I have just commenced taking milk thistl to try and detox my liver and break down this medication. I am also taking zinc and vitamin . Finding citrus taste just tolerable , I hope this helps as I am finding eating so difficult and I am losing energy F 50 7 weeks
250mg 1X D

 1  nail fungus loss of taste; dr. instructions were to take it for 1 week intervals the first of each month for 4 months. Stopped after the 2nd month due to loss of taste. It's been 2 1/2 weeks, no return of taste yet. Have a slight sense of taste on first bite, then it all seems to go away. No sense of taste at all on sweets. Weight loss. Dr.'s response was that if I THOUGHT that that was causing the loss of taste to discontinue taking it. Sounds like he REALLY researched this drug, huh? F 50 14 days
 1  Toenail Fungus Severe nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, fever, chills, sore throoat, headache, joint pain and swelling, dizziness/spinning sensation, itchy rash head to toe, including "butterfly" rash on face. Took the generic version of Lamisil (terbinafine) to treat a fungal infection in two toenails. I experienced only mild side effects at first, but they were expected, so I didn't worry. Around the start of week four, they got MUCH worse; however, they occurred during flu/virus season, so I thought I had a nasty bug I couldn't get rid of. Seemed like my immune system was not working well, which scared me until I tracked the start of the symptoms. Coincided with the start of this medication. Called my doc, he told me to stop taking it immediately. Ten days later, some of the symptoms have eased up, but not all. Still have nausea, dizziness/spinning sensation, fever and chills, headaches and the itchy head to toe rash. Can hardly wait for this medication to clear my system. F 50 6 weeks
30 1X D
 1  nail fungus Taste disurbance after 30 days on medication. Two weeks after ending medication complete loss of taste and loss of smell. Horrible drug wish I had investigated this drug before using. F 50 30 days
 1  Ringworm Loss of taste, Very salty mouth. I was taking Terbinafine (Lamisil) for 4 weeks for ringworm. It must have been 6 weeks since I finished the course. It has left me with a very salty taste in my mouth and food tastes awful. I went back to the doctors and she gave me medication for oral thrush. It obviously wasn't thrush as that was almost 3 weeks ago and I have still got the awful taste in my mouth. This symptom really does make you deppressed. I wouldn't advise anybody to take this awful drug. An oral spray is helping me at the moment, it gives my taste buds something to taste. Has anyone got any idea how long it will take to get back to normal? F 50 4 weeks
 1  nailfugus Well...first thank you for all the comments it really helped me to come to a decision..namely no i will wait and try homeopathy and topical firts.Reading your side effects it seamse that's the effects i have from having the fungus in my body(i bite my nails)...So if it in your body (contegeous)thru using the drug it pushes the fungus out ...do do that it needs to go through your system to get eliminated and that why the effects are that bad..just a theory. I've had 1 nail fungus for 2 years now.trying a number of homeremedies.It comes and goes! F 50 0 days

 5  toe nail fungus taste off a bit, gas, bowel movements, light headaches 2nd time on laminal. this time i did a "PULSE" method; i took 500mg for 7 days then 3 weeks off then on again. i did this for 4 months. research a bit about the 'pulse' method. very good efficacy rates. just a bit behind the 3 months daily at 250mg a day, but a lot less problems/side effects. i think i read where laminal is at 90% effective on the 3 month deal and 80% doing the 'pulse' dosing. i had a mild case and decided to do pulsing. my nails and skin are looking good. i am at the end of the 4th pulse/month. ask your doc about this. it is not completely new, but more docs are starting to use this. i am satisfied to get rid of the fungus once again. M 51 4 months
500mg 1X D
 5  Toenail fungas Inability to loose weight. Normally would have no problem when calorie intake was restricted so was wondering if other people were having this same problem? It appears that it did clear up my infection--finally! Look forward to my nail growing out and returning to normal. It is worth taking it, but would like more information on the possible weight gain. F 51 112 days
 4  Taking it for ringworm. It caused nausea, dizziness, and after only 4 days of using the cream, I experienced great fatigue and mood swings. I have real dark circles under my eyes from fatigue, and sleep too much. Nasty metallic taste in mouth, but still taste foods ok. I am not using the cream anymore. Only used it for 4 days, but the strange taste in my mouth and the fatigue and dizziness are warning signs of the onset of something worse. Thank God I didn't take the pills, and tried the cream first. It did a great job of clearing up the ringworm. Too bad the side effects are so bad. I wouldn't reccommend this product to anyone. If you can't taste anything, what good is life? Better to live with the fungus, as I see there are worse things that can happen. F 51 4 days

 4  toenail fungus upset stomach I used this in the past with good results. Not only did my toenails look better but my eyebrows grew back in and the hair over most of my body grew in better. People should know they need to stop eating sugar and most starch. I'm using this drug in conjunction with a new way of eating. Also I read that a better protocol is to take lamisil for four weeks then off for four weeks then back on for four. Studies show this protocol is as effective as taking it all 12 weeks! This saves your liver and may reduce some of the side effects people are having. M 51 90 days
250 mg. 1X D
 4  Toenail Fungus I am exceptionally tired and that is why I decided to research the side affects. Although the fatigue is severe and very out of character for me, I can deal with this side effect. I am in the process of starting my last 30 days out of a 90 day treatment plan. I have not experienced loss of taste or any of the other side effects that I have read about. The fungus in one big toe was so bad and so painful (it was bowing into my skin) that it had to be removed 3 weeks ago, but I can tell the lamisil is working because the other big toe is now very healthly looking. F 51 60 days

 2  toenail fungus missed one menstrual cycle, rash non-itchy over body. raised sugar levels, but toenail looking great! missed a menstrual cycle which is not normal for me, then after 4 weeks developed a rash over body, not itchy, stopped taking meds and rash went within a couple of weeks. Tried the tablet again one month later, no rash, stayed on it for 5 more weeks and then started feeling palpatations, insomnia. Stopped meds and now first time ever have had two raised blood sugar levels and have to go for further testing. Although my toe is looking great, I think I have had too many side effects to be confident of this drug. Has any one else had issues with raised blood sugar levels? Hope I dont become a diabetic and that my bloods go back to normal. F 51 9 weeks
250mgm 1X D
 1  Nail fungus Sudden total loss of taste / horrible taste after 5 weeks of taking 250 mg tablet daily I believe from reading the literature about the problem with the horrible taste from Lamisil that this is a fairly rare occurence, but unfortunately that doesn't make me feel a whole lot better. Best I can tell there's no real remedy other than discontinuing the medication and waiting - presumably weeks - for the taste sensation to return. I am literally not able to eat ANYthing right now as everything tastes absolutely horrible. My doctor thought perhaps this might be related to smell or olfactory problems, but I can smell the food perfectly (and it sure smells good!). After a week of this (with no warning at all), I'm virtually starving and have started choking down liquid supplement (Ensure) just to get some calories into myself. I simply cannot gag down any food right now - it all tastes soooo foul F 51 35 days
 1  Ringworm Used for 6 days and just kept spreading GREATLY. Switched to Lotrimin (Miconazole Nitrate) and is getting much better now after another 6 days. M 51 6 days

 1  Toe nail fungus Metallic Taste Noticed a change in taste after 2 months. Called the pharmacist and my Doctor. Pharmacist says continue to take, refilled RX. Doctor then called and said stopped taking it. Just wasted money. I stopped. Looks like the toe nail is growing in clear. Can't really tell for sure. The loss of taste is not worth it. I'll do like I have been doing, use dark nail polish. F 51 60 days
250 mg 1X D

 1  toe fungus I've lost all sense of salt and sugar in foods, and textures are awful. I looked at my medicine bottle and saw no mention of this possible side effect, or I would not have taken it. This needs to be in bold print on the label as it has been horrible. Please do not ever risk taking this drug. You don't realize how losing your sense of taste negatively impacts the pleasure portion of your life. I am a total foodie, spend a lot of time in the grocery store, cooking and baking, looking forward to the holidays, etc. Now I'm seriously concerned that my taste may be screwed up forever, and my lifelong appreciation and love of food may be lost because I wasn't smart enough to do my homework prior to starting this medication. A podiatrist could have easily recommended another solution to this problem, wish I'd seen one instead of visiting my internal medicine doctor. F 51 4 weeks
250 1X D

 1  toe fungus complete loss of taste after about 40 days. this is a perfect example of marketing overiding clinical appropriateness. this is a terrible drug. F 51 40 days
 1  Fungal infection of toe nails After 4 weeks of taking this i stopped because i lost my taste completely, everthing just tasted terrible. It has now been 4 weeks since i stopped and my taste is still pretty bad it is making me feel quite depressed. Other people who have lost their taste have told me it takes between a month and 3 months to come back. Has anybody been unlucky for their taste to have never come back? I am frightened that this might happen. The only good thing i can say about this is that it seemed to be working on my fungal infection, lets hope i took enough for it not to come back. F 51 4 weeks
 5  toenail infection none Brilliant - have recommended it to other people. Took it for 4 months and toe nails are now completely back to normal! M 52 4 months

 3  suspected toenail fungus Have lost sense of taste, still not returned. Fungus cleared up in fingernails and was replaced by a severe attack of psoriasis which I did not know I had till I took the lamisil. Now I am being considered for some really scary immune system lowering drugs that can severly damage your liver, rasie your risk of getting cancer or whacking out your triglyeride levels and raise your chance of heart attack. I wish I had never taken this drug, it has caused me a world of misery and the fungus is coming back because I had to discontinue the drug after 60 days. It has cost me more in medical bills and now the psoriasis is making my life miserable. F 52 60 days
30 mg 1X D
 3  tablets for toenail fungus Sudden weight gain, mostly in my abdomen and difficulty losing the gained weight; daily headaches, itching that has subsided but sometimes drives me crazy, general fatigue. Taking for 3 months (now at 2.5 months), then will lay off one month, then another 3 month regimen as this fungal infection is quite deep. It actually hurt to clip my nails, as they were so thickened. I may be seeing slight improvement; it is difficult to tell. If this clears up on the Lamisil, I will be grateful. I had previously tried vinegar soaks, epsom salt soaks, OTC fungal paint-on type applications with no luck. I am to use a prescribed paint-on medication that is to thin the thickened nail when I am off the Lamisil tablets. My liver function is being monitored by monthly blood work and so far is normal. Thank goodness! Thanks to everyone for sharing their comments. F 52 2.5 months

 2  I had a toenail infection on 3 toes Weight gain and loss of appetite- apparently signs the medicine was impairing the kidneys. Started gaining water weight (I know it was water cause I lost my appetite and wasn't eating much) googled it was a sign of impaired kidney function, and that made sense since so many on sites were saying they had metallic tastes in their mouth (another sign of kidney function deteriorating) and other signs of impaired kidney function. I am obese, so I guess I was prone to kidney problems on these lamisil pills, and reading other people complaints, they don't realize they are messing with their kidneys. I threw away the bottle without refilling it, and am hoping I lose the 8 lbs I gained while on this in one month with no appetite, crazy that doctors DON"t know about its effects on the kidneys! F 52 30 days
1X D

 1  Toenail fungis I took this posion for three weeks after the end of the second week I noticed everything tasted funny. Then I started to have terrible nausa and could not eat or drink without feeling like I was going to vomit. I am loosing weight and I'm very tired my gut has an awful pain in it. If I do eat only the first bite am I able to taste a little and swallow. If I continue to try to eat I have to spit out what was chewed or I will throw up. My mouth is constantly saltly tasting and discusting. Even if I brush my teeth it still tastes awful. I can tolerate water with the juice of half a lemon if it's very cold and I drink it fast. I can barely taste fresh basil and spicy food but the stomach pain prevents me from eating. My doctor took blood from me last week to test liver enzymes I have already stoped the drug. I am very concerned about my health I have lost 10 lbs in three weeks. I would never reccomend this drug to any one loosing your sense of taste robs you of any pleasure in ea It seem the people that have the taste distribance are at a higher risk for liver damage because of this drug. F 52 21 days

 1  Toenail Fungus Loss of taste Had tried the nail polish, but kept forgetting to put it on. So, thought I would try this. My former doctor never warned me of the side effect, nor that you should have your liver enzymes checked at least every 6 weeks. When I picked up my 2nd prescription my pharmacist told me. That week, while out of town, I suddenly lost my sense of taste. I had my liver tested, luckily, with good results. It as now been 2 weeks since Iíve stopped taking this medication and I still cannot taste anything, and since I am a cook....this is horrible! By the way, I have been trying Vicks on the fungus. From what I read it works. M 52 6 weeks

 1  toenail fungus nasty taste in mouth; food tastes awful; everything tastes like baking soda; water feels slimy and tastes salty-not refreshing; hard to find anything that tastes good I will never take this again F 52 7 weeks
 1  Nail Fungus Loss of taste with constant metallic taste. Eating anything with sugar is unpleasant. Bread tastes like cardboard. Too dangerous to take, loss of taste may be caused by liver damage. My dermatologist said to stop taking for a week but I am not going to take it again. I am going to see another doctor for liver testing. F 52 21 days
250mg 1X D

 1  nail fungus Awful metallic taste in my mouth - coffee, pop, food all have not taste. Sounds like it will take a long time for taste to get back. Looks like it cleared up my fingernail fungus but took away my taste buds. F 52 30 days
30 mg 1X D
 1  Fungal nail infection Complete loss of normal taste, everything tasted bitter and disgusting. Tongue was numb, burning, and at times paining. Do not take this drug, it is extremely harmful. I have gone through hell for weeks with a disgusting bitter metallic taste in the mouth, and unable to taste anything. This is extremely distressing. My taste is only just starting to return after about 2 weeks, but it is very slow to return. Be warned! This drug is terrible, its not worth the risk. M 52 6 weeks
250mg 1X D
 1  Toe Fungus Metallic taste, Vomiting Several TImes A Day, Lightheaded After going to my dioctor to have my labs checked I found out that after being on Lamisil for 10 weeks and being told that all of the side effects would go away, I suffered a 92% loss of kidney function and now I'm on dialysis three times a week. NO ONE told me, including my doctor, that you can't ake Lamisil if you have any kidney problems. My doctor's aren't sure if my kidneys will reverse or not but I am showing some improvement after being off the Lamisil for 5 weeks and on dialysis. DON'T TAKE THIS MEDICINE. IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!! F 52 10 weeks
1X O
 1  Toenail fungus Severe taste disturbance/loss, dizziness, itchy scalp/hair loss Took Lamisil several years ago for severe toenail fungus infection on big & little toes of left foot. I experienced no side effects, and the infection cleared up nicely. When I recently noticed another fungus infection starting, I decided to use the Lamisil again, as it had worked so well the first time. BIG MISTAKE. Woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago, tried to walk to the bathroom and almost fell over - felt like I was very drunk. This passed pretty quickly, and thankfully, I have not experienced it again, but it really scared me. Was experiencing some itchy scalp/hair loss issues before starting the Lamisil, but they have gotten noticeably worse after going on it. But by far, the worst thing is the taste disturbance/loss. This started about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I noticed a metallic taste to my soft drink, like it had been in the can too long (I don't use canned drinks). Started noticing that every thing was tasting very bland - things that should have tasted salty di F 52 64 days
 1  toenail fungus This is the second comment I have made. I stopped this poison months ago but still have itchy rash that goes into some submission if I take high dose of prednisone but to try and taper off of the prednisone the rash comes back, I have scars all over my body now from this horrible side effect of Lamisil....should be banned! F 52
 1  toenail fungus Complete loss of taste after 30 days on medicine. Bitter taste in mouth with increased salivation. Talk about miserable, not being able to taste your food or drink has made me very depressed. I spoke with the company that manufactures the drug and they said it may be 2 weeks to a year before I can taste anything again. F 52 30 days
 1  Toe nail fungal infection HORRIFIC SIDE-EFFECTS. Hives which covered all my body apart from neck and face, followed by skin peeling. The peeling was literally like stripping wallpaper (not just holiday sunburn)and also affected my whole body apart from face and neck. This lasted for weeks and I could hardly use my hands or walk as the soles of my feet were also covered in the rash. My ankles and feet became very swollen and I was unable to wear shoes. I was referred to a specialist at the hospital. This all went on for approx 8 weeks and just as the symptoms were starting to improve, I got shingles. The specialist said it was probably due to the sress and confirmed that the symptoms were an allergic reaction to the Lamisil. To make things worse the hospital took a nail sample and I didn't even have fungal infection!! The problem has now cleared up by itself. This drug is VERY DANGEROUS and should be banned. F 52 9 days

 1  long standing nail fungus Altered taste perception at 5 weeks. Scary!!! Found this website trying to find info about the side effect. Up to 2 years for taste to come back? Forget it. I'm off of it today. Seems like a lot of taste disturbance side effects are to be found here. In all fairness to the drug, keep in mind that most people posting here are only the ones who have had problems. People with no side effects are not searching for answers about lamisil on the web. F 52 5 weeks

 5  severe toenail fungus 10 years plus No after-effects whatsoever. As previously advised, could not drink any alcohol during course of Lamisil. Just checking in nearly five years along - absolutely no return of the fungus infection in all this time, and I took no extra steps - able to wear synthetic socks, tight closed shoes, nothing brings the fungus back. So happy wearing open toe shoes! I had resisted the idea of using Lamisil for years because of the scare stories. Absolutely no ill effects whatsoever from this drug. Very, very happy with it. TOPICAL APPLICATIONS SUCH AS LOCERYL DO NOT WORK! On fungus infections. Don't waste your money on them! F 53 90 days
1X D
 4  fungal toe infection severe nose and anal bleeds but well worth it. M 53 90 days
250 mg 1X D
 3  thick toenails no side affect other than , this might sound funny but it true, longer lasting during intercourse. sound strange but its true. ill keep u guys informed M 53 30 days

 3  toe nail infection I developed Rhabdomyosis with a CK elevation. I had severe pain in my neck, shoulder radiating down my arm, and calf pain. It says 3 days on my other submission. It is was 3 1/2 weeks not 3 days that I was on the Lamisil. Helped the fungal infection. F 53 3 weeks

 1  toenail fungus Loss of taste after 7 weeks, constant metal-salty taste Not worth the loss of taste. Stopped lamisil four weeks ago, salty metal taste is as strong as ever. Do not take this drug! F 53 7 weeks
 1  toenail fungus After 30 days became extrememly ill. Have been sick for 10 months. (several)doctors beleive it was the lamisil. Entire immune system broke down. Several cases are the same and not reported. Many problems from this. F 53 30 days

 1  Toenail fungus My sense of taste started coming back after 12 weeks. What a relief! My experience is very similar to what has been described on this forum. I lived on diluted soups for weeks and could not taste anything sweet. Everything was salty and disgusting. Nuts and cheese surprisingly were not too bad. It is now 18 weeks since I stopped the tablets (under the generic name of Terbinafine) and although things are not back to normal yet, there has been a marked improvement even in the last few weeks. I wanted to come back to this forum as it brought me a lot of comfort to know I was not on my own suffering from awful food tastes. My GP had never heard of this although he had been prescribing the drug for 15 years. I was so worried it was going to be permanent. I can therefore say to other sufferers that things will improve but the progress is slow. Do not despair! F 53 5 weeks
250mg 1X D

 1  toenail fungus After 3 weeks I got a rash and major taste problems: food tastes metallic and bitter and I have a constant salty taste in my mouth.It has been 1 month since discontinuing,and there is no improvement. The drug is worse than the condition it is supposed to cure -I wish I had never taken it!How long will it take for my taste to return to normal? F 53 21 days
 1  toenail fungus Loss of taste, after taking for 5 weeks all food and beverages have terrible taste or little to no taste. Bitter taste in my mouth all the time and everything taste like cardboard. F 53 27 days
250mg 1X D

 1  Toe Nail Fungus After about a month I could not taste my food. I started trying to find out why and found this website, and found that others had the same symptoms as mine. Loss of taste for most everything including sugar and salt. Water doesn't even taste like anything. I have stopped take the medication and will not take it again. F 53 30 days

 3  Toe naill fungus Headaches every day; insomnia. I have not had any improvement in my big toe after 6 weeks on the drug. Headaches every day and difficulty sleeping. If this doesn't improve soon, I will stop the medicine. F 54 45 days
500 1X D

 2  toe nail fungus loss taste after 6 weeks of taking lamsil,stop taking meds, i think i will wear socks not worth it, besides i have lupus and was told i should not be taking this med.also feel depressed F 54 6 weeks

 1  toenail fungus Lost taste completely after 67 of 90 pills. Stopped meds immediately and sought info from pharmacists, Novartis, and dermatologists. No useful information. Devastating AND understated side effect. I distrust Novartis info citing that taste disturbance occurs in only 2.8 percent of users. I can live with the ugly fungus, which did begin to clear up; but the loss of a sense is abysmal. More study should be conducted on this serious side effect, and physicians, pharmacists, and other practictioners should be much more informed. F 54 67 days

 1  Toe Nail Fungus I took this for approx 3 1/2 weeks, then seemed to lose taste and stopped medicine. I've been off medicine for 1 1/2 weeks and still no taste. Not just no taste but when I start eating anything, after a couple of bites, it starts to taste worse and worse. I have absolutely no taste when brushing my teeth. Water tastes like metal and I have a constant bad taste in my mouth. Sometimes it makes me feel nauseous. This is awful. Can anyone find any food or drink that they can get a decent taste? I read bananas, but I couldn't taste them. M 54 4 weeks

 1  toe nails Im writing on behalf of my mother who is 54, and like many others is suffering from complete taste loss after 5 weeks. It's been a horrible experience for her so far, to not be able to taste ANYTHING. She's lived on chicken nuggets for the past 3 weeks. She's lost weight and she's depressed. I think that comes from not being able to taste food and fear that it may never come back, you just eat to get strength. Its comforting to know that most of these people at least got SOME taste back in about 6 weeks. Im so glad I found this page. Its helped a lot...thank God, since the doctors completely blow you off and have no obvious clue to this side effect. Thats amazing since it IS like the 3rd side effect on the list. I think much more attention needs to be drawn to that particular one. I've seen what this med does and would not reccomend it for anyone!!! F 54 5 weeks

 1  Fungal toe nails Severe taste disturbances, weight loss, fatigue, headaches, constipation, depression, back pain side effects emerged after 5 weeks of taking tablets. Stopped medication immediately. I had a metallic, bi-carbonate soda taste on tongue. All food tasted repulsive, even water. My social life was effected and I felt very depressed. I managed to drink smoothies made with milk, honey, banana, vanilla essence, & ice. I could tolerate porridge for breakfast. A naturopath gave me some herbal drops and my taste started to return 6.5 weeks after stopping tablets. This has been the most miserable time of my life and ruined an overseas holiday. Lamisil should not be on the market. It is a poison. BEWARE!!!! F 54 5 years

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